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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  July 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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masks maybe coming back in the fall, and that's just not what the consumer wants to hear. if they start talking about things like that, trips are going to get canceled. i think this whole new strain of covid probably my biggest thing at the moment. ing. charles: yeah, we've seen it hit that reopening trade already. rob luna, have a great weekend. we'll talk to you again next week. what a difference a day makes. liz claman, looking a little better than it did yesterday at this time. liz: charles, keep going. we just hit session highs each minute of your last three minutes. maybe you want to come over and handle this one. all right, let's see if i can hold on to it. charles payne, have a great weekend, my friend. the bulls kind of have a case of amnesia, right? quickly forgotten, yesterday's mini taper tantrum as we head into the final hour of trade for the week. investors are smashing the buy button to erase thursday's losses and then some. look at the dow, up 460. session high was just hit a
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second ago. 465, right? s&p 500 gaining 48, that's about session highs. nasdaq up 138. by the way, folks, all three are on pace to close at records. the rally somewhat surprising considering what president joe bide just did in the last hour, taking aim at anti-competitive behavior across a wide swath of sectors. not just big tech, but pharma, airlines, marine shipping. we're going to show the sector stock reaction. and speaking of reaction, we're kind of still waiting on draftkings to react to the pat innocent infringement -- patent infringement lawsuit by newly listed company engine media. engine hoping to fire on multiple cylinders in the gaming world. engine media executive chair tom rogerses is here on the explosive growth of the sector and draftkings is just the first
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of many targets for engine. and marvel's black widow simultaneously hitting theaters and disney plus nationwide today. a recipe for success or disaster for the movie houses? our power panel is here on whether the mouse house's dual release strategy might signal the end of the summer blockbuster. yeah, we're going to battle that one out. in the meantime, let us start with this breaking news involving president biden. he just put pen to paper at the white house signing an executive order to increase competition and eliminate bad business behaviors across a range of industries. in fact, 72 specific initiatives focusing on areas of the economy where he says monopolistic behavior drives up cost for consumers, but at the same time drives down wages for workers. could we be witnessing trust-busting 2.0? what we're talking about here, a little history lesson, right, going back to the early 1900s. president teddy roosevelt armed with the sherman antitrust act,
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famously took over the economy. president biden taking a similar whack but also including big pharma, internet providers, financials by asking regulators to look into lowering prescription drug prices, cutting internet fees and making it easier to switch banks. but it is big tech and the stocks surrounding it that could suffer the biggest bruises. connell mcshane is live at the white house. connell, amazing, we got a big rally. there doesn't appear to be any fear here about increasing regulations. >> reporter: your point you just made, liz, maybe is the reason why. it takes a while to get to that point. you're essentially asking these agencies to work on regulations that may or may not totally come to fruition. but at this event at the white house, it was far-reaching, a what we heard from president biden. he talked a lot about mergers and acquisitions not just in tech, but in all kinds of industries and says when they happen -- and they have happened so much especially in recent years -- what he says you often
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end up with are higher prices, you know, less competition through less choice for consumers, and he's pushing for what he described as kind of a different type of capitalism. here he is. >> the heart of american capitalism is a simpled idea, open and fair competition. that means that if your companies want to win your business, they have to go out and they have to up their game. better prices and services, new ideas and products. but competition keeps the economy moving and keeps it growing. >> reporter: the president also wants to bring back some net neutrality guidelines, especially would mean internet service providers have to treat all data as an equal. he wants non-compete agreements forced upon many workers to go away. to some extent, liz portrayed it as an attack on big tech. kind of a mixed picture, but they were higher, facebook, apple and alphabet all to the
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upside, declines for facebook and amazon really were minimal. the president, however, did compare this to an earlier time. >> good news is we've done it before. in the early 1900s, president teddy roosevelt saw an economy dominated by giants like standard oil and jpmorgan's railroads. he took them on, and he won. he gave the little guy a fighting chance. >> reporter: we'll see where all this goes when other agencies get involved. the president, liz, you may have heard him, he referred to his roots in delaware which we all know is a business-friendly state. again, just wants more competition. i think that will be long-term better for consumers. not much negative market reaction, that's for sure. liz: well, look, i mean, you've got airlines higher, the railroads don't seem too fearful probably because they're all in bitter competition with each other. [laughter] but again, we're watching all of this, the health insurers moving
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higher. connell, thank you very much, connell mcshane. and maybe a it's just this big rally that is too high a wave for any sort of negative news to overcome. let's get to tom hayes and chris robinson. chris, obviously, the competition president biden, the executive order targets really worse in some sectors than others. big tech has been smashing any little guy that pops up, but three of the four big tech names, apple, google, facebook are up. what do you think about this, and does it, i guess, trip up the bulls? it's not right now. >> no. looking at the s&p futures at all-time highs, you know, reversing a lot of the stuff that the previous administration has done, that's sort of their bailiwick, right? regulate it. to old ronald reagan truism, if it moves, tax it. if it keeps moving, regulate it. if it stops moving, subsidize it.
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we're back to that type of outlook. the great thing is this market doesn't care. the market's up 35% since the election. 35%, and we're sitting here making new highs. so, you know, if the markets every time they make new regulations, if the market responds like this, i'd say, you know, let's have four more years of it because it certainly doesn't seem to bother this market. and at the end of the day, the whole idea, 72 ideas in that, suggestions, hopes, wishes, dreams. we'll see exactly how many of them get done. but at the end of the day, you know, it's always better, i think, to have more competition. and i think the market's kind of, you know, brushed this off. especially i think a lot of people thought big tech would have dropped, gotten hammered. it could care less. so that tells you, when a market gets bad news and rallies, a sign of strength. liz: tom, maybe it's also that people believe that there may be
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a little room for more regulation when it comes to certain sectors and that there's nothing that president biden hadn't promised. let's just take it on a bigger picture here. specifically, i guess, you look at the s&p 500, we could show an a intraday here, we are now very close if not at session highs. same with the dow. we could just cycle through these, and you can see. so are there ever sectors that will actually benefit more so from these eo orders, and what should people be adding on a friday heading into a summer weekend? >> yeah. well, liz, i think if the administration is successful going after larger companies, the premise is that 75% of industry is more concentrated than 20 years ago. i think small caps could benefitment they've been flat since february. so if they're going after the big companies, small or businesses will do better. on the health care side, he wants to bring down drug costs by importing drugs from canada. canada doesn't want it. but the theme is lower prices. and i think the generic producers that have been left
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for dead in recent years like, they're trading at less than four times next year's earnings, 3.2% dividend yield while you wait. i think these could be multi mui -baggers over the next 3-4 years. they've been working out some of their legacy issues. with the demand for lower drug pricing, i think they're going to get a bid and be great places to put money. as far as transportation, he says the service on the airlines is terrible, we need more competition. if there are incentives for new carriers, guess who's going to benefit from plane demand? boeing and ge, two undervalued industrial stocks. and then on technology, if he goes after them, google has to spin youtube or waymo, facebook has to spin instagram or amazon aws which is unlikely but possible, who's going to benefit? the share is holders, because the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. so i think the unintended consequence of these regulations
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is that shareholders will do better. liz: well, the one difference, i think, when you're talking about biden and roosevelt, roosevelt really had the support of congress with the sherman antitrust act and putting some treat back into it finally in 1902. we'll see if congress can get together on anything or nothing. tom hayes, chris robinson, gentlemen, thank you very much. >> you too. thank you. liz: wynn view parent engine media lobbing a legal grenade at draftkings. up next, a man who knows a thing or two about patent battles and how to win them. former tivo ceo and now engine media's executive chairman on how engine plans to rev up the e-sports/media world. closing bell ringing in 50 minutes. the dow up 459, nasdaq is higher, s&p higher. all three on track for a record, so you've got to stay and watch that happen if it happens. ♪ ♪
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subsidiary, brooksfield asset management just announced they are going to collectively be developing a large scale, sustainable neighborhood in austin, texas. right now the neighborhood is being called sun house at easton park. the first phase of installation beginning last month and will incorporate features like ev charging stations and solar roof tiles. the installation process will be ongoing and installed in separate phases. tesla is flat at the moment but does stand at $653.75. brookfield asset moving higher by 1.8%. we should look at square. square shares diving deeper into the cryptosphere, confirming today it will be making a hardware wallet for bitcoin. the sock is up 2% -- stock is up 2% as they talk about this hardware wallet which basically works by securing a user's private keys in a hardware device make it more difficult for others -- read bad actors -- to steal crypto assets.
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the news comes a little over a month after founder and ceo jack dorsey hinted on twitter that square was exploring this idea. no tame frame yet, but square is asking for public unput as it looks to, quote, make bitcoin custody more mainstream. square stands at $240.84. bitcoin up 2.5%, we have ether up 1.6% and litecoin up 2.7%. let's look at draftkings. draft kinks has been caught in the cross-currents -- draftkings' stock popped. excuse me. sorry about that. but the stock is still in the red for the week after engine media newly listed three weeks ago on the nasdaq dropped a patent lawsuit bomb on the sports gambling giant.
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engine is the parent company of wynn with view which has -- win view, just one of multiple businesses under the hood at engine which hopes to dominate the gaming and media world. to engine media executive chair tom rogers joining us via phone. he's in his -- when he was in his previous life at ceo of tivo, secured more than one billion in the patent lawsuit settlements. tom, this interview is the first you're giving to address the patent lawsuit that engine has filed against draftkings. what, in layman's terms, are you guys alleging here? >> sorry that we're having video problems, but we have a patent portfolio of about 80 patents, and we're suing draftkings on two of those. these are patents that are key to assuring the integrity of mobile and online sports betting
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during live events. so that's becoming an increasingly popular bet not just on the outcome of games, but during the games themselves. and so one of the key patents we're sue ising on deals with the issue of synchronizing a broadcast signal and the online or mobile games to deal with the given delays or so-called latencies that different viewers receiving tv signals have in terms of getting the signal at different times than other viewers. liz: i see. any response if draftkings? we put in a call the them, tom, and they said they did not have any comment. have you guys heard from them? >> no comment that aye been aware of -- i've been aware of, no. liz: and do you have a price tag on this? any kind of number you're looking for? do you expect that it'll go all the way to trial?
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are you ready for that? >> well, we're not commenting at this point in the litigation on damages or those kind of issues, and we're just going to continually assess the best way to protect our ip as we go. liz: i want to talk about how you guys, over covid, over the pandemic, really conducted this i want to say three-way merger. you guys have so many different companies under your umbrella, everything from frankly to stream hatchet to winview which, of course, is the online wagering giant. you got to tell me exactly how this came about and why you feel you guys are more of a unicorn and not just gaming space, but more of a media intersection with gaming and while one apparently cannot live without the other. >> well, you hit it right on the head, liz. our company is a collection of six businesses, and they do come together in terms of how gaming
3:20 pm
meets media and how the two reinforce each other. so it's a way to play the growth of gaming with a group of businesses that each have a very differentiated way to participate in the gaming sector while providing a unique way for each of them to have a, at the intersection of gaming and media and where the two meet being able to really contribute to growth. and so these are businesses that range from how sports viewers or and e-sports viewers can play games while they're watching those experiences, how e-sports competitors can play against each other to win money and a number of other ways to participate. liz: well, you also just had this acquisition of sidekick which aside from measuring and analytics -- which works with the stream hatchet part of the
3:21 pm
business -- what i find fascinating is you are now able to match influencers with brand opportunities. can you give us some sort of best examples that you would imagine are the best ways that you can monetize this? >> sure. and that's a key way that media and gaming meet where you take these livestreaming gaming platforms like amazon's twitch or facebook gaming or youtube gaming, you have huge numbers of influencers that are increasingly the key way that marketing is done on these live streaming platforms having people with followers marketing to these younger them graphics. and sidekick has all kinds of analytics when it comes to the social media side of influencer -- liz: right, yeah. >> say tiktok or instagram. and so together between the live
3:22 pm
streaming gaming platforms as you said, stream hatchet -- our data and analytics business -- measure and sidekick which has that same influencer type measurement when it comes to social media, we can give a full composite, 360-degree view of where media brands like lululemon would want to most connect to the influencers that have the greatest likelihood of reaching the people on those platforms that they want to connect with. liz: i see. and, you know, you've got eden games, i mean, this is the f1 racing series that has become hugely popular. do you worry at all, as we finish up here, that the pandemic was an opportunity for a captive audience, right? and now people are getting back out there. do you see anything that's problematic? and to that end, can you be all things to all people? you've got a disparate bunch of businesses here come together. >> well, it's not being all
3:23 pm
things to all people. that's our game publishing unit. and the great thing about motorsports and f1 and the most popular racing game that we do in conjunction with ea is that motorsports really is a crossover sport between traditional sports fans and e-sports fans. and since we're all about both traditional sports and serving gaming for that audience as well as e-sports, it's a great niche for us to have that has growing popularity. to your point about the pandemic, we are seeing coming out of the pandemic when we compare the first six months of this year to the middle of the pandemic the e-sports viewership has grown by 80% year-over-year. so this sector and the macro trends that that our company represents are still growing very aggressively. liz: got it. well, the stock is up 32% year to to date, ticker symbol is game. that's easy to remember. tom, good to see you --
3:24 pm
>> we got game. liz: yeah, i can tell. [laughter] i can tell. thank you very much, tom rogers of engine media. we've got to looked at disney shares as marvel looks to work its superhero magic, but has streaming already won the battle versus the box office or not? our panel previews the entertainment prize fight next. don't go away. ♪ ♪ when traders tell us how to make thinkorswim even better, we listen. like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim web. because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade.
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3:29 pm
windows -- [laughter] sorry, this is so are ridiculous -- has bigger windows and is a real rocket versus virgin galactic's, quote, high altitude airplane. snap. okay. jeff bezos' start-up also claims it actually goes to space while virgin galactic stays the key boundary that is considered the start of space. and later at the end of the comment wrote: i know you are, but what am i? no, i added that myself. and whether it's the verbal attack by competitor or nerves on its billionaire founder heading to the great unknown, virgin galactic shares falling, down about 6.33% at the moment. not so for i know charles was showing this at the end of his hour. but look at this. in the final hours hour of trade, still getting a huge stamp of approval from investors. to gerri willis in today's "fox business brief." ♪ >> reporter: hey there, liz, that's right.
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i saw what you did with happy friday to you. surging today on the $6 billion all-cash deal with private equity firm to go private. shareholders set to receive $330 per share. now, that's a premium of about 67% from the stock's close yesterday. and levi shares popping after beating on revenue and raising its fore predicting that -- forecast predicting that sales will return to pre-pandemic levels in the second half of the year. the denim giant crediting increased vaccination levels for the boost as more shoppers return to their normal from pre-covid routines in the second quarter. didi turning in its first gains the week. the shares though still down more than 23% over the past four days. that after an anti-capitalist crackdown by xi jinping's regime that saw didi's removal from all app stores. ouch. and taking a look at uber and
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lyft, let's see, are they all in the green? yep, all green lights into the close. coming up next, break out the popcorn, it's box office versus streaming battles when "the claman countdown" comes right back. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for whatex comcast business powering possibilities. o you build me up ♪ ♪ build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪
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and those that choose you. the physical seam of a digital world, traded with a touch. my strongest ally and my closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain. but there's one thing i am sure of... ♪♪ liz: blockbusters are barreling back into theaters with disney and marvel's hong-awaited black widow movie finally hitting both the silver screen and the small screen of disney plus. but if you're looking at two of the players in this game, obviously disney, right? disney's moving higher by 2.5%. theater chain amc down 3.25% which leads to the question will simultaneous streaming releases
3:36 pm
favor one side or the other? will it mean the death of the moviehouse industry? according to iac chairman barry diller, the answer is yes. the digital mogul, never one to hold back, yesterday told npr, quote: the movie business as we knew it before is finished and will never come back. to cofounder and executive chair of slated, the leading online film packing, management and distribution center, let's start with your prediction for black widow this weekend. will more people go to theaters or watch it on streaming disney plus to see it? >> theaters, not even a question. i recently went and saw a quiet place 2 at the chinese theater in l.a. on hollywood boulevard of, and even though they have a limit on how many people can be in the theater, it was a blast. everyone there felt like, oh, my god, we've been missing out. and i think now that theaters
3:37 pm
have lifted the restrictions and they're now nearing something like 8ing 0% catty -- 80% capacity in the nation, it's going to be a blowout. based on their previews on thursday, it looks like it'll grouse 80, 90, $100 million, a pandemic record, and come close to being a record for countless other of the films compared to countless other films in the franchise. liz: porter, who do you think gets more revenue, disney plus or actual moviehouses and theaters? >> realistically, disney plus is not going to match what steph talks about as the theatrical box office. they're charging $29.99 for the next four months to watch black widow. the pent-up pandemic, post-pandemic surge have people wanting to get out and about. it's not only hitting the movie theaters, but the restaurants and the retail stores, so i
3:38 pm
think steph is absolutely right. i'm not sure that black widow is going to gross 80 or 90 million, but it'll certainly do the 70 million that f9 caught. liz: but, steph, you know, this is a key release weekend at least traditionally, july 4th, right? huge blockbusters always released in this major competition. obviously, due to the pandemic and the residue of that, wert not seeing that at the moment. it's just the big black widow film. but do you agree with barry diller who move worked in the movie business industry, started in the mailroom at willie morris. he knows this stuff, and he says it's done. the streamers are the ones who are making movies. netflix makes quality stuff right now. amazon is jumping in. amazon's going a big deal. they've got the imbd channel and all of those things. the channels are stuffed with quality, so what does that really mean for the future? >> no, look, barry, with all due
3:39 pm
respect, he's being totally hyperbolic. people have been talking about the demise of theaters since tvs, vcrs, dvd. people need to get out of their houses. they need to go out, and movies usually is a top choice. is so theaters are here to stay. the mix of what types of movies get shown and how long of an exclusive window they get, that's what's up for grabs. there's new players now. the game is the same, but there are new players, and the new players are wanting to play along with the release windows and simultaneous releases or whether it's a two, three, four, five, six-week advance. that's a all being experimented with, but theatrical is here to stay. theaters need to up their game. they need to make them a lot more fun, the food and drink needs to be better, the seats need to be more comfortable, but it is an experience. and, by the way, the streamers
3:40 pm
also want to have spectacles. they want to launch franchise toes, and the best way to do that is nurse go for a theatrical special and from there you can branch out and create your new loki -- [inaudible conversations] liz: go ahead. >> the streamers want the box office exhibition because it qualifies them for oscar nominations which is really important to the streaming audience. liz: which, of course, is hilarious considering spielberg was the one who had said, you know, we have to ban netflix from oscar contender. >> that's right. liz: and now he's striking those deals. porter, can i just get your thought on the disney merger with warner and what we saw with the movie business and that -- sorry, discovery and warner media -- >> yeah. liz: -- and what comes out of that marriage? >> yeah, liz, it's another deal is what's going to come out of what they're calling now warner media or discovery warner media, who knows?
3:41 pm
most of the top people from the ceo on down including the head of warner brothers movies, they're all heading for the door. and i think once this deal closes, which'll be sometime over the next six or seven months, you're going to see some of the streamers looking hard at making this work because at&t certainly did not have the ability to turn content into profits. liz: steph, hello sunshine. the news was that, of course, reese witherspoon's company may be in play. apple, obviously, would want that, i think. but what does this consolidation say about the business you're in at slated, which is financing, you know, how they old -- used to say in the old hollywood days, the picture? >> the streamers, it used to be the tail. now they're wagging the dog, and quite frankly, now the streamers
3:42 pm
are becoming the dog. however, at the end of the day, it's all about the content. audiences are loyal to characters and storylines, so if you have great content, they follow that. whether it's released through theatrical first or a streaming platform or on amazon prime or disney or part of the new mgm acquisition, who knows? the loyalty, though, is to those brands, to the pictures themselves, the storylines themselves and wherever they go. so as long as you are making great content, that's what matters. and apple is simply willing to overpay because they're coming up from behind. they are not yet wagging the dog. but they want to. so they're going to have to make some big bets on some top content with a-list talent to try to catch up still. >> don't forget -- [inaudible conversations] liz: -- at an all-time high. >> don't forget microsoft. they have viewers with xboxs as netflix has streamers, and they
3:43 pm
don't have any content beyond games. so i think you're going to see consolidation continue in the streaming side and shrinkage in the movie theater side. there is not ever going to be a world we live in without movie theaters -- liz: got it. [inaudible conversations] >> and markets ebb people get tired of the -- liz: yeah, i think so. >> i think the market will evolve again and again and again. >> i think you're right. liz: gentlemen if, thank you for being there to watch the evolution and call it for our viewers. steph and porter, good to see you. thank you so much. >> you too. >> thank you. liz: the electric vehicle race powering up to a new level as the parent company of jeep, dodge and other brands reveals its ev strategy. what that land dishas to say
3:44 pm
straight ahead. and this week on my everyone talks to liz podcast, just dropped a new episode, i look back at some of the top success and american dream stories for special july 4th recap episode. all of these faces, they are all multi, multimillion theirs, self-made -- multimillionaires, self-made but also immigrants. great stories here. and any one of them that you listen to, whether it's these or the more than 100 we have on everyone talks to liz on fox news podcasts, any one of them is so inspirational, and will show you the way that you too can actually reach for your dreams. check it out anywhere you get your podcasts. closing bell ringing in 15 minutes. we are very close to session highs. big friday here, folks. ♪ ♪
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3:50 pm
gm is poised the take advantage giving them an initial price target of $85. right now gm's at 58.77, that's still gain of about 5%. now, as things continue to definitely look up for the ev market, gas lean and oil prices have reached a seven-year high this week with gasoline soaring past $3 a gallon. while this does spell, perhaps, bad news for summer travelers are, is this another good reason to stwoich electric? which, jeff flock, i have done. he's in romeoville, illinois, with the latest. [laughter] we still have one gas-powered car, so i still have to go to the gas station on occasion. >> reporter: you know, there's nothing like high gas prices to get people to think about electric vehicles. i think that's the best sales job you can do as i stand here, liz, in front of the citgo refinery in suburban chicago. as you report, demand spiking, look at hoyle today. again -- at oil today. a big high, back toward there
3:51 pm
again, 74 plus today, and then gas prices, as you report, $3.14, the average gallon of regular now in the u.s., up a penny in the last week, up seven cents in the last month, up almost a dollar in the last year. and now refining capacity, you know, that becomes an issue too chen you've -- when you've got spikes in demand, and phil flynn says that's going to be a problem too. listen to what he told us. >> the u.s. gasoline inventories are the tightest they've been since the beginning of the pandemic and because of the lack of refining capacity. we don't see that getting fixed anytime soon. that's going to mean higher prices. >> reporter: and here's the other thing, liz. you know, usually when you get $70 oil, you get the shale producers going back in and really cranking it up. they're not doing that right now. look at the latest numbers we have on shale production. 7 million plus barrels per day compared to what it was before, you know, the demand fell off in the pandemic, over 9 million barrels a day.
3:52 pm
they're not jumping back in because they don't have the same investment that they had because the dollars are going away, the investment dollars for energy going away from fossil fuels to renewables. but here's the last thing i want to leave you with, and that is the report from bp, british petroleum, today on world energy use 2020. these numbers, i think, will shock you. you think solar and wind are on the way up? well, maybe they are, but 31% of the world's oil in 2020 -- or the world's energy in 2020 came from oil. 27% from coal. 26% from natural gas. those are all fossil fuels. hydroelectric and nuclear, 10%. wind and solar just 6%. you know, if we do our part on climate change, liz, here in the u.s. but the rest of the world is still burning coal and other dirty fuels, kind of puts us at a bit of a disadvantage, i'd say. liz: makes us leaders. makes us evolutionary, right?
3:53 pm
>> reporter: well, i agree. liz: yes. but either way, jeff, you know what? check all the boxes. we have to have lots of different options for energy. so, of course, crude isn't going away. but good stuff. thank you very much. jeff flock. live in illinois. good to see you. all right, bringing the fight to the hackers by way of your portfolio. our countdown closer's top cyber crime-fighting picks to life hack your investments. closing bell ringing in seven minutes. folks, we are on track to see record closes for the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p s&p. stick with me, because you want to witness that, right? stay tuned, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪
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liz: peak earnings season for q 2 kicks off next week, but right now, we're at peak markets with the closing bell ringing in four minutes, the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq are all set to close
3:57 pm
at never-before seen peaks. today's rally shoves all three into positive territory, for the whole week. that's about three straight weeks of gains, right now, we do have the dow looking to the close up about a quarter of a percent for the week, a third of a percent for the s&p and just under half a percent for the nasdaq dow's biggest winner this week is apple the iphone giant adding to its games on a report by the information that it is in early talks with the nfl for streaming rights of sunday ticket games. amazon is the biggest winner on the nasdaq, andy jasse vaulted the c suite bringing new record highs and adding universal picture films to its prime video streaming service but the energy names, which had a great run, were at the bottom of the s&p 500 this week oil demand dropping by 20 million-barrels a day, diamondback energy, oxy petroleum the biggest laggards in that sector. okay, breaking news. president biden just took
3:58 pm
questions moments ago at joint base andrews topic number one, the ransomware attacks. before boarding air force one, the president said it would make sense for the u.s. to attack the servers used in that ransomware attack, several of them, that took place over the july 4th weekend that hit thousands of businesses. here is how some of the big cybersecurity names have been performing. z-scaler popping more than 5%, we got palo alto networks seen ing gains of 4.5%, but our countdown closer says with so many names to pick, she has two she says you need to own in your portfolio. er shares coo and chief investment strategist joining me , let's get to the names what do you like? >> thank you for having me, definitely cybersecurity is the place to be for the reasons you mentioned we like crowd strike, the biggest growth area, it revolutionize revolutionized cybersecurity by using cloud and that's super important now because we work-from-home, so
3:59 pm
the previous hardware systems we used to have in-house, inside the office aren't anymore relevant so for that reason, crowd strike is the best place to be, and each revenue hasselberg quadrupled in the last three years, and the best growth in its industry, we also like cloudflare, another reason too for those who like es g, they have a woman coo, and co-founder, and again, one of the biggest growth in its industry with a broad array of products not just cybersecurity, but also what's the performance optimization, they are able to upsell to their customers and they have reached 4 million customers around the world, 15% of the customers, great growth potential, not just in the u.s. but around the world. liz: eva's picks, crowdstrike holdings and cloud flare both are up-to-date,
4:00 pm
please come back because we're about to close at triple records at the moment. eva ados joining us and once again, folks we do get to choose the fireworks. >> [closing bell ringing] liz: the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq have hit never before seen highs and will close there now that'll do it for the "claman countdown", have a great weekend, "kudlow" is next. >> [bell ringing] larry: hello, everyone, welcome to kudlow, i'm larry kudlow. tonight, we're going to dig into the battle for the soul of america, that's right. we are fighting for the very soul of this great country. there's no better way to do it than to compare the ultra blue state of california with the ultra red state of florida, completely different cultures, and policies. you could think of it as red versus blue, you could also think of it as donald trump vs. kamala harris, or maybe we shou


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