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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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they temporarily close the beach for been a hour. they wait until the coast is clear to let swimmers in. the reality that shark attacks in new york are incredibly rare. 12 since 1837. put that in per perspective. there were 16 in florida alone. ashley if. ashley: that does it for us. jackie: good evening everybody, we begin with the senate moving forward on the one trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure deal with democrats already pushing for a separate 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending package but could democrat infighting derail the whole thing? joining me tonight, new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis. former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, ford o'connell, claudia tenney from house foreign affairs. former washington, d.c. police detective ted williams and homeland security ranking member
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john katko. as the covid virus spreads president biden out with a push to have more people vaccinated. companies work at home policies, production being shut down, disney world reintroducing a mask requirement. capitol police say mask up or you could go to jail. we even have government officials asking businesses to require vaccinations. we're asking what impact all of this could have on our economic recovery. meanwhile the cdc is recommending students an teachers wear those masks, get back in school in the fall but the head of the teachers union won't commit to schools being open. we're going to tell you about a new study that reveals the impact of covid already having on students. we're also watching as chinese officials, as chinese officials meet with the taliban amid u.s. with drawl from afghanistan. china flexes mussels to
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crackdowns in hong kong and military muscles and partnering with russia. what is the biden administration doing about all this. a shooting in washington d.c. is getting national attention. now d.c.'s mayor is hiring more police but will anyone want that job? as many democrats are being blamed for rising crimes, with the midterm elections, approaching. plus an, exclusive look at the border security for america act which includes calls to resume construction of the border wall and much more. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth mccdonald. i'm jackie deangelis. this is "the evening edit." ♪. jackie: good evening, welcome, everybody, lawmakers are making progress on the one trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal as democrats want to push through a separate 3 1/2
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trillion dollar human infrastructure package. now republicans and some moderate democrats strongly oppose. as critics are questioning whether massive spending is the right move at all right now. what washington is doing about other pressing issues like surging inflation, skyrocketing crime, covid resurge answer. hillary vaughn in washington for us. reporter: senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders decided to stomach the hard infrastructure package and support it in hoper to getting closer to the reality of the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure package. senator bernie sanders says they will have 50 votes to move forward on one of the most expensive spending packages in u.s. history but the price tag on that alone may not sit well with americans who are keeping their eye on the debt clock and rising prices. a "fox news poll" out last month
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shows inflation is the top concern when it comes to economics for registered voters. 83% of people are very concerned about inflation. 69% said they were very or extremely worried about the federal deficit. but progressives in the house say their support for the hard infrastructure package hinges on getting 3.5 trillion reconciliation package through because they think there are other priorities americans have saying in a statement this. until the reconciliation bill is agreed to and passed with our priorities sufficiently funded the investments we identified months ago are longstanding. democratic priorities including affordable housing medicare expansion, strengthening the care economy, climate action and road map to citizenship. not all democrats in the senate are dismissing the debt or calling worries about inflation inflated. manchin is keeping an open mind about the $3.5 trillion package but he still has concerns.
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>> we have to be worried about the inflation. we have to be worried about our debt. we have to be worried about what it does to our standings and things of that sort and get our financial house in order. reporter: there is another moderate senator, kyrsten sinema from arizona said she is worried about the price tag on the human infrastructure package. she says if it is $3.5 trillion there is no way she can vote for it. jackie. jackie: hillary vaughn thank you for breaking that down for us. to discuss it further, bring in new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis. she is in house transport tearings and infrastructure. great to see you tonight, congresswoman. let's start with the spending. we have textbook infrastructure hopefully in the one trillion dollar bill as we'll find out soon. there is also the 3 1/2 trillion human infrastructure side of this. listen, we're in an environment right now where people are struggling. this reopening is not as gangbusters as we thought it was going to be. we have another delta variant to worry about. is this time for democrats to be
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pushing to spend 3 1/2 trillion more than the trillion you're giving them? >> at this rate they will be spending more in biden's first few month than president obama spent entire term in terms of also adding debt. the issue, the issue for us right now is there is bipartisan, group, including myself want to see a transportation infrastructure package move forward. it is vital to the future of our economy, to insure we upgrade our water systems, enhanced broadband. make sure we fix our roads and bridges and tunnels, airports, seaports, maritime industry which is a robust industry for us here in the united states. this is critically important we do make these investments but we have to be reasonable about it an target it in the areas where we really need it. when we see people like bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez talk about human infrastructure what they're talking about really is socialism. they want to move our country more down the path of socialism. that is what they're trying to
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do by adding additional $3.2 trillion in spending we can't afford. i tell my constituents they want to give you something in one hand but taking it away to the other because it is leading to inflation. the cost of everyday goods is going up. food, vegetables, gas prices. if you go on vacation, rental cars and hotel prices have gone up as a result of inflation but also because of labor shortages that they created simply by giving people more money to stay home than to go to work. jackie: i can't disagree with you. i will add we discuss it on the show all the time. it looks like wages are going up as there is more demand for workers. once you factor in the higher cost of living people are actually making less. i want to switch gears for a moment, talk about the sound bite from joe manchin, talking about the extra money. talking about a road map to citizenship, climate action. these things are not infrastructure as you say. you have got democrat from
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arizona, kyrsten sinema also possibly against this as well. tweet coming out from rashid today talib i want to. sinema doesn't care her own state is flooding, the west is burning and infrastructure around the country is crumbling. zinn man is more interested in gaining gop friends and blocking resources than fighting for her residents future. a lot of people would disagree with that. >> absolutely. that is what they like to do. they want to put the moderate democrats doing the fiscally responsible thing and try to make it seem look the world is going to end if they don't support this package. we need to do, we are doing, is exposing what the democrats are trying to do. nancy pelosi has basically been taken hostage by aoc and the radical left. so i hope that the moderate democrats stand strong. in the house we're so close, the smallest democrat majority since world war ii. we have three democrats, three
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democrats are moderate in the house can stop the massive spending. at the end of the day we need to do what is right for future of the country. make the investments needed in infrastructure and also hold the line, not take on a tremendous amount of debt that leads to inflation and indebt our future generations. >> it is sound logic. congresswoman, great to see you tonight. thanks so much for sharing with us. we'll talk soon. as the delta variant spreads we're seeing more and more restrictions and mandates across the country. more companies extending work from home. government officials asking businesses to get vaccinations, production shut down and disney world reinstating mask requirements. capitol police saying mask up or you can go to jail. mick mulvaney what that means on our economic recovery. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> our kid belong in school. hoosiers and other americans want to be at work. we should look at this guidance.
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♪. jackie: with covid cases spiking there is a growing number of state and local governments looking to businesses for help in slowing the spread, pressuring them to require vaccine mandates for both employees and customers. but states like texas and florida are pushing back. lydia hu has details from new york city. lydia? >> jackie, businesses are coming out of a very difficult year. they just don't have the ability to turn away any paying customers. some tell us there is no way they will even consider asking customers about their vaccination status. others say they will think about it. >> for me to sit here and be a discriminatory towards a group of people, it is not right. i won't do it in my restaurant. >> we are not in the business of turning away guests. we take care of guests. we welcome all guests. so yes, it makes it very difficult for us to make this decision. reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo adding fuel to the fire yesterday by encouraging businesses to require
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vaccinations for their customers but businesses say, this is putting them between a rock and a hard place. the ceo of the new york state restaurant association said in a statement to us, quote, the burden is being placed back on restaurants and their employees to police an untenable position. government cannot make things harder yet again. jackie, you expect this will be a issue that will differ state by state. unlike governor cuomo's direction, states like florida and texas prohibited small businesses from asking about vaccination status. back to you. jackie: lydia hu, thank you so much for that. of course the growing number of covid cases has sparked a revived push for mask wearing in public places even for those who are vaccinated but there is this growing fear it could be a threat to the country's economic recovery. let's talk about all of this with former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. >> jackie, thanks for having
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mow. jackie: let's start with the mask mandate and vaccines required by businesses. you're looking at companies like blackrock, facebook, google, goldman sachs, morgan stanley, sachs requiring employees to come back to work they must be vaccinated. i feel this sort of sets the bar for what the standard will be. your thoughts? >> i struggle with the private industry -- those are private businesses. if they make the decision on their own that that is what they want from their employees and it is legal, which i think it is right now, that's fine, that is their private decision but the introduction you did just a second ago speaks to the real insidious part, how much is businesses deciding on their own and the government winking and nodding we would like you to do this, sort of punting to private industry. that is where the problem lies. if government wants to change rules, let them pass laws and change the rules. they can't say we don't have the
6:17 pm
guts to change the rules, we don't want to be held accountable for changing rules, if he put it to you. that is wrong. if a private business says i have to have a mask to come in the store i respect that. i can make the decision whether i go in or not. the same with my employer, unless there are religious objections we know how to deal with these things. but what we don't know how to deal with is the government shaking down businesses, you do it. jackie: on government side of things, capitol police writing in this memo suggesting those who don't comply with a mask man tate could be subject to arrest for unlawful entry. >> congress wants to pass a law that says that, that is what they are there for. almost like they're either afraid of making a decision or incapable of making a decision. i think when we look back at this whole thing in covid, i hope sooner rather than later we look back at it, the whole idea letting scientists make decisions for us is wrong.
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we have to listen to science. we take input of science. we don't get to make decisions. elected officials make these policy decisions. you can't have nancy pelosi hiding behind rules and regulations at the nation's capital. it is a open building. if it is a public house. if they want to change the rules, vote on something. that is what is missing here. this is government, kind of being the government without wanting accountability. that is really, really bad precedent. jackie: to your point, some are questioning the science that we're using. for example, the science behind the new cdc guidance on mask wearing is in question. here is what house minority leader kevin mccarthy had to say. listen to this. >> this was based on a cdc study that is not reported. we now find the study is from india based upon a vaccine not in america and it didn't pass peer review. so what you're telling america today is something, what i believe is pure about politics. jackie: so that is troubling to
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me and also i remind you that nancy pelosi called him a moron because he was questioning mask mandates. i have mean could you imagine if that was reversed? >> sure. i used to be in washington a lot. democrats get away with that. that is not what we're here to talk about. what are we here talking about? science can be wrong. i was in the white house, anthony fauci told me tell people not to wear masks because it would put them at greater risk. scientists can be wrong. if they are we can't vote them out of office. science should provide information. provide background but you need accountability that kevin just pointed out there, okay, this is what is wrong with that report. this is what is wrong with that report. that is why we can't rely entirely on scientists make policy decisions for us. kevin mccarthy is doing the right thing. not surprising to see nancy pelosi take the low road. it is unfortunate. i would rather see us focus on have government do what it is
6:20 pm
supposed to do, gather information, make decisions, put it before voters whether or not they agreed with those decisions or not. jackie: mick mulvaney. thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, jackie. jackie: cdc recommending students and teachers wear masks in school when they return in the fall. president biden saying kids need to be back in the classroom but the head of the teachers union is not committed to schools being open. this as a new study reveals that the educational and financial impact of covid is already having an impact on our students. ford o'connell joins me next as outrage grows over more mixed messages on schooling. >> let's say that mom is worried about their children, education, that online education is not the best in the world. i don't want my kid doing that. they lose another year of education? ♪.
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♪. jackie: well the last year-and-a-half have been tough on students, teachers and parent and the fall might not get much better. american federation of teachers president randi winegarten facing heat after not committing to reopening schools for in-person learning. listen. >> delta threw us a real curveball. the lack of, herd immunity and enough people being vaccinated and you know, kids not being able to get vaccines 12 and
6:25 pm
under has really thrown this curveball that says while vaccination is the number one gold standard, that we need to, you know, bring back our masks for schools. so the bottom line is we're going keep kids safer, we're going to keep our members safe around we'll try to open up schools and we'll try to move through this political battlefield. jackie: well, this comes after the cdc recommended masks for all k-12 students, teachers and staff but cdc director rochelle walensky also said, quote, children should return to full-time in-person learning in the fall with proper prevention strategies in place. joining us now republican strategist, ford o'connell. you know the mantra has been follow the science but they only want to follow the science when it is convenient. listen to what president biden had to say on this today. >> i also want to speak to
6:26 pm
families with children in school. we can and we must open schools this fall full time. it is better for our children mental and emotional well-being and we can't afford another year out of classroom. jackie: ford, even he is acknowledging it. so why can't randi weingarten commit to opening, getting teachers back in the classroom? >> because randi winegarten is a con artist who has done everything in her power to keep america's public schools closed for the last 18 months. no person for america has done to hurt america's kids in public education in this country than randi winegarten. bottom line, she doesn't want to open. this is not based on sighens. she is trying to extort america's kids. jackie: yeah. this has been really difficult for some reasons. number one, we're trying to reopen, right? even with the delta variant. if all of sudden you have an option to not have in-person learning then you have got parents who are caregivers to children who can't return to
6:27 pm
work. there is a whole kind of domino effect there. number two, we've seen how far behind the children are for the year they lost, right? you have children, for example, who need to go to school to get that meal. there are so many reasons to have kids back in the classrooms, wearing masks, following the rules, no problem. >> let's put it this way. if you want to increase income inequality in this country and you want to disproportionately hurt poor kids and minority kids, keep public schools closed. guess what, there is no reason to do so. here in my home state of florida public schools have been open since the fall of 2020. i wish the cdc would acknowledge that back in the fall because we wouldn't be having this tussle with randi weingarten. i have to say something, first time in a long time, president biden is absolutely right. we need to be back in schools. it is not just kids who are not learning online but parents need to go to work. we need to learn to live with covid t starts right now. jackie: a new study from
6:28 pm
makenzie lingering effects on covid have on students, says, our analysis shows the impact of pandemic on k-12 learning was significant, leaving students on average five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading by the end of the school year. the report predicts cost of lost of earnings could be 49 to $69,000 over a five lime. multiply by two if they do this again. >> if you read that story they said closing america's public schools was the single most destructive policy in this country. what is ironic here, we have to be one of the only industrialized countries in the entire world who closed our schools. america put kids last. the rest of the world put kids first. why joe biden is letting randi y wine garth push him around is insane. she is playing politics and not
6:29 pm
putting america's kids and families first. jackie: ford o'connell. we have to leave it there. >> thank you, jackie. jackie: chinese officials meet with the taliban as the united states exits with afghanistan. china flexes its muscles withing crackdowns in hong kong and building military ties with russia. we have claudia tenney about the growing threats out of china and what if anything is the biden administration doing about it. >> we have a serious gap with china because they're not seeking coexistence, dagen. they're seeking domination. ♪. hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat.
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♪. jackie: there is word that china's foreign minister met with senior leaders of the taliban this coming right on the heels of u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan where the islamic extremist group is expanding its presence.
6:34 pm
let's talk about all of this with claudia tenney from the house foreign affairs committee. great to see you. remember what is happening here, the uyghurs are in china. they are a population they control. why china would talk with the taliban, the uyghurs are muslim and they don't want the taliban exerting influence if you will. >> that is part of it and china is the world's leading hedgemon and they want to take over the world with a belt and road strategy. it concerns me we are leaving a vacuum in afghanistan and the biden administration has an exit from afghanistan but it is an exit strategy without a strategy. we'll abandon our base which will be the only middle asian base we have with a country that border china. with a lot of unfriendly territory out there. the base in bagram, our airbase, the only forward base in the region. abandoning without a real strategy could put the u.s. at risk it. allows china to use the belt and
6:35 pm
road strategy to influence the taliban. it is kind of been interesting, as you point out at the top of the show. very interesting, the taliban stand up for oppression against muslims. we know the uyghurs are being oppressed by the chinese in the xinjiang province. that is an interesting relationship. china always finds a way to build on its power no matter where it is and no matter who it is. jackie: they do. this is a scary time as we watch the saga unfold for china to be spreading its tentacles in this way especially we're recovering from a pandemic that originated in china. we came from president trump who took a very hard-line with the country to president biden who really hasn't drawn any lines or said very much at all. you look at the administration and the foreign policy, what it is doing with iran. in the middle east, russia as well. you don't see much happening here. >> the biden administration projects weakness around the world which is going to have
6:36 pm
hopefully not but potentially could have devastating consequences for the american people and our ability to maintain our economic strength, our strategic political strength right now. and china of course, you know, has got a long-term relationship with biden and his family who are very compromised as we know from evidence and facts that he has even admitted himself throughout the years including with his son hunter. when we look what the relationship will be going forward we don't have someone who will stand up to china and hold them accountable. it is an odd situation now. we have a soviet union not, no longer in existence as we did in the past. so we have russia projecting strength when they're actually fairly weak economically. china remains undeterred by the pandemic or anything. a communist totalitarian regime does whatever they want to do. they're not constrained by democracy or popular opinion. they censor and crack down on those opinions and so i'm very
6:37 pm
concerned leaving afghanistan in a vacuum without a true exit strategy where we allow terrorist groups to continue to be strengthened there and the recent meeting with mullahs and china, that is very striking that is happening. i would be very concerned. no strategy coming out of the biden administration. we're getting distracted by all kinds of mask mandates and other things here in washington. when real world crisis is happening around the world and that really worries me that our eye is not on the ball. china's eye is always on the ball. jackie: it is always on the ball is right. they are looking to dominate the world and to be essentially the number one superpower. that is the goal right now. i will add one more thing. there are reports out that china is working to expand its nuclear capabilities right now. throw that into the mix of everything. >> right. then the biden administration has done nothing to call china out or to act to have talks. they have 200 warheads. they're looking to double that,
6:38 pm
to continue to grow their strength around the world. they're doing it. economically, obviously they leverage their economic strength. they leverage their ability to move into places like afghanistan, even other countries using their economic power by providing infrastructure to these countries. then they feel leveraged, beholden to china and china takes over in a quiet way. they never roll a attending into everywhere but manage to economically, politically, through infrastructure are able to manipulate the countries around the world, doing it in a strategic way that u.s. is concerned with ways that will not protect america's freedom and security and our economic condition moving forward. jackie: they keep doubling down when it comes to the origin of the covid-19 virus, saying we're not letting anybody in to investigate. we don't care who is asking, whether the w.h.o. or anybody else. as long as they keep saying that, they will get away with it, with this administration in
6:39 pm
charge they probably will? >> we had a markup in the foreign affairs committee, eagle act the democrats acquiesced to china's demands. we didn't put any kind of military or diplomatic strength or send any forceful message to china where we're going with these initiatives, to slow them down on their nuclear proliferation, belt and road initiative, so much of what we put through was a pro-china bill which is exactly what we shouldn't be doing right now. again the administration is weak. the democrats in the house and senate controlling the country right now are very weak. they're preoccupied with issues that really aren't going to be in the best interests of americans in the future. we have inflation which is a huge problem. they're talking about a $3.5 trillion debt package where we'll be dependent on china for that kind of money. and all of the formula of a real disaster heading for the united states. things are looking fine now. wait until this inflation takes hold. it is just as bad as raising
6:40 pm
taxes. you know continuing to flood our economy with all this taxpayer money is not going to have a good result in the end. jackie: absolutely. inflation is a huge problem right now. they don't want to acknowledge what is going on. congresswoman, thank you so much. good to see you this evening. >> great to see you. >> recent shootings in washington, d.c., getting national attention as well. now d.c.'s mayor is planning to hire more police but is anyone going to even want the job? this as many democrats are being blamed for the rising crime with midterms elections approaching as well. up next, former d.c. detective ted williams for what is really needed to get crime under control, what is driving decisions, your safety or politics? >> i hope that our friends on the left have learned a very important lesson and it is that there is a thin blue line that is between calm and chaos.
6:41 pm
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>> this used to be the a problem for the democrats, defund the police people, all you had to say as a democrat i'm not in favor of defunding the police. this is so widespread in democratic party. 20 cities in america all run by democrats who made significant cuts to the police budgets. now democrats will have to go if they want to survive this will have to go on the offense to say, i support adding to our police budgets. >> that was former white house deputy chief of staff karl rove on the defund the police problem for democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. as growing crime is an issue across the country, joining me former d.c. police detective ted williams. wonderful to see you. i want to start with this, the mayor of d.c. where you were a detective wants to boost the ranks by 170 officers in the wake of the high-profile shooting near the capitol and outside of the national's game. watch this.
6:46 pm
>> we sent a notice to the council about our overtime needs. and that they may see those overtime expenses increase over the summer month. the chief has to make decisions about how to keep the force fresh, rested and in the best position to make good decisions. i will be sending an additional 11 million-dollar supplemental budget request to the council this week to allow for the hiring of 20 new officers in fy 21 and 150 new officers in fy 22. jackie: this is amazing to me, you have a defund the police movement. you defund them. crime goes up. you want to rhee fund them and get them back on the force. you have two huge hurdles, the budget request has to be approved. say it is approved do people want to be cops anymore for how
6:47 pm
they have been treated? >> jackie, let me say you're spot on both the, the mayor wants to send the budget to the city council. she sent a budget last year to the city council where we asked for more police but what was happening last year and may happen this year they may move towards defunding the police. they took 25 million out of the budget last year. so it is all up in the air as to whether the mayor is going to get her wish this year. and also as you have already represented all of this is being driven by two things, economics and the politics. the economics of the situation is what took place at the baseball stadium there in d.c. where there was a shooting outside of the stadium. and also in a very economic-run business district where there was also high-profile shooting. those two things are really on
6:48 pm
the mayor, on the mind of the mayor. but as you have also said here it is questionable, and the big question in who in the hell want to be a police officer in the district of columbia in the manner which police officers have police officers have been excoriated all over this country? jackie: that is a great point there is another layer to this. critics say not just the need for more cops, but the court system and politicians need to get on board as well. we heard this from the d.c. police chief. listen. >> the real issue is we have a vicious cycle of bad actors who do things, no accountability, and they end up back in communities. you cannot coddle violent criminals. you cannot! you cannot treat violent criminals out here making communities unsafe for you, for your loved ones, for me, my loved ones, they might not want
6:49 pm
a job. they might not. they might not need services. what they may require is to be off of our streets because they're making it unsafe for us. i'm mad as hell about this. i hope y'all are too. jackie: so police chief robert conte says i'm doing what i can do. if we arrest them, we put them in the jail, they go through the court system and they're let out or you know, they're released because of the way that the lawmakers have structured the law, that is not my fault. so we have to go back to how the lawmakers are looking at this and the way they basically essentially, just made it easy for people to run amok in society. >> jackie, again you're absolutely correct about what you're saying but let me just say that the police department, prosecutors and judges all over this country unfortunately are not on the same page and as a result of that, these thugs and in these communities are taking
6:50 pm
advantage of that. jackie: right. >> the chief is absolutely correct. jackie: criminals are very smart. they know there are a threshhold of goods they can steal for example, they won't be prosecuted. they're taking advantage of it. mr. williams, we're out of time. great to have you tonight. thank you for sharing your insights. >> my pleasure. jackie: up next congressman john katko joins us with a exclusive look at his worder security for america act introduced today. it includes a call to resume construction of the border wall. find out what else is in the bill. keep it right here on "the evening edit." >> it is just incredible to see what this, the recklessness of the biden administration and the dh, department much homeland security secretary. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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6:55 pm
security, john katko. sir, good evening to you. >> good evening. thanks for having me. jackie: i'll let you walk through some of the major aspects of this bill but, of course, front and center is the act that you're asking for the border wall, the construction of it, to resume. >> absolutely. listen, this is not based on something i pulled out of thin air. i spent a lot of time as a prosecutor prior to coming to congress on the southwest border, and i've also spent a lot of time since i've been in congress on the southwest border especially this year leading delegations and speaking to the front-line workers. what we're proposing is based on our discussions with them. and there are really three components. one is to resume and complete what president trump initiated with respect to border wall construction, and second is to greatly enhance our border technology. we have tremendous technologies that are not being properly utilized at the border. and the third thing is to have more boots on the ground. there's been a tremendous attrition rate to border patrol i think that's been borne out of the fact that they're so
6:56 pm
frustrated with their job right now, that they're not able to do their job. this isn't something that just my leadership supports and that the rank and file members of my committee supports, but also the national border patrol council. that's comprised of the men and women down at the border risking their lives to keep our country safe and secure. they're saying this is a good bill, and this is the way we should go, and i'm very proud of that. jackie: yeah, and my understanding is that $2 billion was earmarked to finish construction of the border wall that was obviously halted by this administration. actually, the money has been reappropriated now to, essentially, pay workers to babysit the materials that would have been used so that they're not stolen. i mean, you sit here and scratch your head and ask how could this be happening? >> you said it very appropriate, i think it's called misappropriation, because that's exactly what they're doing. down along the border wall they literally have piles of steel rebar and everything just sitting there because they halted construction so quickly. ing by halting their contracts,
6:57 pm
it's costing us millions of dollars more than it would have cost just to build the wall. it's insane what's going on down there and, you know, our country is suffering from it. people in our communities all across the country have a drug epidemic going on fueled by what's going on at the border as well as the health crisis is especially in the texas area with a tremendous spike in covid cases. people coming across are testing positive in record numbers. jackie: yep, thank you for bringing that up. it's not just drugs, it's not just the health crisis, it's human trafficking. it's not safe right now. it's not safe for those who are trying to cross the border, and as you mentioned, it's not is safe for our officers down there trying to defend the border. they need help. they are totally overwhelmed. >> you're absolutely right, and that's, again, the national border patrol council, a very potent group, they're speaking loudly and clearly saying, look, this administration's policies are not working. we need to go back to a what we were doing, and there's tremendous amounts of technology
6:58 pm
out there that can allow them to pinpoint the hot areas before they even get to the border so you know where to better utilize the border patrol agents. the cartels are having a field day. they're getting enriched by the human trafficking because everybody that comes across is paying at least $4,000, and last month alone 188,000, do the math. the cartels made three-quarters of a billion dollars last month alone, and they're also able to divert attention by sending masses of children in one area calling border patrol agents off the border, and the drugs are coming through the back door. those drugs are killing our kids. what are we doing? jackie: democrat congressman henry cuellar says there needs to be a pause in -- listen to this. >> they stopped a group of 5099 people, one single group -- 509 people. one single group. so these numbers are not not
6:59 pm
stopping, and the administration needs to put a pause on this now. jackie: so do you think that you'll find some bipartisan support here? >> i do, but i also think that until this administration really can admit that this probably wasn't the best idea, we're going to have a problem. if you look at what kamala harris came out with today talking about how to solve the problem, talking basically about nation-building in central america. building up those nations so people don't want to leave. that's all well and good, but if a back door is open like it is on the border, these people are coming. let's not forget, they're not just from central america. in may alone, 140,000 people were not from central or south america, and there's people on the terror watch list coming across, people that have had sponsors with terrorism, it's got to stop. jackie: and i'll add to kamala
7:00 pm
harris' investigations and finds and trying to sort of address the root causes, it's our taxpayer money that, unfortunately, goes to these corrupt governments, and nothing ever gets fixed. you still have people wanting to come here. unfortunately, we are out of time for this evening but appreciate your time with us tonight. >> thank you very much. jackie: all right. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. so apart from nancy pelosi's attempt to either arrest or just do away with republican house members altogether if they don't wear masks, which they shouldn't because this whole cdc thing is completely stupid, it is now triggering threats to school openings, business openings, job hiring, wrecking kids and generally catastrophic possibilities. all that. the biggest story apart from that is still the infrastructure


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