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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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bipartisan infrastructure bill for more president trump is weighing in on the proposal slamming senate republicans in the gop for working with radical left democrats saying the deal is a victory for the biden administration and a loser for the usa, that doesn't for us in "fox business tonight", "the evening edit" starts now. jackie: good evening and welcome we begin with inflation the fed say inflation is up notably andg likely to remain elevated in coming months before moderating adding the path of the u.s. economy continues to depend on the course of the coronavirus joining us tonight to discuss senator todd young, fox contributor liz peek, marshall a blackburn, james comer, michael burgess from the house gop doctors coccus and brian babin on the house border security
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coccus, also we are monitoring actions on capitol hill and will have the latest on key senators bipartisan agreement on major infrastructure deal, expected procedural vote tonight, plus lady democrats are calling for president biden to erase student loan debt on top of the trillions in spending already ian proposed. but here's a problem in addition to where the money iset going to come from we have the details on that. the defined fallout after threats to cut the police board seattle's mayor is calling for more police, officers as violence is on the rise one major city goes to court to fight against hiring more police. and were also following president biden's move to boost private security as the tax surge how tough the president be with foreign actors, wait till you hear the staggering amount ofch money data breaches are
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costing in the united states. plus more mass confusion the cdc new mass guidance getting pushback including some schools saying they will not force masks on their students and covid positive illegal immigrants being sent to hotels and free to roam the impact being felt over thousands of miles away as covid infections rise across the country, i'm jackie deangelisiz and for elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" starts right now ♪ ♪. jackie: federal reserve policy maker meeting again today to decide the future of the economy amid rising inflation and increasing covid cases and widespread supply chain shortages, how is the fed going to go about aiding inc. the recovery edward lawrence in washington, d.c. with all of the details. >> there gonna try to manage
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inflation you talked about the federal reserve jay powell made a point to say he knows inflation is coming a much harder than he expected and he downplayed the effects of lasting inflation powell said they will receive in. the medium-term inflation but did not decide what medium-term was. >> essentially all of the overshoot can be tied to a handful of categories is not the inflation that is spread broadly across the economy, it's new, used in rental cars and airplane tickets, hotels and a couple of other things, each of those has a story attached that is about the reopening of the economy. >> he said it will settle but for the third month is be expectation powell says successive waves of the virus has less and less impact ones te economy offset by the vaccination, john barrasso believes all the addition from the federal reserve being added on to by democrats in congress, it all could take and put a stake in the recovery that we
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are seeing. >> the inflation is eating into people's paychecks whether that is for food and groceries, gas and you just gave the gas prices in california over $4 a gallon is 339. >> we seen on grocery stores and a number of districtsf said inflation may not be coming down until well into next year. >> edward lawrence, thank you so ncmuch for that, but spring in indiana senator todd young i want to go over these inflation-adjusted prices that were seen were talking about gas prices of 45% appliances up 29% this is year-over-year used cars of 45% car rentals up 87%,
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airline fares 24% and we have bacon, fish, milk, fresh fruit up in the single digits but having an impact on consumers riseseen a little bit of in wages but you make the argument once you pay more for all of the goods r your wages actually went down. >> that is right we have a cost-of-living tax increase occurring on the american people right now, you just listed off a whole range of items and you could add gasoline, groceries and you get restaurant paper meal, housing cost are increasingin, our president promised that we did not see any tax increase whatsoever on americans who make $400,000 or less household income were foreseen that because those are wages that may be rising in certain instances if the economy opens backup were seen prices increase. that's in large measure of $29 trillion stimulus bill and it wasn't needed until you have tall this money's washing aroud in our essentials are going up
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and frankly the people in my state are really upset about it. jackie: there's so much to get into and want to break it down you listenir the fed powell they said inflation is going to be transitory and the average person thinks that that means is going to go away soon but that's not the way that they are using the word, it means it will have a long-term impact on the economy when a paper goods and serious services for a while regarding infra structure built 1.2 trillion dollars and some people are saying we have an inflation problem and we want to spend more money. >> there's different types of spending this is white been critical of the administration your investing in core infrastructure not human infrastructure, not a civilian climate core not rebates for electric vehicles but core infrastructure most economists would say over the longer term that would have a downward
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pressure on prices, it would not be inflationary, those are important investments we can make same thing applies to basic research and workforce training, this is not what the administration is pushing, they're pushingng a three and a half trillion dollar package out there implicitly there seems to colleagues senator sinema who indicated she's not going to be able to abide by the level of spending and she's received a lot of heat from the squad andlo others. the type of spending really matters here and we have to be responsible and very careful as we emerge from this pandemic to make sure were not imposing unnecessaryou tax increases through inflation on the american people. jackie: thank you so much for breaking that down you have 1.2 trillion that is bipartisan looking to stop the core issues long-term investment in the three and half trillion human infrastructure that deals with so many things that are not infrastructure yet one other argument that folks are raising
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their funds left over from the previous $1.9 trillion bill that you mention that we could use and re-appropriate for some of these projects, what is happening there. >> we're clawing back certain covid money that has been sent to the states directly for covid purposes and haven't been needed and were s clawing back some of the unemployment insurance money that are being fraudulently accessed by shell companies and at every turn we republicans have injected ourselves into infrastructure conversation so we can get core infrastructure and about a third off the cost that you are hearing the democrats proposed without any tax increases, that's what the americans people want and that's why it's really important that we have republicans who were at the table as it relates to the infra structure conversation. jackie: that's what the american people were sold with us a administration they said were not going to raise your taxes and all of the other things
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happen and granted you could not control the coronavirus pandemic and some money had to bee thrown at the problem and we had to reopen now we have a delta variant we have cdc reversing its mask mandate policy as well and some are saying as we head into the fall they are worried that this a administration is goingry to cause panic and alarm regarding the delta variant to try to shut things down and prolong the crisis. >> or kids belong in school, the hoosiers and other americans want to be at work and we should look at the guidance and we should follow the science but in the end weic should do what we'e done in the state of indiana which is make responsible, balance, risk based decisions understanding there is no risk-free environment in this world, we have to deal with some measure of risk and at the same time encourage our neighbors and
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other americans to go out and get vaccinated for their own health and for their neighbors health. jackie: senator todd young, we thank you so much for your time. >> senate leader saying they reached a bipartisan bill on infrastructure, procedural vote as i said expected atro any moment, were gonna go live tot' capitol hill for a lookk of what's in the and where could be heading in liz peek joins us, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> this is the wrong time to be spending trillions of more dollars that we don't have everything from gas to groceries to basic homeod commodities are skyrocketing and price people are feeling in their pocketbook at the end of every week. ♪
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package the total price tag 550 billion in new spending that is about 29 billion less than the original agreement then originally went democrats and the president wanted to spend on this but here's a look at what sis in the package and where ths money is going 40 billion for bridges, 50 billion for roads, 65 billion for high-speed internet broadband, 66 billion for passenger and freight rail and 39 billion for transit which was a contentious part of these negotiations but republicans that are supporting the package are happy they say it's more than paid for here's where they're getting the money to justify all the new spending there estimating there getting 205 billion and repurpose covid relief money, 50 billion from recouping fraudulently paid federal on appointment benefits and another 53 billion from
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certain states that did not use the total enhanced amount of federal unemployment supplement and another 28 billion by applying new reporting requirements to crypto currency to look ahead of what to expect moments from now as the vote happens there expected to have the boats that they need to begin to debate but what happens during the debate if there is amendments presented and approved and added onto the bill to change the underlying basis of the bill it's going to cause concern for some republicans senator tillis and cramer specifically said while their voting to move forward on debate there waiting to see if ultimately the bill at the end the bill that there seen today a lot could goo wrong between here and then and once it leaves the senate is in the house his hands and a lot of the democrats have made it clear they want to make changes to the bill before they
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supported. jackie: thank you so much for that, joining b fox news contributor liz peek and i'll pick up where hillary left off, good evening to you, aoc is one person who is very much against it i don't want to talk to you about the tweet she put out today, she said good luck taking your own party investment on childcare, climate action infrastructure while presuming you survive a three boathouse margin especiallyos after choosg to exclude members of color from negotiations and calling out bipartisan accomplishment, your response? >> it's really hard to know where to begin, first of all i don't think we need more spending but i guess republicans have decided they don't want to be the party of no they have to go to voters in 2022 with having donene something this is the minimum that they can do and still go to sleep at night. but let's remember in the $1.9 trillion american rescue
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plan passed in march as an emergency measure $350 billion went to the state, where is that money soon thereafter we discovered state revenues were actually in pretty good shape and they did not need that money why wasn't that repurposed for all the bridges and tunnels, i think it's great were building bridges and tunnels but by the way the idea the joe biden has put forward that were going to save money and inflation is going to be cured by spending all this money on infrastructure is completely idiotic to take a decade to build a bridge or tunnel that will not have any impact on inflation for the foreseeable future, i find myself disgruntled by this whole thing. jackie: i hear what you're saying and i don't thinkou youoe alone on that, i think the republicans have to look like they're trying to make an investment in the future so this was the best compromise we had
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senator young saying were not for the three and half trillion dollars in human infrastructure that they are proposing but this is what were trying to do even to hillary's point you have things like transportation safety program, ed charging station in environmental remediation, modernization, some folks are saying this is not a straight infrastructure bill and incorporates so much green policy into. >> i think the real question what do democrats do next in deference to the aoc and progressive wing of the party which they have cowtown to enormously since joe biden was running for president they needed those votes they made all kinds of assurances they would go with a new deal in a corporate welfare programs like childcare programs and so forth. the question is are we going to be looking at a three and half trillion dollar bill that democrats are going to jam through via reconciliation if
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that happens these republican to one of along with this bill are going to look outte of step in like they've done a poor job that has to be stopped and i hope the noise out of the left wing of the caucus doesn't overcome common sense and push forward that kind of spending. jackie: if it's up to nancy pelosi i think you know the t answer to that. but it's so interesting amidst all of the spending and infrastructure is not the only thing that were t talking about senator schumer is looking to spend your tax dollars on something else he knows that warren has teamed up and leading cause for president biden to spend $50000 worth of student loan per per person and extend the federal government payment freeze and the burden on borrowers is maturity the economic recovery. >> my take on this the worst problem we have economically in the country the economy is
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booming and will be growing as seven or 8% in the next quarter, what is our big problem a shortage of workers, why is that happening a host of reasons but it's been absolutely demonstrated that the supplemental unemployment condensation and now the child tax credit payments and by the way the relief from student loans, all of these things are just incentivizing people from going back to work, student loans are just like anything else and average of $22299 per month that families on average or borrowers have to pay on their student loans, if you stop that requirement you forgive those loans t which has enormous moral hazard attached to it i think there's a big problem there, but if you do that you're effectively giving those people more supplemental income, more reasons not to go back to work, nothing could be the worst decision right now.
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>> what was interesting about this nancy pelosi said has to be an act of congress it is not something the president has thee power to do, is not o very often that people see eye to eye to what pelosi is saying but she does make a good point, we are out of time great to see you tonight. jackie: up next marsha blackburn on seattle's mayor calling for more police officers after another week and a violence. this is one major city goes to court to fight against hiring more police here on "the evening edit". >> if we don't get serious about law and order agenda and you're going to see the spread throughout the country ♪ ♪ lcome to allstate.
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because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it. jackie: welcome back senate negotiators reaching a bill on a bipartisan effort structure plan a procedural vote expected at any moment, joining us now markup under marsha blackburn, always wonderful to see you. >> good to see you, thank you so much i would like to start off with what's happening were waiting for the procedural vote on a 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan that appears to have bipartisan support, $550 billion of new spending, your thoughts on the infrastructure plan as it would stand, do you support it? >> i applaud my colleagues who have worked hard on it, we have
10:27 pm
not yet seen the text of this bill, it is not available. we've been able to see a summary i cannot support a motion to proceed when i'm not able to read the legislation. jackie: fair enough. were also dealing with a lot of issues right now, the economy, the delta variant of the virus, inflation, all the buzzwords keep coming up and were talking about spending more money right now, your general lay of the land of where we stand as a nation as were heading into the fall and were dealing with a pandemic that were trying to put in the rearview mirror yet you have an administration that is trying to perpetuate the crisis. >> right, people in tennessee are saying we do not want another lockdown and we definitely do not want children and masks at school, we know that children are at very low risk group and to put these children and masks we've heard so much about the issues that have arisen with children whether it is their emotional or physical health and it is not the right step to take i know a
10:28 pm
lot of parents are upset and concerned about it and were hopeful people will talk to their medical professionals if they're able to receive the vaccine, we are hopeful that people will do that i think president trump deserves a tremendous amount of credit for having brought forward operation works being that got a vaccine to the marketplace and shots in people's arms and nine months as opposed to taking two or three years. jackie: it was incredible and we hope more people take advantage of the tools that are right there in front of them as we battle this as a nation together i want to switch gears and talk about something else plaguing the nation at the moment, rising crime three fatal shootings in seattle the mayor looking to re-bolster the police department ravaged by officers leaving that department after the city council threatened to cut the department by half now the mayor
10:29 pm
says it's no wonder cops turned in their badges. >> losing these number of officers when city leaders talk about cutting a department by 50% you will lose employees, families need security, workers and police officers need working conditions that support them. it is a false choice between community led solutions and police officers, we need both. jackie: it's not just happening in seattle we see it in cities across the country to defend the police successfully defund them and we did see a rise in crime now are looking to reverse the policies it almost seems a spinning our wheels when it comes to this problem. >> i hope that our friends on the left have learned a very important lesson it is a thin blue line between common chaos and to go through the defund the police rhetoric which the left
10:30 pm
champion and they led this push to defend the police movements whether seattle or a host of other cities what are they doing there trying to backtrack and figure out how they can show support for police whether it's new york or seattle or many other blue cities, chicago, what they have done is to basically say more important for other priorities than it is to support the police officers that are out there everything will they trying to keep the city, and you are seeing crime escalate because criminals have figured out in the cities that they don't get stopped whether it is the crime of shoplifting or petty theft or carjacking, all of these things that are up criminals feel emboldened and this is something that the left needs to say this was a mistake, we support law and order, we
10:31 pm
support our police, we support bringing back calm to these communities. >> people are really suffering, going to work make a good wage, put food on the table and know that we live in safe communities in the last second we have left people are really scared at this point in the quality of life is suffering as a result with everything else that is happening around us. >> security in our community freedom and opportunity for today and tomorrow's generation, that is the focus for people and if you were talking to suburban moms they would say freedom of speech, freedom of choice for my family, opportunity, hope for better days, secure communities, those are the things at the top of the list. jackie: absolutely, thank you very much, always great to have you on the show, coming up next
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new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. jackie: cybersecurity having a major focus on president biden's agenda as data breach and cyber attacks surge abide in a administration seeking a better defense against russian and chinese hackers, hillary vaughn at the white houseau with more n that. >> president biden has a new directive to his federal agencies he wants to put in writing cybersecurity standards for companies that are operating u.s. critical infrastructure this coming in the wake of the colonial pipeline the federal
10:37 pm
government stepping in their working with comments to create performance goals mayorkas in gina raimondo saying safety and security of the american people rely on the resilience of the company that provide essential services such as power, water transportation, we look to responsible critical infrastructure owners and operators to follow voluntary guidance, senior official same for now the directives are voluntary but mandatory directives could be on their way. jackie: hillary vaughn thank you for that joining the house or recite ranking member congressman james cromer, good evening to you i'm going to start by giving you some facts that we can ponder data breaches hit a 17 year high in the united states experience a most
10:38 pm
expensive breach in more than $9 million ofve incidents 6.9 million in the middle east and canada 5.4 million it averages altogether the estimate is four-point to 4 million her estate. what are your thoughts customer. >> i am glad he's taken this seriously i wish he would've started sooner. the cyber attacks have increased significantly ever since joe biden took office in the problem is the two primary violators of the cyber attacks are sponsored by the russian government and the chinese government. they don't fear joe biden like they fear donald trump, that is a fact. what joe biden needs to do is hold these countries accountable and unfortunately one of the first acts joe biden to russia, he allowed them to do their
10:39 pm
pipeline while he canceled thes. keystone pipeline, that gives russia more money to invest in more cyber attacks and it is bad policy, joe biden cannot attack this problem with government passing more laws, you cannot pass a bill to ban cyber attacks that that they do to crime they want to ban guns that will do anything in the criminals will not abide by the law the way joe biden has to tackle he needs to hold china and russia accountable. jackie: it's really interesting i want to step back and talk about the colonial pipeline theu situation there that ended up costing u.s. consumers because he saw gas pricesll go up as thy were trying to figure it out yet russian hackers behind us and the company paid them $5 million and makes us look foolish as a nation to a certain extent in a president that is letting russia and china get away with it. >> your exactly right the
10:40 pm
ultimate hypocrisy and unfortunately i think we will have our companies pay them off. pay them off to get back online and cost the american consumers unfortunate increased gas prices, lost production and unfortunately the president did nothing to hold russia accountable for that or china, china continues to attack, not just private businesses but our government. we have a lot of information appear being chairman of the ranking member of house oversight committee and i see these cyber attacks get worse when i go to the pentagon they tell me we have a superior army in a superior air force but we are interior from a cyber fund,b our government needs to really focus on this and create a new division in our military, we need to have a service academy to train people in being able to counter these cyber attacks, needs to be a number one priority for joe biden.
10:41 pm
jackie: it is interesting our government is focused on more spending and specifically i'm talking about the democrats and the administration at the moment and they are not spending to sure up the m m infrastructure n it comes to cyber issues as much as e they are green energy issu, yet some of us are taxpayers sitting back and saying where are the priorities here, who is deciding what is important. >> that is a good question we asked the everyday who is making the decisions of the white house, the priorities are all mixed up we need to focus on cybersecurity ahead of the pre-new deal policies that the democrats keep pushing on capitol hill because the cyber attacks are costing our consumers were added disadvantage from a cyber front and we've got to change immediately or will have more incidents like the colonial pipeline and what happened with gbs beef company, that was a terrible hack that affected our food supply and no greater risk
10:42 pm
than our national food supply. jackie: you think about the power grid in general and what couldne be done and it's somethg we've been having conversation about for so long yet nobody has done anything about it it's very scary, wonderful to see you, thank you for your time. >> mass confusion, the cdc newew mass guidance already getting pushback includingg schools. now say they will not force masks on their students, we will talk about that next. >> with children wearing masks this is anotherhi thing with somebody has three young children and my wife is a schoolteacher, the masks are very dirty the kids don't hardly wear them right it seems like there's going to be a headache. " now it's, "network, network, network." so you need a network that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g.
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look at this guy. he's really working hard. you know what he will get? muscle pain. you know what he should get? advil. pain says you can't, advil says you can. ♪. jackie: well president biden says that he is considering a vaccine mandate for federal employees, something that is already picking up some steam across state and local governments. this is coming as the department of justice concluded that
10:47 pm
federal law does not prevent an employer from requiring the vaccine. this is obviously all met with a lot of controversy right now. let's talk about it with jackie: a lot of controversy let's talk about it with michael burgess for warehouse gop doctor coccus, great to see you tonight. i'm going to start with this a tweet from marco rubio, it's over 99% of covid deaths among the unvaccinated how is forcing the vaccinated to wear a mask to make any sense and if you thought it was hard to convince people to get vaccinated before, imagine not being vaccinated mestill mean wearing a mask. he has a point. >> he said extremely well, for us to all have the vaccination and people see us masking up again they say why, why should i do that these members of congress don't believe there protected after two vaccines, you are protected even the delta
10:48 pm
variant the protection seems to be extremely good. the new data acquired all the time so this deserves continued monitoring and study in the mandate and taken a step backwards on masking in the representatives is a grave misstep in the senate doesn't have to mask so their older than we are it is you think they would be at more risk and i don't know whatnk it is a rotund at the capital that can reverse protection on the united states senators but i don't think it's a real thing it's a fantasy. jackie: you bring up a reallysy great point, we've been told if we choose to get vaccinated that we would possibly be protected from contracting the virus at all even if we did in the small percentage at a breakthrough case we probably would be hospitalwide or guy from covid-19 that's what people to to get vaccinated. if they have this in front of
10:49 pm
them and choose not to use them, at what point do we punish people who did the right thing for the actions of those who might not be. >> great question. people should be able to figure that out for themselves. no mistake about it the delta variant is a bad bug and it's making people very sick and it does seem to be more transmissible. the protection that you need so if you are eligible for a vaccine talk to your doctor and we kind of got away from the big vaccine hubs but the vaccines are in clinics and doctors offices, talk toou your dr. they're the ones out the best interest at heart if they're still concerned about actaking the vaccine, have a discussion with the person that you trust. jackie: real quick and the last few seconds that we have left in new york city bill de blasio saying starting friday city vaccination site run vaccination sites, when you get your first dose you get a hundred dollar
10:50 pm
incentive, i got vaccinated in na my incentive. >> i do not know i shall be waiting for some time. but the s incentive is we don't get sick and wee don't die, that should be enough incentive in one great thing about the vaccines they came on board very quickly but they weren't fully tested, they are safe and there's so effective, can you imagine if this vaccine had only been 40 or 45% effective which is what they thought originally, that's what they got china and russia. jackie: part of the problem the cdc reversing course makes people lose confidence in having the vaccine because her telling me i have aci vaccine and i stil need to wear a mask. we are out of time, thank you so much. border sources saying that covid positive immigrants are being sent to hotels and free to roam the impact being fell over a thousand miles away and covid infections rise across the
10:51 pm
country we have the cdc in many cities and counties calling for a mask mandate and otherda restrictions but the biden administrationns border policy seem to be spreading the virus, texas congressman brian babin knows about it and takes us inside on what's going on at the border. >> if you are detaining people and catching people coming acrosseoge the border then youd to test them and they need to go to quarantine. ♪ security at your fingertips. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. (vo) nobody dreams in conventional thinking. it didn't get us to the moon. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help you realize new possibilities on america's largest, fastest, and most reliable 5g network. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan.
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jackie: texas governor greg abbott continues to take matters into his own hands and listing the national guard to assist with my current arrest at the mexico border as 50000 illegals are released into the united states without a court date and only a fraction bother to report to officials, meanwhile new reports coming from border patrol sources that covid positive illegal immigrants are being sent to local hotels to quarantine that there is nothing to stop themne from leaving wath democrat texas representative henry cuellar. >> you saw what happened they release people in a hotel butut nobody watches them there is some of them that were sick and walking around.
10:56 pm
jackie: joining me now house border security coccus co-chair texas congressman brian babin, i quickly want to get your reaction to that. >> it just shows the absolute hypocrisy of the biden administration, when the cdc comes out with new guidelines ewfor americans even the u.s. house members are having to mask up again it appears that bidenpo administration allowing covid positive illegal immigrants to come across by the thousands we had 20000 cross over last week, i think it is a record and these people are being released into texas their cysts unto supposed to be corn teaming out of local hotel because they tested positive and there's nobody saying they need to stay there there is a restaurant in the way of texas there were many
10:57 pm
customers concerned about this family and they were obviously sick and sure enough when they question them they had been released and they were supposedly in a hotel and they left the hotel and went to the restaurant spreading covid and there was nothing keeping them from going anywhere the united states of america. jackie: if i may pause for one moment i want to bring our viewers attention to what's happening in washington, d.c. voting has begun on the senate floor on a bipartisan infrastructure bill 60 votes arn needed toe to the debate stage i of this yu can see the senators gathering their and it's something we've been talking about for a good portion of tonight show i wanted to bring the update i want to come back to the border conversation and covid as well, to your point and mcallen texas the city tested 5398 migrants for covid, 427 of those were positive, that positivity rate
10:58 pm
is i 7.9%, here in new york city when things were at 7.9% the city was shut down. >> that just tells you the hypocrisy, it is incredible to see the recklessness of the biden administration in the dh, department of homeland security mayorkas and what they're doing to the american people you have to absolutely question their morality and their integrity of why in the world they would be putting peoplee at risk and actually spreading during a pandemic and how in the world can someone with a smidgen of reality even with character to do something t like this they he sworn an oath to uphold the constitution to protect the american people and protect the migrants themselves and they have invited these people in and
10:59 pm
they're talking about one of their bills the democrats are going to put amnesty and they want them on a pathway to voting as quickly as they possibly can and the only solution here to keep these people and keep us safe, that is a title 42 public health restrictions turn these people bacteria pandemic and deport everyonehe of them. jackie: i want you to watch this soundbite of the ohio police department. >> they want to leave and get the car we cannot stop them we don't have any proof that they are positive for the covid-19 and until there is a mandate that gives us the authority to do that we cannot stop these people from moving wherever they're going to move. jackie: your reaction and 15 seconds. >> by reaction the federal government under president biden is endangering the national
11:00 pm
security, public health and a crime wave is sweeping over our nation for many, many reasons but open borders is one of them, defunded the police and we p absolutely have got to get a handle on our border that's why i'm so proud of the state of texas for stepping in to stop this ridiculous stuff. jackie: i'm running out of time but we had a great conversation that is it for us, you're watching "the evening edit". ♪ >> hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, there is news we may have a bipartisan infrastructure deal, let's go to hillary vaughn at the white house, what can you tell us hillary. >> this is a 550 billion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure deal that is $29 billion last than what the president was hoping for an democrats were hoping for as well the offer on the table was 579 billion, this is 29 billion less


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