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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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worker shortages, this one involving firefighters may very well be the most dangerous. elizabeth: thank you so much for that report, that does it for us on "fox business tonight", io can't wait to see you tomorrow follow me on twitter tell me what you want to hear, "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: thousands of americans joining free cuba ralliesti nationwide in at least seven states and d.c., policing cuba openly shooting at anti-communism protesters, hundreds and cuba arrested or disappeared senator marco rubio warned that cuba will see aif horrific bloodbath if president biden does not take action, tonight the disturbing silence of the democrats and the white house today says there will be
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no further comment, this is china says it is ready to help cuba, joining me tonight former state department official, indiana senator, louisiana senator bill cassidy mariannette miller-meeks on the subcommittee on the coronavirus former new york policeman darren borchard byron york and california congressman darrell issa homeland security says no to cuban and haitian refugees trying to come to america over c the ocean and republican say the administration should take a hard stance on the u.s. border and republican flaming president biden for comparing reform laws to jim crow saying this isor over-the-top, hyperbole, misinformation, manufacture crisis, lots of hysteria, little specific on white voter id used in countries like canada, mexico and france as voter suppression
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were gonna dig past the politics and give you the facts, plus the democrats historic blow out a new government spending we have another read on inflation it shows that skyrocketing what democrats want is double the annual u.s. budget under former president obama, the democrats face midterm losses, also this more mass confusion from dr. fauci he says follow the science, why are his mask recommendations for children the opposite of what the w.h.o. says, also this blue dog house democrats say yes nancy pelosi, launch a commission investigation into the origins of the pandemic and include whether covid-19 leaks from the wuhan lab, the white house is growing concerns over the surge of violent crimes nationwide but cnn host downplay and dismiss the rise inme violent crime. that crime is lame minority communities, also a new study report a book is out saying
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facebook has fired 52 of its workers for using facebook location data in order to spy on users including men spying on women, thank you for joining us i am elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with this news the biden administration formally inviting the united nations to investigate the u.s. over racism, their silence about investigation on human rightsum abuses their untried and i run the says protest in the streets of cuba raised john still the progressive members of the u.s. congress remain silent, chad pergram live on capitol hill with more. good to see you. >> good evening members of the squad are pretty outspoken but conspicuously quiet on backing the protesters in cuba.
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>> the silence of the squad is deafening, they rarely any of the most local lawmakers like a cause of cortez and ilhan omar miss an opportunity to speak out against violation of human rights in any part of the globe and you have not heard a word that is quite the disconnect. >> for house members associated with the socialist of america or dsa alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, jamaal bowman and corey busch, the dsa has expressed solidarity with the communist of cuba gop has a theory. >> there does not seem to be a way to convince them that the regime in cuba is a dictatorship, clearly they have grade integrate admiration for radical left ideology.
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democrats had to house seats in southern florida last year that's partly because the voters thought gop had a better case against socialism, how democrats handle cuba could be an issue in the midterm elections, bernie sanders vermont identifies a socialist and says the cuban people deserve democracy and implored the cuban government to allow protest to continue. elizabeth: chad pergram, great to see you, joining me now former deputy assistant secretary for cuba and venezuely for the state department, were honored to have care on, you just heard that report, why the silence from the progressive left? >> it is not justea the silences was indicated the dsa has been very clear they're not being silent they're actually saying solidarityressing with acumen regime and let's be clear on what solidarity with acumen regime means it means supporting human rights violation and supporting the
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assault against protesters and sons and daughters out of their parents arms to throw them in jail to have something to eat. it means covid into prisons instead of hospitals, that's exactly what the dsa is supported when they express solidarity and we need to be clear about what that is. elizabeth: now they say china will step in to help cuba it's the number one trading partner in his road initiative we have iran, china, russia, at the state department you are part of the effort to deny funding to cuba's military intelligence apparatus, can you talk more about that how the money is used to oppress the cuban people. >> what the trump administration sought to do is to protect the people of cuba byop recognizing all of the incomes that was going to cuban security forces
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and military forces were being used to support things like chinese surveillance technology and to support there repressive apparatus both within cuba but also being exported to venezuela and elsewhere in the region, the idea was blood to make sure that money that goes to the irs is actually getting to the homes of the cuban people and not getting into the home of the castro regime. elizabeth: that is the issue, here's the thing the cuban communist dictatorship blames the u.s. embargo, russia and china blamed embargo the u.s. embargo is not stopping food or humanitarian supplies, it's not stopping tourism in cuba and is not stopping cuba would trading with 190 countries let's listen to senator rubio he's echoing what you have been saying, watch this. >> we can pass h a bill open to cuba 100% open you could do for free trade, whatever you want, at the end of e the day the cubn
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regime will control the opening is not what we want to do it's what they want to do, all the sites are owned by holding company controlled by the cuban military so everything comes through our hands, you want to send them food, that's great, get to get it a government military ownedov agriculture company, you cannot sell it to a small grocery store in cuba or even a food wholesaler and goes to the cuban government, you want to spend money, they take it, it's a socialism about control and all of these things, tourism, food, money, medicine is all about control. elizabeth: i want your reaction to what senator rubio just said let's roll on video that shows cuban security forces arresting the cuban social media activist right in the middle of an interview, can you talk about what senator rubio is saying. >> senator rubio iss exactly right when the left comes outut
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and says the attack against the american administration and the embargo you don't see any cubans on the street in cuba right now holding signs that say in the american y bargo what you see is them trying to waive american flags which is a symbol of freedom all across the world when you look at what the embargo actually does senator rubio is exactly right humanitarian aid and food is able to come through, and $202,175,000,000 worth of food that was exported from the united states in cuba. it is obviously a continued lie and we need to make sure were fighting the regime and not getting to the american people the cuban people. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, it's t good to see you, lets bring in indiana senator micron, senatorr biden made over-the-top claims of state voting reform in texas and georgia calling them
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racists and jim crow even though georgia and texas vote rules are more lenient and liberal them but under biden's home state of delaware where is the attorney general on delaware? >> great point let me take an at-home description, indiana 28 days of early voting, new york, ten, 11 reasons you can request an absentee ballot from indiana or in new york, the hypocrisy that flows from all of this is amazing, when you try to escape your state like the texas legislator is doing, that happened in indiana ten years ago on right to work, those following elections, we became super majorities in our house and our senate, it's not going to indwell the texas legislator
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that pleaded d.c. to make their case before the people's act which should probably be before the politician act they will come back and when they end upel doing is probably end up hurting themselves the next round of elections. elizabeth: the governor of texas can call another special session when they come back they're not delaying the inevitable. democrats want before the people act for mailing votes that arrive up to ten days after election day compel them to legalize ballot harvesting, band voter id laws, why are voter id laws suppression with canada, france, mexico use voter id laws dozens of countries around the world have voter id, obama says yes, jim clyburn says we were never against it but they called voter id vote suppression, it is not. >> exactly, even there my guess when this gets down to the finish line they will give up on the crazy demand to get rid of
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voter id, that pulls way against them and that is one i think they might give up on, here is the point for me where were although theseom complaints pre-covid, all the things that were done through local jurisdictions to change things that they now want to ingrain, and federalize his election lawd and the supreme court just gave a real good indication of what happened in arizona 6 - 3, what they did was completely constitutional, their way ahead of their skis and the fact that they had none of these issues pre-covid in those elections is a typical democrat move, their political entrepreneurs and trying to run with something that does not make sense. elizabeth: texas law would extend early voting hours, it would have voting on sundays,
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it's getting rid of drive-through boating, it's basically republicans are putting back the system to what it was in 2019 pre-pandemic. this is not voter suppression, the weights being characterized is out leading and wrong. were gonna show right now what the texas law is all about, your response to president biden calling this jim crow. >> that is sensationalism, there also good at that tag lighting any issue like the covid relief bill, the american rescue plan, even infrastructure in american jobs, we've got to be careful they will sometimes take this, sensationalize,, generalize, i think the public is getting onto it because they tried it soha my times. i feel good that they will lose on this issue because it does not make sense the supreme coure weighed in and look what happened in indiana i mentioned
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earlier political prices to pay for the overtop behavior. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, you look at the details and stack it up to what the democrats are saying and their over-the-top hyperbole and people out there like what you talking about mrs. going back to 2019, no voterer suppression, micron it's good to see you come back soon. bill cassidy on the democrats historic blowout in new spending, we have a new read on inflation it is skyrocketing, what democrats want is double the annual u.s. budget under former president obama democrats face losing control over the house and the midterms, you are watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> in normal times they would awful lotight make an of sense but these aren't normal times a $20 trillion in debt the
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whopper meantime the federal reserve said inflation has increased notably something most ueamericans already knew due to price increase and just about everything look who's back edward lawrence at the white house with more. >> the sales pitches on at the te white house and this is a process if you're buying a car the finance managers comes in to do the fast talking the president meeting late this afternoon with mayors and governors to push the bipartisan infrastructure deal and also pushing the package the democrats and go shaded and want the rest of the spending 3.5 tran10 dollars and the president going to capitol hill for lunch you see him at the capital to talk with democrats about the $3.5 trillion reconciliation deal because the votes are not there within it own party. >> he knows as president you lay out an agenda or that their
10:20 pm
objective and members of congress shoot the details and it's his role to continue to engage in selling both packages to members in the senate and thl public and i think you can expect and see him do that until both pieces of legislation are passed, going back home to the senate where he spent 36 years. >> is also trying to show that he's doing a dance to support the spending package that the democrats want trying to make sure bipartisanru infrastructure deal will pass, this is where he has a problem the leader of the democratic party the president does not have the house speaker on the same page she said the two bills are linked and she will not bring up infrastructure bill without thehe other one passing, that is certain according to republicans. >> there's going to be what we see now with record inflation and the current inflation numbers are nothing compared to what's going to happen if you put this much money into the economy and people are going to pay for, regulation and you will make things a lot more expensive
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to do any sort of activity so the taxes and regulation are going to sink the economy. >> a lot of conversation between the white house and lawmakers this month. back to you. elizabeth: let's bring in bill cassidy, there's a lot of sausage making down there, the problem is is nearly 5 trillion in new spending and top with 2 trillion last fall that is double what the country's entire annual budget was under obama, this is off the charts we've never seen it before and they cannot pay for their now talking for trigon and tax hikes that's what the unions want you're gonna have to tax the middlee class to pay for this. >> totally and they will tax them with inflation, keep in mind inflation is a hidden tax on the american people it may be a sales tax when your milk prices go up 7.5% but it's a c higher cost and when your gas price goes up over $3 at the higher cost, the way that they
10:22 pm
manage their aspect of the economy is a deliberate mismanagement, let me separated hour infrastructure package. elizabeth: i want to jump in forgive me, i'm so sorry i don't mean to interrupt people are getting angry and you talked about this is how they want to pass all of the new spending with only democrat votes no republican votes is this the way that we want our country to be run with one party deciding there were gonna put trillions of dollars of new spending and taxes on you without any say-so from republicans, were all with that. be okay >> it's not okay the reason they have to do on a democratic own is deliberate mismanagement you're dumping several trillion dollars of new spending when already there's too many dollars chasing too few products you throwing gasoline and lighting
10:23 pm
the match and there goes inflation. again that price of milk is seven and half% higher now, 15%, that's what they're building to that is bad for the american family. elizabeth: we hear you asked prices are up 40% since biden sat down in the office half of small businesses are raising prices because half of small businesses cannot find workers and were paying them to stay home and the new poll is out m that 1.8 million people decided not to find a new job because of getting paid by the government and more jobless benefits you see top-heavy on the one hand but on the back in it's not being held up, mitch mcconnell said what they're talking about is so over-the-top and not justified right now, what do you say to that. >> totally agree there is actually bipartisan agreement and a democratic congressman who said he's not going to vote for
10:24 pm
the hard infrastructure but the other bill that they're proposing because right now inflation is rising, why were senate, all go back to the analogy there is inflation brewing it's like they're putting fuel on top of that, lighting a match and see what happens, unfortunately it's the middle class to pay the price. elizabeth: polls show americans are upset with inflation now 291970 levels here's the thing the democrats in the house if they lose four seats pelosi goes away, on average midterm elections the party in power dozen seats, are they trying to ram it through all the spending by california governor newsom is doing more stimulus to stay in power? >> you can certainly think that they are trying to do this purely for political purposes it doesn't makeme economic sense,
10:25 pm
larry summers of formerad democratic treasury secretary is saying this is bad and it'll create more inflation. it is both the right and the left to look at the spending spree and understand is not correct, on the other hand why does the dog bite a cat, that's what they do i hate to say but why doab democrats tax-and-spen, that's what they do. elizabeth: we hear you, senator bill cassidy it's great to have you on, come back soon, good to see you. were coming into the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox business network, more mass confusion from dr. fauci he says follow the science, why are his mask recommendations for children the opposite of what the w.h.o. says. blue doghouse democrats say yes nancy pelosi open up a
10:26 pm
commission, a probe to look into the origins of the pit demo and whether covid-19 to the wuhan lab representative marianne miller meeks is up next. stay right there. >> we need those school boards tond stand up and do what's rigt teachers can get vaccinated and if they want to wear a masksk ty can m wear masks but we shouldnt placate to the adults at the expense of the children. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the show congresswoman mary annette miller meeks who is on the subcommittee on the coronavirus great to have you back on the blue doghouse democrats say yes nancy pelosi launch a commission, a probe into the origins of the pandemic, what do you say to this. >> it's about time we've been asking for several months we asked on the select coronavirus task force subcommittee ason you mentioned and we talked about in conversation and i would say it's about time. and it came from the wuhan institute of her obligee in china but it's very important to knowor the origin and it's important the international community and other countries come forward and pressure the chinese communist party to be more transparent with information of where the virus came from. elizabeth: let's move on to this a major pushback against dr. fauci, he said children aged
10:31 pm
two or older shareware mask but the w.h.o. says children under age five don't need to wear masks there's a lot of confusion, what do you say about this. >> is the same ways and why there's vaccine hesitancy and why we get mixed messages from the experts,so the w.h.o. has sd children under five don't need to wear masks as far back as a year ago the american journalist pediatric published children don't transmit children up to elementary up until six grade don't transmits to other children or adults, children get the virus from other adults but they were not transmitting it and that may be because of a better immune system but nonetheless we've known for over a year the children don't transmit the virus so children going to summer camps being outdoors where there's no
10:32 pm
transmission seems absurd to have children wear masks when there outdoors playing in sports and certainly an elementary age group to say they were not going to let children go back tore school muster wearing masks is not following the science which creates more problems in the opinion over experts and institutions. elizabeth: how can you follow the science when it's all over the map, dr. fauci some would say he's overcompensating it sounds like he's being political, they said hold back on saying everything to a higher truth meaning science at the start of the pandemic he totalle blew it and flip-flopped on masks and what percent is herd immunity in a major confusion and now we have this vaccines not yet fully approved by the fda and people are being pervaded into taking vaccines, we want people to be safe and vaccinated but honesty and transparency if you have people knocking door to door are they going to tell the people behind the door-to-door that their side effects and national committee
10:33 pm
when they monitor text messages are they going to tell people their side effects? >> i think it's one of the i reasons why there is confusion and number two there's vaccine hesitancy so they don't need to look any further than themselves in the media that have perpetuated some of the hysteria, their side effects from the vaccine and we should be forthright and transparent the cdc should be transparentth about that when i asked dr. fauci and doctor walensky of edherd immunity in april they should've been transparent about level of herd immunity and knowledge but we don't know what it is with covid-19. more transparency and more honesty and when you do not know the answer people can accept you don't know the answer because of the novel coronavirus. but help people to decide what's best for them based on accurate information, and adds to the confusion you could go back to
10:34 pm
last year when vice president kamala harris demeaned the vaccine because it came from dark ton attempt president trump and even if it's vaccinated then they'll still wear a master 2022, no wonder why people are confused which expert opinion they should listen to. elizabeth: representative mary annette miller meeks, we love having you on. come back soon. elizabeth: former nypd lieutenant darrin porcher joins me with this story, the white house has growing concerns but little answers over the surge and violent crimes nationwide, what to do about it cnn host downplay and dismiss the rise in violent crime that is claiming minority communities, slamming them very hard keep it right here on "the evening edit". >> i'm disappointed i will be candid and feel so political, certainly we know what the polls have said the number one concerv
10:35 pm
of american folks is violent crime. ♪
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elizabeth: joining us now new york city police lieutenant darren portia, the white house is really concerned about the surge and violent crime the horrific story, university of chicago student shot to death in chicago another high school football star also shot to death in chicago, the president today is saying defend the police basically is a wrong way to go we've been out this four year finally the white house is speaking out more forcefully, what do you say is. >> there has been dramatic parallels within thell democratc party in connection of public safety democrats are looking att the trees and not viewing the
10:40 pm
ecosystem of the forest, the trees would be the radical left focusing on defunding police, however, the forest is the ecosystem of all the citizens involved, we need to focus on appointment system of how we can greatly reduce crime and that's not what's happening from the perspective of the democratic party. >> new york new jersey police did not fire one shot last year they have been working to remove illegal guns and drug gangs and other gangs in urban areas thati are doing a lot of the violence, those are the storylines out there it's almost like the media and democrats don't know what to do talking about the crime wave spiraling out of control after they acknowledged it for a year, were gonna show crime in cities of defunding the police, your reaction to that. >> the people that are closest to the problem are closest to the solution police and
10:41 pm
political leaders because officers are closer to the solution. we unfortunately have radical public officials that are choosing to go the route of d from police and reject law enforcement and what's resulting in immediate work rise in crime. elizabeth: let's watch cnn host don lemon arguing with fellow anchor chris cuomo don lemon appears to be downplaying the fact that crime is rising, watch this. >> is a real crime is not an historic low, it's creeping back up, it's creeping back up and that is not good at that an n all-time low and not to the point -- >> new york city specifically. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now, is this what you want from joe biden and they're going to take your country away in taking down the statues. >> crime is rising, d t from police. >> it so bad in the defunding
10:42 pm
police. elizabeth: the second half of that soundbite did notso i age , it comes across your treating people like data points, infants, toddlers, babies, children, teenagers being shot to death, are those just data points we should move on f from? >> rodon lemon is viewing throuh a different lens than what's happening of the quantitative statistics we see a rise in shootings of violent crime not just in new york but the national level therefore we need to understand and capture the necessary data and crime reduction strategy and that is clearly not happening and i think don lemon has a different perspective on it then me as a former law-enforcement practitioner. elizabeth: were showing a usa today poll showing a majority of blacks and democrats saying don't be from police, thank youy
10:43 pm
so much and thank you for your service to our country, come back soon, next up is study new report facebook is fired 52 workers for using facebook location data to spy on users including men's by non-women byron york a great writer, next on "the evening edit". ♪ commercial real estate exchange. you can close with more certainty. and twice as fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... or fedora shopping. talk to your broker. ten-x does the same thing, - but with buildings. - so no more waiting. sfx: ding! see how easy...? don't just sell it. ten-x it. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show washington examiner correspondent and fox newsy contributor a terrific writer byron york, a book says facebook has fired 52 of its workers for using facebook location data to stock people in stock women, to spy on women that were romantically interested in this dates back to 2014 to 2015 facebook has not fixed his problem, what do you say.
10:48 pm
>> it is troubling report, a loa of people have legitimate fears about what facebook does with their personal data but itk usually means they're afraid of facebook selling that data to other sorts of people who are not entitled to it, this is a much different thing this is facebook employees allegedly using private information as you suggested most of those cases and most of them were men who were pursuing women using data that they should not ofat been using from facebook, another thing too remember this is just fromas 2014 - 2015 what happened in the six years since then, we don't know but it seems unlikely that this stopped completely in 2015. elizabeth: they were also able to not only view women's locations but the private messages, any deleted photos any
10:49 pm
more. this is concerning stuff facebook says it's on the stick and trying to rectify the problem but it's an open access. system according to this book and they're not really stopping the issue, go ahead. >> the book actually says mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook specifically rejected proposals to tighten up access to data, we don't know what happened since then but you're right this had a physical dimension and sense some men fired from facebook use the data, the location data to go see women and introduce themselves or approached them unwarranted because they had stolen the data. elizabeth: creepy, let's move onto this twitter out with a new analysis, it is saying basically it was hit with more than 360
10:50 pm
demands from countries aroundst the world pakistan, turkey, russia to delete and removeou content from 200 news and journalist accounts, twitter is ffacing censorship pressure frm foreign governments as twitter is taking down platforms that they disagree with, your take on this? >> this is really troubling, it shows you the problems that a company like facebook and twitter which are global companies face, in the united states for example it's not unusual in a criminal investigation, prosecutors or defense lawyers to request information from twitter done with due process through the courts, what you have here is authoritarian governments using twitter to crack down on journalist and the question is twitter going to be a party for
10:51 pm
that. elizabeth: interesting stuff, thank you for joining us, comese back soon, homeland security says no to cuban and haitian refugees, homeland sick purity secretary cindy can't come to america over the ocean, don't do it cubans and haitians, the administration should take just as hard a stance on the u.s. border, congressman darrell i said joins us next, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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check it out at that's a-e-r-o elizabeth: back with us now california congress would darrell issa, good to see you. homeland security secretary mayorkas morning people fleeing don't do it over the ocean it is unsafe he saying you're not going toce be accepted that they cannotot come in even if they're being demonstrably persecuted or tortured or feel that they can come over the ocean, your response to this. >> their plane immigration politics is pretty clear that they will not did nouns what's been going on in cuba for six decades, they don't have a response to the assassination in haiti and yet they're picking on the two groups and claiming it's about safety, people died trying
10:56 pm
to get here from central america, it's also very unsafe by land and there's no question that all in san diego they've had died in the desert with this time a year without water is there a risk to people coming here illegally, absolutely, are they playing politics in particular with cubans who historically vote republican you better believe it. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear the squad has been silent on the atrocities by the cuban communist regime disturbing farnce from the progressive left we also have this white house secretary jen psaki saying the president will not address communism in cuba and he's not going to speak out about it she refuses to use the word communism, congressman let's listen to jen psaki, i would like your response to the soundbite. >> i think we've been pretty
10:57 pm
clear that we think people are leaving cuba or protesting in the streets asr well as because they are opposed to the oppression and the mismanagement of the government andem the country is. elizabeth: is that an understatement to use the word understatement. >> you have to remember for socialist like this administration and aoc, their theory if you do communism or socialism better it'so going to work, it did notet work in cuba for over half a century and it didn't work in russia and it doesn't work anywhere in the world but the people in washington running government they think it's going to work for them and they're getting ready to unload more socialism than you've ever seen. it is pure professional courtesy that they don't want to denounce cuba because cuba is where they want to take this country.
10:58 pm
elizabeth: that is pretty terrifying you talked about russia, the market value of apple stock is worth the russian stock market. how serious is this threat the supporters of president trump that have been very fearful of communism in this country. >> iraqi people are pushing back every poll that you see on law enforcement, voting rights including identification and on the belief of the free market system says the american people are not where the democratic party is, the democratic party has become the party of 20% and do i find it scary they are running the government, yes. do i find it scary aoc essay nancy pelosi is not liberal enough, you better believe it but at the end of the day i believe in the american people who believe in w our system and believe the pledge of allegiance is about a great nation and
10:59 pm
appalled that our secretary of state has asked the un to look into us being a racist nation as though that was a neutral group, the reality is the american people are with the conservative and center-right movement in the democratic party is with the government of cuba. elizabeth: wee hear you it's about what the moderates in this country are about from both parties, the moderates are saying no to communism the moderates are say no to high taxes we just heard breaking news even democrats are not on board with the three and half trillion that bernie sanders wants, your final word. >> absolutely the center-left and the center-right believe in the system asgh it is and they o not want to have what is going on, yes they were part of the center-left electing joe biden, joe biden ran as a moderate and
11:00 pm
now he's trying to lead as aoc liberal and candidly every poll shows that they had enough and they want to move back to the center right where they were comfortable in america was prosperous. elizabeth: is good to see you, thank you for joining us i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit", thank you for joining us, join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> i am larry kudlow welcome. ultimately talking to 51 vote reconciliation i wouldn't exactly call this a blessing in disguise but let's hear from hillary vaughn live on capitol hill with the facts, the facts in the details, good evening. >> president biden was here on


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