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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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worker shortages this one involving firefighters may very well be the most dangerous. dagen. dagen: indeed connell. thank you so much for that report. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." can't wait to see you tomorrow. hit me up on twitter. tell me what you want to hear. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thousands of americans joining free cuba rallies nationwide in at least seven states and d.c. now this, police in cuba again openly shooting at anti-communism protesters. hundreds in cuba now arrested or disappeared. senator marco rubio warns that cuba will see a quote, horrific bloodbath if president biden does not take action but tonight still the disturbing silence of the democrats and the white house today says they will have no further comment.
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this as china says it is now ready to help cuba. joining me tonight former state department official cary fi mike brown, louisiana senator bill cassidy, marionette miller-meeks on house is up committee on the coronavirus. former new york police duty darren porcher, byron york and former congressman darrell issa. biden administration says no to cuban and haitian refugees trying to come to america over the ocean. the administration should take as hard of a stance on the u.s. border. republicans slamming president biden comparing state vote reform laws to jim crow saying this is over the top, hyperbole, misinformation, a manufactured crisis. again lots of hysteria, little specifics on why voter i.d. used in countries like canada, mexico and france is voter suppression. we're going to dig past the politics and give you the facts. plus the democrats historic
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blowout in new government spending. we have yet another read today on inflation. it shows it skyrocketing. what democrats want is double the annual u.s. budget under former president obama. the democrats face miss term losses. also this, more mask confusion from dr. fauci. he says follow the science. why are his mask recommendations for children the opposite of what the w.h.o. says? we have this blue doghouse democrats say yes, nancy pelosi, launch a commission, launch an investigation into the origins of the pandemic that would include whether covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab. the white house's growing concerns over the surge in violent crime nationwide but cnn hosts again downplay and dismiss the rise in violent crime. that crime is now slamming minority communities. also, a new stunning report, a book is out saying that facebook has fired 52 of its workers for
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using facebook location data in order to do things like spy on users, including men spying on women. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. we begin tonight with this news. the biden administration formally inviting the united nations to investigate the u.s. over racism but their silence about investigating atrocities in cuba, human rights abuses there also in china and iran. this as protests in the streets of cuba rage on. still the progressive members of the u.s. congress remain silent. chad pergram is live on capitol hill with more. good to see you, chad. reporter: liz, members of the "squad" are pretty outspoken but are conspicuously quiet on backing the protesters in cuba. >> the silence of "the squad" is
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deafening. they rarely, any of the most vocal lawmakers like alexandria ocasio-cortez or ilhan omar, they rarely miss an opportunity to speak out against violations of human rights in i part of the globe. you haven't heard a word. that really is quite the disconnect. reporter: 4:00 house members are associated with the democratic socialists of america or dsa. alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, jamaal bowman and cori bush. the dsa expressed solidarity with the communist government in cuba. gop representative mario diaz-balart has a theory. >> there doesn't seem to be a way to convince them that the regime in cuba is even a dictatorship but clearly they have great admiration for radical left ideologies. they themselves espouse radical left ideologies. reporter: democrats lost two
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house seats in southern florida last year. partly because voters thought the gop had a better case against socialism. how the democrats handle cuba could be an issue in the midterm elections. bernie sanders of vermont identifies as socialist. he says the cuban people deserve democracy. he implored the cuban government to allow protests to continue. liz. elizabeth: chad pergram, great to see you. thanks for joining us. joining us former deputy assistant secretary for cuba and venezuela for the state department. we're honored to have her on. you heard the report. why the silence from the progressive left here? >> it is not just the silence. i mean as was indicated the dsa has been very clear, they're not being silent. they're saying they are expressing solidarity with the cuban regime. let's just be clear what solidarity with the cuban regime means. it means supporting human rights violations. it means supporting the assault against protesters.
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it means pulling sons and daughters out of their parents' arms to throw them in jail for expressing things like having something to eat. it means throwing people that have covid into prisons instead of hospitals. that is exactly what the dsa is supporting when they express solidarity with the cuban regime and we need to be clear what that is. elizabeth: now we've got china saying it will step in to help cuba. china is cuba's number one trading partner. cuba is in the belt and road initiative. so we have iran in there. china is in there. russia is in there. at the the at state department you were part of the effort to deny funding to cuba's intelligence apparatus. can you tell us more how that money is used to open press the cuban people? >> absolutely. the trump administration wanted to protect the people of cuba recognizing all the income going to cuban security force, intelligence forces, military
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forces were used to support things like chinese surveillance technology. to support these repressive apparatuses both within cuba and being exported to venezuela and elsewhere in the region so the idea was let's empower the cuban people. make sure that money that goes to the islands is actually getting into the hands of the cuban people and not getting into the hands of the castro regime. elizabeth: yeah. well that is the issue, right? here's the thing. the cuban communist dictatorship blames the u.s. embargoes. russia, china, they blame the embargoes. the u.s. embargo is not stopping food or humanitarian supplies. it is not stopping tourism to cuba. it is not stepping cuba from trading with 190 countries. listen to senator rubio. he is echoing what you have been saying. watch this. >> we can pass a bill here that says open to cuba, 100% open, do whatever you want, full tree trade you can do whatever you want of the at the end of the
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day cuban regime will control that opening. not what we want to do. it is what they do. all the tourist sites are owned by a cop controlled by the cuban military. you want to send them food. that is great. guess who guests it? allen port a government military owned agriculture company. you can't sell it to a small grocery store in cuba. or a food wholesaler. it goes to the cuban government. you want to send money? they take it. you know why? socialism is about control. all of these things, tourism, food, money, medicine, it is all about control. elizabeth: let's, i want your reaction to what senator rubio just said but let's roll on video that appears to show cuban security forces arresting a cuban social media analyst, dina star in the middle of an interview. can you talk a little bit what senator rubio was saying? >> of course senator rubio is exactly right. when the left comes out and says
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this is really an attack against the american administration, the american embargo, is the root of all of this, you don't see any cubans on the streets in cuba, holding signs that say end the american embargo. what you're seeing is trying to wave american flags which remains the symbol of freedom all across the world. so when you look at what the embargo actually does, senator rubio is exactly right. humanitarian aid, food is still able to come through n 2020 there was over $175 million of worth of food exported from the united states to cuba. so it is obviously the continued lies. we need to make sure that we're fighting a regime and its supporters. elizabeth: got it. >> that is getting it to the american people, to the cuban people. elizabeth: carrie thanks for joining us, good to see you. let's move on and bring in indiana senator mike braun. president biden made several over the top claims about state
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voting laws in texas and georgia calling them jim crow even though they are more lenient than his own home state of delaware. where is his attorney general on delaware here? >> great point. let's take a at home description. indiana, 2days of early voting. new york, 10. -- 28 days. 11 reasons you can request a absentee ballot in indiana. four in new york. the hypocrisy that flows from all of this is amazing. when you try to escape your state, like the texas legislature is doing, that happened back in indiana 10 years ago on right to work. those following elections, we became supermajorities in both our house and senate. it is not going to end well. those texas legislators that fleed a place like d.c. to make their case for the peoples act which should be for the politicians act, they will come back and what they will end up
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doing is probably hurting themselves in the next round of elections. elizabeth: yeah. the for the people, by the way, governor the texas can call another special session when they come back. it is -- >> not like, they're delaying the inevitable. >> exactly. elizabeth: the democrats want the for the people act. it would force people to count mail-in votes that arrive up to 10 days after election day. compel them to legalize ballot harvesting, ban voter i.d. las. why are voter i.d. laws suppression when canada, france, mexico, use voter i.d. laws? let's show the viewer, dozens of countries around the world have voter i.d. obama says yes to voter i.d. jim clyburn says we were never against voter i.d. they are calling voter i.d. vote suppression but it is not. >> even there, my guess when it gets down closer to the finish line they will give up on the crazy demand to get rid of voter i.d.
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that polls way against them. and that is one i think, they might give up on. but here's the point for me. where were all these complaints pre-covid, pre-you know, all the things that were done through local jurisdictions to kind of change things? they now want to ingrain. it federalizes election law. and the supreme court just gave a real good indication, and what happened in arizona, 6-3 what they did there was completely constitutional. they're way ahead of their skis on this one. and the fact that they had none of these issues pre-covid in those elections it is a typical democrat move, political entrepreneurs and they're trying to run with something that doesn't make sense. elizabeth: you know, the texas law would extend early voting hours. you know, it would have voting on sundays. it is just getting rid of
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drive-through voting. it is basically republicans are putting back the system to what it was in 2019 pre-pandemic. i mean and so this is not voter suppression. the way it is being characterized is flat-out misleading and wrong. i mean, we're going to show right now what the texas law is all about. your response to president biden calling this jim crow. >> so that is sensationalism. they're all so good at that. tag lining any issue, like the covid relief bill, the american rescue plan. even infrastructure, american jobs. you got to be careful because they will sometimes take this sensationalize it, generalize upon it. i think the public is getting on to it because they have tried it so many times. so i feel good that they're going to lose on this issue because it doesn't make sense. supreme court just weighed in. look what happened in indiana. i mentioned that earlier.
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political prices to pay for that kind of over the top behavior. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you loud and clear, senator. when you look at details, you stack it up to what the democrats are saying, and in their over the top hyperbole, the people out there are saying what are you talking about? this is going back to 2019. there is no voter suppression here. senator mike braun. good to see you. come back soon. up next, senator bill cassidy on the democrats historic government blowout in new spending. we got a new read on inflation shows yeah, it is skyrocketing. now what democrats want is double the annual u.s. budget under former president obama. democrats do face losing control of the house in the midterms. you are watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> in normal times of discussion they would have, they're having mike make an awful lot of sense but these are not normal times. with $20 trillion in debt. we passedtrillion dollars of deficit spending. we're seeing the warning signs
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♪. elizabeth: okay. democrats have reached a budget deal. it is a whopper. meantime, the federal reserve
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today said inflation has increased notably. something most americans already knew due to price increases and just about everything. look who is back with us? edward lawrence at the white house with more. edward? reporter: the sales pitch is on here after the white house, this is part of the process, the sales finance manager does some of the fast talking. the president meeting late this afternoon with mayors and governors for the bipartisan infrastructure deal. they're pushing that package. the democrats talked about negotiated with the rest of the spending, $3.5 trillion. the president going up on capitol hill for lunch. you see him at the capitol to talk to democrats about the $3.5 trillion reconciliation deal because the votes are not there within his own party. >> he knows that as president you lay out a bold agenda or certainly that is your objective. members of congress negotiate the details. and then it is his role to continue to engage in selling
6:20 pm
both packages to members of the senate and the public. i think you can expect you will see him doing that until both pieces of legislation are passed. going back home to the senate where he spent 36 years -- reporter: he is also trying to show that he is doing a dance here to support the spending package the democrats want while trying to make sure the bipartisan infrastructure deal will pass. this is where he has got a problem. the leader of the democratic party, the president, does not have the house speaker on the same page as him. she says that the two bills are linked and she will not bring up the infrastructure bill without the other one passing. that is certain death according to republicans. >> there is going to be what we're seeing now with record inflation and the current inflation numbers are nothing compared to what is going to happen if you put this much money into the economy and people are going to pay for it through regulations which will make things a lot more expensive, to do any sort of activity. so the taxes and regulations are
6:21 pm
to me going to sink the economy. reporter: there is a lot of conversation with the white house and lawmakers this month. back to you. elizabeth: edward, thank you so much. bring in louisiana senator bill cassidy. there is a lot of sausage making down there, right? the problem it is nearly 5 trillion in new spending on top of two trillion last fall. that is double what the country's entire annual budgets were under obama. this is off the charts. we've never seen this before. and they can't pay for it. they're not talking 4 trillion in tax hikes. that is what unions want. how will you pay for this if you can't -- you will have to tax the middle class to pay for this. >> totally. they will tax the middle class with inflation. keep in mind inflation is a hidden tax on the american people. it may be a sales tax from your milk prices go up 7 1/2%. but it's a higher cost. when the gas price goes up over $3, it's a higher cost. so the way they're managing their aspect of the economy is
6:22 pm
like it is a deliberate mismanagement. but let me separate out here. infrastructure package -- elizabeth: i want to up somewhere in. hang on one second. i want to jump in here senator. i'm so sorry. i don't mean to interrupt you. what people are angry about senator, you talked about this, they want to pass all of this new spending with only democrat votes, no republican votes. is this the way we want our country to be run with one party deciding that yeah, we're going to put trillions of dollars of new spending and new taxes on you without any say so from republicans? is that okay. we're supposed to be okay with that? >> it is not okay, it is not okay. because they have to do it on a democratic own thing, because it is almost deliberate mismanagement. you're dumping what, several trillion dollars of new spending when already there is too many dollars chasing too few products. it is just like you're throwing gasoline out there and lighting the match and throwing on it and
6:23 pm
there goes inflation. and again, that price of milk is 7 1/2% higher now. 10 1/2%, 15%. that is what they're building to. that is bad for the american family. elizabeth: yeah, we hear you. gas prices are up 40% since biden sat down in the oval office. half of small businesses are raising prices. why? because half of small businesses can't find workers. because we're paying them to stay home. in fact, the new poll is out that 1.8 million people are decided not to find a new job because they're getting paid by the government with more jobless benefits. you see how top heavy on the one end with spending it is. on the back end, you know, it is not being held up. mitch mcconnell says, what they're talking about is so over the stop and not justified right now. what do you say to that? >> totally agree. by the way, there is actually bipartisan agreement on that. there is democratic congressman who said he will not vote for the sort of, not the hard infrastructure but the other
6:24 pm
bill they're proposing because right now inflation is rising. why worse init. i will go back to the analogy. there is inflation brewing. like they are putting fuel on top of it, lighting a match and let's see what happens. unfortunately it is the middle class that pays the price. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you. i mean, the polls show americans are really upset with inflation. now trending at you know, 1970 levels. here's the thing, the democrats in the house if they lose four seats pelosi goes away. on average in midterm elections they, the party in power loses nearly two dozen seats. are they trying to ram it through, all the spending right now like california governor newsom is doing more stimulus checks to people in order to stay in power? >> you can certainly think that they are trying to do this purely for political purposes. it doesn't make economic sense. larry summers who is a former
6:25 pm
democratic treasury secretary is saying that this is bad. that it is going to create more inflation. so, so, is both the right and the left look at this spending spree and understand it is not correct. on the other hand the you know the old saying why does a dog bite a cat? that is what they do? hate to say, democrats why do they tax-and-spend? that is what they do. elizabeth: we hear you. love the metaphor. senator bill cassidy, great to have you on come back soon. great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: we're coming into the bottom of the hour. we're watching the fox business network. we have even more mask confusion from dr. fauci. he says follow the science. why are his mask recommendations for children the opposite of what the w.h.o. says? we also have this. blue doghouse democrats now say yes, nancy pelosi open up a commission, a probe to look into the origins of the pandemic and whether covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab.
6:26 pm
representative marionette miller-meeks next on "the evening edit." stay right there. >> we really need these school boards to stand up and do what's right here. teachers can be vaccinated. if they still want to wear a mask, they should wear a mask. we shouldn't placating to the adults at the expense of the children. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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♪ stuart: welcome back to the show congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks who is on the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus. great to have you back on, congresswoman. the blue dog democrats say now yes, nancy pelosi launch a commission, a probe into the origins of the pandemic? what do you say to this? >> it is about time. we've been asking for this for several months. we've asked for it both on the select coronavirus task force subcommittee as you mentioned. we asked for it in letters. we talked about it in conversations and i would sy it is about time. we need to know the origins. we think it came from a laboratory, the wuhan institute of virology in wuhan, china, and it is very important to know the origins. it is important to know that the international community and other countries come forward to pressure the chinese communist party be more transparent with information about where the virus came from? elizabeth: congresswoman, major pushback against dr. fauci. he says children ages 2 and
6:31 pm
older should wear masks but the w.h.o. says children under age five don't need to wear masks. there is a lot of confusion about this. what do you say to this? >> the same reason why there is vaccine hesitancy. we continue to get mixed messages from the so-called experts. so the w.h.o. said children under five don't need to wear masks, even as far back as almost a year ago, the americann journal journal "pediatrics" published children don't transmit. children up to 6th grade don't transmit the virus to other children or to other adults. children get the virus from other adults. they were not transmitting it. it may be they have a better immune system, a better key cell immune system. nonetheless we've known over a year children don't transmit the virus. delaying children going to summer camps. being outdoors where there is infinitesimally low transmission, seems absurd children wearing masks outdoors
6:32 pm
and playing sports. in the elementary age group, saying we'll not let children go back back to school unless they're wearing masks is not following the science that creates more problems and less trust in the opinion of our experts and our institutions. elizabeth: yeah. i mean how can you follow the science when it is all over the map, right? dr. fauci, some would say he might be overcompensating. it sounds like he is being jesuital. he was trained by jesuits hold back from a higher truth meaning science. at the start of the pandemic he totally blew it. he flip-flopped on masks. what percent is herd immunity. we have vaccines not fully approved by the fda and people are being berated taking vaccines. we want people to be safe, to be vaccinated. talking about honesty and transparency, people knocking door-to-door, are they telling people behind the door there are side-effects? when the democrat national committee, when they monitor
6:33 pm
text messages will they tell people there are side effects? >> one of the reasons there is confusion, number one. number two, the reason why there is vaccine hesitancy. they don't need to look any further than themselves and media that perpetuated this hysteria. there are side effects from the vaccine. we should be forthright, transparent about that. the cdc should be transparent about that. when i asked dr. fauci and dr. wollensky last april about herd immunity, they should have been transparent. what is common knowledge about herd immunity but we don't know quite what it is with covid-19. more transparency, more honesty, people accept you don't know the answer because it a move develop coronavirus. give the answer to help people decide what is best for them based on accurate information. so it just adds to the confusion. you can go back to last year when vice president kamala harris demeaned the vaccine because it came from president
6:34 pm
trump and then dr. fauci says, well even if everybody is vaccinated we'll still be wearing masks until 2022. it is no wonder people are confused about what expert opinion they should listen to. elizabeth: yeah. that is a great point. representative mariannette miller-meeks we love having you on. come back soon. good to see you. >> thank you so much, liz. have a good evening. >> sure, you too. coming up former nypd lieutenant darren porcher he joins me with this story. the white house has growing concerns but little answers over the surge in violent crimes nationwide, what to do about it. cnn hosts again downplay and dismiss the rise in this violent crime that is slamming minority communities. slamming them very hard. keep it right here on "the evening edit". >> i'm disappointed. i'm just going to be candid. this feels so political. certainly we know what the polls have said. the number one concern of our american folks is violent crime.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former new york city police lieutenant darren porcher. good to have you back on, lieutenant. the white house is now concerned about the surge in violent crimes. there are horrific stories, you've seen it, university of chicago student max lewis shot to death in chicago. another high school football star also shot to death in chicago. the president today is saying that you know, defund the police basically wrong way to go. we've been at that for a year, sir. finally the white house is speaking out more forcefully. what do you say? >> there has been dramatically parallels in the democratic party with the failure of public safety. democrats are looking at the trees and not viewing the ecosystem of the forest. the tries would be the radical
6:40 pm
left focusing on defunding police, however the forest is the ecosystem of all the citizens involved. we need to focus on a poignant system as to how we can greatly reduce crime and that is not what is happening from the perspective of the democratic party. elizabeth: you know, newark, new jersey, police didn't fire one shot last year. they have been working to remove illegal guns. it is drug gangs and other gains in urban city, urban areas, doing a lot of this violence. so those are the story lines that are out there. almost like the media and democrats don't know what to do talking about the crime wave spiraling out of control after they didn't acknowledge it for a year. we'll show crime and cities that defunded the police. your reaction to that? >> well the people that are closest to the problem are closest to the solution. police are closest to the problem. therefore political leaders need to helped deference to the officers because the officers are closest to the solution.
6:41 pm
we unfortunately have radical public officials that are choosing to go the route of defund police and reject law enforcement and what is resulting in is a meteoric rise in crime. elizabeth: all right. sir, let's watch cnn host don lemon arguing with fellow anchor chris cuomo. don lemon again appears to be downplaying the fact that crime is rising. watch this. >> is it real? crime is at an historic low. it is creeping that up. >> homicides and shootings in major cities. >> creeping back up, that is not good. still at all-time low but not -- >> depends on the category. shootings in new york state around new york city are up from 2019. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. this is what you want from joe biden and taking the down the statues and crime is rising. >> defund the police. >> it is so bad, defunding police, it is like --
6:42 pm
elizabeth: well the second half of that sound bite from last year did not age well. so you know, it comes across as you know, you're treating people like data points. infants, todd letters, babies, children, teenagers being shot to death. are those data points we should move on from? >> well, don lemon is viewing through a different lens than what is happening based on the quantitative statistics. we clearly see a rise in shootings and violent crime, not just in new york but on a national level. therefore we need to understand and capture the necessary data and implement a crime reduction strategy and that is clearly not happening. i just think don lemon has a very different perspective on it than me as a former law law enforcement practitioner. elizabeth: we're showing a "usa today" ipsos poll showing the majority of blacks and democrats saying don't defund police. interesting poll there. darren porcher, thank you so
6:43 pm
much. thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. next up we have got a stunning new report. facebook has actually fired 52 workers for using facebook location data to spy on users including men spying on women. byron york, he is a great writer, he is next on "the evening edit". this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers.
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this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪ ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show "washington examiner" correspondent and fox news contributor, he is really smart, terrific writer. he is byron york. byron, a book now says facebook, facebook has fired 52 of its workers for using facebook's location data to stalk people, to stalk women? to spy on women that they were romantically interested in? this dates back to 2014 and 2015. facebook has not fixed this problem yet. what do you say?
6:48 pm
>> well, it is a really troubling report. now a lot of people have legitimate fears about what facebook does with their personal data but usually means they're afraid of facebook selling that data to all sorts of other people who are not entitled to it. this is a much different thing. this is, facebook employees allegedly using private information as you suggested. most of those cases, most of those 52 were men pursuing women using data they should not have been using from facebook. another thing to remember is, this is just from 2014 and 2015. what has happened in the six years since then? we don't know but it seems unlikely that this just somehow stopped completely in 2015. elizabeth: yeah. they were also able to not only view women's locations but their private messages. any deleted photos and more.
6:49 pm
this is concerning stuff. i mean facebook says it is on the stick and it is trying to rectify the problem. but it is an open access system at facebook according to this book. they're not really stopping the issue. go ahead. >> right. the book actually says that mark zuckerberg, the founder of facebook specifically rejected proposals to tighten update at that. we don't know what has happened since then. this also had a physical dimension, in the sense some of these men who were fired from facebook, used this data, location data, to actually go see women and introduce themselves or in some way approach them unwarranted because they had stolen this data. elizabeth: creepy. let's move on to this. twitter, twitter out with a new analysis. its saying basically it was hit with more than 360 demands from
6:50 pm
countries around the world, pakistan, turkey, russia, to delete, remove content from about 200 news accounts and journalist accounts. twitter is facing censorship pressure from foreign governments as twitter is taking down you know, posts and platforms they disagree with. your take on this? >> well, this is, this is really troubling, again and it is, it shows you the problems that a company like facebook and twitter which are global companies face. because in the united states, for example, it is not unusual in a criminal investigation, for example, for prosecutors or defense lawyers to request information from twitter, that sort of thing, done with due process, through the courts but what you have here is, is authoritarian governments using twitter to try to crack down on journalists. the question is, is twitter going to be a party to that? elizabeth: yeah. interesting stuff.
6:51 pm
byron york, thanks for joining us, good to see you. come back soon. thank you. elizabeth: next story, homeland security says no to cuban and haitian refugees. homeland security secretary says you can't come to america over the ocean. don't do it cubans. don't do it haitians. the administration should take as hard of a stance on the u.s. border. congressman darrell issa joins us next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪
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elizabeth: back with a snap california congressman darrell isaac, homeland security, good to see you, mayorkas warning people fleeing cuba and haiti don't do it over the ocean, it's unsafe he said you will not be accepted here that they can't come in even if they're being persecuted or tortured or feared that they cannot come over the ocean, your response to this. >> the plate immigration politics is pretty clear that they will not denounce what is been going on in cuba for six decades, they don't have a response to the assassination in haiti and yet they're picking on the two groups and claiming it's
6:56 pm
about safety, people die tried to get hear from central america, it's also very unsafe by land. there is no question at all in san diego we had a guy in the desert without water, is there a risk to people who come here illegally, absolutely are they playing politics vertically with cubans who historically vote republican, you better believe it. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear the squad has been silent on the atrocities by the cuban communist regime to stir the violence from the progressive far left, we also have this white house press secretary jen psaki saying the president will not address communism in cuba and she refuses to even use the word communism, congressman listened to jen psaki, i would like your response to the
6:57 pm
soundbite. >> i think we've been pretty clear leaving cuba or protesting as well because they're opposed to the oppression to the mismanagement of the government in the country. elizabeth: is that an understatement to use the word mismanagement? go ahead. >> you've got to remember for socialist like this a administration and like aoc, their theory, if you just do communism or socialism better, it's going to work. it did not work in cuba for over half a century, it did not work in russia, does not work anywhere in the world but the people in washington right now that are running government, they think it's going to work for them and they're getting ready to unload more socialism than you ever seen. it's pure professional courtesy that they don't really wanted to announce cuba because quite frankly cuba is where they want to take this country.
6:58 pm
elizabeth: that's pretty terrifying, the market value of apple stock is worth more than the entire russian stock market. how serious is this threat the supporters of president trump have been very fearful about the threat of communism in this country, your reaction. >> the american people are pushing back, every poll that you see on law enforcement on voting rights including identification and the free market system says the american people are not where the democratic party is, the democratic party has become the party of 20% and do i find it scary the running the government, yes, do i find it scary aoc is saying nancy pelosi is not liberal enough, you better believe it but at the end of the day i believe in the american people who believe in our system and believe the pledge of allegiance is about a
6:59 pm
great nation and appalled that our secretary of state has asked the un to look into us be in a racist nation as though that was a neutral group, the reality is the iraqi people are with the conservative and federal right movement in the democratic party is not with the people of cuba but the government of cuba. elizabeth: we hear you, it's really about what the moderates in this country are about for both parties, the moderates are saying no to communism, the moderates are say no to high taxes we heard breaking news that even democrats are not onboard with a three and half trillion that bernie sanders wants, your final word. >> absolutely the center-left in the center-right believe in the system, they do not want to have what is going on, the center-left was part of elected joe biden, remember joe biden ran as a moderate and now he's
7:00 pm
trying to lead as an aoc liberal and for a reason that candidly every poll shows that they've had enough and they want to move back to the center right where they were comfortable in america was prosperous. elizabeth: congressman, good to see you, thank you for joining us. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", thank you for joining us, join us again tomorrow night. ♪ >> i am larry kudlow welcome. ultimately talking to 51 vote reconciliation i wouldn't exactly call this a blessing in disguise but let's hear from hillary vaughn live on capitol hill with the facts, the facts in the details, good evening. >> president biden was here on


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