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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 30, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement larry: breaking news, president biden toda the vaccine was developed under a republican administration. soon he'll have the right to trump. >> welcome to the best show of the week. the best of your daytime. joe biden said follow the science and wear a mask even if you're vaccinated. so does the cdc but why in the world once they show it with science behind the latest policy reversal? we are not children, we can handle the truth. thee president told americans to get vaccinated and wear a mask because the highly contagious delta. watch this. >> the cdc recommends you wear a
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mask in public and endorse like work or a grocery store and that's true for the vaccinated and unvaccinated. why? because even if you been fully in vaccinated and protected from severe numbers of covet, who could have the delta. in their system and spread it to someone. >> you could have it but you probably don't. it's all well and good butel experts and scientists, not critics are saying show us the data. one researcher so far said the cdc guidance is meaningless unless they show us the actual size. the administration is scoring the whole thing up. >> my major concern is we had an incredibly important policy announcement by the cdc to recommend mass grant even for those vaccinated but theyavee
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lisued zli z no no no h tavheeave data datat. nnhekeynn arennid t he t t maskasasleblxlex for o f cisideci basonnt' ws ing ienn.ndia ieeryntnt so w so d s shey whenheyheehe strait uits?s? geto it wit pan, we, gococond host h upp ssmerica o fewoxs foxoxa radio, jimmy. we got democrat poster and fox news contributor -- [laughter] but seek spike. spike, you blue streak.
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we need someone who has a bigger beard than me. [laughter] >> when you -- when i shave my face, i look like i'm going to court and mike like he's representing me. kennedy: that's true. >> you are in great hands. kennedy: you can't be there dürer. he's guilty, i got to get out of here. jim, you could have the variant, it might be in your. might be somewhere deep inside so should we shut down all of society was again? it might be there. it might be. >> not without data. the equipment of somebody saying they have a hot girlfriend but she doesn't live around here. we're not going to just w take your word for it when it comes to a a pandemic and this is a rl problem we have with the cdc. when it comes to public health initiatives can't be paid manny call it audible you get to the
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line of scrimmage and that is a problem in coaching they say you can lose the locker room because they don't buy into your message anymore. nobody buys into their messaging because it's wildly inconsistent and i think it's time for head-coaching change. >> the problem is, jessica, if we go here and it not serious and that say the delta variant doesn't cause deaths and hospitalizations the same rate t it did with covet, let's hope and pray that's not the case but it shares the t same name, covid-19. okay, we get that but let's say something else serious comes along and we need a federal a guideline to keep people safe, no is going to listen to it. they want. >> no. when you've lost me which i consider to be the proverbial room for these audiences, you are in trouble. i feel like i followed the rules and locked down when i'm supposed to and put on my mask and went to the first appointment i could get without jumping the line because i'mbu a good person, i got the vaccine and now i want to walk around massless. the truth is we are basically
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going to get covered, all of us. the difference is how it will affect us doctor about the head of planned parenthood and is now an analyst and something else tweeted against the e administration insect now, this is not about us again, it's about the unvaccinated so i on the prize with good messaging without telling them they are dummies for not doing it and let's focus on that and that people get back to the lives,r especially kids who have to goo to school. kennedy: and they don't have to have masks. but they don't. ron desantis spikes that mask mandate they wrote confidence in the vaccine because you can't have both at the same time and total confidence. you can't say people get the vaccine and then in the same breath say because even if you get the vaccine you might have this other part of the vaccine so we all have to wear masks forever. >> i think the problem here, i
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think the data is going to kille this is only a pandemic of the unvaccinated parent if they've been putting out for the last month i think the data might show, it's one of two things. either they don't have good data why they're doing it or that they do and the data is vaccinated for unvaccinated you're going to get covert and spread it which i kills their whole narrative of this isn't just about you, it'soo being a good neighbor to others to be vaccinated so you can't spread it to them but if you still can and it turned out to be the case, if someone is not worried about getting sick personally and they don't actually have a good reason they have to get vaccinated and i think that might be of. there's also the possibility that the fact that they've never had good data about the mask mandate, when the first did their study about mask mandate compared to cities but didn't have them in their reference. come i couldn't see any difference in hospitalizations or debts so they might haveat a lot of data but it might not be
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showing the data they want people to see. kennedy: they are extracting it from other countries where inoculations are completely different. we cannot allow them to use any studies from india because they do not have the three vaccines we have here. that's why as an american when you go to other places it's pretty easy for you to travel if you do have the vaccine becausee other countries know you have much more protection than those offered by china or russia. meanwhile, president biden had good reopening news for parents. watch this.e >> we can and must open schools this fall full-time. better for mental and emotional well-being and we can't afford another year out of the classroom. every school should be open giving the tools to do so safely. kennedy: climb every mountain, every school should be open.
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we must open schools, that's clear-cut. everybody knows that,t, right? she's the head of america's second largest teachers union and she said you'd surprise here, might not be ready to come back. >> delta was the real curveball and the herd immunity and enough people p.m. vaccinated and kids not being able to gette vaccines 12 and under has found this curveball. ccbottom line, we are going to keep kids safe and keep our members safe and try to open up schools and try to move through this battlefield. kennedy: we are going to try? whyat don't you shove your curveball up your honey hole? there's no prize, there's onlyre do or do not so is the president
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of the teachers union more powerful and that the president of the united states when it comes to our children? >> 1000%. randy is such a jerk back because she's not putting kids first. if you want to put the kids first and keep them safe, he put them in the classroom where we know they are safe. we have targeted data on who is most affected by this pandemic and its elderly americans with underlying health complications and morbidly obese. when she said like delta threw them a curve, she's talking about the airline, they just want to go on vacation they've got doctors were left over light and that the good today drinking in their pajamas and the kids have nothing to do with any of this and shame on them because we've already screwed over kids for year end a half. arthur: . kennedy: is not just republicbe and parents because states like florida and texas are, their kids have been in school since last year end they are fine. it's parents and places like new york and california, especially big cities where single-parent
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have to work and their kids are sitting at home with or without a computer or internet access. good job. >> actually is not single-parent, it will family incomes because that's the only way you can afford to live in these cities so they are going to really run into a wall. when we didn't have the information we have now you i could get away with it and it made a lot of sense prevaccination for teachers to say i'm scared about this i might have an underlying condition but now there's nowhere to run and i think joe biden did this intentionally today as a shop against randy saying i am happy the teachers union supported me, thousand big endorsement but at the end of the day the kids have to come first and i'm president at least until 2024 and were not going to happen . kennedy: i was given a lot to the other side but i also want to say honey hole because that's amazing, kennedy and i'm holding onto that forever. kennedy:. that was a compliment.
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[laughter] what is randy really doing here? >> nice honey hole. that's definitely a compliment.t shove it. it's nice, it's a compliment. term of endearment. i am convinced randy is a homeschooling advocate in disguise.dy i'm convinced i will walk up to her and rip off her mask and its cory the end of us. if i wanted to create a bad guy to represent teachers union, if i wanted to have a bad guy to represent teachers unions and everything bad to come out of the public school sector, she's pretty much embodied that in the last year and wonder of wonders an organization whose existed based on segregating poor people into bad school districts and then grandstanding on their suffering to push ever-increasing funding would use another crisis as a way to
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abuse kids for their own direct benefit and profit, it speaks to the fact that government should bebe added involved school as schooling as possible. in the free market of going,in consuls and private schools, they adjusted to all of this long ago and it goes to show government is uniquely pretty much doing everything especially school. kennedy: i'm glad you used the word abuse because that's what it is. if you keeps kids out off school for another year nothing shortea of child abuse especially since a lot of these cities, the only people who see kids day today and take stock in them are there teachers and socialization and interaction is critical. the fact that that is being ignored, i don't know. it's like got to go. teachers union, done. honey calls for everybody. [laughter]
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>> if she's going to report that message, at least turndownn girs want to have fun in the background. it's like come on, we can hear margaritaville playing behind you. [laughter] >> summer. yes. kennedy: hot girl summer. panel is going to stick around coming up, biden's lacking still in place, no big deal but americans are overwhelmingly blaming the white house for ballooning races, how much will he pay by the end of his first term? or third? plus kamala has a plan to stop illegal immigration. that's next. ♪♪
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welcome back. joe biden getting a gold medal for flexion according to a new ball from politico, nearly 2000 americans that show 20% ofws voters say biden's economic policies are somewhat responsible for inflation, 39% say the policies are very responsible as consumer prices across the country are rising.
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beef is up for .5%. officials say the inflation temporary but leaders of the world's biggest companies that it's going to get worse so what do you believe, big government corporations? how soon before we sell our kidneys for a carton of milk? joining me, back -- fox news grantor butter, jonas. what would you sell a kidney for? >> the cold metal you are talking about, that's good inflation. g not. kennedy: i love gold. let's talk about growth. it is a great for inflation, does it make inflation go away? [laughter] >> let's go back to real inflation. kennedy: is present biden responsible, on some level for inflation and inflationary feelings? >> there's several factors beyond his control obviously,
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especially federal reserve. was also lots of money given out last year before biden and aat t of given in a way that create demand. my dad keeps getting checks in the mail, he's not producing goods, he's just consuming goods. he doesn't give money tosu peope who didn't have an income. kennedy: your debt to support. >> the reason why it wasn't inflationary posture to be fair to trump is that we were in a recession because of covet but now we are n not and you still give checks to people, how you create an old 70s term, demand. you're giving people money so there's excess demand in the economy and people are buying more stuff in the world economy can produce and the result is higher prices. could it be transitory? it might be the federal reserve guy is very smart. he could go away. kennedy: what you know? >> you don't know until it doesn't go away. kennedy: that's a problem. >> it is a problem. kennedy: shouldn't you treat it like it's not going to go away? >> that sounds like, if it was a
12:20 am
health problem, yes. kennedy: it is a health problem, i was treated like it was not going away. >> the last time they treated inflation from it cause serious multiple inflation in the treatment is not. a real treatment for the they don't want to do the treatment, it's taking some of the money. kennedy: and the fence, that's a treatment. >> the short run treatment has created some inflation, it would reverse some of the things notably by the debt of the government issues to give people money. d if they did that even a little, it would probably cause another recession and interests worker up in the housing boom and all that in itself and the inflation quickly which is why they don't want to do that. the only upside is if the inflation doesn't go away in six or 12 months and the front get worried about, the initial stepe would likely take what and it very quickly. hopefully they can do it without llserious recession.
12:21 am
tax cuts and everything. it was to double. kennedy: mortgage rates were like double digit. >> it's like chemotherapy of the economy. it works but almost killed you they don't want to. kennedy: biologically. >> they don't have newer tools to fight inflation. kennedy: that's because they are not listening to smart people. >> i'm b available. [laughter] kennedy: we could have done ideas. [laughter] >> the bottom line is, they don't want to be wrong. a lot ofo the white house calls inflation, they want to do the obama mistake or just not stimulating the economy enough and losing midterms and having a sluggish economy drag on six to eight years because there wasn't enough spending coming out of recession. kennedy: but now there's too much. >> that could have been the right amount the.
12:22 am
kennedy: why don't we cut taxes and spending? >> they had deflation problems going on because we could have spent more but this is possibly the pendulum going too far in the other direction. another thing we can do we couldn't backer then, we eventually will have to cut spending, raise taxes to pay for some of this or without causeth inflation to gulp. you not don't have the money to put up price of cars and whatever else. kennedy: is a supply-chain issue as well because places were shut down and there has been a leg. >> us the other 70s term, cost push inflation. they have a lot of that insus te 70s. most of what you see now are excess demand however, they are still paying people not to work globally not just here. kennedy: you know another '70s term? >> is it drug related? kennedy: the scope just.
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[laughter] >> gun poppers. kennedy: i'll have the green room get on it and next time you're here, there will be poppers and disco dust. jonas is next. look at that in his studio in the flesh. all right, don't look now, kamala harris said she has a plan to stop illegal immigration by getting to the root cause. if you think this is going to be more of the same, let me tell you -- it is. five-point plan covers everything from corruption and central american countries to drug trafficking and domestic violence but the 18 page announcement of the plan leaves out theki details of you don't know when this will happen or any different from the past so is the border any closer to getting the job done? no. the panel is back. jimmy, and spike. spike, i was going through her plan it it's fun. number one, inequalities. september 3, protect number.
12:24 am
number five, but contact gender-based violence. i don't see the most important step here. plus the most important step here?e. >> no one thought of any of those other things, right? we should like inequality and gender-based violence. i thinkke it's clear once again i'm on porsche for what i believe is the 25th or 26 time to say the answer to the crisis on the border and the crisis in latin america in general is to end the war on drugs. kennedy: and the war on drugs. kennedy: they all, that is the granddaddy, the grandpappy. the mother of all root causes. >> yep. it's interesting because the root causes, you can just look at the 40 plus years joe biden was in the senate pushing for all of these policies. joe biden is the personification of root causes of problems in latin america whether the war on drugs which led to the cartel
12:25 am
taking over from whether it when he was the head of the senate intelligence committee and overseen from the senate, overseen the cia, overthrowing democratic regimes using cartel terror groups they set up to overthrow duly elected government and as a result, destroying the rule of law, destroying any sense of stability in those regions entirely for geopolitical u.s. purposes and we are seeing the d wages. we are seeing joe biden's architecture falling apart at the seams and it not just joe biden, republicans and democrats for decades but for him not to say you want to address the root of this. the root is everything you did through your entire time. kennedy: this empire paper, all of these lists enumerated causes, it is all for show and meaningless. jessica. [laughter]
12:26 am
met spike always makes me just want to watch marcos, front office set and watch again. which i will do after this because it would be rude to leave right now and i'm going to say honey call again. [laughter] i don't want to be a debbiee downer but that's why i get paid big bucks. it's not actually kamala harris is job to deal with the border. that's secretary mayorkas' job. kennedy: for the whole thing. >> i got a special liberal communication when they said it and joe biden have the same job when he was vice president and you are supposed to be addressing the root causes and dhs is supposed to be dealing with thehe border from throwing that out there. they can never be dropped, dropping inequality, that's what i want to but it's not going to deal with their millions across the border in the next several months or whatever.
12:27 am
>> mayorkas' busy right now telling his former unterman he fled cuba but they can't follow him trying to flee cuba so he's busy at the moment. >> they told them not to come. >> this is after don't come from a week but if you do, free healthcare and college. >> so much to tie up. biden is not worried about war on drugs, he's to busy fighting the war on parmesan cheese because of hunter. kamala isn't closer to solving the problem because she still not gotten close to the problem. she went to el paso which was 600 miles away from del rio. that's like solving middle east violence problem by going to epcot. up next, she's going to survey the violence in havana by having lunch with cuba gooding junior, i'm pretty sure root causes is a new album by the roots. she's not a serious person.
12:28 am
it's embarrassing because the border, as you know, it is a now problem. they are coming in right now. we don't need a study. i i've said this before, if your house is on fire and you call the fire department, you don't want to study on root causes of fires, you are truck with water. especially in a time whenat the migrant surge and coveredco positive cases is really undermining this administration's efforts to get people to buy into the covert strategy. how can you take them seriously? kennedy: if you had yourousl arf by a crocodile and you went to the er, do you want the doctors to go to library in the for root causes? >> your inbox, you're going to love this be to your reading from a hang up because of got to look at the root causes for surgical repair and the amputated arm. all right, the panel is going tn stick around, execute might, it's game night here. i've got a great one. your inbox.
12:29 am
we will test how much our panel knows about past presidents. jimmy says it rexford is him or the is the game full of nonsense? play along, next. ♪♪
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sadness can mean only one thing, the game that tests how learned you are about americans leaders. our panel will earn points by answering trivia and each contestant will have one chance and one chance only to press their luck and double points totals. you've got to do that toward the end.nt wait to do it until you have points. however, if you get it wrong, you lose all your points. let's get to it. are you ready? >> let's go. >> yes! kennedy: question number one, how many president have ever
12:34 am
been a child? zero, one, 416? >> this isn't a scam. [laughter] >> i'm just going to go zero. kennedy: jimmy, you're right. kennedy: five u.s. president have had no children. >> stop the steel, i'm winning this. kennedy: jesse, are you ready? remark cleveland. [laughter] kennedy: which president had his daughter in london, and after his wife passed away? john tyler, martin van buren, benjamin harrison or woodrow wilson? >> grover cleveland. kennedy: for answer is not cleveland. >> van buren. kennedy: yes!
12:35 am
[gun shots] that counts. >> i have no delay. i got that right. kennedy: she got it right. >> it's already under protest. kennedy: claiming it. i hate everyone. [laughter] which president had a shoe thrown at him during of protest? >> how many are only children? spike. shame on the libertarian bias on this show. a bunch of dirtbags. kennedy: i am so proud of all of you. you are such good people. yoall right, jim. what does the f and harry s truman stand for? stuart, samuel, simon or nothing?
12:36 am
>> oh boy. i'm going to stick with my original, i'm going to say nothing. kennedy: hubert the right. middle name is only the s but he has a. after as his signature. >> nothing is going to stop us now. kennedy: i love that movie. i was so fun. member she was dead? or just not living? [laughter] >> the guy was dating a mannequin. kennedy: that was a move. that was my fantasy. sorry. jessica, this is the best question ever. they really do love you. whose wife was lady bird? [laughter] chester arthur or lyndon johnson? >> grover cleveland. kennedy: no. >> lyndon johnson.
12:37 am
kennedy: lyndon johnson is correct. full name was claudia -- johnson. also known as lady bird. all right, spike. who was america's shortest president? was it gary coleman, john quincy adams, james madison, jimmy carter or danny devito? >> james madison was a tiny, tiny boy. he was like 5-foot three and 100 pounds or something. kennedy: he was 5-foot four and you are correct. now time for contestants to t track their luck. double or nothing. double your points get a whole lot of nothing. here you go. >> i can double my.on the barometric g petrick the day jfk got shot. this is exciting. [laughter] kennedy: george washington was elected president with one 100% of the popular vote. he was elected with a 0%second-highest percentage?
12:38 am
thomas jefferson, james monroe, ronald reagan or joe biden? would you like to press your luck? >> i would and it's ronald reagan. kennedy: you are at zero now. it was james monroe. 80.61%. [laughter] >> ridiculous. kennedy: jessica. >> the first time you answered with something other than zero. kennedy: which presidents face is on but 2-dollar bill? thomas jefferson, john adams, franklin roosevelt or martin ben brown what you like to put tried your look before your answer? >> no. kennedy: you don't want to press your luck? >> well, i don't really know. kennedy: really? >> well text me a picture and then i will answer t the questi. >> she probably will. >> fdr? kennedy: oh my god, no.
12:39 am
spike. all right. the last question. you are up against not neil patrick harris. jesus, jim. >> i'm already quitting, rights? i am in the lead. kennedy: yes. >> i'm a libertarian so i will press my luck. kennedy: who's the only president to serve as priest chief. justice of the supreme court? james buchanan, william herrick taft or ruth bader ginsburg? >> oh man, can you say them again? kennedy: franklin pierce, james buchanan, william howard taft or ruth bader ginsburg? >> owa man. i thought was cleveland. [laughter] is a taft? kennedy: yes, spike wins!
12:40 am
congratulations! we are sending you some of the used hair trimmings from the greenroom. i don't know if you can walk from there but you're not getting paid. we are going to take money from your. great job, spike. great work. jim comey almost won. >> whatever. ridiculous. [laughter] kennedy: coming up, a search and violent crimes, pleading for more. our they finally realizing their calls to defund the police maybe not a great idea? i'll break that down next. ♪♪
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remember when democrat mayors across the u.s. pushed to defund the police? adult out the window now washington d.c., homicides reached 16 year hi, bowser plans to hire 170 new officers. seattle and portland facing
12:45 am
similar spikes, theft mayors are calling for more props to retiring in gropes but is it any surprise police want to work in cities that hate complex joining me to discuss, senior vice president of criminal justice, court. welcome, cork. >> thanks a lot from good to be with you. kennedy: but discussed this because my worry last year when we were watching cities sort of spiraled into help with protests that turned into riots and portland has been an ongoing riot for well over a year now was that they were going to cut a bunch of police funding and not do criminal justice reform, people were going to panic and then just hire a bunch more crops. that's exactly what's happening now that.lo >> we like to believe police our saviors and just hire more men it will go in and stop crime and reduce murder rates, it doesn't work that way.
12:46 am
there is no correlation between whether cities have increased the number of police, decrease, increase police funding, there's no correlation between got and the rise and homicides. we seen rising homicides across the entiree country. it seems to be much more associated with the covered pandemic than anything cities are or are not doing with police so yes, they m like you to belie that all we have to do is give them more money at hire more men who will be safe but it not evident. kennedy: unfortunately, either way is not working because you have activists city council to take money away from police and put into social programs and mental health programs but then you have spikes in crime and police chiefs, nsa all of my crops are retiring, we don't have enough people to help them communities that need it most so who are you to believe especially when no onene can pinpoint not only why homicides are going up but why for decades crime went down.
12:47 am
>> that's right, the causes of crime including violent crime are incredibly complex. you know what else reduces crime besides police? cold-weather, super bowl's, after school activities and ending prohibitionist policies that don't do anything to protect us and create black-market the causes of crime are complex. the way to solve or reduce crime is also complex. we certainly have a significant location that wants to make you believe we just give them more money and hire more of them and they will solve the problem but we know that is not the answer, it's not that simple and police oftentimes create as many problems as they fix. they take people's m property, they arrest people for low-level crimes like drug possession ands ruin their lives. kennedy: so why do you need -- why you need criminal justice reform when you have can we policing and see crime rate of gone, you see violent crimes and assault and things like that go down in critical areas but when
12:48 am
you have a climate where you have all crops are bad plastered everywhere and defund police slogans and completely negative view of policing and positive policing doesn't work either. >> police are trying to present us with an all or nothing alternative. we either accept police with all of the abuses and problemsve currently that comes with them or nothing. there is a way forward which is to have meaningful police reform, eliminate qualified immunity, restore immunity and put them on the street or make them understand they work for us. kennedy: i have been saying that for years and also make it easier to get rid of that props and fat policing is just as bad as horrible teachers unions and public sector unions can do more harm to society than good. we have to go because we took too long but please come back to continue. fix.'s a lot to >> my pleasure, thank you. kennedy: have your pet neutered.
12:49 am
tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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resolution in jail and then you can wash it down with black organic for the wine. [laughter] that is cruel and unusual punishment tropical storm. topic number one. here we go. new jersey is renaming garden state parkway rostock after jersey born celebrity. this is a huge honor in new jersey or public restrooms the closest they have to use yams some of the stars getting their own rest areas include frank sinatra, john bon jovi and whitney houston. i hear it hurts if you tap your foot three times. you can feel the heat with somebody. james work at a rest stop in new jersey but if you're thinking about tapping your foot in there, forget about. bruce springsteen offered arrest up as well but declined because he didn't want to be associated with human waste. that's a mistake he made in 2016 when he endorsed hillary clinton.
12:54 am
what happened? topic number two. florida man was found washed up on a beach after trying to walk hundreds of miles across the ocean in a floating gerbil wheel or in florida, right idea. a former professional cyclist who's tried and failed three times to travel from florida to new york and his hydro pot. the plant delta, crashed ashore one day and what was meant to be a three week journey. he says he doesn't to help with the homeless which is just as logical as anything gavin newsom is doing. actually, this guy is pretty smart. you might not need a floating device to get to new york city but you're definitely going to want one when you get here. it's pretty much the only way to get to the software. topic number three. getting the tetanus shot just watching that. wildlife officials hundred
12:55 am
tranquilize a moose and remove it from a parking garage after they started spending the majority of its days there's. this the movie officials say has been wandering around the parking lot for ten days straight. i'm guessing he forgot where he parked. officials decided to take action and here they are shooting the moose with a tranquilizer dart to put it to sleep. they forget that would be quicker than watching late-night. they loaded be onto a truck and relocated it to a town more than 110 miles away which is pretty close to what joe biden best with wandering migrants at the southern border. is a tranquilizer gun, looks like they've got covered. speaking of drugged up animals. it's time to hear what you have to say, he vicious beast. don kicks it off with kennedy, are you brain-dead? [laughter] yes, seriously, i am.
12:56 am
she tweeted, she looks and speaks not serious. jim writes, sad to see smaller spit. kennedy nation, libertarian. this leaves us with you've got radio, your parents ways you out of space bar milk carton. we'll be right back. [laughter] ♪♪
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