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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 24, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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larry: it's great to be optimistic on aop friday night w 35000 terrific stuff a lot of americans are you a wonderful e. "the evening edit" starts now. ♪ elizabeth: the white housed today acknowledging that, yes, gun violence is on the rise across the country. another >> gun violence is on the rise another shocking shooting in our nations capital growing talk of action against that, what law enforcement has been warning for some time the historic rise and gun violence, drug smuggling and overdoses internation cities is directly linked to the border crisis, former washington, d.c. police detective, ted williams e, former acting i.c.e. director tom homan, dr. marty makary,
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fg's greg steube and texas attorney general ken paxton. okay, we've got that story. also this, a top pollster for the biden team now says for the white house, yes, there is more and more despair about inflation across the country especially from women. we've got that story. also democrats and their big push for the largest expansion of government and spending in half a century. republicans now warning democrats that it will be up to you to avoid a government default due to your massive spending spree. we're staying on this story. also a very public war of words has broken out between top democrats nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer and fellow democrats. we're going to explain that. plus, there's coast to coast confusion about conflicting mask guidance. we're on it. more mandates and restrictions, they're looming. also the white house now blasting china for rejecting a w.h.o. plan for an audit of the wuhan lab. that is at the epicenter of the
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covid crisis. critics demand to know why after a year and a half into the pandemic that house speaker nancy pelosi and other top democrats, they're still stonewalling an investigation into where the virus came from. plus, we've got dr. fauci's own words on this dangerous super virus research, his own words are now backfiring on him. and republican lawmakers, they're now demanding a criminal tribunal into human rights atrocities and abuses by communist cuba. reports are coming in too that republicans plan to hold a counter-demonstration in support of cuba the same day democrats launch their committee into the capitol eye riots -- capitol riots. remember ronald reagan and tear down that wall? there's growing calls for biden to seize this moment in history. and look at this, texas now taking matters into its own hands, now arresting illegal border crossers. we have that story, the arrests, looks like they're on the rise. thanks for joining us.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. muck i ♪♪ ♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with this from our nation's capital. watch. [gunfire] elizabeth: okay. people ran for their lives last night as two men were shot in broad daylight at a restaurant in washington d.c. this was just 2 miles from the white house. police released footage of the gunman fleeing in getaway cars. this is the second high profile shooting in d.c. it happened less than a week after shots were fired outside a major league baseball game between the nationals and the padres. three people were wounded in that shooting. there have been 100 homicide in washington. we haven't seen that in about a
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generation. joining us now, former d.c. police detective ted williams. ted, this is getting really out of control. >> yeah, absolutely right about that, liz. it is not getting out of control, it is absolutely already out of control. i guess the big question mark is how do we get it back under control. that's the sad commentary of what is going on in the district of columbia right now, it's sort of like a gunfight at the o.k. corral or something. elizabeth: let's watch the chief of d.c. metropolitan police, he's robert conti. listen to this, watch. >> the real issue is we have a vicious cycle of bad actors who to things with no accountability, and they end up back in communities. you cannot coddle violent criminals. you cannot. you cannot treat violent criminals who are out here making communities unsafe for you, for your loved ones, for me, for my loved ones.
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they might not want a job. they might not. they might not need services. what they may require is to be off of our streets because they're making it unsafe for us. i'm mad as hell about this, and i hope y'all are too. elizabeth: wow, he's really mad. by the way, ted, up to 400 police officers have left the d.c. police force since last year. they quit or retired. they're at unprecedented lows in their police force down in d.c. he's really upset. what do you think? >> well, he should be mad as hell, but the reason he should be mad as hell and the people that he should be mad as hell with are the city council there in d.c. that had and tried to move the defund the police department. as a matter of fact, it's my understanding they have, in fact, taken money from the budge. the mayor of -- from the budget. the mayor of the district of columbia tried to put money in
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the police department, and it was the city council that took money away. so chief contee has a right to be mad as hell, but he should be mad as hell at the city council. elizabeth: here's the thing, this is hitting the country nationwide. by the way, washington, d.c. has gun controls. it has restrictions on assault weapons, also ammo and background checks. but this is still going on. i mean, here's the thing, when it comes to politics, nixon got into office after a crime wave. but, you know, let's get back to why are people being let out back on the street in d.c.? >> you know, liz, that's the $64,000 question. i believe what is happening in d.c. is happening in chicago, and it's happening in new york and elsewhere. and that is that the police department, the prosecutors and the judges, they're not on the
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same wave length or the same page. and as a result of that, you have police officers who make these arrests, prosecutors who will not prosecute the case or judges who are very lenient and let these people back out on the street. that's happening all over this country right now, liz. and it's an embarrassment. it is an embarrassment that these individuals are back out on the street, these thugs should be locked up, and they should be kept in jail. elizabeth elizabeth yeah. ted, to your point, a judge in st. louis said that the prosecutor's office has abandoned its duty to prosecute three murder cases dismissed either due to mismanagement or the prosecutors didn't show up in court. and we're seeing that, but there's also finger-pointing in chicago again with historic violence over there because they're being too leap cent on criminals -- lenient on criminals being released early from jail. how do you turn this around? >> well,ing you turn it around by letting police officers be
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police officers. you turn it around by recruiting police officers, not defunding police officers. you turn it around by letting them go out in the neighborhood and get out of those damn cars and walking into the neighborhood and establishing a rapport are people in those neighborhoods who can tell them who these thugs are and where these thugs are and get 'em out of there. elizabeth: okay. ted william, thanks for joining us again, and thanks for your service to our country. it's good to have you back on the show. we'll have you back soon. >> good to see you. elizabeth: former acting i.c.e. officer, former police officer, tom homan. what's your reaction to what happened in washington? >> i agree with a lot of what williams just said. look, we talk about this half a year ago, liz. if you defund the police, let every dollar you take away from the police means more crime x. on top of that, you've got the qualified immunity taken away in a lot of major cities, right?
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bail reform laws in a lot of the major cities and the constant attack on police officers. in my 35-year law enforcement career, in this past year i'm shocked by the fact that the good guys, all of a sudden they're the bad guys, and the bad guys are the victims. so the progressive left has taken over our mayors, city councils and district attorneys. district attorneys are refusing to prosecute these cases, so it's the policies from the left that are causing this crime rate. in addition, an out of control border. that will add to crime in this country by the mere fact that drugs are being smuggled in the at a record pace. elizabeth: let's talk about that. does the white house understand that drug trafficking, the violent crime rising in our nation's cities is directly linked to what's going on at the border? >> they should. so either they don't understand it or they don't care. because the data clearly shows record amounts of drugs are coming across the border. they know that 40% of the border patrol is no longer on the line
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because they're taking care of the humanitarian crisis, so fentanyl's coming across at record levels. we've already had 90,000 overdoses in this country alone. and as you know, drugs trafficked into this country is a major reason why there's crime and shootings. a lot of these shootings are linked to drug trafficking. elizabeth: yeah. this is nation's deadliest year of drug overdoses on record, the biggest rise in violent crime including murders since 1995. if you just look at the numbers, 300,000 gotaways estimated so far this year. 120,000 people coming in across the border from outside central america, from outside mexico. they're not from those countries. they're coming from overseas, 120,000. the dea says that 90% of the fentanyl-laced drugs are traced to the southern border. so it just seems obvious and seem like it's common sense that you've got to fix the border to stop the crime. >> yeah, it's not a coincidence.
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i've said many times when you open that border up and create an open border policy, it's not just about illegal immigration,ing it's about illegal drug flow. it's about trafficking of women and children, it's about the criminal cartels making millions of dollars a day off the backs of these poor people. i said over a year ago when president biden -- if president biden became president, this would happen. we see it. i met with a hundred sheriffs in arizona three weeks ago, and they'll tell you crime has risen across the country. and they'll tell you the sex trafficking is at at all-time highs. not just the fentanyl. the sheriffs on the border would tell you they're at a record pace of high-speed chases. one sheriff alone has already found 44 dead migrants in his aor. this is causing a national security crisis. elizabeth: you know, some of the most violent terrorist groups in the world are at our southern border. we're talking the cartels. they've got military-grade weapons, armored vehicles, they're armed and ready to go to
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defend the drug and human smuggling. i mean, seven cities in mexico are among the top ten for the highest rates of homicidal violence, tom. i'm just not sure if or you know, people in d.c. are on the stick and aware of how dangerous it is south of the border. >> nothing's going to stop their borders agenda. -- their open borders agenda. they bragged about it during the campaign. he's kept his promises by signing executive orders. the progressive left, the open borders advocates, they're in the white house, they're at the department of homeland security, they're sitting at i.c.e. and border patrol. they have taken control. they don't care. open borders agenda all the way. and what's really scary, it's never been more dangerous on that border than it is right now. so god bless the men and women of the border patrol. i pray to god every night that they go home safe, but they're at extreme danger and so are the southern border communities. elizabeth: one data point came in, 70,000 people in mexico have
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disappeared. 40% of them in the last two and a half years. this is dangerous stuff. tom hohmann, thank you again for joining us. it's good to see you. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: sure. thanks for your service to our country. okay, look at this story. a top pollster for the biden team now warns the white house that, yes, voters more and more are feeling inflation, especially women. this as democrats push for the biggest expansion of government in half a century. up next, nancy mace, a congresswoman, she's going to break it down for us. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> democrats are spending like drunken sailors. they have reached their credit limit, and now is the time when you're looking at the debt limit that we could end fiscal restraint and s (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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it's led by house democrat pete defazio, senators joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, they're all in a fight. so can they get anything across the finish line? >> it doesn't look like it unless they do it through budge reconciliation which is how they forced the $1.9 trillion so-called covid relief package earlier this year. and, quite frankly, i think chuck schumer's taking a note out of nancy pelosi's playbook. i don't know how you can debate an infrastructure bill that hasn't been written. it doesn't exist. and forget human infrastructure, i'm going to call this ghost infrastructure. elizabeth: we hear you. i mean, we hear you loud and clear. i mean, they're trying to blow up the size of government in the biggest expansion in about half a century. even democratic economists like jason furman who worked for president obama said all money is not needed. and now republicans are saying with your push to go it alone
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without us and our votes, you're on your own. we will not vote with you to raise the federal debt ceiling because you're blowing out the debt. it seems like senator mcconnell is seeing the in-fighting and is really taking it right to them. what do you say? >> it's enormously problematic because the inflation that we have right now, democrats are literally making the cost of everything go up. inflation has tripled since the start of the year. the consumer price index for the first half of the year was 5.4%, the largest spike seen in our country since 2008 when we had the recession. and in order the make the trillion dollar infrastructure package actually work, they've had to pile on another $3.5 trillion in spending to get socialists like bernie sanders and aoc onboard with an infrastructure package. now, i've got to tell you, back in the state of south carolina -- i'm assuming states across the country -- they don't know how to spend all this covid relief money which is why there's $2 trillion outstanding
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in covid relief funds. we could do a massive trillion dollar infrastructure package by using what's left over without raising taxes. this could all be done in a bipartisan way, but the socialists are driving the agenda. elizabeth: yeah, we hear you. now they want $4 trillion if the infrastructure deal doesn't come through. we're already at, already in the first six months, equal to what obama spent in his entire term in what they want now. and they'd have to deal with the debt ceilings first. it expires at the end of the month. they have to tackle that first before they do these other bills, and it seems like there's so much in-fighting, they can't even get rid of the filibuster. i don't know how they're going to get their act together to take it across the finish line, and they don't have a mandate. it's a 50-50 split in the senate. the lowest margin of leadership for the democrats since world war world war i in the house. if 90,000 votes went the other way, republicans would be
1:21 am
running the show. it just seems like they don't have is their act together right now. >> i was just going to say that, this is not a mandate. and a trillion here, a trillion there is only going to make inflation worse, and inflation is taxation because we all pay for it at the grocery store or getting gas lean, just getting everyday, normal products and services. and the other thing is that that the election in november, as you said, the senate is divided 50-50. the house has the slimmest majority since world war i. this is a mandate on working together in a bipartisan way, but so far it's all talk. they want to talk about working together, but they're not actually willing to do it. and look at what's happening with the criminal justice reform bill down in the senate. senator tim scott trying to lead the way, and it's not working. look at the violence happening in this country that you previewed earlier in the program. we've got a lo lot of work to do to heal our nation. the it can be done if we have people with common sense up there, but it's very much lacking. n. elizabeth: i'm telling you,
1:22 am
we're looking at the earnings conference calls with big companies like unilever, conagra, pg and e, general pill mills. congresswoman -- general millings. they're saying, yeah, this is eating into our profit margins and we have to raise prices. and these companies are warning about that. we're not seeing stagflation, but they're warning about it. congresswoman nancy mace, thanks for joining us. we'll have you back on again soon. up next, dr. marty makary, we're going to take on this coast to coast confusion about conflicting mask guidance. we're on it. also threats of more mandates and restrictions are looming in different parts of the country. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> if you've been vaccinated or if you've had the disease and you have natural immunity, you are protected. ♪ ♪
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♪and all good things will come to pass♪ ♪but the truth is all you have to have♪ ♪and would you lie for it?♪ ♪cry for it?♪ ♪die for it?♪ ♪would you?♪ ♪i believe♪ ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe♪ ♪yeah♪ elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show s hopkins university professor or and fox news contributor dr. marty makary. we have breaking news. the justice department just sent a letter to republican steve scalise saying it will be dropping their investigation
1:27 am
into the conditions of nursing homes in michigan, new york and pennsylvania after those democrat governors ordered recovering patients back into nursing homes. so they're dropping that part of the investigation. the fbi reportedly is still looking into the new york governor's cover-up of nursing home data and also his use of state workers to work on his $5 million book. what do you say about them dropping the investigation? >> well, good evening, liz. you know, this flies in the face of what new york found, the attorney general found, that had a different conclusion. to not follow up on that really leaves it open-ended. and also where is the data from the cdc that nursing home patients were so result potential? that should be -- vulnerable in there was never a signal saying, hey, this is a group where you're going to lose 40%. elizabeth: you know, it's got to feel disturbing to people out there that governors are just allowed to ad hoc, on the fly do
1:28 am
these executive orders and put recovering patients suffering from a disease back into a nursing home that's vulnerable. we know the michigan governor said do a segregated, separate unit. it's just going to feel like politics to people out there, and that's unfortunate. >> yeah. i think if you look at the origins of that order, it was really almost a vin ticktive -- vindictive response to a couple of nursing homes that were saying, hey, we don't want these people. they're very infectious, we don't want them back. and in response they were simply told, you have to, you're forced to take them back. elizabeth: doctor, there's also this, let's move on to this story. this is coast to coast confusion, it seems, about masks. the cdc says you still don't need to wear a masks if you're vaccinated, we're seeing new orleans joining los angeles county saying, yeah, you've got to wear a mask even if you're vaccinated. where to you come town on this? >> well, i think there's a lot we don't know with the delta
1:29 am
strain, so we're in a bit of uncharted territory. there's no data either way, no data to support masks with vaccinated people who have the delta strain, so i would say, look, we might change our recommendation once the data comes in to encourage it, but we've got a lot of parts of the country with very high population immunity, very low risk of covid. and if we're going to impose, transfer this recommendation into a mandate, you instantly politicize masks. and right there you lose a lot of credibility and, remember, parts of the country where we're seeing outbreaks right now, there's absolutely no will for restrictions right now. elizabeth: yeah, we hear you. then you hear this, the former white house senior covid-19 adviser saying the white house should mandate that schools, businesses and government agencies require daily negative covid tests if they're unvaccinated, and those people have to pay for it. then you see the new york city mayor de blasio calling on companies to mandate covid
1:30 am
vaccines. you see the nfl assistant coach rick denison leave the team, he refused to take the vaccine. and one thing people are talking about hhs secretary becerra saying it is the government's business to know if you're vaccinated. border patrol's saying that's not happening at the border. what do you say? >> there's this increasing notion right now that we have to make the life of anyone who refuses to get both doses of the vaccine very, very difficult. we have to almost punish them. we have to put penalties, we have to just create policies that make their life very difficult. so if a single mom who may have transportation difficulties going to work doesn't have the vaccine, guess a what? they're saying we need the impose daily testing and make it very difficult to get on that transportation or even have a job. and i just think that's the wrong approach. in general, i can tell you as a there in health care you win more friends with honey than you
1:31 am
do with fire. and right now we've got to recognize we can encourage people to be vaccinated, encourage vaccinations and be pro-vaccine without vaccine fanaticism and vindictive types of policies like this. elizabeth: you know, one final word. one of the texas democrats who left the state in protest of the republicans' vote reform bill, that person got sick with covid-19, wasn't wearing a mask with the other people on that airplane down to d.c., and that person's now saying yes to mask mandates. your final word on that. >> look, if you choose not to get vaccinated and you don't have natural immunity, you to so at your own individual risk. you no longer pose a risk to public health. and the sort of hysteria around breakthrough infections, something we've always known happened, they're always mild or asymptomatic. that is not our problem right now. our battle is not against the sniffles or the mild common cold type symptoms. it's against death and
1:32 am
disability, and we're doing can very well on that. elizabeth: dr. marty makary, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. elizabeth: next up, critics are demanding to know why after a year and a half into the pandemic house speaker nancy pelosi and top democrats stonewall an investigation into where the virus came from. we also have this, dr. fauci's own words on this dangerous super virus research, looks like it's coming back to haunt him. sean tough my joins us next. keep it here on"the evening edit." >> the chinese government, the ccp, is marked by secrecy. so we should not expect the chinese government to reveal the kind of data, the information that we're looking for. that we're looking for.
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1:37 am
of what's going on with the pandemic is that we're a year and a half in, and nancy pelosi and democrats still stonewall a public debate about how this all started, and the n nih still will not declassify information. to they really want to be accused of a cover-up this. >> they will be because if you want to prevent the next pandemic, we should find out what happened in the covid pandemic. did it come from a a in twearrrhem wuhan l causehey wer wng d gn g o nconncesea reshrc what kin k sur syurity pto pls p d ha emro,blembl i i ihatant sindsiemoc dtsoc w s steachte ip epdenal donddmpnd and a a ars a cheishea at nowat n t nhe c't cut autnd aua ay uand we wer,yer wrg. ite and,any eeay, u the prespr goi goi g to t give r quily tve
1:38 am
ch this probabldid femehe la el etheet pandeanc kills more than 600,000 americans, 4 million people worldwide. we need to adjust our policies and to better oversight to prevent the next one. we've been in the government documents, the nih funded a patent on the gain of function virus research dating back to 2002. 2017 the top scientists in the wuhan lab said, yeah, the nih funded our gain of function research, but dr. fauci has told congress that nih never funded this and has never funded it. and he was on with our very own neil cavuto today, and he's saying basically he's doubling down, he's moving on from, you know, not talking about nih funding, he's talking about it's complicated, you know? that the scientists in china are, have a lot of credibility. so he's doubling down on that when, you know, he's basically not really talking about the nih's role here, sean. what do you say?
1:39 am
>> it's a problem, and i think dr. fauci has become used to the media and america celebrating his great work during the pandemic. but now when we scratch the surface and look a little deeper, he's written papers on the support of gain of function research which at lot of people are pointing to as the cause of the development of the covid 9 virus and the lab -- covid-19 virus. again, this is a problem if all these stories. you need the press to actually engage and push for truth. and if all the press -- left, right, middle finish would push for the truth and push fauci to give us better transparency and disclosures, they would be forced into, you know, giving us the truth of what they did, what money they sent and what kind of gain of function research they supported. the press won't to that because they love fauci, they love biden. they don't want these two to have egg on their face, so they remain silent. that doesn't protect us from the next pandemic, that doesn't stop
1:40 am
our government from investing more money in these bad lines of research. elizabeth: yeah. this is about oversight. what oversight did the nih to of this research. that's the question. nobody's blaming dr. fauci for the entire pandemic, it's just that were they conducting really seriously lethal virus research and what is the oversight? let's listen to dr. fauci in his own words here. watch this. >> you have to have some restrictions in the sense of you don't do work that could actually hurt people in the sense of if you have a laboratory accident, you have to have the right containment. once you start being too restrictive, you then impede creativity for so many of the good things that can come out of the same type of work. so let me just go on about nih lists funding on began -- lifts funding on gain of function research. so a framework has been now
1:41 am
established to guyed funding decisions on proposed -- guide funding decisions on proposed research that might be anticipated to create, transfer or use enhanced potential pandemic pathogens. elizabeth: okay. wait a second. he's talking about guardrails there in that last sound bite, but in the first one he's saying we can't be too restrict we've with scientists -- restrictive with scientists. we should let them be creative in their research. be creative with dangerous pathogens, sean? you know what i mean? what oversight did the nih do with the wuhan lab? what was the funding in why not declassify everything? instead of doing -- [inaudible] be transparent. go ahead, sean. >> i'm losing my mind. the way you get that transparency is you actually get a congress that actually does oversight over nih, but democrats again aren't willing to put pressure on fauci to find out what happened. and, by the way, this is the democrats' fault.
1:42 am
this happened under donald trump. what did donald trump allow to happen, what kind of rein did he give fauci? the gain of function, they sent it to china! we wouldn't allow it to happen hear. and how dumb is this? if you're going to do this dangerous research, do it in america because when the virus is released, it goes global. it doesn't stay in china or america, it goes everywhere. but it was so dangerous that we wouldn't actually do the research here. shameful. elizabeth: sean duffy -- you were fired up there, gotcha going. of. [laughter] come back again. great to have you on. okay, have a good weekend too. look at this, gop lawmakers now demanding an international criminal tribunal on human rights abuses by communist cuba. now, here's the other thing that's going on. remember reagan's tear down that wall? remember the berlin wall? isn't this same moment for the biden administration? will they seize this moment in history? congressman greg steube coming
1:43 am
up. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> what would the cuban people do with sanctions against one of the repressers? that represser is not going to come to miami and shop at macy 's or go to orlando to visit mickey mouse. he is going to stay in cuba and continue repressing people. we had an 'em bar duo of 62 years, and it hasn't worked. ♪ muck
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show florida republican, he is congressman greg steube from house foreign affairs. it's always great to have you on, congressman. okay, so you had more than 140
1:48 am
gop lawmakers, they sent a letter to the secretary of state and the e.u. and the organization of american states saying, yeah, launch an international criminal tribunal into cuban, communist cuba's human rights atrocities, but we're hearing crickets, silence from them. why? >> yeah, of course. the biden administration doesn't want to do anything as it relates to cuba because it's a communist, socialist regime, and they're run by the progressive left side of their party which supports america being a socialist, communist regime. so is unfortunately, the biden administration wants to do absolutely nothing for the cuban people that are fighting for freedom right now have. and we as americans -- right now. we as americans need to stand with the people of cuba, do whatever we can to support them in their effort to bring democracy to the cuban nation. elizabeth: why wouldn't the white house seize upon this historic moment? this is the white house's berlin
1:49 am
wall moment. and now we have this, congressional republicans -- reports are coming in -- that they're planning to do a demonstration in support of cuba on the first day of the hearing of house speaker nancy pelosi's select committee on the capitol riots. there's going to be a demonstration for freedom fighters in cuba led by republicans. what do you think of that? >> yeah, absolutely. whatever we can as americans to do to support the cuban people in their fight for freedom and democracy in the cuban nation, we should absolutely support it. and the biden administration is business by bringing in human rights investigators into the united states with instead of places like china, cuba or other nations that have egregious human rights records. china has a million uyghurs in concentration camps, yet the secretary of state wants to bring in investors into the united states to investigate human rights abuses. we need to stand with the cuban people. there's every -- most floridians stand with the cuban people. republicans stand with the cuban
1:50 am
people. we'll do whatever we can to support their fight for freedom and for liberty. elizabeth: you know, congressman, sources say there's literally millions of pages of testimony from former political prisoners who witnessed torture, experienced to have torture, experienced atrocities perpetrated by the cuban communist government. we have the largest anti-communist protest in decades breaking out in dozens of citieses and towns across cuba. protesters were shot at, attacked by dogs, beaten in the streets by pro-communist squads. we have never seen this happen in cuba in decades. isn't it time to take advantage of it and maybe bring freedom to these people? >> we absolutely should support them in whatever way that we can. if we have to support them in any way, bring them aid, bring them munitions, wring them some type of -- bring them some type of support to support their fight for freedom, then we should do that. we should stand with the people
1:51 am
who fight for freedom, liberty, democracy and not a communist, totalitarian regime. elizabeth: all right. congressman greg steube, thanks for joining us. you'll be back again with us soon. it's good to have you on. up next, texas attorney general ken paxton on the lone star state taking matters into its own hands, arresting illegal border crossers. we're going to take that story on coming up next. you're watching "the evening edit" this past year has felt like
1:52 am
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elizabeth: back with us texas attorney general ken paxton. we are hearing to enter texas is arresting illegal border crossers, is that true and on what charges? >> on state charges, this is plan by governor abbott tried to deal with the immigration issue that the government is not just ignoring but completely encouraging. we know we have a cartel problem, a drug problem and we will start dealing with that the best way that we can and we will use state law and arrest people. larry: we hear it's up to 100 detainees arrested per day, maybe 200 the day and they will be held on the state prison
1:56 am
north of the border city in laredo, is that true? >> that is the plan and there will be other plans as we go forward, it is getting worse, as you know were pretty creative state and with a fellow government doesn't do its job but refuses to do its job and encourages the opposite texas will step up and we will fight ourselves and try to protect the citizens and the citizens of the entire country. elizabeth: there is also this going on that the white house is criticizing states that have covid-19 cases on the rise, one in five cases came from florida alone, this is a national health issue, the biden administration, critics say, border patrol authorities say this they opened up the border, millions expected to pour in this year that means covid invariants are being exported two states, it's coming across the border and been sent out to states, illegals are
1:57 am
taking buses, planes, the covid-19 cases are on the rise in florida and hitting texas the estimate said 70% of those detained had sars, this is an issue at the national health issue for the country, right? >> this is amazing the biden demonstration constantly talking about was states are not doing they are letting people come into our country and exporting all across the country including florida to spread covid, i don't know how they could speak to us as a state when they're the ones who are spreading the disease the hypocrisy is amazing and it's really sad. elizabeth: here's the issue, showing that the biden administration release how many illegal immigrants have been sent to which state, how many of ls have been tested for covid how many have
1:58 am
been sent to florida, how many came to texas, again and again, were hearing that local border officials and towns in the mayors are really upset about this let's listen to a border town mayor don mclaughlin talk about this. >> i'm getting frustrated, they are tired of it it's like covid situation that were facing now were being told by this demonstration social distance, where your mask get ready for a shutdown, don't go here, don't go there stay at home, i wish everybody would get vaccinated but that's their choice. you have one point to million people to come across the southern border they're not telling them have you been vaccinated or anything. elizabeth: where are the numbers, why are they being hidden were in the middle of a global pandemic the administration is risking american lives, where humanitarian and want to take care of people, why isn't this being tracked.
1:59 am
>> i've been asking this ever since the start i've been to the police, the san antonio police, each one i was not given the numbers of how many are being transported, where there being transported and i asked elected officials, nobody answers the question, the biden administration has hidden it and the question is why are they hiding it and why is the media, unlike you not asking the question over and over where are these people going and spreading covid. larry: we will go knocking on people's door going door-to-door asking if there vaccinated but we don't know the current spiking cases can be attributed to this demonstration policy we don't know what variance have come through the border surely dr. fauci would want this information, why is that he demanded it. >> it's a question, you're the only one that's asked that question so far it's a question that has to be answered because the spread of covid could be tied to what the biden the
2:00 am
administration has said. elizabeth: where humanitarian country, texas attorney general ken paxton, thank you for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit", we hope you have a good weekend they stand for watching and join us again monday night. [ film projector clicking, piano playing dramatic music ] >> announcer: a century-old movie theater, the passion of a small-town businessman. >> his dying words were, "angela, don't let the theater go." >> announcer: but from here to eternity could be a long haul. >> anything that could go wrong went wrong. >> announcer: are the final credits about to roll? >> did he know that you would step up? >> i didn't get to tell him. [ voice breaking ] i'm sorry. >> announcer: or will there be an encore performance? >> do you ever think to yourself, "i wish my grandfather would have just left me the house?" >> i wish that so many times more than you know.


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