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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪ larry: president biden's comparison to th larry: president biden's comparison to the civil war is offensive does injustice to american history and all the progress we have made. ♪ ♪. kennedy: while hopefully your kids are in full summer mode having survived too covid riddled school years per they definitely deserve a break. however, if you live in a blue sedate her big city with a wounded giraffe or a mayor, get ready for your kids to be face bound by a masked man it's once more padilla chief dubbed him bill de blasio said for now we're sticking with the idea that wearing masks is the smart thing to do in schools but we will keep assessing as we go along but i think for now it makes sense.
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bill, you put the asset in assessing but the cdc has repeatedly said not only to vaccinate students and teachers do not have to work masks in school, kids are bad at catching and transmitting the virus. 99.995% of children who caught company vid survived. of the 61 who unfortunately perished only 25 of them died from the actual virus. only 20% of kids get symptoms. if you're asymptomatic you're less likely to spread the dread. this should add up to kids going to mask less, right? right question only if your governors on the right according to matt welch's recent research. a giant study out of new york, florida, massachusetts is no correlation, none between a mask of medicine virus spread. at this point it's pure theater. yet and red states like florida, arkansas and wyoming, kids are in school mask lists. in california, only 4% are in school and they are requiring masks in the fall.
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so unvaccinated kids do not feel single now. the blue state mandates go hand in hand with you gusset powerful teachers unions for using this issue as a wedge so parents complain they can keep lazy teachers at home and on the couch so they can rose all day for a third consecutive school year. kids be damned. it is not about the students or even the virus. it is just another excuse for the unions to have less work. and guess what, it is having a horrific impact on kids and mental health. one third of teams report a massive emotional decline as their moods have gone down in their anxieties on the rise. sciatic admissions are way up and eating disorder hospitalizations for a group of people who should be exploring their potential and optimizing their experiences, that is up as well. teens are the ultimate ponds and a sick game. unlike those who survive the
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virus may not recover britain we owed too all students to get back them in school, as none of them should be held hostage by these parasitic unions that are anti- science. they should go back and repeat elementary school just to learn the basics. and that is the memo. unfortunately it's not only schools is also summer camps. sedan fox and friends one parent said she has had enough of the nonsense. >> i went to pick up my daughter from camp and it was the hottest day of the year, 98 degrees. when i went to pick her up she looks sick. and i asked her when she got in the car she had to keep her mask on outside for three hours of tennis. she said yes and then i could not believe it when the camp actually called me too complain she kept pulling down her mask. and i thought to myself, who of us has ever had to do that to play outside for three hours wearing a mask. it's unfair and unhealthy it's not based in science.
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kennedy: absolutely is not your tennis and eight mask in 98-degree heat? that is a torture device. so why are we letting people do this to her children? let's get into it with nice man panels again with washington editor fox news contributor charlie hurt is here. along with my friend and fox news political analyst, the one and only one williams rica anthony fisher rounding out the group, welcome gentlemen. kennedy: this is awful is antiscience i cannot believe, charlie, that my children are faced with the prospect of going back to school in masks in the photo for a third year. what are parents to do? >> i hope parents get together and revolt against it. it really is torture you are exactly right. of course are also right this is absolutely nothing to do with the virus, or health or
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anything like this. and has to do with theater and power and it is truly terrifying. but this is kind of what you get with utopia. it does not exist and is run by idiots. it's politicians were making all these grand promises like we are going to reduce all risk to zero in the middle of a pandemic. first of all they are not going to deliver on anything. what they will do is amass more power for themselves. kennedy: you have kids to read where the masks, juan they have more virus in the mask then the virus itself. so what is it going to take customer charlie makes a good point we are never going to get to threat level zero. so can't we at least help out the kids who have suffered so much? >> sure. the first thing that i guess
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my point of difference is i would say i am in favor of being cautious. think we have seen the virus spread. >> is there cautious? >> and now i am saying, kids under 12 cannot even get vaccinated. you can cite statistics about the low risk for children to contract the virus and to spread the virus, all true. it is not zero fairview orchid gets under my kid gets it would be horrified the thing is just to try to be conservative, to take the caution. by the way, there are teachers and administrators, and there are janitors, and school bus drivers and all of that around the kids. sodas i hate kids wear the mask, i don't see it as a big deal. kennedy: it's those teachers, janitors, administers are worried about their own immune system, they can either get vaccinated or they can choose to her masks. but if imposing that on kids, anthony, i know you've written about this a lot bread you have three daughters, i have
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two daughters. you have seen them suffer you've seen their friends suffer. some of the stories my girls tell me about kids and the way they are truly hurting. i cannot believe it's the forefront of this conversation. >> a lot of people live in different parts of the country than the ones we do. cannot believe my kids have actually not been in school in a meaningful fashion other than zoom and a room a couple of times since march of 2020 that is a year end a half. the mask mandates for schools moving forward, as you said are theatrical. but i think i've got a little bit of parental when it comes to masks in school because i am terrified that the teachers unions bouygues in excuse available. whether it's a variance, breakthrough viruses that are break into the vaccines, to shut schools down again. any risk, any new risk any novel risk as an excuse to
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shut down schools but i'm almost like, if you want them to her masks if that's was going to get the schools open i'll take it even though it's ridiculous. kennedy: that is where they have forced the conversation for that is with the teachers unions have done trade they have worn parents it down. they truly have acted as a wedge between schools and the parents. there the only one dictating's working with the cdc. now they are working against the cdc. as are the national nurses unions. they are peeling to the cdc to bring back the full mask mandate for the entire country. >> when you have a sort of a pinwheel policy by the cdc, you can kind of pick whichever policy they were at, at some point in time and go with it. that is kind of how we know this is not about health. it is about power, it is about dictate. and i get it. for your net half now global a lot of us have worn masks to
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make others feel more comfortable even though we know the science shows the masks have very little to no benefit whatsoever. especially for children. but at some point we all have to put our foot that it's okay, listen, we have endured this. we have put up with this for you for a year end a half. but no more. kennedy: what you going to do for me? i think it is time for parents and teachers to ask what are you going to do for me? there is some comeuppance here. meanwhile a different group of students, these are college students sued indiana university in a federal court over there vaccine mandate. unvaccinated students will be unregistered from classes and cannot attend campus events. republican state lawmakers are fighting these policies around the country by pushing bills making it illegal to discriminate on vaccine status. it is already happening in france were the president has declared only vaccinated citizens can go to french bars and restaurants. they can go to croatian said have about buddy?
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is a policy like that in the cards for america? is that would she want to see x what president biden to saint no one can go into bars unless you have had the vaccine? >> well, i think right now would i go to a bar this a sign on the door that says if you are not vaccinated, where the mask et cetera. it is an honor system right candy? kennedy: have a problem with that. >> her fellow drinkers. but the idea that you are going to a public institution or a school even a private school and that you would have to take some risk to your health, i don't think that is part of the deal. i think this is like a communal effort. i don't think it's a matter of defining individual rights or anyone imposing something but i think it's like hey we are a member of this institution. the institution has a policy and serves the best interest of all. i would like to follow it. it is a moment where bar is different that a school or
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college university university. >> is it different anthony? >> personal bar is i don't think we'll come to any question. we have a federalized system who wouldn't say put a mask and bar it would be localizing all about. i've been out of college for a pretty long time i member getting an mmr vaccine, booster, they're all kinds of vaccines required a long time ago. this is not a novel idea. so you're at it institution were going to be spending a lot of time in intimate circles with people talking face-to-face with them, i think it's okay to have certain vaccine requirements. [laughter] i don't know, charlie, what you think about some laser republican governors nurse and a lawmakers? there make it more of a political issue that has to be. >> you know, they cannot help
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themselves. like some other people they have to take debate every time. it is amazing. actually, the real story about the forest vaccines is first of all these are still experimental vaccines. we do not have a long history with them. we do not know the side effects are for younger people. the other thing is a lot of these colleges and universities are playing with fire here. what happens if people do get injured and they were forced to take the vaccine? think about the liability withers of businesses or whoever had force the vaccine on people. that legal exposure could be huge. but here's the other thing, candy, what happened too all the democrats who are all about my body my choice? keep your rosaries off of my ovaries. they're good liberals who
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believed in making those decisions between a patient and their doctor before you took eight medication, had a procedure or whatever. >> i would say find another baker if you do not like the accommodations, dunk the rules in terms of services they do find it of the business to businesses with. before i don't have a problem with that for the push to politicize everything signals they can push their agenda. i do tend to agree with you, anthony, if you have a mandate like this this should be a private college. amply public university should be doing that. that's final choose not to go there one you get the last word on this because i really like you. >> that is my position but you can choose to not go there. i think there is a big difference. right now i don't think there is any dr. who would not recommend you get vaccinated. i do not a republican or democrat dr. this is about
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policy paired. >> anthony found she is not everybody's doctor. >> but it just say? >> anthony found she is not everybody's doctor. there are a myriad of doctors. >> i think anthony fauci look at the post is pretty popular with the american people. that does not matter so popular to contest but i'm saying your doctor, my doctor, all recommend taking the shot. i think we look at the red state/blue state comparison you can understand this is been unnecessarily politicized. think it be smart too get away from it and say what is the good move here for you, for your family for your community? that is to get vaccinated. before i do not disagree with that practice think it's a government jobs to do that. >> right it's like to say no, everybody needs to get vaccinated this is but over politicize. the people pushing the vaccine and mandates of the one who politicize it from the beginning. and it has worked out very well for them. they won the white house very
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>> the human freedom revoke us at the been caressed by the common rulers. but aoc and her red squad, they are staying silent that's so weird dorma they're so brave and chatty. and her political faction the democratic socialists of america, they appeared too have come out in support of the radical regime you for that right. my next guest says the communist ideology has failed cuba and humanity. he says the u.s. should getting the military involved it's worth getting puma for these are chance at freedom. during me too discuss miami mayor and the lovely state of florida, francis suarez, welcome to the show, sir. >> think is so much of the pleasure to be with you.
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>> tell me about some of the raw emotions there in south florida. you have a lot of cuban-americans who want to take the 90-mile boat trip back to cuba with guns. what you hearing from them? >> we do. i have not seen this kind of energy, maybe ever from the exile community. when fidel castro died a thousand last generation the moment they felt something would happen for those a few years ago. now you have a new generation of young people who lived on the island not too long ago, who came here recently, had family members who are being intimately impacted at this very moment. being beaten, protesting in the streets and are very, very concerned. there is a tremendous amount of concern for those people that they cannot help right now. >> we hear their food shortages. there is not a lot of medicine there. obviously not a lot of covid
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vaccine or relief. what will it take? you say you've never seen anything like this. what will it take to topple this regime? >> that is a good question. i think it's a question we all have to ask ourselves as americans. this is a regime that has exploited connie's and thrust the hemisphere and the world. this is a regime that systematically resist its own people to threaten our national security. the question is what are going to do about it? how can a country, whether it's venezuela, cuba or any other country actually defeat its own government that has all of these instruments of war? that it's what make it very, very difficult. that's why you can see the cuban government repressing and impeding its residents into submission bread. >> one of the reason we have the second amendment in this country is so citizens can defend themselves. if the government becomes too radical they are not the only ones with the guns.
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i think that is why a lot of people in south florida are talk about arming themselves, they know is not exactly legal or not supposed to do it. they are polling a lot of boats out of the water and citing people who have firearms. i understand the desire to help. you want the u.s. military to get involved. that is pretty heavy. >> look, i'm here outside of church we are honestly praying for the people of cuba per be hope for a peaceful resolution. that is always number one for the second thing we help the cuban military itself defined the order of its superiors and do what's right for the future of cuba. we want the solution to cuba to come from cuba. but after that, we have seen intervention from presidents on both sides of the ideological spectrum, intervene in certain conflicts internationally what is the best interest of the united states. that is something that should at least be considered and
12:23 am
discussed. the cuban government knows they cannot systematically and recklessly abuse its citizens in front of the international world without feeling any repercussions. >> yes, i know we are a couple generations removed from success in defeating bad guys in world war ii. but certainly people have a long memory of vietnam. that really gives a lot of people pause in this country. are there non- violent ways? can we somehow infuse through social media and good old american capitalism, another gear to get people to really jostle the military from the president? >> it's really hard. look at what the former president tried in venezuela with factions and internalizing a government that has not led to change when you have hundreds of thousands of people in the
12:24 am
street. the first thing they did was shut down the internet and make it impossible for people to be able to communicate and get those out to the international community. we have seen situations where it's intervened too oppose manuel noriega that was in peacefully create a peaceful democracy for decades in the future. those are examples backed by the united states that have not created. >> i don't know that i trust the u.s. government to handle a foreign conflict like this. i really don't. i trust the people of cuba. i trust their longing for freedom. we support them and i hope you're absolutely right help the first time this ends up on the right side, thank you so much for your time. >> 's before coming up the fbi wants you to be their eyes and ears. are you ready to snitch on your friends and family? happy birthday mom i got you on it watchlist. that story is next
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kennedy: roanoke inflation they say they're going to seriously consider changing their strategies if the price hikes continue. you remember the sharks sandwich we ate in august of 2008? of the year after that, the year after that. how much gold should you hoard until biden stops his rampant spending customer care to break it down cofounder fox news contributor, jonas max pierson the man is really my backyard eating lobster bacon mac & cheese pre-welcome back to the show jonas. >> i am still full. [laughter] i did it right. hey jonas, do you know where i can get some semi conductors? >> that is the problem in
12:30 am
elation is high up the lack of supply in the economy right now it is a miami joke. there is not as many goods as people want because a lot of people are given money and also paid not to produce goods. it is a global phenomenon. you see certain items jump in price like car prices were up 10% in a month. it's good that's the problem right now. it's a very high number. it's like 20 years to get this kind of inflation. however the economy is hot too. nice 70s right now it's the economy periods before thanks jimmy carter. [laughter] no one knows whose fault it was people are expecting inflation to be even hotter. investors, big time investors hide they settle at two and half a quart a% over the next five years people think is
12:31 am
going be five -- 10%. but if people behave like it's going to -- i can think is going got eight, nine, ten the going to buy those things now so they don't have to buy a higher price later. kind of like a feeding frenzy and that market when it's happened that is self-fulfilling because higher inflation than wall street expects for that's we are in a dangerous zone here principle hard to get out of because both the fed and the government do not crash the economy by pulling away the punch bowl too soon. even though there's no reason to be in this kind of stimulus met at this point. >> absolutely not. the only thing taxation is fast we need to and the fed. you are saying the government needs to raise taxes and the fed needs to raise rates. those are both awful. >> either one will be the end. who pay for all the cove in
12:32 am
spite of the tax increase that's going to wipe out the inflation probably the economy two. were not buying anymore government bonds with the newly created money were going to intern rates at wipe out all this too. so any movement by both the federal government on the federal reserve is going to end for that's why investors are pretty calm. we did know how to end it. took a massive nuclear behavior to really crush the economy. it was too easy passes to slow down the economy and the inflation if necessary. no it was displayed on the economy just to bring inflation back down. never give a not so much money and pay people not to produce before. so pure economics, less supply more demand. it's a trade-off of gratitude goes going forward but. >> i think it's a recipe for disaster. the government has to contract but we have to reduce the size
12:33 am
of government. never met has to reduce spending. and then give people their money back and the economy will be hot forever. but god for bid free market economics, jonas. >> in the short one people need to stop buying flights and cars for just a little while till they settle out. so far my jamaica rain on flights and cars all day all day. jonas thank you so very much. >> thank you. kennedy: you're welcome for the fbi would you tell your friends and family that's real proof you think they may hold extreme views about the government they should be called the feds. the downtown agency, they tweeted quote family members and often best position to witness signs of mobilization of violence but help prevent home grown violence and extreme is the watch suspicious behaviors and report them to the fbi. sounds a lot like east germany and the bad old days, speaking of the 70s to be really neat or nosy helping the feds with
12:34 am
the snooping? what could possibly go wrong question here is not guard german attorney former georgia congressman bob barr, welcome back to the show sir. >> thank you kennedy. before this a bad idea. whenever law-enforcement is asking civilians to do their work for them, they have advocated responsibility i don't trust the motivation. this is a really, really, really bad idea, kennedy. it is made worse particularly when you look at some of the other things the fbi has been doing recently. there was a report you probably saw that came out about a year ago that concluded, this is by the foreign intelligence surveillance court the fbi had engaged in a massive warrantless collection of information on u.s. citizens from the national security agency without a warrant. we now know also the department of justice and the fbi are paying millions of dollars to an outside company,
12:35 am
a contractor, to gather database information on those who were in the capitol on january 6. this is really getting out of hand, kennedy pretty hate to say it but it's like this administration has declared war on half of the american people. it cannot get worse but it will. >> it is sad because the department of defense used to backup people in the armed forces. they now look at them with a level of suspicion i had not seen in my lifetime. and potentially if you vote republican or libertarian there's a much greater paint chance you are an enemy of the state. they have been pretty overt with that language. >> lissette might lifetime extends a lot longer than yours. i have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. the department of defense for example seems far more
12:36 am
concerned about going after americans in this country than fighting our enemies abroad. and now we have an attorney general, merrick garland who has a chip on his shoulder the size of atlanta georgia whose met at republicans everything he can with this lawful or not to get back at president trump and conservatives. these underhanded tactics to go after conservatives in this country. essentially all of these home grown extremist are white supremacists. they will stop at nothing to tear the country down. meanwhile if you aren't in t5 they say you are fine. it is just an idea even if you are trying to kill federal officials by setting a federal building on fire. in not letting the fire department go in and put out the flames. >> what we saw, for example,
12:37 am
last year we saw an t5 and others and invading federal buildings and federal facilities, we now know the department of justice has very quietly been dropping those charges even as now bringing more and more for january 6. kennedy: a bit of an imbalance here. it's not going to get better anytime soon though some real liberty minded people run for and when higher office, bob barr thank you so much. coming up actor criticizes parents who do not want critical race theory talk to their kids. and wait till you hear why, and wait till you hear why, the panel is back we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear!
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♪ ♪. kennedy: that last night the mouth trumpet monday song. and the winner was marie, thank you marie. summer break is not over yet but the debate about teaching critical race theory in school is heating up. actor and comedian has jumped into the conversation slamming opponents in parentage and i want popular kids. here's part of his rant and he posted it on social media. >> are bent out of shape about critical race theory, the good news is you might not be, you might just be ignorant of what the hell crt is. basically it's a bunch of legal scholarship and think tacos tries to figure out what systems are in place for minorities in the u.s. and settle civil ways. whether then full on in-your-face racism no one is teaching the step to your young kids. so calm down.
12:43 am
and it's pretty highbrow college-level stuff. if it gets go to college, they are going to definitely be us exposed by the agreed that no matter what you think so again calm down. kennedy: he swears. what a sinner. what he is really saying is parents are too dumb to understand crt that is a bunch of hogwash. how do we move past the debate about the debate and give parents a voice i what their kids learn in school? the american federation of teachers said we are totally embracing critical race theory. and in states where governors have proposed legislation to make it illegal, 5000 teachers have signed on to continue to teach the whole thing is pretty crazy. >> these people are such idiots. of some bizarre reason schools are not teaching was slavery,
12:44 am
not teaching about civil rights movement, not teaching about history i be in favor of changing it mix that was being taught. that's how would any of this is about prince thought about educating people it's not about celebrating the tremendous victory has had as it overcame some of the darkest most difficult history that you could imagine. what this is about is about dividing people. it's about making people hate one another and judge one another such as their gender or whatever it is as opposed to a common history and celebrate the good things that happened in the history and condemning the bad things in our common history. >> i do not disagree with that. juan you and i've had a lot of conversations about black history, black hairs agenda who been total success stories.
12:45 am
essentially come from very little to change the world. that is great spirit here is my problem there a lot of people white, black, asian, indian who want to know black history. they are inspired by black history and black culture they feel good about that. now they're made to feel very bad about that pretty think that's turning the conversation into a negative direction. >> i don't not sure how people are made to feel bad about their not snowflakes. they can take a message and it can even be a critical message for the case of removal of confederate monuments those who did not have political power before saying hey these monuments are tributes to people who wanted to tear the united states apart and continue slavery. they say wait a second there is tradition, do not hurt my feelings grade this is my heritage. there are other voices now loud enough to say no.
12:46 am
i don't think the pickup of what charlie is saying the fact i'm sitting here with you guys is a sign of great progress. i think we have to acknowledge it and appreciate it and celebrate it. at the same time it does not mean if you have a society that is a more diverse people can't say hey do you know what? let's look at the history of housing or income and equality. [inaudible] that's why things going on so the kid. discover what is perceived as my whiteness i have intentions are going to make choices based on your projection of something you call my whiteness. but anthony, the problem i have here is the laws that are being passed in certain states that could go the opposite way. i think that is a very slippery slope to use your term. >> exactly produce perfectly reasonable for parents have concerns about things that are kinda big lumped into critical
12:47 am
race theory umbrella both critics and supporters of critical race theory being a tad disingenuous about what it means. for the lack of a better phrase that saint woke-ism in critical race theory thickets perfectly fine for parents to say we would like to giggle specific about what's being taught. the problem is and over doesn't say that exclusively introduced by republican legislators bands uncritical race theory in schools that are written so overbroad that they will ban a lot more things in critical race theory. they actually won't get rid of critical race theory. one of the worst concepts is the idea we need to ban divisive concepts, that is a quote. what should follow from that is parents should have the choice of where to send their kids to school where they should build a take that tax money. that is where we need to go with it. viewing to keep your kids in public school have them indoctrinated with all kinds of me can keep their prey
12:48 am
going to move your kids to a school based in reason and rational thought have added man panel thank you love you all. i kiss your face i'm leaning in. thank you, topical storm is next. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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quite. larry: a new toilet can turn human excrement into digital currency. it turned my money into a pile of crab with x-ray get flush with cash, this is a topical storm. topic number one. wildlife officials they nominated over sized goldfish are taking over all of minnesota lakes. oh gosh. which explains why all of the minnows keep chanting build the dam. build the dam paid the city of bernville administers asking residents to stop releasing a pet goldfish into ponds and lakes because they grow huge bird and discard the natural ecosystem the most disturbing thing in minnesota, is, they're scrabbling to catch the goldfish that have grown to the size of footballs. unfortunately young people
12:53 am
with experience catching footballs and minnesota are the green bay packers. goldfish are members of the carver family they can grow up to 18 inches long. but experts say their real threat comes from the way they scoot across the water floor during nap sediment making hard for other fish to find food. or put it in scientific terms, it is not the size that matters, but the emotion in the ocean. and the size. topic number two. i do trend is sweeping the united kingdom. once again it is not dental care it is called awoke a coca. a type of levy and booger sugar marked as cocaine is being sold to the elite for about double the cost of regular cocaine. and you get a certificate of authenticity with that purchase still less than americans pay for avocado toast. it promises to be environmentally friendly and
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sustainably sourced from well-paid farmers. [laughter] right. that is assuming they took their payment in silver and not lead. one british soap actress that woke coca has become common to celebrity parties it is snow for snowflakes. just like to snort it is totally fake. it's the same that comes from drug cartel and causes untold misery throughout the globe or something celebrities promise to talk all night about. at the next coke party. topic number three. a japanese robot, mr. robot outcome is being urged too retire after getting fired from almost every job it's ever had. then again, where would be all be of charlie sheen took that advice? meet a pepper humanoid robot who was once expected to change the world.
12:55 am
since 2000 1500s of units have been sold too japanese businesses to replace human labor. but pepper keeps growing up, shutting down every setting during important tasks forgetting the name of human coworkers and receiving constant complaints of creeping people out. or, is democratic scarlet presidential material. hey there joe poured robot expose the company should have made pepper in the image of an animal so buyers would not expected too think like a human which is basically mrs. cages business model. despite the travels, it can still perform basic functions like reading out loud, eggy it just qualified enough to join the other reading robots at cnn. hi don lemon. before we go, this is don lemon a gala by the way by tonight's tickle me too use a joke you have three minutes to get the punchline, don't you dare cheats. use the # tickle b tuesday, ready? why did the photo go to jail?
12:56 am
that is next. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again.
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rush hour will never feel the same. experience, thrilling performance from our entire line of vehicles at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing. [laughter] 's before you live for, live, love, laugh at some particular to say here's a tickly been waiting so patiently for, why did the photo go to jail? because it was framed.
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[laughter] [laughter] [laughter] kennedy: patty, kathie, joe, chris, they all got it right during the break of a good job everybody bird there is a funny nonanswer to which i likely think is so much for watching the best of ready foamy follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation, instagram @kennedynation, facebook @kennedyfbn, email ... tony evans: god knows what you're like. he knows our propensity, and he has compassion when we come home. come back home as quickly as possible. "though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow. though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." so whatever inheritance, whatever god still wants to do for you, to you, through you, in you, don't lose any more. jesus christ broke the curse, so don't ever talk about you being cursed again if you know jesus christ.


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