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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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larry: thanks for watching folks. have a great weekend. kennedy: if you're worried about affording her slinky lifestyle we do have a solution for you? in san francisco everything there is free. whatever you see in someone else's car just take it. from a of last year to may this year the city central station up 753% am and pretty much no one gets arrested for anything. if you need deodorant a red bull or maybe even sub hugging just pop in the walgreens or cvs.
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unless you go for $950 with the free loot they wanted to call the cops. walgreens has had to close 17 stores because organize easier bleeding them dry. it's the second biggest city on the west coast but now they are barring the doors and their employees don't get suckerpunched on the way home from work. that kind of because now workers are coming back from a pandemic and they will have fewer hours. single moms in need of a bargain on the way home from work well they have to look elsewhere. san francisco was once one of the greatest cities in the world with the most magical and the cited sports fans but it's now swirling down the toilet in the horse that's ironic to cut so many people are in the streets. the city on the cusp of ruins which the well-heeled as over 40% of san franciscans have signaled their intentions to leave.
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so because of the mayor a progressive d.a. and an activist board of supervisors who's hell-bent on tipping his hat to the horizon. people have to stop voting for ideologues who operate out of kindness subjecting people at lawlessness and allowing people to live in filth on the streets is not kind. they would be wise to dodge the golden axiom of liberty. number one, don't hurt people. number two, don't take their stuff. lots of accountability hurts everyone and there's no rationalizing property theft and one of the richest cities in america. remember your greatness and sack the hackers bad choices threaten to flush the city for good and that's the memo. the stories and videos of crime and lawlessness in san francisco isn't just scaring away the locals it's also creeping out tourists. the city's chamber of commerce claims tourism makes up one
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third of the economy and rightly so. who would want to go on vacation to place you might get robbed in broad daylight with no cops around to help? theater at san francisco resident community activist. he ran for mayor in 2010 and hopefully he has a future richie greenberg is with me. richie from your perspective on the ground what is san francisco like now and why? >> first of all thank you for having me here today. it is just unbelievable. it's a shame what we are seeing. i've been here for 21 years and i know people who have been there for multiple generations. to break down the criminal justice system. which is aided by the activists and their city council as you said earlier. they are hell-bent on keeping things the way that they are and this is the big problem they are
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denying that there is even a problem. they are falsifying data. they are pretending there is no crime problem and their mouthpieces we see in the media and on social media. they are trying to counter us. they are trying to counter our pleas for help. they are saying you are wrong. they are saying no, crime is down. we can open our eyes and we can see that is totally bogus. kennedy: all it takes is a couple of stories like this in a couple of videos like the guy riding his bike through walgreens filling up a hefty bag full of stuff from walgreens and the security guards are told to not do anything and do not intervene because they could get hurt in the process and they could sue their employer. you say there's a civil war going on right now and i'm wondering is it between the and the progressive's? who is mad at each other in san
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francisco? >> so you have to first of all there are no conservatives that are in power. there are no republicans in elected office here. everyone is either a moderate democrat or a left-wing democrat and i wouldn't even call them left-wing democrats. they are more socialist. democrats socialists of america are the people -- >> they are the ones who'll visit nicolas maduro. >> including our district attorney. kennedy: your d.a. is the product of cop killers and he says anyone who claims that crime is on the rise which is not hard to see, you don't have to live it to believe apu can read some of the statistics that his implication is if you think crime is on the rise that's racist which in and of itself is a racist statement. >> whoever drops it won't drop the race card.
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he is looking for every possible excuse to not prosecute the criminals no matter how heinous. also there are murders that he is led off with ankle monitors who end up getting out of jail and then killing again. this is the problem we have and it's pinned down to completely malicious district attorney. kennedy: what i don't understand about that is i am all for justice and prison reform. i don't think there should be private prisons and i don't think we should imprison nonviolent drug offenders but people who commit violent crimes who wish to hurt other people, those people need to have consequences and the total lack of accountability unfortunately is directly tied to an increase in crime and its completely irrational and it's happening in
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portland, seattle, minneapolis san francisco los angeles new york chicago. happening all over the place so what is the answer? >> well the answer would be to hault those individuals accountable. that's not an easy task though because they are elected so they can't be fired. the city council cannot vote to fire someone. these individuals who are the militias are the militias are the elected ones and the only way to do anything about that short of finding some way that they could be indicted and jailed and tried and sent to prison, other than that you'd have to do a recall. and wait until their term is up and vote them out. kennedy: just vote them out. come on people you have a much better city to protect and be proud of that city and elect rational people who will help the city grow. right now it is reverting into a
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third world dystopia. it's awful. justin bodine you are benched gavin newsom muir benched. >> url. a pleasure to be here. any time, thanks. kennedy: in chicago president biden met with mayor lightfoot to discuss the city's gun violence after 100 people were shot in chicago over the 4th of july weekend. we are told the mayor asked the president for help in cleaning up the mess that comes days after a 20-year-old college student was struck by the three students and paralyzed while sitting. he reportedly told his family quote if i have to live like this pull the plug please and sadly he didn't succumb to his injuries when his parents took him off life support. while stories like that finally force action? we have conservative strategist human events contributor and
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strategy -- chris barrett is here along with democratic strategist and "fox news" contributor leslie marshall and vice president who knows what's going to happen 2024 -- >> eye. kennedy: chris i will start with you or the president went to chicago and met with lori lightfoot at an airport. i've never been to frankfurt. i've flowed through the frankfurt airport but i wouldn't say i know the city very well. >> yeah. i think it's funny that the president met with lori lightfoot at a chicago airport. the crime-ridden cesspools that make up a lot of chicago and i think it's interesting here that we have this culture of nobody on the left wanting to take responsibility. democrats have run the city of chicago for decades and they controlled dose of the houses in
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the legislature in illinois and they control the governor's mansion yet somehow they need somebody to step in and do something. i've got a solution for them. attend all the criminals in chicago are old ladies who trespass on january 6 and they would be rounding them up in groves. kennedy: leslie let's talk a little bit about the violence in chicago because it's not just gun violence. it's people who don't have respect for human life and decency so how do you tackle that? >> to that point i think they are rounding up the little old ladies. just joking but in chicago between the year 2000 2020 they had crime and gun violence all under democrats. let's look at the facts are the facts are the two areas and i lived in chicago for four years. the beautiful city.
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i still think chicago is a good seat but it has pockets with higher crime and specifically higher crime committed by guns and homicide like on the south side and the west side. these areas have higher unemployment higher poverty and after covid it's not an excuse for this but it deftly played into that. more gonzo mistreated more anger, more poverty, less money. it deftly played into that. the president meeting with the mayor at the airport if you look at the itinerary wasn't scheduled to meet with her that this was a last-minute hey president biden could i have your ear and talk to you? it's important that they talk. kennedy: and he said i've lost control. she said i've lost control of my city and can i have help from the fed's? that means you shouldn't be mayor if you can't run your own city. your thoughts? >> yeah it's that there has been this increase in crime over the
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holiday weekend when they specifically were told. if you look at every single city that is having crime in every part of the country that's having crime it's certainly not a done problem because it's in areas that have the most amount of gun control where you see the most amount of gun violence so it's everyday law-abiding citizens defending themselves against criminals. if you look at the violence including gun violence is mostly gang violence fighting over drug turf per chicago is a former stomping grounds of al capone and we saw during the prohibition period that when alcohol was legal drug cartels that were smuggling and selling alcohol blossomed and i took over entire cities in the violence was rampant. this is directly a cause of the war on drugs until we and that prohibition and stop empowering cartels and drug gangs to take over entire cities this is just going to keep getting worse. it's not done an party as part
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of it that poverty is nothing new and certainly not climate change. the growing crime coming from the gangs from the war on drugs and this is never going to end. kennedy: very few people be honest about the root causes in chicago as well as the root causes in parts of central america forcing people to flee their country to find refuge. i'm sorry but we have to and that prohibition as well and clean up our immigration system. so many twists and turns in the britney spears saga. is her manager jumping ship and what has happened to the crazy conservatorship battle? the she retired? the only -- the one and only dr. drew helps me break it down, “cracked windshield” take 1. ♪ you say ♪ ♪ i got a crack in my windshield... ♪ uh - uh, lisa, maybe less heartbroken? geico lets you file a claim online, over the phone or with their app.
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kennedy: welcome back. the brutal battle over britney spears conservatorship likely not ending anytime soon but her longtime manager and her court-appointed lawyer both just quit. britney's manager said that haven't spoken in years but he said he heard written is planning to retire and her court appointed attorneys also been spent loringer since 2008. britney's staff took control of her life and her finances like
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in saudi arabia in the 80s. why am i yelling? now with the next court hearing looming is the icon and the closer to freedom click here with me host of the doctor drew podcast my friend dr. drew pinsky. welcome back to sir. >> how's it going? kennedy: it's been great. you made such a good point. rené spares has the right to run her own life and i was thinking about that phrase because i think it's brilliant and i'm glad you said that it has randy quaid and charlie sheen and metaworld these and every other guy who has the same sort of public meltdown they are not under conservatorship. >> yeah and that's probably because we don't know what's going on with britney. the fact that she was on a 72
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hour hold and then the judge comes into the hospital and the doctor appeals to the judge for longer stays and she was put on a 14 day hold which is reserved for the most seriously psychiatrically and neurologically all patients in place on the conservatorship which further tells at the difficult to get those conservatorship's and that further tells us how ill she was at the time. she has done well for a lot of years and her dad and the judge to put under conservatorship saved her life. if he wants to get off of conservatorship why doesn't she get the right to run her life and to squander the money she herself has earned, rather life? the problem as the kind of illnesses that end up with 14 day holds and giant conservatorship's like this -- kennedy: what are those? >> whether it's bipolar or combinations of the neurological
8:20 pm
process something is wrong where she was severely impaired and her condition could be compensate. that could end up in debt that we don't know whether all the people around her are retiring or stepping down because they are objecting to the excessive and onerous conservatorship and don't want to take the liability of being sued later or are they stepping down because you might get that conservatorship lifted and they don't want to be apart of something that could lead to her demise. >> i don't think it's the laughter. she has good relationships with these people. they will will help her and they can help her foster a good environment where she can continue to thrive and be a good mom and do all the things you want to do. but for her to stand up in court for 24 minutes about how she has an iud in her body that she can't get out and she can't get married.
8:21 pm
she's held against her will in a rehab facility. all of these things makes everyone involved look like a crazy person. >> 100% into that and we don't know if any of that is true. we don't know if that's real and if it is it's really onerous and whether it is or it isn't she deserves a chance and there are ways to structure things. she is a follow-up with her psychiatrist and are all just and she has to follow up to be kept free and clear of the conservatorship. it's pretty easy to structure those things and why that have been done that is very mysterious. she deserves the right to ring her life and taker of conservatorship. i can imagine the reason they would allow it. it's very bizarre. kennedy: need to kick her dad
8:22 pm
off the conservatorship and allow her to get her own lawyer. her lawyer was kicked off the case. i have her medical records and you did not. i'm sorry i thought we were living in the united states. dr. drew great to see you. please come back again. >> kennedy thanks. kennedy: coming up kerry richardson has been suspended from competition over positive drug test and it was referred. i'll explain that in the memo, this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪ (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market.
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this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪ kennedy: we expect a lot from our. we want them to be strong fast and marketable and we want them to be dripping and gold medals. if they can achieve these things they are beloved in set for life. sha'carri richardson is all this and more. she's gifted incredibly
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hard-working, beautiful interesting and she is considered to be the fastest woman on the planet and was favored to win the gold medal at the olympics in the 100-meter sprint. that's likely to happen now because some arbitrary anti-doping rule got her suspended and booted from the race which he won last month she could have competed in a four by one relay but the idiotic governing body told her to eat glass and left off the team. richardson was tested for marijuana and didn't give an excuse of eating a burrito or using an ointment. she apologized and gave an explanation. she found out from her reported that her biological mother had died which left her nerve shocked and she's now trying to move forward to recreational cannabis is fully legal as it is in 18 states. what was she supposed to do,
8:28 pm
punch a horse? pull down the statue? drink a gallon of vast dungeon? the u.s. anti-doping agency admits it occurred outside of competition but the anti-doping squad let them take steroids but the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is not a performance-enhancing substance. it's banned because it's categorized by the doping gestapo as a substance of abuse. sugar and caffeine are worse substances of abuse. should those be illegal? have you ever met a carbohydrate addict to exit courting took when it reacts 69% won a reversal of sha'carri's suspension so she can compete and prove she's better. weed is a performance inhibitor and she should be given a titanium level for competing at
8:29 pm
that level and blazing the competition. it looks like sha'carri will competed all but at least her story is one that will further the discussion about ending prohibition in this country. as the olympics passerby it may force future olympians to pass and that's the memo. president biden has been taking a firm stance over suspension. watch this. >> the rules are the rules and everybody knows the rules and whether they should remain the rules are different issue. i was proud of the way she responded. kennedy: rules are rules. a rule is a rule. it breaks me on the rules but what if the rules are arbitrary not native? dave smith and chris chris chris hahn are here to mansplain the
8:30 pm
entire thing. the rules are the rules and she should be able to compete because once again like with britney spears i thought this was america. >> i'm a conservative at the most pro rules guy on this panel. that statement from biden is pretty inadequate. rules are the rules are something that happens to give somebody an advantage. if you decide the rule that was broken not only is unjust but also nobody else would have gotten bad if they would have gone ahead ahead and broken this rule. there is a rule in soccer and i don't know if you are watching the europeans play soccer. the penalty doesn't help you if it doesn't up getting called. the rules of are the rules is not an adequate answer. she should be reinstated. kennedy: i agree completely but
8:31 pm
they left her completely off the team so now she can even compete in the four by 100. she probably would have been faster if she hadn't gotten high. >> that's for sure and it's not not just publishing her but punishing all the women who are competing because whoever wins has a masters next to their victory because she was the favorite. it's robbing them of their shots at the thing is so infuriating about joe biden having the nerve to say the rules are the rules is that joe biden is the living archetype of the war on drugs. the most influential member that is still around today and i understand this isn't the law but to act like these rules aren't influenced by the last 40 years of american federal legal policy on marijuana would be absurd. joe biden challenged ronald reagan. he partnered up with strom thurmond to challenge ronald
8:32 pm
reagan for being too soft on crime. joe biden was bragging about every minor drug offender. kennedy: chris hahn --. >> joe biden has evolved on this issue. another right-wing conservatives in this country. >> i'm not a right-wing conservative. >> let's be clear. kennedy: they did not reschedule marijuana and you know that. >> chris -- you just want people to love you. please love me. this woman should be allowed to raise.
8:33 pm
c chris i didn't claim that this was his current position. i'm saying she is responsible for what she did in the past and what she did in the past is evil. it may not mean anything to you but it does mean something to people. and dave i agree. i agree a position of the past is run. he has evolved in that position. kennedy: actually not. are you out of your mind? he had some of the most consistent positions on freedom and liberty of anyone. he does not have to come on the show or any other show i like you because you are peddling falsehoods right now about joe biden.
8:34 pm
your take is meaningless. that is such a false. >> kennedy for one second. let me just say this real quick. it's what he did for the people of yemen. you are defending your democratic president. what do you stand against the democrats on calling me out like that? >> i'm sorry i get people calling up -- [inaudible] i have stood up to my party had numerous at cajuns and in other places and i will continue to do that. i tell the truth as i see it every time i come on the air. kennedy: you come on here without talking points.
8:35 pm
>> to say that the governor of north dakota did something -- is a week defense. kennedy: okay. >> the people of south dakota voted to legalize marijuana. kennedy: posted firstly. watch the show if you are going to pick it apart. meantime the two largest teachers unions in the country are throwing their support behind critical race theory which teaches children to judge what another by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character. well sums dates are outlining the -- outlawing the practice a group of 5000 teachers have signed a petition vowing to break anti-critical theory laws and teach it anyway. how can normal americans keep their kids from demented teacher's? kim carney. >> send them to catholic and
8:36 pm
private school. pull your kids out of public school and then run for the school board after your kids are out and then try to change their curriculum there. we cannot have -- the fact is there will always be a religion. it's a myth like the idea that we could have secular schools. there lies the religion and schools adhere to the catholic faith and right now the public schools are adhering to a minority faith by a small amount of liberal ideologues. you will get a religious education according to a new radical religion. >> this was a hard lesson that i had to learn myself but it's the biggest flaw in atheism in general. the need to worship is hardwired and if you are not worshiping one religion another religion fills that boy prado just say this because what happens with this argument is that when you
8:37 pm
call a critical race theory everyone backs off and they go we are teaching critical race theory of the schools that would it's convenient they will say it's critical race theory so the bottom line is this teaching racialist essentialism to children is evil and borderline child abuse. the fact that it's persisting in this country is disgraceful and we are already feeling it and we are going to feel the ramifications of this for years to come but it's the worst thing you can teach children on both sides, on all races. kennedy: that's why you have so many minority parents speaking out against it. >> they may be the biggest victims. the kids are being taught that they are victims living in a system that's against the mite do the worst thing you can teach a child. kennedy: i went to bring christen because i want him to tell me how critical race theory is not critical race theory. >> it's a new strawman for the
8:38 pm
right to burned-out. they can't attack biden because he is an old white guy. they are trying to teach about and jim crow in america. let's protect the statue from the confederacy if you want to preserve our history that america we should learn the good and the bad and we should deal with it and move forward. i hope we do that. kennedy: then don't tear down statues of ulysses s. grant down. critical race theory is marxism. it's awful and it's divisive and not only teaching kids to separate but also anti-capitalism. capitalism is one of the few things on earth that pulls people out of extreme poverty and extends their lives. thank you very much man panel. i love the spicy conversation. we have opinions on the plate. lovely. coming up while you are crafting
8:39 pm
the neighbors barbecue this weekend cybercriminals want $70 million in ransom. mike baker has his fist out, mike baker has his fist out, next. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today.
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because it means everything to you.
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kennedy: while it's being called the largest ransomware attack of all kind of that's saying something. hacker group reportedly crippling hundreds if not thousands of companies around the world. what is president biden going to do about that? the hackers gained access to companies by infiltrating a miami-based software company than they demanded 70 million. if you recall last month president biden what met with president putin and warned them against cyberattacks from russia. how should the u.s. strike back?
8:44 pm
here with me covid operations officer and chairman and ceo mike aker. welcome back baker. >> thank you. that's all very true in my that was a spacey -- spicy conversation you had in your previous segment. very enjoyable, very enjoyable. i think you guys should be a little calmer. it's really interesting situation and the attack starting on the second of july and it comes on the heels of the summit are you pointed that out president biden met with vladimir putin and during that summit he explained to president putin that critical infrastructure should be off-limits to cyber attack. kennedy: that's one of 16 things. >> it's not up for grabs i international crime organizations operating in russian territory. here's what i think needs to
8:45 pm
happen to finally get around your question, is that we should have a conversation with putin and it shouldn't be the president that the message should be look if your fsp formerly known as the kgb isn't capable enough to deal with the criminal organizations operating within their territory then we can either provide you with support and training to make them more effective and work as partners in this and that's never going to happen or we and our allies will start taking proactive responsibility for this and deal with it ourselves. that's exactly what we should be doing. we have to treat groups like this. they were responsible for the jbs meat industry attack recently. we need to start treating these
8:46 pm
groups as terrorist organizations just as we normally do. we target terrorists around the world. we act in a fight them, we profiled him, we start gathering data that's going to allow at some point to either acquire them or to stop them from doing what they are doing. and look we can't fly in a drone in russian territory but there's no reason we shouldn't be tougher on this. moodna has no interest in working with us. his interests are not allied with us. he doesn't care. kennedy: he is just pushing biden's buttons. and that's not a good bang for the american president. >> no and look if the white house and the biden administration needed a clear example of how little putin regards the current bid is duration in the white house and
8:47 pm
how little attention he pays this is it. this comes on the heels of that summit where they have done nothing. in a pragmatic and very serious and mindful operational way we have to start dealing with this ourselves and that means again targeting these individuals reaching out to them when we can picking it up outside of russian territory and damage them. kennedy: we need chuck norris. we would put chuck norris on the job it would get solved. mike baker you are a miracle. thank you so much. thank you so much. tropical storm is next. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom
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kennedy: and new survey claims one in five men don't -- don't take my word for it. you can see yourself of the next military convention. that's crossing the party line a bit. topic number one come incredible footage of a chinese spacewalk. not to be confused with chinese spacewalk's the top-selling fast food franchise per the first
8:52 pm
spacewalk conducted from the schwalm gong space station. this crew thought they be working at a texas roadhouse. as you can see the astronaut is wearing a mask. very responsible. during the spacewalk the chinese astronauts tried on space suits and tested the station's robotic arm. they forgot to take out the wing. meanwhile their crewmate inside used his time to watch pornography with selena gomez. topic number two, here's a nursing video from tennessee, a mama bear nursing her young on the side of the road. there they are, just on that sweet air milk. i don't want to sound like a hadi toddy celebrity but i only
8:53 pm
eat air milk ice cream these days. bear cheese cheese and dairy goggard and pretty much all the bear necessities. i've been seeing the bears that hard since the nfl season. instead of mama and baby bear they are usually human cousins. you are really lucky to bear witness to this but i know i'm really milking these puns. it's to keep watching this. i'm just shocked about these outside of portland oregon. topic number three, a new report from a military newspaper claims the u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan has left an army of digital pokémon advantage from their posts. leave you with no backup takes a
8:54 pm
lot of pokey. the military base in afghanistan are empty of all u.s. troops. a thriving community of troops that included training pokemon. it's america's most tangible victory in afghanistan since 2002 but since the withdrawal many pokemon's have been left behind in arenas located on the base. now they are being scooped up by afghani locals bury the taliban and once they have it i'm sure holy coat is the renaissance. we'll have to use a chandelier. i sound like general patton with all this military lingo. let's move on. topic number four. a california zoo is administering coronavirus vaccines to a tamils.
8:55 pm
its animals. now it's safe to try it and cats. this is the scene at the oakland zoo where covid-19 vaccines are being injected into lions, tigers and bears oh my. once animals take their shots they are exported from their cages to make room for california republicans. you can see the bears were reported with whipped cream for taking a shot but if you ask me you have to be a pretty stupid animal to accept an experimental injection just to get a free sugary treats. nevermind. the zoo said the next step is to get the vaccine to their primates but something tells primates but something tells me -- we will be right we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken! don't mind if i do!
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