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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 13, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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reentering the workforce from resumes to interviews. if you are a veteran with the question, the spouse of a veteran military member, please e-mail us at invested in, charles is amazing, he's committed more than anybody i know to freedom, that does it for us on "fox business tonight" "the evening edit" is right now. elizabeth: tonight blowback against d.c. messaging for failing, it is falling down cubans are standing up to fight for freedom the messaging that cuba protest about covid-19 now getting mockedic and ridiculed inside a cuba and venezuela and here as fatally naïve, live pictures coming in right now, protesters taken to the streets of miami to show support what's going on in cuba, cubans are starving and being tortured this
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as the white house is t said toe re-examining for president trump sanctions on cuba's brutal communist dictatorship. plus concerns grow over iran's presence and power in both cuba and venezuela. joining me marsha blackburn, deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland, new york congresswoman claudia tenney, economic status patricia, marty makary, north dakota kelly armstrong and top border official art del cueto more on the far left now behind the scenes pressuring the white house to stand down on cuba sanctions as a publicly stay silent about the human rights atrocity, we have the new details on that report that the democratic national committee and other groups in the biden camp want phone carriers to monitor your text messages and your social media for potential misinformation from covid-19 vaccines. plus inflation today, the report coming out skyrocketing 13 year
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highs, that is not stopping senate democrats in the home stretch on a massive infrastructure spending plan we will talk to you about the spending and taxes there will tell you what bernie sanders and president biden now have planned, we are watching one of the first court cases that could head to the supreme court against a major university over its covid-19 vaccines mandate, doctor fauci dismissing new concerns over vaccine side effects saying the benefits outweigh the risk when the shots are not authorized by the fda we have an anti-back story, you want to hear about that. new outrage over big tech censorship, youtube locking out major conservative power players not just trump, senator ted cruz is battled to keep order policies in place, fears are growing the biden administration is about to make a major change that could lead to a historic surge of illegal migrants
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crossing, thanks for joining us i am elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network we begin with the protesting cuba protest breaking on miami cuban-americans in miami supported the demonstrations against the brutalon dictatorship the communist regime, rich edson is live at the state department with more,e,h good to see you. >> good evening, extraordinaire he protesting cuba with a significant show of support in the united states especially in south florida home to the largest cuba american population. miami-dade county demonstrator shut down the highway in both directions building on the weekend of protest targeting repression and poverty in cuba the cuban government blames its economic problems on a decade-long u.s. embargo the state department spokesperson
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says cubans home unitarian issue is a result of the government in havana. >> were always considering options available to us that would allow us to support people in support their humanitarian needs which are indeed profound and profound because not anything the united states has done but from the actions and in actions, mismanage, corruption of the human regime. >> the white house says officials are reviewing u.s. cuba policy while the biden administrations of the previous administration sanctions against cuba and place. elizabeth: thank you rich hudson, good to see you. cuba detaining and disappearing at least 140 fellow cubans being grabbed off the street and thrown in prison for protesting communist cuba economic collapse, food shortages high prices, no water, no electricity
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tennessee senator marsha blackburn, it's great to have you on, there's been a blackout in cuba on facebook, whatsapp, instagram to stop protesters from communicating, what are your thoughts about that and what's being done about that. >> what we have learned there are over 146,000 cubans that are using, this is a technology that is open and technology accountability act brought forward senator menendez and i have supported this, represented mccall in the house and what this technology does if you've got a government trying to shut down the internet it is a pathway that will allow people that are being oppressed to get to the internet, were pleased to say you are using that, in addition to this the president has got to speak out and draw a line in the sand and say that we
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stand with the cuban people in their fight for freedom, cuba is 90 miles off of our coast, we have to stand with them it would be a good day for freedom and democracy and a very good day for the cuban people if they were to overthrow this government. elizabeth: we have not seen anything like this in more than five decades, this must come as a shock to journalists and those who cheered on the ball obama administration normalizing the relations with the communist to regime while setting aside what cuba actually does to its people this is not about covid-19 people inside venezuela, cuba and the united states in miami say this is a dictatorship brutalized in his people they say if you talk about covid-19 protester fatally naïve, what do you say. >> i totally agree with that, this iss about freedom, 62 years of brutal dictatorship it's about no food, no future, no
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freedom and i will tell you this, you have the squad out here lining up with the o democratic socialists of america, they have not had one word to say against this cuban dictatorship or one word for these people fighting for freedom, instead you have aoc out here tweeting about voting rights and different things and people in cuba do not have a vote or freedom but i think if there mom on this they may visit cuba and live for a month where they don't have food, water or electricity, a job or freedom. elizabeth: another thing house democrats are pressuring the biden administration to lift trump's shanks and on cuba, the reported biden administration is reviewing the sanctions and the
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critics are saying the squad and bernie sanders spend more time tweeting against republicans instead of condemning or tweeting against the oppressive dictators. their twitter feeds have been silent about what's going on that the moral failure we have assistant secretary of state senator saying the cuban people have a right to peaceful assembly, they don't have any of those rights whatsoever, this is tone deaf. senator, respond to that and they were going to go to a soundbite from marco rubio. >> i know marco rubio is very outspoken against this. they are fighting to have rights and if the squad in aoc, they want to continue to stay silent on what is happening in cuba and back in the cuban people, then they can resign from congress and gobi activist for the democratic socialists of america, it is imperative that we stand with the cuban people
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just like we stood with the c hg kong freedom fighters and the people of china and their fight. elizabeth: in taiwan and representative same bernie sanders you should go to cuba to see firsthand the suffering under the communist dictatorship let's listen to marcoer rubio. >> i don't know why it's hard to criticize, i do think it is pretty clear there is people that aren't saying anything and the president took a whole day to say this, he left out the word marxist in communist, and socialisttu, what you describe e borders nature of the castro regime that's away every regime has ever been, because marxism and socialism is built on this you give us the power will give you security in a stable economy and all the things that you need but the price of that is your freedom so they win. plain abouty crack your head open, put you in scale, exile you or they kill you. elizabeth: senator, your final word. >> well he is exactly right on that and that is why you have to keep >> that's what you have to keep
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the sanctions on the repressive regime leaders and cuba, they have to understand we are going to draw a line in that sand and if the president of cuba and his regime fire on the people in cuba who areot protesting them e need all options on the table. elizabeth: senator marsha blackburn, thank you for joining us the chain reaction of events hitting venezuela the communist government cards and number two official opposition party led by juan guaido with terrorism and treason. let's bring a deputy nationalepa security advisor, freddie gabbana was arrested and thrown in prison for torture, he is being tortured, this prison is known for torture, what do you say to the story. >> is the same story whether cuba or venezuela socialism doesn't work, communism doesn't work the only people supporting
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socialist communist dictatorship is united states senate, the united states congress and the biden administration and a couple of campuses, this is a moment of truth do we believe in democracy or do we not believe in democracy we have two movements in venezuela, now in cuba and again, venezuela where the people take it to the street heand demand change, they don't like the oppressive nature of the government they don't like their government services they do not like any of it, they want done where is the united states are we jess lockwood to say anything in support of this this is a real moment, the biden administration wrinkly in the united states who are we going to support, communist dictatorship or people who want democracy and freedom. elizabeth: were seen the american flag inside of the protest in cuba. your word on the spheres of iran growing powernf and influence bh in cuba and venezuela iran sent
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two of its navy vessels with weapons and missiles reportedly on the gunboats. what are your thoughts about iran. >> we worried for a number of years about the iranian venezuela and the cuban connection we also worry china's ambition to get their foothold hemisphere, if we do not figure this out, we had people in these countries, the majority of people in these countries that want democracy, they don't want iran or russia or china india forget to sit idly by and not give them moral support in addition to the fact there is plenty of stuff we can do to help these people, for example in cuba the dictatorship was shut down the internet 24 hours ago we can help open that up and pulled on the firewall they created, venezuela is doing the same thing in iran is doing the same thing, do what were good unlike people communicate with each other and they have
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their own revolution. elizabeth: senator blackburn was talking about how they will be moving to help cuba protesters to get on the internet and communicate with each other because there's a blackout there. border patrol, let's turn to this they keep telling us that there's tens of thousands of got a ways and people coming here to the u.s. border and they get away every month, tens of thousands, there's been concern people coming in from central america venezuela pouring over the u.s. border, are they from iran, middle east, where are they from. >> the trump administration we found in fact some of those people were coming from iran, going to venezuela and joining withth other people that flipped stream that were smuggling into the united states and as you point out, once they're here it's like a catch and release they catch, get release and who knows what to do and if you can
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smuggle people over the southern border and drugs over the southern border, what else can you smuggle over the southern border, terrorist, weapons, the people who were -- the human traffickers bringingra the coyos bringing the illegal immigrants across the border, they don't have any morals though go to the highest bidder and we always worried about the iranian connection and now the southern border is wide open and we have these demonstrations that are being put down brutally, i think you got assume there is a connection. elizabeth: kt mcfarland, great to have you on, come back soon. next up the details on the shocking report that the democrat national committee and other groups in the biden camp want phone carriers to monitor your text messages and social media for misinformation of cevaccines representative clauda tenney joins us next, there is concern about what exactly andk.
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elizabeth: welcome back joining as member of the house foreign affairs and small business committee representative claudia tenney, it's great to see youud again. there is backlash against the tpolitico reporting that the dc and the biden administration plan to control the flow of information that we get on our phones about covid-19 vaccines this is an intrusive weird story, what do you say. >> i am stunned i feel like where the ministry of truth in the old 1984 book where the democrats control and promoting this and they could not go door-to-door and get people with vaccines which is their first attempt and now they will go through text messages a night with a political organization so they can check our text messages that are personal to telecom companies, people should be very, very concerned about this this t is scary were at a levelh
10:20 pm
i'm amazed how misinformation there is out there and to suppress free speech in our ability to communicate withe eah other. this storywe brought to viewers about political reporting that biden and allied groups in the dnc will work with phone carriers to stop misinformation that they say with vaccines over textt messages, can the dnc censor any information and tell us what we can privately read over our text messages? can they control what we read. >> who decides what disinformation or not, that the to the individual to make that information were bombarded and with information from all sources, the biggest challenge of our generationn b right now s to determine who's telling the truth, that is up to uss to verify our sources not to authority of house control communications between the tech companies in the democratic
10:21 pm
party we know they are in with them and they certainly donate over 90% among each of them and support their policies in the democrat support the organizations. i don't know it certainly looks like there is communication there i have not seen and verified but it would be nice if we didn't have one-party rule in washington and to find out what's really going on with our enforcement rules. elizabeth: we hear you the administration's concern that half of the population is not fully vaccinated that you are seeing over a third of people vaccinated in states like alabama and arkansas, do we really need the dnc to step in and send shooting messages to people on their phone via texting, what are the guardrails, what else can they censor about information about this, people have access to information the question is you
10:22 pm
really need to go this far? >> si think it's inappropriate for them to have access throught telecom company, we have to go as consumers to look at the privacy statements if i'm going to sign up for verizon or at&t or one of these companies i want to know if a political party can get access to my text messaging to send me disinformation and whether i block that or not and have that come in my phone, it's a really serious issue and byy the way with vaccines we have a lot of senior citizens and people who are vulnerable that have been vaccinated i think largely people who are vaccinated it's the information that o we have tend to be youngr people and children who are less vulnerable, there is an issue with people not wanting to be vaccinated but when you see the mask mandates in certain parts of the country especially when you fly in a plane or move about in certain communication areas where if you haven't been vaccinated your asked to put
10:23 pm
your mask on i think people are concerned, wearing a mask when you been vaccinated since the wrong message as well. elizabeth: representative claudia tenney, thank you for joining us, come back soon. next up the story, inflation is soaring to 13 year highs, not stopping the senate democrats, then in thets home stretch on a massive infrastructure spending bill, this is coming down fast we will tell you what changes senator bernie sanders and have planneden now as the gop warnsan that prices could heat up even more mnuchin shell atop economic and hot shot on wall street joined me next on "the evening edit". >> every company in america right t now is going to be raisg cost, you need a consumer because their costs are going up. ♪
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elizabeth: economist havee been warning about the massive spending going on in washington, the quick happening now americans are already dealing with higher prices on everything from food to gas, economists are warning this will get worse, edward lawrence has more from the white house. >> the consumer price index we have not seen numbers eyear-over-year since 2008 and that year-over-year the price of all goods is up 5.4% month over
10:28 pm
month the increases .9% but when you remove energy and food cost year-over-year you're looking at core pc, last time more than 4.5% in november of 1991 the white house official telling me that they believe you because the shortage of items are seen as well as more people getting vaccines and those people turning around spending more than expected business owners on the ground are telling me they may have to raise prices because the cost are forcing them to dos it. >> obviously we all face that problem in the industry and were continuing to work with ways to mitigate as much as possible depending on how persistent and strong that is ultimately going to have to be passed along to the consumer but it's too early to tell how much impact that will have. >> when you look energy prices in this report year-over-year the fuel of gasoline for all types of gasoline that was up 45.1%, as you know the price is
10:29 pm
passed on to consumer eventually if something is delivered to your house or grocery store or any store that you buy a product, that cost will eventually be passed on. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thanks for your reporting, let's welcome back economic strategist mitch roschelle, it's good to see you. this is a read that people did not expect to see coming on inflation, what were your thoughtsst. >> economist pegged at lower and economist often wrong and wrong in the wrong direction. the fed keeps saying this is transitory fancy word for transitory. month over month cpi was up 9% and last month .7, that's high school calculus abraded change is increasing not decreasing edward is 100% right, it's labor, gasoline or petroleum, those costs go into everything that we do in the service economy and i don't see this
10:30 pm
going away any time soon. elizabeth: china has been raising cost on shipping, now we see half of small businesses raising their prices, nearly half we have not seen that in 40 years we have this now too, bernie sanders wants three and half trillion dollars to spend on infrastructure, senate moderate democrats are not ready to go for that and president biden is bringing back build back better campaign because he see democrats pushing on the idea that human beings are infrastructure, not a good look and not a good sale point you cannot retell that to the voter, midterm is coming and democrats fear major losses. >> human infrastructure, i cannot get a good definition but human infrastructure is another name for socialia welfar programs, the problem known as entitlements and one to put the menu cannot get rid of them the political third rail, if we pass a 3.5 trillion i get the chills
10:31 pm
even saying that piece of legislation is not just a one-time thing to get the economy turned around will be stuck with some of these for generations. elizabeth: the other thing the afl-cio teachers union left groups are demanding more from for training dollars inns tax hikes, senator portman is saying we're going to see potential tax hikes we've never seen before in this country then you have former treasury secretary robert rubin, larry summers who worked in the obama administration there warning that inflation is going up and up and here to stay and senator mitch mcconnell saying is small potatoes compared to what could be coming, what do you see coming. >> let's take one second with inflation inflation is a tax on the middle class all of the tax hikes that labor unions are screaming about on the rich, the fact of the matter is if what were doing spending wise and stimulus wise is inflationary were taxes the very people that
10:32 pm
had the hardest time being taxed and in terms of labor unions, the people that run the labor unions i just already wine gardens north of 600,000 or close to it she falls into the category of the rich be careful what you wish for randi weingarten. >> right now we seem businesses that cannot find workers there is a worker shortage, mcdonald's is giving tuition and childcare to get people back into work because the government is paying people to stay at home with higher jobless benefits. thank you for joining us, it's great to see you, come back soon, you're watching the fox business network were coming out the hour one of the first court fights of its kind could head to the supreme court against a major university with extensive covid-19 vaccine mandates, also this dr. fauci dismisses concerns over vaccine side effects seen the benefits outweighed the risk and is not
10:33 pm
authorized by the fda, we have an fda back story you want here, doctor marty makary next. >> mandates will not lead to compliance, it leads to more punisher ridicule. ♪ (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. usaa is made for the safe pilots.
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♪. elizabeth: join being us now fox news contributor dr. marty makary is back with us. thanks f elizabeth: joining us marty makary, eight students filed a a new lawsuit against indiana university over the covid-19 mandate students faculty and staff this could head to the supreme court they say this is a constitutional fight, what do you say. >> i don't know the legal grounds but i know the medical grounds and there's no justification for requiring the vaccine in healthy kids in the second dose may be associated with complications that are avoidable and people have a good reason not to get the vaccine some people have natural
10:38 pm
immunity from priorne infection and other people may have legitimate concerns the idea of mandatinges both doses and kids regardless of their immune will hurt some kids. elizabeth: when vaccines were first rolled out the government said nothing about vaccine mandates, everybody's talking about them the fda has a new warning for the j&j vaccine that the shot has been linked to serious but rare side effect, the immune system that attacks the nervous system, here's the thing dr. fauci is dismissing concerns about the vaccine side effects seen the benefits outweigh the risk should he dismiss the concerns. elizabeth: we've gone from being pro-vaccine from a community to vaccine fanaticism where we say whatever we need to say to be obedient to the mantra that every american needs to be vaccinated and it's not true not every american needs to be vaccinated for example with kids what the risk-benefit analysis
10:39 pm
i'd love to see the data we don't have that what we have is underreporting of deaths by the cdc in the overrepresentation of deaths and underreporting of faxing obligations, and healthy kids we don't know if any of those have been in healthy kids out of 326 at the cdc reported they have not looked into it despite 21000 staff of the cdc. elizabeth: we show this history of bad drugs that came out in 2017. let's talk about this, study done between 2001 and 2010 of fda approved drugs, and found over the ten year timeframe a third of the drugs had to be pulled for dangerous side effects including arthritis, blood clots and even deaths, shouldn't dr. fauci do well to respect the full fear you are fearful he's blaming ideological rigidity for people not taken the vaccines, he's saying i don't get weather not getting
10:40 pm
vaccinated, there is a history here though, right? >> if you look at the way we capture complications from vaccines, it's pathetic is a voluntary self reporting sloppy database which most people don't know how to report into and we cannot rely on the yelp of faxing complications to tell us what the two complications areor and what you said historically, when we look closer and use good methodology we discover more complications that are evident initially and that's what we saw with the j&j vaccine i'm still for vaccines for those who are not immune and adult but we've have to recognize there is r nothing with 0 risks and right now the risk with the j&j vaccine about one and 100,000. elizabeth: we also have a separate story, the biden the administration moving on having local community leaders showing up in people's doorsteps knocking on doors to ask them
10:41 pm
about their vaccination, i would like you to take a listen to the sound that came into her studio, watch this. >> who like to in this building. >> i would news media, you don't have a right to be in this building asking people, it's a violation of hipaa. you don't have a right to be here, get out of the building now you are violating people's privacy rights, get out. elizabeth: what are your thoughts? >> i don't have a problem inviting people to come to a mobile clinic we've been promoting that to reach populations and we've been doing that with other vaccines for a long time we've done it with quality and other pediatric vaccines, what i have an issue the mantra that we have to get everyone vaccinated and if we don't we have to shame them. right now you hear the biden the administration of public health officials talk about our progress with the pandemic in terms of the% of americans
10:42 pm
vaccinated as if the risk of covid were evenly distributed in the population, they are not, 90% roughly of seniors are vaccinated and half the unvaccinated have natural immunity we protected those at risk and if this point if you chose not to get vaccinated you do so at your own individual risk. elizabeth: doctor marty makary thank you for shedding light on the subject, it's good to have you want, representative kelly armstrong is on the house gop h big tech censorship, we have the story, youtube locked out major conservative players at cpac, it was not just trump, we have the story next. ♪ it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪ [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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10:47 pm
google youtube takedown videos featuring cpac a conservative political action they locked up the organization account for a week stop the cpac on posting videos from the conference, i thought this was about diversity of opinion and thought, what do you say. >> one of two t things happen ty use as ane excuse to shut out conservatives during the cpac conference or they legitimately lock studies from the smith center from infectious disease and urban health of the saint barnabas medical center i don't know which is worse but i know this we need to deal with this, if it doesn't fit the narrative of the fda and fcc, they're not allowing independent officials to give opinions and that's a dangerous place to be outside of the conservatives biased conversation. elizabeth: youtube is saying the action they took because there
10:48 pm
was discussion of covid treatments that are not accepted by the cdc and fda meeting hydroxychloroquine and the like, videos also featured coverage of donald trump's class-action lawsuit against big tech companies, that was censored. >> again whether they were using this as an excuse or talking about censoring the conversation about a medical train of thought from a putative places, either one is terrible and neither one should've happened and shows how much more market power that they have and there literally going to this place and we saw this with the wuhan virus and where it came out and all that is happened and that is changed in the best cure for speech is more speech and more importantly is turning so many people against them and it's what we need to do to get our country out of this pandemic. elizabeth: they are not public squares, people know that they're notth public squares thy like to sell themselves as a
10:49 pm
townsquare but they're not 2 - 3 tech players that are dominating the national conversation, the biden administration wants to break them up, republicans say break them up along different product lines, there's multiple different pieces of legislation moving in congress, which piece of legislation has legs that you think would be successful in dealing with theis issue? >> a couple of the bills that are bipartisan to be the antitrustan committee the c bill there is good to liken him back to like i think michael ease bill has a little traction, there's other things we need to deal with with warrants, facial recognition and the judiciaryin there's a lot of different things but one thing that we have to do if you take the four tech companies there probably four of the most powerful companies in the history of the world but each one of them has different places in the market where they engage in anticompetitive behavior so we
10:50 pm
have to drill down into how they make their money and control data and control information is why there more powerful and attack them in a way we seen this with gdpr in europe and we don't want to regulate big s companies and end up hurting small companies worse. elizabeth: got it, representative kelly armstrong, thank you for joining us, soon. border patrol council vice president art del cueto is back with us, senator ted cruz is battling to keep the border policy in place fears arefe growing the biden the administration is about to make a major change that could lead to another surge of illegal migrants, that story next. >> we've seen the disaster of joe biden (or policy it is putting a huge cost on my home state of texas and now these guys want to make it worse and release essentially everybody who comes
10:51 pm
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10:55 pm
to concerns and fears. border patrol council art del cueto, it's always great to have you one but the biden administration may remove the truck policy and just about two weeks time are you worried about a new surge of illegal immigrants at the border if they give her the policy. >> not only a new surge but it would be catastrophic what people fail to understand when you do that creates a domino effect not only more individuals wanting to come to the united states realizing that nothing will be done but it allows the cartels, the drug cartels, the human smugglers and traffickers to focus in so they themselves can get their product across and continue breaking our nation's borders. elizabeth: liberals say were not doing enough to help them clean hardship conservatives say wait
10:56 pm
a second the border is weak, drug cartels, human traffickers are abusing the border and people are getting killed coming here, your thought on this you and i talked about how drug cartels are purposely distracting border patrol with the use of human smugglers sending people crossed one part of the border in order to distract from the other side of the border this is a tough question are drug smugglersf and human smugglers basically dropping babies over border walls, abandoned them on highways or deserts in order to distract and get drugs across in a separate section of the border. >> they most certainly are, not only that when you talk about the humanitarian aspect of the entire situation with this administration is doing is it is encouraging people to come across and encouraging groups to use the human traffic to bring
10:57 pm
them across. this administration is solely responsible for every single individual that is suffering while coming through into the united states illegally. elizabeth: let's comprehend this and stay on this foror a second this is unimaginable evil to use way to distract to move narcotics across the border, this is just beyond immoral, what do you say. >> the drug cartels, the human smugglers obviously and the sex traffickers care who they affect as long as they get their product crossed in their continuing to do this because of the domino effect because of the lack of fortitude from this currentt administration and them encouraging the criminal element to continue coming into the united states. elizabeth: let's move on to the story the washington examiner has been reporting this the trump administration sent to china stop producing fentanyl
10:58 pm
this is the next chapter of the opioid crisis in the u.s. and china said will stop producing china instead turned to manufacturing the ingredients for fentanyl they started shipping the ingredients for fentanyl to mexican drug cartels and mexican drug cartels make the fentanyl but they can't launder the money now we have chinese money launders helping the mexican drug cartel launder their profits off of thefi illel drug so china is on the front and or the backend, your thoughts on this. >> for the longest time you know the criminal element will reach across the entire world not just from one country to another they worked across the entire globe and they continue to do so because it's facilitated by governments and weaker governments allowing this to happen. unfortunately whatat a we see ia current administration encouraging the criminal element to continue to do things and stretch further into other parts of the world because they are
10:59 pm
not doing anything here in the united states and not creating policies to go after the criminals in fact they're doing the opposite nobody more doors and loopholes and allowing them to do such things. elizabeth: your final word on this to officials in washington who are in congress or the administration do they understand that fentanyl and the opioid crisis is slamming states in the southwest and slamming states in the northeast that every state is a border state when you have drugs pouring acrossta the country were 2 milligrams can kill somebody, this is a real serious issue, do people get it? >> i think more and more there focused on keeping mean tweets officer in social media and focusing on their own futures with them politics to care about the american public it's really
11:00 pm
sad because securing our nation of borders has nothing to do with one political party it affects everyone in this country. elizabeth: art del cueto thank you for your service to our country, thank you for coming on, thank you for watching i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening i edit". thank youou again, join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. we begin with a quote today, yellen sees u.s. companies pushing to back global tax deal, that is a bloomberg headline story from earlier this morning, digging a little deeper into her interview she said u.s. companies are likely to provide crucial support for the tax bill, crucial support, kinda like falling on


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