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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 28, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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larry: say it again, president trump can really help on the vaccinations to get rid of five p vaccinations starting with the present and the tech media. kennedy: today is tuesday. deflategate is officially open the department of justice today declared vaccine mandates are in fact, comes on the same to the cdc says almost everyone should start ring masks again. so has the pandemic officially killed personal freedom customer earlier today the d.o.j. announced private businesses and public agencies can demand employees to be vaccinated. the big question now is will the white house follow that guidance and demand every eligible american get the jab? back in december president
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biden said no way friends, watch. >> if you are not vaccinated you not as smart as i thought you were. kennedy: i think we played the wrong thing now he's singing a slightly different tune, thing a jerk about it, joe? >> no i do not think it should be mandatory i would not demand it be mandatory i would do everything in my power, just like i did not think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide part i will do everything in my power as president of the united states to encourage people to do the right thing. and when they do it demonstrate that it matters. kennedy: "that's what he said" back in december. and then he tried to smother him self with a mask. mr. president, it being smart is not the issue. vaccines are very much a personal and medical choices. i am all for vaccines but i've been vaccinated 25 times. [laughter] i am a one 100% against the government forcing us to do anything as our wilbert so
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what are freedom levers to do here? let's get into it with a another band panel, just a way i like at political editor and fox news contributor, guy benson is here. yes, fresh off the host or attorney democrat strategist senior vice president of firehouse strategies, michael starr hopkins. and young americans for liberty chief of staff, sean themea. i bet he's on the right team here, let's go gentlemen. that's what they are saying. some people are very confused here. does this open the door to sort of a mass revolt from employees either at the federal level or private employees who simply do not want to be dictated to about the vaccine? >> , will definitely seat loss at you can bet on that. i can't wait to see how that weighs out. the courts will definitely
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have their hands full. i'm totally pro vaccinated. i got vaccinated and have been vocal about it but what really bothers me today, kennedy, is this bananas cdc guidance. okay i'm not a doctor in my over reacting? i have a colleague on the radio show today he was similar. if weeks if not must be heard from the pro- vaccine crowd, myself included if you go into your part and get your jab you can go back to normal part this our ticket back to normalcy. i repeated that at nausea and on my show, on various platforms. the cdc decides to come in and say actually we need children who are at virtually no risk whatsoever they have to wear masks indoor, at school regardless of their vaccination status in the fall. and vaccinated people across large swaths of the country we believe the vaccine and it totally works you should definitely get it. but you're going to have to mask up anyway. they have these really
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complicated reasons why think the messaging is a disaster. i think it sends exactly the wrong signal port it undermines their authority and credibility again. i think a lot of americans are simply going to ignore. >> a lot of americans are confused, michael starr hopkins. they are not sure exactly what to do with whatever new information comes out. they are hearing different messages from the same people. it is very confusing. obviously it's good to get a vaccine doubts good to do a lot of things for there's a lot of things idea which a lot of other people would do but i'm not going to go door-to-door and force them to do it or make sure they get fired if they don't comply with things that i know would lengthen their lives. you have the vice president right before the general election saying she was not going to take the vaccine if it was administered and approved under the trump administration, your thoughts? >> if we could get everyone in
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the country to take the vaccine that we would not have to put masks back on. what if the issues we are dealing with as we are seeing spikes especially in red states. places like alabama, florida, were honestly they are ignoring the science of the been ignoring the science. and now we have the delta, the new phenomenon that's come along. it is a hybrid because people have ignored the science. >> is california red state? i wasn't sure. >> l.a. county absolutely. there are two issues with that. one people traveled to california much like they traveled to florida and leave the statement. >> organ socket that later in the show. >> let's be honest about though. republicans are not taken the shot at the levels we need it. it's not an issue of democrats and i hate to make a political thing. before you just made a political thing but about people and communities of
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color are skeptic skeptic of vaccines and don't trust with the government has to tell them. they hear stories about people have strokes and have little lower vaccination rates. think a lot of people in those communities are republican. i think they're rightly skeptical. >> i think there are two things there is a historic reason why they are skeptical. we've also seen a doubling among the african-american community from february. the messaging is working. the only people ignoring the messaging are the people in red states. it is spreading across the country now having to do things we should not have to do. okay he's sitting very patiently i think you might have an issue are to assume your statements, go ahead. these people back in the cdc,
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flip-flopping and pushing these mandates are like what i call the covid colts. these out sheet bashes had their way every single kid going back to school this fall will beat triple masked to be 6 feet from their peers they beat wrapped in bubble school be like bubble boy from hell. this is not about public health about stoking the vision and gaining control. when these mandates come up i say bring on the lawsuits it is the american thing to do. kennedy: i knew there was no way that once the cdc completely flipped course as totally not wear masks for there's no way they were going to give up the control and the talking point predictably is only republicans aren't getting the vaccine. that is simply a falsehood. partisan rhetoric dealing with
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guy if you want to clarify what you're going to say go ahead. >> are course of on the right especially heavily concentrated in the will not get the vaccine anti- category are concentrated on the right. there also some on the left it's more disproportionately on the right. when you look at that vaccine about hesitant people it's a very complex picture. it is not partisan at all. we talked to vaccine hesitant friends they often make two arguments break number one with the masking mandates they say the government does not believe these things work. the second one is there going to consulate but these mandates on us regardless. it is about control. it's almost like the cdc went out of their way based on absolute shoddy science to validate both of those points today. kennedy: on my podcast tomorrow, kennedy saves the world and going to talk to corey deangelis were going to discuss whether or not teachers unions might have had
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a hand in the new masked mandates by demand panel returns later because i demand it for adverse assignments and put your mask back on for the cdc this afternoon reversing his position yet again. now to fully vaccine americans in many parts of the kind you have to mask up indoors to prevent the spread of liberty and covid-19 red cdc officials also said the word is science and many times throughout the announcement. so you know it as true as usual. they forgot to show or explain any, children must also be asked to wear masks in school in the pollock orange the biden regime. why after all we have done are we going back to where we were a year ago? join me now infectious diseases specialist at john hopkins center seen trent senior scholar, doctor amesh adalja welcome back to the shepherd. >> thanks for having me. >> take yourself out of this partisan squabble. what do you have to do to aid, get more people vaccinated.
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nba, keep ourselves safe if we had the vaccine and vaccinated. >> timmy if you've been fully vaccinated covenant tina not a threat to you but we know people in the hospital now are 99% on vaccinated. we know in the cdc admitted today the vaccinated people even with the breakthrough infections may have a high viral loads are not driving transmission. they are very small minority if any of what's going on. this is really being driven by on vaccinated individuals print look at states where cases are going up in the vaccination rates. we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated president biden has said. i don't think this new guidance make sense for most people. if you are immunosuppression or he should be wearing a mask of your fully vaccinated we know they don't work so well there pretty few are on vaccinated -- if you are vaccinated we are in good shape. we know they're holding up tremendously breaks the unvaccinated we really need to
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work with. kennedy: they're not going to get vaccinated they know the vaccines are free, they know they are plentiful, they know there's three different companies offering the vaccines you do not have to pay for. you can get it virtually anywhere and they are still choosing not too. if they are hearing now even if you get when you still have to wear a mask, they are never ever, ever going to vaccinated. this is the worst messaging possible. >> i agree, we note vaccines would open the cdc change there guidance and said fully vaccinated do not need to wear their mask affect the preached pandemic life. this is a different message. if you are 70 on the fence or does not want to get vaccinated your been told nothing changes for you if you get vaccinated this not a real incentive to do this. especially in those places were the vaccine rates are low the southern states the midwestern states, were getting to a stalemate or people need to get vaccinated now is a lot of effort to get each additional dose of vaccine into people. all probably get a bit of a bump when he gets approved for
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younger people to get full fda approval. it's going to be very difficult going. have to be satisfied there's couples from cases and made it mollica manageable respiratory virus but it's very hard because so many people are keyed onto cases and cases matter less than hospital capacity break. >> silt the fact it's called covid even though it's a berry and that appears to be in those more contagious, less deadly. especially joe's have gotten it or have been vaccinated. it is that stigma that allows for the officials to shut everything down. quick question, if i've a little bit of tendinitis, if i take advil and ice for couple of weeks to think i can get rid of it and resume normal activity? >> at a maybe physical therapy depending upon what collier tendinitis. >> thank you very much you always have the answer, thank you doctor amesh adalja for. >> thank you. andrew cuomo taking a victory lap after they dropped part of
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kennedy: he is still in denial even though he could face a trial. governor" with today claiming exoneration after the fbi dropped a civil probe, civil and his handling of nursing home code desa new york state party still says a potential criminal trial. regardless cuomo claims he's always told the truth and that is a lie, watch. >> and i am telling you, as i sit here i have told you the facts on covid from day one. whether they were easy, whether they were hard, i told you the truth. while most aides say they do not expect the fbi to charge the governor for allegedly fudging the numbers after seniors with covered workforce back into nursing homes last spring. let's not forget the investigation of ask's actions of sexual misconduct by that is still ongoing.
12:18 am
how many pinocchio says creepy cuomo really deserve question mercury or it down near post columnist, karol markowicz is back. he is always told the truth, karol, always about every single thing. is there anything you can think about, you're probably wrong, for he hasn't told the truth? >> one or two, or five, or ten things that i can think of. he lied about whether or not he and china introduce infected patients back into nursing homes. many people had died in those nursing homes his aid actually admitted that two new york state democrats and apologized not only to them but the families of those who died in the nursing homes. we're sorry it's politically inconvenient for wood lied about these numbers. we just did not want trumped to find out. i can go on and on am happy to do that. those of the two about nursing homes that really stuck out.
12:19 am
he is absolutely a liar. before you cover him for a long time. what is it about him? i think he's like ojeh. i think in ojeh's mind, he did not do it. and cuomo is the same way in his mind he's so full of his own hot wind he has convinced himself he is the only truthful, honest player in the states. and therefore he deserves reelection for the fourth time. >> will look, that media absolutely hoisted him on that pedestal. it was definitely the fault of a lot of media figures. not you, kennedy, who called themselves cuomo's actuals and said they're hot for him at the height of the pandemic. and new york was number one in covid deaths. he has been just a disaster throughout this whole time. the media has basely cover that up.
12:20 am
i think he thanks that's going to continue. another thing is, new york official covid death rate does not match the cdc. that is something that a lot of people including cuomo's aid but actually new york is doing that and not getting a lot of play at all. that's exactly what it is. it is absently insane though. kennedy: the lack of contrition and families who are still suffering. they are out there looking for justice. they are looking for answers and getting down of it. the d.o.j. says are dropping part of the investigation about federally funded nursing homes. that is only a small fraction of the homes that were forced to take all these people. that is on the civil act of the complaints. it does not have to do the criminality part i hope he is held accountable. otherwise it looks like it's
12:21 am
cronyism between him and the biden administration. they are two washington families. >> that is right. i sort of a grip the earlier point he is very slippery. i do not know is going to face justice. i hope he doesn't. one of the things i also what to say about cuomo they cite sexual harassment that is surprising. he did actually just harassed tons of people. a lot of people have stories to him screaming his face off at them calling them names. really harassing the media in a way that if he was a republican to be in attack on the press. but because he's a democrat it's okay. kennedy: they are lining up for the abuse, some of them. the whole thing there are so many established patterns and i thought we got to a point in society where we decided no, now we have a certain set of rules. and if you violated them you are done. vinnie's got his meathead, just go after these brides. do not let them cancel you,
12:22 am
bro. they are both a couple of dingbats. they deserved retribution for a thank you so much karol markowicz. lovely to see a break. >> thank you kennedy. before coming up bad news for gavin newsom of spain why he has 99 proms in his political future is definitely one in my memo. memo. and the man panel is next. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. (struggling vehicle sounds) you're in good hands with allstate. think premium can't be capable?
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go with us and find millions of flexible options. all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. kennedy: gavin newsom pesky recall will not go away as political misfortune is stuck to his shoe like a stubborn toilet paper. although the california governor has raised close to $10 million. counter efforts as rector more than double that. it is a growing throng of angry voters there are the most concerning. a march survey showed 38% of californians favor the recall,
12:27 am
that was back then. now the number has blossomed a 47% according to an l.a. times poll. despite the whole thing is a power grab, 25% of the states registered voters are republican. so why is everyone else in the state so pissed shall i count the ways question homicide up 31% higher than the national average in the deadliest year last year's 2007. in one san francisco present car break-ins there up over 70%. even former et cetera it was an (organize mobs are in high-end stores, organized retail is 89% of losses a big pharmacies like walgreens and cvs. the state will not clear brush and handsome pants claims wildfires on climate change.
12:28 am
how mrs. is already awfully charge. one what are 51000-ton house californians but from 40k just ten years ago. with the campaign mismanaged the current numbers expected to shoot up another 86% in the next four years. gavin newsom working with december to cut regulations or rework zoning laws to make housing more affordable and accessible? that would be too practical. and it is causing residents to head for greener pastures in texas, arizona, and nevada where they are not robbing their frustrated citizens of their hard earned tax money. california lost population to give up congressional seats. shatter that with businesses, schools and houses of worship in the pandemic shadow legions up about their wits end with the hypocritically gruesome newsom for this truly a bipartisan effort for talkshow host larry elder is at 18%,
12:29 am
kevin faulkner at ten, caitlyn jenner went lead kevin packrat are stalled at 3%. the whole thing is gavin's to lose. but with all of his failures tossing his out my be the only big win for the golden state. that is the memo. remember when governor newsom got busted at a mask of dinner party at the french laundry restaurant or the height of the pandemic? seems he finally learned his lesson, sort of. today the governor reportedly yanked his kids from summer camp after photos appeared of his son playing indoors which is what all kids should be doing the summer good job. punish the kids just like you did everybody else in the state. will voters see past his lame attempts at leadership? the man panel is backed so guy i will start with you. these numbers have to be a little bit concerning for the governor. because for a while it looked like he had a double-digit
12:30 am
lead over the recall effort in terms of californians not wanting to toss him out. but that has changed and now throwing him out there within three percentage points of having a majority of voters saying he should be tossed. >> yes and among the most motivated the likeliest to turn out the race is closest. people who are really most upset and most angry and not just hanging back, they might determine this race. according to the one -- a two-step or they have to decide yesterday on getting rid of him. and if they decide yes it goes to okay the top vote-getter of the rest comes in. should the plague she is not a serious candidate. she'll be skipping this debate allegedly to go to some reality tv thing and australia. that's probably not going to help jumpstart that 3% support level. >> she's a scampi at larry
12:31 am
elder skipping it too prettily want to debate the governor like to see a debate between the two. even if larry elder is wearing his talk radio hat's got some really important questions. i don't think the governor is pushing enough in the state, michael. >> look, i'm not going to lie it's been a tough year for gavin newsom. it's really hard to recall a governor being the most recent one. it's going to be really hard for republicans to pull this off. kennedy: not just republicans and when to stop you right there it's not just republicans. not just moderates a very few republicans left in california per a few of got half the stately 25% the state is made up of republicans, but other chunk of angry voters are coming from somewhere else. someone has to acknowledge that at some point. >> give orange county voting disproportionate to where the
12:32 am
average state is for the average in california is somewhere around 15% orange county turns out that 35 -- 40%. but i get your points. i think at the end of the day gavin newsom is going to be wounded. it looked like he is going to be presidential contenders going to end up having a political career that looks like ashes. kennedy: there are a lot of things working against him. can't buy everything on climate change pretty cannot say climate changes causing wildfires and it's the power line pretty cannot say homelessness is a federal problem one has been groaning and ballooning under every aspect of his leadership when when he was the mayor of san francisco. i think the numbers are going to close up even more sean themea. >> absolutely i laugh whatever newsom or supporters say the recall is an illegitimate power grab.
12:33 am
this is the same guy who legitimately shut down a state, made it illegal for working californians to put food on the table. shredded the constitution and then broke all of its own rules. people do not like people who lack integrity. whatever. i say let's get the recall a go. let's show them what they want in calvert or just someone who can stand for the constitution and for the people. i would love to see it happen. certainly is not a miracle december games big shocker in fact. simone biles withdrawn from the team competition with the u.s. taken the silver to russia's gold that sucks. she's right was decorated gymnast in the world pulled out over mental health concerns after stumbling during saturday's qualifying round, watch. >> i took a a step back i
12:34 am
didn't want to think silly get injured but it's been really stressful lisa with big games. i say put mental health first. if you don't you're not going to enjoy your sport and you're not going to succeed as much is you want to okay to sit out the big competition to focus on yourself because it shows shows a strong competitor in person you are rather just battle through print. >> that is jen's is in a nutshell part isn't stress and pressure part of competing in the olympics? on was bowing out fair to his other teammates? guy. >> candidate i am a women's gymnastics expert which means i watch it for about seven minutes every four years. i think it was a huge shock. as of course disappointed so many fans. i would imagine it roiled her teammates that she ended up in second lace bird you are the gymnastic mom i will refer to
12:35 am
you when it about etiquette. it's not a full picture of exactly what precisely led to this. when you two are a goat on your leotard say i am the best of all times in the for nonphysical reasons pull out of a teammates counting on have courses going to raise eyebrows. it's going to draw criticism. let's see if she can recover pretty hope she gets us back together events coming up later in the week. it was a stunning and the number one story in america on the olympics for sure. it should have been by the way the girl from alaska the 17-year-old who won a gold. kennedy: last night i was screaming. i sobbed like a baby when she got a gold medal. her parents and her class makes i love that so much. it was an incredible win. there are so many athletes at the olympics who love their country and are proud of their flag. they rise to the occasion
12:36 am
they're all under pressure, michael. i note no one saying it because they have to celebrate she is but this generation is soft. >> the hell are we to judge her mental health? she is the most decorated gymnast of all times. she clearly is head and shoulders above everyone else. if she felt like she need to withdraw from this for mental health reasons, god bless her i hope whatever is going on she gets help, get treatment and comes out on the other side. i really have a problem with the criticisms with her, osaka the tennis player, just let people be. kennedy: it let them be let them be soft. do you know what? greatness is doing your best when your best is required. that is what makes you great. and you know, i think about michael jordan, i think about all the athletes in all of the sports that have faced all of the adversity and still they
12:37 am
managed to find a way to compete, sean go ahead. >> i will always never the bloodiest game of zero four. yes genz is soft. we have to remind ourselves what watch once daily big committee to cover it up or just got the pride of the entire nation on her shoulders. it's more than any of us can say. let's be sympathetic, let's leave her alone aflutter take care of her self rates before absolutely after the olympics it's been good at talking with althea, guy, michael, sean. coming up do you feel like you're spending your entire paycheck at the supermarket? wait till you hear the new sneaky weight food companies are pocketing your money and giving you less. i will crunch the shrink/and numbers with brian brandenberg
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because brian makes is next
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♪ ♪. kennedy: that was a mouth trumpet monday sunk down on the corner for this week's winner mr. matz, your grocery shopping is costing you more and giving you less. the phenomenon known as shrinkflation. it is been goods becomes smaller but costs the same. foxbusiness uber the family size a box of general mills cereal down from 19 ounces to 18 ounces, that is where they get you. brisas. buttercup two packs it's now just 1.5 ounces paid shame on you hershey's. happy trashbags use get 90 bags in a box negative eight.
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going to be covering trash. this means your paying the same for less bird companies are doing it to make up for cost and staffing shortages. how long since inflation going to continue questioning join me on fox news contributor chair of the business and finance program at the king's college in manhattan he's hosting the 5:00 o'clock on foxbusiness all week long, brian brenberg. brianomics. what is up with shrinkflation? >> it stinks here's the problem companies have rising costs. what we do about the raised prices? we are the bad guys then. we're going to cut our portions. but i do not blame them. you know why? we have a president is blamed companies for not filling their staffing shortages but he whispers to them creepily and says you are not paying them enough. no, no, no, mr. biden it is your policies that are calling prices to rise. companies are saying what do
12:44 am
we do about it? that's kind of the problem. it's a guy who's never run a business they've never run a p and l. i don't love that companies are doing this but i get it. politicians always blame businesses for inflation but they're the guys who have to pass it along. they are not the guys who created it. it's happening in this country just like it happens in every socialistic dystopia throughout history. we cannot do it. >> all the sudden he tied up volatile shrinks, and shrinks, and shrinks your watering down your tide. and then after a couple of weeks of washing with watered down detergent you smell. >> it really is stink inflation. my problem with this is we are getting to the point were starting to look like a economies that are fundamentally malfunctioning. this shrinkflation problem is just a form of rationing. if you look around the world to look at venezuela when we talk about venezuela?
12:45 am
you cannot buy things like toilet paper paper towels, gets was happening in this country? your toilet paper rolls or paper towels are getting smaller. it is step one. one is going to end question but i don't know, tell me when it's going to end we talk about spending $4 trillion more top of our budget this year. i don't think it's going to end. when they are doing this but they are in for inflation for the long haul. spirit they're not going back to 19 ounces anytime simmered. >> 's of businesses want to they want to grow your portions up again your prices. so they try to do every time they do this and they think they're going to be out of options. with the biden administration they think with prices and inflation they're going to be out of options for a while. that's all you're seeing. >> what are we going to see at buffets? >> 's going to be like 20 minutes. and good luck sally. >> 's going to be a 1 carat
12:46 am
and one pancake. it may be a little pat of butter five minutes to run three libra. >> you go to the line people's stomachs cannot take that. >> were all would be so much thinner. kennedy: that's a form of control. the going to the same thing doing now with masks and faxing their trust me. >> but shrinkflation. kennedy: the going to try to shrink everyone's asset. [laughter] it's wrong i think your absolutely rights. next we do that on our own. before this is the step one on the train per. >> it's an economy of scarcity. it's an economy of scarcity. we've seen around the globe. what do we do in the prologue? you hoard gold and bullets and seeds some are going to hoard
12:47 am
bitcoin. >> the assets, shrinkflation is the apocalypse. kennedy: have a couple farms you never know. brian brenberg the more you know with brianomics thank you so much but he is a professor right topical storm is next, right topical storm is next, keep your shirt ♪ lights out, follow the noise. ♪ ♪ baby, keep on dancing like you ain't got a choice. ♪ ♪ so come one (come on), come on (come on), come on. ♪ no one is just one flavor. ow! what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? no one is just one flavor. salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation
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>> new report claims the pfizer vaccine is making women's chest grow larger. it is just warm away those covid jabs are turning out to be a big bust. that is a swell side effect, and this is a topical storm. a topic one, here we go. president -- french president is visiting the french polynesian islands this week to discuss climate change, vaccination rates and other liberal, pardon my french. but his greeting from the polynesian people's getting all of the attention that smothered in shell necklaces and traditional ladies, watch. [background noises] 's before there is the president of france in the mounds of flowers are trying
12:52 am
to slowly kill him. talk by getting laid on vacation, keep beat hunter biden's record. what you do not see here's after this he is involved by a giant swarm of the bees. not seen a man covered in flour since chris christie got to the pepperidge farm factory. the presidents led by the people of french polynesia brady must be a great leader, i can only imagine a country more peaceful and i delicate than that island paradise he is in. oh wait, nevermind. topic number two, let's go see some incredible video from australia. hey guys, two giant galapagos tortoises had a first date over face time. sure it started out awkward the night really came out of their shells. this is hero, the tortoise. getting ready to meet his future love connection over video chats. he insisted on face timing
12:53 am
first because the last time he was set up it was a literal catfish. and now, watch hugo meet his match. this is from australia so they thought was way too presumptuous, how about that? that is a chicken skin pre-things got creepier when he said he loved her turtleneck. actually this is the second attempt at video chatting. the first time hung up because he thought he actually called mitch mcconnell. he's going to a stroll you. are members of endangered species in order to repopulate. least that's what is telling on the phone right now. hugo you animal. the real turtle dirty tax or other next video call, that is when hugo asked if she would like to have a slowpoke. there you go, topic number three, another animal encounter, on camera. this one is not so cute. watch how a tennessee man freed a bear who got trapped
12:54 am
inside of his car. yes that is joseph emerge from a cabinet in the woods to find a black bear in his backseat. judging from his cat eyed shirt this is the closest he has ever been. joseph held the door open will he and the friend screamed at the bear so it would leave. the same weight larry kudlow gets me out of his office every morning. a portion of the bear right away before the hippies could act. at least having a wild bear in the cart made it smell better. joseph said he tried to drive the car but the bear did so much damage and broke down and he had to abandon it. even worse his insurance company refused to foot the bill of real poor choice of wording there, son. topic number four and 83-year-old woman was awarded a fifth degree black belt in karate. by chuck norris. at 81 himself, it must've been a real treat for him to hear
12:55 am
the words thank you young man. here's karol taylor on the octagon showing off her karate skills before the uniting fighting arts awarded it for mcgregor pritchett began practicing marsh last 50 years ago and she 68. also the last agnes and edith at the assisted living up ever dared to drink a prune juice without permission. karol received a standing ovation i was awarded her new belt by the legendary chuck norris. this is a huge deal for karol. normally they secured a black belt it's at the flea market in west palm beach. karol loves chuck norris, so do we all. in fact sheet named her walker texas ranger. [laughter] although to be honest i'm not sure if chuck is the best actor after all. his last it was barbara boxer. it's too soon man. rest in peace. before we go tonight's tickle me too see joe, you have three
12:56 am
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[laughter] kennedy: it is tickle me tuesday. here is the tickle you have
1:00 am
been waiting for. this looks weird. what you call a bear with their teeth? a gummy bear. [laughter] [laughter] emily loves it. here we go. mark evan, clay, you guys all got it right good job. thank you for much the best thank you for much the best hour of your day ... ♪♪♪ tony evans: hello, everyone. this is dr. tony evans with, "the urban alternative," and i'm excited to welcome you to join us on a journey, a journey through hebrews 11. it's known as, "the hall of faith," where men and women discovered what god can do when god's people learn to live, walk, and act by faith.


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