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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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distant 6th in line to queen elizabeth's thrown. that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. >> good evening everybody, we begin with all three major indices closing at record highs. here in new york a man attacked on the street in broad daylight. mayors across the coast to coast are pushing to defund the police. many mayors are boosting their own security. we're going that hypocrisy. joining us former nypd lieutenant darren porcher.
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congresswoman, kat cammack. dr. ajit shaw and new york congressman lee zeldin. we have a new report that the biden administration is spending $2 billion, you heard me, suspend construction of the border wall. that is your tax money, folks. as illegals and drugs pour over the southern border. we're also following the mask confusion and more cities and counties are calling for mask mandates even for the vaccinated. this as the cdc could be updating its guidance. meanwhile protests against new restrictions breaking out worldwide as the delta variant progresses. dr. fauci defending the funding of the wuhan lab that it would be negligent not to as china continues to block the w.h.o. investigation into the orrery begin of covid-19. we'll detail new government reports that state overpaid
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$13 billion in unemployment benefits as well. this as democrats are pushing for massive spending increases. can they be trusted with more of your money? we're watching inflation rise and rise and americans are feeling that squeeze. pressure building for the biden administration to take action to help cubans fighting for freedom. demonstrators taking to the streets outside of the white house again today. is the president missing out on a historic moment to fight communism? i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. jackie: good evening and welcome everybody. despite a recent crime wave in american cities some democratic mars are still in favor of defunding the police. many spending millions of dollars on private police protection for themselves.
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lydia hu is in new york city with more on that. good evening, lydia. reporter: good evening, jackie. these findings come from a recent report authored by open the books, that is a non-profit that tracks government spending. they say there are 20 cities across the country already moved to defund the police or have plans to do so in the future but they're also spending taxpayer dollars to boost private security for mayors and other elected officials. in some cities like san francisco and chicago it is costing taxpayers millions of dollars and it comes as crime across the country is spiking. >> they have got a lot of explaining to do. you know why is protection for the citizens in the neighborhoods, why does that matter less than their own personal police security detail? that is a question they probably don't want to answer. reporter: now in chicago that city cut 400 police officer positions last year while it
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spent $3.4 million on private security for quote, unnamed city officials. in san francisco officials plan to divest $120 million from police over two years while they spend 2.6 million last year on the mayor's security detail. in baltimore, same story, they eliminated $22 million from its police budget as the city spent 3.6 million on private security for the mayor and other elected officials. jackie, i can tell you, we reached out to each one of these cities i mentioned and we did not get a response back. jackie: lydia hu, thank you so much for that. this is such an important issue, such an important topic to cover across our country. for more on this, i want to bring in former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. good evening, you heard about lydia's report. start with the crime we're seeing. chicago is one statistic she was pointing to.
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the city spent $11 million to guard unnamed city officials. in 2020, 400 police officers were let go. your thoughts on protecting the officials but not protecting citizens? >> this is the state of hypocrisy. when we speak to the testament of public safety we should have more robust component to protect the citizens in cities like chicago, baltimore and san francisco. when we look what just happened over the previous weekend in chicago, there has been meteoric rise in violence. something like 70 people were shot. there has been no answer but at the same token mayor lightfoot, brought up her security detail to record levels. it begs the level, what is her level of effectiveness? there were billions of dollars in the american rescue plan that "money" could have been extracted for police personnel.
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maybe lightfoot and a lot of other democratic mayors turned their back on the public they served. >> you are a former nypd lieutenant. i want to tell you something. i approach ad cop on the street i asked him how i could protect myself during this period? i walk a lot on the streets of new york city. he told me to carry mace and a switchblade. >> well i don't agree with that assessment at all. i think that the police are there to protect you as an individual. it is not your job as a common citizen to carry additional weapons to protect yourself. it begs the question what is the level of effectiveness from our leadership in cities like new york? mayor de blasio had his, has his head buried in the sand. he has absolutely no concept what public safety is. when you look at three components of reducing crime, it is quite simple. it is deploying officers in areas where you have the greatest spikes in crime. the second component is the supervision. you want to make sure that those officers are appropriately super
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advised we want after action review. if it is not working we'll retool it. a lot of democratic mayors do not understand the concept of crime reduction. we'll see crime going through the roof. jackie: trey gowdy on sunday night in america called out the hypocrisy. he called out the hypocrisy. >> do you feel safe? could your neighborhood benefit from greater police? are the streets you walk and ride down lined with police cars? do you have personal security when you travel? i understand full well why members of congress spend money on their personal safety. i just don't understand why some members of congress don't feel the same way about your safety. if their safety is the highest priority, shouldn't your safety
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be too? jackie: of course that was trey gowdy calling out the hypocrisy of missouri representative cori bush who called to defund the police but spending $70,000 on private security. this is going on in cities across the country. >> when you look at the sentiment defund the police, a lot of democrats lose a lot of down ballot elections as it relates to defunding the police. the communities of color are undersiege. there is no answer from the elected officials. when you look at the state of hypocrisy of defunding police, it only suits that lightning bolt that is the extreme left which is the minority. the gross majority of people want police. they want quintessential police and police reform is important but it costs money for police reform. so you need to inject more money into the budget and not less. jackie: there was a time in detroit of course defund the police had a lot of steam but a
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"usa today" poll showing 65% don't support it while 23% do. 90% would feel safer with more cops on the street. seems tide is turning. what i worry about, darren, how much damage is done to the different departments, doesn't leave us in a position, leave our communities in the position to defend themselves? >> a lot of the damage resulted in the carnage that we've seen in the wake of this rise in shootings. i just give you an example. minneapolis, minnesota voted to defund the police and moved forward and executed an agenda to defund the police. as a result crime went through the roof. so it was the actual citizens of minneapolis that sued the city council for greater police protection. so this is a clear example of the citizens being behind more police and not less. however a lot of these democratically elected politicians really don't get it. jackie: darren porcher. appreciate you coming on
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tonight. appreciate your insight and perspective as well. >> thanks, jackie. >> coming up next, representative kat cammack on a new report that shows the biden administration is spending $2 billion to suspend the construction of the border wall. that is your tax money at work. as more illegals and drugs are pouring over the southern border. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> [inaudible]. as you know we're pretty creative state and when the federal government doesn't do its job, does not just do its job but refused to do its job, encourages the opposite, texas will step up, we'll fight the fight ourselves. ♪ oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah.
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hillary? reporter: jackie, president biden hitting pause on constructing the border wall is still costing taxpayers while a lot of equipment and supplies sit stagnant. a report from republicans on the border management subcommittee and dug into the numbers and discovered putting construction on hold cost two billion dollars so far this year and continuing to cost $3 million a day. when biden took office there were 211 miles of border wall going up in border towns but those projects have been at at stand still under biden. the contractors though are still getting paid to drive out to the project site, and basically guard pallets of steel and other construction equipment sitting vacant. the biden administration says canceling the wall is actually saving taxpayer money. a spokesperson with the office of management and budget giving me this statement, quote, we take our obligations to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars seriously which we're stopping the prior administration's wasteful
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expenditure of 15 billion on a needless wall, and are returning remaining military funds. jackie. jackie: hillary vaughn, thank you very much for that. let's dig a little deeper into this with florida republican kat cammack from house homeland security. great to see you. start with that 2 billion-dollar figure. this is really important. when the trump administration was leaving it had earmarked, had appropriated to finish the wall. the biden administration to as hillary said to babysit the materials so they're not stolen here but not finish the wall. yet the statement from the omb person saying, no, no, what we're doing is trying to save taxpayer money. >> it is kind of comical that the biden administration wants to care about the fiscal responsibility side of governing. there is absolutely nothing about the biden administration that says we care about taxpayer dollars as evidenced by their incredible bloated spending packages but let me be clear, they are all about babysitting.
6:17 pm
they want the contractors to go babysit materials and they want border patrol to babysit, process illegals coming across. this has absolutely nothing to do with taxpayer dollars n the justification for canceling the most 31 miles of wall along the border, they cited environmental concerns. they need to get their stories straight. is this about a environmental concern or about saving taxpayer dollars? i can tell you, talked to so many border patrol agents in the hundreds. not one agent has told me they don't think the wall is a good thing. this is a force multiplier. this is something we absolutely need because we're so short on agents we need the wall which they don't even call a wall down there. it is the levee. because it controls flooding in a region where 250,000 people in the rgv sector are suspect to flooding out the neighborhoods if that wall or levee, as they call it is not completed. jackie: it is really sad.
6:18 pm
by stopping construction which you have actually have done is create a situation in the border states that is really untenable at this point with the officials there being run over by migrants crossing into this country illegally. >> absolutely. >> what is interesting here, you have red states on the boardedder, texas, every man for themselves. they're fighting almost, against the federal government. you've got greg abbott talking about this. the federal government wants to do and what texas needs to do. listen to this. >> yeah. jackie: do we have that? >> we're not playing games anymore. i deployed the national guard as well as the texas department of public safety. we have a new program in place because the biden administration plan is to catch-and-release. the texas plan is to catch and to jail. so we're arresting and jailing. the program has already begun. when you come across the river you're typically coming into private property, or state
6:19 pm
property, you're trespassing. because i declared it a emergency, the punishment for the crime has been doubled. jackie: for the people who believe in open borders as the governor said, no, it is illegal, you are trespassing. >> yes. i can't tell you how critical that move by governor abbott was. i in the last 24 hours have spoken with texas dps, with the border patrol. they're thrilled they are finally able to enforce the laws. they're finally able to do something to stop the flow. just a few hours ago, catholic charities is at capacity. any illegals apprehended are now being released after testing by the city of laredo, free to walk wherever they want to go at their own expense because ngos are now officially at capacity. this is a crisis. that border wall is so critical as a force multiplier to help our border patrol agents who have been demoralized. they have had their hands tied behind their back. they need this.
6:20 pm
this is just another example of the biden administration breaking its contracts that it has with these contractors, really going against their oath of office to uphold all of the laws of the land. they have a political agenda and they're executing it at the expense of americans. jackie: in the last minute that i have with you i just want to talk about two other issues and get your response. first we look at the drug seizures, the amount of drugs coming across the border. look at this, in thousands of pounds we're talking about when it comes to cocaine, for example, 62,324 pounds of cocaine. that was in 2021 year-to-date so far. fentanyl, more than 6,000 pounds. heroin more than 3,000 pounds. i add another to this, as we're talking about all of these restrictions from covid-19, to our own citizens, to vaccinated people, have to start remasking whatever, you have people coming into this country with covid not being tested, put on buses and shipped to all different states.
6:21 pm
>> yes. every town in america is a border town. i can tell you from first-hand experience having been on the border two weeks ago with my sheriffs, that fentanyl, that cocaine, is landing in my district. landing in every district around america. fentanyl, over one thousand thousand pounds in june alone was enough to kill every person in the state of florida 10 times over. my sheriff in my district showed kilos seized in our hometown, to hsi, homeland security investigations unit, that stamp on that kilo belonged to a bothered cartel. it is coming to a town near you. you can't protect your hometowns if we don't defend the homeland. why border security is a top priority for republicans and conservatives. if biden won't do it, we sure will. jackie: good to see you, kat cammack. those drugs are going to kill our children. it is horrific. >> yes. thank you so much.
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jackie: thanks for joining us tonight. we're talking about mask confusion. more cities and counties calling for mask mandates as i mentioned for the vaccinated as the cdc could be updating its guidance. protests against new restrictions breaking out worldwide. the delta variant is spreading. we have dr. shah joins us next on "the evening edit". monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. all the time in the world. it's just a saying. but today, for women living with hr+,
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♪. jackie: welcome back. masking debates are back as contention builds over the reinstatement of mandates in some blue cities and states as the delta variant continues to spread at a rapid pace. peter doocy is at the white house with more for us. reporter: jackie, good evening. this afternoon in the oval office president biden announced that all doctors and nurses working at the veterans affairs department, va, will be required to get a covid-19 vaccination. after this weekend's revelation from dr. anthony fauci at the nih that there are active discussions happening right now about a possible mask mandate return for everybody, vaccinated or not. >> it would be actually surprising and odd if our health and medical experts were not having active and active discussion about how to protect, best protect the american people. and there of course is an active discussion about a range of steps that can be taken. reporter: california is now requiring proof of vaccine or a negative test for all state employees.
6:27 pm
in new york mayor bill de blasio is requiring masks for all city employees who are not vaccinated and calling for stiff penalties for anybody who does not comply. medical experts stress that right now the greatest danger is to people who have not yet been vaccinated. that has got some medical experts wondering whether or not further restrictions are fair to those who already chose to get the shot? >> right now they have chosen not to get vaccinated at their own individual risk. asking every american to change their lifestyle for their benefit is not something i think where there is political will in some parts of the country. reporter: at the tail end of a rose garden event earlier today, somebody shouted out to the president and asked if he confident he can get unvaccinated americans vaccinated and the president answered shouting back, we have to. jackie? jackie: peter doocy, thank you so much for that. joining me for more on the topic, brown university school of public health and dean, dr. shah. wonderful to see you tonight. as far as i'm concerned when
6:28 pm
listening to the debate the seems like a chicken or egg question. we're talking about putting masks back on people. we're not sure of the efficacy. if you're not wearing n95 mask there are debates how effective it is. 43.2% of all americans not vaccinated to get vaccines. the president said as peter mentioned there, we have to. how do we do that? >> yeah, first of all thank for having me here. there are two sets of issues i think are worthying about. the masks mandates or encouragement, that is testimony pour airyizing measure. we're seeing outbreaks be and cities and states are figuring out what to do to stop the spread and masks help. they're testimony pour rising. the long-term solution is getting people vaccinated. asking people what is holding them back. you will see employers and private businesses make decisions around mandates. i think we'll get there.
6:29 pm
it will be a bit of a slog between now and then. jackie: the stats speak for themselves. i want to read this to you, as far as deaths go in this country, 253 new covid deaths per day in the united states, that is a 17.1% increase in daily deaths versus the previous calendar week. these numbers are comparable to what we saw in march, late march of 2020, when of course the pandemic was raging. these numbers are really troubling. when you think about, you know, the americans that know the risks now, we're almost 15 months out of this pandemic. we've got more information, people know the risks. they're not getting the vaccine. can we force them to do it? >> yes, i don't think it is about the government forcing them to do it but first of all i would say we have lots of vaccine mandates. the idea this is somehow some crazy government overreach, we have mandates for health care workers for influenza and measels, lots of businesses and universities mandate vaccines. we should not politicize this.
6:30 pm
treat this like we do every other public health outbreak. in terms of the stats where they are, it's true that people can make individual choices to get sick and die, that's true but the problem is there are people who can't get vaccinated. kids under 12, people immunocompromised. we have obligation to keep numbers down to protect vulnerable people. it is not just every person for themselves. there is a little bit of social responsibility as well. jackie: i hear you. when it comes to democrat lawmakers like nancy pelosi, for example, she was famously seen in her hair salon when things were really bad not wearing the mask. she stood by that, very defiant and hypocritical. now she is talking about what we should do about masks at the capitol. listen to this. >> as to whether we do so on the house floor, that is a decision of the house, the capitol physician and he will give us his recommendation about it.
6:31 pm
some of these decisions are regional, about requirements of masks and so that, if you're asking me i think that, that we should mask but in terms of officially to the house floor, that is up to the capitol physician. >> so she thought that we should mask, should mask now even almost half of the population is fully vaccinated but she wasn't wearing a mask when things were really bad. >> yeah. look, at the end of the day i don't look to our political leaders for public health advice. i look to public health leaders, that is democrats or republicans. i think the cdc is run by a superb physician, dr. rochelle walensky, one of the best public health leaders in the country, if not the world. i think we should seek guidance from the cdc. i don't think we'll have a national policy on this. i suspect we'll see states and cities making their own policy based on local factors like vacs
6:32 pm
vaccination rates. jackie: i hear you on the cdc. dr. walensky has not reversed course. doctor, thank you. >> thank you. jackie: c fauci defending funding of the wuhan lab that it would have been negligent not to. as china continues to block the w.h.o. investigation into the origins of covid-19. what is being hidden here? a member of the house gop doctor's caucus, representative drew ferguson is next on that. >> you need the press to actually engage and push for truth. if all the press, left, right, middle, would push for the truth and push fauci to give us better transparency and better disclosures they would be forced into, you know, giving us the truth what they did, what money they spent and what kind of gain of function research they supported. ♪
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♪. jackie: dr. fauci, his credibility continues to get called into question of a conflicting testimony on controversial gain of function research. and now this, dr. fauci defending giving that $600,000 in nih funding to the wuhan lab for covid research. watch this. >> the research was done. it was very regulated. it was reviewed. it was given progress reports. it was published in the open literature. so i think if you look at the open back rationale, why that was started, it was almost as if you didn't pursue that research you would be negligent. jackie: joining me now georgia congressman drew ferguson. your reaction to that, congressman, because he was on the hill talking to rand paul vehemently denying the fact that the funds were used for gain of function research. seems like he is backtracking saying whatever they were used for you would have been negligent not to? >> that makes absolutely no sense.
6:38 pm
but any reasonable definition, what that lab was doing was engaged in gain of function research, taking very bad viruses and making them able to go from animals to humans, making them more pathological, more virulent. that is exactly what they were doing. we are asking the questions and demanding to know why the federal government was giving money to a third party entity, ecohealth alliance, in partnership with the wuhan lab? why in the world are we using taxpayer dollars to fund research in china to give an advantage to the chinese communist party? it simply does not make sense. jackie: it doesn't make sense. it's a really good, reasonable question but i can give you an example in dr. fauci's own words going back to 2013 why this makes sense to him, going back to 2018 why it makes sense to him. listen to this. >> you have to have some
6:39 pm
restrictions in the sense of you don't do work that could actually hurt people in the sense of, if you have a laboratory accident, you have to have the right containment. once you start being too restrictive you then impede creativity for so many of the good things that can come out of the same type of work. so let me just go on about nih lifts funding pause on gain of function research. so a framework has been now established to guide funding decisions on proposed research that might be anticipated to create, transfer or use enhanced potential pandemic pathogens. jackie: that is kind of mind-blowing if you listen to what he is saying there. essentially there you have to be creative with these dangerous pathogens because good things can come from this research. i think we would all say,
6:40 pm
congressman, well, bad things can come from this research too. >> bad things have come from this research. why are we trying to make viruses more dangerous for human beings all across the planet? the entire argument that he makes about trying to learn where these viruses originate and where they're going simply does not make sense. by the way, let's say it is this question, how did that work out for us? it works out we have a global pandemic that has killed millions of people around the world, around the globe and fauci is, dr. fauci is intimately engaged with this. all, all roads lead back to the wuhan lab. by the way if we're serious about saving lives right now, why are we not closing our southern border? the lambda variant coming from peru is making its way up through central america. we currently have cases in texas right now. why are we not closing the
6:41 pm
southern border? fauci say, when we close travel down from china and europe it helped save lives. why are we not doing that at our southern border? i think it is an important question for the administration to answer. jackie: it is an excellent point. i appreciate, congressman drew ferguson bringing that up for us. i assume we'll not get an answer anytime soon. good to see you tonight. >> thank you. jackie: coming up next jason chafe fests on a new government report that states overpaid $13 billion to the unemployed. as democrats push for a massive spending increase. can they be trusted with more of your tax dollars? this as we watch inflation rising and americans feeling the burn. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> kennedy, you brought up inflation. this is a huge issue for families. this is a kitchen table issue that drives voters to turn away from one party to the other party.
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♪. jackie: we all remember when the pandemic hit and state unemployment systems were inundated with jobless claims. a new government report finds that those programs overpaid $13 billion in unemployment benefits during the first year of the pandemic. joining me now, fox news contributor, jason chaffetz. jason, 13 billion is a lot of money when you talk about mismanagement. you would think that the government, you consider the fact that the democrats alone. >> yeah. 13 billion is a stunning amount of money. i mean a lot of state budgets are barely more than that. and it's the waste, the fraud, the abuse, the thing that nobody wants to see. you don't solve that money by throwing a trillion plus more dollars at it when you know there is so much fraud within
6:47 pm
the system. until those things are fixed why should we have to pull money out of our pockets, the american people and give it to somebody else that is ripping us off? jackie: that is a good question. that doesn't even count the illegal people that got in there, the criminals that stole some of that money out of the coffers as well. it is criminal and heartbreaking, when you think about everything we've been been through. i want to switch gears to talk about spending and talk about infrastructure. because we're at a crossroads here. american families are dealing with inflation right now. they're being hurt at the gas pump. they're being hurt at the grocery store. this administration is trying to ram through another 4 plus trillion dollars in spending right now. >> they have an insatiable appetite to spend more. never in washington, d.c., do we have a discussion about what to cut. democrats seem to think the formula, raise taxes, spend more but we're nearly $30 trillion in debt. we have to remember, jackie,
6:48 pm
we're paying about $1.5 billion a day in interests on national debt where rates are near zero. we don't get anything for that. so you keep adding to this national debt, tell you republicans have been culpable in this too. when the trump tax cuts came into place, revenue to the treasury actually went up. unfortunately it was not coupled with spending cuts. so spend, spend and more spend is not going to solve our financial problems and it creates this inflation. nearly one out of every four dollars spent in this country right now is spentral governmen. you can't sustain that spending level under gdp. jackie: here is the other problem, right? we don't exactly know what they want to spend it on. on "fox news sunday" senator tim scott brought that issue up. listen to this. >> it is amazing when we have a vote in the senate on a procedural vote to move to a bill you haven't seen. the days having to pass it to know what is in it has to be
6:49 pm
over. that is not in america's best interests, to literally have blank pages on a multitrillion dollar spending plan. jackie: chuck schumer will say, oh, no, no, it is t will all be okay, jason? >> that is probably normal. when i was in the house of representatives for a term i was on the budget committee. they don't use generally accepted accounting practices. it is absolutely stunning how they do things. for chuck schumer to pass a bill on procedural vote where there are literally are blank pages, senator tim scott is right. he is a leader on issue. understands the numbers. why should anybody vote yea on a procedural motion where nobody has even seen details after l? jackie: jason, i don't know what it says to you but it says to me they're trying so hard to ram the bills through they are really worried about their position going into the
6:50 pm
midterms. >> i totally agree. i think they know the clock is ticking. they have the house, senate and presidency. they have a four seat majority in the house. that is going away. they are trying to slam through every possible thing they can. about growing government. making this power grab as real as they possibly can by spending us into oblivion. we're going to pay a long-term price for this. jackie: we absolutely are. our children are too. jason chaffetz. good to see you tonight. >> thank you. jackie: pressure still for the biden administration to take action to help cubans fighting for freedom. demonstrators taking to the streets outside of the white house. is the president missing out on a historic moment to fight communism? representative lee zeldin is next. >> the biden administration doesn't want to do anything as it relates to cuba because it's a communist, socialist regime. they're run by their progressive left side of their party.
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
today condemning the mass array in cuba and calling for full restoration of internet access on the island but for many protesters that is not enough, here to talk about it all house financial services and foreign affairs committee member new york congressman lee zeldin. wonderful to see you tonight. if the administration wanted to do something, they could do more than they were doing but it shining a light on what's happening in cuba right now, would also in some ways due to the administration's own agenda because it would china by on socialism and apparel. >> a man, that is right. you have the proud cubans with american flags crying out for liberty they are hitting their breaking point there see the impacts of the economic policies of socialism, the housing conditions that they have to live under poverty and oppression and in many respects for americans here at home you
6:56 pm
can visualize what some of the consequences would be of certain proposals that are out there right now in her own government, i'm a member of congress in new york we see it come from multiple levels of government, policies and proposals coming from d.c., albany, new york city and if you play out some of those consequences look like what is causing the cubans to take to the streets, that is an issue that seems to be conflict the biden of administration and democratic party. >> it's those people that flood the regime coming to this country legally and ones that have been outspoken about what's happening what is like to flee cuba, one gentleman on "fox & friends" this morning he fled cuba at eight years old, this is what he has to say. >> the internet has been the one tool that is given the cuban people a voice, this administration has went way too
6:57 pm
slow and it's as easy as expending the wi-fi at the embassy how quickly can we get internet to cuban people, why i think that is i've rather give them the benefit of the doubt but i will say this they are silence speaks volumes, it is deafening, it says a lot about maybe the true ideology, can you not denounce what is happening and take decisive action today. >> the latter part of that comment, this is exactly what you were just saying this administration speaks volumes but really interesting and pulls it in their the issue of silence, oppression within the country keeping the internet the tool under wrath, i reported in one of the biggest issues at that time that helped overthrow dictatorship eventually with twitter and the internet and the ability to organize that is not something the cuban people have. >> you are right we have
6:58 pm
multiple instruments of national power the acronym, diplomacy information and military economics, the information we have an ability in our country to allow the cubans to communicate with each other, communicate around the country and communicate with the outside world additionally i remember with obama administration was providing dozens of different items of sanction leased to the cubans and when that was done we were asking for anything in return from the castro regime just unilaterally providing all these different concessions and giving up all the leverage, the communication ability, peace is hugely important but we have other points of leverage that this administration needs to tap into. >> that's a great point especially in a country like ours where freedom of speech impairment you would think we might try to get that message out there or let them get the message out there, that is part of the issue spreading it around the world so people can see what's going on on the ground
6:59 pm
house minority leader kevin mccarthy and the leader of either a team on cuba requested a meeting with president biden today to discuss how the white house and congress can work together to end the oppressive regime in havana and eliminate the cuban people, what do you think the response will be. >> the right answers for president biden to take the meeting coming from the house minority leader president trump had a lot of people who didn't support him on the other side of the aisle in the house but if you wanted to pick up the phone and call him and meet with him you could get him on the phone and go to the oval office and meet with the president of the united states and to share your viewpoint and convince him otherwise the right thing the president of the united states is to do is to take the meeting and to hear what the public attempt to say and have the important constructive dialogue.
7:00 pm
>> you're right he might've been unconventional and how he did things but he did always have the conversation he would not turn and look the other way pretending like something was happening congressman lee zeldin thank you for being on the program we really appreciate your time. >> thank you, have a great night. >> that is it for us i am jackie deangelis and for elizabeth macdonald you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business we will be back tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone, welcome back to "kudlow", ilo am larry kudlow, as we know last friday the communist government of china put out a new list of sanction americans presumably in response to the biden state department warning for u.s. companies about emerging risks in conducting business in china, asai i've said before when the bidens do something good we praise them in this business and investment warning is a good thing and by the way


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