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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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you will have different results. we should encourage things we know already work. david: we have to run but more than ever we do need choice. americans need choice in education. >> yes we do. david: it shouldn't be just for the rich to decide. that leads us to school vouchers. darling last, thank you very much. we'll see you again next time on this show. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight as washington is lost in distracting turf wars we got a bombshell out of reuters. the news is so over the top, it is so hard to believe it seems straight out of science fiction. reuters now reporting that china is harvesting and collecting a mountain of dna data from millions of pregnant women around the world in order to put china on a path to economic and world dominance. here with us tonight, congressman devin nunes. we have congresswoman beth van duyne.
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kayleigh mcenany, darrell issa, joe concha, congressman james comer and former dhs counsel. he is mike howell. more on the shocking story out of reuters. we'll break it down. dr. fauci still refuses to testify before congress about his support of funding for super virus research in china. he is now getting criticized for berating people for not getting vaccinated, claiming that they're playing politics. then the hhs secretary claims it is the government's right to know if you are vaccinated. also the big fight in washington right now. we've got gas prices soaring. that now threatens the economic recovery. but president biden wants to raise taxes on oil and gas even more in or to pay for big government spending. this as biden's push to raise taxes on companies in the top bracket looks like that is losing steam do to fears that will also hurt the recovery. also tonight former president trump's new lawsuit over big tech censorship. it is now fueling a new gop push
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to crack down on social media. big tech has become so large, so powerful, critics warn they have gotten away with so much for so long, they are now dominating the public square. also, this alarming story. twitter red flag as july 4th tweet from an army vet badly burned by an ied explosion in afghanistan. he was saluting the flag. he actually is also defending the right of free speech but that army cap taken is now fighting back. plus, michigan openings a new probe in potential undercounting of covid nursing home deaths. state republicans there say it was done to make democrat governor gretchen whitmer better. democrats in the state deny that. looks like she was a cuomo problem. blow back against democrat a she today talib, doubles down, demanding defunding of home land security, border patrol and
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i.c.e. this after a drug cartel war across the border in mexico. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business business network. trump antagonist, michael avenatti is sentenced today after being convicted on charges of attempting to extort millions of dollars from nike. look who is here. gerri willis has the details. good to see you, gerri. reporter: good to see you liz. a manhattan federal judge sentenced disgraced california lawyer michael avenatti to 2 1/2 years in prison for his attempt to extort an estimated $25 million from nike. avenatti, 50, was convicted on charges last year of trying to ex-iter money from the sports wear giant.
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nike had ended that is its league sponsorship. avenatti threatened to release his allegations of employee misconduct in a press conference on the eve of the nike earnings release at the start of the ncaa tournament. he promised to cancel the press conference in nike gave him $1.5 million and agree to hire him on a 15 to 25 million-dollar retainer. avenatti was a vocal opponent of president trump. he represented adult film star stormy daniels who claimed to have had an affair before trump as in office. the accusation shown a spotlight on avenatti. even reportedly led him to consider a 2020 presidential run at one point. avenatti already spent four months behind bars and over a year under home confinement. both will count toward his sentence. liz, back to you. elizabeth: great to see you, gerri. what a shocking downfall.
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thanks for your reporting there. let's kick it off with house intelligence ranking member devin nunez. let's switch gears. president biden, get your reaction to the michael avenatti sentence. let's do that. what is your reaction to that? >> i think he still has several lawsuits to come because he was also ripping off supposedly or allegedly some of his clients. this is a guy who, he attacked me, he attacked president trump. he knows no bounds. he is out of control. and look it is tough to defend nike in this case because as we know nike seems to love china. puts us in a predictment. holding things at ran some, this type of activity gives lawyers a bad name and the democrats in this country they put this guy up on a pedestal for many, many years. this is the face of the democratic party. now he will behind bars for 2 1/2 years. elizabeth: he went on cnn and
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msnbc at the time talking about running for president. >> yeah. elizabeth: move on to this. what is your reaction to president biden says he wants to raise taxes on oil and gas companies to pay for his american families plan? gas is already at a seven-year high. won't that hurt middle-class families? >> here lies the problem, he has the infrastructure bill he is all over the map on. a few republicans want it. one of those keys they were not supposed to raise taxes. as anybody knows the only way you generate revenue, the left knows it, at the end of the day what they want to do, they want to raise the price of gas at the pump. do you do it when people pay, when the customer pays or do it on the front enand tax oil and guess and energy companies? this is something the left and socialist democrats have been trying to do for years all at a time when they're allowing russia and china to take control of the world's oil supplies
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including just recently allowing the russians to go forward and put a natural gas pipeline into western europe. it seems like they have always wanted to, been part of this radical green agenda where they want to make energy and electricity and gas and oil scarce that raises the price. no surprise. obviously really an anti-competitive move by biden, by the biden administration and i wouldn't, i don't think republicans should be anywhere near the supposed infrastructure plan. elizabeth: you know the biden -- they're trying to downplay gas going up. white house press secretary jen psaki claimed recently that americans are paying less in real terms of gas than they have in average over the last 15 years. in 2008, remember democrats hammered republicans when gas prices were going up. they hit $4.40 in that summer of 2008. there is a flip.
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here's the thing. your final word on this, less than a year ago u.s. was energy independent. gas prices were at historic lows in the six months since the president was sworn in. it is a staggering 40% rise in gas prices. >> don't forget, liz, it is not just that they're trying to raise taxes but we opened up anwr in alaska. a crowning achievement of president trump. they're trying to shut that down. he actual shut that down. they're stopping fracking on federal lands. all of these are going to raise prices of energy to the american consumer around make us less competitive against china. elizabeth: okay. final word. you've got a bill to stop california shutting down a nuclear reactor because california needs energy. what is going on here? >> well, look, this is alarming, alarming situation that happened out here. republicans in congress from california, i'm leading the legislation. our last nuclear power plant that is 10% of our state's electricity is about ready to be
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shut down at a time when there is no replacement. at the same time they're worshiping the global warming gods by shutting down clean nuclear reactors, china is building nuclear reactors, the russians are building reactors we're having brownouts. in the last few weeks i experienced three brownouts myself in just my own district. why does it matter across the country? it matters what happens in california will spread across the country. elizabeth: wildfire season is coming up california. >> right. elizabeth: california congressman devin nunez, thanks for joining us on. >> thanks. elizabeth: look who is on, congresswoman beth van duyne. always great to have the congresswoman on as well. you're in house infrastructure. looks like the president's attempt to raise taxes on companies looks like it is dead in the water. because it will hurt the already fragile economic recovery, is that true? >> of course it will.
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this is something we've been talking about for months. what you're seeing from the left, the left policies from the democrats basically the ones who are controlling the policy discussion. it is all about empowering democrats and bureaucrats in washington and completely disempowering americans. it is about social engineering every aspect of our life from their perspective. elizabeth: congressman, i'm so sorry i asked the question incorrectly. i meant to say true that the taxes are go nowhere? >> i would hope so, i would hope so. what we're seeing now increase in the corporate tax rate they claimed from 21 to 28% what they were asking for is going to kill working families. it will kill small businesses. i have asked my small business committee to find out what the effects, what the consequences will be on the small businesses. in fact, eastern small business administrator couldn't answer the question. rising inflation, at a time
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we're trying to open back up, getting over the devastation of this climate pandemic, raising corporate taxes would devastate small businesses, working families, obviously that is going to happen. republicans have been talking about this for months. i'm glad that is now, they're now listening. elizabeth: should we be putting a pin in the calendar for july 19? that is when we hear congressional democrats are moving the infrastructure package into the senate. we have progressive far left, we still want more of a climate change. we want amnesty for illegal aliens. we have mitch mcconnell saying wait a second, we'll not go for this because you guys are trying to drastically change how the country is run. ballpark this? assessment what will happen? >> fact the policies we've seen, the bill is not about infrastructure at all. you have a infrastructure bill
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that forebades new roads being built. over 50 cents of every dollar being spent is spent on green new deal programs. it will increase the number of regulations. it is going to increase costs, increase time, bringing any of these things forward and it is completely out of touch with the infrastructure need of this country. rising inflation costs, rising corporate taxes and the problem now we have with the bill, i'm glad that the senate came together in bipartisan manner that he will pass a bill, we have no way to pay for it. the devil will be in the details. we'll wait to see what is in the bill and how it will be paid for. that is lacking. elizabeth: final word on this, final word on this and fellow texas republican chip roy. he was essentially reportedly saying that the republican goal is to completely pushback on the biden agenda until after the midterm elections. is that the gameplan? >> i mean look, what we're all doing is trying to vote for our districts vote for our state,
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vote for our country and when we see the devastating policies come down from the administration don't take into account at all what is happening in reality what is happening to small business, what is happening to working families obviously we're going to push back. that is what people elected us to do. if we can get bipartisan policies, be at the table to discuss policies that will open up our economy. right now we're not having those policies. we're having, we're being stuff the out last minute, no way to pay for it. they're sick of them. elizabeth: got it. congresswoman beth van duyne. thanks for joining us. still ahead former white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany is here to weigh in on former president trump's lawsuit over big tech censorship. gop push to crack down on social media. we have the reuters bombshell of china collecting dna from pregnant women from around the world. we'll break that down coming up.
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>> this is the most important case of the 21st century and it is important because it picks freedom of speech on one hand against the first amendment on the other hand. that may sound paradoxical, remember it is the high-tech giants that are banning freedom of speech, they are censoring but they're claiming the right to do so under the first amendment. there using the first amendment as a sword against freedom of speech. is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken! don't mind if i do! they're hungry. t-bone! that's what i call a smorgasbord! at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. they do save us a ton of money. we'll take the cobbler to go! good idea, yogi. i'm smarter than the average bear! they're gone, dad! for bundling made easy, go to
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. okay, president trump, his class-action lawsuit on big tech censorship, it is now fueling a big push by republicans to really crack down on facebook and twitter. look who is back with us, former white house press secretary, co-host of the hit show "outnumbered" on fox news, kayleigh mcenany. this bill would let social media, sue them for censoring them, would break under the antitrust push. here is a question for you. why should they get protection from lawsuits over third party content when they are censoring third party content? >> it's a great question. yeah, they have the section 230
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protection which essentially makes them immune from any sort of liability. it is astonishing which is why president trump is saying, hey, you have entered first amendment territory. first amendment of course means the government cannot censor speech. facebook, google, are private entities. but what president trump is saying you entered the government space, you say hey in florida, governor desantis has a panel with yale and you can't have a panel because you say children shouldn't have masks. we'll use cdc information to censor you. he argued the government space when you use cdc information to censor sound medical opinions of harvard, stanford, yale and governor desantis in florida. elizabeth: justice john paul stevens said basically unregulated economic power is political power. we're talking about two or three
6:20 pm
companies that really dominate the public square and they're dominating the national conversation, kayleigh. we can't tell you how many times we talk to people, what they're talking about, their set of facts doesn't comport with the reality of the stories out there. former president trump said, yeah, social media is conspiring, quote with the government to basically censor. he is saying effectively that the mainstream media and the government is doing, giving them lawsuit protection in order to censor and silence and suppress opposing views. that might be a stretch in court but that is his contention. >> it certainly a novel legal argument but it is an interesting one. i'm curious to see where it goes and one of the examples he uses dr. fauci had correspondence with mark zuckerberg of course facebook's ceo, whether this was a correspondence that ended up with facebook censoring certain viewpoints based on information
6:21 pm
garnered from dr. fauci, at nih, a government entity. it is a novel legal argument. we'll see where it goes but it is interesting, because they're saying essentially, you know, justice thomas, for instance, his concurrence opinion noted that these, these entities which are big, noted there are two or three of them, they monopolize essentially the public conversation. whether they have entered common carrier space, they are a telephone company which of legally cannot discriminate who uses their products. has facebook, has twitter, has google entered that realm? i think that is a very compelling argument. josh hawley and others bought on to it. we'll see if the courts buy into it. elizabeth: that is the one, common carrier for phone companies. in other words if you're paying them, they have to take you know what you're saying and just put it out there, they're not allowed to censor it. there are also these vague terms of service that result in them censoring and deplatforming
6:22 pm
willy-nilly any which way they want. seems to me these guys in is silicon valley don't understand the power that they have and how much they're distorting the national conversation. kayleigh, here is the thing, pew research did a poll last year, 75%, 3/4 of americans say yeah, they think social media is intentionally censoring people for their political viewpoints r they hearing that in silicon valley? we hear that conservatives are tweeting out points of view and we can't tell you how many stories we've heard of facebook and twitter deplatforming people. >> funny when i researched your segment i came across a lot of articles there is no definitive proof that social media is censoring conservatives. they censor but not particularly against conservatives. left's look at anecdotal evidence. the "new york post" was censored, their hunter biden story is censored from twitter. conveniently after the election
6:23 pm
jack dorsey saying we apologize for that. instagram, i was a victim of censorship. i posted elizabeth warren's bar card which "the washington post" posted. i got an apology only because i had a megaphone. that is what makes president trump's lawsuit so november he will have. that is not just about him and his profile. it is about thousands of americans out there, who are conservative who have been censored but don't have a megaphone to get an apology like the new york post, me and other conservatives who have platforms. elizabeth: big tech is private sector companies. let me back up. private sector companies, it is about government censorship. there is so many layers to this kayleigh. this story does have legs. kayleigh mcenany, good to have you back on. don't be a stringer. come back soon. up next we'll take down or take on, rather, this bombshell out of reuters it is so over the top, it is hard to believe it is
6:24 pm
true. it seems out of science fiction. reuters is reporting that china is collecting a mountain of dna and genetic data from millions of pregnant women from four dozen countries around the world. why? china is going on a path to economic and world dominance via this route. congressman darrell issa from house foreign affairs is next. you're watching the evening edit. >> he talked about the chinese people were good taking down the ol' world and building a new one. that is a reference to xi xinping's thought that he should be the only ruler in the world. basically no other country has sovereignty. the china should rule everything on the planet. it's relentless.
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now with a new look. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ elizabeth: breaking news, this shocking bombshell from reuters. china's military has been harvesting, collecting dna from millions of pregnant women in more than four dozen countries around the world via a popular prenatal test sold by china's big company called the bgi group. welcome back to the show, from house foreign affairs, we have congressman darrell issa. this sounds like a big national security risk. what do you say? >> china is a big national security risk. every product they make has the same capability. if you have a wi-fi, router,
6:29 pm
telephone system made in china, you have to assume they're harvesting whatever date they want. it has been a national policy. liz, you have to recognize unlike the united states or europe, their military essentially owns any industry they want to own directly or indirectly. so they get a level of cooperation, design, development that allows them to use it as you know, data harvesting, stealing or spying tools and they do all three. elizabeth: okay. let's break down what reuters is reporting. that the bgi group, this chinese company, developed a test in collaboration with china's military in order to collect genetic data on genetic traits of populations around the globe. righter is saying, china wants to be on the path to economic, military world dominance and also dominance in pharmaceuticals. congressman, china, reuters is reporting that china, the bgi
6:30 pm
group is saying yeah, we are taking this data for our national security and china's defense and to improve, it is about improving, quote, population quality. what's that about? >> well it is the scariest possible thing, improving poplation quality would eliminate somebody, that wouldn't be considered of quality and when you look at what happened with covid-19, and you look at the question of what if the next virus targets specific genetic traits that are found in one country or one people and not another? it's a thing of science fiction but it is also a thing of science fact. that is what we're dealing with with china. nothing is out of the possibility, at least for them to explore on their path to world dominance. you know, any country that will build their own islands to take over an ocean has big plans. their plans have no limit. this is just another example. but again, liz -- elizabeth: that is an important
6:31 pm
point. >> look at their history of data collection. it is not without a purpose. it always has a purpose. elizabeth: well this puts into new context why china is accused of covering up the origins of the outbreak in wuhan and how the wuhan lab was collaborating with the chinese military and also dr. fauci around the nih was funding the wuhan lab supervirus research. you know the other thing that reuters is reporting is, they were, china is using this dna data bank, they have got the biggest dna data bank from around the world, in the world, rather. china is running the biggest dna data bank in the world and that they're using dna they're harvesting via this prenatal test that the bgi group sells, it's a chinese company, it is a popular test too, they're talking about genetically enhanced soldiers, pathogens that would target americans or other populations around the world, target the food supply. what can the u.s. congress do
6:32 pm
about this? >> well i think what we have to do is what president trump was doing, that is treat china as an existential threat. treat them as an evil empire to paraphase president reagan and recognize we are in a economic war but we're also in a war that we have a history on and the history is, that each time we see a new threat, we find out we gave or sold that threat to the chinese. you know, the communists have said forever, when they hang us they will do it with a rope we sold them and in this case buying discounted products from countries all over the world that allowed them to harvest it, that is in addition to the kind of data harvesting spying they might do by raiding our dna tranches here. so, yes, they do have the largest -- elizabeth: here is the thing, quickly -- >> the challenge they know no limit what they're i will willing to do to accomplish
6:33 pm
their goals of world dominance. elizabeth: i have to cut in because we're running out of time. the u.s. and the uk give their country, the people, they give dna, the u.s. and uk give dna to china of americans and of british people. china doesn't allow its chinese dna to go out of the country. china has been accused of genocide. reuters, final word, reuters is reporting what china could be doing is singling out tibetans and uyghurs in their characteristics. your final word. >> there is nothing scarier than a racial purity government even one that thinks about it or considers it but remember a disease could easily be developed would only be immune, have immunity by a chosen group or the like. are we facing that? yes. i think after covid-19, we have to recognize that we cannot take chances with china. we have to have defenses that
6:34 pm
are affirmative especially in data. elizabeth: all right. congressman daughter-in-law issa, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. >> thanks. coming up michigan opening a probe into potential undercounting of nursing home deaths. state republicans say the undercounting was done to make democrat governor gretchen whitmer look better. democrats are hot low denying that in the state of merck began. joe concha is next.
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does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now fox news contributor joe concha is back with us. joe, it is good to have you on. michigan's auditor general is now going to probe state data and democrat governor whitmer's role in potential under reporting of nursing home deaths. democrats deny it. what is your response to the story? >> my response is, is this a sequel? have we seen this before, elizabeth, what we saw as far as request new york governor andrew
6:39 pm
cuomo. the coverup here in new york, 15,000 nursing home deaths while negotiating a multimillion-dollar book deal. that investigation is still ongoing. this is the same governor whitmer who said not to travel to florida, remember while covid was raging in michigan, can you believe that. only after she got caught did she admit actually doing that. the nursing home deaths, elizabeth, they account for nearly 1/3 of all covid deaths in michigan. this is a very big deal. elizabeth: yeah the governor allowed covid-infected senior sit tones to return to nursing homes for treatment. >> yeah. elizabeth: this will be an ongoing story. i want to move on to the criticism of dr. fauci today. dr. fauci saying to people who are not vaccinated get over the political statement. first of all this is emergency use vaccines. people are worried about the emergency use vaccines. you know, the fda authorized it under emergency use. so why berate, why criticize?
6:40 pm
is that an effective way to go? >> i don't think one person will hear what dr. fauci has to say. maybe he is right, maybe i should be bullied into doing this. people have problems with vaccines in general. i'm not one of them. i got both my shots months ago. my wife is a doctor. i she said it was perfectly safe. hospitalizations and deaths are down 95% since january. sure people probably should take the vaccine, those who don't, that is their personal choice. we have to respect that. liz, nearly 50% of people don't get the flu shot every year. that has been around for a long time and doesn't appear to have any side-effects in general. in general folks are worried about vaccines, not just covid but flu. the fact we had so many people vaccinated in this country to this point is a small miracle when you look at the flu vaccine numbers and people don't get that vaccine. elizabeth: how now we have the hhs secretary says it is the
6:41 pm
federal government's business to know who is vaccinated. the federal government spent millions to keep americans alive. that is a quote. governor cuomo says we want to do with gun violence what we did with covid-19. can you address that. >> what we did with covid-19? is he still did a great job with covid the guy that wrote the book he mentioned in the middle of a pandemic got a 5 million-dollar book advance, 15,000 nursing home deaths in new york, compared to florida, liz, a older population, more vulnerable population, florida opened more than a year ago, they have something like 1thousand less deaths than new york which has a smaller population. when we hear from governor cuomo we should eviscerate this like we did covid, we, not you, governor cuomo, did not do anything. you were benefit of "operation warp speed." you put positive patients in
6:42 pm
nursing homes. you had the javits center provided by the trump administration, you didn't use them at all. new yorkers are fed up, they don't want to hear anymore from this governor as far as that is concerned, elizabeth. elizabeth: thank you, joe. you sound fired up and fed up too. joe concha. can't wait to read the column on that one. you're a great writer. >> thank you. elizabeth: congressman james comer will help us make sense of this disturbing story. twitter red flags a july 4th tweet from an army veteran badly burned by an ied explosion in afghanistan. he was saluting the flag. he was actually defending the right of free speech. that is next on "the evening edit". >> the flag represents the most consequential of all human ideals and that is, that's freedom and freedom is the deepest intrinsic desire we as human beings have and it's a right that well, an do youd by our creator are.
6:43 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show, house oversight ranking member james comer. here's the story. why did twitter red flag this 4th of july tweet slapping a warning label on a tweet from a man who sacrificed so much? retired army captain sam brown. it's a photo of him saluting in uniform. he just opened his twitter account a month ago. he only tweeted once prior to that tweet. why the warning label?
6:48 pm
>> i have no idea. i want to find out. i think every patriotic american wants to find out. i didn't think the social media companies do do any worse than they did during the presidential election when they would censor conservatives and refused to post the story, the true story about hunter biden but this, latest instance by twitter is the worst. when that soldier put on their freedom isn't free, that is a fact. anyone who studied history, anyone who knows anything about our country knows that and it is just very disturbing these social media companies can continue to get away with this. that is why jim jordan and a lot of conservatives in the house were trying to figure out a way to hold big tech accountable by repealing section 230 or doing something. i'm glad president trump is filing suit but we've got to hold them accountable for this. elizabeth: let's tell the viewer, tell a little more about captain brown. he was actually defending our
6:49 pm
right to free speech. he was awarded a purple hard. he suffered third-degree burns when an ied exploded in afghanistan in 2008. he was trying to help the fellow soldiers being ambushed. he have and his wife run a business helping out veterans. he is a potential republican senate contender in nevada. he has given a lot for our country. again and again, what is going on with twitter? why are they so mindlessly, stupidly, it i don't think tick doing things like this? >> they just don't share the sense of patriotism most americans have. and it is just like what we're seeing in education where the liberal education allieders around university professors are trying to indoctrinate into the next generation of americans, our students, that, that our history isn't in fact the way it was written and we should be ashamed of the sacrifices that our founding fathers made to create this great country. this soldier gave it all.
6:50 pm
he was badly wounded. he is doing everything right in the private sector, trying to help his fellow soldiers. he is a great american and he happens to be a republican candidate for the u.s. senate in nevada. so i think a lot of these things, twitter should be ashamed of. i don't know if it was because he was a political candidate, a republican political candidate they did this, but they should issue an apology and, they have to be held accountable for this. we're struggling in congress to find away to hold them accountable without creating unintended consequences that would benefit the social media companies. elizabeth: congressman, people are outraged over this. this has gone viral. this is an affront to soldiers and their families who have given so much for our country. and people are so offended by this, that you know, twitter, we have yet to hear back from twitter about this. we'll stay on the story. congressman, it is good to have you on. come back soon. it is good to see you. congressman james comer there.
6:51 pm
just ahead former dhs counsel mike howell will talk to us. he will talk about progressive democrat rashida tlaib, she is doubling down not just defunding of i.c.e. but border patrol too as well. here is what is going on. we have a violent, historic drug cartel war a battle just across the border in mexico. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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♪♪ elizabeth: back with us now, former homeland security oversight counsel, mike howell. sir, your reaction -- by the way, it's good to see you. democratic progressive representative rashida tlaib is saying the u.s. not only must stop funding and giving money to i.c.e., she's also saying stop giving money to border patrol and homeland security. what's your reaction? >> it's terrible how much contempt she has for this great country. and what's also awful is that just a couple weeks ago president biden was up in michigan absolutely pouring praise on rashida tlaib, saying he add mired her, how much of a fighter she is. and you know what? she's getting her wish, basically, because the biden
6:56 pm
administration has shut down i.c.e., has handcuffed border patrol. so tlaib is really the thought leader for this administration. she's getting what she wants out of their policy actions. elizabeth: is rashida tlaib aware that there's a major and historic drug cartel war just across the border in mexico just miles from border towns where we're seeing homicides per capita in mexico beating out what's going on in the middle east? >> i, i doubt it. i don't think the news that she watches would even cover that sort of stuff. but what's happening south of the border is absolute chaos. the amount of human carnage that is going on in terms of trucks and cartels -- drugs and cartels, but also the trafficking of children and the abuse that occurs along the way, it is a terrible situation, and it's all made possible by our lax border security.
6:57 pm
it's the fact that drugs are flow in, cartels can make money off of it and off trafficking women and children into the country. and it's not going to get better. in fact, it's going to get way worse. the numbers for last month are going to come out soon, and they're going to be very high, close to 200,000, which is way, way over historical averages. elizabeth: yeah. so if that bears out and still continues that trend, it's the equivalent of taking in the population of nebraska. so, you know, this is the humanitarian story. the u.s. is an open-armed country. the u.s. has been saying come here legally because it's dangerous if you do it illegally. what happens is human smugglers, if you can't pay their a fee if, they will dragoon children and women into becoming drug coyotes. and if they don't do their jobs, they'll kill 'em. that's what's going on. thousands of people die trying to make an illegal trek, the
6:58 pm
2300-mile trek from central america through mexico. so why is that information not registering with democrats in washington? >> because they're looking at another aspect of this, and that's the potential votes that they can get by opening the border and then flooding illegal aliens into this country and growing the welfare state and registering potential new voters that they think will vote for them. it is worth all the human carnage, damage and terrible things so long as they think it helps them win elections. and to me, that is a constitutional crisis of an epic magnitude. the week of fourth of july, we have an administration that sacrifices the independence of our country because they think it helps them win future elections. this is a scandal of great, great proportion, and i really hope that they wake up and decide, you know, maybe it's not worth sacrificing your country's sovereignty, security and well-being because we think it helps us in elections. it's a terrible thing that's happening. elizabeth: final word, house
6:59 pm
democrats are already moving to defund border patrol, lower funding for i.c.e., defund the border wall. we had this news coming in, los angeles county in california did an historic takedown of billion dollars' worth of marijuana found. we're talking about record amounts of drugs pouring over the border. fentanyl, really destroying the southwest and going up through the northwest as well. your reaction to that part of the story. >> well, i mean, it's crazy, and it goes to show that really every city and town in this country becomes a border city or town. and that's because the drugs don't just stay here. they're mass produced, mass trafficked causing epic amounts of damage along the way. no one is safe from what's happening on the border right now. elizabeth elizabeth all right. mike howell, thanks for joining us. it's good to have you back on. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
7:00 pm
that does it for us. we so appreciate you watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to" kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. so the stock market's been booming, backed by a strong v-shaped recovery in profits and profit margins and corporate revenues. profits are the mother's milk of stocks and the life blood of the economy. profits tend to be a dirty word in washington d.c. biden world wants to tax profits to death. they want to hike the corporate tax to 21% domestic minimum. wow. global, 15%


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