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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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"fox business tonight." thanks so much for watching. we'll be back here tomorrow "the evening edit" starts in a few seconds. ♪. elizabeth: tonight we've got the reaction now pouring in, former president trump filing a class-action lawsuit against facebook, twitter, google's youtube and their ceos claiming they violated his first amendment constitutionality rights after censoring banning him over the capitol riots and more. we'll break it down. joining us former federal prosecutor jump trusty, sean duffy, darren porcher, accuracy in media pet adam guillette,
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nancy mace around national border patrol counsel president brandon judd. president biden's vows to solve russia's unchecked cyber as l assault. the left put red lines around the biden agenda and plans to stop it cold. we're months away from the midterm election season. more on backlash against the democrats in the media running away from their big defund the police push as crime skyrockets nationwide. also "the washington post" for the first time today, said the white house was wrong to claim it was the gop who supported defunding the police. it wasn't so. this debate. why are democrats and the media pushing for defund the police at the same time house democrats are defunding border security and drugs and gangs and illegal guns are pouring into u.s. cities? also this, government data showing border crime is rising. migrants killed and assaulted by
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drug and human traffickers, but an msnbc anchor mocking dozen states sending in their law enforcement to help at the border. also this, the media now flip-flopping on the covid wuhan lab leak possibility, saying yeah, investigate it, after misleading the public on that for more than a year. plus more on a trump versus ron desantis gop race. the white house says it would support states reimposing covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns but white house also says it is up to schools, colleges and companies if they want to mandate vaccines. so which is it? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show, you're watching the fox business network. we begin with president trump filing a major class-action lawsuit that seeks punitive damages against facebook,
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twitter, youtube, google and mark zuckerberg, jack dorsey and sundar pichai after they banned him in the face of the capitol riots and much more. lauren simonetti has the details. reporter: good evening, liz. former president donald trump filing a class-action lawsuit against the country's biggest tech companies against facebooking google and twitter and their ceos. this is over free speech and censorship of conservative viewpoints. >> we're demanding an end to the "shadow banning." a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well. reporter: trump was booted from sites like facebook and twitter over risks of violence over the january 6th insurrection on the capitol. he is standing up for all americans also silenced by big tech. the suit wants the court to order the media companies to allow trump back on their platforms.
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it is also asking for revamp of what is known as section 230, a law essentially exempts for the social media companies from being held liable for what their users post. liz, back to you. elizabeth: liz, lauren, thank you very much. joining us former federal prosecutor jim trusty. does this have legs? the first amendment protects against censorship from the government. it doesn't cover that for the private sector. what do you say? >> right. look, that part is going to be tough sledding but not impossible. the idea here is not necessarily equate big tech to literally the government but to equate them to public use utilities. saying these guys have such a dominant share of the information market that they should be treated as if they are essentially a public earnty. now the complaint, 44 pages long does make them an effort to key wait them with government and conspiracying government with suppressing conservative thought that might be a stretch not to
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just allege or prove it but if they get to the wheelhouse of describing it as a public use entity, they have a chance of harboring a first amendment claim. elizabeth: it is interesting, you're right, that they get protection from over liability lawsuits from section 230. the thing the first amendment protects facebook and twitter and google's use tube from compelled speech by the government. they have a first amendment right too to decide what speech their platforms carry. i'm pointing this out because this is going to be really interesting constitutional fight. what do you say? >> you're right but really the heart of all this, the frustration inherent in this lawsuit is coming from congressional lack of management of section 230, the communications of decency act. they would bring in the ceo's and jack and mark would ask hem hard questions and if they didn't respond was i will get back to you. they never got back.
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all the unanswered questions about suppressing conservative thought. why the ayatollah can post holocaust denial stories but trump can't tweet and those issues of discrimination were left urn answered. the big tech giants are satisfied and happy with status quo which congress is. we get immunity, we can't be sued for misdeeds accompanied on our platforms but we'll also moderate content. that shouldn't have both the cake and eat it too like that. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. the issue also hangs on the fact that social media users accept the terms of service agreements that you know, trump signed on to these terms of service agreements proposed by them but we hear you loud and clear, facebook was accused of suppressing and censoring the wuhan lab leak possibility. they took down information on covid. twitter censored stories on hunter biden. the media research center is
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finding that you know, big tech censored donald trump and his campaign something like 2500 total cases of censorship. so should they be treated more like phone companies, not even utilities, phone companies, means that they would have to stream everything? >> that is the right analogy to say look, you have got this immunity. use it to be a free marketplace of ideas. do not wade in something commonly used by almost every citizen and destroy content or suppress stories like hunter biden before an election. i do think it will be tough to equate them to the government in a literal sense but there is an argument that might have some punch saying essentially this is a large public utility like your cell phone carrier or your internet provider. elizabeth: the lawsuit, if it advances trump would have to give sworn testimony, right? he would have to give depositions potentially about january 6th, right? >> absolutely. i don't think donald trump is afraid being questioned maybe to a fault. he would be perfectly happy to
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take the microphone and talk about january 6th but also remember discovery is a huge linchpin this type of litigation. if it survives motion to dismiss, and goes to the discovery phase, you might have whistle-blowers from the giants this is what we were doing, this is how we suppressed free speech. those are forums for disgruntled folks for discovery. elizabeth: the president vowed a response over a month ago. he met with the state department, doj, dhs, and the intelligence community. we're not seeing a response yet. there is a russian potential hack attempt on the rnc and on up to 1500 companies worldwide. what should the white house response be, final word? >> well real quick, look there, are two basic points about russia. putin smells and acts on weakness. that is what he is smelling right now. that is problematic for our
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country and our infrastructure. second thing, there are no freelance hacking groups in russia. these are state actors. criminal justice is not particularly well-equipped to deal with foreign countries that won't extradite when they have state actors hacking in. it has to be policy or conflict of source to end this thing, not just speaking about the law. elizabeth: jim trusty, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. let's bring back in fox news contributor sean duffy. first your reaction to the trump lawsuit? >> you know, i'm happy the president is fighting back against big tech and you know we'll see how the case goes but if you don't have someone like the president pushing back and trying to have changes in the way big tech sensors conservative speech in a place where you don't have any other forum to communicate. if you don't have twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube where else can you go to post your content? they got rid of twitter on us, right?
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google, apple only two cell phones you can use in america as well as amazon hosting services took parler off the air. it was a competitor. these liberal companies demolished them. i hope he is successful. we'll see where the courts take it. elizabeth: yeah. you know the social media is saying that you know, he was inciting things like the capitol riot and making false claims about voter fraud. the debate is, do you just censor those posts and keep them on or kick him off entirely. that is what the debate is. i want to move on with this. let's move on what is going on with the progressive far left. sean, in your opinion and assessment. did the far left put doctor i don't knowian red lines around the biden agenda? it seems like they're totally stopped cold. they're not getting anything done in congress. the midterm election season is months away. what is your assessment? >> 100%, liz. the democrats have a very slim majority in the house, what, five, six seats.
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it's a 50-50 split in the senate. most smart politicians say i have to compromise and because different parties, different people value different things both sides can get 60% of a deal because we value different things. so instead of trying to find a pathway forward through compromise, these progressive liberals have put these red lines in, they say it is my way or the highway. i want everything, you get nothing. unless that is a deal we're not going to move forward. that is not the way the world works, liz. families, marriages, congress doesn't work that way. that is why you've seen the legislative agenda stymied on the hill. elizabeth: it's a great point. you know so, nothing on climate change. nothing on immigration reform. even infrastructure. you know, sean, now we have the v-shaped recovery that many economists say president biden inherited. now it is getting ruined by things like paying people to not work and stay home with more jobless benefits. we got more than nine million
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job openings. we have rising inflation and gas going up the highest in seven years. press secretary jen psaki says gas prices are going up because it's a supply issue but the biden administration is moving to undercut the u.s. oil boom. what is your take on this? >> listen, when you have an administration that comes out and threatens tax increases, when you often handed unemployment benefits so people make more money to stay home versus going to the workplace, you see corporations start to make decisions based on threat of tax increases. they don't invest in research and development. don't invest in new equipment or plants. they don't invest in new employees. that has a drag on the economy. when you borrow so much money and print so much money that has real impact on the value of the dollar which brings us inflation, right? my concern is, you have a lot of elderly people but a lot of people who are not getting races in their jobs. when you have inflation the dollar doesn't go as far. they're poor, worse off.
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i think think i jen psaki, her analysis i won't buy on anything, when you attack oil, go after the keystone pipeline and go after leases on federal land. you are attacking the supply. when you attack the supply, you have a economy not v-shaped, but starting to recover that imbalance will give us a price spike which is what we're seeing. elizabeth: thank you, sean duffy. good to see you. come back soon. still ahead former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. he is here with us on this story. democrats in the media fleeing and downplaying their defund the police push as crime skyrockets across the country. also this debate, why are they pushing for defund the police at the same time democrats, house democrats are defunding border security and drugs and gangs and illegal guns are pouring into u.s. cities? that's next when "the evening edit" continues. >> individuals who are making
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decision on police budgets should ride in mrs. cruisers and see what the community is seeing and know what police officers do on the streets of america all the time. if they want to make decisions how to deploy resources absolutely but they should be informed what the actual situations are or not what they think they are or told what they are. i would like people live the experience of walking a mile in a cop's shoes. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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only for a limited time. to learn more, go to ♪. elizabeth: as crime is skyrocketing across the country, one hot spot in particular is san francisco. it is experiencing a ransacking and shoplifting surge like never before. claudia cowan is in san francisco with more. claudia? reporter: target stores cutting back hours at all five san francisco locations to combat a surge in shoplifting and a booming black market for stolen goods. a witness captured this wild scene on monday as a crowd of thieves stormed neiman marcus. no one was hurt but the group made off with handbags and other designer goods that will most likely be resold online where
6:19 pm
organized retail crime is thriving. >> and they are going to store, to store, to store, and stealing goods, stealing very specific goods because they know those goods sell online. reporter: hansen urges congress to pass the informed consumer act, it would force e-commerce sites to verify sellers on their platforms. some sites are pushing r pushing back. ebay told fox it is open to thoughtful policy solutions while preserving consumer protection. >> where is it from? >> huh? >> where is it from? >> shopping online or at street markets like this, consumers need to consider new items selling less than retail might be stolen goods. elizabeth: thank you, claudia. great to see you. come back soon. joining us now, former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. great to have you back on, lieutenant. crime is rising. democrats and media are fleeing from their prior push to defund the police.
6:20 pm
let's hear the receipts. show who supported defund the police. what do you think is going on here? >> well there has been a seismic shift in the defund police movement because you had a lot of the democrats that lost in a lot of down ballot elections in the past that being said the citizenry is complaining they're not being protected. as we saw in the clip that was just introduced, we had target that is being, people are coming in. they're committing larcenies and stealing from these businesses and as a result the communities are being penalized because the establishments are closing earlier. that being said, it is necessary for democrats to take the appropriate measures to insure that the communities are protected and provided the necessary services. walgreens is another one who have these pharmacies that are closing left and right because there has been no protections provided. elizabeth: right. so you know, here's the thing, why defund the police at the same time that house democrats
6:21 pm
are saying, yeah, defund border security? you have drug cartels, drug gangs, illegal guns pouring into u.s. cities? why do that at the same time? >> well the defund police movement it appeared if it was shock value happened in the wake of the death of george floyd. it got the democrats nowhere. when we look what is happening at the border, we have the same narrative that is occurring. people are crossing illegally into this country and committing crimes. that being said the democrats need to take an affirmative stance against this defund police movement and you see it happening more but not happening at the pace as it should and as a result the community is suffering. >> the tone is set at the top. the white house press secretary jen psaki blamed staggering spike in crime on seasonal changes on the holiday weekend of july 4th. chicago mayor lori lightfoot wants to shift any blame what is going on with shoot national chicago to sexism around racism.
6:22 pm
you have joe concha on "the hill," jen psaki is a quote, professional gas lighter. the washington post gave general talk sy three pinocchios trying to say that the gop was defunding the police. what do you say to this. >> defunding comes from a lot of municipalities. when i hear lori lightfoot that the attacks on her based as a woman are hogwash. you need to get into a crime control strategy and incorporate practitioners in law enforcement because the police no better than anyone else how to gain on a precipitous drop in crime. it is not happening. synergy is nonexistent. politicians are going one way, the police are going the other and the community is suffering as a result because the crime is
6:23 pm
going through the roof. elizabeth: darren porcher. good to see you. come back soon. >> thanks, elizabeth. elizabeth: okay we'll stay on how americans have been misled by the media. they're still downplaying crime and the border crisis. many in the media are doing that. now we have members of the media flip-flopping on the covid wuhan lab leak possibility. the public was misled for over a year about that. scientists, livermore national labs say investigate it. w.h.o. says investigate it. accuracy in media president adam guillette weighs in next. >> "the washington post" is welcomed to join the party 18 months late. look, anyone with an ounce of common sense could look what happened in wuhan and can say, you know what, there is a good chance the virus came from that lab. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken!
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get started today with a free 30-day omnipod dash trial. go to for risk information, instructions for use, and free trial terms and conditions. consult your healthcare provider before starting on omnipod. simplify diabetes. simplify life. omnipod. ♪. elizabeth: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. the washington post editorial board does a flip-flop, a 180. it is now calling on the u.s., to quote, get serious about probing the origins of the pandemic. joining us now, accuracy in media president adam guillette. adam, it is good to see you. "the washington post" has been saying for a long time, even this year, that this theory was debunked. it is just a conspiracy theory. so why the 180? >> i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact we have a different occupant of the white house. it is amazing whenever trump
6:28 pm
said anything they had to immediately call it a conspiracy theory. they had to immediately say it was debunked. when biden and other people say the exact same thing, they say there might be some credence to it. it is outrageous. their job is to investigate, speak truth to power. they have all the resources of jeff bezos at "the washington post." why couldn't they have been investigating this last year? elizabeth: now "the washington post" editorial board is also saying get to the bottom of how this pandemic happened. find out if it leaked from the wuhan lab. figure it out because we don't want it to happen again. four million people killed worldwide. 600,000 americans now dead. democrats in congress not doing anything though. do you think they will listen to the "washington post" now? >> no, no. they will never be afraid of "the washington post" because they know deep down in their hearts "the washington post," they're allies of the democratic party. they are the pr machine for the democratic party. they don't have much to fear from them but it is unbelievable
6:29 pm
that it took a year for them to call for an investigation into this. why are they merely calling for the investigation rather than just doing it themselves? they have got resources. what happened to good old-fashioned investigative journalism? all we see at "the washington post" is clickbait journalism where they write left-wing articles for the left-wing audience as well as activist journalism where they try to push an agenda. they spent a year like this was chernobyl, nothing to see. anybody who suggested otherwise was a conspiracy theorist, qanon type. they were lying to us what might be one of the greatest truths of our lives. elizabeth: okay. let's watch this. let's stay on what you just were pointing out. first the media, as you point out called the wuhan lab leak possibility tinfoil hat stuff. now major scientists from around the world, the w.h.o., the national livermore laboratory says yeah, investigate it. and now watch this. the media says it is trump's fault that the media itself
6:30 pm
refused to investigate this possibility to begin with. let's watch this. >> i do think it is important to remember that part of the issue when this was first being reported on and discussed back a few months after the pandemic had begun then president trump and mike pompeo, the secretary of state, both suggested they had seen evidence that this was formed in a lab and they also suggested it was not released on purpose but they refused to release the evidence showing what it was. because of that, that made this instantly political. >> i think it is safe to say for many in the scientific community there was almost allergic reaction to the suggestion of a lab leak because it sounded more like something donald trump was trying to deploy as a political deflection to take attention off his own administration's faulty responses to the pandemic. >> trumpers who were complicit in playing down the pandemic reality in america are now seeing more interest in the china lab theory as some kind of
6:31 pm
vindication. elizabeth: forgive me for overstepping. critics might say this is really serious journalistic malpractice, right? you take out the word trump, keep those sound bites, you have to say what were their viewers listen to? how seriously were they misled? did they stop the potentiality that china created this lab virus, or maybe just leaked out of the lab and it killed people around the world? why not investigate everything so it doesn't happen again? why do the media fall down on the job here? >> well because it was the old rule. if trump was for something they had to be against it. if trump encouraged americans to breathe oxygen, these journalists would have asphyxiated themselves. they're was no chance they were going to say trump might be on to something. we better look into it. that is terrifying. their job is to inform us. we had the biggest story perhaps of our lifetime, rather than investigating, rather than informing people, they were
6:32 pm
misinforming people an lying. it is not just journalistic malpractice. i would say it is unethical an immoral. we're doing an action alert right now on accuracy in media on the website, you can send one message that goes to all these journalists who called us conspiracy theorists who said we wear tinfoil hats and tell them what you think they did. the american people deserve an explanation why we were misled by the media. what they will do to prevent it from happening again. elizabeth: all right, adam guillette, good to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. coming up republican congresswoman nancy mace will tell us what she thinks about the white house now saying it would support states reimposing coronavirus restrictions. the white house also says it is up to schools, colleges and companies if they want to mandate vaccines. are you confused? which is it? we'll break it down next on "the evening edit." >> what they want is a permanent pandemic.
6:33 pm
that is what they want because it gives them the opportunity, exactly as you say, to boss everyone around indefinitely. look at the governor, gavin newsom facing a recall. he still has got these emergency powers. he just renewed the emergency. he just said i will keep, even after he announced the reopening of the state. by the way, i'm reopening the state but it is still an emergency. so i still have to have these powers to unilaterally make all these decisions to micromanage your life. it is complete nonsense. ♪. this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends,
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6:38 pm
always. i would say the left wants total control over american lives. if we learned nothing else over the last year, year-and-a-half, we learned how detrimental lockdowns are in this country. businesses suffered. suicide rates were up in very statistically significant way and our kids lost a year of school. elizabeth: you know white house press secretary jen psaki is also saying it is up to schools and colleges and companies if they want to mandate vaccines so which is it? >> it is very confusing whether we're talking about the infrastructure package spending and taxes or who wants to defund the police we get all sorts of confusing messages from jen psaki and the biden administration. the fact in this country businesses need certainty, not uncertainty particularly when inflation is sky-high right now. we're trying to claw our way out of this pandemic. elizabeth: let's talk about this again. dartmouth college, brown
6:39 pm
university, national bureau of economic research, published their study that found the u.s. media is relentlessly more negative about covid-19 than even science, journals or the foreign press. u.s. media even going negative on things like cases dropping, schools reopening, vaccines working. and now we have this, the media, many in the left-wing media is pushing on critical race theory. parents are fighting back against the teachers union on that and the teachers union demanding mandatory vaccination of all students and staff before they reopen. what do you say to this? >> well, parents not only are they fighting back but getting arrested at school board meetings for speaking up against mandated vaccinations or critical race theory. this is, it is incredible what is happening in this country. i think like many americans, like myself included, my family, my friends, my neighbors, we're often turning off the news at night because it is so negative. elizabeth: you know at least six states have passed bills that is
6:40 pm
moving to ban concepts associated with critical race theory. at least 20 more are considering similar legislation. we've got cnn accused of gaslighting and portraying anybody who criticizes critical race theory as quote, idiots, after african-american parents came before school boards saying don't do it. you're dividing our children, teaching them to look at people based on the color of their skin. they say they don't want that poison sweeping through u.s. schools. what do you say to that? >> well, i would say anyone who does their research including these black families, that know their research and are quite knowledgeable and smart on critical race theory, this ideology is based in marxism. to wake up to teach our kids that they're inherently racist is wrong. we should have diverse ideas, thoughts, ideologies within our educational system. that is one of the reasons i sponsored legislation to defund, make sure there is no funding
6:41 pm
spent at the federal level on critical race theory in our public schools and our military as well. it is disgraceful. quite frankly it is un-american. martin luther king told us and taught us we should be judged based on the content of our character, not the color of our skin. elizabeth: all right, we've got this quickly. "axios" reporting there have been more school board member recall efforts this year than any year since 2006. it looks like it keeps going up and up the push to recall school board members. we have parents, this trend is taking hold. they're taking their children out of public schools and putting them in private schools and charter schools. this is working against the public teachers unions. what do you say to this, final word? >> absolutely working against the teachers unions. i want to support every caring mom and dad and american out there that cares about our country and our kids future, to continue to speak up, speak out what is happening in our
6:42 pm
educational system. my kids came home couple years ago and explained to me socialism was better than democracy and communism. i literally had to pull over the side of the road and have educational moment with my kids, wait a minute. that is not quite right. what are we teaching our kids in school. elizabeth: wow, what an anecdote. congressman mace, thanks for joining us and come back soon. >> thank you. >> okay, we're staying on this story. the 2024 gop playing field. it keeps growing and growing. now word is coming out of washington that the gloves could come off between donald trump and ron desantis. is that true? the florida governor is rising in popularity. does that make him a target? republican strategist ford o'connell joins us next. >> governor desantis in florida, he agrees with everything that donald trump stands for. he supports him on the agenda but look how he has been handling this crisis with the collapse of the towers. he has been presidential.
6:43 pm
he is holding briefings with the first-responders. he greeted president biden and was able to reach across the aisle. he is delivering very factual up to date briefings. he is comforting and measured the way handles things. that is the kind of person, the kind of person we need to carry ideas of trumpism into the next election instead of being distracted by whether donald trump paid taxes on his car or not. ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: let's bring in gop strategist ford o'connell. okay, ford, what's your assessment of this? florida governor ron desantis, his popularity is rising among the gop faithful. does that risk a backlash from trump. >> i don't think so. here is the breaking news, emac. the 2024 republican presidential nominee will be a floridian, it will either be donald trump or ron desantis. that said, governor desantis has
6:48 pm
to win re-election. president trump has not yet decided whether or not he is going to run. i think this argument is moot. democrats want these two gentlemen fighting with fighting one another because they fear both of them in 2024. elizabeth: ford, sit tight one second. we have sound coming in from president trump on the lawsuit, class-action suit he brought against twitter, facebook and google's youtube. i want your reaction to this, watch. >> we're asking the u.s. district court for the southern district of florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies illegal, shameful, censorship of the american people. we're going to hold big tech very accountable. this is the first of numerous other lawsuits i assume that would follow but this is the lead and i think it is going to be a very, very important game-changer for our country. it will be a pivotal battle in the defense of the first
6:49 pm
amendment. elizabeth: so, if trump is kept off social media and ron desantis stays on, how does that affect the race? >> well i think democrats of big tech want to keep trump off social media. i tip my hat to president trump for launching this lawsuit because it is not just president trump who has been dinged by facebook, google and twitter. it is millions of conservatives around the country. if his lawsuit is successful he would be back on there. i don't know if this affecting anything. we wouldn't have ron desantis if president trump not endorsed him in the 2018 primary. as a floridian, he was trailing by 20 points. in florida we might be talking about governor andrew gillem if it were not for trump. elizabeth: desantis seems like he is the heir apparent to trump's policies. the issue by the way with the class-action lawsuit that the first amendment protects against government censorship. it doesn't cover private sector
6:50 pm
companies. so we don't know how far that lawsuit will go. your final word on this. strategists say once ron desantis wins re-election for governor next year, he raises a lot of money, the governors will come off the two. your final word? >> if president trump decides to run and decides to go and desantis wins re-election i think trump will run alone and not against desantis. the gop want two options and these are the best two gentlemen to for our party in 2024. elizabeth: thank you ford o'connell. brandon judd is sharing his thoughts about an msnbc anchor mocking law enforcement from a dozen states to helping out with with the border crisis. the anchor says there is no crisis. eastern the data shows that crime is rising and women and children are getting assaulted and that is much, much more.
6:51 pm
next on "the evening edit." >> what about the hundreds of thousands of gotaways? that he slipped into our country. that is a criminal justice threat and it ace tragedy. this is so preventable. the biden administration created this problem and they are trying to ignore it but it is not going to go away. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair
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elizabeth: reports continue to come in that mexican criminal cartels are making hundreds of millions of dollars a month also the u.s. border the drug and trafficking migrants getting killed and assaulted and now border authorities arresting a growing number of criminal illegals with felony convictions including things like assaults, drug offenses even homicide, joining is now border patrol council brandon judd, great to have you one but we have msnbc joy read in the league of united latin american citizens attacking the dozen states now sending their own law enforcement to the border to help out, what do you say that. >> toy doesn't one have an honest conversation about what's happening on the border if she did she would bring guests like myself on to talk about what is really happening on the border, the fact remains president biden
6:56 pm
is not doing his job and because he's not doing his job he's leaving governors like abbott and desantis and noem to step in and do a job that he should be doing, he's not doing his job because he's not doing his job criminal cartels are making money that we have never seen before in the past. larry: we have human smugglers dropping children over border walls, throwing them in numbers, leaving them stranded without water and deserts on highways, let's watch msnbc joy read, she's trying to claim that this is a nonexistent crisis, hundreds of millions of dollars made micro a cartel taken advantage of the border and many say that they actually control the border, let's watch msnbc joy read. >> back at it again kristi noem that is it would appear inaugural worst is jealous of
6:57 pm
our record holders republican governor frank abbott of texas in ron desantis of sending south dakota national guard troops deploying them to the southern border of texas, joining fellow the santos and the governors of iowa and nebraska and sending help to the border 50 national guard troops are be deployed in response to greg abbott's plea for border security of a non-existent crisis. elizabeth: a nonexistent crisis let's show the staff with crime at the border, what is your reaction to this. >> this is crazy talk when you look at what joyce says actions always speak much louder than words joy claims that she cares about people but she doesn't want to protect those individuals these are innocent people these children getting thrown into rivers and dropped, these are innocent children that we want to protect the governor noem wants to protect but joy read wants to sit there and criticize simply for sending the protection that is necessary for
6:58 pm
us to actually control the border, cut into the, no cartel profit that will allow us to look for how do we allow people to come into the united states illegally, not illegally. .elizabeth: it's a hard concept to grasp they don't understand his humanitarian crisis when you have a week border the criminal cartel step in and salty people and dry goon them into becoming coyotes but now you have house democrats movie to defend the border again, what do you say to that. >> their romanticizing criminality, they are talking about how we need gun control laws but in reality it's this administration where this unprecedented crime is taking place under this administration were seen more murders in the city of chicago and more illegal border crossers and simply because he is not willing to do what is necessary to get these problems under control, criminals will act like criminals if you allow them to
6:59 pm
do so. elizabeth: let's listen to the mayor of the border town describe what is going on. >> lately they may getting out by our local elementary schools, we have had to put the local elementary schools on lockdown and we had to bring more law enforcement into search for these individuals, 90% of these cars we are finding loaded firearms in. elizabeth: your final word on that. >> in the high school it's right next to my town there were three illegal aliens under the truck of a high school student as he was getting in the truck and because there wasn't there border patrol resources available those people got away and they potentially could've harmed the high school student, this is a situation that is controllable we can do what is necessary to do it this administration doesn't have the political will to take control of what they need to do is. .elizabeth: brandon judd thank
7:00 pm
you for your service to our country, i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us, thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪. larry: hello everyone, welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow let me get this right in the biden world it's okay to shut down oil and gas in the usa like the keystone pipeline in the dakota access pipeline and then of course it's okay to argue for a renewed deal because with the climate exponential threat that a


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