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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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t there as you plan, protect and retire. this is lincoln financial. larry: the climate will not wreck thecococococococococonomyt wreck the energy sector place. i am kudlow and we will see you tomorrow night. >> oh yes will come to a big thursday show. before deciding to get, the governor does not have the right to force you but something in her body but this is something the mandatory vaccine probate growing louder by the day especially from the biden administration so-called expert rated the petal pusher who want to give up your basic freedom and autonomy. were saying it out loud, the implication is unmistakable. so i do we letting this happen in the latest attempt to forcefully comply and courtesy of health and human services
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heavier and he's now making the case that the governor has the right to know whether or not you been vaccinated watch. >> what if you can answer that criticism, none of the governments business who has or has not been vaccinated. what you say pretty. >> is absolutely the government's business, his taxpayer's business and we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting covid-19. and helping reopen the economy and so, it is our business to try to make sure that americans come and prosper and can freely associate and knocking on the door has never been against the law. lisa: here's the thing, none of the governments business. it is a decision between you and your doctor. that business. but heavier is not the only one pushing this messaging. he wants to shut up and take the job because he said that. [inaudible]. rated. >> clearly a vaccine highly highly effective in preventing
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disease and certainly in preventing severe disease and hospitalizations. it is easy to get, and is free and is readily available so you know, you gotta ask what is the problem. get over it get over this political statement, just get over it and try to save the lives of yourself and your family. lisa: off the grid dr. anthony fauci doctor is understanding he's this one making it political but as of the administration. as of the liberal media as well predict and political analyst, the memorial award this way for claiming that vaccine should be absolutely mandatory in the lawmakers are focusing too much on those pesky individual rights rather than the good of the cole predict oh how i want to barf in my mouth right now, if that is not a quote straight out of the communist manifesto, i don't know what is pretty did so our our individual rights to do it
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in of vaccines. let's get into it with tonight, are the future cofounder and executive director daniel turner. and fox nation host captain printed and democrat in fox news contributor the one and only and welcome one and all. daniel i will start with you. so when javier said the federal government has trillions of dollars try to keep americans alive during this pandemic, absolutely the governments business but he is is saying and this is a progressive view of return on investment. so what he is saying is that if we spent money on it, we own it. is a problematic it. >> extremely problematic and i think it is really callous of even of dr. anthony fauci to dismiss this as a political issue. i've know people who have been advised by the doctor because of their particular medical situation to not get the vaccine. there are people of medical reasons for it and people are just legitimately are concerned
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sent to dismiss all of those concerns and all those individual cases is how you just making a political statement is scary and to top it up to the level of saying that government right to supersede your concerns rated that is a level of totalitarianism that makes or to make most people uncomfortable. >> and it shows that there are many powerful people in the federal government work looking down their noses and americans, they have political disagreements they may have no political disagreements but my mom always said, she mother knows, but then she said that you can catch more flies with honey and within a car. i'm getting a lot of vinegar from people like javier and dr. anthony fauci right now pretty. >> absolutely if you want to convince anybody to do anything about what it is, the way that you are not going to be able to do that is by being condescending to them and talking down to them and because then they're going to be way less likely to listen to you at
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all. it is ridiculous, it is crazy and i do worry about my personal information it when it comes to stuff like this. because you remember some of this stuff after 911, think about what airports are right now in the tsa and want to get airplane, will not until i get to grope you first and treat you like you're being booked for murder even if you want to go on vacation. is what you get an inch and then they take up crotch grabbing miles i'm good with an adult want to see anymore of it printed not even as like that touching terrorists in this attack completed. >> they always do the test where they try to put through like nuclear warheads and bazookas and stuff like that. i want, you have 4 ounces of water per unit and then you throw it away in the middle of the airport because if it is, just leave it there. >> do you know how many knives i've had confiscated and by the tsa.
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you know how many i hired for my own surprise party to giving that stop and frisk. >> i don't know but i do know that. [laughter] is not familiar with that big sexy that all parent fox are very familiar with. [laughter] every single time. and explain with that his prey to people don't, what them to imagine. all jessica my worry is is starts here but where does it end of the federal government feels like the basement money on this like i don't know your healthcare then they want to know your bmi in that they are all going to mandate what you put your body and how much you exercise. jessica: will not sure about where we are headed in on the bmi from but i do think it's kind of cool that a lot of us are even though we don't seem obese. at least that's what the guidebook told me but when i did understand from the biden team was laying out was that they
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work because not hundred orbit nobody is mandating you to have the vaccine. they want to point you to information because this is a health and safety risk and its airborne disease highly communicable we do have the doesn't. which is no response offering think the latest cdc numbers were 51 percent of cases and we also know that 99.5 percent of people who are dying of covid-19 are the unvaccinated pretty and to the point about being political, the states that that goal of being part of having 70 percent people that can invite july 4th, where all blue states, the states are having troubles right now, they are is a political issue. >> but there covered in loop and homeless people. [laughter] jessica: but they're not here. >> will send some of that water to california pretty because gavin newsom, he just had an executive order saying that climate change is real and so te next el niño cycle so very soon,
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is going to be awesome and going to want to stick around because give night, win or lose come is going to be amazing. my first let's turn to michigan, michigan governor, the true number of nursing home deaths in her state. that's when his hands under general is investigating right now and to have an answer by october. our next guest is digging into the story single handedly predict since the height of the pandemic. now is finally leading to some action so the real transparent and or is this all that accountability shall came. author journalist in house, no bs, and some charlie given chasing this through this story incrementally. in human the first to point out that they just stopped counting the number of covid-19 fatalities nursing homes and it was not until a group of people did a deep dive into some
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records when they found that there might've been 844 percent underreporting of those, what are using down what's going to happen. charles: we don't know. michigan was one of the last states to even offer unearthing nursing home that counted now we come to find out that they were trying to catch up and count them. when they found out i was about 44 percent and i stopped counting because i said, was too hard and too time-consuming. that is what they said. and then we find out that they are not checking addresses to see if people who died in that was in a nursing home printed the nursing home numbers that we have our self-reported and everybody knows the nursing homes has all of the desire in the world it to make the numbers fire because people are going to start looking at it so it's goos that were going to have an independent audit but the data gaps are so big that i don't know where we are going to go and i don't know if the data exists to be so far it does not
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and we don't even know who the company was i was doing that 44 percent count. that's how messed up it is here pretty. >> so that they took a little over 1600 cases right number 19000 deaths so far in michigan. and 44 percent of them did in fact die in nursing homes but the reverse engineering, they had to deal was so time-consuming but there was no way to do that for all of the staff read so it's seven possible and there is no like accurate reporting from the nursing homes, and what is going to happen to governor whether she just going to hunt pretty. >> that is a great question, all of a sudden the overworked and very capable auditor general of michigan, he somehow in his small staff, is going to be able way through all of this because the director the department of health kennedy, our computers don't talk to each other so when we have a death certificate with an address on it, we can't
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double check it with a nursing home numbers from this is ridiculous. but we won't stop will get an answer not helping to meet with the auditor general next week to sort of walk them through this because it is been just a year of banging your head against the wall remember, what the elders told us, is serious honor your mother and father this what we've got to do. >> yes our grandparents were the most vulnerable we knew that from the very beginning it partied and you know it is so dishonorable to not at least tally up to come to this fires where and i thank you so important because they allow these politicians critically the governor like in new york and pennsylvania and new jersey and ohio. obviously michigan. they are moving these numbers around and they're allowing that to happen in offering community to some of these long-term care facilities so they have political cover so they have long-term political aspirations and start have to be deadly.
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charles: yes and here's the biggest appoint in michigan, the very small old folks home nursing homes and adult foster care, they're all long-term care facilities we call the nursing homes. so the very small nursing homes once with 12 people or less, they were never required to offer one piece of data to the state pretty did not one and those are fully 75 percent of all facilities in michigan. so you know the numbers are way low. when it is i don't know rated. kennedy: charlie duke keep doing your great reporting. charles: i mean, combat governing entity pretty. kennedy: me to a self-appointed. charles: it rains and the dams collapsed, fix it printed speech of this right fix it him. so okay thank you charlie and coming up, thank you.
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kennedy: welcome to face-off americans source night, will find out which base early famous and six random strangers on the streets of new york city to identify notable names and is in pop culture, panelists will guess which faces will be
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recognized the most pretty one-on-one match ups, the panelists with the most correct guesses wins autographed picture from a face from the a-team. it ♪ ♪ ♪♪ daniel and jessica and others are you ready pretty. >> yes, i am. kennedy: , number one panel, i will be more recognized by six random strangers, aoc or dr. anthony fauci. what you say daniel pointed who be more recognized. daniel: dr. anthony fauci. jessica: i think dr. anthony fauci. kennedy: all right, you're going to say dr. anthony fauci let's roll the tape. >> the aoc printed aoc this the place to be and i'm going to read this.
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>> that is aoc. tridentine. >> she is a model or something right. >> kind of, she's like a congress model. good of the young. >> when you're in the pool, wear a mask, when you're in the gas chamber. >> dr. anthony fauci rated. >> he has more power than the president. that is dr. anthony fauci. >> why aren't you socially distance pretty have to stay inside for the next 20 years, maybe more. it is dr. anthony fauci. what is he doing outside is the fourth of july. [inaudible].
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kennedy: . [inaudible]. >> i one. daniel: dr. anthony fauci. kennedy: let me have this, then dopamine house nice predict and has mounted two oh same group of strangers. it will be recognize the bus, tiger king exotic or north korean north korean dictator. prayed guys ready. okay sue me think will get more recognized. tiger king or kim pretty. >> joe exotic. >> the tiger king party did. jessica: tiger king party to. kennedy: is from alexi. ♪ ♪♪ >> •-ellipsis. joe exotic greatest benefit is a guy from kind of watch the show but his name is joe.
12:35 am
>> yes, you are halfway there. [inaudible]. >> joe exotic it printed. >> he likes making rock meat from walmart for tigers. >> baby tiger. tiger king okay yes. >> camp. the president and south korea. kim. >> you got a couple of letters but that's close. yes kim. you are so good. ♪ ♪♪ kennedy: i win. daniel: that is stunning. kennedy: you never know what people know. daniel: he should been watching netflix during market town. kennedy: is important to
12:36 am
remember the cat is very much in the lead at costco around the pretty will in this case operated vice president kamala harris, or mark zuckerberg the it will be daniel pretty. daniel: zuckerberg. cat. >> kamala printed. kennedy: just a predict. jessica: kamala and i just want to note that he is the president of south korea with that a good answer for unit. [laughter] kennedy: why don't they just vote him out. >> the north and south come together let's emergency who pulled had now. ♪ ♪♪ kamala harris rated. >> kamala. >> who is that. >> does it have to do with court pretty. >> she should be tried may be thrown in jail but she is the vice president do you know her name.
12:37 am
>> no i don't know. >> that is the vice president. how could i forget her name. oh my god. it. >> yes, your robot pretty. >> mark zuckerberg. >> you are such a genius. >> zuckerberg. smith that is zuckerberg, he is a freak. >> his name is mark zuckerberg. he's one of the new york's geniuses. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. kennedy: he looks like everyone. [applause] he looks like everyone looks. it is an nba player. >> son daniel coming at that 11 right and you and cat are now tied. let's go to round of four.
12:38 am
his around for. this the final round this is worth two points, is it 90s printed team who will win nancy pelosi or jerry seinfeld who willoughby. daniel: seinfeld. >> i also think seinfeld. >> i have no choice but to go policy to even it can tied. they are too young for him maybe. ♪ ♪♪ who is that printed pelosi pretty. >> pelosi. >> no i don't know who that is. >> i don't want to know who that is. >> she's the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi. >> pelosi. >> she's that speaker of the
12:39 am
house of representatives. >> if you live. >> how that is seinfeld pretty. >> hunter biden no i'm just kidding. >> what is the deal with that. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ jerry seinfeld. ♪ ♪♪ kennedy: seinfeld winds. your that means. [inaudible]. is the worst and i don't get to feel the emotions off of the type just numb inside after a time, you guys this face-off bill you going to have to do a penalty kick on the break it partied. >> i love the red hat though. and i want to follow sue because i'm sure he's very happy.
12:40 am
oh my gosh, he was surrounded in a cloud of optimism. congratulations gag. i am sorry jesse. we will play again that you are in there will be many game nights in our future. >> i will win. kennedy: you need a solo when let's be honest rated thank you so much and coming up get your mask and you'll really pay for sake never show how little from the most in the country making after getting fancy secondary diplomas, that is next.
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kennedy: if you can graduate degree you'll earn more money, right, wrong. new study shows that graduate students make very little done
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despite massive student debt for example nyu graduates with a masters in publishing, borrowed $116,000 in annual medium income of 42002 years after graduating party oh boy. yes he graduates from american counseling program wrote hundred 24000 in a median income of $60000 a year. and is there a better way to investor money rather than grad school joining me now is executive vice president business and finance program at kings college manhattan. so, i knew how bad it was for undergrads, i had no idea the picture was this dismal and expensive for graduate students. when you take your students when they ask for advice as to whether or not they should go on for another degree. >> yes, step one kennedy's do math. look at how much you will pay for this program and look at your likely earnings afterward and if there is a huge imbalance
12:46 am
there, do not do it in when it comes to learning, the first thing you should ask yourself is getting it painted to learn. don't pay somebody to teach you something if you can get paid to learn read the best way to get paid to artist to go get a job or go work for you to go build skill and experience and build relationships. i tell my students, or what you want to get in the nest yourself, how to get there without paying anybody but instead, getting paid to pretty did the students are rocking up $300,000 in debt and film school. for 40000-dollar a year jobs and that his career rocking, never get out from underneath that debt unless and the federal government tells you out which they do in income -based repayment plans and guess what, it's taxpayers to pick up the tab for all of the stuff. kennedy: is $1.7 trillion in unpaid to student loan debt, that's with these borrowed was
12:47 am
oh now and then as a phenomenal amount of money there's no incentives please grant programs to keep cost down, and is no incentives to sign people up for programs where they're going to make money rated so there's plenty of blame to go around and list you blame. >> it is time because the federal government in the schools there's a bunch and for grad programs, there is no limit on what the student can borrow so the federal government dangles the money and the school shame on them a the state will i'm just going to invent masters degree for every conceivable career path and i'm going to promise get is that if they get into this program they will get a job. they didn't then they get into the program ice minutes and amending their walkout and a do not make enough to repay it so shame on the government for dangling of money and shame on schools for inventing programs that they know don't work and look at, individual students and gotta make smart choices new gotta treat education as an investment of the problem is
12:48 am
people want to treat education like an entitlement like it is owed to them. that does not work and it doesn't work for learning and it doesn't work financially and we end up in smaller taxpayers are going to go in for a trillion dollars in private programs, education didn't pay anything near the cost to them. kennedy: we have to get the federal government out of schools in every way possible because they're only further incentivizing this and does make the programs better. it just makes the administration and larger read brian trying to meet tomorrow my podcast, kennedy saves the world we can do that and you can hear about brian's journey finding liberty in economics. did you go to grad school brian. brian: i went to harvard, which one of these ivy league schools. kennedy, it was a big penny that made a difference for me and that i'm glad that it worked
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pretty. kennedy: thank you my friend. kennedy: thank you my friend. tropical storm is next, there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪
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these, initially understands the decision brightest once again, she's taking the high road. tropical storm, crediting the city of tokyo has devised an unusual way to the japanese citizens, from unintended involved vending machines full of used in a mark. 1600 and square-foot hyper realistic three d cat in fact, it is now so realistic it is you hardly tell is being played. in the guy throughout the day in the morning, pickett startled awake in the afternoon and meows of the commuters in japanese women can get cat called the bite a building. in the night yawns and falls asleep right it sounds like the billboard's just as exciting as owning the real cat. and just a real cat, and does not love you. ha predict the new study claims
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that methamphetamine can be turning from drug addicts. talk about fish, they must've moved on and babbling in the seaweed. researchers from the public say that traffic and wonders experienced symptoms for days. after they were removed, i should note, trout would drug addicts no wonder they always carry around tiny scales rated compact and heard about the getting hooked. researchers went on to say give them a chance to chat will consistently swim back to the waters so they can get high again pretty now i know why my big mouth the events keeps telling me to take him to the river partied all the time i thought i was just a cry for help. the research team found that math and the fish brains up 210 days after exposure and even worse, when they try to dry the fish out, they immediately die.
12:55 am
topic number three. speaking of fishing drug addicts, let's hear what you have to say. this your mouth, how with kennedy coming shame yourself. >> i don't see myself. [inaudible]. that is classy lady separate from america's sweetheart. well fantastic humidity care while the women in the math river. and they say how can anybody watches, people just talking over each other calling each other names. oh yeah, your brother knows i get it i'm going to leave this with kennedy, you do some pretty good stuff, no i say dumb stuff for you and dom, because it's fun. there it is, we will be right this past year has felt like
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a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. ♪♪ rush hour will never feel the same. experience thrilling performance from our entire line of vehicles at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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knowing he'll be okay. goes a long way. this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan, protect and retire. kennedy: thanks for watching your best our everyday printed and i'm sorry for those whose feelings were hurt during show. you, and twitter and instagram and facebook and e-mail kennedy at foxbusiness .com and subscribe to my podcast printed and fox news podcast .com you will love it. programming note on july 31st, eastern, charles payne presents a special our from the military
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to the marketplace along with fellow veterans to be taking questions from vet they're overcoming the challenges of reentering the workforce and if you are veteran with a question and story, e-mail invested in you at fox .com. we might answer your question live in the air. live in the air. make every dan kennedy. live in the air. make every dan kennedy. live in the air. make every dan kennedy. live in the air. make every dan kennedy. for time life's video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it.


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