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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tentatively for a release late next year. a lot of people will look for that especially after prince harry and meghan markle's oprah sit-down, told as you lot more than we knew about them. maybe more details in this book as well. we'll watch the markets. we'll be breaking it all down for you on "fox business tonight." we'll see you tomorrow night. "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: okay. we've got markets selling off today. the worst drop for the dow on worries for the year, on worries about the recovery including a new rebound in covid cases due to delta variant. we're going to show you where the growing talk of more shutdowns is coming from. also vaccine mandates. plus we've got the recognizable names who said last year no to vaccines that were fast-tracked under the prior administration. joining us tonight, former cke restaurant ceo andy puzder,
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dr. nicole saphier, congressman ashley hinson, senator roger marshall, james carafano, "the hill"'s kristin tate, top border official brandon judd. we have a jam-packed show. the president insisting that no serious economist thinking inflation is on the way, when former clinton economic advisors, larry summers around robert rubin say yeah it is. a growing number of biden officials say it is possible covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab, directly contradicting dr. fauci who has been down praying. ron desantis calling on president biden to get internet help for cuban freedom fighters there is a black out on the internet there. this feels like cuba is east germany circa, 1989. is white house seizing the moment like reagan and george hw bush did? we have this debate. did violent crime and defund the police movement hit a tipping point with the terrifying shooting outside of a major
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league baseball park right in washington, d.c. look at this story. this was quick. it took just a few days for the biden administration to blow up its partnership with facebook, to censor vaccine disinformation. the president today dialed back his claim from last week that facebook is quote, killing people. and the u.s. nato, and eu condemned china for masterminding a global hacking spree. the biden administration is moving to end a trump era ban on china's tiktok and wechat. they have both been accused of assembling dossiers on americans. the biden big spending agenda is it on the verge of collapse. democrats are balking ramming through all wish-list items. election security, voting reform for the government, amnesty for illegals. this is infrastructure two. look at this number, it is official, we have a 21-year high in illegal border crossings. the u.s. is on track to take in
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over two million illegal border-crossers this year. that is equal to the population of austin and fort worth, texas combined. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: thanks for watching. you are watching the fox business network. look who is back with us. former labor secretary nominee andy puzder. welcome to the show fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier who has a great analysis and done a lot of reporting on the covid-19 outbreak and the delta variant. let's turn first to andy. andy, stocks really taking hits today. what is your take of going on with fears of lockdowns and shutdowns? there is a technical problems with some of these stocks as well. go ahead. >> the markets were already anticipating that economic growth might not be what people were saying it was going to be or what the fed was predicting.
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the labor market underperforming substantially. six months where inflation has been beyond what the fed said it would be in june. it was up the most it has been all year. the fed is still back there saying it is going to do nothing. this is temporary. i think people, the markets were so good, we were setting records. i think they were really set up for a fall. when this, when we started to get the news about the delta variant being more contagious and it may be even infecting people that have already been vaccinated, although i know that is less likely, i think you saw some panic today. people are nervous about the economy. liz: we hear you. >> i listened to your introduction. the only thing i can hear of the country is a mess. no wonder the market was down 800 points today. we have some real serious problems. liz: we hear you. dr. saphier, you know, given what andy just said, tell us more about the delta variant. we have the u.s. surgeon general warning of more local mask mandates. how serious is this? >> i think a big problem we're
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seeing with what we described in the market is that you know, we have a lot of information that is being muddied and people are panicking. unfortunately, it is because of poor communication. the delta variant makes up 60% of new covid-19 infections throughout the united states, not covid-19 infections, but sars-cov-2 infections. we're seeing rising cases in certain areas of the country, there is a small uptick in hospitalizations as well. over the last three weeks we've gone from 15,000 hospitalizations to about 25,000. those are not the same numbers we saw during the first and second wave we saw a bump in hospitalizations. here is the news when it comes to the delta variant. first of all the vaccines are working against it. it is keeping people out of hospital and saving lives. 97% of the people hospitalized because they're unvaccinated. 99.5% of the people who have died from covid-19 since january, again are unvaccinated.
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liz: yeah. >> more proof the vaccines are incredibly effective against all variants. liz: that is a wake-up call. it's a wake-up call for that. let's show the massive demonstrations happening against vaccine mandates, against vaccine passports, in the uk, people around the world saying what is going on reinstating restrictions. we'll talk a little bit about the wuhan lab in a second. we have more counties talking about reinstating restrictions. orange county is talking about that. a federal judge upheld indiana university's vaccine mandate. new york city councilman says we may have to reinstate the mask mandate. what impact will it have on the economy? >> i think the fact that people are so resistant to having freedoms curtailed once again. it is very significant t could have impact on the economy. i think that, look, people are
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just not going to put up with this. we know the lockdowns didn't really work. we know the lockdowns hurt them. they are resistant. people resist, we may not have the dynamic impact we have last time. plus as nicole said, a lot of people out there have been vaccinated. you have people who already had the virus who have immunity of their own. we should start to see these numbers come down but people, people want to be vaccinated. they will fight it. liz: again we are watching what people in the media are saying dr. saphier. i would like you to listen to what dr. gupta said about the delta variant and get your response. watch this. >> i look at l.a. county, for example. that decided to do an indoor mask mandate. with all due respect i understand wanting to err on the side of caution but when you make a move like that, that is counter to what cdc put out there, you have to have science to back it up. what did they have?
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they have 60% plus one dose vaccination rate. positivity 3% or less. that is 2.5%. their hospitals are not stressed from covid. the public needs to feel like public health officials are making moves based on science. i don't feel like that exists in l.a. county. people are saying why are they doing that? is that reflex. not based on science, why? that is confusing. that is leading to all the hesitancy that exists. liz: what do you say, dr. saphier? >> i agree with him completely. you have to look, there is great uncoupling effect going on right now, the numbers in the uk are on big surge. their case fatality rate from 2% in first wave to 0.1% now with so many people vaccinated and immune. that is happening in the united states. you're seeing a rise in cases but will not see the parallel rise in hospitalizations and deaths, we have some people
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immune at this point. it is important to remember, as we mentioned, putting forced mask mandates, people are going to say, i thought we were supposed to be following the science. if the cdc is not recommending it, it is hard to hop on the bandwagon. we have to stop overtesting. unfortunately we're testing way too many individuals who are asymptomatic and been vaccinated. no way to be tested as individuals. they should not be counted as new cases but counted as immune success stories. they're not transmitting to people and not getting six themselves. liz: that is a great point. let's move on a to this story. andy, dr. fauci told cnn if the u.s. had this amount of disinformation during the battle against polio, polio would likely be around today. remember dr. fauci told cnn, that a vaccine you make and test in a year is not a vaccine that is deployable. he has had a lot of flip-flops. why are people surprised when
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they don't trust the government is saying, after a year of botched lockdowns and flip-flops? >> it isn't just the government. they're skeptical what experts say, we've been getting such inconsistent information over the past year. the american people are smart enough to know that some things just don't make sense. for example, that this virus arose because of bats that live 1000 miles from wuhan when there was a research facility in wuhan that was researching this virus. sometimes you have to ask, how stupid do they think we are? some things are just obvious. it is obvious that nobody really knew what they were talking about a year ago with this virus. everybody tried to do the best they could. i think fauci tried. i think trump tried. i think donald trump got blamed for a lot of things other, that people just didn't know what to say. they did the best they could. i'm interested to see we're coming back, now that this virus is becoming an issue again,
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whether the press will blame joe biden. liz: we don't know. we'll take a wait and see on that. >> we can guess. liz: we hear you. we, dr. saphier, top biden officials say yeah, the possibility there is that covid virus did leak out of the wuhan lab. there is concerns about that. dr. fauci has been downplaying the possibility. you had also vice president harris, president biden, governor cuomo, joy reid of last year, downplaying backs scenes vaccine developed under trump, now they're positive about the vaccines. what do you say to that? >> you have a certain group of people that are anti-vaxers, you will never convince a anti-vaxxer to become vaccinated. they have to do that on their own. what happened throughout the covid-19 pandemic there is a large amount of vaccine hesitant. that has come because of politicization of everything occurred. because of the way people
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twisted things with "operation warp speed" and knee-jerk anti-trumpism, made people immediately not to want the vaccine, because it was associated with trump. despite the fact these have blown us all away how fast we were able to produce them and manufacture them and that is because of the parallel manufacturing that president trump decided to at the time invest in, not knowing whether or not the scientists would get the science but he did. he trusted them and they did. liz: yeah. >> but it's a real disservice at this point, we have to focus on the vaccine hesitant, that people waiting for full fda approval, or hey, we'll not instill mask mandates on people completely vaccinated. you have to do those people to get the people outside of vaccine hesitancy group. liz: we hear you. great point, dr. saphier. author michael wolf, andy, called out brian stelter in this hot debate. watch what michael wolff said to brian stelter. watch this.
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>> i don't want you to think that what i said at that point was in any way inauthentic. i think the media has done a terrible job on this. i think you, yourself, you know, you're a nice guy, you're full of sanctimony. you become part of one of the parts of the problem of the media. you come on here and you, and you have a, you know, monopoly on truth. you know exactly how things are supposed to be done. you know, you are why one of the reasons people can't stand the media. sorry. don't talk so much. listen more. you know people have genuine problems with the media. the media doesn't get the story right. the media exists in its own bubble. liz: what do you say, andy? final word. >> well-stated and i would say the point wasn't, the point of cnn and other media outlets,
6:14 pm
wasn't the truth. we have to get donald trump. he can't be reelected. they succeeded. liz: got it. >> but they blew their credibility in the process. liz: dr. saphier, next time, you will have the last word. thank you, andy puzder, dr. saphier. up next congressman ashley hinson joins us. florida governor ron desantis calling on president biden to get the internet back to cuba freedom fighters there is a blackout interest. you're watching the "the evening edit" on fox business. >> when i see people in another country caring ouring into as inspiration for their own freedom, when i see countries asking for our help to stablize their military or their government, when i recall the images of people in make-shift rafts risking their lives to get here or mothers trying to pass their children to americans, to
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♪. liz: cuban refugees joined hundreds of protesters outside of the white house this past weekend to demand president biden do more to help freedom fighters in cuba. we also saw protests breaking out in states across the country in support of the freedom fighters and in mexico. let's welcome back to the show, congressman ashley hinson. you know, people are banging pots and pans saying free cuba. we're seeing protests still continuing. congresswoman this feels like this is east germany in 1989. why doesn't president biden see this as president reagan and bush did? >> i stand with the people of cuba, and i have been very clear about that the people of cuba have been fighting back for freedoms because they have been oppressed for decades by the castro regime. it is high time we stand with them. that is the message we see all over the country. everywhere socialism has been
6:20 pm
tried it fails. socialism takes rather than creates, that is the message from the cuban people and we need to back them up as they fight for their freedom every day. >> you know "the atlantic" ran out a story saying blacks lives matter why are you supporting communist cuba when black people in cuba are leading the freedom against the communist regime? you've been tracking this too. thousands of protesters are being arrested. cuba's communist machine is losing the street and cracking down on protesters, using a regular people, a vigilante squad of spies and snitches to baseally turn them in to the communist regime. your reaction to what ted cruz is saying, protesters are getting arrested and tortured in cuba. let's listen to senator cruz on the squad, watch this.
6:21 pm
>> the thing liberals never seem to understand if you go down to key rafts the rafts are going in one direction. just once i want to see some left-wing socialist, i want to see bernie sanders, i want to see elizabeth warren, i want to see aoc, go down to key west, get on a raft and sail 90 miles south to the socialist paradise. their ideas don't work. liz: what do you say, congresswoman? >> our "squad" here in the united states clearly is out of touch what is happening in cuba. they tried to create alternative reality what socialism does. it is very clear to me what socialism does. i agree with senator cruz. those boats are coming one way. because people are seeking freedom and opportunity. we cannot let the socialist policies come to the united states. it's a clear difference in vision, right? freedom and opportunity or the heavy hand of government. i think people in cuba are clearly realizing that. they're being oppressed. you mentioned blackouts.
6:22 pm
we need to provide every backup we can to continue to fight for freedom. i think sometimes we don't realize what we have here in this country. people want what we have, which is ultimately that freedom to get the government out of the way. so, i will keep fighting for that. i will keep standing for cuba. that is a story we need to keep telling. this fight will not end overnight. we need to stand up for the people of cuba. liz: let's move on to this story. washington, d.c. defunded the local police force by about $25 million this year and last year. we have harrowing scenes of people fleeing after gunshots were fired outside of the baseball park in washington, d.c. the nationals are playing the san diego padres. are we at a tipping point, congresswoman? this shows defunding of the police hitting our national pastime what do you think? >> homicides in cities that have seen the destructive defund the police policies are up 100%. in portland they're up 500%.
6:23 pm
shootings in l.a. are up 50%. high time we stand with our police. that is the message gaining traction around the country. we need to be defending our police, not defunding the police. i serve on the house appropriations committee, just last week the budgets came through, the appropriations police came through and they want to defund i.c.e. and cpb and shootings and crimes in the community at the border as well. our country is less safe for the policies. we knead to stand up for the men and women out there going out there to put their lives on the line. we saw a video of 300 migrants coming into our country. it is quite the visual, right? that is something we see every day. border crossings are at all-time high. thousands of pounds of fentanyl coming into our communities. it's a major crisis. liz: congresswoman, ashley hinson, thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: next up, this sure was
6:24 pm
quick. it took just a few days for the biden administration to blow up its partnership with facebook. instead of censor vaccine information on the website. the p also dialed back on his claim from last week, that facebook is quote, killing people. senator roger marshall takes all of this on. you're watching "the evening edit." ♪ that building you're trying to buy, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange.
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♪. liz: welcome back to the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. well look at this story. this blew up quickly. just last week the biden administration was touting its new relationship with facebook and twitter to censor what it deems as vaccine misinformation. the administration blew it up. they blew up the partnership over the weekend. let's welcome on the show, member of the gop doctors caucus. they claimed twitter and facebook are held hazards themselves. what do you think happened? >> the white house cannot have it both ways. do they want facebook working with them or against them? this white house owns this vaccine hesitancy. why they want to blame it on facebook, i don't know. all they had to do drive the trump train full of trump vaccines. instead they sent out misinformation. they talked out of both sides of their mouth and they own this problem. liz: senator, people are sick of
6:29 pm
it. they're sick of the politicizing everything. the president and vice president last year downplayed vaccines developed under the trump administration saying they wouldn't take it. joy reid did the same thing of msnbc. so did governor cuomo. charlie kirk pointed it out, the way the white house press secretary was talking about facebook, she was talking about it like a government agency, not a private company. >> this is the socialistic policy they want. jen psaki doubled down on it, she wants more of it, she wants more censoring of facebook. we did town halls this weekend. folks were much more concerned about freedom of speech and censoring going on than any information going there one way or the other. net-net, facebook did a good job getting information out. if you wanted a vaccine, this is the place to get it. i have been censored. lots of people have been censored. that is what i am about. this white house wants to double down on censoring, jeopardizing
6:30 pm
my first amendment rights. liz: well the white house is down playing it today. they're saying they're not at war with facebook and president biden said facebook is not killing people. he made comments to that effect last week. what is interesting, senator, i like your reaction to. this high school students, say we know when we receive misinformation and disinformation on social media. they can determine it on their own. senator, let's listen to this. watch. >> it is up to us to do our research and really make those decisions and informed decisions for ourselves. >> i don't think anyone takes facebook posts as serious as biden says they do. it is up to their own discretion whether they want to or not? >> i don't everything i see on social media at face value f i see a headline or all these postings, this, this, about the vaccine i will look it up. i will do research before i make a decision. liz: what do you say, senator? it is interesting, right?
6:31 pm
>> there you go. comments and approach. i can tell you this every time jen psaki opens her mouth, gives us lecture, 10,000 people say they will never get the vaccine again. this is folks talking to their local physician, to their own personal physician. we need to respect people that haven't got the vaccine yet. good news half already have natural immunity. they have had the virus. if you haven't had the vaccine yet i respect you. talk to your own doctor, to talk about the benefits and risk of it. liz: how about a public service announcement? that all you need maybe from doctors and nurses get vaccinated. press secretary was downplaying the idea that the president should reach out to president trump do a public service announcement together. she just basically said, no, we're not going to do that. it is interesting, so they want to do censorship, dictate what will be on social media but not do all the other things. dictating to social media that feels like textbook case you
6:32 pm
know of violations of the first amendment. your final word? >> well i think president trump has a really good case. i'm glad he is going forward with it. i think the final word is this. if you haven't had the vaccine yet, go talk to your doctor. i respect where you're coming from. it is really a personal decision. we don't need speech censored. liz: all right, senator roger marshall, thanks for joining us. coming out of the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox business network. retired army lieutenant colonel james carafano. look at this story. u.s., nato, the eu condemn china for masterminding a global hacking spree of tens of thousands of companies and companies worldwide. we have that story. also the biden administration is moving to end a trump era push to ban china's tiktok and wechat. they're accused assembling dossiers on americans and others
6:33 pm
around the world. you're watching "the evening edit." >> you're seeing cybersecurity threats at a record level. i don't think the administration is really doing anything to counter the ve beeveinvove immun in nse mensdie die foea45rs y i'veeengtaeerengvaeengngeg ngarar fo leasteastears... for me, greatesttestefit e lle rs hasrs b heers hrs o soso mclrlcly.clclgvaeengngeg ngarar fo leasteastears... d i end usiastiastcostmmenstd pt it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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liz: joining us now retired army lieutenant colonel, heritage foundation vice president of foreign policy, he is james carafano. great to have you back on. what is your assessment of nato and its allies? nato for the first time collectively condemned china for masterminding malicious cyberattacks on tens of thousands of companies worldwide. what was your assessment of that? >> back before we had tesla, we had engines with carburetors, not hilling on all cylinders, it would sputter along, not actually take off. if you read the statement, it is like, hey, china is coming after us with guns ablazing and we're
6:38 pm
upset about that. there is no sense of urgency. there is no defined response. there is no international coalition pushing back. it is just, hey, you know, we're being attacked here. i guess it is a start but for all we've been talking about the last several years about malicious cyber activity, when did we start punching back? liz: we hear you. apparently they did it via a flaw in microsoft software. there is that. to your point, the administration is now moving to end a trump era ban on china's tiktok and wechat. the trump administration and human rights axe activists that the chinese communist party using the apps for disinformation campaigns and assemble dossiers about american and people around the world. what do you say to that.
6:39 pm
>> the president just kind of brushed off the idea actually responding to china's cyber hacking. here is the problem with the administration on wechat and tiktok. we know for a fact china intends these as tools to vacuum up all the available information in the universe, store it, figure out how to use it using quantum computers, and artificial intelligence to use the data against everybody. we know that for a fact. they have a law that any data china touches the government owns. we have a principle in the government, all the things that we control we will use to further our interests and hurt other people. we have their technology plan that says we need a.i. and quantum computing to process all the mass data to use it against everybody else. they want the to be the world's first computeer information superpower. the trump administration took a
6:40 pm
step going after tiny companies the poster-child for the nefarious chinese scheme and the biden administration walks away from that. in fairness to them. maybe they have a better idea. trump shows up at the fire, they turn off the water hose and say we have a better water hose coming. i don't get it. liz: they could create a naval problem in the south china sea, a battle maybe, who knows, between warships by utilizing tiktok to send out disinformation around the world. i want to get to this, there is this other controversy going on at the united nations. the u.s. under the biden administration sending $4 billion over to a fund to get vaccines worldwide. the fun turned around at the u.n., w.h.o.-backed fund, they're buying china's vaccines which are about half as effective. >> right. liz: china is not paying, sending any money into this fund. what is going on here? >> yeah. so this is a samantha powers
6:41 pm
special. samantha powers over at usaid, really our public health agency which does a lot of this public health diplomacy and we're about equity. so we want to not take credit for any of this. we want to make sure that the vaccines is shared equitable to everybody. we send it through kovacs. nothing is happening. they're buying chinese vaccine. that is incredibly inefficient way. the reason they're doing it, we want to be part of the international club as opposed to actually helping people and actually further u.s. interests. liz: got it. >> rather than us making the vaccine, pushing out to countries that need it, we're not doing that. liz: got you. thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your service to our country. retired lieutenant colonel james carafano. come back soon. next up, the biden administration, we've been warning about this. the administration's big spending agenda, it could be on the verge of collapse.
6:42 pm
one big problem, the bill for the infrastructure spending is not even written yet but senator chuck schumer wants to railroad democrats and republicans into voting for it this week. and, democrats are trying to push through election security vote reform and amnesty for illegals as infrastructure too. kristin tate is fired up. she is next. >> the democratic leadership, pelosi, the president, schumer, they have figured out they're going to lose the house and the senate in 22. so what they're trying to do is make it to democratic you taupe yo or socialistic utopia before they get to those midterm elections. ♪ with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew.
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liz: let's welcome to the show "the hill" columnist kristin tate is back with us. kristin, senator chuck schumer
6:47 pm
is trying to push forward, force a vote on the infrastructure spending, part of that two-part package. they don't even have a bill written yet. so how can anybody, democrats and republicans vote on something within a matter of days when there is nothing written, there is no bill yet? >> a great question, liz. it is obvious that the democrats will try to ram as much into this misleadingly named infrastructure bill as they can. the economy right now does not need for big government spending. we need the government to get out of the way, let businesses fully reopen and get people back to work. clearly the left wants to use this pandemic and continue to use the panic surrounding the pandemic to increase government spending and power. liz: they're now talking about vote reform, federal vote reform and amnesty for illegals, is now infrastructure. people on wall street are saying the dollar is taking hits and
6:48 pm
there is destruction in the value of the dollar. people are worried about inflation. i would like to show you this, kristin. i want your reaction to this. cnn analyst and pundits are mocking, making fun of the concerns about rising inflation, watch this. >> eight, in the past year the price of bacon is up about 8%. in the past year the price of clothes is up about 5%. no matter how you spin it, we simply cannot afford anymore biden-nomics. i think the american people will agree, all of these prices need to come on down! >> wow. wow. >> she did run on making them squeal. >> bacon thing is very on brand.
6:49 pm
liz: okay. very on brand. whatever. so attack senator joni ernst. let's talk about what is going on with inflation. we've seen numerous data points coming out last week, kristin, that it is an issue. american families are deal with it. yeah, there is real worried about the destruction of the value of the dollar. your word on this? >> you're exactly right. these cnn pundits are so out of touch it is insulting. biden spent $1.9 trillion immediately when he took office. now he wants to spend $3 trillion on this misleading infrastructure bill and social spending. this will have consequences. you can't foolishly spend a trillion dollars every few months without anything happening. what is going on in washington, d.c., with the spending, it is surreal and dangerous. we're looking for the possibility of 1970s style stagflation. inflation is already happening. consumer goods are way up, housing, price of cars, food, lumber, it is all up.
6:50 pm
of course, liz, it is always the poor and people on fixed incomes who get hurt most by high inflation. liz: that's right. >> folks going to the grocery store and fill up their cars with gas. >> president is saying today no serious economist thinking that inflation is coming down strong. larry summers said it. he thinks it is coming in. so does robert rubin. and they worked under clinton and larry summers worked under obama. we're doubling, the amount of debt president obama put on the government under his term and what we're seeing now, it is already double that, it is basically trending on, basically, actually coming on to the same amount in just the first year. >> yep. that is exactly right. there is a ton of cash out there chasing a limited supply of goods. this is the textbook definition of inflation. and people are looking for ways out of the dollar. we're probably going to see
6:51 pm
precious metals continuing increasing in value. crypto currencies over last year skyrocketed. there is issues with supply chains right now. we have a productivity crisis in the country at the same time this is all going on. liz: kristin tate, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. up next, border official brandon judd, 21-year high in illegal border crossings. we have new data what is happening there. stay with us. only 6% of us retail businesses
6:52 pm
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elizabeth: joining us now national border patrol council president brandon judd, it is great to have you on, you've been talking about this, could examine saying this, it's a complete and utter madness with one at the border, 2 million expected to break the law and cross illegally it's about adding austin and fort worth, texas combine, what is going on here. >> as it pertained to border security and public safety overall this administration the complete dumpster fire, when you look at the facts and you couple apprehensions and got a ways rather an all-time high with the number of people that are been released into the united states being rewarded for violating
6:56 pm
laws were added all-time high. when you look at the money cartels are making, routing all-time high, when you look at the number of children dying because of drugs over dices, routing all-time high, this is border security in this demonstration is doing nothing to help it, they're selling the american public down the river to appease their base and it is hurting every single one of us in this could be solved very easily. elizabeth: you said over the weekend the biden demonstration policies are leading to then humane treatment of migrants, what did you mean by that. when they say the trip administration policies and humane heavy people wait in mexico for the court hearing and when they reverse that, what they did they encourage people to put themselves in the hands of human smugglers, they encourage these people, bone normal individuals, women and children to put themselves in the hands of the dangers cartels
6:57 pm
to be smuggled, these people are physically abused and sexually abused and at times murdered, that is not humane when you consider these cartels when we go after them and try to take them into cut into custody to distract them they dropped children in the river this is policy dribbling which is inhumane and that is hypocritical and they accused the trump administration being inhumane, that is crazy. elizabeth: we were talking last week of the drug smugglers are the one dropping toddlers over border walls and vanity them in deserts or on highways to distract border patrol and moving them away from the parts of the border to get drugs across, the other thing it's really strange that the u.s. government is considering going door to door to talk to people about who are unvaccinated but we have a daily influx of thousands from mexico and central america and 150 countries around the world and
6:58 pm
were not worried if there vaccinated, and seems we have a new delta variant of the virus south of the border and were not supposed to talk about that. >> i personally want to thank you for bringing that up and for letting the american public know what's going on, when you talk about the delta variant in covid-19 and the number of people coming to the united states illegally and those people being released into population, they are encouraging the spread of the delta variant, there encouraging everything that's going on when they say that they want americans to get vaccinated, what's the point if they're going to be released in more and more people into the united states that could potentially be affecting our citizens the. elizabeth: now they might get rid of title 42 which would be really open door that's what we will watch at the end of the month, democrats have been told by a court to do everything we
6:59 pm
had the federal judge say the obama air program protecting daca immigrants from deportation that that was unconstitutional, your reaction to that ruling. >> i'm grateful that a court was willing to stand up and say the president of the united states does not have the authority to legislate the executive order, it is up to the congress to determine what laws get passed in the united states that's what the judge said the judge did not say that these people should be legalized, he just said that we have to have the legislature, we have to have congress do its job and not the president try to use that power and that's a president obama impacted. elizabeth: now the biden administration is going to appeal, it's a constitutional argument that the judge may, your final work? >> i believe the supreme court
7:00 pm
is going to say the obama administration overstepped i think they will come back and say congress must do their job, we are the most compassionate country in the world and should be the most compassionate country but we have to let the legislature do its job not have the president of the united states use their power. elizabeth: brandon judd thank you so much for joining us and thank you for watching. i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" we hope you have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow. we opened this evening after a 900-point selloff in stocks across the board among all the indexes, oil dropped to $66, bond yield under a dollar 20, fortunately the dollar held for investors and traders seemed fearful of the delta variant, that's the big story maybe that will lead to shut down the business closings and all that


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