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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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planet which willve be published at the prize award ceremony taking place in london in october. now it seems like it might be competition for hairy but i wonder whose book is going to be juicier to read. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." we will be covering the markets in everything else tomorrow night's well but for now "the evening edit" starts now. elizabeth: angry democrat moderates now accuse speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer with political malpractice saying that they are strong-arm tactics are backfiring all over the biden agenda. turning infrastructure into a train wreck. outraged moderates say pelosi and schumer snatching the tea from the jaws of victory victory but nancy pelosi is doubling down "bridgerton" a house budget drink a member jason smith former cbo director douglas pope
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a deacon dr. ben carson congressman andy harris former police officer phillip halloway congresswoman maria salazar in the top public safety officer for texas lieutenant christopher olivera. wewe also have this a surprising admission from president biden about jobless benefits not really working so well. also senate minority leader mitch mcconnell playing hardball saying republicans in the senate will not vote to raise the debt ceiling because of the democrats massive spending telling democrats to have to go to loan. that could rock the markets plus more cities and counties now moving on masks -- mask mandates and 46 states look to get rid of their governors of the pandemic emergency powers in an escalating war of words between dr. fauci and senator rand paul is getting worse that they will show you even more rare video surfacing that appears to back up senator rand paul.
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is dr. fauci playing with fire on this research questioning who tis doing oversight of china using u.s. tax money and technology to do legal lethal work on viruses and also president biden claims democrats are not for defunding police. we have the evidence that shows otherwise in the administrations sanctioned cuban officials. experts say that's redundant and ineffective. we will show you what's really needed that the white house is moving him plus this debate. is the biden administration missing out on a crucial moment in history to fight communism in cuba and also video coming in again that the destruction caused by illegal immigrants in border towns and neighborhoods farms and ranches. you will hear harrowing stories from locals there and immigrants. they now fear for their lives because of the cartel. thanks for joining us i'm elizabeth elizabeth macdonald
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and "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪♪ we begin tonight with an doah monastic finishing higher reaching averages closing a half point of their respective record highs. look at this critics saying that "cnn" could not show camera shots of what the critics say was the town hall with the president last night. most of the room is empty for the president did raise eyebrows with his exchange with the restaurant chain owner. said he and he can't hire and for workers and he said extra unemployment insurance benefits as cat people home and not going back to work. watchnd this. sniff the entire industry amongstt other industries continues to struggle to find employees. how do you and the biden administration plan to incentivize those that haven't
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returned toe work yet? >> some of it is maintaining the ability to continue to not have to pay your rent so you don't get thrown out and being able to provide for unemployment insurance has kept people from going back to work. >> ile think your dismiss in the tourist business is really going to be in a bind for a little while. people paying seven or $8 an hour plus tips i think john you will be finding 15 bucks an hour more. elizabeth: joining me missouri congressman jason smith smith smith. ndthat was tough smith. i was tough talk for in the industry that's been hammered by shutdowns. >> i'm glad president biden is starting to see the light through domain you drive anywhere in missouri and you see help wanted signs all over the place because clearly and are these added unemployment benefits people are getting paid more to stay at home than they are to work and to find a job.
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so yeah of course this is a problem that is facing all of these small businesses trying to find folks to work and i'm glad the president biden is at least trying to understand that problem. elizabeth: let's move onto this brand-new fight the high-stakes drama inc. congress blaming nancy pelosi and chuck schumer forhu playing hardball. their strong-arm tactics are working saying all senate republicans will not vote to raise the federal debt limit and democrats will do with that in a big spending packages. you're talking government default. the money market funds or are they reacting. what do you say? >> liz democrats are spending like drunken sailors. they have reached their credit limited now is the time looking at the debt limit that we could put in fiscal restraint and stop spending. typically any time you increase the debt limit its typically
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bipartisan and you work together to make sure that you put those fiscal restraints. what's happening withis his reckless spending is that's causing inflation and inflation is a attack on all working-class americans and we have to put a stop to this immediately. elizabeth:at it will likely derl the democrats in the biden agenda. you need 10 republicans to lift the debt ceiling and he said that isn't going to happen and sonya democrats all of your tax hikes and all of your spending. it's going to be on you to increase the debt onll your on d thet clock is ticking g.congressmen. the august recess is fast approaching and we only have mmaybe 10 days until the borrowing power runs out. it's getting close close. what do you say? >> it's nine days before it runs out in secretary yelena saying they are claiming maybe when you
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have to raise it but what the senator is saying is that republicans and democrats need to work together. right now schumer pelosi and biden have been their way or the highway now is the time to come together and work to make sure we get our fiscal house in order. that is what he is saying if that's what needs to happen. these democrats need to stop their aggressive approach to raise our taxes higher than that of communist china and they need to stop their uncontrollable reckless spending that is resulting in incredible, incredible degree of record inflation. elizabeth: you know biden was there when it happenedhe under e obama administration in 2011 when there is a threat to physically default and lost their aaa ratings. what's going on with this house speaker nancy pelosi is doubling down saying to the senate you haves to pass it vigor
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$3.5 billion spending w bill fo. >> before we take up the infrastructure deal that the senate is working on next week. this is the hard left playing hardball saying if they saying if the ever structure fails they will demand 4 trillion in new spending. this is derailing really fast. how does the democrat leadership botches so entirely and how did they get it so wrong? this is political malpractice and where you is tip o'neill? >> liz there's never been a bipartisan agreement. a couple of weeks ago president biden came out with the republican and democratic senators saying we have an agreement in three hours later he said wade if you don't pass t separate reconciliation bill with all the items we didn't agree to that we want i will -- two days later the saturday he sends out a press release saying oh wait no also a bipartisan infrastructure built up the whole time speaker pelosi said
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she would not allow a bipartisan infrastructure package to pass and less than 3.5, 4.5, $5.5 trillion record trees -- reconciliation bill that will provide amnesty to illegal immigrants and a working-class tax break to some of the most wealthy and less they get all of those items gets no agreement. there has never been an agreement. elizabeth: moderates are saying we are going to lose the midterms because of this. congressman jason smith it's good to see you. >> good to see you liz. let's bring in director doug holtz-eakin. the democrats and schumer talking about more government spending is a magical inflation fighter and i want you to listen to this. president joe biden said he doesn't know anyone who thinks inflation is a problem. watch this. >> i don't know anybody
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including larry summers who is a friend of mine who is worried about inflation and suggesting there is any long-term problem if we do the things we are going to do. we will in fact reduce inflation reduce inflation, reduce inflation. we will be providing good opportunities and jobs for people who were inha fact are going to be reinvesting that money back into all the things we are talking about driving down prices, not raising prices. elizabeth: just because you say it doesn't make it so. the show larry summers thing yes this is a real problem. show larry summers and show buffet saying inflation is a real problem. how is it that government spending basically does not create inflation? can you explain that? >> we know inflation is up 5%
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over last year and it is accelerating. if you look at the numbers this year inflation has become more rampant. it is here in the question is how long will it last? it could very well be true we don't have the long-run inflation problem and the federal reserve will have to step in to control about a what caused? the federal reserve has never successfully reduced inflation without creating a recession so what you are saying is this is a sad problem and i hope you don't have a recession. that's not a solution to anything it's certainly the s case -- elizabeth:h: stay on that first for a second, we have got to talk about this. what happens is a market correction and that's what market history shows us that stocks go down. that's the gamble here. you'd look at unilever they are & jerry'sices and ben general mills is raising prices. take on this argument the white
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house is saying there've been half a dozen. when inflation took out 5%. biden is saying we are living in a post-world war ii environment. is that true? >> no. we have the simple american rescue plan that was $2 trillion in the congress did need that kind of stimulus and it's put us in with an enormous amount of cash. there's a lot of asset price inflation and moved into the supply chain with consumer prices. the fed chooses to control that it will do so by cutting back on liquidity raising rates and you'll see equity markets correct and they will go down no doubt about it. that's what you want to worry about. that's not the way to solve the problem. the thing the administration is doing is to do more down -- do no more damage. it's on the table in a bipartisan bill on the kind of
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spending that exacerbates inflation is everything in the reconciliation bill. that's where the danger is makingth it worse with $3.5 billion. elizabeth: it's like the states are often a laboratory experiment for federal decisions. 20 out of 26 states actually cut jobless rates the extra jobless benefits in their jobless rates plummeted below the nationalor average. they are tellingou you that the business coming out at d.c. doesn't really work. what do you say? >> again as you raise the inflation rate the fraction of your wages in insurance benefits go up and people stay unemployed longer. we have inflation rates well over 100% beyond anything we have had in history. if your state has a three or 4% unemployment rate that makes no sense you mean to get out of that regime as soon as possible.
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compare that to the statement in june and july and august we will see how fast it goes through. elizabeth's larry summers made the point with all the spending he said look at how richard nixon won. look at how reagan won and look at how richard nixon beat mcgovern and be jimmy carter produces listen larry summers is saying knock it off. it doesn't work. your final word's? >> if you look at the plans of the administration they would raise federal spending to the of the 10 year period and history including world war ii. you can't are all that money and you have to raise taxes to unprecedented levels and that's what larry summers knows and he's worried about. elizabeth: doug holtz-eakin thanks for joining us. next up the worst cities and counties moving on mask mandates would on mask mandates with look
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, former trump cabinet membe elizabeth elizabeth: back with this former term cabinet member dr. ben carson. it's always wonderful to have you on the show. where'd you come down on mask mandates because the white house is reinstating mandates. where'd you come down on that? >> dank u. is for having me. you know we need to take a look at what we know already and what has happened over the last year, year and a half. if you have been vaccinated or if you have had the disease and you have natural immunity you are protect did and if you are did you are unlikely to give it to anybody else and you are unlikely to get it from anybody else. we need to deal with that and stop trying to control people. if you look at the cities that have had big shutdowns and the
10:20 pm
cities that have not had big shutdowns who has done well and who is not done well? that's what science is all about. you look at the data and make decisions from that. we don't seem to be doing that. elizabeth: it's really interesting cities and towns are talking about mask mandates but 46 states are moving to strip their governorser of emergency pandemic powers. there are three and are proposals to dial back their powers here. what is your take on that? >> well youte know you look at e state that i was born in, michigan the governor's way off on one end and the people are somewhere else completely. it seems like some of the governors when given unbridled power just don't seem to know exactly what to do with it. it's a great weight on their shoulders because they are the governors and they are supposed to s protect people so they have to do stuff.
10:21 pm
that's where the problem comes because they don't. that's why they have legislatures and that's why you have people who are the representatives of the very communities who are in contactct with them in a multitude of counselors as the bible says it doesn't reside in one person. it has taken this situation to remind us of that and i'm glad states are coming to that conclusion. elizabeth: we hear it sadly what you are saying. we are tracking what's going on in indiana kansas kentucky michigan new york new jersey ohio and pennsylvania. these are the states where you are seeing them moving fastst ad hard to dial back these emergency powers. in your home state of michigan critics in that state in your home state to the government excludes power to maintain basically perpetual lockdowns for months that destroyed businesses and people's futures. is that what you think as well?
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>> well i don't think she did it on purpose. i think these people feel a great weight on their shoulders and they think they have to do something. it's just that they sometimes don't do the right thing and that's why it's better to have a legislative body involved and to have a single person doing something like that. you do need to have emergency powers for things when there's not time to debate but those should be limited and that's where you see a lot of these legislatures saying that governor can have emergency power for 30 days or for 21 days but then we will come in whatever spinks said if they don't agree with it and that's the kind of system that we have. if it's in place the works very well. elizabeth:. dr. ben carson thak you so much for joining us. i reallypp appreciated. come back soon. next up congressman andy harris on the war of words between
10:23 pm
dr. fauci and senator rand paul. senator rand paul says dr. fauci lied to congress in testimony capitol hill. we will show you rare video surfacing that backs up senator paul. his dr. fauci playing with firee talking about dangerous research and we will show you what he says next on "the evening edit." >> he understands and knows the purpose replicate virus in the laboratories that can be studied and he also understands the danger of a leak from that.
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all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. elizabeth: let's all come to show maryland congressman. he -- dr. and he harris. there's a major war of words between dr. fauci and senator rand paul. dr. fauci says rand paul the senator was completely off-line slanderous accusing slanderous accusing him of lying under oath. senator paul sent a criminal referral to the doj about this. where'd you come down on that? >> i simply don't understand how dr. fauci could have dr. fauci is on record clearly supporting research and moving the goalposts by changing the definition of what you consider an approach is not fair for then bottom line research was being done at wuhan and we know that
10:28 pm
dr. fauci reported gain of function the past and dr. paul only one snowflake is supported nih through health if it was significant and significant source of funding for data function research and regarding the covid-19 virus. elizabeth: dr. fauci testified in may of this year that there was no u.s. funding of data function research at the wuhan lab and top scientists said it in an article. isn't dr. fauci responsible for oversight of how china uses u.s. tax dollars in u.s. technology in this research? and mean this is lethal research that requires oversight. i want you to listen to the sound of dr. fauci in 2013. he is playing with fire produces you can't be too restrictive with science doing this lethal work. you have to let scientists get creative. watch this. >> you have to have some restrictions in the sunset you
10:29 pm
don't do work that could actually hurt people in the sense of if you have a laboratory accident you have to have the right containment. once you start being too restrictive you then impede creativity for so many of the good things that can come out of the same type of work. this is the same person that said benefits outweigh the risks. we are we are talking about 4 millionou people dead, 600,000 in the u.s.. what about lab accidents and leaks that have been going on for generations? what about china's bioweapons program? r the sounds reckless. >> that's hopefully right. dr. thought she is being very native here is an imperfect world we could have sciences to this kind of research but we don't live in a perfect world. we live in a world where the communist chinese party runs wuhan virology and there's
10:30 pm
evidence that they engineered function and respiratory viruses probably in contradiction to the g&a that can mention and it's naïve to believe they don't have to have a't frank discussion abt what was going on in the wuhan lab. covid-19 is out of the bag. the problem is the next virus that the chinese are -- dr. fauci is a lot of power and that's what senator rand paul is saying received tens of thousand dollars in grant money from scientist who are afraid it's dr. fauci. they do want to lose that funding. the thing when the obama administration stop the research inst 2014 and three started in 2017 what where the guardrails put in g place? you have to have extraordinary oversight. we are exploiting u.s. virus technology to china at the lujan lab. the wuhan is the epicenter of this pandemic. who signed off on china?
10:31 pm
>> look i don't know but the world is going to have to have a very frank discussion about whether we should outlaw a gain of function research for any virus that could do, pandemic virus. obviously it's become -- elizabeth: did we lose him? i think we did. okay we are going to wrap it up there. we are so sorry we lost satellite feed. we'll ask congressman andy harris back on again. next up president biden again planning democrats are not abour or for -- but we have the evidence that shows otherwise. former police officer and prosecutor phillip halloway is next o on "the evening edit." stay right there. in my opinion president biden is not telling the truth. maybe george washington could not tell a lie but just about
10:32 pm
every politician sense has mastered this skill and i don't mean to be ugly but president biden has a ph.d. in it.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we're coming out of the bo elizabeth: we are coming down to the bottom of the hour and you're watching the fox business network. a police officer and prosecutor now defense attorney. it's great to have you on. have you on. what did you make a president biden saying at "cnn" town hall hall that o none of the democrac party supports defunding the police. what did you think of that? >> it's great to be here liz. thanks for having me. just not truthful and honest to say that this government and i'm not talking about just the administration, the government at all levels from mayors all through congress and even up to thee white house, these people y
10:37 pm
and large are in fact anti-police. they just are and not all of them of course but every officer that i speak to and certainly some of the ones i have represented they see it when the police chief sacrifice them on the altar of political expediency. they recognize when theze distrt attorney wants to prosecute them for doingim their job and they certainly see it when politicians and elected officials of all stripes go on nationalsi television and say defund the police a year ago when it was politically expedient to do so and then come out in today's day and age and say that's not what i said. on tape.ot it elizabeth: let's show it. let's show the sound. watch this. >> yes i support the funding the movement of not only do we need to defund but dismantle and start anew. >> why use the word defund?
10:38 pm
this is the word coming from the streets. >> i am for defunding the police. >> in many cities in america over one third of the city budget goes to the police. we have to have this conversation. what are we doing? elizabeth: the president campaigned on defunding the police and they backtracked on a per let's show the full list. fill up here's the other thing that's going on. the president seems to when he was talking about violent crimes last night heme said crime is dn but gun violence is up. we are talking about murders at ncthe highest point since 1995 d in california san francisco los angeles they rank in the top five for retail theft. people brazenly walking into t.j. maxx neiman marcus walgreens in looting and stealing and walking out. they aren't even running out. they are walking right out the door. what do you say? >> o only anarchists liz want to live in a world where thieves
10:39 pm
are not persecuted in the business can set up shop and expect people to pay for hamerchandise. that is not an organized society that's anarchists and it's simply not true for the president or anyone else to say that crime generally is down. what may be down a rest and maybe down. especially during the horror of the pandemic police and jails when out of their way to keep the jail populations down. police let a lot of a lot of things lied on purpose because of the pandemic but then what happened after the peak of the pandemic, we had the defund the police movement and police suddenly became the villain and what police did is they said okay we don't have to make a traffic stop and we are going to make one. we will only do what we actually must do. we won't do the discretionary things and that means arrests
10:40 pm
were way down to look at the statistics and talk about a claim that crime is down because arrests are down that's deceptive and i would call the lie. elizabeth: if police activity job by half in the cities that defund if we are looking at the studies and you look at california $950 bets are just a misdemeanor not a felony so people are getting away with the equivalent of a traffic ticket. that's what's happening. >> there are and even charging them with a crime. they are walking out with free stuff. here in the atlantic area where i live the atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms says she is going to create this new office that is going to be charged with reducing crime. guess what madam mayor you have the office prince called the atlanta police department. if you use it properly, if you fund itrl properly inflated due its work guess what crime is going to come down and we don't
10:41 pm
need to create any new office. elizabeth: phillip halloway it's great to have you on. up next congressman mariait salazar is back with us. administrationst levees sanctios against top cuban officials are that's being talked about as an effective. there's a more powerful way to go though the pananian stray schenn is pursuing. also this can the biden white house afford to miss out on a crucial moment in history to fight communism in cuba? that story is next. >> these people are are going at a great risk to themselves and their families. we are essentially a police state in cuba.
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then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business. and offer plans as low as 30 dollars per line. come to verizon small business days on fridays in july to get a plan that's built right for your business. elizabeth: has now a member of ther house foreign affairs congresswoman maria salazar is back with us.
10:46 pm
it's great to have you on. congresswoman booted you think ofco the new sanctions for biden white house put on the cuban military and mission of the interior and what was your reaction when he heard that? >> think about it liz what would the cuban people do with sanctions against one of their oppressors? and repressor is not going to come toe miami art to shop at macy's or go to orlando to visit mickey mouse. we have 62 years composed economic sanctions. what i'm saying to you is the only thing that we need to do the biden administration needs to do is to empower and give into the cuban people so they can embolden themselves go into the streets once again and and tell the world what they want which is freedom. the biden administration did something just like a little
10:47 pm
morsel so we can be happy but we are not. we want to and the cuban tyranny. elizabeth: it's basically another layer. they are covered by earlier actions and they don't work in cuba. the communist regime doesn't care about sanctions. they own the country and they do whatever they want but the real action ishect getting cuba backn the internet. the biden administration is moving on the internet access by virtual private networks to let cubans communicate freely with each other and the regime can't hack it. would he think of that? >> that is exactly what we need tot do. the regime has the technology and the private sector has the technology. mike tom paos secretary of state in 2019 provided that same service to the iranians. it gives cubans the power and the message that they are not alone that we are watching what they are doing it that they need
10:48 pm
to continue being emboldened. the streets and .protest because they have lost everythingth liz. they don't have food and they don't have medicine they don't have clothing. they don't havee anything. they have regression. at least say if the cubans took it to the scientific level because they have t are the and borrowed from the kgb in russia and put together a cocktail that is mortal. it's a titanic nightmare and where the poor cubans have lived for 62 years. it's a historical moment for the biden administration to demonstrate that we are still a beacon of hope in the world that he is stepping up. elizabeth: critics are saying this shows the shocking depravity of thef far left and stepping up and speaking out of
10:49 pm
what's going on in cuba. we are seeing china russia and iran on the rise. they are all over cuba and oliver venezuela. what's happening in cuba and venezuela they have taken people's rights to defend themselves and took away their guns in the communist party seizedse everything seize property. they are seizing at the borders food and medicines for themselves so is the bidens administration missing this historic moment where george h.w. bush and reagan picked up on this moment? are they missing this historic moment? >> absolutely they are. it took them 24 hours to say a word about what was happening in cuba and they have to send a message to the biden administration. i am a proud republican and i will be a proud american to say to the cuban people you know i represent the city of miami and they represent the cuban exile community in the united states andin what i am saying is -- my
10:50 pm
staff is giving me new input i want to share with you. what i'm saying is that what we need to do right now is not to impose more economic sanctions because every time we have economic sanctions to cubans and now to circumvent it and they know how to go around it. do you see what i'm saying? why and saint hughat is right nw what we need to do is to empower the cuban people and to give them what they need which is information. o more power to go out and no more sanctions. they are missing and historical moment absolutely they are. elizabeth: we will have you back on congresswoman maria salazar. you have such a passion for the people you represent.ou up next the top public safety officer for texas defending christopher olivarez illegal
10:51 pm
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's elizabeth: joining us now texas office of public safety officer lieutenant christopher olivares. it's great to have you owned the lieutenant this footage is coming in and how harrowing it is for people living in the border neighborhoods and towns. what can you tell us about what's going on with destruction caused by illegal immigrant crossing over? >> thanks for having me on. appreciate it. you can see heree apprehensions have not come down by anywn meas and there continues to be a crisis that continues to affect everyone of what you're saying is it's affected by ranchers and purpy honors. the construction of fencing which has already begun. elizabeth: i'd like you to listenen to what the ranchers themselves and the people at the border are saying about what they are going through and also
10:56 pm
gut-wrenching fear from illegaln immigrants talking to "fox news" but they are afraid of what the cartels can do to them. they paid the cartels to bring them here illegally. let's watch this. >> there is way more fences that our cat and tied up and gates left open for your cows are always out holes and water lines in cutting water lines draining storage tanks. there's a bunch of people behind the bush somewhere watching you and you don't know who it is. [speaking spanish]
10:57 pm
that illegal immigrants was calling them the mafia was saying they take photos of us and basically if they don't pay up the spilled blood. they don't care. what do you say? >> that is correct. we have seen the cartel operate on the u.s. side smuggling illegal immigrants through the ranches through these properties and they are heavily armed. they are very dangerous not only to the general public but to the ranchers and the people that live out there on these country lands and that's why we have to get construction of the border fence. we party started taking action by arresting illegal immigrants for criminal trespass and criminalas mischief. spla tenet hears the other thing. drug trafficking is direct we
10:58 pm
tied to the rise in crime and violent crime in our u.s. cities. it's the seizures of them to know here in new york have more thanan tripled. with a major rise in shootings and homicides in murders. so there is a link to that and we talked that and we talked to law enforcement all the time. what is your response about that? >> gets a the administration's open border policies we are seeing an increasecr in fentanyl and we have an agency in a the state agency that has seized more fentanyl,en enough to kill 20 million people. that's texas and california combined and an increase from last year. that's a significant problem that is critical and continuing to rise b because of the open border policies and that's why we are taking action of the state. we signed a bill to enhance penalties for manufacturing and distributing them to know making
10:59 pm
it a third-degree charge. we are cracking down on fentanyl. elizabeth: we have the deadliest year since 1995 in murders come the deadliest year of drug overdoses here in the united states. we also have a tenfold increase in covid cases inside the illegal immigrant communities coming into our detention centers. can you talk about that? >> that isep correct. asthere's a 900% increase among detainees and the situation is out of control. the data shows if it's not only illegall immigration but we have drug smuggling and also now the covid situation. these cartels and these smugglers are exploiting the current situation and because of border policy they are taking advantage of it. elizabeth: lieutenantng christopher olivares thank you for joining us and thank you for
11:00 pm
your service to our country. good to have you on. it's good information. i'm elizabeth macdonald and you are watching "the evening edit." that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening and thank you so much foror watching. join us again tomorrow night. ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. so how about we start with some daily hot topic, even pet peeves which may or may not be discussed on the show, but if we don't get 'em tonight, we'll get 'em tomorrow. first up, i am still totally peeved about the biden cave-in to vladimir putin on the nord stream 2 pipeline that trumpers like myself stopped for a couple of years. biden has caved in. and almost worse, they say they'll sanction russia if russia weaponizeshe


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