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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website -- ♪ ♪ ♪. elizabeth: we've got more videos coming out of cuba again showing the communist regime brutal and shocking crackdown on freedom fighters there, it's been a week that spotlighted the failures of communism and the far left vocal support for it in their shocking silence on cuba's brutality. joining us tonight maria salazar, former deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland, south carolina nancy mace, rick crawford, sean duffy, deputy
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independent counsel, texas attorney general ken paxton, we have a jampacked show also asking this question, how can one authority, the democrats can raise your taxes all on their own without republicans weighing in, that's what's going on as democrats try to ran through massive infrastructure spending that's doubled the entire debt that the obama administration occurred in eight years. the growing nationwide fight to get people vaccinated the delta cove invariant spreading, restrictions looming, the skepticism growing after a year of lockdowns, flip-flops and official breaking their own pinned them a rules. the administration foot dragging over getting the internet to cuba pro-democracy protesters as it raises fear of big tech censorship is says it's in regular contact with facebook and twitter to take down
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covid-19 disinformation and it says big tech is not going far enough, who will decide all of this, also this news as study revelation from the director of the w.h.o., direct review to big tech censorship and dr. fauci the director now says it's a premature push to censor the possibility that covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab, governor cuomo on the hot seat new york investigators plan to question and battle governor cuomo tomorrow under oath potential in their probe into his illegible sexual harassment of state workers. a disturbing new report u.s. prosecutors sat down and soldotna into hunter biden because of the election president biden's nominee to eyes.
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elizabeth: you want to the fox business network. critics accusing the white house of dragging its seat on desperately needed internet access to cuba's freedom fighters and they want to show the world the violent crackdown that is going on there mark meredith in washington with more. >> who's to blame for cuba's economic trouble the activist group black lives matter most of the blame rests with the united states, they released a statement saying black lives matter condemned the u.s. federal government inhumane treatment of cubans and urge to lift the economic embargo florida senator marco rubio fired right back to reading my office stands ready to help the leaders of the black lives matter organization immigrate to cuba some democrats think blm have a point, in the video
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alexandra causing cortez urge president biden to lift the u.s. embargo on cuba president biden is rejecting this idea that the u.s. is to blame for a cuba economic problem he said cuba is a failed state because of communism. there are questions about what the white house plans to do next senator rubio and others are calling for the u.s. to restore internet access to cuban protesters but the president faces political consequences with his response that's especially true in florida were democrats face an uphill battle and the governor to real incident read next year. elizabeth: it's great to see you, thank you for joining us, look who's back florida congresswoman maria salazar, drake to seal your thoughts on this week of events in cuba what are your thoughts on the failure of communism in cuba. >> is a new dawn and it goes to show those people who want to impose democratic socialism in
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the united states and it does not work. otherwise go in see what's happening on the streets of havana that's why we need to continue to see what's happening and that's what we tell the biden of administration they need to turn on the internet, specifically in the united states and in the heart of havana. elizabeth: go-ahead finisher thought. >> when the cubans understand that the world is watching the united states can capture those images of them being brutalized and opening their heads, cracking the heads open, shooting at them and dragging them and doing all those horrible things that were seeing in the footage then the cubans will continue doing it, the cubans have nothing else to lose and now they lost fear, thank god for that but the world needs to watch and they know that they don't have internet they need to commune again among themselves because those protest started in the minutes because someone was
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doing a facebook live, is spread like wildfire. elizabeth: the thing is, by the way news coming in the minister of cuba resigning in protest of cubans crackdown on freedom protesters why the foot dragging in the u.s. and getting the internet to freedom fighters in cuba, facebook and google are deeming the balloons and drones, internet, wi-fi internet and various countries around the world, the president is saying he's considering whether we have the technology, we have the technology, why the foot dragging. >> i have no idea but i send the message to the white houses the representative of the united states congress the representative of miami the cuban community, 2 million cubans including my parents, what they need to do, they need to stand up to the historical challenge and they need to send
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a message that the united states is with them, otherwise were facing another day of this, the second failure and the democratic administration when it comes to cuba it gets passed down in history as the one who liberated the island, i have no problem, every republican this is nothing with group political parties this is with solidarity from the victim of hope in the world. elizabeth: the people in miami continue to take to the streets in support of cuba as so long as cuba take to the streets, the far left is misapprehended what's going on with cuba jfk put the embargo on cuba it dates back to jfk, tourism, food, medicine, trade coming into cuba the problem is cuba communist control everything. your response to alexandria ocasio-cortez black lives matter trying to blame the u.s. and trump here? >> this is a wonderful question, there is no embargo, the united
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states sends we the cuban-americans $3 billion a year remittances that the biggest influx of cash flow on the island. $200 million in humanitarian medicine and food. we are the number one trading partners with the cubans because we sell them poultry and chicken, what embargo, you trade with 180 countries in the world, trade to canada, mexico, spain and italy and the cuban regime, the one who has impose this embargo on the people because the cubans are not your average viewer knows that the regular cuban has not opened up the beauty parler or a cafeteria or hardware store because the government does not allow them that has nothing to do with embargo they cannot sell their fish, the farmers cannot sell their crops, because they're being strangled and they say no more, they need the united states of america.
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elizabeth: congresswoman maria salazar, great to see you. come back soon. we hear you loud and clear we hope the people of cuba here you as well, let's bring in kt mcfarland. it is always great to have you back on its interesting how the republicans are calling of the white house saying gotta get internet service to cuba but the white houses focus instead on censored disinformation about vaccines. what's going on here. >> here what i think is really happening, the far left of the democrat party, hand full of people in congress, the biden of administration needs them to push through their very radical remaking of an american economy in american society, they need the couple of people and they love cuba, they are communist and they think cuba is a government, the biden administration cannot alienate a handful of people in the way that they innately get them is just as important, democratic demonstrations of the street,
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this is during the cold war when the berlin wall came down this is if the united states is going to side with the communist government and not people in the street who wanted democracy this can go upside down i think it's from a much bigger plan the far left has two remake american society and the american economy and to go to help. classic chinese culture revolution, it is a classic way of taking over as society, education, takeover education, sees the treasury which is what they will effective with a high tax increase, they sees the economy, they sees all communications which is big tech and the outlawing religion then they defund the police and the military these are all classic steps that dictators take to try
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to perpetuate to seize power and perpetuate themselves in power. elizabeth: the big one coming next week, democrats are trying to raise taxes on their own without any republican vote via reconciliation. a new $6 trillion in spending on top of 5 trillion that's more than what obama spent eight years and is more central planning and government to control over our economy and democrat votes we know inflation has been rising on various measures as a way to come again the people will say as ronald reagan said are you better off now than you were four years ago, what do you think? >> i've been around a long enough i work for president reagan and nixon and evans are the cycles a number of time before, here's what's going to happen, fast-forward two years from now the economy will have
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high inflation high gasoline, low economic growth, high unemployment and will be kicked around and pushed around by the russians, chinese and everybody in the american people are going to go to the polls and then a devote out the democrats in the 2022 house and senate elections in a 2020 for the presidential they will vote them out for a generation which is what happened when ronald reagan one in 1980. he changed american politics for a generation. enjoy it while you've got it because your attempt to seize power democrats and socialist, 2020 is going to be the last election you win in a long time. elizabeth: some of the other polls are coming and some people don't like what they see. democrats want to give tens of billions of dollars or more power to the irs and treasury secretary janet yellen same were seen more rapid inflation and it's doubly what the federal reserve likes to see, here's the other thing, i want you to weigh in the democrats basically
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saying to the united nations investigate the u.s. for racism holding off on human rights abuses on iran, cuba, russia, let's listen to senator tom cotton. watch. >> tony blinken like his boss, joe biden is sticking a kick me sign on uncle sam's back, they should tell pack your bags, and head straight to china where china's committee genocide against religious and ethnic minorities were there engaged in a systematic sterilization so they can't reproduce or the systematic rape of them so they produce chinese, to say nothing of what they've done to hong kong over the last year end christians were simply trying to worship god in their homes throughout china come about through the un should focus on human rights abuses they should not be coming to the united states and is disgraceful that joe biden and tony blinn could have asked them to do so. elizabeth: kt, what do you say?
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final word. >> this administrations got it, not only is america put first but is america last, the american people in a to tolerate this and they will not forgive it bring on 2024 election as fast as you can. elizabeth: kt mcfarland, good to see you come up next we have a lot of show coming up representative nancy mace from the growing nationwide fight over masked and vaccine mandate a third of inflation still not vaccinated, delta variant is spreading a lot of skepticism, we will explain it. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> the cdc has been very concerned on what their same people who are fully vaccinated people who are fully vaccinated live your life you don't need to i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance.
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elizabeth: joining us south carolina nancy mace, it's great to see you, a lot of debate about what to do about the third of americans who have not been fully vaccinated the delta variant is spreading and they talk about vaccine mandates what do you say about this twice as
6:19 am
contagious as the original strength, what should be done about that? >> we should have more data republicans and democrats alike continue to do more to encourage americans to give vaccinated i do wonder that 30% of america have been vaccinated that have cuba in 19 what percentage have a natural immunity to the virus, i think that's very important to the conversation but also individuals and families should be able to make this decision with their doctors and their healthcare practitioners in the community. elizabeth: we love that you're coming out of the parking lot of the waffle house, it's good to have you on the show. >> i started my day at a waffle house and apparently i will into at a waffle house i've had a lot of traffic this afternoon, thank you for being flexible with me today. elizabeth: i wish i was there at the waffle house with you. let's talk about the mass confusion los angeles county california out with a new mandate everyone must wear masks
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even indoors even as people are vaccinated, there's been a lot of controversy over masks, if there vaccinated and not getting sick, why do you have to wear a mask inside. >> i don't know why you shouldn't have to be forced to wear a mask inside if you have covid or been vaccinated i think that's really important and to acknowledge that when this started dr. fauci liked the american people but wearing masks cdc and dr. fauci were not honest about the origins of covid either or how much taxpayer money may be going to the wuhan lab, i think there's a lot of distrust in regard to what policies the government at the state and local level that's what you see a lot of pushback from the american people. elizabeth: there's been skepticism a year of botched lockdowns and others on masks, politicians breaking their own pandemic rules that they put in place for everyone else.
6:21 am
the pfizer vaccine is between 1f walking they variant it is still more than 90% protective against severe illness, you're right about the information that needs to get out there, right? >> absolutely and everybody at every level in our community should promote the benefits of being vaccinated i had a very serious case of covid-19, i got moderna vaccination and there's other vaccinations available including johnson & johnson that is one single dose not to doses is also important that the government will make roles for the rest of america to live by in the governor of california following the rules this time or the mayor of d.c. follow the rules that they will instill in their communities, we gotta set the example and i tried my hardest when i got vaccinated and had covid-19 to explain to people my community and district how important it was to wash your hands and be safe and save others from a very terrible
6:22 am
illness. elizabeth: just be real and honest on how you got it wrong the first time and say were going to try to do better. the american people get it, stop trying to whip fastballs by the american people, now the w.h.o. says you don't need to wear masks children under age five and under don't need to wear a mask but now dr. fauci says if your two years or older infants should be wearing masks. the credibility problem, go ahead. >> dr. fauci has flip-flopped i can't count how many times dr. fauci flip-flops not like the kind that you were in the sand. when you lost the credibility it's very difficult to people that are skeptics in the vaccination will prevent them from getting sick. the vaccination gives a far greater number of people out of the hospital and from dying from a very serious illness and it's up to people to be honest and
6:23 am
transparent and tell the truth. and to make up for when they are wrong. elizabeth: enjoyed the waffle house will join you there next time, nancy mason's good to see you. we've got another top story coming up congressman rick crawford big tech censoring claims about the pandemic potential origins but the director of the world health organization now in a direct to review big tech and dr. fauci says the director said there was a quote premature push to censor the possibility covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab, he said china given shirley data from early on in the pandemic. early on in the pandemic. the story next on "the evening there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild.
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and peerless design... their only competition is each other. the incomparable mercedes-benz suvs. extraordinary runs in the family. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show the member of house intelligence representative rick crawford, it's good to see you what was your reaction when you heard the news that the director of the w.h.o. now says there was a premature push to censor the possibility that covid-19 leaked from the wuhan lab. >> appoints to the credibility issue the w.h.o. has an why president trump was right to withdraw support from the w.h.o. and quite frankly i think they lost all credibly with the american people and it's about
6:28 am
time that china was held accountable for what appears to be a release of the pandemic from them on to the rest of the world. elizabeth: let's listen to the director of the w.h.o., let's listen to what he just said. >> there was a push to produce one of the options m&a human knowledge just and i've worked a lot and a lot of accidents happen, it's common i have seen it happening, it can happen and we need information, direct information on what the
6:29 am
situation of this lab before and the start of the pandemic. and then if we get more information we can exclude them. elizabeth: do you hear what he's saying he's saying give us the raw data from the wuhan lab and the start of the pandemic he's saying he was a lab technician and leaks are common this is a direct rebuttal of big tech censorship and dr. fauci they have another narrative saying his conspiracy theories if you think that, what do you say? >> any raw data that you would collect from china if china were to give you the raw data you can take it to the bank, that's going to be fabricated to support their narrative. as far back as january of 2020 senator tom cotton sounded the alarm on this. he was dismissed by those who
6:30 am
did not like his messenger so they disregarded his message which is a tactic that the left uses if they can't discredit them messenger then you have drr the place on his position with regard to whether we should mask up and shouldn't individually struggle to explain and form a coherent consistently on where we should be in regard to masking and social distancing and things of this nature, i don't think he has any more credibility than the w.h.o. elizabeth: covid-19, sars cove tube virus has a genetic footprint that is yet to be found in nature the genetic sequencing of it people looked at it matching what chapel hilld the wuhan lab top scientists were working on i'm not sure why
6:31 am
there is a aggressive approach to shut down the possibility even if it's not engineered in a frankenstein virus, viruses have leaked from labs from generation i'm not sure why that's been shut down, your final word. >> i think it comes down to this, gain-of-function research taking place, we know it'd been shut down the united states would not fund gain-of-function research but they found a backdoor way to do it dr. fauci found a way to funnel that money into the wuhan lab through a couple of other channels so there was no direct funding of gain-of-function research and a lot of unanswered questions, to your point if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck, think you have
6:32 am
to come to the fact that they have a lot of explaining to do to the origins of it. elizabeth: congressman rick crawford, thank you for joining us get to see you were coming out of the bottom of our you want to the fox business network, next up sean duffy administration foot dragging over getting the internet to freedom fighters in cuba in racing fears of a big tech censorship, the white house says it's in regular contacts with facebook and twitter to take down covid-19 information and they said these guys are not going far enough to do that, who decides all of this, that is next on "the evening edit". >> with a cross over the line and collude with the government and become state actors there is and become state actors there is
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>> how long has the administration been spying on people's facebook profiles looking for vaccines and information. >> that was inaccurate question which i would refute. first of all as you know were in regular touch with a range of media outlets -- let me finish, as we are in regular touch with social media platforms, this is publicly open information people sharing information online just as you are reporting information on your new station. elizabeth: wait a second you saw the exchange of the white house and press secretary jen psaki she's equating the news outlets with social media, there's two different things, secondly the biden campaign bully journalist
6:38 am
saying if you report from hunter biden in the conflict of interest with his business deals overseas they say enough journalism they say under the obama administration they were some of the worst attacking reporters and getting their phone records were talking the new york times, the associated press and fox news, your reaction to this exchange with jen psaki. >> it's outrageous to see her response in the white house talk to peter doocy and social media they aren't censoring anybody their censoring the news and other network centering as good a job as fox, what they're doing is advocating and what she saying we have a ministry of truth, working to decide what is true, what is and what you can say in what you can't on the public platforms, i would like to know who's in charge of making the decisions and the transparency, here's what's
6:39 am
frightening most americans such young americans to understand the power of free speech, if you don't have free speech the way to express yourself is foundational principle of democracy we haven't taught her kids and right now you have liberals who are plotting censorship because republicans and conservatives who are getting censored they will laugh today but they'll realize what they participated in which is democracy. elizabeth: divided administration revealing it's been in regular contact with facebook to remove disinformation about covid-19 things like the vaccine can cause infertility that was one subject they came across the radar screen and remove more than 18 million pieces of covid misinformation, here's the issue if the government england greenwalt has brought this up, if the government is working with internet to do this work, isn't that a violation of free speech. >> i would argue it is because
6:40 am
of becoming agents of the government and that obligation to protect free speech and passes on to the big tech firms, their acting on behalf of the government and have to protect their free speech, that will have to be litigated but again this is outrageous that we don't have more people standing up and pushing back, we were talking about cuba this is exactly the power of censoring people and shutting down the internet in cuba, that's the way you control people what they can say, how they can organize and then you can control them, that's exactly what's happening here look at the misinformation to masks in the wuhan lab and social distancing, we don't have a debate on how you treat covid and you did this well with hydroxychloroquine, we should be able to debate that here and big government and big tech should not be able to shut down debates we want them to give us
6:41 am
information and let us make information for ourselves we don't want them to draw the conclusions as the people. elizabeth: political reporting that the dnc is working to censor and change the text messages that people receive on their personal phones. the thing is jen psaki said ben enter big tech is not going far enough and you post something that is misinformation on one platform you should be banned from other platforms, are they going to get the social media to censor false claims about the vote reform bills claiming that they are jim crow, are they going to do things like that? >> absolutely not because technology as we all know san francisco liberals in the democrat party there about promoting ideology of the democrat party and doing all they can to censor republicans what should have been debated the hunter biden story in his laptop, many people did not know that before the last election
6:42 am
and once they found out the information one of the most common google things after we learned about that story in the washington post was how do i change my vote, that's how disturbed people were of the hunter biden story and those who actually found out about it. elizabeth: you don't censor, you counter you say the information is wrong, you don't blackout things, the cure for the speech is more free speech, you've been a great proponent of that, it's good to see you, come back soon new york state investigators are going to question tomorrow in battle andrew cuomo and their probe to sexual harassment and assault to state workers a disturbing report u.s. prosecutors stood down and called out there probe into hunter biden because of the 2020 hunter biden because of the 2020 election, saul eisenberg n [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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elizabeth: look is back former deputy independent counsel boxes contributor sol wisenberg, always great to have you on. what is your take on new york investigators interviewing andrew cuomo tomorrow it looks like it's going to be under oath it's in the investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against cuomo, what do you think. >> great to be back, i wore a tie for you, i do not do that for everybody. i think it is very dangerous for him in a way it's much more dangerous than that things are investigating him for he's in trouble for sending old folks back to nursing homes during the covid crisis to their death he's in trouble for sexual harassment, he's being investigated for misuse of state resources in connection with special covid treatment for certain family members, most of
6:48 am
those i think the danger for most of those is political in nature but since he wants to run again and does not want to have his career in, he is fighting and that means he'll sit for the interviews and to be sitting under oath that makes him incredibly vulnerable to potential prosecution. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. elizabeth: is viewed as a sign that the investigation may be near a conclusion and we don't know if it'll be a public report, we will have you back on for that, there's another story breaking i want to give you this politico is reporting that federal prosecutors the u.s. attorney working on the hunter biden tax evasion case his name is david weiss waited until after the 2020 election to get search warrants and grand jury subpoenas, why did he wait
6:49 am
install out on that he felt that the probe would be politicized if that information would be revealed he did not want to alert the public during the election. >> it's one thing to say i don't want to affect an election by making a public statement, it's inappropriate to publicly state were criminal cleat investigating somebody something that the new york attorney general should learn is quite something to say we will stop and are ready at 2-year-old investigation and not issue a grand jury subpoena which we don't want to publicize and not conduct a search warrant which you can certainly do quietly that is completely different. yes there is a chance issuing grand jury subpoena and doing a search could leak but that's very different that the prosecutor trying to publicize it. i think it's right to have great concern about that it's an incredible scandal, an incredible scandal how hunter
6:50 am
biden story was hidden and you been one of the few people calling and out how it was basically hidden and when it did come out it was denigrated and pooh-poohed by 44 intelligence officials who made a statement saying the laptop for the insignia of the russian disinformation campaign and incredibly scandalous what happened there almost unprecedented in our history. back to your original. i think it should concern us that the investigation was stopped. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, we hear you loud and clear, have a good weekend, thank you for joining us texas attorney general ken paxton surprising testimony from president biden's nominee to head ice he admits the plunge in illegal immigrant armrest is concerning your watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
6:51 am
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elizabeth: we have breaking news a federal judge in houston has thrown out former president obama daca program ruling to unlawful and unconstitutional joining us texas attorney general ken paxton he's not saying is going to vacate it the same president obama should not of given amnesty the children of illegals who came here, what do you say to this decision. >> this is our lawsuit going on for several years and this is the right decision president obama made a dock out of thin air just as he did previously and misjudges correct to say the made-up wall that obama overwhelmed the federal law with is completely unconstitutional. elizabeth: let's move on to this another story president obama's nominee to run ice and gonzales took the drop in illegal immigrant arrest is concerning
6:56 am
there has been a plunge in that let's show the data how much it dropped off because the biden administration put restrictions around ice and who it can arrest, let's show the data. >> i think it's amazing he's saying this, he's acknowledging the truth and the facts as you have the membrane you tell the story that the rest of dropped off and there should be a concern we know that more people coming across now and ever so it's actually refreshing and you have a nominee telling the truth. elizabeth: he says he wants to move aggressively against illegal immigrants, senator ron johnson was pressing share of gonzales, he's biden's nominee, senator johnson is saying what are you going to do about getting numbers for coming in with groups of unaccompanied children and their hiding in the groups, muscles into this exchange was senator ron johnson
6:57 am
and gonzales president biden's nominee to run ice. watch the. >> were muddied and will potentially gang members and people that will traffic drugs or human trafficking. it is about your experiences houston sheriff. >> i'm always mindful of not profiling in the story or untrue stereotype to my work. >> that is not profiling. >> is you're in a state of denial denial of reality is happening under this administration with dhs and secretary mayorkas if you are denying and we have no chance of fixing it, this is a crisis not being addressed is a tragedy for this nation is. >> i'm sorry, where is the hair on fire outrage from the eyes nominee from the dhs secretary when you have ms 13 gang members here in new york but shedding people to death or in california or in texas use the frontline on what's happening at your border
6:58 am
where is the fire outrage in the biden administration about them. elizabeth: for somebody taking this job as a pathetic answer, he's from texas in houston and he knows this is happening and he knows gang members are coming across the him referred the question about profiling is really scary for putting a guy like that in this position and his response for protecting the gang members and he's talking about profiling and not the real issue. elizabeth: here's the thing it's an attempt that critics might racialized issue, were talking about the character of the people coming across this is not conspiracy we talk to victims groups that say they get no attention, nothing, no questions answered from the democrats, your word on the aclu taking on
6:59 am
the other side saying they're not happy with sheriff gonzales testimony saying he's concerned about the plunge of ice arrest, what are they upset about. >> currently they don't care about the border and they haven't talked to the families that are been affected by this and crime and having their properties destroyed, these people can talk dramatically but if they were living on the border with the family suffering and the families will suffer all across the nation from the drug importation of human trafficking i think they might take a different position to just talk to victims. elizabeth: final word we know china has been supplying the ingredients for fentanyl from mexican drug cartels, did the drug cartels control the border and how much of the border. >> the biden administration is certainly putting them in the chinese are profiting off of this and the cartels are getting
7:00 am
a greater foothold along the border but making it into our entire country, this is a huge concern for the border states but our entire country. elizabeth: texas attorney general ken paxton, thank you for joining us and thank you for watching i am elizabeth macdonald even watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thank you so much and we hope you have a good weekend. censor. give potus some credit on this one. i'm kudlow. ♪ dagen: all systems go for a government spending blowout. senator joe manchin signaling he will not derail a $3.5 trillion plan, but all this free money is getting the middle class hooked on government handouts. steve forbes responds in just moments. plus, a stunning admission. facebook's not denying it's taking orders from the white house to remove problematic content. a violation, well, of the first amendment. it should scare every american. and an ncaa lear


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