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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. larry: in biden world, energy fence on our . larry: biden wrote n our enemies, teachers will not teach the truth for it is not good folks, it is not good. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪. kennedy: if you are worried about a 40 year swanky style with inflation on the right i have a solution for you move to san francisco, man, every there is free. whatever you see in someone else's car just take it there in may of last or did may have this your vehicle break-ins on the city central station, they are up 753%. pretty much no one gets arrested for anything. if you need deodorant, rebel, maybe even a spare bottle of aleve or huggies hop in the
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walgreens or cvs. unless you pilfer over $9050 of free loot, they will not even call the cops. walgreens has had to close 17 stores because organized thieves are bleeding them dry. used to stay up until 10:00 p.m. the second biggest city on the west coast. now they are borrowing the doors at 6:00 p.m. so their employees do not get a buttered and sucker punched on the way home from work. that sucks because workers are just coming back from the pandemic they will have fewer hours. and a single moms in need of a bargain on the way home from work, they have to look elsewhere. san francisco was once one of the greatest cities in the world with the most magical and excited sports fans. but it is now swirling down the toilet in a course that is ironic because so many people are pooping in the streets. the city on the cusp of ruin, which the well healed our fling in droves is over 40% of san francisco has signaled their intention to leave it.
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it's all because of a crappy mare, a horrible progressive d.a. and activist board of supervisors who are hell-bent on kicking it past the event horizon. who pretend to operate out of kindness objecting people to violence or lawlessness to live in filth on the streets is not kind, san francisco's leadership would be wise to acknowledge the golden axioms of liberty. number one, do not hurt people. number two, do not take their stuff. lack of accountability hurts everyone. there is no rationalize a property theft one of the richest cities in america, get it together, remember your greatness and sacked dhec his bad choices threaten to flush the city for good, that is the memo. >> 's before the stories of lawlessness and san francisco's not just going with the locals, it is also creeping out tours.
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this makes up the third of the economy would want to go in broad daylight with the cops around to help. here to react to san francisco committee advocate, he ran for mayor in 2018, hopefully still got a bright political future, richie greenberg is here with me. so from your perspective on the grounds, what is san francisco like now and why? >> first of all thank you so much for having me here today. it is just unbelievable, it is a shame that we are seeing. i have been over 21 years. i know people to be here their life or multiple generations. it is a breakdown in the criminal justice system. which is aided also by the activists of board of supervisors, our city council as you said earlier, they are hell-bent on keeping things the way they are and denying,
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as is the big problem they are denying there's even a problem. they are falsifying data, they are pretending there is no crime problem. them and their mouthpieces we see both in the media and on social media but they are trying to counter us. they are trying to counter our pleas for help. they are saying you are wrong. crime is down the district attorney i can open their eyes and see it is totally bogus. >> all it takes a couple stories like this in a couple videos like the guy riding his bike through walgreens filling up a hefty bag full of stuff from walgreens. the security guards are told not to do anything, to not intervene because if they do unhurt in the process they could sue their employer. you say there is a civil war going on right now. i'm wondering who that is between part is that the commies or the progressive? who exactly is magic other than san francisco?
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>> first of all there is no conservatives that are in power. there are no republicans that are in elected office here. everyone is either a moderate democrat or left-wing democrat. went to me i would not even call them left-wing democrats they are socialist. democratic, socialist of america for these are the people running for office and they are winning. >> when venezuela. >> include air district attorney. >> let's talk about your d.a. a little bit. as a product of cop killers. he has that anyone who claims crime is on the rise, which it is not hard to see, you do not have to live it to believe that you can read some of the real statistics. his implication is if you say crime is on the rise that is racist. which in and of itself that statement is racist. >> that his rights. whoever drops the r word, the race card is the true racist
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that is him. he is looking for every possible excuse to not prosecute the criminals to matter how heinous, not just $900 or more, they're also murderers he had let off with ankle monitors who end up getting out of jail and killing again, this is the problem we have, they could all be pinned down to a completely malicious district attorney. kennedy: but i do not understand about that is five all for criminal justice reform. i'm all for prison reform. are you not think there should be private prisons i don't think we should imprison nonviolent drug offenders people who can vent violent crimes who wish to hurt other people just repeatedly, those people need to have consequences. we total lack of accountability is directly tied to an increase in crime. it is completely irrational
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happening in portland, seattle, minneapolis, san francisco, los angeles, new york, chicago, it's happening all over the place. so what is the answer? >> the answers to hold us accountable. that's not an easy task that they are elected and cannot be fired. the mayor cannot come in the city cannot vote to fire someone. these individuals are the most above-listed are the elected ones. the only way to do something about them short of finding some way they would be indicted, jailed, and tried and sent to prison, other than that you would have to do a recall. >> went to the term is up and vote them out. >> and vote them out. we got a much better city to protect be proud of that city and elect rational people who will help the city grow because right now it is
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reverting into a third world dystopia it is awful. you are benched, you are benched. all right richie greenberg pleasure to be here thank you so much. kennedy: meanwhile chicago president biden today met with mayor lightfoot to speak with the epidemic of gun violence this was after one or people shot in chicago over the fourth of july weekend. which of the mayor asked the president for help cleaning up the mess. all comes just days with this 20-year-old college and was struck by straight bullet and paralyzed when struck in a subway card is mike hoberman internship redwing told to never walk again he told his family if i have to live like this pull the plug please. sadly he did succumb to his injury when his parents took him off life support. stories like that finally for some action? chris baird is here one with
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radio host fox news contribute one and own leslie marshall 2020 vice president can't we notes happening in 2024. the president went to chicago i met with lori lightfoot at an airport. i've never been to frankfurt i've flown to the frankfurt airport i would not say know the city very well. >> i think it is funny the president met with lori lightfoot in the safest place possible like the chicago airport rate rather than actually going to the crime ridden cesspool that make up a lot of chicago. i think it's interesting here that we've got this culture of nobody on the left wanting to take responsibility. democrats are from the city of chicago for decades they control both of the houses of legislature in illinois
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predict control the governor's mansion. yet somehow they need somebody to step in and do something. i've got a solution for them from pretend all the legs in chicago though after we rounding them up. >> so, let's talk a little bit about the violence in chicago. is not just gun violence. it's people who do not have respect for human life and basic decencies or how do you tackle that? >> to the point i think they are rounding up the little old ladies, no just joking. i'm chicago between the years 2,002,020 had a decrease in crime and gun violence all under democrats. everybody was to blame the democrats for this the two areas employers love it, great city it's a beautiful city. >> there were pockets, isolate
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chicago's great city stanford cisco as well. it has pockets of places with higher crime specifically higher crimes that is committed by guns, homicide like on the south side and the west side. these areas also have higher unemployment, higher poverty. and after coitus not an excuse for this but it definitely played into that. more guns on the street, more anger, more poverty, less money. it definitely plays into that. the president meeting with the mayor at the airport, look at the itinerary is not originally scheduled to meet with her. this is a last-minute hey, president biden can i have a year end talk to your question mike i think it's important you talk to the mayor. kennedy: and she said i lost control of my city, please have help from the feds? that means you should not be america cannot run young city, spike your thoughts? >> i think it's weird there has been increasing crime over the holiday weekend when they
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were specifically told they save 16 cents. if you look at every single city that's having crime in every part of this country is having crime, it is certainly not a gun problem. it's the iridescent most amount of gun control you have the most gun violence. at that every day the vast majority in their country including chicago, including gun violence it's mostly gang violence fighting over drug turf. chicago is a former stomping grounds of al capone. we sought an alcohol prohibition. that would alcohol was illegal , drug cartels that were smuggling and selling alcohol blossomed. they took over entire cities and it was rampant by this is directly a cause of the war on drugs. until the end that prohibition and stop empowering cartels and drug gain to take over entire cities, this is just going to keep getting worse. it's not guns, poverty is part
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of it of poverty is nothing new principally not climate change it is the growing crime this coming from the growing gang influence on the war on drug. until the end that this is never going to end. kennedy: very few people are going to be honest about the root causes here in chicago as was the root causes in parts of central america. they are forcing people to flee their country to find a refuge. i'm sorry but we have to end that prohibition as well and cleanup or immigration. party panel returns a little bit later, great to talk to all of you. president trump finally getting class action lawsuit against the biggest social media giants on the planets. do his claims of censorship hold legal water? what would mean feet runs for president, tom bevan's has got president, tom bevan's has got all the answers next. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪
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bigley is lawsuit ever, former president trump now sitting big tech titans over censorship. forty-five claims casebook and twitter ceos wrongfully blocked his accounts at this point they're basically the
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government speech police, watch. >> the federal government as essentially deputize those meter platforms become the de facto censorship arm of the u.s. government. which is exactly what is happened. this was especially clear during the pandemic with social media giants began censoring information, according to guidance by the cdc. which, as we now know was very often incorrect or wrong. kennedy: wrong for nasa for present have a case hears us more about number 45 keeping himself relevant ahead of the 2022 midterms in the 2024 big win. we discussed richler politics cold front executive editor, tom bevan. , couple things here. i've seen the former president once his mouthpieces back. is this the clearest indication we have had that he
12:19 am
does in fact tend to run for president 2024? >> it could be interpreted that way. look, when he lost his facebook account and his twitter account, those are the two exist communications in the world. he was dominant on them. he's tried a couple starts to get his internet presence back it has not worked. he was wrongfully suspended and i think many people might agree with that. the question is whether is legal standing to make it against these when you hearing about that. under 2:30 these attack giants are essentially no longer private companies. they are public companies and therefore they are subjected to first amendment laws and can be held accountable for first amendment violations. they are saying we are private companies, what you hearing
12:20 am
about the legal standing there? >> it seems like this will be an uphill battle. you her hip in that clip trying to make the connection for the government and these companies. if they are agents of the government the first memo would apply. but they are private companies. everyone pretty much acknowledges that. appointment uphill battle for him tried to win this lawsuit in court everything is seen and read thus far. before what other and contents. because mark zuckerberg said no we have a very objective nonpartisan board they're the ones to decide. so how to appeal to them to get the platform back? right now the president tried a website that was shuttered after months.
12:21 am
performers staff jason miller, he is launching a platform called gator as an getter done. [laughter] this is why trump is doing this as far as his claim scope most people certainly conservatives but some independence in terms of the fact these companies are basically run by liberals they are stifling and censoring the mistakes that happen seems to be in one direction. they did were off the sitting president of the night states yet they allow folks like the ayatollah of iran to have their account and say whatever they want. they do also censor any information or stories that are not favorable to democrats. like the hunter biden story which was blacklisted across social media platforms in advance of the election.
12:22 am
i think most people understand that. front might have the upper hand in the court of public opinion but when you have a tough road and legal courts. kennedy: zero way to get around this in terms of visibility? is it necessary to be on twitter, and facebook in order to get your message out if you were him? what he has found much, much more difficult even as a former president to get his message out. fishing save get picked up a circular absolutely, if a magnitude leslie's writing messages show they understand on and that media was chasing him around all night, all day. kennedy: they were addicted to it they were addicted to all of it. the question is what are people addicted to more the drama and stores a former president provides or just
12:23 am
looking at social media like mindless zombies all day on the phone? i honestly cannot decide. i hope they put them back on because it was really fun watching his insanity, a well. >> look, when it comes to this obviously free speech is a tricky issue when your tongue but the social media platforms, reckless market is a slippery slope. when you look at who is making the decision, how those decisions are being made, for me anyway i'm come down the side of fleecy everyone have their platform which everyone, their voice. it affected consumers should decide to fetish information and with a fiercely or not. before we cannot even assume it. all right, bevan always to be here you. coming, thinking here coming up prison by now your door push to vaccinate american people are his, dr. marc
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: could do soon get a knock on the door from federal health officials? president biden said that this planet propelling short of his goal to vaccinate 70% of u.s. adults by july 4, watch. >> now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood. and often times in door-to-door literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people, protected from the virus.
12:29 am
>> are public and lawmakers, they're pushing back cognitive severe breach of privacy for the white house to potentially be compiling a list of unvaccinated americans for that is what they will do. should the government come to your house pushing vaccines? fox news correspondent professor of edison dr. marc siegel is back welcome back dr. siegel. >> candy grace be with you tonight. >> what could go wrong here? >> what could go wrong here? can you imagine uncle sam once you that turns into uncle sam once you get the vaccine. president biden shows up at the door holding a syringe i do not actually have to let him and do i? your other point about privacy is disturbing. i member back during the hurricanes i went to the hhs brain center for sl they knew who had a dialysis machine, who had a respirator that needed batteries. that is what that is supposed to be for. that's a list of who is not
12:30 am
vaccinated and humiliating them or scolding them into taking the vaccine part i once everyone out there to get this vaccine by the way. i believe strongly in this vaccine. but the way to get is in the doctor's office with your doctor talking to you or your practitioner explaining why they think it's valuable not uncle sam doing that. kennedy: i tend to agree with you. it's like why is this their last resort? i have to look at some of the messaging from the president and vice president during the final week of the presidential campaign when they were saying yes if there is a vaccine under trump i'm not getting it. i think it really colored people's perception. half the population got it. the other half feel they had been sick and they have natural immunity and maybe a quarter of them just don't trust anyone produce 50% of the population enough? >> you got the point really
12:31 am
rights. we need to be 70 or 80% of the population of a great britain's almost they see the delta variant is on its way cutting, going way downward hospitalization or dropping because the high vaccination rates. i was the first big mistakes president biden made pretty came in and did not acknowledge the previous administration had made this vaccine part had done it in unprecedented time and put together a team to put it out there and distributed. okay, then i got amped up and more and more people got it there is a strategy. how about a bipartisan moment where you say they gave us this emily ran with that. that would have worked much better than constantly criticizing and never say a positive word about the other administration. >> i don't think politicians realize how effective that would really be part you're not giving something over to the other side by admitting you are standing on the shoulders of giants. so the delta variant should we be worried in this country if we been vaccinated?
12:32 am
>> that was a key addition, if we had been vaccinated the numbers show about 50% of the cases in the u.s. of this delta variant for its spreading very rapidly. if you are fully vaccinate the chances of you getting really sick from this or ending up in the hospital are extremely low. in the zero pretty much from dying from its the same as other variant in that regard if you're fully vaccinated. there's a bit of a debate if you could fully transmit it if you're fully vaccinate for its unlikely that would be the case too. stay tuned have a high degree of vaccination are doing well against his variance. states were it's a lower are not doing as well as missouri's having some problem in the southwest of the state. i've talked to people in springfield, hospitals are getting overrun there with the delta variant. it's very simple get vaccinated. by the way, if you had over that's not something to dismiss, kennedy. like you had a vid plus i think one shot gives you super
12:33 am
immunity. kennedy: i've had 15 shots with all the free giveaways. [laughter] i feel great. thank you so much greg to talk to you. main want masks or causing major headaches at airports and on planes for the faa claims 75% of passenger complaints, stem from masks compliance issues but have you had this on a flight recently customer guided is crazy. since the beginning of this year, i was not the person about in trouble. they're been 2500 complaints of unruly passengers refusing to wear masks. and that ended up delayed flights, violence and abuse against airline staff, cancel a surety area high school florida hill, chris baird, leslie marshall by kellen. michael your flight was canceled and maybe boston not
12:34 am
within math? >> i would be kicked off. here's the thing, i filled the rules for the entire time during the pandemic even with all them. they come and where were math i will merit math i will think this is no evidence to support effective for the airplane. clearly, the faa right thing for the break this point the mandates are doing more harm than good passengers on airline related to the right thing, they should lift the math man instantly flying just a little more enjoyable after last year end a half i think we've all learned. before you know what lift the math and with alcohol. so leslie, like leslie left
12:35 am
behind from bath without a computer for free wanted and their vacation other people they should not go. in addition to having places every few days. he tested it at restaurants who don't have outdoor dining be tested to enter the premises of your hotel. there's a lot of testing there's a lot of mask wearing a beats a good thing they did not go to the bahamas but all the other people, well maybe they should pay for this people, not just their cocktails but their trips. this is nothing but a spoiled brat teenagers i'm ashamed there from my home city of boston. kennedy: so american airlines got new planes were the biggest airlines in the world, spike. they circulate and filter the air raid so why are still wearing masks on planes?
12:36 am
>> on a modern airliner something once every three minutes all the air in the cabin is completely circulated input through the filters were it's cleanest area going to have. i think i've been on 200 flights in the last year, i have seen how this is being applied. people are not even wearing them properly half the time for you people are falling asleep and that half taking off people are routinely taken them off to eat and to drink it. it does not work it's not helping anything. the mass commanded their >> they should get rid of them. with that said, and as someone who i routinely violated lockdown orders lester campaigning, i believe in civil disobedience. there is good civil disobedience their >> evil disobedience for if you refuse to wear a mask on a plane, then all this plane to happiness is there quite a kick you off the plane companywide list of people who can't ever fly again. or at least not on their airlines, then also everyone that was going to fly there is at the very least have their
12:37 am
flight canceled. of to radical overreach by government grade this ain't one of it. i just couldn't make it you cannot fly in the future. kennedy: that is such a good point spread yes is a time and place for rabble-rousers. but not on my flight you little pastors. we did have one woman who was marched off a plane recently because you're squawking about her masks. no it does not count. all right thanks party panel great to see you all. love you, love you. spike will have a message. the government finally releasing a report critics say it raises more questions than answers, what are they still hiding? the truth, it is still out there, will get to it after the break.
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it's time for my monthly book club! it's an opportunitye for us girls to connect and remind each other who's on mute. and this is how we have to meet. because when we spend time indoors with people, we can still spread covid faster than nancy's gossip. that's why i'm still masking wherever i go. because until i'm vaccinated, a mask helps slow the spread. which means the sooner i can get back to a friend's house to judge their interior design. we can't hear you, dolores!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ before one not to get it's time for conspiracy there's home about things strange, today indiana congressman, go hoosiers, calling for congressional hearings on ufos. remember we just got the long-awaited government report the report kellogg one or 44 incidents between 242,021. is the first of the government is ever kind of acknowledged that it considers unidentified phenomena as a potential threat to security. why do ailing experts say the report does not even scratch the surface? troy minow howard university -- harvard not howard is not the leisure shot is much smarter than that. he is professor of science and blackhole initiative welcome back. >> thank you for having me.
12:43 am
kennedy: you have read the report you are smart person you're an astrophysicist, we are all dumb dems. tell us what you read. some of the objects are real radars and then military personnel seeing the same thing at the same time bird looks like some of these objects are real. yet their nature is not understood. of course the immediate reaction is maybe it's human made, maybe it is some other nation. some of the motions we have a witness, supersede our technological capabilities. the question is, if it is not human made what could it be? it could be a national phenomena or could be extraterrestrial technology. and of course we do not have good enough evidence at the moment. i think this is the point
12:44 am
where it is sufficiently intriguing for the subject to move away from the talking points of politicians. and military personnel into the realm of science. kennedy: you're absolutely right we need a complete different perspective here we need to open up our thinking because those narrow lanes of dennis a great disservice here. so let me ask you this, what is more probable that they covid 19 a virus escape from a lab in china? or that the you aps are extraterrestrial? >> we need more evidence on both. i would say in i would not put a gamble. they are unguided by evidence but i'm a scientist with the worst thing we can do on both of them is assume we know the answer without collecting more data bird without trying to get intelligence from the chinese and try to get more evidence, the evidence is really simple. what we want is a mega pixel
12:45 am
image of the surface of one of these objects. then we can read off the label and distinguish between made in china and. kennedy: do you think they have labels to aliens just pack little stickers on the side of their craft? we can get the image we had that instrumentation waited large enough telescope connected to a camera. and it dates it will be fed to a computer system. i am actually now initiating. it's a program is to collect more data. we need the elt is what we need. >> no common factor relatively small modest telescope can do the job. do not expect officials to tell us what is out there in the sky.
12:46 am
kennedy: okay and only got 30 seconds why is the government lying to us? >> is not lying it just does not have enough evidence. some of the date it was obtained by government owned sensors that are classified. that is doesn't provide us with all the data you should not expect the plumber to bake you a cake. those officials scientific training. we should get the data are self. >> absolutely are you scared? >> not at all. kennedy: me either. >> i'm interested in reality and trying to figure out what is out there. it's how to react to. kennedy: i'm interesting after a few cocktails. they get so much great to talk to. >> thanks for having me. before there he is, tropical before there he is, tropical storm is hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password?
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12:51 am
conducted from china's new space station is chinese for heavenly place which is why the space grew originally thought they would be working at eight texas roadhouse. the astronaut is using a mask to stop the spread of covid 18, very responsible. all of that and they forgot to take out the recycling. he is his alone time to use pornography and that is my kind of fellow. here is eight nourishing video from tennessee, a mama bear seen in nursing her young on the side of the road. there they are suckling on the sweet sweet bear milk and bear
12:52 am
cheese, bear yogurt pre-much of the bare necessities for a. i've not seen bears a sect that hearts in the nfl season. it's common to this i think that's either right in tennessee instead of mama and dad the bears they are usually. [laughter] , human cousins. and it's really milking these ponds i hope you bear with me. and it's rude to keep watching a mother breast-feed like this i'm just shocked to see such hairy nipples outside of portland, oregon. [laughter] topic number three. new report from a military newspaper u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan left in army at digital pokémon abandon at their posts. staying afghanistan that backup takes a lot of pokey balls.
12:53 am
they were stuck at the largest military base in afghanistan emptied of all u.s. troops, the base once had a thriving community of troops they played pokémon go a cell phone game that is collecting and training pokémon. in fact some say collecting rare since 2002. since the withdrawal and fight arenas located on the base even the taliban, once they have, i'm afraid her only hope is to, if the taliban encounters, we will have to use the no. listen to me, sound like general patton with all this military lingo. let's move on, at ease soldier. topic number four. californians do is a missing coronavirus vaccine to its
12:54 am
animals. now they've been tested on human and children safe to try it on cats. this is a seat at the oakland sewer covid 19 vaccines are being injected into lions, tigers and bear oh my. then once animals take their shots there quickly escorted from the cages to make room for california republicans who used to get the job you can see bears were rewarded with whip cream for taking his shot. he asked me, you have to be a pretty >> animal to accept experimental injection of nevermind disease so the next episode of the vaccine to the primates the bats are to have the antibodies we are going to the antibodies we are going to be right back with it started with an idea... and became a new tradition. this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan, protect and retire.
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(music) this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. as you plan, but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew.
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and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. kennedy: welcome back, are you and your dogs are ready for tonight's brand-new pack of amazing kennedogs? we show pictures of your dog every wednesday nights. use the # temi. >> about your dog and a pick. angela sent us a great picture of her pop, what a good kennedogs got a nose for news this is jen's dog estella, sitting up like such a good gale, such a little lady. hi sent in after her owner,
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you look so good. rebel rebel you tour your dress this is henry, michael sent in his picture and said head height makes fun of commies means not hanging out of the backyard being rad, high henry. the amazing dog, hazel may out hazel, art sent in this picture such a pretty girl. and this is milo a goldendoodle. he is only six weeks old he is a baby. skip as he is much bigger now oh milo you are such a cutie you have a place in my heart. he is a rescue dog. deutsche enjoys the great outdoors deuce is a good boy who was a go for a ride? does douce want to go for a ride was mike this is stacy watching catalogs i love it. such a good girl. daisy ray i am watching you now, this is michael, he sent his dog alabama. she is five years old she does not to swim she likes to
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