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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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joe exotic will receive a shorter prison sentence. he tried to hire two hit men to killeg caroll baskin. the "evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: okay widespread problem in big tech, a deep dive show ofs problem that have big tell censorship are more sprawling and serious than realize, facebook today said disruptive hackers in iran, tried to hack to u.s. defense industry and military. this debate, is big tech just too big to manage? joining us, former adminstraight or linda mcmahon and mike
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gonzalez, senator bill hagerty. and former dhs acting deputy secretary ken cuccinelli. update on cuba, it has been assaulting and disappearing thousands of pro democracy protesters, no word from the progress of left on that. senator mitch mcconnell calls them vitaly naive for buying into the propaganda that cuba is a socialist paradise. >> moderates will balk at president's 4 trillion dollar spendingil free. democrats and republicans opposing senate majority leader chuck schumer bare knuckle politics, forcing a vote next week. when the bill has not even been introduced, the dollar will take hits, house democrats holding a
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hearing on origins of the pandemic. this o after more than 600,000 u.s. deaths and trillions of dollars lost in shut down, we'll gett a look at that hearing. reporting out of washington, democrat will try to flip the script on their own defund police push. it caused them to lose a dozen house seats in 2020, we have an historic rise in drug overdose deaths in the u.s., the sharpest annual increase in 3 decades, this amid a historic rise in seizures of fentanyl at southern border, thank youwe for joining us, i am elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now. . ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we are so delighted to have on
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we're delighted to have linda mcmahon. leading charge of former president trump rawts against big tech censorship, how many phone calls have you gotten from concerned americans who want to join theho lawsuit. >> thank you. for having me on. i can tell you, since last wednesday, when the lost was announced, web site take on big tech, has received over 50,000 responses of people who want to tell their stories about how they were censored. of them asky can join the lawsuit. that is take on big elizabeth: okay, critics say that social media, they're not public squares. they're private companies. they can do whatever they want the first amendment doesn't apply here. it covers government censorship and the government can't koppel them to host people. what is your case against that? >> well i can tell you that when big tech first started, these
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companies furs started they were private companies but when they cross over the line, i might add have done wonderful things for social media, connected people all over the world. they have provided advertising platforms, et cetera. but when they cross over the line, when they become censors themselves and collude with the government and become state actors they're no longer private companies at that point. congress even brought them in to testify and threatened with reduction in immunity under section 230 if they don't comply with certain messages. so they're not, they're not private companies anymore. they're state actors and they are, i believe the 20 first century digital town hall. most americans get majority of their information from social media there is a big responsibility there. they cannot be the only arbiters
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of truth. elizabeth: social media platforms banned trump for spreading inflammatory lies that started the rye rots. he could potentially trigger for violence. what do you say to that? >> you have to listen to what president trump said. regardless here is a company that has taken it upon themselves to be arbiters of hate speech. at the same time allowing dictators from iran and from china and from other countries to come on and have their own form of hate speech. and i just think that there is, there is no room to censor our first amendment rights. ultimately it will be decided by the courts. this is, this should be decided by the supreme court. the congress of the united states cannot censor free speech and it cannot contract out to other companies the ability to censor the freedom, our first amendment right. elizabeth: yeah. they sit in this like limbo
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zone. they're not publishers, right? they get immunity from lawsuits though. and they're not phone carriers. so this weird space that they're in. let's go through the latest accusations of censorship. senator marco rubio says quote, twitter is hypocrites for banning trump but not cuba beauty trillion dictatorship. slap ad warning label on house leader kevin mccarthy. he put up a tweet talking about sensitive content. he was talking about inflation. big tech is censoring any information about adverse side-effects to covid-19 including neurological injuries. facebook is shutting down private groups to all of that. what do you say to all of this? >> they're just examples. they're examples of what we're talking about. even mesh first policy institute last week, when the lawsuit was brought, youtube took down the press conference and even the comments of the fellow, men and women who were standing behind
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the president who also are part of that class class-action lawst took down their comments as well. we can say first-hand at afpi other citizens are helping to bring this suit took them down. that is clear evidence they censor. elizabeth: you have got in germany, germany the courts there just ordered youtube to pay 118,000 fine. youtube censored a video after protest in germany against covid-19 lockdowns. actually it was filmed in switzerland last year. what exactly is the collusion case for your lawsuit if what does it hang on? that they get liability protection? is that going to stand up in court? >> well we'll see. i think the supreme court actually is going to, it will decide this case. this will go to the supreme court. this is first amendment rights. you know it is one of the things that separates the united states from so many other countries is our right of free speech.
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and it cannot be abridged. and so the courts will decide this. just give you another example. we had a doctor, a trauma specialist who was asked by a pastor in colorado to produce a video that would advise them on how they could resume church services and be safe when covid virus broke out. that video was taken down by either facebook or twitter, i don't remember which one. those are the kind of examples of things how is that harmful? that is just providing information. and that is collusion with the government. i mean we had, there are emails that are public record between mark zuckerberg and dr. fauci talking about you know, what should be up on the website, what should be taken down relative to, for instance, hydroxychloroquine. and so we have to understand that there is that collusion there. elizabeth: words we're showing
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right now major problems with facebook and prior controversies. interesting former president trump they can do it to me they can do it to you. bernie sanders made that exact same point. you know, last march. what do you guys, what do you want to accomplish with the lawsuit? >> what we want to accomplish is to make sure that the freedom of speech is protected in this country. no, there may be some punitive damages if the plaintiffs prevail but that is not why this lawsuit is being presented. it is being presented because we believe that it is very dangerous to try to in any way to prevent free speech in this country. we know you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. we're all sensitive to those things, but for information to be censored, put up, taken down, to influence the public when the collusion is there between the big tech companies and the government to affect campaigns,
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to affect the information that is going out to the public, we just have to prevent that. we have to stand up for it. it is time for someone to stand up. so president trump is the lead plaintiff in this class-action suit. it is the job of america first policies we're supporting. the other plaintiffs in the case, we are providing information and research. we're also getting the information out and providing the website, take on big to invite others who have had their freedoms attacked as well to join this lawsuit and to tell their stories. we want their stories to be told. elizabeth: linda, we have got two big examples of also censorship. the wuhan lab leak possibility censored, right? we have the hunter biden story censored. so, from where you sit we know you're a former trump administration official, we know where your leanings lie, but
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how, when you sit back -- you're talking to folks around you and people contacting you, thousands of them now, how subpoena this censorship changing the national conversation about topics that are important? >> well, you know, if you just look for a minute at the hunter biden case, i mean, the "new york post," one of the oldest newspapers in this country that story was taken down. and i think what we are seeing, not just what i think, polls are showing, rasmussen polls are showing that majority of americans think that big tech is too big. and they need to be pulled back and that they have become really their own entity and the fact that they can sensor censor you, take down what you have tweeted, when i was chair of the super-pac for president trump, during his re-election, we produced a commercial that was going to air on facebook. it was airing on all the television stations. certainly had been vetted everywhere and it was taken down
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because it said it provided false information. absolutely not true. so there is an example of influence that big tech could exercise you know, through their own, their own methods. and we just cannot allow companies to do that. no one should take away our right of free speech and it was time to take a stand and i'm really happy that that stand has been taken. elizabeth: okay. linda mcmahon, we'll have you back on, thanks for joining us. good to sue. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: sure. next up, journalist mike gonzalez. he and his family fled cuba when he was just 12 years old. he joins me next with an inside look at cuba's brutal crackdown, this communist dictatorship arresting detaining, potentially disappearing 5,000 pro-democracy protesters, including priests and journalists. senator mitch mcconnell calling out the continuing silence of far left progressives
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and bernie sanders on this. keep it here on "the evening edit." we have a lot more show coming up. >> the people protesting in the streets in kuhn cuba are not protesting mismanagement. if you listen what they're chanting, they're not chanting manage better. they're chanting libertad. they're chanting freedom. they're chanting down with the they're chanting down with the dictator ♪ ♪ ♪ they're chanting down with the dictator ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: okay. we got breaking news. you're going to be looking at live pictures what's happening in now in miami. protesters taking to the streets, shutting down highways in miami. they are demanding that the biden administration step up and do more to support cuba, cuba's pro-democracy protesters. cuba is cracking down on these protesters. they arrested at least 5000 pro-democracy protesters in cuba including journalists and regime. the communist regime is shooting proat thers, beating protesters in the streets and using attack dogs to maul them. joining us someone who fled cuba's communist regime when he was 12 years old with his
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family. he is a journalist at the heritage foundation, mike gonzalez. what is your reaction to what is going on in cuba? >> hi, elizabeth. the cubans are brave. for 62 years they lived under communism. they knew they would be beat up, shot, dragged out of their houses to dungeons with rats and feces and bad things would happen to members of their family yet they did what they did. the biden administration has the responsibility to speak up for america. we saw overnight how black lives matter put out a statement supporting the communist thugs beating up cubans. the democratic socialists of america have done the same thing. president biden has the responsibility to tell the government of cuba, that government of cuba doesn't speak for americans. he speaks for america. he has to seize the moment. he hasn't done that yet.
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elizabeth: we have reports coming in, 30,000 people in cuba, dissident have been disappeared, arrested over the last five years. we've got senator mitch mcconnell saying quote, some naive americans on the left seem intent on once again running interference for the cuban regime. they still buy the prop began today that cuba is socialist paradise with a model health care and education system that the u.s. should emulate. why do the loudest voices in the room get to direct the conversation on this? >> only on the left. that is the reason why president biden is paralyzed. this white house is baffled by the simplest of tasks. it is very easy to seize the moment, to have a tear down this wall moment and to channel his inner ronald reagan if he has one. yes, only, only american liberals believe that cuban health care system is good. one of the sparks for this protest was that the government
10:20 pm
botched the response to covid-19 so badly, the vaccines of this are no good. people are dying. obviously the protest very quickly morphed into a pro-democracy movement where you hear people chanting right now on social media, libertad, libertad, not vaccine, vaccine. it is important that the administration seize the moment, speak for all americans and tell the people of cuba, especially the government of cuba, the american people are for freedom and they're for freedom in cuba. elizabeth: we've got protests for, in support of, in support of cuba and in seven states happening around the country. let's listen to former vice president mike pence. he was at the heritage foundation at an event there. he went after democrats for being quote, hesitant to criticize their communist friends in cuba. watch mike pence here. >> for more than 60 years the people of cuba labored on under
10:21 pm
a communist dictatorship, silenced their liberty. stifled voices of dissend and while some on the left are not criticizing their communist friends in cuba, let me say clearly, the american people stand with the corageous men and women of cuba that are marching to reclaim their history of libertad. elizabeth: how can they do that? how can they reclaim their history of freedom? >> it will be very hard that is the reality of it. the castro family which is the behind the fig leaf of the president, they will not have the peaceful power. they will shoot every last cuban demonstrating if they have to. it matters a lot when the leader of the free world stands up and speaks the truth. we know from soviet refuseniks,
10:22 pm
an activist in israel wrote how much it meant to them in the gulag when they heard ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire. they were reaffirmed in their sacrifice. it is very hard for the people of cuba. they know that by taking to the streets they face what they're facing today. we need to stand morally with them. we need to do everything we can to stop that brutal government from shutting down the internet. they are, we have the technology to do this through balloons and everything else and other things. do everything we can to let the 11 million people of cuba communicate with each other. elizabeth: got it. mike gonzalez, thanks for joining us. come back soon, okay? >> thank you, beth, anytime. elizabeth: sure. up next, senator bill hagerty. top democrats worried that moderate democrats in the senate won't go for the president's steep 3 1/2 trillion dollar budget reconciliation push in a separate, nearly 600 billion on
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infrastructure. both democrats and republicans also opposing senate majority leader chuck schumer charles schumer's bare knuckle politics. he will try to force a vote next week on all of this when a bill has not even been introduced. stay with us. >> joe biden will go down as the president who did more to destroy a growing economy than anybody else if they continue with this nonsense. it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers.
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elizabeth: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. coming into the bottom of the hour. as we've been reporting to you, senate democrats are trying to push through a massive 3 1/2 trillion dollar social infrastructure package next week without any republican support. inflation is on the rise. democrats are raising concerns. fox news jacqui heinrich has the story. jackie? >> liz, senate majority leader chuck schumer wants democrats to agree to the $3.5 trillion package to pass along party lines next wednesday. for that he will need all 50 votes including senator joe manchin. >> i'm concerned about everything, inflation. i'm concerned about the price. i want to make sure we're paying for it. i want to make sure we have competitive tax rate. i want to make sure the united states of america stays energy independent. reporter: others like jon tester are prodding about flexibility for other changes.
10:28 pm
republicans largely let democrats fight it out while repeating their one big criticism, inflation. >> it will generate zero republican support. hopefully a few brave democrats understand that running the country into the ground with taxing and debt is not a good idea. reporter: progressives won't vote for the bipartisan hard infrastructure bill unless the social spending coming along behind it making the case for 3.5 trillion, that the real inflation is lagging wages, making health care, child care, education out of reach. liz? elizabeth: jackie, thank you so much for joining us. good to see you. okay senate majority leader chuck schumer he is doing bare knuckle politics. he will force a vote next week on this spending when a bill has not even been introduced for it. welcome back to the show tennessee senator bill hagerty. senator, great to have you back on. are you hearing the same thing that senate democrats, senate democrats are balking at this? are you hearing that too, they
10:29 pm
lack democrat votes? >> i heard the quote from joe manchin. i hope his colleagues will listen to it. what i see is a party captured by the progressive far left. they say prerequisite to any infrastructure package will be the $3.5 trillion spending spree, more green new deal, more obamacare, more job killing taxes. death taxes. it will push more jobs overseas. this will be devastating to the american economy at a time when we certainly don't need to see more stimulus spending as inflation is beginning to run rampant in america. elizabeth: yeah. wall street is warning the dollar will start to take hits. it will weaken inflation is rising the but democrats demanding bailouts, double the size of the entire annual u.s. budgets under obama. so how can they do that in just a party line only democrat vote? can the republicans stop it? >> it's a procedural process they have used before. this is what they did in march
10:30 pm
with their $1.9 trillion so-called covid relief package which was anything but that. again it has had massive inflationary impact. they were able to do bringing kamala harris here the vice president to cast the 51st vote. that is chuck schumer a es plan. it is bare knuckle politics. our goal, republican's goal to stand firm ourselves. that we'll see more level-headed voices you heard from joe manchin prevail. we need one democrat to side with us. elizabeth: yeah. you know, they lost the house, democrats lost a dozen seats in the last go round. they stand to lose more than that, if nancy pelosi loses four seats, she loses control of the house. show the viewer what is going on. the federal reserve printed out more than 4 there will dollars in cheap money over the past year. too much money chasing too few goods. this is hitting real wages. inflation adjusted hourly average earning fell 1.7% in june. it was down about 3% a month earlier.
10:31 pm
so we're showing now consumer prices rising. when you were in the senate, and you talked to senate democrats, are they privately worried about this? >> they must be. i serve on the banking committee. we had chairman powell today with us, both democrats and republicans. most of my democrat colleagues tried to avoid the whole conversation about inflation. republicans were very focused with chairman powell. if you look what happened, liz, month over month from may to june, if you annualize the price increases that is 12% inflation rate. that is occurring right now, far beyond the 2% target chairman powell is talking about. it is being felt every day, certainly by citizens in tennessee, my home state. look what the biden administration policies are doing. this isn't temporary. a rot of talk is transitory impact. if you think about the keystone pipelineket getting canceled, it increases cost of energy throughout the country. increases cost of every good
10:32 pm
transported across america. americans feel it in home prices, price of used cars, certainly every good and service they have to purchase. this inflation is a concern. we need to address it now. certainly not add more stimulus spending will go to fuel this inflation even further. elizabeth: all right. north hag gert, thanks -- senator hagerty, thanks for joining us. coming out of the bottom of the hour. house democrats finally held a hearing on the origins of the pandemic. after more than 600,000 americans have died from it, not to mention the trillions of dollars lost in the shutdown across the country. representative michael walz was at the hearing. he joins us with an inside look. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> we need to know the origins. we think it came from the laboratory, the wuhan institute laboratory, the wuhan institute
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now he a member of the house, science, and space technology committee and also the armed services committee, back with us representative michael waltz. great to see you. house oversight hearing, good to see you. house oversight democrats finally held a hearing into the origins of the pandemic. you were at that hearing. what happened? >> well, this was, you know, pretty incredible that 18 months, a year-and-a-half into this global pandemic, this was the first hearing that the democrats have finally decided to hold but really, what they had was several scientists there that helped them to sketch out what the hearing should look like and what it should look into and one of the things, that one of the scientists said, it has to be objective and the scientific experts looking into it have to be objective. that is something i really seized on. it is one thing that the chinese communist party has completely
10:38 pm
covered this up, not allowed access to the original site. not provided data, not provided doctors and other things that we need to, the world needs to interview to understand what happened but the lack of objectivity from the american scientific community. when you had epidemiologists in the beginning months of this pandemic saying that any discussion outside of natural origin that it came from a bat was a conspiracy theory, right off the bat without any data to back that up, i think stinks to high heaven, now we're finding out years later many of those scientists were signing on to those letters putting that out there in the early days had financial and reputational interests making sure that the type of research happening in the wuhan lab didn't get fully ied because it would have come back to impact them in many ways and that is the thing we have to get to the bottom of.
10:39 pm
elizabeth: we hear you. there is also this. this is what is happening too. the number of new covid cases in the u.s. doubled in the last two weeks. the delta variant is racing across the country. doctors and scientists say people should get vaccinated. trump's "operation warp speed" got vaccines ahead of time that are more than 90% effective. a lot of talk for mandates, congressman. mandates for vaccine. dr. marty makary says the current threat is low. all at risk americans are protected and vaccinated. the virus is circulating in young people. the case fatality rate is similar to the seasonal flu. >> yeah. elizabeth: watch this, this is discussion that happened on msnbc about mandates for vaccines t was led by anchor stephanie ruhle that airlines should pay the government back, they got a lot of bailout money, should pay it back by mandating vaccines. >> the only wray to change the dynamic, especially places where
10:40 pm
there is hesitancy is to have a requirement. if you can't get on an airplane without a vaccination, that is going to change the dynamic. the airlines took an enormous amount of taxpayer money, enormous amount of tax payer in money. we all supported them. >> enormous. say it out loud. they have to deal with customers. they have to deal with employees. they wouldn't have either one if the government hadn't given them billions and billions of dollars last year. so maybe they could pay the government back and say yes, we'll help try to get people vaccinated. elizabeth: congressman, what do you say? >> well, first of all it is not the government paying anyone. it is taxpayer dollars but the democrats always tend to forget that part. number two, it is right back to the default, you know, play in their playbook, which is mandates. whether mandating lockdowns. mandating masks. mandating vaccines. what we showed in florida we concentrated on the most affected population, those with
10:41 pm
comorbidity and the elderly that is what the data showed, concentrated on nursing homes and vaccinating those first. by the way i do think it's a miracle that "operation warp speed" was able to get not one but three vaccines in record time. i perceived the vaccine, i think it is relatively safe but at the end of the day it is an individual choice. it is still an emergency use authorization and you know -- elizabeth: let's talk about that. >> democrats want to mandate it call it payback. that is nuts. elizabeth: senator ron johnson, senator ron john is sending a letter to the biden administration saying listen, there are adverse side-effects. he wants the cdc, nih to do hearings. the adverse reporting event system, 438,000 reports of adverse events from vaccines. that is 15 times greater than the weekly average prior to the pandemic. that is nearly 440,000 adverse reports coming in from
10:42 pm
side-effects and vaccines. people are concerned about that. your final word? >> you know, that is, at the end of the day people have those concerns, they're weighing those concerns versus we know the effects of covid, then, i think that is for each individual and their family and their community to weigh out. that is the view of america and how we're different than the rest of the world about individual responsibility and individual freedoms and liberties. elizabeth: got it. representative michael waltz, thanks for joining us. next up, reports out of washington that the democrats will try to flip the script on their own defund the police push. midterms looming. crime is surging. they're playing offense. some in the democrat party aren't conceding that it did hurt them. they lost a dozen house seats in 2020. joe concha is next. you're watching "the evening edit." >> we are seeing cities in chaos with crime rates spiking. and the american people are smart enough to know that the
10:43 pm
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♪. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome to the show back with us is "the hill" media columnist. he is joe concha. it is great to have you back on. we're seeing reports out of washington that the democrats will try to flip the script on their own defund the police push back on to republicans. what do you say to this. >> roll the dice, take your chances because look, crime in this country, liz, it is a catastrophe. it is one the absentee president of the united states doesn't have real interest in solving. the polling shows this will be a huge problem for democrats 2022 midterms around beyond. abc news, washington post, just 38% of americans, i got to meet the 38% sometime approve the way mr. biden is tackling the crime crisis. ugov and yahoo!, see violent crime as very big problem in this country. to put that in context, 8 points
10:48 pm
higher than raid yeah relations, 10 points higher than the economy, 1points higher than the covid. white house is saying republicans are to blame for defunding the police, police morale at all-time low, retirements seeing the biggest jumps ever? what is next, pub bs are for open border, blowing up the border, expanding critical race theory? nobody buys this argument, liz. elizabeth: "washington post" broke out of this, "the washington post" gave the white house three pinocchios claiming republicans backed defund the police. you did a dive into this. in the american rescue plan nowhere to be found in police, law enforcement or cops. you don't find those words in the president's speeches, right? >> the three biggest speeches of his life liz, obviously the democratic national convention last year, didn't say police or crime once. then at his inauguration, doesn't say police or crime once. then at the join session, basically the state of the union
10:49 pm
he does say police, yea, but only says it in terms of police reform in the name of george floyd. so violent crime has not been addressed by this president what sorry. democrats own the crisis. it starts at the top, it will i swear to you, along with inflation, the border, anything but secure, public education gone mad, critical race theory, this will end the democrat hold over majorities in the house and essentially in the senate in 2022. if you think about it what positive thing do they have to run on at this point? particularly crime in this case. people feel that. it is in their communities. you know what? i feel safer with the other guys in charge than the democrats who embraced black lives matter. who embraced the mostly peaceful protests last year. they will pay for it next year, liz, that is certainty. elizabeth: the majority of democrats the polls show don't want defund the police. the majority of blacks don't want defund the police. "usa today" ipsos poll finding that.
10:50 pm
disturbing finding. the national fraternal order of police say ambush-style attacks on cops, on police officers, nearly doubled since 2020? i mean, we're seeing cops quitting and retiring at record levels. seeing it in new york, in chicago, in portland. also seeing it in minneapolis and in san francisco. it is so ambush attacks on cops doubling since 2020. your reaction? final word. >> liz it is so brazen we have a judicial system if you commit crimes it is revolving door. go in the police station, you go right back out. until you solve the smaller crimes, you will see people take shots and police unless police sign up to be police officers or get out of being police officers the country is in real trouble right now. we don't have a leader addressing it, liz. elizabeth: joe concha, thanks for joining us. come back soon. ken cuccinelli with us on the historic rise in drug overdose deaths in the u.s. it is the sharpest annual increase in at least three
10:51 pm
decades. this is happening amid an historic rise in seizures of fentanyl at the southern border. all of that is next at "the evening edit." >> if he got 50,000 people crossing our border illegally, got awais we can't find on a monthly basis. monthly basis. 40,000 on monthly basis how man we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day.
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elizabeth: we have breaking news. u.s. border patrol is investigating a sign reportedly put up by drug cartel members and human smugglers across the rio grande river in the area of juarez. the sign reads, and it's a warning to u.s. border patrol, quote: bullets can cross the river too. joining us now, former dhs acting secretary ken cucinelli. now the drug cartels and human smugglers are saying they're going to effectively shoot at border patrol with this sign that they hung up. what do you say? >> well, they've done that before. this is, you know, you remember some shootings on the rio grande river last year where they took shots at border patrol craft boats who were. in rescuing people who were struggling in the river. so it's -- we think of the
10:56 pm
border on the other side as if it's the mexican version of our side. that's to not what's going on on the mexican side of the border. the mexican government does not control the other side of that international border. the drug cartels do. the most evil, vicious organizations in the western hemisphere. that's who controls that border. and they are monetizing joe biden's open door policy into this country. it's a -- the president is volunteering to let people invade this country, but they can't get here for free. they're got to pay their way through the human smuggling chain, and the most violent gatekeepers of all are those drug cartels that are now directly threatening the border patrol as you point out, liz. elizabeth: you know, drug overdose deaths now with the sharpest annual increase in three decades, up more than 30%. more than 93,000 deaths. and we also have a record amount of drugs being smuggling add a
10:57 pm
croix the border, in-- across the border, including fentanyl. tell us if we're wrong, 7,000 pounds seized in the southwest recently? is that true? >> yes, it is. and that's just what they've gotten. with such a wide open border because of joe biden's intentional policies, a massive amount is getting through. and you can see street prices are down, overdoses are up. this is a real calamity, and there are communities in every single state that are particularly vulnerable to this where people are literally dying, leaving their children orphans and sometimes literally on the side of the road. it's just tragic beyond comprehension for ordinary americans. and this is being facilitated by joe biden's open border policy. elizabeth: ken, let's talk about this, we had on border patrol council vice president art del cueto. we talked to him about the tactics that drug traffickers and human smugglers are using to
10:58 pm
distract border patrol. watch this. this is a tough question. are drug smugglers and human smugglers basically dropping babies over border walls and abandoning them on highways or in deserts in order to distract the get drugs across at a separate section of the border? >> they most certainly are. and not only that, but when you talk about the humanitarian aspect of the entire situation, what this administration is actually doing is it's encouraging people to come across. it's encouraging these groups to use these human traffic in order to bring their product across. this administration is solely responsible for any single individual that is suffering while coming through into the united states illegally. elizabeth: so the drug smugglers are arranging babies being dropped over border walls. >> yep. elizabeth: the drug smugglers are arranging for children to be abandoned in the deserts and the
10:59 pm
highways. it's the drug smugglers doing it? >> absolutely. he's absolutely right. and, look, you heard from an expert in the field. i mean, literally he gets in the field to enforce the law. and he's absolutely right. they use all of these humanitarian abuses as distractions to absorb border patrolman power -- patrol manpower and, thus, strip the border of security. and, look, the border patrol's first job is national security. their second job is immigration enforcement. but let's not forget that first job. and they are being taken away from securing our nation. and it's being done relatively easily because of the policies of the biden administration. they've made it easy for the cartels. elizabeth: all right. ken cucinelli, thanks for joining us. this is tough stories -- >> good to be with you, liz. elizabeth: we appreciate your expertise on this because you've been down there, you've been at
11:00 pm
the border seeing what's going on. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching with the the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ for "the claman countdown." "kudlow" is next. ♪. larry: hello, everyone. welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. so yesterday we were all disappointed that neither president biden nor madam psaki were willing to slam cuban communism but we're americans together. here's what i suggested last night. some free advice for president biden, sir, it is okay to come out against communism. it's all right. well today, i'm very proud of madam psaki ander


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