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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 27, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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lawyer requesting the removal of her father as a conservator and a petition submitting new documents alleging the singers fatherer jamie spears has been paying himself a 16000-dollar a month salary for the past 12 years which is 2000 more each month to his beloved daughter. that does it for as on fox business. "the evening edit" starts right now. jackie: good evening, everybody we begin with new cdc covid mass guidelines recommending fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in area with high transmission which by definition is most of the country and recommending indoor masking for all teachers, students and staff in k-12 schools even if vaccinated. working to break this all down, california congressman devin nunes, doctor marc siegel, forming acting attorney general
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matthew whitaker, ben cline, economic strategist mitch rochelle, ben had a gate and laura reid. crime is on the rise come across the country more and more law enforcement are pointing fingers at the court system releasing violent people back into the community courts that are usually following what the elected officials have put in place, we will talk about that plus the democrats scramble to keep their infrastructure deal alive as hurdles are being put up by speaker nancy pelosi and republicans. now florida and did the extra $300 and an appointment benefit in some businesses are seen increase in job applicants. a group of floridians are pushing back in court to get those added benefits back of the delta variant spreads putting our economic recovery in question. demonstrations continued in the nation's capital demanding more from president biden take stronger action to help the freedom fighters in cuba just as
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a communist regime blamed the united states for molotov cocktails thrown at the cuban embassy in paris, also the border crisis deepens ice more than 300 illegal offenders since june meanwhile the biden administration is planning to speed up deportation for migrant families traveling with children as a 21-point plan but is it too little too late, i'm jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. jackie: good evening and thank you for joining us on the program the new guidelines from the cdc as coronavirus delta variant cases are on the rise some states are requiring workers to be vaccinated, edward lawrence at the white house with more for this. good evening. >> a little breaking news in the last 30 minutes were hearing from a source that folks at the
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white house at work here have been told they have to wear their masks inside the white house, the cdc director said she did not take the step lightly the cdc seems to be going backwards on the recommendation for masks, anyone in the high transmission or substantial transmission area will have to wear masks even if there vaccinated in indoor public place the cdc recommends that community leaders should push not only vaccines but also masks finally the cdc recommends that schools reopen and everyone in the school from teachers to students wear a mask regardless of vaccination status on this map will show you the origin red where most of the u.s. falls into the substantial or high category for needing to wear a mask even if your vaccinated this message is very different from the message of past few months, listen to the president from may. >> therefore if you been fully
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vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. let me repeat, if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. >> until 3:00 p.m. today the president late today says the more we learn about the coronavirus the more concerned we should be about the virus, the cdc or the white house is say the reason the cdc change their guidelines is because a virus is also changing. >> our goal is to save their lives and our responsibility and their responsibility of public health officials is to continue to provide updated guidance if it warrants from an evolving virus. >> the cdc director acknowledged this is unwelcome news for anyone who got vaccinated. jackie: lot spring in california congressman devin nunes from fox news medical contributor doctor marc siegel, from the cdc jensen hockey said we are following the
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science as a nation and this is an evolving virus, there's an argument to be made a five-minute american citizen said under the trust of the schism and did the right thing now the cdc is telling me i have to wear a mask again which started the counter intuitive and make people who are vaccinated not trust in the system of the vaccines themselves. >> that's a really good way to frame it i just spoke to the cdc director walensky the issue is the delta variant is causing a lot of virus and people who are vaccinated and get sick that is a small percentage but that is a change at the delta variant for those who get vaccinated and don't get sick there is a low chance that they're harboring the virus that was a group of 10000 people are studying they will do more testing of asymptomatic people but it looks like if you are sick and vaccinated you have a risk of spreading if you are not second vaccinated that is great this is
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an overreaction designed to focus in on areas where there is a lot of virus around for fear that somebody could spread to an immunocompromised person is on vaccinated or somebody at high risk, it's a public health move is not really a political move and it's not moving of the goalpost although it may feel like it and i also one as something really important is the vaccine that matters not the masks the masks are very secondary we don't want to put them in the same category in the administration should not put them in the same category it's like an added layer of protection that you want to be protected to get this vaccine it will work the vast majority of the time, walensky reiterated people are not getting hospitalized to get the vaccine. jackie: that is the point if you have the vaccine you will not be hospitalized, you will not die that's why you went out to get
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the vaccine and now they're telling you you have to wear the masks, you want the rest of the country to get vaccinated that's the goal not to impose mask research actions. >> i understand and i don't think there were an imposition that bothers me anything that ends up being a mandate bothers me and i think that can easily backfire, i think the issue is if you're in a high risk area of someone who could be a risk who is on vaccinated you might add a mask. like i do in the doctor's office. jackie: when i'm down on the subway i catch the flu because there's hundreds of people down there having said that let's pause, i want to get to the congressman there's more hypocrisy coming out of the administration jen psaki talking about travel restrictions we will maintain them a lot of restrictions to international travelers coming into this country and our travelers going elsewhere.
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congressman you look at what's happening at the border the cdc is not talking about all the people that are coming into the country who are bringing tobin. in the first to the weeks of july 135 of the apprehended migrant the tested positive for covid of 900% and were not even talking about the got a ways to come into the country and disappear. >> that is part of the whole hypocrisy problem i was down on the border and this is several months ago and there was covid patients coming then you can't say on one hand you should wear a mask and the other hand you letting people walk into the country, that is one point the other point for the most part most people are not wearing the right masks and i think the doctor would agree with me you have to wear and n95 mask or better, you cannot wear designer masks that match your attire for the day, that's what you see a lot of people doing in children wearing masks this is another thing as somebody who had three young children my wife is a schoolteacher those masks are
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very dirty the kids don't hardly wear them right it seems like they're going to be more of a headache than it will do to stop any virus. i think there's a lot of americans out there who were likely seen enough of this and i want to make one more point and maybe the doctor will comment on this, why are we not talking about the therapeutics, we know the delta variant is spreading quickly and it doesn't look like the hospitalizations will be as big as a problem but we have so many therapeutics that can be so helpful and i had a doctor that was on it quickly and knew the therapeutics he was not running around going lock yourself inside your room, go get a test wait three days for the test he was saying you have a high fever, you could have covid i'm going to put you on steroids everything treatment, is the pack, those are the things that we know that worked and then the antivirals also that we learned
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later like hydroxychloroquine and fermenting, those are also working and if the white house wanted to do something this is what i tell my constituents all the time talk to your doctor, if you think you have any sign of covid or anything else treated quickly with therapeutics that have been approved for many, many years. jackie: all that you respond to that 15 vented to the pandemic not only do we have vaccines and people to turn to but we have the therapeutics as well and americans every educated on what the risks are even with the delta variant, why are they taking the responsibility to get the shot in the arm. >> first of all it's a matter of choice not a matter of big government secondly i agree with everything the congressman just said covid pouring across the southern border people wearing dirty masks and thinking they're protecting themselves with eat-in riders below their nose, those don't work hardly at all i agree with everything he's
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saying in terms of therapeutics there's big ones in the pipeline and the monoclonal antibodies are useful and i will sometimes prescribe hydroxychloroquine in zinc i think it depends on the patient we have to 0 in on the patriot and i think the vaccine is the best thing that we have is arsenal. jackie: let's take that one step further congressman, where would you stand if the administration were to say all of a sudden it will mandate federal employees or other institutions that they must be vaccinated to return to work how will that go down as part of the conversation that appears to be at the seams behind the moment. >> and forget to go to a mandatory vaccination that needs to follow the same process that we follow for many, many decades i agree with the doctor i think the vaccines and it's very important to get the vaccines especially if you're older i think it's critical but in terms of something that hasn't been through the whole process yet
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you can understand why some people question it and there's also the issue if you already had covid you really need to get a vaccine. there's lots of questions out there. the idea of federal agents running around door to door giving people shots in the arm, a mandatory program were a long way from there and the american public will push back on that, as will many states, you watch many states are not going to abide by the new mask mandate they will continue to do just like they have been doing throughout the pandemic final point real quick. >> he made a really good point you come to somebody and you asked them what are their fears, what are their concerns why do you want to talk or not want the shot, you don't force anybody to do anything, not in this country. jackie: gentlemen, thank you so much, congressman nunes and marc siegel thank you so much. crime is on the rise former
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senator attack to california, law enforcement officials pointing finger at the court system releasing violent people back into the community. courts that are usually followed while elected officials are put in place acting attorney u.s. general matthew whitaker is next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa a pool floatie is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids.
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♪. >> we are arresting violent offenders. the courts are releasing these people back into the community. that should be a headline in this city and it's not. ask what the courts can do different rather than release violent people back into these communities to create an environment of lawlessness. jackie: that is chicago's top cop on the problem in his city. the court jackie: that was chicago's top cop on the problem in the city. . something we're hearing from other big cities where crime is rising like washington, d.c. we have former attorney general matthew whitaker. great to see you tonight. >> good to see you, jackie. jackie: you heard the sound bite. there is a lot of frustration in the city, when it comes to the police chief, trying to do their jobs. his issue is with the courts.
10:18 pm
the courts don't make the law. we follow the rule of law. it is lawmakers that are setting those parameters. that is really what we need to address? >> there is a lot of people passing the buck here. the bottom line is that the elected to politicians need to pass laws enforced by the police and the courts and what you have in chicago as the chief points out is culture of lawlessness where the courts are following the law, letting out violent criminals, not holding them prior to trial or detaining them after they're arrested. seeing the same thing in new york city with no cash bail reforms. this is really, you know, i think a challenge we face as a society is, we need to make sure that the worst, the most violent second quarter -- sociopaths don't come on the streets to continue a wave of crime. these major cities need to get serious, the politicians especially elected to by the
10:19 pm
people so the families and their children can play in the front lawns and that they are forced to keep the violent people off the streets. jackie: last week you recall a shooting outside after restaurant in an upscale area of washington, d.c., the police chief there said the courts are letting the violent criminals back on the streets making communities unsafe. he talked about how he didn't want his wife to walk around in certain neighborhoods. this is really, really difficult for the law-abiding tax paying citizens that are walking on the street dealing with the crime, i can attest what is happening here in new york city. it is really frustrating. >> it is and this is you know, right now it's a major city problem. i think the 20 largest cities where you're seeing this escalation in violent crime but it is not going to be limited to that. if we don't get serious about law and order agenda, then you're going to see this spread throughout the country, jackie. i really think it is basic blocking and tackling of law
10:20 pm
enforcement where bad people are arrested and detained and are put away for a long time. you know, and crimes of violence especially. jackie: matthew, in order to do that, you would have to re-fund the police in many instances and take a look at some bad laws, maybe revise them. we'll have to leave it there. wonderful to see you. >> jackie, good to see you. jackie: up next a member of house budget committee ben cline as democrats are scrambling to keep their costly infrastructure deal alive as hurdles are put up by speaker nancy pelosi and republicans. >> they have an insatiable appetite to spend more. never in washington, d.c., do we have a discussion about what to cut. democrats seem to think the formula is raise taxes spend more.
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♪. jackie: welcome back, everybody, trying to keep a infrastructure package alive. a gop source telling our own hillary vaughn that a global offer talked about yesterday was ripped up by republicans who said no deal but negotiators seem to be back at it today. now there is some last minute haggling between the two sides over some sticky issues. among them how much money for highways versus public transit. prevailing wages tried to infrastructure projects which critics argue makes the project more expensive and differences over broadband policy as well. there are some republicans who are very prickly about speaker pelosi's promise to hold any
10:25 pm
hard infrastructure deal hostage until a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure package gets passed with it. senator barrasso said this afternoon that pelosi is turning the good faith negotiations into a hijacking. joining me house budget appropriations committee member congressman ben cline. congressman, good evening to you. first time i think pelosi and republicans on the same side albeit for different reasons of course but let me ask you this, when it comes to this deal we're talking about an environment where we have runaway inflation. we have spent a lot already to battle the pandemic and you have many americans saying do we need to spend this much more? >> not only is nancy pelosi driving this economy over the cliff this appropriations bill we're considering today is just punching the gas pedal. we have one trillion dollars, and i won't put my pinky finger up to my mouth when i say it, we
10:26 pm
have one trillion dollars in unspent covid money. she wants to raise taxes just on seven of the 12 appropriations bills by 20%. that is not sustainable. it is not a matter of picking winners and losers, everything loses in this situation is specially our kids and grandkids. jackie: the trillion dollars you're talking about is the actual infrastructure, what the republicans are on board with. what nancy pelosi wants the 3 1/2 trillion is the human infrastructure or argue not infrastructure at all? >> right. nancy pelosi's version of infrastructure is the green new deal where one out of every two dollars in her proposal goes too green new deal dollars where districts like mine in virginia get left out. the two trillion dollar plan would take covid money, shift it over to infrastructure, by infrastructure we're talking about roads and bridges. that is bipartisan deal in the
10:27 pm
senate. nancy pelosi wants nothing to do with bipartisanship. it is her way or the highway and she wants green new deal priorities and that is out of question. jackie: does the far left have a too much power? "wall street journal" article says a socialist chairs the budget committee. consider how far the democratic party moved left, senate budget committee bernie sanders, 3 1/2 trillion dollar budget largest in american history, is now pragmatic because mr. sanders originally proposed $6 trillion in spending. mr. sanders wants permanent tax hikes to pay for a temporary spending binge. as always the real bill comes due later. and our children, congressman will have to pay the consequences. >> when you have a debt as high as we have now, approaching
10:28 pm
$30 trillion. when you have annual deficits approaching a trillion dollars a year we can't afford the free college, free health care, free everything that bernie sanders wants to provide because we know it is not free. the socialists including bernie sanders don't know that it is not free. they think it is free because it is always someone else's money. what did margaret thatcher famously say? socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money to spend. jackie: that's right. >> it is not great. it's a disasterous plan. it deserves to fail along with the rest of socialist agenda. jackie: talk about inflation a little bit. that is the conversation being had at the kitchen table. everyone is feeling it. then they said it would be transitory. saying hold out until the end of the year. senator thom tillis says inflation is here to stay. listen to this. >> i'm afraid a lot of them are here to stay. we have to keep in mind this spending spree started back in january when they passed a 1 . 9 trillion-dollar package
10:29 pm
without any republican votes. the reason i'm part of so-called g20 trying to negotiate a infrastructure bill, get this, really infrastructure. roads, bridges, internet, high speed broadband. these are things i believe we can justify. not a 3 trillion or four 1/2 trillion dollar price tag i see we'll forget transitory but we're dealing with inflation for some time to come. jackie: congressman, really quick, that is a very scary proposition for the average american in this country. >> ask any american family, they will talk about rising gas price, rising food prices, rising across the board. inflation results from excess spending. ask any economist. we've had too much spending this year and resulting for higher prices for all americans. jackie: congressman thank you so much for your time. >> thanks. jackie: florida ended the extra $300 in unemployment benefits and some businesses are finally seeing an increase in job applicants but a group of floridians pushing back in court
10:30 pm
to get the added benefits back as the delta variant spreads putting our economic recovery in question. economic strategist mitch roschelle joins us next on "the evening edit." >> 300-dollar check is disincentive for people to work. when we put this program together, i told everybody this is a huge mistake. you need to incentivize people you need to incentivize people to work, not
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for a list of services in your state that will give you the tools and support you need to live your bold, best life. go to today. jackie: it is florida ending enhanced unemployment benefits. some businesses seeing applications for much-needed workers. ashley webster in florida for us. good evening, ashley. reporter: good evening, ashley. i'm standing in front of the fenway hotel in swanky dunedin. it is nice here. some people working there, the very low end during the lockdown, seven, seven people managed to keep this plasticking over barely.
10:35 pm
when things started to reopen, we had a hard time finding workers, then as you said on a june 26th, florida and governor ron desantis decided enough was enough, no more $300 a week in extra unemployment benefits. guess what, all the effort to find workers suddenly started to change. listen to the general manager, mickey melendez. take a listen. >> i would see almost an immediate impact especially with the application process seeing the flow through especially email. we saw an uptick. save 40% may not seem like a lot but after the pandemic it is pretty impressive. reporter: basically, jackie, it was instantaneous. if this was fully staffed this hotel you would have 90 employees. now they have 52. yes they're hiring but doing very well, thank you very much but as you mentioned earlier there is a lawsuit. let's not forget in indiana and maryland, similar lawsuits were filed and judges in those states issued an injunction and the
10:36 pm
extra benefits were reinstated. businesses here are really hoping that won't happen. they say since that benefit has gone away, they have seen a lot more workers showing up and filling out those applications. back to you. jackie: ashley webster, thanks so much for that. let's bring in economic strategist, mitch roschelle. mitch, it is clear from state to state. if you remove the benefits people did go back to work indeed. >> 100%. the employers cannot compete with the couch. take away the couch incentive and people go back to work. the real challenge for business owners especially in florida, i spoke to a bunch of business owners small and large in florida, they are competing with each other. one company loses 10 employees because a company poached three employees. that circular fight for employees is driving up wages. the good news if we get more workers in the market because
10:37 pm
they have lost the incentive to stay out of the job market, that hopefully will ease wage pressure. wages are going up as a result. jackie: that is one issue. we're definitely struggling with inflation as a result of everything going on. the original thought was, okay, this is going to be, we'll have to ride it out as a country until labor day when those benefits expire, everybody goes back to work. we have vaccines in place. things are getting better. then you introduce the delta variant. get news from cdc we're going back to institute mask mandates for vaccinated people. you say to yourself you're looking at a fall all of sudden we could have trouble. could we talk about lockdowns again? >> one of the arguments, listen, i've been making the $300 is big disincentive to get back to work. those who don't buy into that, one issue is child care and the other is safety in the work place. now that the caution flag is being waved again about the double variant.
10:38 pm
i think we'll create that other disincentive people are worried about going back to work because they're worry getting sick. the simple solution, is get vaccine. according to the cdc the vaccine is not good enough. i think that will put more pressure own the wage market and put more wage inflation on wages. >> president biden in the townhall talking about the record unemployment benefits contributing to people staying home, he essentially told workers pay more. like this let them eat cake moment that was unbelievable to so many. >> listen, i find this very interesting that elected officials like the president who have never had to make payroll on a weekly basis or run a business don't really understand the dynamics of the workplace. the reality you just can't pay people more if no one is going to pay you more for the end product. we can only push the consumer
10:39 pm
and the supply chain so far with price increases. sooner or later businesses will end up eating some of those wage increases. >> i want to shift gears, talking about the stock market, taking a breather today, but this market has been on fire. part of that story, mitch has been reopening. that we are back on track and things are going to get better. so we talked about about the wage component of this and the employment labor market component of it but what about the rest of the market and the impacts we could see from more restrictions and a tougher time this fall because of more widespread delta variants? >> you know i think, jackie, the market is torn, was it two weeks ago when over the weekend delta variant news came out, it caused the market to sell off, as the week went on buyers came back and market because of great earnings has been doing phenomenally since then. now we have the delta variant back in the news cycle again. i think the market is torn between the fundamentals of potentially closing up again in lockdowns which could be a
10:40 pm
reality. we saw it in los angeles county. and their addiction to stimulus from the fed in printing money. jackie: yes. >> all of that money sloshing around ends up someplace. it ends up in excess savings especially if we lock people down. the market has more capital in it and people buy more stocks. jackie: mitch roschelle, thank you. i miss being in person with you soon. hope that day comebacks soon. >> can't wait, jackie. jackie: up next, senator bill hag getterty joins us as demonstrations continue in the the nation's capital as they ask president biden to help the people in cuba. cuba blames the united states for molotov cocktails thrown at the cuban embassy in paris. keeper it here on "the evening edit." >> we have the ability to help the cubans to communicate with
10:41 pm
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it doesn't appear they're willing to act in a meaningful way. >> i'm shocked at the hesitancy this is very obvious to the murky people, we support freedom were the most successful nation on the planet we boys supported freedom and i cannot imagine why this is a difficult decision for the biden administration to step up and show support of the citizens and the people they have been impressed by the castro regime for years and this
10:46 pm
is the blossoming of freedom taken place and should be celebrated, supported and i think we should be in a very different place and we happened to be right now. jackie: protesters marching on the cuban industry yesterday had this to say to president biden, take a listen. >> at least talk about what's happening in say the truth have a press conference and talk about it say that they are killing people, say it, say that they're doing it because they are. >> i have family, my cousins that are young 16 and older are hiding in cuba because they don't want to be taken my answer crying. >> people are dying in cuba and it's from years, years ago. multiple times cuban has helped, it's time to return the favor. jackie: their voices are powerful and heartbreaking.
10:47 pm
>> they certainly are and i think this is what america is seen this is where communism and socialism leads the misery that the cuban people have suffered has gone to the point that they actually resorted to a situation where there is violence in the street certainly we don't condone violence but we appreciate their call for freedom maybe the biden administration is having a hard time criticizing because the leftist socialist policies that they have been pushing through plan to push through. jackie: there is no stranger to the administration to hypocrisy but when it comes to this issue is seems like turning a blind eye is the easier way to deal with it because if we dig into what's happening in cuba right now you see what happens under a socialist regime and there's so many in this country that see the undertones within the lawmaking and worry that it will happen to us. >> this is a great case in point it's a lesson for america is where socialism leads this is
10:48 pm
the misery that we all know will be the end result of the socialist policies that are allowed to pursue that's for the republican party and my colleagues are fighting as hard as we are every day. jackie: senator ted cruz is out today calling on president biden over his leadership, let's listen to that. >> i call on joe biden to take off the leadership expected from american president to seek unequivocally and say america stands with the people of cuba the communist regime is evil, it's oppressive it's illegitimate and it must fall. jackie: the president won't say it. pardon me senator .
10:49 pm
>> president biden will not say it and that is hesitancy and it's extremely troubling to the murky people in my home state of tennessee. we need to stand as a beacon of freedom and the problem of the hesitancy is seated deeply in the fact that there pushing socialist policies in america we need to talk about this in the american people need to look at this with their eyes wide open. jackie: it's interesting i look at other regimes around the world that are oppressive you think about what's happening in iran and what's happening in china and cuba also part of the strategy is to oppress people by keeping them silent by not giving them access to information and communication techniques with the outside world were talking about the internet and were talking about the ability to show us with happening on the ground, that oppressiveness in silence is what keeps people under the control of these regimes and nobody is doing anything about this in cuba when in the united states we could help them with their internet access. >> we absolutely could i was talking to my colleagues right before we came on about how in terms of turning back on internet access allowing the
10:50 pm
cuban public to see what's happening in the rest of the world to see was happening in cuba. jackie: will keep an eye on the story very important thank you so much for your time. the border crisis deepens ice snapping more than 100 illegal offenders since june, biden speedup deportation for migrant families traveling with children the question is it too little too late dhs the official lora ries is next on "the evening edit". >> i have talked to so many border patrol agents in the hundreds and not one agent has told me they don't think the wall is a good thing. ♪ you get both.
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jackie: the biden administration release it at 21-point improving the expedited removal process for migrant arriving at the border as a crisis continues, apprehension surpassing 1 million milestone deaths due to the heat, migrants causing property damage and ice snapping hundreds of illegal immigrant offenders as well as democrats are reportedly eyeing a path to citizenship for 8 million undocumented immigrants in the spendingg
10:55 pm
package that they want to pass this year joining me now former dhs acting deputy chief of staff lora ries, good evening to you let's start with a 21-point plan some are saying it's too little too late and it's theo administration's way of saying were doing something but they're not reallyll doing much. >> is a repackaging of what they have been talking about since the campaign, part of that includes seeking amnesty for the many millions of illegal aliens who are here currently in the country which americans simply do not want congress now is seeking to use a reconciliation tactic to pass amnesty when they can get 60 votes they are trying to get it through 251 votes and it should be voted down. jackie: were talking about this wall were having a conversation about infrastructure, infrastructure my textbook definition would be finishing the wall that is not something we will do what were talking
10:56 pm
about human infrastructure which doesn't have a place in this conversation it could be a separate conversation. >> in the 21-point plan the biden administration says the border wall is needless i would encourage them to talk to the border patrol agents have repeatedly asked for the wall and that itldl be completed declaring it needless is ignoring the agents who were on the ground and who have asked for that infrastructure for many years in the border wall really should be completed. jackie: i want to talk about what's going on down there we tried to shine a light on that story by sending t our reporters we have some tweets that i want to share to you one tweet coming from chief patrol agent brian hastings the summer claims another life this morning the migrants journey fatally ended vast ranch in south syria a failure to yield causes property damage for a landowner all while usb b agents apprehend close to
10:57 pm
6000 migrants this weekend alone. we are talking about a system that is stressed we're talking about dangerousus conditions not just for the americans that are fighting for us f right now abot the folks that are trying to cross at this point this is not healthy for anybody. >> no it is not is beyond crisis, it's chaos and it endangers lives in both the agents of the migrantss themselves, this administration continues to encourage more to come pick normally numbers go down due to the heat in their continuing at historic numbers into humanitarian crisis, the biden the administration needs to not only changes messaging but also its policies and start oenforcing the law to show there are consequences and people will not get into the u.s. and not be permitted to stay here otherwise they will continue to come and endanger their own lives. jackie: you made a previous comment and you said americans
10:58 pm
don't want illegals here we hava an immigration system and want people to come to the country lawfully but we don't want them crossing illegally i agree with you when i think some americans feel that way as well but there's other americans as karl rove pointed out who believe that we really should have a system with open borders and we have no right at all to deny access, what do you say to that. >> were a sovereign nation like every other country on earth, with that we deserve and have a right to havee an orderly lawful immigration system in the u.s. provides the most generous immigration system in the world we give green cards to over 1 million people each year we need members in congress, the bidenso administration, everyone to encourage people to use our generous lawful immigration system and not to come here unlawfully. jackie: , here's has been tasked with handling the crisis of the border and many people aref giving her an f for ignoring the
10:59 pm
problem, where did she go from here. >> a question she's traveled to central america she made a very last-minute trip down to el paso and it is been crickets from her since then, it seems to be form over substance, this administration shows they are not serious about securing our border or enforcing the laws. jackie: in the last 15 seconds we talk about drug smuggling across the border a huge problem year to date more than 62000 pounds of cocaine have been seized were not even at the end of the year just yet that number is staggering, your thoughts. >> it is staggering americans will die from these drugs how many americans need to die before this administration will lift a finger and changes border policies to shut down thede smuggling of the drugs in s the migrants. >> when it came to president trump he was passionate about the border for many reasons but
11:00 pm
the drug reasons was one of his top priorities he talked about all the time, h i really appreciate your time such a sensitive topic but we appreciate you coming on to give us your insights i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us we thank you for watching and we wish you a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone, welcome back to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow. big news out from the cdc regarding the delta variant, let me start out with president biden statement, by following the science and by doing our part by getting vaccinated america can be covid. in meantime more vaccinations a mask wording in the areas most impacted by the delta variant will enable us to avoid the


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