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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 26, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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newest purchase, both for its immense beauty and its great historical value. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. dagen: good morning. i'm taking mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. american optimism about the direction this country plummeting. president biden facing criticism over the pandemic, the border crisis and the rise in crime. looking at markets with futures trading lower this morning. a selloff in the making. all three major market gauges are finishing at all-time highs on friday after gaining more than 1%.
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european markets are back to start a new week as well. we have losses across the board there. in asia-- asia overnight, a mixed story with the hang seng dropping 4%. "mornings with maria" our lives right now. ♪♪ dagen: senate lawmakers could finalize president biden's massive spending package today. we have the details. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: knew what roadblocks are spelling newman-- doom. house speaker nancy pelosi says the bill will go nowhere appeared without a requisition-- reconciliation proposal. republicans are slamming this is another point for democrats to force through their liberal agenda. senators robert tolman and pat toomey say we
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need funding for mass transit. population growth a key driver of economic activity continues to slow down in the u.s. half of all states last year showed more americans died than were born but the numbers were adversely affected by the pandemic in the nation's death toll from coronavirus, still the overall number of states is higher from five states in 2019 with a population growth is 0.35% july 1, 2020. experts say the figures are important for the future of the labor force in the country overall economic picture. speaking of covid, immunity is a waning for those who got the pfizer biontech vaccine in january due to the delta variant. studies show antibodies are dropping seven months after immunization, but say the shot is still highly effective at preventing hospitalization and a serious illness noting a
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booster shot may not be necessary in cases of the delta variant are spiking across the u.s. with the florida accounting for for the bulk of the 19 cases in the u.s. and hospitalizations in some areas of that site are increasing at the fastest rate since the start of the pandemic. of those are some of the headlines from here. dagen: we will see you at the bottom of the hour. thank you. markets kicking off a new week on the downside after hitting at record highs friday. it will be a big week for earnings and news on the economy. tech giants like amazon, apple, google and facebook will take center stage with investors watching for the gdp reading later in the week plus federal reserve decision. joining me now chief investment officer mark half and saw and joining the conversation all morning long, fox news contributor sean duffy and fellow u.s. the part of education press secretary angela morabito appeared great to see you one and all.
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market, what is the major and most important thing you are watching for the week ahead? >> well, as you said it's very important week in terms of earnings, economic releases, but the one thing i'm not watching the most is the fed appeared i think in a large part the rally that we have witnessed recently, certainly what happened last week was fueled by liquidity in the market so it will be interesting to see after little more hawkish surprise last month at the june meeting where i would say the fed did almost a quick pivot and i think they are likely especially with the delta variant is starting to weigh to a more dovish tilt this week's meeting so that is the primary driver for markets. i do see a lot of earnings coming out as well. dagen: how can they get more dovish cracks they have not pulled back 1 dollar of their program.
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still $120 billion per month; right? and 40 billion in mortgages security and they are not excited to raise interest rate till 2023. how can you get more dovish than that? >> they did surprise the markets last-- month with expectation of two rate hikes in 2022 in the market had a reaction with the yield curve in a slightly and showing weakness. that really did catch a fixed income investors off guard a little bit. i do think that again, just given the delta variant and some of the uncertainty it's created , my guess is again cheryl powell will come out with a more dovish stance in the press conference especially, so as you said it's been very, very accommodating, but i think given some of the uncertainty today it's likely they may put back some of the rate hikes and delay the tapering as well.
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dagen: pushed back to when, what would you expect? >> may be one rate hike in 22 instead of two of them, but again that's tough to forecast, but i think it's especially during the press conference i think chair powell is really likely to convey a note more dovish approach because there's more question about the timing of reopening. some offices are delaying a return to work. there's a level of uncertainty that maybe wasn't there a couple of months ago. dagen: investors are betting on america. according to recitative investors have added more than $900 billion into u.s. mutual and exchange traded funds during the first half of the year. mark, your thoughts on investors buying america >> well, i guess it isn't surprising in light of what's happening with the interest rate environment abroad with a german 10 year has been a negative character for 26 consecutive months and the ecb-- we talk about
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it persistently accommodating monetary stance and they really have been persistently accommodative for a long time, so even though 130, 125 on our 10 year treasury yield is hardly appealing by historical measures, if you compare it versus the rest of the world it's really attractive and if you look at our 10 year real year today or seven year record low numbers today, so again the demand from abroad has been substantial for the u.s. to fixed income as well as equity assets. dagen: incredible as we are looking at the 10 year treasury yield at 1.25% at the moment. bitcoin jumping to a six-week high as amazon might be venturing into crypto currency with the tech giant recently posting a position for an expert in a digital currency in block chain. what do you make of this, mark? >> well, clearly the reaction and bitcoin has been very, very positive when tesla announced they would invest some
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cash allocation into bitcoin. it has a similar type of reaction appeared clearly, with the growth of amazon in the amount of transaction activity that occurs on their platform, the ability to take digital currency like bitcoin would be very, very meaningful. we have seen a significant reaction in the market today, so it will be interesting what amazon has to say maybe after the earnings call this week. dagen: i thank you for being here. of a great week, mark. we are just getting started this morning and coming up the return of mask mandates, the delta variant leading to a rise in covid 19 cases. one medical expert weighs in. next hour louisiana congressman mike johnson shares his take on the worsening border crisis and four-time olympian amanda beyers looks at team usa's performance tokyo. in the 8:00 a.m. hour, 4 m director breaks down infrastructure
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dynamics of infection so even if you are vaccinated, you should wear the mask. dagen: this as dr. fauci suggests it would be negligent at the national institute for health not to fund that coronavirus research at the institute of virology. joining me now editor-in-chief who go garden. how is anthony the fauci helping fight by the virus when the cd says vaccinated americans, fully vaccinated don't need to wear a mask and its wishy-washy nests and they still need to u.s. funding of the wuhan virology institute where it's likely the virus might have come from that lab? >> you know, he's really no longer helping at all i mean, we just yesterday put out an editorial saying he should be fired. it's time for him to go because he has lost credibility on this issue over the course of the past year. that's because he's-- he
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has not been straight with public. he flipped flopped on the idea of whether masks were usable early on saying they weren't good and now he's saying for a long time talking about people should wear a mask. you know, he's also fudged the numbers and admits it on what proportion of americans and needed to be vaccinated before we would reach herd immunity. crept up from 65 to 75 to 80%. now, you could argue that fudging the numbers and talking away he did about masks actually had a public health factor in it, that he was doing it to measure things out make sure he was working in public health, but he is also shown he won't be straight on other matters which don't have to do with public health or at least not in a direct way. he helped organize and collaborate and was thanked for collaborating on covering up the idea that the wuhan lab may have been responsible for the leak. e-mails show this. he's quibbling about the
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phrase again of a function with rand paul as we saw last week. he's really lost credibility and he's no longer healthy-- helping at all. dagen: i actually predicted it was probably a week and half ago on the five that this white house-- this is my prediction, total speculation, but that they will have to get rid of anthony the fauci because this white house is struggling to get americans vaccinated, potentially the anti- vax fear mongering from pamela harrison joe biden biden on the campaign trail, but how is this guy helping anyone in terms of the mixed messaging. it's like masked mandates might be necessary for vaccinated, but, but, but, but-- it's a ball of confusion. >> it really is a ball of confusion, but president biden has a real problem here and that is dr. fauci was allowed to sort of
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become some kind of hearing oh-- zero, champion and he was particularly liked by liberals by the left, i mean, i can see signs in the area where i live around washington where it has his face on it sort of thinking dr. fauci for sort of heroism, so president biden would be in a difficult position and would not please his base if he were to get rid of the fauci. as you say he's not helping at the moment and there are a lot of people that think he should go. dagen: to sean duffy, jump in here. >> hugo, my question is as democrats want to send health workers door to door, democrat activist door to door to get people to shock, the same time they say if you get vaccinated you have to wear a mask and then they wonder why people don't want to get vaccinated. does it make any sense that there is no clarity coming from the white house? >> sean, it's extremely confusing, i mean, it
6:17 am
seems to me the last way you persuade people to have a vaccine is to tell them it's ineffective, so you say go and get a vaccination and this will help public health, will help your health and you won't get sick and then to say wear a mask, it really adds to the confusion in the public. on the left it's often said frequently set at the moment that somehow or the other the conservatives people on the right have undermined the confidence in the vaccination, but it's really been something that the left has done and president biden and his-- vice president harris it did before they were even elected to. dagen: i want to move onto hospital nancy pelosi threat on spending even as senators closing on a deal. listen to this, hugo. >> it's important for us to again have them pass the bipartisan infrastructure built for
6:18 am
it to pass. we will not be taking it up until the senate passes the reconciliation bill. dagen: is she doing republican senators a favor on this? >> it's a good thought, dagan. which she is saying is there are the two bills, 1 trillion-dollar bill which is real infrastructure and in fact we are close in the senate to getting a bill that would go back to the floor of the senate to bake an amendment and moving forward and then you have this sort of $3.51 trillion which is all the left wing democratic wish lists and what she is saying is this one we all think should pass won't be allowed to pass the house until you pass this other one. yeah, she's essentially threatening to kill the one that we all want unless we pass the one that half the nation doesn't want, which is of course three times as expensive so it is a
6:19 am
threat, gamesmanship and she may follow through on that and she may not. dagen: and a joe biden said the same thing and then had to backtrack on it. he said that he wouldn't sign anything unless they pushed through this expansion. the bernie sanders bill. let's just call it that. >> right. i suspect that when push comes use schaub-- when push comes to shove if the bernie sanders bill fails to pass and joe biden has opportunity to sign a 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, which gives him a victory and he can talk about he will probably sign that and he will you know, ripped into the republicans for not signing the other one, i mean, that's just a speculation and my prediction, but i think he wants to be seen to be taking action and be decisive. i think there will be a way of finding a way to
6:20 am
backtrack on that, but of course it's up to nancy pelosi. she doesn't bring up a structure built to the floor before the senate passes the wish list bill, which is so much more expensive then there won't be anything that president biden has to sign it. dagen: hugo, great to see you. we will see you again soon. coming up, hunter arden art sale called into question, even the mainstream media calling" an epic problem. we discussed next plus long hair, don't care and the reason more more men are embracing longer locks at work. that's making a buzz this morning peered we will tell you all about it. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry?
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dagen: hunter fighting foreign business dealings being called into question. with ron johnson joining maria on sunday morning futures. >> it's very curious, senator, he wants a secret service following him around, but not in china. he doesn't want those meetings revealed. >> again, that's the 64,000-dollar question. what does china know about hunter biden and joe biden's business dealings and that vast web in china. senator grassley and i, the secret service records and when they did offer protection for about five and half years from 2009 until 2014,. dagen: sean, this is on top of questions raised about hunter biden's upcoming art fail. buyers will still remain anonymous, but hunter is
6:25 am
going to be at the gallery previous meeting with potential buyers. this is all just balderdash. >> balderdash. going back to run johnson's point with maria, listening you would think you would want secret service with you in china and maybe not in europe but it's really law enforcement. there something that happened in china that hunter biden didn't want law enforcement to see. what that is, who knows, but going back to the art, it's just a way for hunter biden to wander contributions from its political influence and to do it without transparency and china and the transaction, who is giving him $500,000 for a piece of that garbage art cracks and whether they want want for it cracks? is he influencing his father for big cash payments for his crappy art?
6:26 am
dagen: angela, there was even a cnn panel that said the art sales are unethical-- and ethical problem. why can't joe biden tell his son now-- no, that you were not a painter a couple of years ago and now he's a professional painter-- you know it's time to sell your art if you are and amit-- you know you want to turn from amateur to professional, but his art would be worth maybe $80, $100 on the web, not half a million dollars. >> when he's lost cnn, he's lost the art critic community and i think any democrat would know they have messed up as they are usually firmly in their camp, but what makes it so frustrating is that there's two really ethical solutions here that hunter biden could use. he just doesn't want to. the first is make public name of the buyers, that's easy and would cost him nothing.
6:27 am
at the second is to put his art career on hold until his fathers out of office. after everything is said and done for him, it would clear up a lot of ethical questions will if hunter said maybe i do want to be an artist -- if he really does-- but he won't make a profit off of any of it until there is absolutely zero question the money isn't going to influence his father. dagen: no one buying this art would want their name revealed, one because it would indicate that they have horrific taste number one and number two that they were potentially trying to buy influence, by access. >> one 100%, but if you are hunter biden it's a brilliant move in the sense that you say i will sell a book in the market will determine the price, but if i'm a musician in the market would determine my income, but art is the price in the eye of the beholder and he could argue that everyone see
6:28 am
the value of him selling this great piece and i could get a half a million dollars apiece and it's a brilliant to get around ethics laws and political influence, but i think the american people have seen this sham for what it is and they are pretty angry about it and to the point that now cnn is coming after you, that's how bad it is. dagen: where you get the money to pay for this fancy home he's renting in los angeles? where did he get the money for the porsche pan-american when he was being interviewed on abc last year? where did that money come from because where i come from that's living high on the hog. just saying. coming up, countering china, u.s. talks with the country also a rocky start and we dive into president biden's policies. plus going for gold and wear team usa stands at the tokyo olympics with the tokyo olympics with big wins and big upsets
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the tokyo olympics with big wins and big upsets tailor made or one size fits all? made to order or ready to go? with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one. businesses that want personalization and speed are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. nice bumping into you.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm taking mcdowell and for maria. it's monday, july 26. a look at the market at the bottom of the hour with future trading lower to start the new week with all three major market gauges and finishing at all-time highs friday after gaining more than 1% for the week. european markets are pulling back this morning as well, losses across the board. in asia a mixed story with the hank say the worst performer following more than 4%. gun violence taken a deadly grip across the country over the weekend cheryl has the details. cheryl: another violent weekend to report. two men were shot and killed in washington d.c. on a sunday. police say a third man went to the hospital with a gunshot wound and is expected to survive. and no arrests have been made. in chicago, another
6:33 am
shooting weekend. one shot out windows at hospital. police say at least 65 people have been shot since friday, 10 people were killed in chicago. meanwhile, police in baltimore, are calling for more than 100 federal officers to assist in fighting crime in their city. wildfires continue to devastate much of the west leaving 86 fires destroy number one and a half million acres in 12 states. 22,000 firefighters are working to contain those flames appear bootleg fire in oregon has forced over 2000 activations. extreme drought, high temperatures making fighting these blazes even more difficult. robinhood is looking to launch a new venture. over the weekend the ceo said the trading at is looking at offering a retirement accounts, this as plans for robinhood to go public this week offering iras, roth iras would allow a very profitable pocket
6:34 am
place. robinhood currently has 18 million funded. now to tokyo where team usa is racking up some historic winds bringing home america first to top metals in taekwondo and fencing, but the men's basketball team falling to france in their own back opener. the team's first olympic law since 2004. they look to bounce back against nigeria-- nigeria hopefully tomorrow. meanwhile battling her way to a silver. in the men's swim team taking gold in the freestyle relays, dagan. more updates tomorrow now one hopefully. dagen: france? >> i now. dagen: lost to france? >> since 2004. dagen: i'm shaking my head and in withholding comments. thank you. talks between the u.s. and china are getting off to a rocky start today. deputy secretary state
6:35 am
wendy sherman arriving in china yesterday for the rare face-to-face meeting. things quickly turned confrontational as china blamed the u.s. for a stalemate in the country's relationship. the u.s. also accused of establishing china as an imaginary enemy. with me now is harriet, senior director for the center for national interest. harry, how should the u.s. respond to china's accusations? should we be their meeting in the first place? >> dagan, you hit the nail on the head. we should not be there. i don't understand why we are sending wendy sherman or any u.s. official to china when the chinese won't even allow a proper investigation of what happened in wuhan at the biology lab there. i think when you put all the evidence together more than likely it was an accident that caused the coronavirus in the first place. if china wants to become what they always call a
6:36 am
sponsored stakeholder, a superpower. they want to respect on the global stage that the u.s. has. when we take that and take all of the other aggressive things they are doing throughout asia whether it's china adopted-- dominating the south china sea or pushing against democracy with taiwan or pushing against japan and on and on i don't see what u.s. officials are even there. if president trump for an office i don't think we would be talking to them right now. dagen: "wall street journal" writes about anthony found she, rand paul wuhan and the editorial that americans who dismissed the lab leak had a conflict of interest, but they note, which is a reminder to the viewers that chinese foreign ministry has called for an investigation into fort dietrich here in the united states a you on institute of virology official said his lab did not
6:37 am
contact or study that novel coronavirus and it never designed, made or leaked to the virus. he also added that there have been zero pathogen leaks or human infection since the institute opened in 2018 while we know that's a lot of lies because the u.s. it's officials visited in 2017 and 2018, to warn there was a dangerous mix of subpar safety standards. i could go on with the list of lies come about what type of posture do we need to take because this meeting just makes us look like again, that we are kowtowing to china. >> you are right. we can't beg the chinese to be our friends, to be competitors as the obama administration used to say and the biden administration says. i think we need to be brutally honest with ourselves that the communist chinese party is at war with the u.s.
6:38 am
and the international system week helped create at the end of world war ii. i think those are facts. i think what the u.s. needs to do is if the chinese communist party does not want to have a transparent investigation of why the coronavirus more than likely leaked out of the lab or maybe it was unintentional, maybe it was a mistake and i could buy that, then they should be open to investigations. if they will not do that, i think we have tools to suggest they do that and i think the first thing is we are all celebrating the olympics. why on gods green earth do we sent athletes in beijing when the chinese won't even allow an investigation into the greatest tragedy what may even be in human history when it comes to the coronavirus. we should be talking about economic sanctions, closing our embassy i mean think about the impact coronavirus has had on the u.s. throughout the
6:39 am
world. sent over $6 trillion in economic stimulus to help the american people that's more than we have spent fighting world war ii so i think joe biden owes the american people an obligation to take it to the match with the chinese. dagen: sean duffy, chime in. >> i could not agree more and it's interesting the chinese government wants to blame the united states for the cold relationship the two countries have together, but is the chinese that are lying, cheating, stealing, this massive military buildup, should we-- you mentioned we should not have this meeting but what should the biden administration do with the state department to push back and show strength with the chinese government? >> sean, i think the first thing we need to do is we cannot cut our military budget, i mean, you look at that type of scenario where the biden administration is actually talking about a
6:40 am
cut in defense spending. when the chinese are spending something like 250 to $250 billion just in their own region, something the u.s. is not doing in the asian pacific by the way. chinese has aircraft missiles to target in a wartime scenario, i don't think these are things we should allow. it was the champ administration who had rebuilt the military, rebuild our national defense, trying to work with allies throughout the region to contain the chinese threat and that's what we need to do. all you see about the biden administration is talking about collaboration, trying to work with the chinese. that's well and good. there are millions of jobs on both sides of the pacific that out rely on trade and i am for fair trade, but at the same time when chinese acts like a rogue actor throughout the world you have to reconsider the relationship and that something ronald reagan did and other presidents have done when you have to re- forecast the relationship there's nothing wrong with that.
6:41 am
you have to do that and have the strength to do that and the biden administration doesn't seemed like they want to have that approaches. dagen: harry, thank you for being here. >> thank you. dagen: harry kazianis. coming up, the return of mask mandates with the delta variant leading to a rise of cobra 19 cases in one medical expert weizen plus embracing beauty and the board room and why you could see more men with a flowing mains when you return to work. is that really beauty cracks? that's making a buzz this morning. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. ♪♪
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dagen: him dagen: mask mandates may have a comeback with some places moving backward as the delta variant takes hold and one doctor weighs in at next. we are back in two minutes but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew.
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dagen: covid cases climbing across the country fueled by the delta variant with new numbers from the cdc showing the u.s. currently has more than 47,000 new infections each day with a death rising to nearly 253, health officials working to stop the surge say it may be time to put the masks back on.
6:46 am
according to dr. fauci the cdc is looking into reinstating mask a guidelines in joining me now fox news medical contributor and family emergency medicine physician doctor jeanette. doctor, explain why vaccinated people would need to free mask? >> that is a good question, dagan. if you are in a community where there is a low level of vaccination and a breakout a breakthrough in the number of covid cases where the cases are going skyhigh and easy hospitals are overflowing, hospitals are full, emergency rooms are on diversion and there's a shortage of beds, that's when it's time to consider maybe adding an extra layer of protection and wearing your mask. now, your risk of severe complication, your risk of passing away and being put on a ventilator are much, much lower, but it's still possible to pick up the virus. i had a handful of patients myself who are fully vaccinated who still got covid.
6:47 am
their symptoms were mild it's still possible to get the virus and you want to be extra careful especially if you have any underlying medical conditions and that may be a good idea to mask up until we get to the surge. dagen: what areas of the country are experiencing overwhelming number of cases in hospital where the beds-- how many communities is that cracks its view, is it not? >> yes, we have a handful of states that make up for about 40%, but at the same time we have an increase in the number of cases in every single state, so this new delta variant very much more contagions. it can take one person can in fact up to eight other people and once you become infected you can carry up to a thousand times the viral load so even it's only a few states making up about half the cases, it
6:48 am
can quickly spread to other states in an exponential manner and we want to prevent that if we can. dagen: but the numbers look high bringing the issue of wire vaccinated people being tested like if i had a cold symptoms quite frankly i'm a vaccinated and i just had covid in march and i had an antibody infusion and it if i have called the symptoms are not going to get tested for coronavirus again. i'm vaccinated. >> yeah, that's a great point. some people need to get tested because they have to travel. some people their employer forces them and they hear them coughing and sneezing and gets them tested. if you are vaccinated, you are highly protected there is a common cold going around. coronavirus is not the only virus that i am seeing it. we have other viruslike rhinovirus and rsv that causes a common cold that usually goes away with supportive care but if you are vaccinated that's one of the best things to do to protect yourself and if for any reason you cannot be
6:49 am
vaccinated then wear a mask and use common sense. dagen: sean? >> hey, doctor. this is the problem with the messaging when we say vaccinated americans need an extra layer of protection so put a mask on when there is the closing of covid, what that says is we don't trust the vaccine. at the vaccine actually does not work and you need an extra layer of production, put your mask on which tells people why do i get a vaccine in the first place if it doesn't work that's the first question in the second question is i think across the country you can tell us to wear a mask. we are not going to wear them again. i think americans are fed up with this. >> well, that's a good question. here's the thing, it's not cdc recommended right now. you don't have to wear your mask if you are not vaccinated, but again if you have heart disease, if you are in chemotherapy or have a weakened immune system or diabetes, you can protect yourself if you want to. it could get you an extra layer of protection p are right
6:50 am
now is not recommended, but again there are some people who are having breakthrough cases. remember right now the goal of the vaccine is to keep you out of the hospital, keeping you off of a ventilator and keeping you from dying. over 97% of the people hospitalized and dying right now are those that are and vaccinated it so it still can give you a lot of protection with the vaccine and as far as the mask it, i get it. it's an extra layer of protection. if you are vaccinated you don't have to wear that mask, but if you want the extra protection, then go for it. dagen: doctor, grade two cup you thank you so much. so much to talk about. coming up, long hair, don't care, more men are embracing longer locks at work. few if any look like brad pitt. that's another issue, but it's making a buzz this morning. we will tell you about it next. ♪♪
6:51 am
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like you, my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments,
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it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. dagen: it's a time for the morning and buzz. dress for success, how the boardroom could see more men with long hair. after barber shops closed during the pandemic some men opted to grow their hair out and that many have decided to keep it long. one manhattan salon owner saying when he reopened it, 60% of his customers came in with a longer collar length hair and many of them are requesting brad pitt's hairdo. sean, are you in on it-- are you into it? >> well, listen, i think it's great during the pandemic guys who were stuck with these tight haircuts could grow their hair.
6:55 am
i wish i could have done that. my wife won't let that happen, but here's the deal. you could have the best of both worlds. you could go for the hockey haircut we call it the wisconsin waterfall where its business in front, party in back and you can do them both. we could go back to the 80s and all be winners. dagen: i have never heard it called the wisconsin waterfall, but that's a delicious and name. we call it short in the front, long in the back. i am all in for it. [laughter] who was the phillies player, was a crock who had like the worst mullet of all time cracks? from longer hair to longer vacations as calvin restrictions is a 79% of americans say we use more vacation days this year end 82% say they will be in less contact with their jobs than on past vacations. angela, are you able to
6:56 am
check out completely while on vacation? >> no, as much as i love to travel i fail at disconnecting every single time and i think this tells us there's not really such a thing as a work life balance anymore. it's a worklife blend and not blend looks a little different for everyone. i think we ought to start calling us what it is, which is fear of missing out. you are so afraid of missing the e-mail, missing out voicemail, missing a chance to prove yourself that i think the more ambitious the person is sometimes unfortunately the harder it can be just that your phone outside and go do something fun. dagen: sean, you have to disconnect don't you when you are on vacation because you have a whole family to take care of. >> i try to, but i have to tell you i was coming back from wisconsin to minneapolis yesterday and the traffic of people coming out of the lake country in wisconsin was amazing, i mean, i think people are getting out of the city. they are disconnecting
6:57 am
and they are with their family and putting their phones away and i think it's a really good healthy thing for america. i'm a more productive in the end. dagen: i love lake life and i learned how to get rid of a leech from your instagram, so i appreciate that. still ahead, bitcoin soaring with investors waiting for big tech earnings. we break it down and the word on wall street is next on in "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. i can't find my hotel. oh. oh! ♪♪ this is not normal. no. ♪♪ so? right? go with us and find millions of flexible options, all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. expedia.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, july 26th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern. finalizing a deal on infrastructure, senators looking to iron out details for the $1 trillion bipartisan bill, but house speaker nancy pelosi is threatening to derail that plan. taking a look at markets, futures are lower this morning across the board. but all three major market gauges finishing at all-time highs on friday after gaining more than 1% on the week. european markets pulling back as
7:01 am
well this morning, losses in england, france and germany. and in asia overnight, a mixed story, the hang seng the worst performer, however. dropping more than 4%. "mornings with maria" live right now. americans are not seeming too optimistic regarding the future of our country. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: that's right, dagen. that's reflected in a brand-new poll which comes as the biden administration hits the six month mark. since late april when it comes to the optimism about the direction of our country, the perception has sunk to 20%. 45% are hopeful for the future. the drop comes as vaccination rates fall and many cities begin to reimpose mask mandates. population growth a key driver of economic activity since to slow in the united states. half of all states last year showed that more americans died than were born. however, the numbers were
7:02 am
adversely affected by the pandemic and the nation's death had toll from coronavirus. still the overall number of states is higher from five states that was back in 2019, population growth was just 0.35% in the year that ended on july 1st, 2020. experts say the figures are important for the future of the labor force and the country's overall economic picture. well, immunity is waning for those who got the pfizer buy on tech vaccine in january -- biontech vaccine in january. antibodies were dropping seven months after immunization but it is highly effective in preventing hospitalization and severe illness. cases of the delta variant are spiking across the u.s. with florida accounting for a fifth of all covid-19 cases in the u.s. and hospitalizations and some areas of the states are increasing, the fastest rate since the start of the pandemic.
7:03 am
those are some of your headlines. back to you. dagen: time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now, capital wealth planning chief investment officer, kevin simpson, etf trend ceo, tom leiden, michael lee, strategy founder, michael lee. michael, let's kick it off with you, bitcoin jumps to a six month high this morning, partially fueled by a report that amazon could be venturing into the crypto space. amazon recently posting a job position for an expert in digital currency and block chain who would be, quote, developing amazon's digital currency and block chain strategy and product road map. michael, what do you make of this? >> yeah, you know, that seems to me a bit of a far-fetched rumor that they may be hiring somebody that may be able to accept payments at some point in the future for bitcoin to move that much. look, this is a volatile asset class and i think this moving in the direction it has and hitting
7:04 am
above 60,000 earlier this year is just a side effect of endless money printing going on. so i've said it before, i'll say it again. i think the best days are ahead for cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin. bitcoin is your first mover. i'd say that that's going to profit as much or more than any of the other cryptocurrencies and i think the original thesis is that as central banks continue to print money, it's certainly never going to stop. i mean, at some point every single currency ever created has failed. so bitcoin, the investment thesis goes, is your alternative to that. so i don't think that's over for those of us that own bitcoin, we like to see this move. i'd say it's hard-pressed to see it move almost a third higher than the lows a week and-a-half ago based on a job posting. dagen: it seems like maybe we had -- we had mark stepenhall on
7:05 am
the last hour who says he expects the federal reserve to be more doveish. they haven't pull back at all on the monetary stimulus. is it possible to get more stimulus? is that what bitcoin is trading on? >> look, i think it's hard to explain some of these moves but it's very much a momentum asset class. so as soon as you get a little bit of momentum to the upside, the follow-on trades keep coming and coming and all of a sudden you go from 29,000 to almost 40,000 in the span of a little over a week. so, look, as someone who owns bitcoin, i'm happy to see it. based on this doveish action from the fed, i think it's a long time before we see any sort of taper or any sort of restrictive policy from the fed. and it's not only like that with the fed, it's like that with central banks worldwide. so that's why i think bitcoin is likely to make all-time new
7:06 am
highs, maybe not in the next few months, but the best days for bitcoin are definitely ahead of it and not behind it. dagen: jay powell's term is up, what, in february, so don't expect a pullback in stimulus i would think, it would certainly get in the way of another term. kevin,let's talk earnings, investors will have their eyes on big tech as they take center stage on the busiest week of second quarter earnings, amazon, microsoft, facebook and tesla reporting this week. what are you expecting, kevin. >> we're riding the wave of the biggest earnings season we'll probably see in our lifetime. we haven't seen anything like this since the financial crisis in 2008, 2009. so far, 25% of s&p companies have reported and a over 90% of them have beat their estimates. now, that could be the case of someone setting a low bar so we could jump over it but 90% is no
7:07 am
joke. i expect that to continue this week with big tech and far more important than the earnings beat is the growth of actual revenues. companies are reporting earnings growth quarter over quarter at like a 75% growth rate. i realize that the second quarter last year was the bottom of the economy, the height of the pandemic, the closures and everything else so we're coming off of a big base but 75% is a very, very powerful number. analysts had expected about 54% growth rate when the quarter started. and we're just blowing out of the water every single earnings report and i would expect big tech to continue that this week. dagen: tom, let's talk about investors betting on america. front page of the wall street journal today, investors added more than $900 billion into u.s. mutual and exchange traded funds during the first half of this year. tom, your reaction to that? because you can kind of see these flows better than anybody. >> yeah, all the good news that
7:08 am
kevin is sharing is translating into optimism for investors. so $900 billion, most of that money going into etfs and the money that went into etfs so far this year, over $500 billion wiped out the record that was set in all of 2020, last year. the big difference, though, dagen, is most of the money last year went into bond funds. investors and advisors really concerned about inflation. we know what rising interest rates can do to bonds. not good, not healthy. most people are investing money into stocks, stock equity etfs and as kevin was saying, the good news in the u.s., they're investing in u.s.-based etfs, even though 55% of the global stock market capitalization is outside the u.s., most investors continue to have this home country bias. dagen: tom, can you break down
7:09 am
where the in-flows are going even more granular? >> yeah. so last year it was 60% into fixed income, 40% into equities, a little bit into commodities, this year, 75% into equities, 25% into fixed income. we're starting to see more money coming into commodities if you take out the redemptions that we're seeing in the gold etfs. gold surprisingly has been the worst performing commodity but even though prices in commodities are starting to settle a little bit, most investors, most advisors don't believe it, they think we're going to continue to see higher prices and they're protecting their portfolios by investing in commodities. dagen: tom, thank you for being here and the insight. you too, kevin and michael. kevin simpson, tom leiden and michael lee, gentlemen, great to see you this monday. much more ahead this morning. coming up, louisiana congressman mike johnson shares his take on the ongoing border crisis, that's next.
7:10 am
a amanda beer talks about team usa's performance in tokyo. in the 8:00 a.m. hour russ vogt breaks down infrastructure negotiations and former nfl star jack brewer weighs in on the sport's latest covid-19 protocols. joining the conversation all morning long, sean duffy and angela morabito. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i'm not going to write you a love song. ♪ because you asked for it. ♪ because you need one. ♪ you see, i'm not going to write you a love song. ♪ because you tell me it's make or break in this and you're on your way. ♪ i'm not going to write you our. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income.
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dagen: biden's border crisis, rio grande valley sector chief sounding the alarm on illegal border crossings.
7:14 am
texas governor greg abbott joined maria yesterday to discuss the president's open border policies. listen to this. >> first, if you recall, under the trump administration, they pretty much had cross border illegal immigration shut down, all that biden had to do was to continue the trump policies and we would have no problem on the border whatsoever. but now it's getting worse because biden is opening the flute gates for people -- flood gates for people who are coming from countries where there's an extremely low vaccination rate and there's a high number of people coming across the border who do have covid. dagen: joining me now, louisiana congressman, mike johnson. nothing is going to change, is it, congressman, in terms of just the -- biden's open border, the influx of now covid positive illegal immigrants, they went up 900%, covid positive tests, in just the rio grande valley sector. >> yeah, and you also have
7:15 am
dozens of border patrol agents who have tested positive now because of this compounding crisis. we're going now from referring to this as the biden border crisis to an actual disaster. it truly is. we're sounding the alarms everywhere we can, dagen. we have you now a countless number of illegal immigrants coming across the border. it is completely open and the administration shows no signs whatsoever of changing their policy. dagen: you know what is astonishing, is that last week the administration extended the time that legal canadians have to wait to come into the united states, it's now in late august. canada will allow vaccinated americans in i think sometime in the first week or so of august. we extended that ban to legal -- to canadians and to legal people coming from mexico. but the border -- but if you're illegal, come on in.
7:16 am
it's just mind boggling. >> it is mind boggling. and look at the double standard that the administration's engaging in. they tell cubans and haitians that are fleeing communist oppression, don't come to america. everyone knows if you come through the southern border, south texas, that it's -- there's a welcome mat. they sent the message to the entire world. we have cities across the country talking about covid mitigation efforts and everybody remasking, they're talking about lockdowns in some jurisdictions, yet as governor abbott pointed out, no covid test for the immigrants fleeing the border coming in. i went down there myself, i went over three weeks ago with president trump down there, we had two dozen republican colleagues from the house. we saw this with our own two eyes. these people come in at all hours of the day. we were at the border at 1:30 in the morning, huge droves of people coming in, coming not just from nicaragua and
7:17 am
honduras, they're coming from every nation in the world, over 100 at least, and there's no end in sight to this. dagen: i said this before, biden and company have created a foundation where criminals prosper off of human suffering, whether it's human traffickers or drug traffickers, bringing fentanyl into this country with overdoses spiking. it's just heartless. sean: it is heartless. i want to ask mike a question if i could. he mentioned the people are coming to the southern border from all over the world, right. if you think back, remember kamala harris said we want to look at the root causes of why people are coming from the northern triangle countries, the three countries in central america. how does she get aaway with saying root causes in central america but the border's open and people are coming in from across the globe to our southern border. who is calling out and how do we put pressure on the border czar, kamala.
7:18 am
>> that's a great question. i think when more people recognize what's happening, what a threat it is to our national security, our national health, our sovereignty, in every way, that there will be a larger chorus of voices demanding action on this. you've seen the headlines. you saw last week or so, now they have bus loads of migrant being dropped off in mid-size cities all over the south, all over the country, in my home hon of shreveport, a bus load of haitians were dropped off, no plans, no money in the pock he's. they're just dropped off there. i called i.c.e. to get on top of this, i called the white house to demand answers. the i.c.e. directors tell us we hate to tell you this, you need to prepare for future bus loads. there will be many more coming to your city. and they're coming to cities near all of us. there's no end in sight to all of this. our texas colleague tells us
7:19 am
there may be -- they think 2 million people have come in since january. we're losing track of them. we have no method of getting on top of this so long as president biden and his administration refuse to acknowledge the basic facts. dagen: now there's some in congress who are calling for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants to be put in this reconciliation spending bill, which, again, i don't know how that would pass under reconciliation. but we see what's going on here. increases the voting base of -- for the democrats. >> that's right. we're not conspiracy theorists but you look at the objective facts here, that's the only thing that makes sense. why in the world would any elected official in this country go along with this terrible policy, this dangerous set of policies that they're engaging in and that -- you're always drawn to the ultimate conclusion, they want to turn these people into voters. meanwhile, the american taxpayer is funding all of this as you all know and these are finite
7:20 am
resources. we have a $28 trillion federal debt. we can't afford to take care of the entire world. we're the most benevolent nation in the history of the world. we can't be that great nation if we can't maintain our sovereignty and security. that's what's at stake here. it could not be a greater crisis s than it is. dagen: congressman, thank you for being here this morning. coming up, american opt of mitch about the direction of -- optimism about the direction of this country plummeting. president biden facing criticism over the pandemic, the border crisis and rising crime. we discuss, next. plus, baby botox on the rise? the reason more women are trying to look younger after a year of working from home. how young do they want to look? it's making a buzz this morning. we'll tell you about it. ♪ i don't want to live forever. ♪ because i don't want to be living in pain. ♪ and i don't want to
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dagen: biden's america, american optimism down nearly 20 percentage points. according to a new poll by abc news, only 45% of americans say they're optimistic about the direction the country is headed, look at that, 45, just a few months ago in april, 64% of americans. angela, what do you make of this? angela: well, american optimism and public trust in institutions go hand in hand and as sad as this information is to see, it's unfortunately completely predictable. i was just looking at gallup numbers about where americans are at in terms of how much we trust major institutions, and over the past year there have
7:25 am
been sharp declines in two places. and that's the public schools and the medical system. and it's no surprise why, right, dagen. i mean, we've seen what's going on in the public schools with critical race theory, covid has shown everyone what's going on in those schools, what children are being indoctrinated with and the medical system has this wonderful result of operation warp speed, the vaccines that are nothing short of a medical miracle and yet the people at the very top have a problem getting their story straight and of course folks are going to question what's happening when they're fed different stories at the same time. dagen: and sean, i also think inflation and crime, those are two big things that are going to bite the democrats in the you know what in the midterms. meantime, you have biden and company and the democrats acting like they have a mandate, acting like that they have vast majorities in the senate and the house, that's not the case.
7:26 am
but they're behaving as if they do, as if it's 1933, if it's 1965 and trying to push through these like -- there's four or more giant new entitlements. sean: and the senate is 50/50, dagen. inflation is a problem. streets are burning. people are getting shot in the streets on a nightly basis. the border is open. all these things you take together and americans feel like we're going in the wrong direction which is why to your point, dagen, when i look to the 2022 midterms, i think democrats are going to get absolutely crushed because americans -- listen, we want us to stay pretty close to the center and to your point, you have a slight majority for democrats and they're behaving like every american loves them and they're doing these massive programs that most people don't want. take on top of that the massive deficit spending and people want a new direction. or at least a check and balance on the democrats.
7:27 am
dagen: they do. and you don't have a communicator who is in charge. when joe biden does a town hall, he's mumbling and fumbling and himming and hawing. it doesn't create confidence in the leader, in the commander in chief, at all, as if anybody watched it. but nevertheless, you don't have anybody who is directly communicating with the american people about getting through this and then again, they were anti-vaxx fear mongering when it was politically beneficial to them last fall and now they missed their vaccination target and covid is spiking in parts of the country. it's a disaster. sean, final word. sean: just one last point. all americans agree they want infrastructure and they're going to ruin infrastructure by throwing in all of this human infrastructure to the tune of $3 trillion. you can't even get things you agree upon done now in congress. dagen: well-said. coming up, the growing crime
7:28 am
crisis, american cities experiencing another weekend of violence, the national fraternal order of police vice president, joe gamaldi, joins me next. a recall alert for some electric car owners, what drivers need to know about the chevy bolt. ♪all by yourself.♪ you look a little lost. i can't find my hotel. oh. oh! ♪♪ this is not normal. no. ♪♪ so? ♪♪ right? go with us and find millions of flexible options, all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with.
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factories can use ai to automate the little things so they can focus on the next big thing. businesses that want to innovate at scale are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. cheryl: welcome back to "mornings with maria." i'm cheryl casone with some of the top headlines we're following for you this morning. the department of justice civil rights division choosing not to investigate whether states' policies led to an increase of covid-19 deaths in nursing homes. the doj telling republican lawmakers in a letter it will not pursue civil rights investigations into whether policies in new york, pennsylvania and michigan led to an increase in those deaths. we should remind you that new york governor andrew cuomo is still under investigation in this state for those deaths. in a statement, house minority whip steve scalise said the decision is shameful and he's
7:32 am
calling for justice for the victims. well, ahead of china's meeting with the u.s. secretary of state, wendy sherman, the ccp is demanding sanctions be lifted. currently there are visa restrictions on ccp members and their families as well as chinese students. china also accusing the u.s. of, quote, seeing the ccp as image imaginary enemy. the department of justice reportedly dropped charges against five visiting chinese researchers they they were accused of concealing ties to the chinese military. well, general motors is recalling over 50,000 of its all electric bolts for the second time. the company says a battery defect could cause a fire. owners of 2017 to 2019 bolts are asked to keep the cars parked outside when they're not being charged. there is gm in the premarket, it is down about a quarter of a percent. the recall really highlights some of the technical challenges the car companies are facing as the they race to develop more
7:33 am
plug-in vehicles. and to tokyo where team usa is racking up historic wins, bringing home america's two top medals in tae kwon do and fencing. the men's basketball team falling to france in the lick pick opener, the first olympic loss since 2004. they'll look to bounce back against nigeria tomorrow, we hope. katie ladeki earned a silver in the 400-meter free style swim and the men's swim team taking gold in the relay. the ratings are in for the opening ceremonies, with 16.7 million viewers watching, a 33 year low for nbc and 37% drop, dagen, from the rio summer games opening ceremony back in 2016. ratings, not good if you're nbc this morning. dagen: it's hard, because the
7:34 am
events -- toke i did is -- tokyo is 13 hours ahead of us. cheryl: it's a huge delay. dagen: if you read about it, you already know who won. cheryl: there's no fans. it's the biggest dud of an olympics that i've ever seen. dagen: some of the athletes look like they weren't exercising a lot during the pandemic lockdown. it's true. cheryl: you can throw me into that category, dagen. dagen: i was talking to a competitive gymnast over the weekend who noted that. cheryl, thank you. cheryl: you bet. dagen: i look people looking like me, big around the middle. violent crime meantime is surging in big cities across the country and detroit is no different. a new poll asked residents what they think is the biggest issue facing that city. nearly 20% or one out of five answered public safety, compared to only 4% answering police reform. with me now is joe gamaldi, the national fraternal order of
7:35 am
police vice president and a houston police officer. joe, what do you think of these results and are you seeing a turnaround in the way people feel about police and the need for them in order to keep cities safe? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, when you look at that poll, 90% of residents said they wanted more police officers in their neighborhoods, not less. and a recent washington post poll saw the highest number they had seen in two decades of americans who believe violent crime is a serious problem in this country and thanks to rogue prosecutors and activist judges who he created a revolving door in criminal justice system, they're right. in detroit, murders are up 20%, chicago they're up 49%, if portland, 135%. and the list goes on and on. and a recent poll out of mass rasmussen said 60% of people
7:36 am
across all demographics want the violent rooters and rioters from last year to be prosecuted. what does it mean? it means that people in this country, they want their communities to be safe. they want law and order. and they know that law enforcement is the only people that can stop the madness. dagen: so people -- i talked about this with eric adams, former police officer winning the democratic nomination for mayor here in new york city. i looked to that as a really important message, the way this bomb out of detroit is, is -- poll out of detroit is, is you had black and latino voters voting for eric adams in the outer boroughs. the elitist liberal notes in manhattan not voting for him. that was a message, that people want safety and security, that that is of paramount importance to them. however, even if you get a mayor in who is supporting the police, who wants to lock up violent
7:37 am
criminals, who wants to stop the revolving door for criminals, who wants to jail those people who deserve to be jailed, but you still have liberal governors. you have left wing city councils. you have liberal prosecutors. what's it going to take to really change this, not only in terms of locking up people who deserve to be in jail, but also reversing this coddling -- this anti-cop not just rhetoric but positioning by the left. >> i'll tell you, law enforcement delivered historic crime reduction in this country for 20 years before we had this huge spike and we can do it again. it's very simple. we need to restore the rule of law which means no more letting people steal $1,000 stuff out of the stores, we need to make sure we vehemently prosecute violent
7:38 am
criminals, no more letting the gun toting felons out with a slap on the wrist and we need to make sure we are providing law enforcement with the resources they need to do their job which means no, we're not going to defund the police. instead, we're going to make sure we're supporting the police with the funding they need and we're going to make sure we get the community behind them as well. but if you're a community member right now and your hometown is being ravaged by crime and you have politicians that aren't standing on a bed rock platform of law and order, vote their asses out because that's the only way to get this turned around. dagen: you mentioned the decline in crime because of a spot-on aggressive policing and i mean aggressive in terms of locking up people who deserve to be in jail and -- but you have like a gavin newsom last week when he was asked about violent crime, he cited statistics, well, in the last 30 years violent crime is down but that's
7:39 am
not because of your policies. violent crime has ticked up in california because you coddle those very criminals and it's not just the violent crimes. it is the overall quality of life. california hit with a wave of brazen shoplifters and newsom was trying to -- said that he's trying to crack down on the surge. he signed this law last week, creating a crime task force, re-establishing organized retail theft as a crime. will this make a difference? >> well, you know, i think this is the act of a desperate man who is afraid of losing his job. i really love when people make flippant remarks like well, we're not having as many murders as the mid-90s. well, what exactly is an acceptable number of people to be murdered in our streets? when we see huge increases in murders and someone says those are just statistics. those are people in the community who are being murdered. what they're doing in call important with their laws -- california with their laws as
7:40 am
far as theft is concerned is a complete and utter disgrace what they have done with business owners out there, where they are not prosecuting tests under $950. criminals go out, no there's no consequences, so they'll steal anything that's not nailed down. ask yourself, if you're a business owner in california or if you're thinking about opening up a business, why the hell would you do it in california when you know you're going to be treated like that. it's completely disgusting. it needs to stop. dagen: but people in california voted for that. that was what proposition 47. they voted for that. >> they voted to drop it from a felony to a misdemeanor for thefts under $950 but then the prosecutors, we're talking about in san francisco and la, said we're not even going to prosecute that anymore. so yes, they voted to -- to make it a misdemeanor but they voted to decriminalize it. it's a joke. we see videos of someone loading up trash bags of merchandise and
7:41 am
walking out the store. walgreens closed 17 locations in san francisco. the private sector gets it. dagen: i get it because i've seen my local drugstore here in new york city across the street from where i live being robbed relentlessly for a year and-a-half. i see it at least once a week. the valuable merchandise like ice cream, not just beer, but ice cream, laundry detergent, that's locked up and anything that isn't locked up, the shelves are now bare. they don't even restock things because it gets stolen. and i just want to point this out, joe. this creates economic wastelands. allowing petty theft to go unprosecuted where crime isn't -- a crime isn't a crime, it hurts lower income residents more than anybody else because access to food and goods disappears and so do the jobs. and these -- these elitist
7:42 am
liberals, do they not understand that? i guess not, staring out from their doormen building 30 floors up or watching the news from the hamptons. >> yeah. and i think what you see is it actually creates food deserts in low income neighborhoods where they don't have stores they can go to get affordable groceries. what you like to hear from people on the far left, well, this is just a victimless crime. it's not a victimless crime because that business owner suffers and they have to lay people off out of the workforce and who do you think they they pass the costs on to? us, the law abiding consumer have to pay the additional money because we're allowing people to just run around lawlessness. it's completely ridiculous and it needs to stop. dagen: it needs to stop. joe ga malled hey, great to -- joe gamaldi, great to see you. dagen: coming up, amanda beard is here as usa takes home the
7:43 am
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♪ dagen: an unprecedented olympics underway in tokyo, team usa trailing behind china in the total medal count, the first gold medal for america won yesterday by swimmer chase klese. the entire u.s. swim team winning a total of six medals during the first day of
7:47 am
competition yesterday. joining me now, four time olympian, co-founder of beard swim company, amanda beard. amanda, what's getting you excited about these games. >> oh, my gosh. everything. i love it. i was watching it last night and it was just like so refreshing to see the athletes out there competing. i'm so just happy and excited that they're getting that opportunity. a lot of them probably felt last year that it wasn't going to happen, you know, so this is just -- it's, wow, it's fund to watch. dagen: the young woman, i say young woman, young compared to me who won the gold in fencing, incredible story that she had competed in previous -- she was an existing olympian but -- and she was in medical school. she is studying to be a doctor at university of kentucky and it was actually during the covid lockdown she and her husband who is also a fencer were practicing in their home and it was the
7:48 am
first time she had ever been able to really focus on her studies and that seemed to, well, she turned around and won an olympic gold which she had never done before. >> i feel like a lot of people really to figure out and get creative over the last year of fitting in training and maybe prioritize how they structure their life and have that balance and add in additional studies like you're talking about. so she probably found how she was capable of doing so much more and adding more into her life and really preparing herself on so many different levels. so destroying it in law school and now going out and winning medals. dagen: her name, just because i couldn't recall it, is lee keifer, the first u.s. man or woman to ever win a gold medal in individual foil and she did it on sunday. talk about the preparation and
7:49 am
the training, because i would think all the athletes from every country were in a bit of a disadvantage, depending on the sport but at a disadvantage not being able to maybe train with the same vigor and with the same regimen because of covid lockdowns over the last year and-a-half. >> absolutely. going back to trying to get creative, right. i'm sure, you know, as a swimmer, i'm sure there were pools that were shut down, depending on where you were living in the united states, you may not have had access to your normal facility, the coaches might not have been able to be accessing you normally or -- so you might have been swimming in your local community pool and swimming by yourself and getting little paperworkouts from your coach and doing -- instead of being in the fancy weight room at a university, you're in your garage lifting weights. so it probably mixed up a lot of people's training. which could probably be good and
7:50 am
bad. some people who like that consistency and really rely on it and that routine probably really were thrown for a loop. people who are more flexible or got refreshed by having a little bit of a different atmosphere or some object of take kells in the way -- obstacles in the way to challenge them and push them, they might have benefited. but it was probably a year of just probably a lot of tears from people, a lot of emotions, and i'm sure you saw a lot of athletes probably just kind of decide to have an early retirement as well. dagen: absolutely. viewership for the olympics' opening ceremony hit a 33-year low, the data shows that the tv audience dropped 37% from the 2016rio ceremony and 16.7 million people did tune in friday. do you think the ratings or the interest, the viewership will pick up as the games move on? i'm waiting for the women's
7:51 am
gymnastics. i always wanted to be a gymnast. but a friend of mine was -- is a -- was a gymnast and a competitive gymnast at the olympic level and he still coaches and we were talking over the weekend. he was like -- he looked at me and he said your body just wasn't made for gymnastics. [laughter] dagen: and he meant that that -- it wasn't an insult. it's true. it's like you're either born to do back hand springs or you're not. do you think people will become more interested in the competition? >> i wasn't born to do a back hand spring either if that makes you feel better. but i do. i think as the olympics go on, i think you start to hear the stories and like the different -- you know, the characters that are emergeing from the olympics, you're like oh, yeah, olympics are going on. some people probably forgot. now they're like we have to tune in, we have to follow our
7:52 am
favorites and figure out who will be our favorites for the next couple years. we have two weeks. it just started. so i feel like as it goes, the momentum will pick up and people will get really excited and with the luxuries of being able to go back and rewatch stuff and not have to like -- you can record stuff. dagen: go usa, amanda beard. go usa. thank you so much. we'll be right back. hooh. that spin class was brutal.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
angela, what do you think? angela: well, i'm very, very relieved to hear that baby botox actually being small amounts of botox for minor tweaks and not actually giving botox to a baby. this is a very different story with a very different reaction. while i haven't quite gone for any treatment myself just yet, i can tell you i have an bearingly long skin -- embarrassingly long skin care routine. you look at yourself on a zoom call and you see your problems. when i see my friends' selfies, i'm happy to see their faces. i don't see the flaws that people tend to pick at themselves. dagen: i'll take a face with no filter on it. sean, what do you think? sean: you're young, you're beautiful. it doesn't get any better than this. you don't need botox. wait until you're older if you're one of those people that
7:57 am
get botox. give me a break. you look great. stop. dagen: botox isn't meant to make you look younger, it's meant to stop the wrinkles from forming. the wrinkles from forming. sean: usually wrinkles are age, dagen. from forming. dagen: from forming. >> i don't know botox, i guess. dagen: i'm just saying it freezes your face so you don't get wrinkles. more when we come back. tailor made or one size fits all? made to order or ready to go? with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one.
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a.m. eastern. losing faith in the american dream? a new poll shows optimism in the direction of our country, plummeting president biden faces criticism over the pandemic the border crisis jump in crime we get into it a look at markets futures in the red to start this week, off lows of the morning, all three
8:01 am
gauges finishing all-time highs on friday avnt gaining more than 1% for the week look at nasdaq composite up almost 3% last week, european markets pulling back this morning like markets here in u.s., in asia overnight mixed story the hang seng worst dropping more than 4%, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . dagen: senate lawmakers could finalize president biden's massive spending package today cheryl casone has the details, hey. cheryl: that is right, dagen, so new roadblocks already -- for the bill interesting today nancy pelosi says the bill will go nowhere without a reconciliation proposal, would allow dems to pack additional funding without worrying about a filibuster, republicans slamming this as another ploy for democrats to force through their liberal agenda senators portman, toomey say lawmakers
8:02 am
seem hung on funding for mass transit. >> a population growth key driver of economic activity continues to slow in the u.s., half of all states last year showed that a more americans died than were born the numbers adversely affected by pandemic in nation's death toll from coronavirus overall number states higher from 5 states, back in 2019, population growth was 0.35% in the year that ended on july 1, 2020, experts say figures are important for the future of the labor force and the country's overall economic picture. well immunity reigning for those who he gotf biontech vaccine in january due to delta variant ceo biontech confirming several israeli studies show antibodies dropping after immunization highly effective preventing hospitalization serious illnesses a booster shot may
8:03 am
not be necessary cases of delta variant are spikings across the u.s. florida accounting for a fifth of all cases in the united states hospitalizations in some areas of that state increasing at fastest rate since start of the pandemic. some headlines back to you. dagen: thank you so much, cherlyl markets kicking off the week of on a lower note hitting record highs on friday investors watching a lot this week the federal reserve meeting starts tomorrow, a second quarter gdp out on thursday the busiest week of earnings season, joining me now wells fargo investment institute head global market strategist paul christopher joining the conversation all morning long sean duffy angela morabito, paul, what is the most important thing that you are watching this week? >> it is really -- comes right down to that, as long as earnings continue to grow and they are, outpacing expectations days like this
8:04 am
should be ab berations we think markets head higher. dagen: what about fed policy meeting any expectations any changes that you are looking at waiting for? one of our earlier guests said o dovish tone from the fed would deprave markets higher i don't know how you get more o dovish than massive stimulus we have maybe just indicate going to start raising raises in 2030? >> you are exactly right, even though the fed may be talking about talking about removing some stimulus it is not really happening yet, money supply continues to grow has slowed growth but continuing to grow, that provides cash for the markets. dagen: then also, are you concerned or that worry about potential lockdowns might show up in stocks. >> not so much lockdown may be
8:05 am
mask mandates may cool desire we think economy will grow hopefully this year seems concern in market peak growth happening at same time as delta variant that is what various days will trip up the market we think that is going to continue again go back to earnings that growth is positive even through fourth quarter we are expecting 18% earnings growth. so you know as long as we can avoid the delta variant lockdowns we think we think we can we think markets will head higher. dagen: betting on wisdom of politicians federal stated and local a tricky bet potentially. investors have reportedly added i want to talk about optimism here in the u.s. added more than 900 billion dollars into u.s. you mutual and exchange traded finds, during the first half of this year. ea move signaling confidence,
8:06 am
that america is poised to pull through this pandemic better than other nations, your reaction to that? >> yes, absolutely. the u.s. from the beginning, has had a better situation certainly because we have had better logistics for vaccinations, actually a factor rate to get out of the gate especially first half of the year u.s. really was the place to be we think that is going to still be the case as merging markets struggling to get vaccines out and about others have central rally issues finally catching up on vaccine yes prefer u.s. >> how would you allocate money sector on a sector by sector basis at this point? >> well i have been taking this morning about growth, you think that continues, may not be, at peak anymore but going to be very significant through the end of next year, that really argues for value, and cyclicals, and that is how we
8:07 am
are positioned right now as i said, we like u.s. best and here in u.s. we like large caps small caps to take advantage of growth cyclical basis sectors we sectors industrials materials energy as well as communicate services so is are very highly cyclical mix we take money away from stay away from defensive like utilities staples. >> are those value sectors still a value so to speak. >> we think so, there is quite a bit buying but that is in anticipation of the earnings that we see developing, even now, so as those earnings dwell further, the valuations will come down you will get more people coming into the market. dagen: i want to ask about bitcoin jumped to 6-week high this morning partially filled by report amazon could be ventureing into the space posting a job position for expert in digital currency
8:08 am
blockchain would be quote developing amazon's dym currency bloc polk strategy and products road map is this a reason to apply just your thoughts on thatpull. >> we think cryptocurrency as a group reached a point maturation maturing is much more interesting to investors. and that digitization of the economy you were mentioning, one capital of people looking for digital experts, that maturation should drive further gains of that market we like cryptocurrency for high network kwefrz qualified investors managed solutions to help deal with the complexities of owning cryptocurrency. >> thank you so much for being here. >> defund for thever given,
8:09 am
but not for me two dozen mayors called for defunding police departments spending millions on their own protection we have a live report coming up plus the push for infrastructure, the senate trying to finalize a deal house speaker nancy pelosi do derail it. is this a good thing for the republicans? former ombiden director weighs in next, the worker shortage, and rising food prices don't miss a moment you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ . .
8:10 am
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8:12 am
. . trying to reach a
8:13 am
spending deal senators reportedly close to striking an agreement house speaker nancy pelosi says the house will refuse to sign any infrastructure without also a 3 1/2 trillion-dollar reconciliation bill. maria bartiromo spoke with wisconsin senator ron johnson on sunday sunday yesterday explaining why why he is a no >> there is no legislation whatsoever still they want us to vote to proceed to that particular bill. the fact of the matter maria we are over 20 and a half -- 28 1/2 trillion dollars in debt. we can't continue to just spend the way democrats want to do so. we do need to upgrade infrastructure everybody agrees on that, but we shouldn't be dealing with more deficit spending >> joining me former omb detectoror, the "the wall
8:14 am
street journal" has he had for published three days ago are republicans getting victories from the infrastructure deal? i said this all along that the white house is going to use this against the republicans, and if they complain, if the republicans complain at all about inflation, or spending, all the democrats have to do is point at republicans go they voted for infrastructure. >> yeah, dagen you nailed it this is all about whether this is a republicans are going to be complicit exploding inflation probably over the next year nancy pelosi chuck schumer have given everything to be able to walk from detail joe biden was willing to reject one of the packages unless reconciliation came to his desk he changed his mind rult of senate republicans objecting to that nancy pelosi has never changed her mind,
8:15 am
moving as a package, senate republicans need step back walk away from table not on side of spending deficits dagen: why do republicans think would benefit them to sign on to something that adds 600 billion dollars net federal spending including as journal editorial points out billions in thou subsidies for green new energy public transit? they should have let this go all along because again, it also paved the way for democrats to do this it is more than 3 1/2 trillion it is way more than that, it is running according to the committee for responsible federal budget north of five trillion dollars, if you look into the kind of tricks they are playing with the math but also paves the way for reconciliation bill to be used on just the kind of like juicy nuggets the left wing wants. >> right tax increases.
8:16 am
dagen: right. >> to senator johnson's point we haven't seen the bill this is a massive bill i can't explain why senate republicans don't look at the fact the situation step back, most senate republicans are cool to this, there is about 10 or 15 want to be for something with regard to infrastructure. but this is not an infrastructure bill when you marry with reconciliation package unaffordable now is time to set back from brink let democrats move this on their own if they can i think they would not be able to -- >> your reaction to this texas senate moving forward with senate bill 3 legislation that would reshape how social studies teaches with an discuss race and current events in the classroom. what do you to me about this? again, the left is trying to portray, all of these bills in
8:17 am
if at state level that are trying to prevent the he teaching of critical race theory trying to portray them as -- trying to stop the teaching of history period. the like u.s. history and so i want your reaction to this. >> sure. it is totally inaccurate, normally left has small grain of truth in the argument they make this argument has no truth in it, no one is preventing teaching of history teaching of slavery the teaching of jim crow also teaching of declaration independence and ideals about what made this country great. what this is doing is making will he finements to deal that ban critical race theory earlier in the year issues with regard to needed to be if i could, that is what they are in process of doing, we are seeing states more and more across the country taking the steps that nine states have
8:18 am
done, to ban this racial i'll haved teaching ideology in schools we hope more schools do it expect federal government the ban in federal agencies military congress to take action on appropriations bill to do so -- >> angela jump? . angela: i want to ask more about this texas bill how it would force control for local school boards, as opposed to the state government or even the federal government when i was at department of education, under trump administration, we talked all the time about how these curriculum decisions belong with school boards with parents and teachers and communities, and not in state capitols or nation's capital where you have -- bureaucrats may try to pull strings -- to make decisions about what historical dlths are to be
8:19 am
taught thank you could make that choice what would you recommend rids be learning. >> i think good old fashion civics, not old form of action politicized into left i had iology, this is teaching founding documents great models out there increasingly so 1776, civics we believe school districts need teaching more of we think the states in these bills are providing guidance as to what kind of indoctrination cannot happen not saying going to take over curriculum writing for schools and local counties opinion. dagen: i want to note one thing in terms of crushing the education opportunities for lower income black and hispanic family latino families he the house
8:20 am
appropriations committee democrats recently voted to cut who million dollars from the federal charter schools program, the cuts to come despite overall 40% increase in federal election funding, federal education funding to over 100 billion dollars, the democrats are basically at war with charter schools, those that benefit young black and latino children. >> yeah, the congress is going to consider 900-billion-dollar appropriations bill you mentioned some of the hovering horrifying cuts request regarded to innovative education programs give people choice there is a host of problems not if i could with a couple amendments, but it is another indication, of the left wing march that nancy pelosi is taking this country on, it is revealing where priorities are.
8:21 am
dagen: just a note. it is democrats standing up for teachers unions, crushed children from coast-to-coast last year they refused to get back to work. they did untold damage to the education of kids, to their development, to their relationship development, and once again democrats trying to contributor charter schools are standing up for the teachers union, also backs teaching of critical race theory despite the fact randy weingarten head of the second largest teachers union denies it which is laughable thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thank you dagen. >> the hypocrisy of the defund police movement democratic mayors spending millions on their own private police protection, a live report next, plus, implementing the nfl, how some teams players could stand to lose money if outbreaks kur a former
8:22 am
football star weighs in ahead stay with us. . , long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? “buickenvision2021.” oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking. [all together] me too. - hey. - you really outdid yourself. yes, we did. the all-new buick envision.
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8:25 am
. dagen: police budgets cut as crime you surges democrat officials in many places are enjoying their own personal protection. elydia is here with details good morning lydia. >> dagen 25 across the did you know 20 cities are also spending money on private protection for elected officials sometimes costing taxpayers millions of dollars, now these are findings from an investigation by organization called open the book, nonprofit that tracks government spending it comes as crime is spiking
8:26 am
across the country we can take chicago as an example the city cut 400 police positions last year meanwhile, spent 3.4 million dollars, on security for unnamed city officials, now shootings up 10%, over a year ago, another capital san francisco, officials plan to divest 120 million dollars from police over two years while they spend 2.6 million dollars last year on mayor security detail assaults are up 4.8% one other capital baltimore maryland eliminated 22 million dollars from police budget city spent 3.6 million dollars on private security for various officials and homicides are up 4.4% other a year ago, democratic missouri congresswoman kory bush being criticized for her spending to fortify personal security continuing to call to defund
8:27 am
the police. >> i understand full well he why members of chicago spend money on personal safety. i just don't understand why some members of congress don't feel the same way about your safety. if their safety is highest priority, shouldn't your safety be too? >> the work to learn about municipal spending private i don't think so not all contacted disclosed that information one example city of los angeles that is approved a cut 150 million dollars, from police budget of 1.8 billion dollars the city is also seeing a spike in crime there i can tell you that homicides are up by 29%, shootings up more than 40% there. back to you. dagen: thank you so much, lydia hu, i have a lot of
8:28 am
words most i can't say on live tv shameful is one of the one word that comes to mind that i can say. >> yeah dagen hypocrisy this is rich, obviously, we all want to either safe and secure in communities when you have politicians want to defund the police and make a lawless society then they themselves want to go hire people that they've say they hate the kopdz to keep them safe? you are going to see is a significant backlash on this, thank god we have people out there, pushing to open the books to go what is why good for you to have police officers but meing to without? my kids are getting the shot neighborhood kids aren't coming home because of violence you have cops around your house with you all the time to protect you? outrageous. dagen: it is outrageous, bigotry of the left until like shooting in d.c., when there is a shooting, in their neighborhood, when over the
8:29 am
last year and a half spike in crime has happened in outer neighborhoods, and hurt more lower income residents of these cities more than anybody but left ignores it show a boxes on tv dismiss confirming violence it is soft bigotry of the left they need to be called out every breath, coming up superman super human strength on camera police bystanders lift a car off a mom and a baby more of that incredible video next. . it's just a saying. but today, for women living with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. more time is possible with verzenio. proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy.
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you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, it is monday you july 26 a look at your markets, at the bottom of the hour, we have losses across the board, although futures off their lows of the morning in red to start a new week but
8:33 am
-- last week all-time highs for all three major market gauges european markets back losses crossing also flight in you asia overnight mixed story hang seng, worst dropping more than 4%. cops rescue a me and baby after being hit by out-of-control car caught on video and we have it cheryl casone has details. cheryl: incredible dagen very scary moments here this happened in yonkers new york the mother crossing with 8-month-old thrown on to hood of the car as it will slammed into a barber shop and then became trapped under the car two, police officers were eating breakfast next door ran to help body cam video shows them lifting the car pulling the mother and child out from underneath, so get this both seriously hurt but expected to
8:34 am
recover police say driver was drink arrested is facing several charges so that next time you mail a letter if you still mail letters u.s. postulating service moving forward with a plan to raise prices to boost revenue despite concerns from lawmakers, first class mail stamps from 55 to 58 cents, general products rise 7% increased part of 10-year plan to become financingly sustainable. >> business ons turning to younger employees to help fill shortages post-pandemic in may over 33% workforce for people between 16 and 19, that is highest since great recession of 2008 employers are also offering incentives to draw workers in sign on the button uses, higher wages. to tokyo at the very same time sa racking up historic wins america's first two top medals
8:35 am
in fencing and twquando. >> look to bounce back against nigeria tomorrow, meanwhile, ledecky battling her way to silver in 400-meter freestyle man's team gold in freestyle relay ratings for the opening ceremonies 16.7 million viewers, a 33-year low for nbc a 37% drop dagen from rio summer games opening ceremony back in 2016 one protest out there. >> you want to feel like never achieved anything in your life this is not i cheryl but -- the first man or woman to win a gold medal in individual
8:36 am
fencing on sunday, in med school university kentucky her husband is also a medical student, her partner, husband and also in medicine and fencing so go read about lee, incredible. >> we've got that going. >> thank you food prices on the rise, independent restaurant owners saying inflation could force them out of business. without more federal help, rising prices on top of you recovering from pandemic, and worker shortage, joining me now fat brand ceo andy your company owns 14 restaurant brands including fat burger, tell us what you are seeing in terms of prices, difficulty of hiring, have at it. >> you know we're seeing prices go up probably 10% on average some as much as 20%,
8:37 am
definitely result of higher labor comforts food prices that restaurant operators having to pay to bring that in the backdoor. >> how much of a struggle has it been to find people to hire, talk about -- wage increases, are you running. >> two words -- >> are you running, restaurants with less staffing? have you -- >> my -- totally nightmare, very difficult the real problem isn't so much existing restaurant operators of that the restaurants open it is new restaurants that we're building probably building 60 this year very hard for franchise partners to fine new managers employees come to work, existing restaurant operators can stretch staff pay overtime make it work new guys are having a tough time. >> is it in part because of extra unemployment benefits? do you think the problem will ease a bit when those extended unemployment benefits go away in the fall in september?
8:38 am
>> so a this is a one hundred percent related to that unemployment benefits being extended, absolutely, i do think the problem goes away over the summer we have another month or six weeks of it i think that we will start to see a bounce, you have high enough unemployment numbers out there that shows that there is workforce availability it is hard to find it because people are staying at home. dagen: was it worst in some states than others in locations. >> definitely, you will see it in those states of that highest amount -- absolutely, but we do expect this to calm down. dagen: completing acquisition of global franchise group last week added five restaurant concepts increasing franchise to more than 2000 units worldwide tell us what you got in this acquisition. so that big one for us past a billion dollars in purchase prices tripels size of
8:39 am
company, great mefrn cooking hot dog on a stick -- five restaurant brands more than 1400 restaurants to our portfolio. >> hot dog on a stick is corn dog is it not? is it a corn dog without a corn so that is it a corn dog, also -- a lemonade amazing lemonade recipe sought after around the world. >> how is business in terms of -- interest, and what is hot maybe what is not right now in terms of food? >> we have seen our brands come racing back numbers off the charts in terms of recovery, between 10 and 20% over 2019 levels, almost all brands, and also new franchise sales are just going gang
8:40 am
busters individuals wanting their own business, very strong consumer demand to eat in addition to deliver obviously, we saw crazy spikes in deliver from 35%, to 85%, during the lockdowns in pandemic. but now we are seeing people come back into restaurants saying in restaurants repeating business very fortunate to be on right side of this not the wrong side. dagen: is a you own bonanza including ponderosa. >> don anza only pays you could get a steak where i grew up you had to drive an hour iconic brands most definitely. >> those around more than 50 years, very strong loyal following from customers especially in midwest, you know, visited, for years all
8:41 am
you can eat buffet on a stick. >> those are my favorite words "all you can being eat buffet" i do love them, we will see you soon implementing the new nfl covid fines some teams players could stand to lose big time if outbreaks occur former football star weighs in next stay with us you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ me and you ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ . this week on "mornings with maria" tomorrow -- china communist government threatens to attack japan, general jack
8:42 am
keen on the. >> big tech being sued indiana lays out the case. >> thursday how safe are you from covid-19 delta variant, dr. siegel has answers you need friday following morning movers biggest deals with the word onall street all right here on "mornings with maria." . hange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum!
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dagen: nfl new covid
8:46 am
crackdown on teams covid outbreaks from unvaccinated players could lead to automatic forfeit, financial penalties if games have to be moved or canceled, unvaccinated nfl players will reportedly be fined nearly 15,000 dollars every time they volt covid-19 procedures considered incentive to get vaccinated encouraged but not required. joining me now is former nfl football player ceo of brewer group grack brewer what do you make of this plan from nfl? >> a it is mind-blowing to think national football league loving coaches all of a sudden forced out of league some of the top nfl players in the league hopkins -- so many others don't want the vaccine book told the team will have to forfeit games one thing if vaccine had been fda approved
8:47 am
everyone knew exactly what it would do but it has not this is unproven vaccine unfortunately, the reality of that is that guys who have worked so hard on bodies, on most pristine health, anybody in our country going to force vaccine upon them when facts show you that there have been zero hospitalizations for nfl players any professional or climbing athletes i believe to force this is absurd they would force you on field after concussions feel like you are going to die they force you on the field now they are going to say going to force players to take a vaccine for something that won't kill them it doesn't add up to me. dagen: one thing i want to push back on you said you vaccines unproven there is a great deal of research that
8:48 am
has been done efficacy of the vaccines certainly hospitalization and death -- but -- >> but not this population the reason i say that. dagen: among like professional athletes that caliber individual. >> that age-group i am talking about age-group, score shows the exactly, if i have immunity beyond what vaccine could give me there is no justice in forcing me to take that vaccine a that is what by i mean by being approval you can't approve something if not taken into account the natural immune status or immune status of an individual that you are putting the vaccine in. dagen: voo i will agree. >> has not been done. >> will agree with you on this that having had covid recently, and having antibodies and having had an antibody infusion to boot i got the vaccine, as soon as i
8:49 am
was able to i had to wait 90 days after antibody infusion but in this world like having, natural immunity from having that covid, it doesn't -- there is no wiggle room you are either vaccinated or you are not vaccinated so i made the choice to get the vaccine, but to that point, there is no -- they don't really give any credence to natural immunity i can approve i have antibodies in have terms of people who want to be vaccinated but not -- do you think -- well how -- what is the players union have to say about this are they onboard with this? >> this policy? >> you know is that something that i have been looking waiting for, hoping for that they would step up something about this they are in mil been players and league when you see salaries being paid, to those that -- run nfl
8:50 am
players union you start to wonder really what their -- political interests are, or should i say really who they are trying to protect here in because to me this is very serious. i know that you know for me my kids daughters i don't want to force this vaccine upon them until they've done better testing with it, and the fact that nfl players association hasn't come up or stood up for these players many of these guys dagen in 24 to 30 demographic if you look at test scores i can for it i to the a score immunity went beyond what i could get from a vaccine if you take that vaccine could you go back down i think we are all individuals a lot of people need vaccine find out who needs it in nfl players association, should be doing these type of tests
8:51 am
running these studies, on their he own, because they have the resources. i just don't think it is fair when he see, in minnesota in league over 35 years won two are super you bowles amazing coach saul forced to leave nfl case he didn't want a vaccine doesn't make sense most guys already had virus i had it twice no symptoms it is just -- you got to be smarter about how you are approaching it stay right with this i think the league is doing this to be a little bit political. dagen: i had it, it was nightmare it was frightening that is why i chose the vaccine, that is what i tell my -- friends and family members, like you don't want to watch this particularly people older, jack thank you so much great to see you jack brewer. we will see you soon. >> god bless you -- >> god bless you, coming up a dress that stands to get stuck
8:52 am
on you amazing home made prom dress made without a sewing machine making a buzz this morning. we will show you and tell you all about it. . lease the 2021 is 300 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing.
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(announcer) the core is key to losing weight, getting back in shape, and feeling good. introducing the aero trainer, designed to strengthen your core, flatten your stomach, and relieve stress and back pain.
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8:56 am
ag i was all sequins zero percent duct tape this is different but seeing commitment all hours and hours of work i hope at a time takes that into account when she goes to prom i want to see her wear a duct tape corsage as well, i think gorgeous a challenge on project runawayor something like that you still have some girls at home need to go to proms at some point so going to make them duct tape address. >> i just may guaranteed no malfunctions with sticky duct tape goes to the point there is nothing you can't do with duct tape i love duct tape. here is the problem that that dress waived 20 pounds, duct tape gets heavy this young
8:57 am
woman gets a for creativity obviously, a scholarship fantastic nor not to having pay back loans. >> you see duct tape -- they duct tape bumper on it is imagine i agree with that, sean. "mornings with maria" is live right after this. .
8:58 am
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dagen: thank you, sean and angela. that does it for us. ashley is in for stuart on "varney & company." take it away. ashley: good morning, everyone. inning deed, i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. dr. fauci in the headlines again, this time for saying the cdc is, quote, actively considering reinstating the mask mandate. this would be regardless of your vaccination status. so do we really need another mask mandate? well, i'm going to talk to dr. marc siegel about that. meantime, crime is spiking across the country, but instead of finding a


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