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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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charles payne" present the special our proud american from military to the marketplace charles will take questions from that that are overcoming the challenges of investing and reentering the workforce. that does its, for us on "fox business tonight" of course we will be back with you tomorrow night covering the markets and everything else, "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: tonight were going behind the fiery flash on capitol hill between republican senator rand paul and doctor fauci, dr. fauci heatedly denying the dangerous super virus research at the wuhan lab in china both dr. fauci and senator paul accusing of each other of lying we will show you the blow-by-blow, who brought more heat than light, who brought the receipts, who's right, who's wrong joining meen tonight marsha blackburn from
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senate judiciary, marty mae carey, congressman byron donalds, kt mcfarland, former d.c. police detective ted williams, ford o'connell and former acting ice director robert tello, the white house is big marquee infrastructure deal looks like it might be on the brink, d.c. talk senate test vote tomorrow, a new report says it looks like top democrats who need to build bridges to their own rank-and-file house democrats slamming leadership including nancy pelosi and explosive conference call for bocce negotiations and for building a bridge to nowhere on dealmaking, democrats saying the best thing will be t for the whe deal to fall apart we have the details also tonight the white house reportedly considering the increasing staff at the u.s. embassy in havana cuba and continue to fight for freedom against communist dictators,
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that sounds serious, we will get into it also new and deeply concerning intelligence report from the cia, fbi is national security dangers from china that china was a decade ahead from russia and cyber hacking he will not believe on what and more on the push to defund the police it is backfiring big time guess who is running away from what they created. backlash against theni new trend of u.s. companies trying to push critical race theory on their customers a major toymaker reportedly taking heat for pushing it on children who just want to have fun plus more on the news about the unstoppable new wave of hundreds of illegals who overwhelmed border patrol and law enforcement from other states, one of the largest groups ever pushed through border barriers, many got away
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will take you to texas and show you what's going on, i am elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" cartwright now. ♪. elizabeth: look who's back, marsha blackburn, fox newsn. contributor doctor marty mae carey, it's great to have you back on, first senator let's talk about dr. fauci defunding super virus research at the wuhan lab it's great to have you both on, he isde denying it was senator were getting deep dive into government documents revealing nih with funding super virus research, 20 years ago before sarge broke out in asia, what was your take on my happened on capitol hill. remark when trying to do is to evolve, what it means chouchou and participate with the wuhan virology lab, what we do know,
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there has been a stream of money going to the slab, we also know that it was a level two lab not a level three or four like the lab thatr they revealed that you would see that can do very complicated coronavirus research, we know eco-health alliance and peter daszak's group was involved in taking money from doctor fauci's group and then putting it to work in the lab, we also know that president trump had cautioned and said stop giving money to the slab, the lab controlled by the chinese communist party and we know secretary pompeo sought to do an investigation of this lab and it was slow walked by the career diplomats that were there at the state department, dr. fauci is trying to do a
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little game of cya and rewrite history. >> we hear you loud and clear, doctor mark enter marty makary i would get your reaction to the exchange watch what happened between senator rand paul and dr. fauci, watch this. >> knowing it's a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract her statement on may 11 where you claim the nih never find a gain-of-function research and wuhan. >> senator paul i have never lied before the congress and they do not retract that statement. >> all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab, there will be responsibility the further those who funded the lab including yourself. >> allow the witness to respond. >> i resent the lie that you are now propagating. elizabeth: let's show senator rand paul's tweet, when senator
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paul questioned dr. fauci, he showed proof that the nih did choke gain-of-function research conducted by the wuhan lab chief flying test and he funded in the 2017 article about goodie function research and said dr. fauci is resorting insult offers no explanation. what do you say to that. >> i'm amused, the only hard question dr. fauci ever gets is when he testifies in front of congress none of the 5000 media interviews had any hard questions buddies trying to parse his words and say the money trail directly from him to the wuhan lab for juicing of the viruses is a case that he could argue against, how does he argue against the fact that is given lectures of universities around the country pre-covid arguing a about the gain-of-function research, find was a scientist that promoted gain-of-function research before covid-19 i would say i feel horrible, it's gone terribly wrong and it should
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never ever be done again. elizabeth: let's show the viewer the history of gain-of-function backing by the u.s. government since 2002 senator you been terrific on the subject, dr. fauci in 2011 in 2012 written articles creating dangerous viruses in the lab and the benefit outweighs the risk, is he parsing his words being technical with his words and technically right but not completely transparent? >> there is a thing until the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and i think dr. fauci is having a little bitit of trouble with understanding t that. you also have to look at how he's defended the w.h.o. when we have questioned the w.h.o. and the participation what we do know is this, you have 600,000 americans that have lost their life because something happened
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whether it was an accidental leak from the lab, whether it came from research work that was being done there, the american people, the taxpayer who has funded dr. fauci salary and all the research deserves to know what has happened and what the money has been spent on and we need to make certain it never happens again. elizabeth: to the senator's point doctor mae carey, an important one a lot of republicans are saying they should be ticked off and angry because dr. fauci was behind the lockdown but didn't have a hear of fire outrage about the possibility leaks, it could've leaked from the wuhan lab when biden officials are saying yeah it may have livermore met international bob may have where was this moment about a leak. >> it's a good point and to add to what the senatorer just said, china has a long history of lab
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leaks, many labs have a history of leaks we have lab leaks of viruses in the united states when you look at the track record in u.s. inspectors describe the equivalent of doing dangerous experiments on viruses and a dental office two a years prior, the chinese had a horrible outbreak from a virus believed to come from one of their labs in 1977 and it killel 700,000 people that was an age when in one pandemic year after sars they were found manipulating or doing experiments on the sars virus after sars was no longer epidemic in lab workers got infected in 2004, there is a track record here. elizabeth: and in 2019 wuhan lab workers at kobe -like symptoms, doctor fauci has testified earlier this year that they were not monitoring and tracking with the wuhan lab was bending taxpayer money on, how could it be sow defended if an authoritative denying it?
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>> it's astounding to me, he has participated in this type of research, he's talked about it in his agency has been involved, he has defended the slab, those of us that question the lab leak that question where this could've come from or the origins are wanting to find answers, there was no push from dr. fauci to say this is a possibility, he stood by while they said this is a c conspiracy theory, rather than saying there are valid concerns here and we haven't participated in research, everybody is going to know what because of the documents that are filed with congress and he shouldn't of been more forthcoming and he was not and it's frustrating to the american people that his story
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continues to evolve, he's trying to rewrite history he has defended the w.h.o. but who has a not defended the american tax paper and compare who has fitted the bill or the families that lost loved ones or livelihoods because of this virus. elizabeth: we hear you, the other thing to daily caller and judicial watch got a request they got hundreds of e-mails redacted e-mails from dr. fauci auto the w.h.o., doctor fauci sd in testimony that the wuhan lab virus that they were working on wiseman unterman macular leak impossible to have cause covid but doctor and a biologist, many scientists say yeah the wuhan lab viruses dig cause covid and they were frankenstein viruses able to jump from animals and infectnd human cells, what was
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your take on dr. fauci's line of reasoning on that one. >> dr. fauci was referring to the splicing of the spike protein in a different virus referenced in the paper and that was a paper that doctor senator paul used to say you funded getting a function research and he said that was not the covid-19's train and they are not going to publish how this is we frankensteinli the covid-19 they publish what they did to another virus. elizabeth: that's a point how could he say that when china's i military and the top general for the pla jumped in and locked everything up and you cannot geg what happened the raw data from the pandemic, there is a lot of hairsplitting and forcing, the two of you have been wonderful senator blackburn and doctor marty makary, really terrific insights and analysis. we'll have you back on soon, the
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white house is big marking infrastructure plan now set to be on the brink and it looks like house democrats are the ones who need to build bridges to their own rank and file house democrats are slamming leadership including pelosi and an explosive conference call for botching the negotiation represented by bryn donald is next, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> the idea we will create a big pile of debt and somehow that will take the pressure off of inflation that gives you 101 course that i can think of. ♪
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the new sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing. and it helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number. ♪. elizabeth: well so elizabeth: sources have been warning for weeks now it looks like it's coming to light political reporting housenl democrats unloaded and got angry with top democrat leaders including nancy pelosi and an explosive phone call saying you botched infrastructure negotiation saying the best thing was for the whole thing to just fall apart look who's back congressman byron donalds chief of house budget at looks like democrats need to do bridge building inside of their own party what do you think of the story.
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>> happens around here about the negotiations fall apart because what they want is not the amount of spending they want to do on infrastructure is far more than we should be spending at all if you're going to be honest weri could do roads, bridges, waterways for $400 billions overall but the dems do not want to stop there there's a multitrillion dollar range and the bipartisan compromise in the senate is an absolute joke because waiting is another 3.5 trillion and they want to do budget reconciliation everybody knows that the game is rigged in the situation and the reason why rank-and-file are upset with house leadership dems they want to put more money into the package which would be disastrous for our economy and inflation and for the savings of seniors in low and middle income americans to spend money by having their purchasing power destroyed by reckless spending in washington, d.c. elizabeth: we hear you and b inflation-adjusted bases are 2% lower than last year is a test
10:19 pm
vote in the senate on infrastructure is it going to g fall apart because were seen 1.2 trillion but we are hearing their kitchen sinking everything into it this is still meant to fix potholes now their calling amnesty for illegals and federal vote reform asen infrastructure, what do you think will it fail? my hope is that it fails you never quite know was going on in the senate is a key measure that's important for the american people the way in don't sit back and let washington, d.c. come up with a deal you better call your members of the united states senate and tell them that actively opposes measure because were doing far more than what infrastructure actually means all the democrats are trying to do is funnel their agenda into a word the polls were with the american people, when actual spending comes due it'll be hard working men and women of our country left holding the bag while the members of congress high-five
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themselves and pat themselves on the back for doing something that was awful for the american people. elizabeth: house democrats reportedly vowing to work against the senate democrats to undermine this, representative peter and congresswoman from california they were trashing this they said this whole thing is bs, here's the other thing going on they have not written the bill there is no legislation with details even larry kudlow said this feels like obamacare all over again you have to pass it to find out what isn't it. >> i totally agree that's a complete disaster in its self i had a fight with her leadership i'm all for it, they would not b have these fights if they wanted to work in a real bipartisan fashion with republicans both housee and senate they don't wat to do that, in the house speaker pelosi is doing on her own and it looks even without the
10:21 pm
members inner caucus that's a way they want to do business then rank-and-file should continue to have arguments and oppose the measure i'll let them go ahead and do that but let's b bbe very clear what they wano do is a raw policy for our economy where it stands now and we simply don't need to spend that kind of money it is outrageous and if they want to have a fight, i am all for it. elizabeth: our currency is taking hits let's watch mitch mcconnell go after president biden the president is saying the curatorg rising inflation is more government spending, watch this. >> inflation the fastest year on year increase since 2011 but according to president biden himself the solution is, listen to this even more the same he suggested the right way to shake the inflation laws, listen to this another 3.5 trillion in spending but now the same
10:22 pm
borrowing and spending is supposed to be what the doctor ordered to fight inflation, inflate our way out of inflation. elizabeth: it's like hearing an alcoholic with more vodka i think critics might say. >> for the people watching at home the reason were in an inflationary system right now because his administration put more money into the economy then it can handle while at the same time paying people to stay at home, yet more money chasing fewer products, prices will only rise adding more money is only going to make. it worse joe bidn needs to stop and consult real economists and do things that will matter for our country which is reducing the spending and powering the private sector taking away the extended benefits and letting people get back to work that's one thing we need to do in our economy right now. elizabeth: congressman byron
10:23 pm
donalds, why don't you have him back and front of your last name, just kidding it's good to have you one, good to see you come back soon. >> up next kt mcfarland joins us on the story the white house considering increasing staff at the u.s. embassy in havana cubans continue to fight for freedom this sounds serious, we will break it down with kt mcfarland next. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show former deputy national security advisor elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland, we are on ten days of demonstration inside cuba, it's good to see you before we get to what's going on have you noticed how freedom fighters demanding more from to put a stop to authoritarian government there carrying the american flag uc cuba, venezuela, hong kong and iran. >> the one place you're not seeing it is people saluting and cherishing the american flags in washington, d.c. and the biden white house it's really significant that the demonstrations in cuba these people are going out spontaneously and great risk to themselves and families which is so essentially a police state in cuba and they're still protesting against a corrupt communist dictatorship and when they want freedom they want
10:28 pm
democracy the great tragedy were not supporting them or encouraging them which i never thought i would live to see the day when the president of the united states would not encourage democracy. elizabeth: cuba feels like east germany 1989-yard reagan and george h.w., why is administration increasing staff at the u.s. embassy in havana, why are they doing that. >> i'm not sure unless they anticipate they will have a bigger problem, i was in the reagan administration in the late '80s right when ronald reagan said one of the things that we understood behind the iron curve and then no building to communicate they didn't have xerox machines, we in the reagan administration managed to get xerox machines into eastern europe and east germany and that's how they communicated and gathered the demonstrators in one place at the same time that
10:29 pm
what overthrew the communist dictatorship, that's what's happening in cuba and their otherio revolutionary moment in the president should come out and say we are with you pro-democracy demonstrators and the other thing we can help them with their communication we could open up the internet. elizabeth: report accurately what's going on in cuba cuba is torturing people, they are arresting people and sinking dogs on them and literally killing people let's watch the media in the past they placed fidel castro behind the dictatorship in cuba, watch this. >> too dramatically improveea healthcare literacy. >> fidel castro was considered even to this day that george washington of his country among those who remain in cuba.
10:30 pm
>> social justice icon and universal education and free healthcare for all cuban citizens, fill the castro was ar prototype of a leader fighting for the jungle for something he believed in and of course he won he went on to become the prototype of a populist president raylene against a regional superpower. >> would you talk to dissidents and people who had been tortured by this regime and family members killed and businesses seized, and utter shock and despair of what they see the media reported about fidel castro when he passed away, your word on that. >> there are no words can describe the horror a of this ad that the american media and the democrat party and the socialist in the communist and the democrat party wouldld rather se with the brutal communist dictator than the people that country and to me it's a horrifying thought that were not supporting there freedom fighte,
10:31 pm
the communist dictators, what they're doing and the reason people are in the street they see their leaders are living like kings there taking everything and using them for themselves they're starving their people, denying their people medical care and as covid strikes and covid crisis has happened what have their leaders done they sold the medicines overseas, they got money in the living really well they told the leaders of cuba that were going to develop her own vaccine we don't want your vaccine and now you see the people on the streets. elizabeth: let's move on to the story the nsa, cia and fbi says the u.s. faces major national security dangers from china hacking into key industries defense aerospace, the drug industry, china hacked into two dozen oil and gas pipelines about a decade ago, that's way before russia's alleged ran
10:32 pm
somewhere by the colonial russian gangs, what you said about. >> and the trump administration we understood the chinese were going to get american technology however, they could they don't develop them selves are not good at it they would acquire american companies and try to have spies take americans in research labs or from companies and if they couldn't get it they would steal it by hacking and they done it for a s long time d i don't understand it's a revelation to president biden in the thing i find more upsetting president biden has come out and said this is a bad thing chinese are endangering national security but what is the plan and what are we going to do and when asked they say we have a strong statement, do they think the chinese are going to turn tail and run, the chinese are not afraid of joe biden they determined they are going to replace the united states is the dominant world power with a more passive by coming out calling
10:33 pm
them out and doing nothing about it. elizabeth: without sanctions, kt mcfarland, good to see you, thank you for joining us. former please into d.c. police detective is factoring bigs tim, guess who's running away from what they created you're looking at a harrowing scene back i was arrested he tried to kidnap a child off of the street in new york city in queens, he was caught were staying on the story for you, that is next on "the evening edit". >> we need to focus on a poignant system of how we can greatly reduce crime and that's not what's happening from the perspective of the democratic party. ♪ we love our new apartment.
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elizabeth: let's welcome back ti the show we missed them and wanted him to come back on washington, d.c. police detective ted williams, the
10:38 pm
defendant police push is backfiring in a spectacular way dozens of shootings over the weekend and philadelphia, washington, d.c. and chicago and the democrats said defend the police, now the running away from that, what do you say. >> they should run away, as you noticed defunding movements started out in minneapolis with the death of george floyd out there and they tried to move the d from the police department and then they started thinking about whether they wanted the deep fun and now they're leaning towards defunding when you look at washington, d.c. they've taken $25 million away from their budget and what i defined as a defunding movement and you havew to look at what's happening over the weekend in washington, d.c. we had the national baseball game a big shootout right outside of the game where three
10:39 pm
people were hit with bullets and the night before on a friday night we had a 6-year-old child who was shot and killed, thiss defunding the police is not working in the major metropolitan cities. elizabeth: the mayor of d.c. gave full support to defunding and d.c. has 100 homicides are ready year to date last time we saw that in 2003, now the mayor is ordering the city's police department to use as much overtime as necessary to combat and fight against the gun violence, now it sounds like there's a 180 going on. >> the mayor is now trying to find the policeep department and it's anc city council that is moving to defunding take money away from police officers, let me get our viewers to understand since june, june 20 to july 6
10:40 pm
they had 386 police officers to lead the force in the district of columbia and it was 46% who resigned their sick and tired of being the whipping polls for any and everything that happened in the district of columbia. elizabeth: we hear you you would not want to be in the cop shoes if you know what he had to deal with everyday, critics say it was never a bright idea to defend the cops the same time defunding the border and drug cartels and gangs are pointed to u.s. cities but now you see prosecutors allowing shoplifting under $1000 to go unpunished in fairfax county outside of d.c. we see in boston 15 categories of crimes for which the default is to decline prosecuting that includes malicious destruction
10:41 pm
of property and you see that in portland they're not bringing cases against the rioters and people committing petty crimes, what do you say. >> i say it is scary, these are serious crimes no matter how minimum the amount is that is taken, if you send out a signal like that like they sent out in fairfax county that there is certain crimes that they are not going to prosecute, all you're doing is opening up the floodgates, you know the greatest defender of defunding the police the crooks, the thugs, they love it there sitting on the sideline and there waiting, defined, we can go wanted do whatever the hell that we want in your city and that's what ispe happening. elizabeth: ted williams, thank you for your service to our country it's always great to have you on the show.
10:42 pm
up next port o'connell the big backlash with the trend taking hold in corporate america companies trying to push critical race theory, major toymaker taking heat for pushing down on kids, they just want to have fun you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that story next. >> also understand what is going on with the criticalca race they where were trying to teach people that the color of their skin is a major determinant in their life, how does that make any sense. ♪ that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... don't just sell it. ten-x it.
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elizabeth: joining us now ford o'connell, project out this video and interview with the hasbro toy making company this contract engineer says hasbro is telling their workers even three -month-old babies can be racist under critical race theory, what do you say to this.
10:47 pm
>> is pretty ludicrous to say a three -month-old baby can be in a racist as adult, what were learning right now critical race theory is not being taught in schools and colleges it's being taught from the cradle to the board room and it's detrimental too her long-term health of our country because the reality of the matter critical race theory is not accurate history and its unproven dangerous theory. elizabeth: it's stupid and absurd, nikki haley has said imagine a five euro going to kindergarten and then they're told, the 5-year-old knows nothing about color and then there told the color of their skin they can be racist or if they're brown or black they can be taught that there less than or treated as victims so that's what people are saying in the pushback against this let's watch hasbro contract engineer explain what's going on.
10:48 pm
>> originally when i saw i had a meeting focused around crt i thought i should have the foresight to record it just in case, once you get five minutes into the meeting and they say your three -month-old or 6-month-old or your young child is racist because of how they were born i knew i had to send thatar off to somebody because i felt parents need to know what's happening. elizabeth: christopher and senator tom cotton are pointing out at what's going on at raytheon, what ison your respone to what mr. johnson just said. >> i think he's spot on, here's the problem with critical race theory the basic premise of america's dna is inherently racist and overcome the racism of the past we have to discriminate against whites in the present straight white able-bodied men, that is a t recipe for disaster in terms of
10:49 pm
what's going on hasbro and raytheon is bad in the board room as well. elizabeth: here's the thing ignorance and stupidity will always be with us you can't litigate and legislate out of stupidity like racism but we are one of the great systems of the world to combat now you see the education department, they are backing down with her education noprogram grants saying we will not dictate whether or not to teach in curriculums of critical race theory this is a comedown of the education department looks like it's dialing back and encouraging the teaching is not going to be inside the grant money, what do you say toe that. >> when it comes to the teachers covid schooler the by the biden administration and the teachers union i have a very hard time trusting that, what i would say to the parents of children and grandchildren and secondary schools and high schools acrossin the country be
10:50 pm
very mindful of what your children are being taught because you're going to be pleasantly shocked and how they are taught to hate america. elizabeth: thank you for joinint us, it's good to see you up next top order official rumba tele, we have news about the unstoppable waves of hundreds of illegals one of the largesthe groups ever broke through border barriers, many got away, we have the story next, were not doing catch and release anymore the state of texas is working with local officials and we will arrest people coming across the border and we will put them in jail they will not get the red carpet treatment they got under the bidenl administration. ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪
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300 and is now elizabeth: former acting ice director ron vitello, we are getting more images coming in from what recently happened at the border, border patrol agents and law enforcement from florida and nebraska state troopers could not hold back one of the largest groups of illegals ever a search of 500 people from venezuela and haiti they ended up being let in, what is going on here. >> images are incredible this is
10:55 pm
what happens when the policies change in a dramatic way where we told the globe if you send your children to the border or come to the border now is the do it you had a reversal of contemplation of title 42 42 reversal remain in mexico with tyler mccord the whole world knows now it's time to come to tthe border and on top of the policy changes have real impact at the border in border communities for cdp llama rhetoric of candidates and people and elected into office that will give amnesty to every other person in the country illegally, now is the time to come, the word is out and that chaos with agents and officers on the line and dell rio it's amazing and totally unnecessary or self-inflicted and like they
10:56 pm
were remain a mexico program and the asylum accord and now they're all gone, the incentive to come is very strong in the poll is very strong in the push has always been there but now the pool is great. elizabeth: this is a humanitarian crisis, the people are fleeing poverty and problems back home but crossing illegally is flat out wrong in texas governor greg abbott is outraged and he said a lot of these people will get arrested, is that true. >> i saw report earlier today the tech same scenario at the border, they will attempt to abate this by putting consequences on the people who cross illegally, that is the case with the protocol in the case with asylum accord, you
10:57 pm
just incentivize people from coming in because you're releasing them into the united states if the law works in favor of the government and the rule of law most people will attempt in texas will try to duplicate that scenario using state law we will see how that goes i wish them luck and i i appreciate the governorgh leading florida and other states including texas who are helping and providing resources to the men and womenn of cbp who have to be overwhelmed and very discouraged by what they're seeing on the line and those images yesterday. elizabeth: this is why authorities are saying every state is a border state this is what the governor of texas is saying this is why reports areor coming in that this is flat out wrong when you saw in those images when you do distracting chaos like that of the border it pulls border officials away that's what drug smugglers and human traffickers want, they
10:58 pm
want to distract in order to, smuggle drugs, weapons, criminals and other contraband across the border heading into u.s. cities that is why you see violent crime spiraling out of control across the country it iw directly connected to what's going on at the border, what do you say? >> your correct criminals, cartels respond to what's going on on the ground if there's no oiconsequence for a large number of people crossing the border illegally if there's no consequence for distracted the border patrol if there's no beinguence with people released in the governor is right they will not stay in the border environment they will go all over the country and that will increase the likelihood that they will be trafficked, they will be subject to be recruited by gangs, this is not a border problem, it's a border problem in the sense that you have to control the line but when those people make it into the big cities in the united
10:59 pm
states they will be subject to the criminal activity and recruited by gangs and is not a problem just at the border is a problem for the entire homeland. elizabeth: got it what your reaction to the border city of laredo texas, they're suing the orbiden administration saying te president border policy blatantly disregarded safety protocols to help stop the del spread of covid-19 and what they're doing, mr. president, you are risking killing americans, you are releasing illegal immigrants into laredoeg texas daily that is undermining public health and criminality is exploding across texas and the border towns, is this the way to go? >> i have a special place in my heart for the radio i started my career there navy resources, right now they are suffering because the borders are closed the activity that occurs there is not occurring because of covid so there being burdened be
11:00 pm
the releases inside of the border, i hope they prevail they need resources to combat the problem because the federal government related to traffic. elizabeth: thank you for your service to our country, good to see you. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" that does it for us, thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow. with all respect to president biden and again, as always i repeat, my criticisms are never personal, always based on policy, his statement yesterday and we increase affordable childcare, elder care, paid leave and cradle the subsidies proposing in the $4 trillion spending plan, i quote, these


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