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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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larry: sorry, mr. president, but no one really believes that $4 trillion more in federal spending will cut the inflation
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anymore. >> that continues to be cdc guidance. >> you can say that's going to be the guidance. >> i am not the cdc director. >> last night the president did address masking guidance for schoolkids. >> the cdc is going to say that what you should do is everyone over the age -- under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. that is probably what's going to happen.
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dagen: what happened to president biden's that message the u.s. is close to independence from the virus? and won't masks be making a comeback even for young children and the fully vaccinated? here they to break it all down medical correspondent author of covid the politics of fear and the power of science, doctor marc siegel. dr. siegel, how does this encourage the un- vaccinates get vaccinated by making everyone for masks? what about the benefit of being vaccine for all of those people? i sit on the five tonight speaking on behalf of all vaccinated americans and those with antibiotics, bite me. >> first of all, dagen you added the first part that hat must be mentioned break those with anti- bison gun over coed pre-they've been excluded from any conversation whatsoever. many i cannot even give the vaccine to yet maybe i want to give one shot instead of to those have to be included. it's the politics of fear,
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isn't it? suddenly want everyone to think we are vaccinated but we've got to work masks again, which again as you are implying it takes away the idea the vaccine get you any freedom and we want our freedom back. we are so beat up and so full of anxiety from a year end a half now of this pandemic. we went to exit the pandemic and most of's understand how valuable the vaccine is towards that exit. there is a huge difference between vaccines and masks. the vaccine is incredibly effective. the mask adds something especially if your unvaccinated parade that difference has been kept in people's minds when he clarity not confusion up a government concert with the stick and with threats and with the mandates for whole problem years mandates. elected city antiwar thing a mask should be used but my problem is with the word mandate. >> a private business owner tells me they will need to wear a mask in their establishment i will certainly do that.
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but in terms of mandating, having the anyway, fit, form invincible to yet have the vaccine to get vaccinated. the fumbling and bumbling that comes out of this white house, makes no sense. actually makes up a more nervous than not predict that if using texas a democrats going to washington covid is spreading kamala harris exposed to it. she tested negative that could have used that as a moment to say this is a nonevent this is why get vaccinated nobody's really sick. they did not do it and there twiddling their thumbs at this point. >> remember if it would've been republicans on that plane they would've called a super spreader event and five seconds. but because it's democrats they do not want to wear shame on that part shame is the problem is in it? people are being shamed and bullied. i have to tell you, but less likely present had a more
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humble tone prevents or needs to go. first we should praise the prior admission ration for bringing this vaccine incredible tool is not done that once cannot hold your breath on that. we need humbleness we need an idea, the one line he said this on a want to repeat as a team that sees their friends getting a vaccine and said i did okay, that is how you get someone else too take the vaccine. not my mandating anything paid not by threatening masks. not by the government constantly getting too involved here pretty growth your point about the business owner. i thought about that a lot today. because a business may say there is a legal issue here. i want to be protected per their people here on vaccinated, maybe the malt may say i want you to wear a mask but i respect that. the government has no business being there. >> dr. siegel great to see you as always. we will see you very soon.
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meantime beijing today slamming the door on a new probe into the origins of covid-19 predict top chinese health officials sing this new investigation from the world health organization which would include looking at a lead from the virology lab in wuhan, china is impossible to accept. so with china close call for transparency what does that mean when it comes to finding out what really happened in wuhan? how did this virus get out and kill more than 4 million people around the world? let's get into that tonight's panel or mark congressman shawna duffy attorney and cohost of outnumbered emily, hard at work on the tv. and democratic strategists author of the end of democracy, doug is shown. former congressman duffy i go to you first. will we ever get answers on this? certainly not with the help of china. >> note first of all, dagen the w.h.o. is going to china
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year end a half after the hat should have. most the world recognize the virus probably came from a lab once everyone recognizes that the w.h.o. follow said were going to do an investigation in china, give me a break. they are try cover for themselves. number two the this investigation disregards commonsense advice science. common us are liars whether they are in china the old soviet union, cuba or american common as they lie about everything. of course this makes sense. they will have none of it they will not allow access because they know the virus scan for a lab not a market. dagen: if they are exhaling they are lying as my father would say. doug, i'm disappointed it does seemed like the white house is taking this more seriously they know it matters to the american people to get to the root of it. we do know it did come from china and they dismissed the lab leak theory early on now they seem to be getting on
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board that. they slammed today china for dangerous projection of this new covid to probe it. as the white house getting religion on this? they know it could hurt them in the midterm. >> that i think they are getting religion for political reasons, dagen think you're exactly right. think they're recognizing also that unless they get tough on china more generally in terms of human rights in the providence, taiwan, hong kong, the south china sea, unless we stand up to china our foreign policy is significantly worse as i wrote and you reference it. and indeed i think the lab leak theory which was politically incorrect a year or so ago. his becoming the only philosophy or source of the
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virus as duffy suggested. i think they're playing catch up i think they have to and they see the political risk as you correctly reference bread. >> everything is really a political calculation. i guess that's always true in politics certainly coming out of this white house. i million terms of the aa show investigation they did earlier this year, this is how hideously comical it was. their report they issued comments one of the reasons he bided administrations at oak, we are going to do our own investigation they said the wuhan virology lab leak was less likely than the virus it being imported into china and frozen food. that is how embarrassing it was. >> that is literally more likely than my told people i was a natural blonde as you can see the black roots. get out of here with that. first of all, dagen, whatever output i put out there pales
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in comparison to your contribution to this network my dear. but i have to say as far back as 2018 the united states scientist attached to the embassy there in china sounded the alarm in beijing, sounded the alarm about wuhan labs we know this they sent multiple sensitive not classified cable to the united states raising the alarm about the safety issues there at the lab the gain of function research and the miss management and a compostable cesspool that created and a danger it posed to public health around the globe. none of this was new. i feared the ship has sailed. i think it frankly has because during this time this current administration decided to tell us it's about the bath it was conspiracy theory to question the transparency of the chinese government and those lab officials the chinese it donated over $30 million to the w.h.o. so of course are one to flex their muscles now and say you cannot investigate us and we are not going to let you in. they've been doing that since
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day one. and now their money talks. this is also the reason the prior administration raises so many concerns about the w.h.o. because of that influence. dagen: i am stuck on the combustible cesspool. [laughter] i am just thinking about exploding septic tanks and porta john's i don't know. [laughter] not a good picture. >> pretty much. dagen: i'll leave the audience with that. [laughter] will be back the panels going to stick around they'll be right back in a few minutes. president biden finally admitting paying people more to stay home might not be helping the problem predict that mean he'll stop his spending spree? jonathan hoenig joins the next to discuss. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved
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administration plan to incentivize those one as you knows we kept to open. and one of the things they're ending all those things that are keeping people back from going back to work et cetera. >> , secondly my john is people being seven or $8 an hour plus tips i think, john, you're going be fighting 15 bucks an hour or more. >> so is the real fix for small businesses to get the government out of the way? tony meno capitalist hedge fund manager author of the new book prices primary, jonathan hoenig. i have known jonathan, 20 years more than that. jonathan, 11 when a politician screws up and actually tell use you the truth bread which is what he did sing our policies may be kept people out of the workforce. >> this is like in obama's share of the wealth of moment over again.
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i'm going to tell you, it may be kind of angry with joe biden has been an officer 46 years, that is 57% of his entire life is by the taxpayer diaper now his way to come along until a business owner what he or she, what is the right way for they to pay their employees? it's a maddening and shows a complete detachment from the knowledge of running a business. wages are based on productivity they're not based on when and feeling like they offered to buy the democrat. biden is right paying people not too work is keeping people out of the workforce paid that's a big part of a told the economy back right now. dagen: be careful though, would joe biden's talk not paying people not too work in the three and half trillion dollar spending plan not much bigger than that. there's one entitlement after a another that is essentially a welfare with no work incentive. you get where the work or not. you talk about paid family leave, free community
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college monies are giant entitlement programs. it is just more if they much bigger expansion of what businesses have already had to do with. rex bettis was so frustrated pretty care about the economy you'd want notes to miss the bigger the stimulus the longer the recovery pay look, i was at an applebee's two or three weeks ago there's a two hour wait but hardly any woodworking because they could not literally find the workers to fill those tables. what's most maddening about biden's comments is that snarky, you owe us type of mentality. we bailed you out now you owe us. it's the old semi mommies is that he who writes the checks makes the rules because they got a bailout not just like the automakers, the banks, now for some reasons are the restaurants or arm of the federal government theft disgusting. >> i did not think about that paid that's the one thing that bothered me the most about what he sang last night.
8:19 pm
we kept to open. it is a threat. it is a threat. they burden these businesses with this extra unemployment money. i cannot so sneaky but the democrats try to be sneaky way to get businesses, smaller businesses in areas that cannot afford $15 per hour. but it's basically to a higher minimum wage. >> 's to shame them as well print essay to a business owner you did not belt that we built that we kept to open. your employees are the ones, they are the most important. you think about the plates that any business owner specifically small business owner they're finally coming back from the pandemic. they were able to hang on. and now along comes joe biden has not worked in the private sector i don't know his entire life? he is going to make the decision how small business or any business should operate? people should be offended by that type of audacity from this prison or any president president. >> as a child of two small
8:20 pm
business owners might parents ran a very small wholesale grocery store in the rural south. and i knew from people who never took a vacation, i did not know what a vacation was until i was an adult, that politicians they talk a big game but they do not give a flying and damn small business owners. they have no idea the suffering in saffron fireplaces, the dedication of all those men and women provide over jonathan berg. >> that's exactly it for there's no appreciation for what it takes keep one person employed let alone tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands but is not government we should be thanking its business big and small, abiding get out of their way. dagen: well said, emily compagno. president biden claiming republicans are lying about democrats pushing the defunding police movement. we will roll the tape and get you the truth after the break
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♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models. experience amazing. dagen: ends are lying when they say democrats want to defend the police. watch this. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party is anti- police? >> they are lying. no, look never once, we have to change a police conduct. we have to have rules where things are open. >> he says he is never advocated for it.
8:26 pm
last summer he did call for the redirection of some police funding. several members of the presidents of party, many have explicitly called for police departments around the country to be defunded. here is a reminder, mr. president. >> yes i support the defendant movements. not only duty to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew. >> why use the word defund? this is the where that's coming from the streets. >> i am for defining the police paid. >> a moment to reimagine please take things out there shoulder spread. >> many cities in america over one third of their city budget goes to police. so we have to have this conversation. what are we doing? >> we are having this conversation. what are we doing with the violent crimes spiking and every major city in the country? is this another executive memory lapse or is biden the one really dodging the truth? the panel back, duffy, emily
8:27 pm
compagno, doug schoen. what you make of this? >> i think he continues to lie to cover up or to forget whatever when you choose it does not look good. those of us who are stuck in cities burned to the ground with zero consequences, and zero prosecution, zero sentencing zero anything that will provide these those getting away with it. we're the ones left holding the bill for an effective leader also left holding the bill that provide security for mayors. example seattle where i live, the mayor has two details one from seattle police officers and another executive protection detail that my tax dollars pay for comment two different ones. yet she defunded the seattle police departments. and by the way, when one calls in sick or detail is the priority. so it addition to defunding, these guys are shortstaffed because they are busy protecting her manchin. and meanwhile, the judge that was in charge of the d.o.j.
8:28 pm
investigation the police department said to city council you sent us three steps back. there is nobody who has a reasonable point of view that sees this as anything positive. but for biden to deny when a heckler yelled abolish eyes i agree, it give me time i'm working on it man give me five days without outside atlanta. he might not remember but we do. >> doug, it's like he does not know what he saying. yes i am saying that outlet is going to stab not trying to insult them but it is insulting for him, doug, standford of the american people who are experiencing spikes in crime and all these major cities. that hurts the very lower and middle income people that cannot afford it. the rich, they are writing around in their chauffeur driven escalates living behind gates. but not people who have to take the subway to work for. >> that is why eric adams was
8:29 pm
nominated and most likely, digging, going to be elected mayor of new york for his informant policeman who explicitly rejects the defund the police movement. is a proud democrat. but also understand you can reform the police and keep funding at high levels, which we absolutely have to do. and joe biden understands one other thing going back to our prior conversation, if defund becomes a predominate rhetoric to associate with the democrats it will definitely is the house and kids well lose the senate in 2022. that is something he earnestly does not have. >> sean is not just defund movement the demonization of our police officers has the same effect as defunding. it's the rampant lawlessness. whether the shoplifting out in california in broad daylight,
8:30 pm
happening here in new york. if donald trump had said something as audacious as what joe biden said last night there would have been a giant pinocchio on the front page of the washington post in the "new york times". >> all yes, dagen, the video does not lie, right? you have the squad you played a video from them. also the democrat activists will be a lemon and teeth are all part of the movement of defund the police. will to all the cities and have the greatest violence who defend the place with chicago, new york, baltimore, san francisco, all of them are run by democrats. it is idiotic. i saw them say that first i was angry pretty got to the point i feel bad for him. i think the guy is absolutely losing his mind. i think you bring up a very good points, it's the democrats driven this narrative we can disrespect law enforcement. we've seen the videos where they have thrown water balloons on police are dumping the water over their heads or chastising them as her trying to do their job.
8:31 pm
that is come from the left. the hate law enforcement. to try to call republicans liars because we called them out when joe biden is recognizing anything doug mentioned this, this is a political nightmare for them in a year end have to going to list the house. one last point, doug mentioned it's okay to reform the police. we all agree we can reform the police. that is i would biden was talking about who's re- connecting money away from law enforcement process called defund the police, dagen. >> it could get worse because i carry around this quote from rashida tillie congress "no more policing incarceration and militarization read that means no more prisons. that means crime it pays. and you are anti- cop but per. that makes sense for just really quickly want to relay a story have not told it anywhere before. somebody was getting in the face of a couple of police officers here in new york, nearby. and was threatening them i
8:32 pm
dare you, i day your comment hit me, i can hit you you cannot hit me back. someone was watching and went over too this guide is antagonizing the police he said these gentlemen, these officers can't touch you but i will pound you into the ground my friend. and the guy ran off. love that, love that. >> he was a big fellow. meantime american supreme claimant czar john kerry is going on again from london retold a bevy of a private jet owners the time is running out in this fight against climate change. just like it was in the 60s, and 80s, and 90s. >> i am very sorry to say the suffering of covid will be magnified many times over and a world that does not grapple with and ultimately halt the climate crisis. we do not have the luxury of
8:33 pm
waiting until covid is vanquished to take up the climate challenge. dagen: so what will the yacht club ask the peasants to sacrifice next question workers a hint and new study from sweden claims that men produce more greenhouse gases than women because of their passion for meat and cars. [laughter] lead researcher say government should intervene to change mail spending habits. so how will they do that, sean i do not mean to man shame. i will shame john kerry because he is a doofus. >> i disagreed john kerry paid by do probably agree men use more carbon than women. i'm going to take that one. faster cars, more drive-in, more red meat, less healthy. this guy's an idiot, right? he's pretty davos crowd is part of the aspen crowd pretty spent his life flying around on a private jet. liz had a lot of people talk to my former member of a ton
8:34 pm
of people coming up to me, they don't care about climate change. the link of using gas prices of the pump question if they're going to the roof for the care about the border, the care about the military. they care about getting a job. if your small business in this show, you cannot hire anyone. those of the issues people care about. john kerry is so out of touch with the mainstream of america. by the way for do care about claimant leave us alone. go talk to the chinese they are the big polluters not us. dagen: doug, with the energy boom which president biden is trying to reverse, our admissions in this country were falling dramatically per capita they were the lowest they had been before the pandemic since 1950 because of the natural gas and the fracking >>. president biden signed reverse that seo can actually create jobs and lower energy prices and american prosperity, and help the climate. but that is going away under
8:35 pm
this administration. >> look, i wish i could totally disagree with you, dagen, i can't. i do not understand why my party does not embrace a solution to the energy crisis that embraces all forms of energy. if you listen to most democrats the only form of power that we should accept is either wind or solar or electric. fossil fuels have a role. they become further independent. dagen: emily, i think you could give any man a run for their money in terms of admissions. [laughter] i don't mean that as it insults part i mean that as a huge compliment. >> one 100% of think about that, dagen you and i are probably total exception to this in terms of the purchase of the fuel, alcohol or what else? eating out or whatever part we love our cars don't we?
8:36 pm
we will not apologize for it. we are the exception probably sobered although my new while runs a clean my don't hate mail me. i think the hypocrisy is alive and well part obscene john kerry insists on flying a private on occasion as well as flying mass close. the whole point is the administration from the beginning of time failed to see what reasonable ordinary americans care about and how they do care about the environment. of course they care about climate but they have to prioritize food on the table for the families first for they have to prioritize a job first. said those things can coexist but it also is important to recognize as sean pointed out they have to have some type of international cooperation you have to have international buy-in. which means again consequences for people like india and china don't care the not subscribing for everyone touting the paris accord that is not quite exactly achieving the steps i think the people on the streets on thursday while the rest of us are at
8:37 pm
work protesting are seeming to tout it as. dagen: amen pay the tokyo olympic games meantime kicking off in less than 12 hours. players arty polluting it with politics. several teams include the u.s. women's soccer team took a knee before the first olympic matches yesterday. according to the new rules athletes are allowed to express their views and make statements on the field as long as the game has not started. and they have to be respectful to fellow competitors. sold this year's game be overrun with political protest? emily i and with you, i begin with you. who is calling for more politics? >> are a few different global groups that represent athletes who said the new rules do not go far enough. they say hey look, if we cannot demonstrate on the actual podium and on the field dream a play that you know what? what platform do we have a question of the whole point especially as americans we have that right to protest. we have that right to speak against the government at any
8:38 pm
time. however these guys are seeming to use the one platform that actually unites this country. and unites the globe in fair competition and affairs sports. they are trying to use that unfortunately to continue poisoning the well paired. >> yes, doug? >> no, i really wish we could put the protest aside, a focus on competition and staying safe will be better as a nation part will be better with the olympics and we will have a better experience paired. >> and stop banning people for using marijuana maybe? i am sad richardson's not going to be there sean, the final notes the protest actually make people not care about the olympics? and not root for america or at least american teams which is so counterproductive. >> dagen i am in that category. i'm not going to watch the olympics this year especially the woke woman soccer team.
8:39 pm
i do not give a rat backside about their politics. i imagine people what to make them watch them play soccer i don't care about politics the u.s. soccer team lost three -- zero they got transmitted should focus more on soccer less on politics and try to win some games, right? >> i am not rooting for anyone to lose. i will end with this thank you panel. great to see all three of you. always. >> the once beautiful venice beach being overwhelmed by the crisis. and tax paying residents say enough. one local joins me in moments. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning. ♪ ♪ dagen: outrage in venice beach is the homeless crisis continues to overwhelm the city. officials risley conducted a
8:44 pm
massive cleanup less than a week later the homeless were back setting up their tents on the beach and swarming the tours filled boardwalk. business owner said they've had enough in our guest tonight is calling it a crisis of government for joining me now, venice neighborhood council member and venice beach resident, i have been there, it is such an incredibly unique and beautiful place. but not anymore. and why is it? this is been going on literally for years. why isn't something being done to at least make it habitable for the residents who pay taxes? >> hi, thank you so much for having me on. you ask a really great question. something we do not get from any of our elected officials, remember this is not a housing crisis. this is a failure of leadership and government, that is what it is. our mayor, our council members
8:45 pm
have all failed us. they have all advocated their responsibilities and left us in this crisis. that is a great question, why don't they clean it up? >> what are the options? how would the los angeles police department get involved? i've had so many private conversations about this. this is an issue of drug addiction, alcohol addition and mental illness it is not housing related. they should tackle it and they won't. what could they do about it? >> i remember the lapd is not able to do anything. their hands are tied. the lapd served with the police chief which is appointed by the mayor, where's the mayor today? he is on his way to india. so it happens is lapd their hands are tied there is nothing they can do. with embattled boardwalk
8:46 pm
owners have looked to is there's really only one person who is able to step in. that is l.a. county sheriff. what i learned from him is he's elected directly by the people. he has decided to step in part he says he has jurisdiction is going to clean up the boardwalk. and if he is wrong that is a risk he takes and he will not be reelected. however, he is able to do that because he does not report to the mayor or career politicians in los angeles. >> do they not understand, one of my colleagues was in venice beach recently. she'd been there so many times before it was shocked at the condition of it. don't they realize this is the downward spiral? i lived in san francisco example 20 years ago. it was bad then. it is on an habitable comment many parts of the city now. people are leaving. people are living san fran to come to new york city.
8:47 pm
it will become this and downward financial spiral for the whole community unless somebody steps in to do something about it. >> i think the saddest part is i am from los angeles. i am from the east side. venice beach has historically been the beach of working-class individuals, mostly black and latino families who grew up in lens, where we do not use its very expensive we would drive an hour, hour and have to spend our weekend at the beach. and you remember if you take away the beach there is no reason to be in california. it is such a high difficult to work in states. so the most important thing you could do for an inter- city child is give them a free safe space where they comply on weekends and get out of the heat. it's a very dystopian view
8:48 pm
that the elected officials have today. jackie: thank you for being here is terrific to speak with you please come back. >> thank you. dagen: the topical storm is next. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear!
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dagen: a new study finds most or magic relationship start is friendship spread you are not any friend a zone you are in the waiting room for that is the bright side of being sidelined. and this is a topical storm. topic number one, and a strain athlete is being sent home from the olympic village after testing positive for cocaine. the official village idiots, jamie was a member of australians equestrian team as a show jumper. but apparently his horse could not get high enough for him. jamie has admitted to recreational use of cocaine at a social event sprayed that is one way to blow your dream. i am not surprised these questions are practically famous for horsing around. his coaches must feel really >> this whole time they thought those snorting sounds were coming from his horse.
8:53 pm
jamie's horse without be disqualified from the olympics and sent back to australia or jamie himself will be turned into glue. topic number two, leslie president biden went on cnn to answer the tough questions, at least they were tough for him, let's face it this man is as sharp as alpaca for. you have seen the highlights but watch this a lowlight when the president was asked about vaccines and experience and near 32nd brain freeze. maybe he had been eating too much ice cream, watch this. >> the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you, or, why can't the experts say we know this virus is in fact -- it is going to be, or excuse me, we know all of the drugs approved are not temporary poop permit approved.
8:54 pm
dagen: there he is the missive voted for president in american history, limit to the democrats to hear a sound bite like that and think once but that guy in charge of everything. cnn later clarified what joe is trying to say was a do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men. topic number three, and now heart pounding video of a high-speed chase that started in fort lauderdale and ended in hollywood, florida with the car flipping upside down. talk about a hollywood ending. here's the dashcam recording from a highway patrol car speeding and weaving through traffic in hot pursuit of the alleged car thief. i dotes hard to tell this is a car chase because this is how everybody drives in florida. normally you do not see this much speed and horsepower outside of equestrian competition. now watch as the suspect veered to the right crashing into two other cars and flipping upside down. mike golly i've not seen a car
8:55 pm
crash this bad since joe biden cnn town hall. although this is much less painful to watch. i came away from the crash nearly unscathed and learned a valuable lesson, when changing lanes always use your turn signal. topic number four, president obama and bruce springsteen or writing a book together titled renegades, board in the usa. me thanks that out protest too much of mr. president. the book is described as a collection of candid intimate and entertaining conversations which is most likely code for calling people racist. the president and the boss have been working together on a podcast of the same name since earlier this year. here they are pretending to be friends who care about cars. as you can see barack obama as a driving because by this time of day, bruce is totally hammered. actually, president obama has been a long time springsteen fan which is why has official
8:56 pm
portrait painted in the secret garden. the book will include three to 50 photos and illustrations. that would present biden can enjoy it too. i will also include some of bruce's hand written lyrics and some of present obama's speeches. gee, i hope they include the ones with the empty platitudes about ordinary working folks. those are my favorite. we'll be right back. state-of-the-art but dependable. in other words, you want a hybrid. so do telcos. that's why they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach with watson ai helps them roll out new innovations anywhere without losing speed. from telco to transportation, businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm. good work little buddy. ♪ ♪ ♪ (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to
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dagen: thanks for watching sci-fi stage manager, they are not in season protect the sox over the yankees any day. the involved kennedy follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation, facebook @kennedyfbn, email will be back on monday. i am going to new york. ♪ ♪ >> reversing course to debate over mask is heating up again as the delta variant spreads across the nation buried mandatory masks might be back on the table for vaccinated americans. more on what the white house is considering a just moment spread plus a crime surge across the united states amid growing calls to defund the apolice. resident biden is calling that a lie. how republicans are responding. and just the beginning the first steps toward policies sanctioning cuba over its


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