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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 29, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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larry: i will keep it real simple liberate mr. trump, that will get everyone vaccinated, my take on "kudlow". kennedy: all hail colina pelosi and her icy scepter. in the house speaker making it official, all house members must once again wear masks on the floor. i wish there were the kinky's eyes wide shut. many republicans are furious but few question the speaker's judgment. policy made the announcement today after the congressional doctor, conrad murray gave her the recommendation and of course sided with him.
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a number of republican said it had enough include texas congressman who exploded with texas rage, watch this. >> we have a crisis at our border. and we are playing footsie with mask mandates in the people's house. i mean it is absolutely absurd with this body is doing to people's house. it is an embarrassment it's a mockery, and the american people are fed up. they want to go back life they would go back to business, to have mental health issues the speaker comes on your 10:00 o'clock in the mornings and we've got to wear masks in the people house we've got thousands of people pouring in across our border and democrats don't do a darn thing about it. we are absolutely sick and tired evidence over the american people. this sham of an institution is doing nothing with the american people. nothing for the betterment of the people who send their representatives here. before he is mad as hell. house minority leader also said it has nothing to do with
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science, it is all political. this morning the speaker called mccarthy moran and later asked her about that, watch. >> said something earlier, is kevin mccarthy a moron and if so why? >> to sate wearing a mask is not based on science is not wise. that was my comment. >> there's a difference between not live in being a moron. some reporters questions mccarthy about the insult he politely asked, if she is so brilliant can she tell me where the signs in the building changes between the house in the senate? that is a valid point there is no mass committee on the senate floor. as you may recall this is not the first time pelosi has done this. this past spring she find any member who did not wear a mask in the chamber. republicans are suing felicity at the fine money back, marjorie taylor greene, and our friend thomas massie.
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here to discuss kentucky congressman house judiciary committee member, thomas massie himself, author of that lawsuit. so you sued the old bird did you? >> this is kind of delicious. a year ago she called the a dangerous nuisance on television. not a moron but a dangerous nuisance. we filed in federal court here in washington d.c. for its unconstitutional what she did. she's trying to use our salary to modify our behavior. the 27th amendment said you cannot do that you cannot bury a member salary for this another part of the constitution that says you can only bury the salary based on law. it is not has to pass the senate be signed by the senate she is queen of pelosi she wants to do it ever she wants. she goes out there that a mask in the speaker's chair. it is only the republicans that will have to wear the mask or pay the fine. so this is not about us, kennedy, this is about what's
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going on in the rest of america it's not $500 for three congressmen. this is going to happen to our schoolchildren and people just going to work and to members of the military we are standing up for them with this lawsuit. kennedy: we are time but vastly different americans because in northern california from whence queen nancy arrived the commonwealth of kentucky very different parts of the country people viewed the virus it differently they also view the man differently. >> it does not view a cloth mask any differently and california kentucky or washington d.c. kennedy: or between the senate and the house does a customer. >> is a same doctor giving advice for the senate and the house yet how do we end up with mask finds in the house? it is somewhat ridiculous. we're ready to take this all the way to the supreme court. i don't know feel win or lose but i think were going to win and when we get is going to him in the power of the speaker to control members using their salary.
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kennedy: you do have a point there. it is one thing to issue a fine. i'm sure she's in her rights to do that. even other could be arbitrary rules, but how are you supposed to pay the fine traditionally? should it come out of your paycheck? >> she could send me a bill to kentucky but good luck trying to collect that she's not going to get it. another prong of our lawsuit which is really important is the first amendment. she is a compelling speech. kennedy do you realize the only place they find you and the house of representatives is in the chamber. as soon as we walk out and leave the chamber and go in the hallways or offices there is no fine. it's all about theater. if you are on tv you can get fined. if you are not on tv you don't. we have a first amendment case hereto. she's trying to compel our speech. the mask is a simple she's trying to make us aware periods before who is 90 or matt gates are marjorie taylor greene? >> i love them both. [laughter] >> you have somewhere to friends of man, i feel like
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you've been in no man's land. if you like you have been adrift. >> here's my analogy. in the race for can't crazy congressman i used to lead a few laps and now and that if gomer would go get a set of tires. now i'm struggling to stay on the lead lap and i am drafting. >> as long as you were on the side of a liberty and rationale the constitution, i am fine with it. i will allow it. there are some weirdos where you work. >> by that weight crazies and endearing term term to me were everyone is normal frankly is not good for america. >> you think it's problematic that half of congresspeople will not disclose whether or not they been vaccinated? >> it's nobody's business but it also think what's crazy is they think i should ritually take a needle in my arm on a tv show and demonstrate two
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people i'm willing to take the sacrament. it's almost a religion. it should be a personal choice it should be a private choice. i am not anti- vax i am of acts of choice. before i choose to not curtail my life because people are not chosen to be vaccinated. i am sick of these blanket lockdowns and mandates are so many people who will not get the jabbered i got the job over and over and over again go ahead last word congressman. >> natural immunity should count for something. as we are seeing it's more resistant to the variants. do not go out and get infected. if you've already survived it have proof of antibiotics, there is consideration if you need jabber not. kennedy: i quit licking doorknobs about a year end a half ago. [laughter] i am pretty happy where i am at. congressman thomas massie thank you so much. >> thanks kennedy. before meanwhile the vaccine pressures are getting desperate. today bill de blasio announcing a bribery scheme to
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woo the unvaccinated into taking the jab, watch this. >> starting on friday when you get your first dose you will get a 100-dollar incentive. one hundred dollars for any new yorker who goes to a city run site to get vaccinated. we will say thank you, will say you're really glad you got vaccinated for yourself, for your family, for your community. and here is $100. >> $100, what is this "the price is right"? where is my money? i already took the shot. all he got was free donuts, a rum and coke, a fireball shot, a lounger, a home gym and a brand-new car. shouldn't those of us who are already vaccinated get that paid a two? someone gets a hundred dollars or take the first dose, what's not to bring them back to bring dose of virtue? $200 but we're going to be
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broke before we know it. got tonight's attorney republican strategist alexander wilkes. we got the cohost of got failed and a fox news contributor, kit timpf. and democrat strategist former binding campaign chair sergei, kevin walling welcome one and all. so, alexander here we are seeing yet another flavor of social engineering, so much of that. what is the casualty of all the social engineering? >> what we have done here is obligate a personal responsibility which isn't surprising coming from a progressively build the blahs ship. i will give him credit though finally they have chosen an incentive for getting this vaccine that aligns with human behavior as opposed to for example get the vaccine so you can mask up again. it seems like the money would be a much better incentive for people. at a certain point we are
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going to have to accept there is a portion of the population that will not get the vaccine. they're not going to get the vaccine it is on them what happens to them. we are protected as a result of the vaccination. it's a good thing the government is incentivizing the vaccinations. but i think these programs are just going to come a little too late based on where people are at this point. kennedy: if it's something you choose not to do than stay home. take yourself out of the game. the rest of the country should not be held hostage for those choices. but cats, i am a little upset. for those of us who tried to be as responsible and wait in the line and get the shot when he was in our group wears our money? >> i ask that all the time, where is my money? he took a lot of my money probably to pay for this to give its other people. that is what taxation is.
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but, at least he is focusing on vaccines as the solution. which is what they are. i do not want to hear again about we need to wear a mask inside as a vaccinated person. i do not want to hear talk about lockdowns again for me as a vaccinated person. and i have been taught this on twitter, a lot of people are saying there's a chance you could save one life. no okay, you have a way higher chance of killing someone every time you get behind your car but have me a vaccinated person going so worked out a mass, getting : comic giving it to someone is not vaccine and by choice. and then dying. artist people to stop driving? it is absurd we are giving up is the right to live in a society which humans like to do. there's a minuscule tiny risk. the vaccinated people are spreading it.
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>> they have to acknowledge the risk is small for the risk you're going to get sick if you have to get vaccinated is even smaller. the crazy thing is they are undermining their own urgent message. >> that is very true from accounting. i'm always terrified when cat is behind the wheel anyway. >> i have not been in seven years. >> she and her husband have borrowed my car we have a blood packet. >> he's element drives a brick. >> i'm encouraged by some the numbers we are seeing. the highest rate of first doses of the vaccine in three weeks. clearly some of this messaging is breaking through. to alexander's point this $100 benefit from new york we'll see if that changes the course in new york city. but it's also the realization this delta variant is very serious. we got 60000 new infections just this past day. this is a serious variance going around it is the disease
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of the unvaccinated. kat appoint the easiest way to stop this is to get vaccinated in this country bread. >> you know what? something were not 20 vaccinated to those who could shove it. and our elected officials have to acknowledge unvaccinated people are no longer help you, that's fine were not when help you to do anything. he went to play this game, that is fine. but having everyone else change their behavior for a group of dumb domes is no longer acceptable. here you, hear ye i the party panel returns a little bit. coming up it is shoplifting in california. there are crazy new robbery videos with any consequences? nope, not at all lawmakers given permission to steal, i will talk to katie pavlich about it in a moment this past year has felt like
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mass shoplifting shows no signs of stopping the golden gate with this san francisco cvs to be one of the latest targets to a bar where the company retail associations admitted to dollars of retold goods have been stolen in that city alone. while governor gavin newsom is promising to get tough on theft, some progressive prosecutors they are not cracking downward not a surprise. cinnamon going to do anything to stop the sticky fingers? jonah may now fox news contributor katie pavlich. welcome back to the show. welcome to the spaceship of neon. what is going on in northern california? and it san francisco you have a d.a. who's in the middle of his own recall right now. he does not want to prosecute anyone. he is already taking some loosey-goosey laws and putting a little vaseline and grease on them. >> such understand what's going on and why this is acceptable in cities across the country you have to understand the ideology.
12:19 am
the d8 you are talk but in san francisco who's facing a recall election is the son of two leftist activists who were convicted of killing two police officers in the 1980s. now and they would to prison, bernadine dorn and bill ayres who bombed the pentagon took him in and he was raised by them paid to give some background of what he thanks about crime that is his background. now when he ran for this office he talked about wanting to run on less incarceration, racial justice reform, criminal justice reform protect about criminal justice reform to the far less all over the country come not just san francisco, l.a. or new york is what it looks like walk into stores, taking out hundreds of dollars over worth of merchandise over and over again day by day. they do not see it as something that is a problem for it they it's part of their overall transformation of the justice system which is waived do not see the prosecute anyone for. >> the security guard was shot and killed trying to stop so
12:20 am
and from stealing a case of beer. that's often times when these people come in and sometimes it's a couple people, sometimes at the little more organize their bigger groups. they resell all of this stuff but they know if it's under $950 they are not even going to get written up. they do not even call the cops. >> it was in calvin's up the limit to what you are allowed to steal without getting charged with a felony. used to be on four to 50 delegates out upwards of $900. really what you're doing is emboldening criminals to steal more without consequences of a felony and harsher sentencing or prison time in that state. >> the cds and videos and say oh my gosh this is great i can go in there every single day. the people i feel for and i think we talk about justice and fairness of the people who are working in the stores. managers pleasure watching people walk out the door because it's dangerous for them to stop them. those are people who are working maybe minimum wage
12:21 am
trying to earn an honest living. the justice system is working on behalf of the criminals were walking into these stores stealing. without such a habits of corporations a lot of close the door they cannot afford it. think about a small business, think about it immigrant has moved to san francisco who's open up a title little sore trying to make a difference. they cannot afford one time for this to happen not to mention happening over and over and over again. >> it falls on deaf ears when they try and call the police. they do not want to do anything about it. they know if they do in fact apprehend someone they're not going to get charge. >> the solution is on going across the country recall elections are a start, not electing days to run on a platform of social and criminal justice but it's not about criminal justice reform it's about allowing criminals to thrive in these neighborhoods and take a close look at their background and how they feel about prosecution and crime. that is the way local communities have to go after
12:22 am
this. you can talk about on a national level but they voted this guy and there's a reason there not been prosecuted. >> the chiefs of police across the countries of the chief of police in d.c. he was a begging for the city to do something. it is frustrating, it's a dangerous and place like d.c. and san francisco people don't visit there anymore. they see these videos and why would i take my kids or spend my money question it seems like it's about facebook. >> they defunded the police in d.c. to what if you are police officers on the street. but the bottom line is it doesn't map you have a thousand extra police officers on the street if you're not prosecuting the people pulled the trigger on these illegal guns, people are stealing from the stores it doesn't matter how many you have a resting field they keep getting arrested and let out on the street but has to be a combination partnership. right now the cops are trying to do their job will understaffed and underfunded. while the justice system former public defender and juries had to look at this and
12:23 am
go is this something we want in our community? >> the answer is no. they want freedom and prosperity which is what all human beings once. that's what people secretly go up to the cops and go thank you we love you. katie pavlich good to see you precook for having me. kennedy: governor cuomo says schools could become super spreaders. just as kids are preparing to return to class and a few week is it hysteria or science? hasn't he had enough time to figure out a plan? plus if you paid off your student loan, you might miss the free ride. dems still pushing for forgiveness despite new research that shows it's not going help the economy. the party panel is back to debate next (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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kennedy: emitted the love god but hatred kids. near governor endo cuomo calling schools super spreaders. i've been have not been called that since prom night.
12:28 am
another year mast and misery for port new york students with just weeks until schools are supposed open, cuomo is pumping the brakes. >> you have these school districts where you know they are in a high infection area. you know that. because you can map it literally. and a school can become a super spreader. we have seen that too many times in the past. kennedy: no we have not. for the most part this virus is not spreading from nor is it dangerous to kids. the governors had over year to figure how to reopen schools. is he testing the waters for another year of zoom learning? you really went to kickstart the revolution value? the party panel is back, alexandra wilkes, kit timpf and kevin walling. do you believe a word of what he saying here?
12:29 am
>> it is really hard to take and her cuomo seriously about what would constitute a super spreader event considering he forced a nursing homes to admit covid appositive patients, killed a bunch of them and then wrote a book on leadership about them. he would not be the person or go to his constitutes a super spreader. think will look back on this time in history and we are going to look back with great sorrow about what we did to our children. whether it's making them wear masks in school, whether it was the virtual learning we have done incalculable harm to this generation of students by inhibiting their social growth, by inhibiting their academic growth. look, even in the most heavily locked-in places in europe they do not close the schools. none of the science supports closing the school it's about blue state governors like andrew cuomo wanting to continue to kowtow to the teacher unions. kennedy: how he and gavin newsom choose teachers unions over parents is so far beyond me. i will never understand that.
12:30 am
and speaking of parents of young kids, and major cities like new york and san francisco, kat, they are opting out of kindergarten. they are leaving and double digits they do know their kids to get started in little kids need to see faces. >> they need to see faces. i hate the argument we talk about masks it's not that hard. if you do not understand the value in us as human beings being able to see each other all these things are communicated through expression i do not even know where to start with you. that's also a skill he learned from being around it. if kids in these very developmental years, all of their interactions are mast interactions the on ten they see faces on when their instagram they're going to be after grandma's funeral and they are not going to not face to make. so much of life is knowing what face to make. that is something you learn
12:31 am
organically. it's about much more than it's not that hard it so much more than that. kennedy: before you speak that's how you learn to communicate. that's also how you learn when summons try to communicate with you. i was walking down the street and won the first days i was not wearing a mask i smiled at a toddler in a stroller. the kid just lit up. i thought that poor thing has not seen smiling strangers. kevin white you hate the children so much customer. >> i love the children amount about kids. kennedy: think on. super think of a reopening schools but any democrat considering showing them down and her cuomo or whoever also will do irreparable harm. a lot of harm has been visited on children for the schools being closed. i encourage every school to reopen practically, safely, securely because again we are losing oppresses years of development with these children. every child from age 12 and older is eligible for the vaccine.
12:32 am
they should go out and get vaccinated. august of the parents in consultation with doctors and they provide the vaccine for their children. we have to take extra precautions with the younger kids. but again school seem to reopen in this country kids and got to learn we got to compete on the world stays with china and all these other countries were losing a lot of steam. sue for 80% of kids who contract coronavirus do not have any symptoms at all. asymptomatic children are not spreading the disease. they are like 100 times less likely to get sick from covid than someone who is 65 which is why it was engineered to hurt old people and minorities i really do. i know i sound like my mom who is a bit of a conspiracy theorist want to say that. no i do not have any data to back that up. [inaudible] fighting a fire under present buying to cancel billions in student debt. that's is like a great idea, right? i wipe out a 50000 hours per
12:33 am
borrow an extended pause on and back federal loan spirit even house speaker nancy pelosi he says she may have a little bit of an issue with that, watch. >> suppose your family, your child just decided at this time not want to go to college but you are paying taxes to provide give somebody else's obligations. you may not be happy about that. kennedy: hell no you're not going be happy about their not going be happy to paid off your student loan. so even a poulos he think this could be a bad idea then why would biden do it, alexandra? [laughter] look, i think the democrats right now are trying to force through as many big spending plans as they can while they sell both the senate and the house. i mean look there are plenty of long-standing arguments we should not forgive student loans for people who took out student loans. kennedy: don't get a crappy
12:34 am
degree that's worthless for the have to be some responsibility pretty have to take accountability for education. >> there has to be. i think you cannot have this conversation at this moment in time without talk about the inflationary pressures that are already on the economy because of all the checks they are to giving out there. yes, you might have some relief on your student loans. but if you cannot afford a bag of groceries what good is it? we are going to be paying for this through some means or another. if that's what speaker policies talk about because she knows she's the majority. kennedy: she is also synthesis congresses job this does not fall under the executive order category. and on that she is right. but catlett said they wave that want and forgive all student debts. would that have a positive impact on the economy? >> no. first of all it does not go anywhere. you cannot waive the one they
12:35 am
left the coat cancel, they love the cult forgive when really it's we are forcing people had nothing to do with it to pay for. and no, there are multiple studies the reason came out last year said it would add sure it would add about 90 billion to the economy. but it would cost more than a trillion dollars. think do this thing like we are so nice. not like those jerks it don't want to pay off the student loan debt. you are not nice if you are mandating other people to pay for things. if you personally want to pay off other people student debt, go ahead. be warned buffett. there is nothing altruistic stealing from other people to pay for things for other people. kennedy: by the weather plenty of corporations you could go work for right now he'll pay for college including starbucks and walmart, take us home kevin. >> that's a good point candy i support policies for inner cities both to youth teaching,
12:36 am
the military and the g.i. bill there are ways to deal student loans in this country for you actually get back to your community and it's paid for. i with nancy pelosi on this as a leader of my party we can't just write a check to these folks and get them out of dodge. >> you would take nancy over joe and chuck? >> i have not seen the president come out about 50 he's come out more with ten. >> chuck schumer, liz warner light come on 50 you son of a gun will beat you up and take your ice cream. [laughter] elder abuse. >> might that is on and joe with the street five denny of those characters. i think he's more in the 10k area around that. kennedy: 10k is too much i'm sorry some point you know you're signing up for. you are signing up for a lot of deputies going into a dealership signing up for a lambeau when you do not have a job. and you know what? a lamborghini much more practical than several liberal arts degrees. not with kat behind the wheel.
12:37 am
>> absolutely. we have to stop with this false narrative that it's always worth it to spend any amount of money on furthering your formal education because it's not true. kennedy: that is not true absolute right great panel, alex, kat, kevin thank you so much. are we the only intelligent life in the cosmos? absolutely not. my next guest has launched a new project to prove you're not alone. contact alien hunting with astronomy professor avi loeb. plus it's a brand-new kennedogs for if haven't seen it yet here see sneak peek of what it is. stay with me there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom
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(soft music) first night here. but amy seems cool. what do you think? hmmm. people are attentional amateur astronomers take up the tinfoil hats because we may we
12:42 am
may not be the only intelligent life in the universe and scientists are trying a unique approach to find out. the newly launched galileo project will use a network of smaller artificial intelligence seeking telescopes to try to find evidence of alien civilization both in our solar system and beyond. they burn eclectic $2 million in private donations to realize the dream between alien hunting and the billionaire rocket race is the private sector the future of space here to discuss harvard university and chairman of the galileo project it is avi loeb welcome back sir. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: this sounds pretty amazing. when we hear about a collection of telescopes that are usually these giant telescopes searching deep, deep, deep into the known universe. this is actually using smaller to medium size telescopes how to think that will help in
12:43 am
your quest? >> we are looking for nearby objects that move a lot from the sky for the search is quite different. it's like a searching expedition were looking for different fish than the usual search of astrological origin. but we plan to do is scan the sky and record a video of this guy and look for objects. this study was triggered by the pentagon report to congress a month ago indicating there are objects whose nature we do not fully understand. that is worse subject should move away from the talking points of politicians and military personnel to the realm of science. support that's where you are you are not military involving not shielding the government they are not politicians of a vested interest in their district. so, who are these people? are they civilian astronomers? are they armchair lovers of the night sky or are they academics like you?
12:44 am
>> after a few individuals approach me and provided me with funds close to $2 million i decided to publish this project were a symbol a team of astronomers and scientists that will build telescopes that we will deploy in various locations and collect data. it will be open data and it will be transparent. we do not want to look at classified data because it was not collected by the best insurance instruments science can provide it would limit our ability to speak freely. this way this guy is not classified we can collect the data look for unusual things and will report back to the public. the public is very interested in what we might find. kennedy: more than ever now that are outside as been wetted by the federal government there may in fact be something out there we want to know the truth. but the government has not been acting with transparency how does harvard feel about
12:45 am
this? >> my colleagues at harvard are very supportive. i should say we very much hope to release everything we know. there will be transparency. what we hope to do is identify the nature of these unidentified objects irrespective if they are natural in origin or artificial from another civilization out there. what ever we find it is a fishing expedition. i do not know it kind of fish we might find. kennedy: i don't either but if you find a wormhole i will go down there with you because i trust you we will come back safe and sound, doctor avi loeb thank you so much. >> thanks for have me. kennedy:
12:46 am
this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again.
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paris hilton is getting her own cooking show on netflix. it's social ingredients are fresh but the chef is spoiled but that's a recipe for boredom. topic number one. lookee there it's that time again when sports fans get to watch the best of the best in everything they have in feats of athletic greatness.
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you know what i'm talking about the diaper dandies race, there they are. today's toddlers are tomorrow olympians. against its truth to say about kids these days they grow up so fast. they are already more auteur than gwen barry, this event was held in georgia sponsored by usa track and field, sure they're only doing a short sprint here but they're already pooping and peeing on themselves like the marathon runners. i would one of these athletes has been juicing, mostly apple sometimes cranberry print there's a huge controversy when one of the kids took eight needs from bob black sheep. they all end up losing to a 30-year-old who was identified as a 2-year-old. then a second place winner invited them all back to party at her crib. shaken and stirred. topic number two, let's go to australia show way for a little bit of unconventional
12:51 am
jewelry, guys. there's a jewel of their creed and custom necklaces, bracelets and rings from the teeth of dead loved ones. or perhaps you'd like a fine tooth comb. these are the works of jackie williams who integrates the remains of the dead into commemorative accessories. what a great way to stay in touch with your families routes. jackie surrounds a teeth of gold, platinum, diamonds and other gems to create a literal crown jewel perch to come up with the idea she was working as a gardener at a cemetery after setting jewelry design in college, was she breaking into coffins at night question at what a weirdo. and i thought i was in a dead end at meijer for the jewelry making start as a hobby but went into a full-time business due to popular demand. and other words her customers were enameled with her work. i would've thought selling this stuff was pulling teeth.
12:52 am
she is wearing dead peoples teeth on her hands that is so creepy. [laughter] topic number three. let's go to washington state a man wearing a yellow dress was arrested after he stole a school bus and later drove a bulldozer that the home he shared with his estranged wife. that will win her back, what ever happened to sending flowers? or a necklace made from dead grandma's teeth? the multi- day crime spree given 139-year-old allegedly stole a school bus from a rafting company and police caught up with and who refuse to pull the bus over but was forced to give up the chase because washington state's new police reform laws. the next day and are was arrested of different county for hijacking a bulldozer and driving it into his own home. luckily his wife is not there should be as flat as a saturday night live sketch. anders taken into custody by the fashion police charged with theft of a motor vehicle,
12:53 am
first-degree militia the messick violence in attempting to elude police or as it's known the full florida. could job buddy, topic number four. the city of san francisco's consider replacing its waste bins with high tech trash cans that cost $20000 apiece. but the only way a trashcan can be worth that prices if they threw gavin newsom and his handsome hair in its prey these are the luxury trash receptacles san francisco says will withstand vandalism and encourage recycling. as you can see that, separate compartments for all of san francisco's most common ways like user drug needles, and homeless pp. the garbage can will have sensors to send alerts to city officials and the to be empty. that's wait san francisco's continue walk authorized closed to heather city has become her i heard oscar the
12:54 am
grouch owns three of these in malibu per he really hung onto the sesame street money, good job. plus he's got an incredible accountant. [laughter] i will be right back with our i will be right back with our best new ♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models. experience amazing.
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of puppies ready for ten nights brand-new amazing kennedogs? at the segment or we show your canines keep showing in your favorite pics use the # kennedogs and toes have about your dog. this is a chopper, otherwise known as, you remember that, tinkle king he was sent invite angela, chopper's so cute. and happy birthday to this amazing girl, holly. she turns a seven, who is a good kennedogs, holly cosmical of you. his other candid dog, i love wieners, dogs. heights midget you are the cutest wiener of scene day. i like .5. and katy sent in katy is the dog, irish 467 is the dweller. katy loves playing catch with a red bone promises to bring
12:59 am
it right back, who is a good girl? and look at this, it is a jilly jill relaxing on her pool float. tony sent this in, jill you are the prettiest i want to float in your pool. and there we go, who is this? this is noah sent in. no it loves my show, thank you know i love you too. this is a beanie. beatty is a mutt and we love beating he lives in michigan she loves snuggling it's a boy.she identifies as a boy. clara center in, rosie, what a beautiful post, rosie who was a good girl? i have a soft spot for the bullies this is ethel from green bay, lynn center in high ethel your wrinkles are perfect. these two good boys helen set an abbey who she's waiting to
1:00 am
go, abby you are just a biscuit. and lastly roxie and english brinker spaniel from austin nicole sentiment rusty good boy, got a blue ball in my mouth. thank you so much russian bestseller hour of your day. follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation, facebook @kennedyfbn, email tomorrow night speight tomorrow night speight tomorrow night speight for time life's video collection. tomorrow night speight (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course.


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