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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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galactic, jeff bezos revealing details of his ownership. according to blue origin they will fly july 22nd, anniversary of the moon landing. a remote location within the west texas desert. no on sight public viewing areas will be available. to bezos second place is first loser. that does it for us on fox business. "the evening edit" -- elizabeth: tonight a major up rising in cuba against the communist regime. thousands taking to the streets across cuba to fight for freedom and democracy and denounce misery and oppression by china's, excuse me, cuba's communist. sounds of heavy gunfire. graphic scenes of public beatings. all of this igniting a chain reaction. security forces in communist venezuela reportedly led by cuban intelligence officials moved to try to arrest opposition leader juan guaido
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today. they imprisoned guaido's ally. with us tonight florida congressman greg stuebe, former detroit police chief james craig, liz peek, dr. adaja with us, jim trusty, virginia congressman ben cline and congresswoman kat cammack. pro-democracy forces slamming socialist bernie sanders for a weak response. "the squad" as remained mostly silent what is going on in both cuba and venezuela. white house getting tough on crime but the far left still calling for defunding the police, despite data showing violent crime is on the rise in cities that defunded cops. polls show a majority of blacks and democrats say don't defund police. we are watching your money. the teachers union, the afl-cio and the far left, they want even bigger tax increases double the proposed tax hikes democrats have on the table. we'll break it down.
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new mask confusion. the white house will support municipalities that enact mask mandates and vaccine mandates after dr. fauci suggested all of that. half of u.s. states say they don't plan to enforce mask mandates at schools. we have got reports coming in that the biden administration now plans to hitt back hard on social mia and facebook and twitter in order to get people vaccinated. they plan to call opponents of vaccines dangerous and extreme and calling them now for going against its campaign to knock on doors. now this, former president obama's white house ethics chief calls the hunter biden sale of hunter's own artwork, quote a mechanism for funneling bribes. we'll break it down. also former president trump's team claim tens of thousands want to join trump's lawsuit against big tech over things like conservative censorship. this big fight is just beginning. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with unrest in venezuela. just a day after protests broke out nationwide in cuba communist maduro regime in venezuela it us being led by cuban military intelligence abducted and imprisoned top opposition leader. communist security forces entered venezuela opposition leader juan guaido with machine guns, set off an explosive, in an attempt to arrest guaido of on charges of inciting unrest. he is not arrested right now. we're staying on the story. we're turning to what is going on in cuba. 32 cities seeing protests demanding an end to oppressive communist regime. we haven't seen this in more than five decades. protests broke out on large-scale, scenes of public fighting, sounds of heavy gunfire. word cuba is disappearing
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people. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon with more. reporter: liz, the protests continued second consecutive day in cuba. president biden weighed in this afternoon. >> the cuban people demanding their freedom have an authoritarian regime. i don't think we've seen anything like this protest in a long, long time. quite frankly if ever. reporter: short time later biden's secretary of state pushed back on the cuban government who accused u.s. meddling in their affairs. secretary blinken said quote it, would be a grievous mistake for the cuban regime to interpret what is happening in dozens of towns and the island the biproduct of nick the united states has done. some were holding the american flag during their march to protest the country's communist dictatorship who they blame for the horrible economic conditions blamed with the coronavirus pandemic. cuban foreign minister accused
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the u.s. of hypocrisy. elizabeth: lucas tomlinson. good to see you. we have congressman greg stuebe. your reaction tot protests in cuba and what is happening in venezuela. >> we need to stand 100% behind the cuban people and fight the castro regime. if the biden administration resumes economic ties it must be tied to economic reforms that will end communist rule. we support the cuban people. we do not support the communist regime. what you're seeing democrats not saying a word talking about socialism and supporting communism here in america. those people like aoc and bernie sanders are being quiet right now. they know because it is not great for the people of cuba. it is not great for americans. we need to have freedom and democracy in cuba. elizabeth: yeah, bernie sanders just moments ago put out a statement saying he supports people's right for freedom and protesting not denouncing what the communist regime has been
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doing in cuba an venezuela. they have been the main destablizing forces in the western hemisphere. cuba more than six decades. they thwarted efforts to make the americas a free zone. what do you say to that? >> it is just talk. they want to make america a socialist country. he calls himself a democratic socialist. they want to take steps towards that direction. of course they will not call out the communist regime directly. they will stand with the people of cuba. that is the direction of their policies. we can't have that here in america. there is a reason why cubans are fleeing to the united states and we have a large population of cubans here in florida and it is because they don't support communism and socialism and they want freedom. that is why they come to america. elizabeth: cuba's communist leaders put out an order of combat. they took to the airwaves. they're telling all communists to leave their houses and beat up and attack those protesting for democracy. basically we're seeing street fighting. we're seeing people being assaulted. innocent people who are unarmed
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being arrested and attacked including priests and the cuban regime military police, we hear they're shooting at unarmed cuban protesters fighting for freedom. they're disappearing people again. your word on that. >> that is what happens in communist totalitarian regimes that are authoritarian in nature. when their power is in balance or in check by the people, people are rising up they will use the military might to try to silence those people. america needs to be strong. the biden administration needs to be strong. in their statement standing with the cuban people. elizabeth: the word is, is that totalitarian regimes were always great for health systems. that they are the best equipped to handle pandemics. the cuban regime is blaming the embargo and sanctions put on, on the regime. president biden has kept those sanctions in place. the embargo doesn't stop food or humanitarian aid including medicine coming into cuba.
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there is a lot of misinformation flying around about this. you know, people on twitter are describing the protests all about covid. cnn guest blamed trump for what is going on in cuba. your take on dangers of misinformation at this time? >> of course cnn is going to plame trump. they blame trump for everything. trump actually instituted policies and sanctions, put sanctions in place the obama administration didn't do. because the obama administration was trying to normalize relation s with cuba which had the complete opposite effect making it liberal, making it american, making it democracy. the trump administration reversed that and put sanctions back in place. until they can show they will have resume relations or economic ties that are tied to democratic or economic reforms we should keep the sanctions in place. elizabeth: all right. congressman greg stuebe, it is good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: let's turn to this story. crime in america. back with us former detroit police chief james craig.
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sir, it is great to have you on. the president is now moving on crime in u.s. cities, meeting with local leader, law enforcement. a strike force in places like chicago, los angeles, d.c. is this going to work? what do you say? >> let me start, liz, thank you for having me on your show. i'm disappointed. i am just going to be candid. this feels so political. certainly we know what the polls have said. the number one concern of our american folks is violent crime. so we come out. we call folks in and we talk about what? here is a the sound bites. look at the role of police or reimagining. let's look at schools and employment. those things are very important. don't get me wrong. critically important. those are long-term measures. so we going to take covid money to do what? hire more police. what are they going to do? community policing. i'm a strong advocate of community policing but we have got to stop the violence and no
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one is talking about that. what about bail reform? elizabeth: you know polls, polls show a majority of americans, majority of blacks, majority of democrats say don't defund police. violent crime has been rising double digits for years since 2019. chicago, 42 people again shot. 10 were fatally shot. denver police, they found more than a dozen guns, 1000 rounds of ammunition, body armor in a hotel room two blocks from the major league baseball all-star game. so this is scary stuff happening out there. what would you do? how would you put a stop to all of this? >> well we've shown that, under my leadership in detroit during the summer of love, 2020, there was no looting, there was no burning. there were a few instances where our police officers were attacked but we built strong, trust-based relationships with our community. that's key. but as important, look,
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criminals need to know one thing, there are consequences associated with your actions. this is just not a police issue. this is the criminal justice is broken. i'm going back to it, liz. let's talk about bail reform. and then i'm disappointed, i appreciate the law and order captain who came out so well in new york but then he goes on to talk about these issues and he makes it seem like this administration is the first administration to talk about a response to dealing with crime. did we forget about operation legend under our former president trump? operation legend was working in detroit. we got things done. how come we don't talk about these issues? and how come there is no focus on the criminals and victims? who speaks for them? this is the problem. i just feel like it scratched
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the surface and not saying some of these issues are not good, we talk about hiring police. how will you hire police officers when you're not even supporting the men and women in the profession? police officers are resigning. they're retiring. and the attrition rate is so high right now you're not going to be able to hire enough to keep up. elizabeth: yeah. we are searing that police quitting in record numbers in major cities across the country. you know, amidst what is going on with crime breaking out. we hear eric adams. he won the democrat primary in new york city. we hear former president trump talking about crime. how serious of this is an issue for the democrat party? >> it's a very serious issue but see the moderates on the democratic party are kind of moving more toward the center. they're distancing themselves from the progressives saying you know what? we don't want to defund, but
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here's the problem they still want to defund. one, when the progressives speak up who speaks out against them? secondly, let's not forget qualified immunity. ending qualified immunity is in effect defunding the police and democrats still want to peddle no qualified immunity. so if you're going to have a real conversation, let's talk about that. the vast majority of our men and women do the job well, they do it right. and so, that is a deal-breaker. elizabeth: okay. james craig, chief james craig, thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. next up, we're watching your money. the teachers union, afl-cio, the far left want even bigger tax hikes, double the proposed tax increases democrats already have on the table. liz peek joins us next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> in the middle of a pandemic we're starting to see a resurgence of that especially in
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elizabeth: joining us now fox news contributor liz peek. it is good to see you. you will get fired up about this
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one. good to see you. we have a coalition of labor and liberal advocacy groups, afl-cio, the teachers union, they sent a letter to capitol hill. they say do $4 trillion tax hikes. that is double what democrats are talking about. they're talking about 2.4 trillion. now they want 4 trillion in tax hikes. what do you say? >> elizabeth, americans need to start paying attention to this. we have seen the share of the gross national product accounted for by federal spending almost double since the the 2000. this is a power grab. there is no excuse. if you count in state and local taxes and federal spending, we're two percentage points of away from sweden which we consider a socialist nation. democrats are basically looking for mammoth amounts of spending for all their national interest groups. the teachers unions are in that
6:19 pm
group. we designated hundreds of billions of dollars in the past three bills with no strings attached. money go directly to the teachers union because they support joe biden. it is an incredible power grab. it is a dangerous thing. we do not have a tax revenue problem in this country, liz. we have a spending problem, and people need to start paying attention to it. elizabeth: and yeah, a waste and government abuse problem of taxpayer money. >> that's right. elizabeth: there is tons of waste. >> there is no accountability. elizabeth: we hear you. bernie there, is talk of bernie sanders' trojan horse and elizabeth warren's trojan horse because the teachers union and the afl-cio are talking about $4 trillion in tax hikes. they're using their case for that the "propublica" story that billionaires paid 3.4% of taxes. that is income taxes as a
6:20 pm
percentage of their paper wealth. wealth is not taxed in this country. it is unconstitutional to do that. this is flawed trojan horse move to get wealth taxes in there. >> well it is dishonest. they want a wealth tax even though other countries have found that wealth taxes are impossible to administer and they also don't raise that much revenue because people up and leave. guess what. that is why you had 12 european countries had that kind of tax 20 years ago and now there are only four and france is sort of on the margin of that because it doesn't work. and americans i think find that entire premise incredibly offensive, liz. but all of this, you know, these sound bites about how warren buffett pays less in taxes than his secretary it is really not true. that we have one of the most progressive tax systems in the world and the top 1% of earners pay 40% of the taxes last year, even though they only accounted
6:21 pm
for 21% of the income. that is how steep our tax system is. so taxing wealth is a really terrible idea from so many different perspectives but the answer is again, we do not have a revenue problem in this country. historically revenues, tax revenues have been 18% of gdp. right now they're running about 50% higher than that, 25%. we don't need to cut, we don't need to increase taxes. we need to cut spending and need to do it now. elizabeth: yeah. but this, the tax talks are happening now, liz in the sleepy days of summer when no one is watching. now we hear democrat senators like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema don't want the tax hikes. democrat moderates fear they will lose big time and lose control of the house in the midterms. you know the other thing, the other trend that is happening, liz, i would like your assessment of this, a dozen states are cutting taxes. they're going in the opposite direction of big government.
6:22 pm
they're, look at that, republican-run states are voting to cut income taxes. your take on that? >> well, the reason is that they can because state and local revenues are far surpassing the estimates when we came into this year. they also got a 350 billion-dollar handout from the federal government with some strings attached. including they were not allowed to use that to lower taxes. but even so they're going ahead and doing that i think they're now several lawsuits challenging that requirement. so i think that this red states get it, that lower taxes bring in new businesses. it helps the states grow. by the way they are growing faster than the blue states. i mean look at california compared to florida or new york compared to florida. lower taxes in florida. a better investment climate. business climate. people and businesses are leaving blue states like
6:23 pm
california and new york in droves to go to florida. i really don't see how that is complicated for democrats. they don't connect those dots. they are pretty obvious. elizabeth: staring at them right through the windshield. liz peek, good to have you on. come back soon. >> thanks so much, liz. elizabeth: we have more mask confusion. the white house says it will support municipalities who enact mask mandates and vaccine mandates. dr. fauci has been talking about this but, about half of u.s. states say they don't plan to enforce mask mandates at schools. now this the white house plans to do a big push on facebook and twitter about those who oppose their knocking on doors campaign to get people vaccinated. dr. amesh adalia is next on "the evening edit." >> very hard to breathe. >> right. >> running in track. you want to catch your breath.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ready to simplify life with diabetes? get started today with a free 30-day omnipod dash trial. go to for risk information, instructions for use, and free trial terms and conditions. consult your healthcare provider before starting on omnipod. simplify diabetes. simplify life. omnipod. ♪. elizabeth: let's we come backpack to the show dr. amesh adalia from johns hopkins university. great to have you on, doctor. the white house says it will support mu municipalities that do mask mandates dr. fauci will
6:28 pm
support that. a lot of states say they will not support mask mandates in school. there is a lot of confusion out there. can you break this down? >> sure. we're looking at heterogeneous depending what states. states like mississippi, missouri, arkansas, where covid-19 is still a major issue because there is not enough people vaccinated. so there is going to still be pressure on hospitals as we're hearing about in springfield, missouri, but i think what the cdc, the white house is talking about, not having a one-size-fits-all policy for the united states. kind of leaving, deferring to state and local governments and health departments what actions may or may not be necessary based on the local dynamics going on. that may have to do with how much prior immunity is in a community, how much vaccination has been done and what the hospitals look like and i think that is likely what we'll see, some differences in different parts of the country based on local conditions and i think that is better than having a one size fits all because many parts
6:29 pm
of the country, the pandemic, acute phase is largely over, we tamed it. so many people have been vaccinated. but other parts it is not the same. elizabeth: the ceo of united airlines thinks that the mask mandates on airplanes will go away when they expire in september. they won't come back. when people hear about the mandates, talk of the word mandates, what comes to mind for many people, doctor is how a lot of people broke their own covid-19 shutdown, lockdown rules. there is a lot of examples of hypocrisy out there. there is fears that could happen again. what do you say to that? >> it is unfortunate which saw throughout the pandemic many politicians and political leaders saying one thing and doing another. i think that undermines the message out there. it makes people think there are two sets of rules. i think what is important that we do going forward in this pandemic, move away from mandates and enforced types of actions to recommendations. using a lot of lessons we learned during the hiv pandemic
6:30 pm
about harm reduction. giving people the tools to make better risk calculations not necessarily using government force. what happened we used a lot of abstinence where that drove a lot of people underground. in california you couldn't dine outdoors so people dined indoors in people's residences increasing transmission. you have to do recommendations that don't get a paradoxical response. if you're going to be a politician on leader, giving recommendations you should follow them or believe in them because that send as wrong message. elizabeth: the white house plans to attack critics of their knocking on doors campaign asking if they're vaccinated or with a new facebook an twitter campaign, they will call critics of the knock on door campaign dangerous and extreme. we're seeing that. we're seeing criticism from dr. fauci against those who have not been vaccinated s that a effective way to go, go heavy-handed and berate people?
6:31 pm
>> we're hitting a wall with vaccine hesitancy. it will take effort to get each additional dose in someone's arm. we have to work collaboratively. if you do door-to-door vaccination it should be with local primary care physicians, local health departments. with leaders so this isn't seen as intrusive. we have to find a way to get more vaccine into people and show people what value the vaccine offers to their personal life. i don't think shaming people or getting aggressive will get there. that will be about showing people tremendous data we have about vaccines and the vaccines are a way to get your life back, not to worry about covid-19 especially in the case of more contagious variants like the delta variant. it will take time to find the proper strategy to get more people vaccinated. elizabeth: dr. amesh adalia, thanks for your time. good to see you. come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network.
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former federal prosecutor jim trusty is next. this is a hot one. former obama white house ethics chief calls hunter biden sale of his own art a mechanism for funnel be bribes. the story next. >> it was a senate report that said if you're going to funnel money and you're going to launder money, the russians largely use, the art world. now all of a sudden they're trying to cover this up. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, good to have you on. walter schwab top government watchdog under former president barack obama and donald trump, he had really tough words, jim. he said the biden administration created a perfect mechanism for funnel be bribes via hunter
6:37 pm
biden's secret art sale where you don't know who will buy hunter's artwork. what do you say? >> he is spot on. seems like he had a fit of conscious. only thing i would disagree with, calling it perfect. it's a well-traveled lane for money laundering and corrupt behavior, it is very transparent and blatant what is going on when a guy does artwork on a cocktail napkin and sells it for a million bucks. it has something to do with his last name, not his artwork. elizabeth: let's watch walter schwab. that hunter biden is asking art prices than other major art prices for his work. listen to walter schwab. >> they have outsourced government ethics to a art dealer. she mentioned industry standards. it is an industry notorious for money laundering. this is preposterous and very disappointing. there is nothing to do we can
6:38 pm
monitor to make sure hunter biden or anyone in the white house doesn't find out that the dealer keeps his or her promise that the buyers don't call the white house, ask for a meeting, hey i just bought the president's son's art for $500,000. it is just got the absolute appearance that he is profiting off of his father's fame. he is not selling under a pseudonym. he is not waiting until his father is out of office. he is not selling at any price comparable to what other first-time artists are selling. elizabeth: what do you say, jim? >> yeah. packing all the right facts in there. how hard would it be simply to say to your son, hunter, i know you've got these other entanglements going on, russia, china, ukraine. now you want to do this one with your new hobby, how about waiting a few years? you have stockpiled all the lovely etch sketches what you're doing, and sell them when i'm out of office. that wouldn't be hard. this is brazen behavior.
6:39 pm
essentially deciding within the biden family he will not face major criticism. he is not going to have to face legal consequences. maybe there is good reason for that kind of jaded opinion. you also think about it from the marketplace. if somebody is going to buy a hunter biden piece of artwork, the first phone call they're making after the auction is to hunter biden. i mean you can't control the actual buyer. you might be able to try to pretend that you have a shroud of secrecy over the process in general but the whole point of buying it is for the last name and that person will cash in. they will reach out to the biden family to make it very clear their new picture in the dining room is a hunter biden classic. elizabeth: so they're leaving it up to the art dealer to be the government ethics watchdog here. "the wall street journal" reporting that the names are being kept secret who is bidding and who gets the artwork and wins at auction because they fear it would cut into the values and being transparent would reduce the interest from potential buyers.
6:40 pm
what do you say to that? >> yeah. this is a charade. with all due respect to third world countries we're looking very third world when we outsource government ethics to an art dealer. i was in government for 27 years. i certainly had plenty of training on ethics, read plenty of manuals. i don't remember the art dealer exception who would enforce the rule. seat of the pants. the media will not hold them accountable. the criminal justice system may or may not hold hunter biden accountable so on we go with the cash-in. elizabeth: jim trusty. good to see you. great to have you on. next up representative ben cline. he is with the house gop big tech censorship task force. he will join us next on former president trump's team claiming tens of thousands want to join former president trump's lawsuit against big tech over conservative censorship. a big constitutional fight just beginning. that story next.
6:41 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show representative ben cline. he is a them per of the gop big tech censorship task force. congressman, it is great to have you on. okay trump advisor linda mcmahon said they have received over 30,000 calls from americans wanting to join former president trump's lawsuit against big tech over censorship. that is a lot of people. what do you say? >> i think the american people are on to big tech and they want to see action, whether it is from congress or the courts.
6:46 pm
we need to act to rein in big tech and the abuses we've seen over the past several years. elizabeth: let's watch linda mcmahon here. i will get your reaction after the sound bite. watch this. >> social media can do a lot of good things but they have stepped over the boundary this time, when they have colluded with the government, when they have taken down teachers who inquired about masks, when they have taken down doctors who have tried to talk about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine and they have just gone too far. they colluded with the government to do that. as president trump said, look, if they can go after me, they can go after anyone. this is not a lawsuit about democrats or republicans or anyone. this is about the american people. elizabeth: yeah, trump said if they can do it to me they can do it to everybody. that is what bernie sanders said last march. he said the exact same thing. go ahead. >> well, the left is concerned but we're seeing a lot of it on the right more than we are on
6:47 pm
the left. and it is an interesting argument that there is collusion going on with the government via amazing discovery process to see exactly what kind of conversations are going on with big tech and the government but i think what we all want to see an examination what the big tech task force will look at. antitrust segment whether abuse of power and free market whether big tech is engaged in siloing of businesses, where they're buying out small businesses or running them out of the marketplace. then the privacy concerns where you have big tech in control of more and more amounts of data and that data sharing who owns the data is going to be a big question we need to answer. elizabeth: that is a big one. that is a huge one. ii want to turn to this, civil liberties author, naomi wolf is considering legal action. she said both twitter and youtube froze her accounts, suspended her accounts because
6:48 pm
she raised questions about the side-effects of covid-19 vaccines, constitutionality of lockdowns. questioned the candor of dr. anthony fauci. she is left-of-center and getting shut down. your reaction to that? >> as i said it comes from the left and the right. we all need to be concerned about our free speech rights when you have just a handful of oligarchs exerting so much control over what we can say what we can say it and what plat forms we can say it on. section 230 of the communications decency act definitely needs to be reformed if not repealed. jim jordan has a great statute, the speech protection act, we need to pass. hopefully we'll be able to insure in the long term it is citizens who have the power and not the oligarchs of big tech. elizabeth: conservative columnist david catrone says congress has two avenues here. he says they are both backed up by the constitution. give facebook, social media
6:49 pm
twitter, two options, one you can be common carriers like phone companies, you would be immune from liabilities or from lawsuits be required to show all viewpoints or be publishers, pick and choose what you show on the platform but subjected to lawsuits. which is the best after here here, do you think? >> that is what section 230 was originally meant to do, force the big check companies to choose. they could either be a neutral platform or could be a provider of the content but you can't be both and still get protection from liability. now we're looking to reinforce that original concept and say you can be one or the other but you can't be both anymore, big tech. elizabeth: all right. representative ben cline, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. come back soon. next up representative kat cammack of florida joins us on the thousands taking to the streets across cuba to fight for democracy and freedom, to get rid of cuba's communist regime.
6:50 pm
this is a protest we've seen, never seen in the history of cuba. there are sounds of heavy gun fire, graphic scenes of public beatings. u.s. democrat socialist bernie sanders came out with a statement late in the game, being criticized this week. "the squad" still silent on the anti-communist freedom fighters risking their lives here. keep it here on "the evening edit". >> we as cuban-americans we want to see freedom, democracy, we want to see human rights. we want to be sure that the cuban people have the opportunity to elect their own government. ♪ ♪♪ ready to simplify life with diabetes? get started today with a free 30-day omnipod dash trial. go to for risk information, instructions for use, and free trial terms and conditions.
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6:55 pm
streets protesting peacefully carrying the american flag calling for freedom and the notion that the biden administration has said this was in protest to covid and this shows they are so out of touch with not just americans but people all around the world striving for fundamental basic rights of freedom and like i said i cannot say enough about the bravery of those that have taken to the streets protesting communist regime and it's eerily quiet coming out of aoc and squad camps as well as bernie sanders, i found it really confusing that she's not set a word about cuba or across the country. >> good morning congresswoman referred from people in venezuela and people who have fled cuba, when they are silenced the atrocities committed by the regime where the disappearing people it gives
6:56 pm
agency for communist dictators to do more, is that your take, is that true? >> absolutely you think about what is happening in places like cuba and venezuela where you have food scarcity and medical supply that are in scarce demand and supply you have tremendous violation of human rights and the united states under the biden administration has been tremendously quiet and silent and again, it points to the bigger issue of the administration has a problem with work they couldn't muster up enough courage to say crisis when it came to our orders in the southwestern region in the united states and now they have a problem saying communist which is in fact the cuban government, communist repressive regime that has stolen the future of so many cubans and cause many to flee causing tremendous pain-and-suffering to many families who have fled the country from their homeland in
6:57 pm
great risk and peril to them and their children, when you talk about -- go ahead. elizabeth: the president pointed out a statement saying he supports a call for freedom inside of cuba and release from what is going on in decades of repression and economic suffering the president has kept the former president trump sanctions on cuba in the embargoes there, now we've got cnn blaming trump for that, we have the new york times messaging same freedom is an antigovernment slogan, your concerns how the media is giving misinformation of what's were not in cuba. >> i think the polling that came out recently that talks about how the majority of americans believe that the media has become really an enemy of the people and promoting fake news and this notion that freedom is an antigovernment calling.
6:58 pm
i appreciate the left is trying to twist very basic definition of human rights and antigovernment, that is just nonsense, when you look at reporting from cnn and msnbc they are saying that the communist regime has really done horrific things against humans and like i said stolen the future in the lives of so many cubans and you think about them promoting the notion of the biden to administration going door to door for a vaccine program aging and gun grab, these are things that communist or social regimes engage in and they've encouraged it. it's no surprise that outlets like cnn or msnbc are willing to promote and do the bidding of the socialist regime that are hell-bent on controlling individuals and thinking that government is knowing best, we in america as americans we are
6:59 pm
capable of making the best decisions for ourselves and families at the most basic level and we don't need an overbearing, overreaching government to do that for us which is why am so proud for so many standing up and fighting for their most basic human right freedom. elizabeth: we have problems a chain reaction in venezuela for juan guaido was being threatened with arrest they showed up with machine guns at his residential building, number two in his opposition is already been arrested word he's thrown into a prison known for torture inside caracas, we know there protest breaking on miami and were also hearing in cuba whether starting to disappear people, your word, do the american people know enough about what exactly communist cuba does to his people. >> i think there's a second generation of cuban-americans that has started to lean left
7:00 pm
and maybe romanticize the notion of what a socialist dictatorship looks like and that's particular dangerous, now more than ever we have to tell the story about our first generation of cuba who came here and fled that regime. larry: congresswoman kat cammack, thank you for joining us, it's good to see you. i'm elizabeth macdonald needed vermont to "the evening edit", thank you so much for watching we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. larry: hello everyone, welcome to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow, critical race theory is the rage among far left progressive intellectuals and at least part of it is permeated to mainstream ceos and others, who really should know better. systemic racism and crt along with racial equity have become the diagnosis and the solution, and other words we need more


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