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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we hope that all works out that does it for us on "fox business tonight" we thank you for watching i'll be back here tomorrow and we hope to see you then "the evening edit" starts in just a few seconds. ♪. elizabeth: we have the reaction pouring in former president trump filing a class-action lawsuit against facebook, twitter, google and their ceos claiming they violated the first amendment constitutional rights after censoring and banning him over the capital riots and more we will break it down joining us former federal prosecutor jim trusty, fox news contributor sean duffy nypd lieutenant and accuracy in media president adam guillette, gop congresswoman nancy mace, ford o'connell and
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national border patrol council president brandon judd and also president biden faces a reckoning over its previous vows to deal with russia unchecked cyber assault, there is that in this reckoning with the progressive left who put draconian redlines around the biden agenda and threatens to stop it cold were months away from the midterm election season and more on there backlash agait democrats and the media running away from the big d from the police push as crimes skyrocket nationwide also the washington post for the first time today says the white house was wrong to claim it was the gop who supported defending the police, this debate wire democrats and the media pushing for defined the police at the same time house democrats are defunding bordergs security and drugs and gains of illegal drugs pouring into u.s. cities, government data showing border is rising
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migraines killed and assaulted by drug and human traffickers but msnbc anchor mocking the dozen states sending in their law enforcement to help at the border. the media flip-flopping on the covid will him loudly after misleading the public on that that over the years until and it's on the gop race, the white house said it would support state three imposing covid-19 restrictions w and lockdowns in the white house also says it's up to schools, colleges and companies if theyf want to s.mandate vaccines. which is it, they stand for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" starts rights now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network we begin with president trump filing a lawsuit that seeks punitive damages against
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facebook, twitter, google youtube as well as mark zuckerberg, jack dorsey over censorship after they in the wake of capital riots and much more lauren simonetti has the details. >> good evening former president donald trump filing a class-action lawsuit against the country's biggestla tech compans twitter, facebook and google and their ceos, this marks the latest exhalation with social media giants of free speech and censorship of conservative viewpoints. >> were demanding more from and add to that she shadow banning and a stop tohe the silencing ia stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well. >> trump was booted from facebook and twitter over risks of violence followed with a january 6 insurrection on the capital he is now standing up for all americans and also silence by big tech, he wanted to order the media companies to
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allow trump back on their platforms is also asking for a rebound of what's known as section 230 a law that exempts the social media companies from being held liable for what their users post, back to you. elizabeth: thank you so much joining us now former federal prosecutor jim trusty does this have legs the first amendment protects against censorship from theoe government and the private sector, what do you say. >> that's going to be tough sliding but not impossible. the idea is not to equate big tech to literally the government but equate them to public use utilities to say these guys have a dominant share of theyi information market that they should be treated as they are a public entity, the complaint 44 pages4 long does make an effort to appoint them to government or suggest there conspiring of government of suppressing conservative thought that might be as express but if they can
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get it in the real house of describing as a public use empathy, they have a chance of harboring the first amendment claim. elizabeth: it's interesting the trump loss is trying to claim they are state actors because they get protection from liability to lawsuits and to constitute the section 230 but the thing is to the f first amendment for tech facebook, twitter and google youtube for compelled speech by the government they have a firstntt amendment right to decide which platforms carry on pointing this out because this will be really interesting constitutional fight, what do you say. >> you right but the heart of all of this is a frustration inherent in the lawsuit coming from congressional management of section 230 of the communications decency act they would bring in the ceo and jack and mark and they would ask them hard questions and what they did in response, i'll get back to you and they never
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got back so all the unanswered questions about suppressing conservative thought about why the ayatollah can approach the holocaust stories that donald trump can't tweet all of that in the critical issues of discrimination and c in terms of contents were left unanswered in the big tech giants are satisfied and happy with the status quo and we get immunity and we can be sued that are accompanied on our platforms, we are also going to moderate content and that shouldn't have the case that you needed like that. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying the issue also hangs on social media users accepted terms of agreements that trump signed on to these terms of service agreement supposedd by them but we hear you loud and clear facebook was accused of expressingng and censoring the wuhan lab leak possibility that took down information on covid
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in twitter sensor stories on hunter biden the media research center is finding the big tech censored donald trump in its campaign something like 2500 total cases of censorship should they be treated like phone companies not evenn utility companies means that they would have to stream everything. >> that's the right analogy saying you got this immunity uses a free marketplace of ideas do not weigh in for something that is so commonly used by almost every citizen and destroy content or suppress stories like hunter biden before an election i do think it's going to be tough to equate them to the government in a literal sense but there's an argument that might have some punch to say this is a large utility like yourself on carrier and internel provider. elizabeth: the lawsuit if it advances trump would have to rngive sworn testimony he would have to give depositions especially about january 6. >> absolutely i don't think donald trump is not afraid of being questioned maybe to a fault he would be perfectly
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happy to take the microphone and talk about january 6 but also remember discovery is a huge in this litigation is survives the motion to dismiss and it goes to the discovery then you might have whistleblowers from the media giants that come out and say this is what we were doing and this is how wee center algorithms and speech. those are big companies were disgruntled folks to come forward during the discovery f phase. elizabeth: what should the president be about russia's increasing cyber assault they c vowed a response over a month ago, he met with the state department, d.o.j., dhs and the usintelligence committee were nt seen a response yet, there's a russian potential hack attempt on rmc and up to 1500 companies worldwide. what should the white house response b, final word. >> two basic points about russia
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hooton smells an axon week weakness that's what this mauling is problematic for country and infrastructure. there are no freelance hacking groups in russia, these are state actors, criminal justice is not well equipped to do with foreign countries amount extradited, it's gotta be a policy or some sort of conflict of sorts not just speaking about the law. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, let's bring back an fox news contributorse sean duffy, your reaction to the trump lawsuit. >> the president is fighting back against k big tech and will see how the case goes you feed on the president pushing back and change the way the big tech sensors conservative speech and a place for you don't have any communicate if you have twitter and facebook, and instagram and youtube where else becan you go to poster content. they got rid of o twitter, they
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have google and apple although only two cell phones you can use in america as well as amazon hosting services to power off the air, is a competitor in the liberal companies and i hope he successful and will see where the courseea takes us social mea was seen he was inciting like the capital right and making false claims about voter fraud do you just sensor both and keep them on or do we keep them off entirely that's the debate, i want to move onto this, let's move on to the progressive far left is a far left but that youd crony and redline around the biden agenda and it totally stopped cold they're not getting anything done in congress and election season is months away, what is your assessment. >> 100%, the democrats have a slim majority in the house with
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five or six seats and it's a 50/50 split in the senate, most smart politicians will say i have to compromise and because different parties and different people value different things both sides can get 60% of the deal because we value different things, instead of trying to find a pathway forward through compromise these progressive liberals have put the red lines and say it's my way or the highway i want everything, you get nothing and unless that is the deal were not credible forward that's not the way the world works families, marriages, congress does not work y s thaty and that's why you've seen themi legislative agenda on the hill. elizabeth: that's a great point nothing on climate change, nothing on immigration reform even infrastructure now we havec the v-shaped recovery that many economists a president biden inherited is now getting ruined by paying people to not work and stay home with more jobless
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benefits we have more than 9 million job openings, we have rising inflation and gas going up the highest in seven years press secretary jen psaki says asked prices are going up because of supply issue but the biden administration is moving to undercut the u.s.. oil boom what is your take on this. >> when you have an administration that threatens tax increase and it enhances unemployment benefits a people make more money to stay home versus going to the workplace you see corporations that start to make decisions based on the threat of tax increases they don't invest in research equipment andd they don't invest in new employees and that has a drag on the economy, then when you borrow so much money in. so much money and it brings us inflation and my concern and a lot of people were getting raises in their jobs and inflation of the dollar doesn't
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go as far inor their poor, i thk jen psaki her analysis i will buy on anything but when you attack oil and you go after the keystone xl pipeline and you go after leases on federal land, your attacking the supply and when you attack the supply you have an economy that is not v-shaped was starting to recover that imbalance will give us a price spike which is what were seen s. elizabeth: think you sean duffy, come back soon former nypd lieutenant darrin porcher is here with us on the story democrats and the media now fleeing and downplaying their defend the police push as crime skyrockets across the country also this debate why are they pushing for defend the police at the same time house democrats are defundingng border security and drugs and gangs ands. illegl guns are pouring into u.s. cities, that is next when "the evening edit" continues.
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the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. elizabeth: crime is skyrocketing across the country one hotspot in particular is san francisco, it's experiencing and rams sacking shoplifting surge like never before audio cowan is in san francisco with more. >> target scores cutting back five of its san francisco locations to combat a surge and shoplifting and a booming black market for stolen goods. >> a witness captured this wild scene on monday as a crowd of thieves storm neiman marcus the group made off with handbags and other designer goods that will most likely be resold online for organized retail crime is thriving. >> there going from store to store to store and stealing
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goods in very specific goods because they know that those goods sell online. >> they urge congress to pass the informed consumers act a bill that would force e-commerce sites to verify sellers on their platforms. some sites are pushing back ebay telling fox it's open to thoughtful policy solutions while preserving important protection. >> wears it all from. >> retail advocates say whether shopping online or at street markets like this consumers need to consider new items selling for less than retail might be stolen goods. elizabeth: thank you claudia, good to see you, former in my pd lieutenant darrin porcher, great to have you back on, crime is rising now we have democrats and the media fleeing from their prior push to defend the police, let's hear the receipts and show who supported defend the police, what do you think is going on
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here. >> there has been a seismic shift from the police movement because you have a lot of the democrats that lost in a lot of they're down battle the elections of the past thatti beg said there completed that there not be protected, as we saw in the clip that was introduced we had targets that are being to larceny's and stealing from these businesses and as t a rest it's a community that's being penalized because these establishments are closing earlier that being said it's necessary foror democrats to tae the appropriate measures to ensure that the communities are protected and provided the necessary services walgreens is another one who has pharmacies closing left and right because there is no protection provided. elizabeth: here's the thing why defend the police at the same time house democrats are saying defend border security you have
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drug cartels, drug gangs, illegal guns pouring into u.s. cities, why do that at the same time? >> the deep and the police movement it appeared that it was a shock value that happened in the death of george floyd a got the democrats and if we look at what's happening not the border we have the same narrative occurring people crossing illegally into this country and committing crimes that being said the democratsir need to tae an affirmative stance against the d from the police movement and you see itt happening more but it's not happening at the pace that it should and as a result the communities. elizabeth: the tone is set at the top, jen psaki lane the staggering spike in crime on seasonal changes in the holiday weekend july 4 lori lightfoot want to shift any blame from what's going on in the shootings in chicago to the courts, sexism and racism then you have joe concha in the helsing jen psaki
10:22 pm
is a professional gaslight or, the washington post gave jen psaki think she was wrong to claimant was the gop defunding the police, what do youry say to this. >> i believe crime fighting happens on a ground-level from anissa polity when i hear a lot of the statements or the red herrings that are being introduced by lori lightfoot stating his racism in the attacks on her are being based as a woman is pure hard lash you need to effectively get into a crime control strategy and incorporated the practitioners in law enforcement because the police no better than n anyone else how to gain a drop in crime and is not happening this energy is nonexistent, therefore you have the politicians going one way and police going in the other and the community is suffering as a result because of crime is going through the roof. elizabeth: darrin porcher, good to see you, come back soon.
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>> thank you. elizabeth: were gonna stay on how americans have been misled by the media there still downplaying crime in the border crisis many in the media doing that now we have members of the media flip-flopping on the covid wuhan lab leagueea possibility e public was misled for a year about that scientist say investigators, w.h.o. said investigative and after seeing adam guillette ways in next. >> the washington post is welcome to join the party 18 months late anyone with an ounce of common sense can look at what happened in wuhan and say there's a good chance of virus came from the lab. ♪ lab. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear c (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear c (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear c ♪ ♪ ♪ (sfx: branches rustle) ♪ ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: welcome back you're watching the fox business network were committed to the bottom of the hour the washington post editorial board does a flip-flop of 180 probably not the u.s. to get serious about probing the origins of the pandemic joining is now accuracy in media president adam guillette. it's good to see you the washington post has been saying for a long time even this year that this theory was debunked and is just a conspiracy theory, why the 180. >> i'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that we have a different occupant of the white house it's amazing whenever
10:28 pm
trump said anything they had to immediately call it conspiracy theory they had to immediately say it was debunked but now biden another people see the exact same thing, they say there might be credence it is outrageous their job is to investigate and speak truth to power they have all the resources of jeff bezos at the washington post why couldn't they investigate this last year. elizabeth: now the washington post editorial board is saying get to the bottom of how the pandemic happened find out if it leaked from the wuhan lab, figured out we don't want it to happen again 4 million people killed worldwide 600,000 americans now dead democrats in congress not doing anything do you think they'll listen to the washington post? >> there never going to be afraid of the washington post because they know deep down in the heart the washington post or the allies of the democratic party there a pr machine for the democratic party they don't have
10:29 pm
much to fear from men but it's unbelievable that it took a year for them to call for an investigation into this why are they nearly calling for the investigation rather than doing it themselves, they've got resources, what happened to good old-fashioned investigative journalism all we see is the washington post's journalism where they write left-wing articles for the left-wing audience as well as activism where they push an agenda they think a year, there was nothing to see in anybody who suggested otherwise was a conspiracy theorist and a q1, they were lying to us about what might be the greatest truth of our lives. elizabeth: let's watch this let's say what your plane offers the media as you point out called the wuhan lab league possibility tinfoil hat stuff now major scientist from around the world the w.h.o. in the national livermore laboratory said investigate it and now watch this the media said its
10:30 pm
trump's fault that the media itself refused investigate the possibility to begin with, let's watch this. >> i think it's important when part of the issue when this was first being reported and discussed a few months after the pandemic begun then president trump and mike pompeo, the secretary of state both suggested that they seen evidence this was formed in the lab and not released on purpose but they refused to release the evidence showing what it was and because of that, that made this instantly political. >> is safe to say many in the scientific community there was an allergic reaction to the investigation of the lab leak is sounded like something donald trump was trying to deploy as a political deflection and his own administration faulty response to the pandemic. >> chompers who were complicit in playing down the pandemic reality in america are now seeing more interest in the
10:31 pm
china lab theory as some kind of indication. >> forgive me for overstepping, critics might say this is really serious journalistic malpractice, you take out the word trump and you keep the soundbites you have to say what with the viewers listening to how sears they were they misled did they stop the potentiality that china created the lab virus or maybe leaked out of the lab and it killed people around the world, why not investigate everything so it doesn't happen again why did the media fall down on the job. >> it was the old rule and if trump was for something they had to be against it if trump encouraged americans to bring oxygen they would've exceeded themselves, there was no chance that trump might be on to something we better look into it that is terrifying their job is to inform us we had the biggest story of our lifetime rather than investigating and informing
10:32 pm
people they were misinforming people and lying it is not just malpractice, it's unethical and immoral were actually hearing an action word on this on accuracy media on our website where you can send one message that goes to all the libby's journalists who call conspiracy theorists and said we were tinfoil hat and you can tell them what to think about what they did i think the american people deserve an explanation for why we were misled by the media and what they will do per from preventing from happening again. elizabeth: adam guillette it's good to see you come back soon. coming out of the bottom of the hour the fox business network republican congresswoman nancy mace is going to tell us what she thinks about the white house now saying it would support stage iii imposing coronavirus restrictions the white house also says it's up to schools, colleges and companies if they want to mandate vaccines are you confused, which is it will break it down next on "the evening
10:33 pm
edit". >> what they want is a permanent pandemic, that's what they want it gives them the opportunity to boss everyone around indefinitely look at the governor gavin newsom facing a recall he still got these emergency powers, he just said i'm going to keep the emergent even after he announced the reopening of the state and by the way i'm reopening the states but it's still an emergency so i still have to have the powers to make all these decisions to micromanage her life it is complete nonsense. ♪
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or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. ♪. elizabeth: will come back white housecr press secretary jen psai said joe biden would certainly support stage iii imposing coronavirus restrictions if they have to, joining the south carolina representative nancy mace, what do you say that, it's great to see you. >> it's great to see you as always i would say the left
10:38 pm
wants total control over american lives and we learned, if we learn nothing else over the last year to year end a half we learned how detrimental lockdowns are in this country businesses suffered suicide rates were up in a very significant way and our kids lost a year of school. elizabeth: white house press secretary jen psaki is saying it's up to schools and colleges and companies if they want to mandate vaccines, which is it. >> it's very confusing whether were talking about the infrastructure package, spending and taxes and he wants to defend the police we get confusing messages from jen psaki in the biden administration the fact it this country that businesses need certainty and not uncertainty particularly when inflation is skyhigh right now were trying to claw our way out of the pandemic.
10:39 pm
elizabeth: let's talk about this dartmouth college brown university national bureau of economic research public their study that found that the u.s. media is the relentlessly more negative about9 covid-19 then even science journals or thehe foreign press u.s. media going negative light cases dropping, schools reopening, vaccines working and now we have this the media and many of the left-wing media pushing on critical race theory parents are fighting back against the teachers union on that and the teachers union demanding more from mandatory and evacuation of all students and staffers before they reopen what do you say to this. >> parents are not only fighting back but they're getting arrested at school board meetings for speaking up against mandated vaccinates same or critical race theory, this is incredible what is happening in this country and i think many americans like myself included my family and friends and neighbors were turning off the news at night because it'st so inegative.
10:40 pm
elizabeth: at least six states have passed bills to ban critical race theory at least 20 more considering similar legislation we've got cnn accused of gas lighting and portraying anybody who criticizes criticalti race theoy as idiots as african-american parents have come before school boards saying don't do it you're dividing our children teaching them to look at people based on the color of their skin, they say that they don't want poison sweeping through u.s. schools, what do you say that. >> i would say anybody who does the research including the black families that know their research and knowledgeable and smart on critical race theory this ideology is based in marxism and to wake up every day and teach our kids that they're inherently racist is wrong we should have a diversity of ideas and thought and ideology within our educational system that's one of the reasons that i sponsoredso legislation to defud or make sure there's no funding
10:41 pm
spent at the federal level of o critical race theory in our public schools a military as well it is disgraceful and un-american, was martin luther king that taught us that we should be a judge based on the content of our character not the color of erskine. elizabeth: we have this axiom's reporting more school board member recall efforts this year than any year since 2006. it looks like it keeps going up and up the push to recall school board members we have parents taking their children out of public schools and putting them in private schools and charter schools, this is working against charter school unions. >> is working against the teacher union and i want to support every caring mom and dad in american author that cares about our country and our kids future to continue to speak up and speak out about what's happening in ourid educational
10:42 pm
system i see it with my two kids they came home a couple of years ago and explain that socialism was better than democracy or communism i literally had to pull over the car on the side of the road and have an educational moment with my kids and say wait a minute that is not quite right what are we teaching our kids in school. elizabeth: what w an antidote, thank you for being with us and thanks for joining us, come back soonon. elizabeth: were staying on the story the 2024 gop playing field it keeps growing and growing, now the word is coming out of washington that the glove could come off between donald trump and ron desantis, is not true the florida governor is rising in popularity does not make him a target republican strategist ford o'connell joins us next. >> governor desantis in florida he agrees with everything that donald trumphe stands for and supports him on the agenda but look at how he handles this crisis with the collapse of the
10:43 pm
towers he's a presidential and holding briefings with the first responders he greeted president biden then able to reach across the aisle and actual up-to-date briefings, he's very comforting and majored in the way that he handles things that is the kind of person that we need to carry the idea of trumpism into the next election instead of being distracted by whether donald trump paid taxes on his car or trump paid taxes on his car or not. ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ ♪. elizabeth: let's bring in gop strategist ford o'connell, what is your assessment of this order governor ron desantis, his popularity is rising among the gop stakeholder does not risk a backlash of trump. >> here's the breaking news the 2024 republican presidential nominee will be a floridian and it will be donald trump or ron desantis god said governor desantis has to win reelection
10:48 pm
in president trump is not decided whether or not he will run i think this argument is moving and i think the democrats want to have these two gentlemen fighting with one another because they fear both in 2024. elizabeth: sit tight we haveom sound coming in from president trump on the lawsuit, class-action suit he brought against twitter, facebook and google youtube i want your reaction to this, watch. >> were asking the u.s. district court for the southern district of florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies illegal shameful censorship of the american people were going to hold big tech very accountable this is the first of numerous lawsuits that i assume would follow but this is the lead and i think it'll be very and important game changer for country it'll be a pivotal
10:49 pm
the defense of the first amendment. elizabeth: if trump is kicked off social media and ron desantis days on how does that affect the race. >> i think the democrats and big tech want to keep trump off social media i to my had to president trump for launching the lawsuit because it's not just president trump we've been doing vice facebook google and twitter and millions of conservatives around the country if his lawsuit is successful back on that said, i don't know that it's affecting, you have to remember we would not have ron desantis in president trump not endorse them back in the 2018 primary all tell you the floridian who supported this was actually trailing by 20 points and right now in florida we might be talking about not for trump. elizabeth: desantis seems he's apparently trump policies but the issue was a class-action lawsuit that the first amendment protects against government
10:50 pm
censorship and does not cover private sector companies we don't know how far that lawsuit would go, your final word strategist they once ron desantis wins reelection last year after he raises a lot of money the gloves will come off between the two, your final word. >> i think it president trump does run in these ready to go and desantis wins reelection i believe trump will be running alone and not against desantis but the gop wants this and neither are the best two gentlemen to represent my party in 2024. elizabeth: thank you for joining us national border patrol council brandon john is coming back on about msnbc anchor locking law enforcement from a dozen states going to help out with the border crisis the anchor says there is no crisis even after government data shows border crime is rising in women and children are getting assaulted by drugs and human traffickers and much more that is next on "the evening edit".
10:51 pm
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elizabeth: reports continue to come in that mexican criminal cartels are making hundreds of millions of dollars a month off of the u.s. border drug and human trafficking migrants getting killed d and assaulted d now this border authorities are resting our growing number of criminal illegals to felony convictions including sex assault, drug offense ands homicide, national border patrol council brandon judd, it's great to have you on what we have msnbc enjoy read in the league of latin american citizens attacking the dozens of states sending their own law enforcement to the border to help out. what do you say to that. >> troy doesn't want to have an honest conversation on what's happening at the border if she did she would bring guests likee myself on to talk about what is really happening on the border
10:56 pm
the fact remains president biden is not doingns his job because e is not doing his h job is leavit governors like abbott and desantis and kristi noem to step in and do a job that he should be doing he is not doing his job and because he is not doing his job criminal cartels are making money that we have never seen before in the past. elizabeth: we have human smugglers dropping children over border walls, throwing them in reverse, leaving them stranded without water indd deserts and n highways let's watch msnbc enjoy read she's trying to claim that this is a nonexistent crisis, hundreds of millions of dollars made by criminal cartel taken advantage of the border and many say that they actually control the border let's watch msnbc enjoy read. watch. >> the roaming noem is back at it again governor kristi noem it would appear there jealous that
10:57 pm
are to greg abbott and ron desantis are getting, she's sending national guard troops roaming deploying them to the southern border of texas joining the santos and the governors off iowa and nebraska and sending hope to the board of 50 national guard troops being deployed to greg abbott clean for border security for at' nonexistent crisis. elizabeth: a nonexistent crisis, let's show the stats on what's going on at the border. what your reaction. >> this is absolute crazy talk when you look at what joyce says actions always speak louder than words enjoy claims that she cares about people but she doesn't want to protect those individuals these are innocent people these children are getting thrown into rivers dropped over fences, their innocent children that we want to protect the governor noem wants to protect but joy reed wants to sit there and criticize them simply for sending the
10:58 pm
protection that is necessary for us to control the border cut into the criminal cartel profit which would allow us to look for how do we allow people to come into the united states legally not illegally.t' elizabeth: is a hard concept to grasp it must be this that's what's going on but they don't understand he humana turn crisis then the week border and they started assaulting people into coyotes now we have house democrats to defend the border again, what do you say that. >> the romanticizing criminality they're talking about how we need gun control laws but g in reality it's this administration. they need to get this under
10:59 pm
control. elizabeth: right must listen to the mayor of the border town. >> here lately even getting up by the schools so we've had to put the elementary school, t walked on and we had to bring law enforcement in to search for the individuals, 90% of these cars we are finding loaded firearms. elizabeth: your final word on that. >> in the high school is right next to my town three illegal aliens under a truck of a high school student as he was getting in the truck and because there wasn't border patrol resources available those peoplepl got awy and they potentially could've harmed the high school student, this is a situation that is controllable we can do t what's necessary, this administration hadoesn't have the political wil to take control what they need ofto do.
11:00 pm
elizabeth: brandon judd, thank you for joining us into your service to our country, come back soon, good to see you. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us, thank you for watching we hope you haves, a good evening and jn us again tomorrow night. ♪ . larry: hello everyone, welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow let me get this right in the biden world it's okay to shut down oil and gas in the usa like the keystone pipeline in the dakota access pipeline and then of course it's okay to argue for a renewed deal because with the climate exponential threat that we all may perish far


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