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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 7, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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maria: thank you for being with us, see you tomorrow. "varney and company" begins right now. ashley webster in for stew, take it away. ashley: good morning. i am ashley webster in for stuart varney. president biden has a new strategy to get more people vaccinated. he wants to knock on your door. the administration missed their goal to get 70% of the country vaccinated by the fourth of july so this strategy being met with fierce backlash.
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take a look at this about-face. it is a headline from the washington post. it reads where did covid come from? we need to get serious about finding out. wasn't that long ago the post through cold water on theories that the virus came from the wuhan lab. the market slightly higher, the dow off slightly for the s&p and nasdaq slightly higher in the premarket. hurricane season is in full sports. tropical storm elsa making landfall on florida's gulf coast in just a few hours. a live report to get the latest from clearwater, florida. we have a jampacked show ahead. pete hegseth returns to the teachers union taking aim at him. burgess owens takes on those who say the american flag is a symbol of racism. k t mcfarland saying our troops are 90% withdrawn from afghanistan and heather mcdonald on the terrifying crime spike across our country.
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donald trump will deliver remarks on the first amendment coming up at 11:00 am eastern and we are on it. it is wednesday july 7th. varney and company about to begin. ♪♪ some kind of wonderful ♪♪ she is some kind of wonderful ashley: some kind of wonderful. getting you geared up on wednesday morning, beautiful blue skies in new york city, the futures point to a beautiful open, maybe not. the s&p up slightly, the s&p up half of one%, mark tepper will
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be with us for the entire hour. we are very honored. you are long-term bullish on the market but worried about the next three months. >> we are long-term bullish but the easy money has been made, the s&p is up 15% this year. may be, we expect to end at $43.50. we entered the weakest 3 months of the year historically when you look at performance. you saw the market trade sideways before making its final push towards 4500 or so. the market is forward-looking, we pulled a lot of future returns into 2021. the 2022 earnings growth rate keeps coming down and you have these risks of higher inflation, higher taxes, higher
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interest rates, earnings misses. the easy money has been made. ashley: high notice wage inflation, businesses paying above and beyond to get people to work. that is a concern for you. >> that's my number one concern. so far i think the fed is right about inflation being transitory for the time being but i am concerned about long-term wage inflation. all of my business owner buddies are trying to hire people and do that very unsuccessfully and to top it off their employees are being poached for 25% to 40% pay hike. that is wage inflation. that he roads margins in the next 12 month operating margins are expanding. whenever that is the case it is rare to see a volatile selloff. windows margins come under pressure you have a selloff.
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ashley: very good. stay right there if you can. president biden getting close to the home to get more people vaccinated. roll the tape. >> we go community by community, and often times door to door knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus. ashley: it is not avon calling, it is someone who wants to give you a vaccination. let's bring in pete hegseth. great to see you. do people who don't want to get the vaccination want someone from the government showing up at their doorstep? >> i don't think so. all the public service announcements, all the pleas from the politicians, the vaccination sites, everyone knows where they are. they made their own calculation whether they want to get this
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vaccine and their teenagers get this vaccine at this point. ronald reagan once said the 9 most dangerous words in the english language are i am from the government and i'm here to help. that is what this is. it is not going to be effective. you are not going to shame people and if they come to my door without revealing anybody's vaccination status i will say "my body my choice and shut the door. you can't make people do that going door to door. it will not be more effective. ashley: i will look the people and not answer the door. next one, the president of the teachers union randi weingarten has a problem with you. listen to the tape. >> some people will try to make it harder like those who have disparaged educators, scapegoated our unions and blamed us for things outside our control like school closures on fox and friends, pete hegseth, mocked our safety concerns saying we are rigging it so teachers don't have to go to work.
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ashley: she says you mocked safety concerns. what is your response? >> i am honored. second of all of course i did. they have rigged it. store clerks, grocery clerks, truck drivers, police officers, everyone who has been on the job and got the vaccine so they continue to stay in the job, teachers unions and on the opposite. they found every moment to extort the public for more money while giving every excuse not to go back to the classroom whether masks and lockdowns and distancing of 6 feet, then cdc said 3 feet and randy was fighting saying we can't go to succeed and then we can't go to 3 feet and then teachers need to be vaccinated and once they are vaccinated that is not enough. what will it be the next school year? credit the kids? we don't know but she used phrases like the ownership class of people who criticize her, classic marxist talk. the rest of what you heard from
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this virtual conference is a virtual conference teachers unions have, game one of the nba finals, 20,000 people in the stand and the teachers unions are holding a virtual conference if they can't figure out how to get together. ultimately what they don't want us to see his critical race. they are pushing and pushing hard but they are denying and saying they are not doing it, that is what they do, we are all for reopening when they find every reason not to reopen. that is the definition of rigging it for your own outcome. ashley: there is a huge backlash against crt. many families, minority family speaking up at school board meetings across this country saying my child is not going to be taught that they are a victim and that backlash is getting stronger in my opinion. >> would want that at the outset of your child as career, their life, to believe they are a victim, oppressed. share what happened in history,
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we know it and we can teach it while still teaching the aspirational principles of our nation which remain as true today as they were written even if they weren't practiced as they should have been at the beginning. ashley: by the way, guess what, july 7th, stuart varney's birthday. want to give a shout out? >> stuart varney, where are you, my man? happy birthday. we love you, we love you as an american citizen. the greatest host on foxbusiness but i don't mean that as a slight to you. we all -- ashley: not at all. he is going to be 50, got to feel great. ashley: a lot of candles on the cake. that is all i say before i get into trouble. thank you very much. mark tepper, come on back in here. you have three kids. what are your thoughts about critical race theory in schools? >> critical race. as a bunch of garbage.
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it is evil to teach kids that they are born inherently evil. like a bad sci-fi movie where if you tell someone something long enough they start to believe it because you are brainwashing them. that is what the left does. they operate off their playbook until veering from their playbook is in their best interests. it is total hypocrisy. i got to share with you a real-life example. my oldest daughter was applying for high school this spring. i know that agency in a little bit. for a few schools it turns out once she was done with her part of the application the parents got to write an essay. we are 98% -- i got this topic dropped in my lap for one of the schools we were considering of the question was something like this. we value racial and social equity in our community. how do you live those values in your life? my response, we don't. i don't believe in equity which to me means equality of outcome. i believe in equality of opportunity. what you do with an opportunity is up to you. we shouldn't be stacking the
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deck against certain groups of people and i told my daughter you are not getting into this school. they are not going to like that answer. ask me if she got into that school. ashley: i can tell you you did not. >> she did. you bet your but she did. total hypocrisy. as soon as it benefited them they veered from their values and they allowed her in but needless to say we chose a different school with different essay questions. ashley: that is the bigger issue, would you have wanted her to go there, probably not. good stuff. let's move on to the housing market. mortgage applications down one.8% last week falling to the lowest level since the beginning of 2020. there are the home-improvement stocks but black rock says the real estate sector is alive and well. talk of offices being dead is greatly over exaggerated. do you think we will see offices back to full capacity in the future?
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>> i agree with what black rock is saying. they will do just fine. the newer building, the high rent district, typically the companies that can afford to be in the high rent district are successful businesses. class b will be a bit iffy. class c is in big trouble. that is where you have the smallest businesses that are most at risk. you have aging buildings with hvac systems that don't work that well. you see people start to hydrate their office space. ashley: very good. thank you very much. we mentioned at the top of the show donald trump will be speaking about the first amendment coming up at 11:00 eastern. we will bring that you live when it happens.
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colorado congressman leading the charge to break a big tech but does he have bipartisan support to make it happen? that is the big question. i will ask him in a moment. a quick check of the futures. we have seen need out slightly lower in the pre-markets, the s&p and nasdaq up slightly. we wait to hear from the fed minutes later today, markets treading water. more varney after this. some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;)
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ashley: take the to funky town or tampa, florida, cloudy sky, tropical storm elsa has passed through it is to the north of
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tampa but it did drop plenty of rain. let's look at the futures. they are improving as we head toward "the opening bell" in 12 minutes. the dow down a tenth of one% down 47 points. the nasdaq up 0.6% up 91 points. nancy pelosi's husband paul oc placed a $6 billion tech on big tech, that was ahead of the house committee antitrust bills, he spent 250,$000 on 50 apple calls, 1 million on 20 amazon calls, 4.8 million on 4000 shares of alphabets. that is what paul oc is up to. >> don't know how we can allow that. not the first time he has come in with trades on companies in the mainstream news flow in the
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middle of the political crosshairs and not only did he bet on big tech blocks call options to magnify and leverage his returns. he didn't just buy the stock. he's always buying long dated calls and the only reason you do that is if you know something is going to happen or you have extraordinarily high conviction. let's not forget nancy pelosi voted down the blind trust proposal possibly so her hubby can make money off a political knowledge, nothing new out of nancy pelosi's husband. ashley: the optics as they say don't look good. thank you very much. let's look at big tech as we are getting into it. apple, amazon all moving higher, alphabet as well. apple up another one%. our next guest is taking on facebook by calling on their decision to censor certain stories like the new york post reporting on hunter biden and
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content about the covid 19 pandemic origins which the washington post is interested in. congressman ken buck from colorado joined me now, good morning to you. what do you expect to happen, what would you like to happen? >> several issues with apple, amazon, facebook, google. not only are they censoring conservatives but also stifling competition in the marketplace. i have introduced with my democrat colleagues and some republican colleagues six different bills to address the monopoly behavior of these companies and their status and the results, i hope, is they pass out of the judiciary committee. i hope they pass the house floor and get signed into law and deal with the censorship through the antitrust laws not just the privacy and speech laws that we have.
9:21 am
ashley: some of these behemoths tech stocks broken up in your mind? >> don't know if they are broken a but we are trying to create competition, make sure consumers have power over their own data and can move from one search engine to another. they can move from one social media platform, in 1996, owns the data and the phone and can move that to a marketplace. the competition but we need to. i've heard from many liberals, if these platforms censor conservatives. ashley: how can you do that? they are the ones who put the
9:22 am
algorithms, difficult thing to manage. >> you can't allow just one company to change its algorithm and impact information voters are seeing before the election. ashley: we wish you the best of luck. thank you for joining us. do you want to see big tech broken up? >> section 230 needs to change. this is 100% the censorship issue, violation of the first amendment when parlor got booted from amazon, apple and google when donald trump got banned from twitter and facebook.
9:23 am
if you went to the local town square and spoke your mind and if you acted a fool when you are at town square maybe you got arrested but people don't do that, no one goes to the town square. social media has become the present day town square and we can't silence people from voicing their opinions on social media. there only opportunity to do so. ashley: couldn't agree more. as we head to break with "the opening bell" on the other side of that break let's look at futures down slightly, up, s&p and nasdaq slightly higher. we are in a wait and see mode. "the opening bell," more varney after the break.
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ashley: let's get to your money. do you think we need to pay attention to the covid 19 variants because they could be a problem for the markets. are you worried about that? >> monitoring it. i had two pfizer shots. i hope they work against the variance. there is data out of his real
9:28 am
suggesting it is not as potent against the variant as i would like and others would like. the reality is the pandemic is still out there on a worldwide basis. lots of countries are suffering from it and we are not out of the woods until everybody has declared victory in this pandemic mess. ashley: let's talk about the fed minutes we will hear later on today. i imagine we will hear more talk about tapering, scaling back on the purchase of mbs and treasuries. what if the message is a little more hawkish? >> we have to see. there will be the statement from the fomc minutes. we will read them very carefully. we will find they are more hawkish than the storyline that
9:29 am
powell has been pushing. we are going to find out more of them want to talk about tapering and wants to get ready for it. the july meeting at the end of this month there will be lots of talking about tapering and in the september meeting they may implement it. i am a little ahead of schedule relative to the consensus view but the economy is doing fine and there are inflationary pressures. ashley: second-quarter earnings about to start rolling out. what are you expecting? >> everybody is expecting a blockbuster number, 60% in a year over year basis. we are seeing earnings growth peak. it is going to slow but that doesn't mean it goes down. it will just slow and that means earnings will drive the stock market to record highs but at a lower pace. ashley: before i let you go today is stuart varney's
9:30 am
birthday. would you like to send him a quick message? >> absolutely. you are not getting older, just getting better, just like me. ashley: perfect. thank you very much. i know stu would appreciate that. let's talk about "the opening bell". the nasdaq, we will see what happens. markets seem to be treading water in the free market ahead of the fed minutes, to see if those include any more clues to future action by the fed but we are just about underway now. we are underway. on wednesday, a holiday shortened week. look at the dow 30, the stocks, there you go, more red than green. the dow initially down very slightly. apple leading the way, goldman sachs and jpmorgan on the bottom, see how the financials do today. almost all of them reporting the dow up very slightly. the s&p up a 12:45%, 10 points
9:31 am
at 4352 on the s&p. let's look at the nasdaq moving higher in the premarket and it is up half of one%, 14,742 which i think is yet another all-time high for the nasdaq. we are also showing the energy stocks on the rise as oil continues to move higher. bp and exxon down ever so slightly. next one to look at his amazon rising to a record slow to the department of defense canceled a $10 billion cloud contract with microsoft and gave it to amazon. software jeff bezos is laughing. that is a pretty good day for the new ceo, andy jaffe. >> he is getting a head start.
9:32 am
i love amazon. it is the most undervalued of the big tech names and our biggest position. it is done, traded sideways all year. finally broke out yesterday. this may be the catalyst, it sounded like this contract was going to microsoft but sputtered out and amazon is getting a crack at it and that was $10 billion going microsoft's way and we know donald trump and jeff bezos didn't always ci to eye. it is a massive deal and should have been split between the two companies. ashley: probably. let's look at boston beer, credits lease, boston beer can ride to have seltzer momentum to a 60% gain. the stock up 3% at $955 with boston beer. look at whirlpool. jpmorgan calls them a top pick. they say the hated name can top expectations. what do you say?
9:33 am
>> not sure it is hated when it is up 20%. the s&p is up 15, beating the s&p by 5%. once again it is another reopening play, housing play, a beneficiary, you need a new washer and dryer, you use that money to upgrade the kitchen or laundry room, they make a high-quality product. i think you are late into this reopening play. nonetheless this is where the dollars are going. ashley: let's look at the dow winners, the dow winners right now apple, american express, ibm, microsoft and chevron, very well-known names up modestly. apple the biggest gain up 0.6%. look at some of the winners on the s&p 500, the energy names,
9:34 am
freeport mcnamara, nucor, devon energy, all of those stocks above one, 2 one.5%. the nasdaq winners, paypal, sky work solutions, all of those stocks up more than one%. let's look at your top stock picks, let's begin with smile direct club. it is up one%, $80 a share. >> a good bargain right here. they make your pearly whites all strain again. 85% of people have malocclusion's. that is crooked teeth. only one% annually get their crooked teeth straightened. it is a virtual system so it is more cost-effective, more
9:35 am
frictionless for the consumer which is especially important overseas where they don't go and see their dentist necessarily every 6 months so it is a cost-effective way to straighten those teeth out. ashley: you are talking to a brit about teeth. let's move on. you like aspen aerogel's. what is it and why do you like it? >> it traded sideways for the last humans, broke out last week. the streak still thinks of it as a housing play because they manufacture insulation products but it is an easy play, under the radar play making thermal barrier that goes around batteries and prevents battery fires and tesla's brand-new model-plaps flag is in the news again for battery fires. this becomes a standard once the street recognizes this, the stock could jump another 50% quickly. ashley: one last one, look at
9:36 am
gambling, valley corporation. why that one? >> gambling stocks have done very well. this is legacy. in my opinion is the most cost-effective way where legalization is happening day by day state-by-state. a similar business model as penn national, they have local casinos and racetracks and sports betting and it is cheaper. ashley: very good. let's take a look at oil. gas prices $3.13 national average. oil itself still hanging around $74 a barrel the aaa projecting gas prices could go up by another $0.10 to $0.20. that could be well over a dollar more than a was a year ago, this is money coming directly out of consumers pockets. >> that is a tax on the middle class and lower income people, president biden claims to be helping but this is what
9:37 am
happens when you have pent-up demand, people going back to work, driving their bikes to get outside, taking road trips. even airfare has become expensive but at the same time as a country we cut back on production. donald trump had energy independence, president biden not so much. you can't just flip the switch to go from fossil fuels to green and clean energy. asked california how they enjoy charging their customers at night when there is no electricity. ashley: thank you very much. president biden thinks his economic recovery is the same boom that have another former president ronald reagan in the 80s. listen to this. >> last time the economy grew at this rate was in 1984 and ronald reagan was telling us it is mourning in america. well, it is getting close to afternoon here, the sun is coming out.
9:38 am
ashley: the afternoon means it is on the decline as his peak pointed out, she says biden is no reagan. she will talk about it. captain america thinks the american dream doesn't exist in america. you heard that right. the folks at marvel going full on woke. that story coming up later in the show. ♪♪ i'm searching for info on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor
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ashley: very muted on wall street, markets moving higher, the dow picking up a little bit of momentum, the s&p same story, the nasdaq hitting an intraday high thanks to big tech stocks, the nasdaq up 62 points. let's look at didi, the chinese ride healing company tanking
9:43 am
again for and a half% after chinese regulators announced a cybersecurity review less than a week after it went public. any thoughts on didi? >> this is ridiculous. fortunately we have a firm policy we don't touch any ipos for 6 months. the ipo market is tough for the individual investor. you are not getting in at the ipo price when institutions get in but the initial trading price. when i look at the didi deal, something didn't smell right about this deal and it is awful the american investor got into this for china to crack down on them. as an american investor, the clients i work with we expect transparency and there is no transparency with these chinese companies. that is why there has been so much talk about delisting.
9:44 am
a lot of talk in these chinese companies. charles: ashley: next one, 130 nations reached an agreement for a 50% global minimum tax rate on corporations but nine countries rejected the blueprint. do you want to see a global corporate tax rate or should it be a free market? >> i prefer free-market. surprise surprise the emerging countries, countries with more competitive tax rate below 15% don't want to disadvantage their companies to appeal president biden and janet yellen. the kisser here is when you look at ireland, hungary and estonia, that may throw off the eu where the decision might be unanimous, it takes those votes and turn them into 27 no votes. they bring businesses into their country. will enrich their country, pull their citizens out of poverty
9:45 am
and they are not interested in making it richer. ashley: the eu can't agree what day it is. that is the problem with the eu. i want to check the markets and bring in eddie go bore. you were concerned about the quarter, you think the fed is dead wrong about inflation being transitory. make your case. >> the transitory argument is a play on words because ultimately inflation is always transitory. once you hit peak inflation it becomes a head wind, then you go into deflationary cycle. we might see that in the third quarter. the fed cannot convince it is transitory and bigger than any data point they can look at it number one is oil, not going back to the 30s or 40s.
9:46 am
it will probably hit 92 possibly 100 next year. housing prices, housing costs, rent increases have not kicked in yet. when rent materials are lifted you can see rent increasing by 7% to 9% the last 12 months. look at the labor cost. it is costing employers to pay people that want to work, all of this is inflationary to the consumer and is going to be a head wind in regards to economic activity. we think we peaked in regards to earnings and reflected in july with an amazing earnings number and then things start to decelerate because this inflationary pressure will hurt spending in the near-term. ashley: simply put you think we had a good 6 months of 2021, time to cash in some profits and then what?
9:47 am
>> every investment scenario is different but for our clients we have slowly started to d risk this month, to be a less of the cyclical trade and play defense. jackson hole at the end of august could be a surprise for the market that could cause a double-digit protection and we expect to start this third-quarter. ashley: rising interest rates, fed tapering, always that you think will come sooner rather than later. >> biggest thing is the inflationary data. the bond market is signaling slowdown breaching the one.4 mark. inflation is an issue and not priced into the market. ashley: we will see, what the latest fomc minutes tell us. good to see you, thanks for
9:48 am
joining us, appreciate it. we have this breaking, quite a head line, ask he is reporting donald trump is planning to file class-action lawsuit against mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey, this comes after a long battle over censorship. trump is expected to make this announcement during his 11 am remarks and we will bring those remarks to you when they begin. coming quickly, your thoughts on donald trump suing these giants. >> i think he should sue them. they violated his first amendment rights. social media stole trump's ability to communicate to voice his opinion and his policies were pretty much spot on. the only issue people had with trump is too many whiny people thought the guy had no bedside manner. not like they had to invite him over for dinner.
9:49 am
you didn't think he was a really nice guy no big deal. he wasn't meant to be her best friend. he was meant to run a country the way it was supposed to be run in his policies were spot on. look at the mess we see at the border right now. ashley: couldn't agree more. this economy was flying just before covid struck. thank you very much. i want to know what president biden thinks of the latest ran somewhere attack. watch this. >> it appears to have caused minimal damage to us businesses but we are gathering information. ashley: minimal damage, companies are paying behind it, that is coming up. boaters, against a tough assignment, there he is.
9:50 am
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the 5 more boats than ever hitting the water this summer and the demand is fueled by first time boaters. jeff flock is that a boat rental company and they are seeing a big demand in people taking boating classes. >> reporter: i'm the king of the world, i am on the bow, always the front, first time boaters here, 45 foot yacht, this is a beauty and yes. coronavirus was the perfect venue for boating because you could be off on your own and that sort of thing and socially distant. last year $47 billion spent on boats and boat related stuff up 9% and this year they say it is up again another 30%. i am on a boat, it is a yacht actually, this is one that is part of what they call sale time. you are a member of sale time
9:55 am
which means you can essentially rent the boat. >> that is right. a fractional share of the boat. a handful of skippers get that are fraction of the time and you can schedule the available slots and it is a simple process. >> reporter: sale time in chicago, there are 30 of these around the country. you get all the joys of boating and no headaches. >> yes. you let the sale time manager handle the work, we do all the cleaning and engine maintenance. when you show up to the boat it is like you own it and pay a professional captain to maintain it. you have the fun, anything happens you let me know. ashley: >> reporter: a lot of this is first time boaters, people hankering for this and get out in the sun where it is beautiful and you can do this without having to repaint the
9:56 am
bottom of the boat or something that is a beauty. ashley: thank you very much, see you in a couple hours. we look forward to that. let's bring in mark tepper. before you go it is stuart's birthday. a birthday message? >> reporter: happy birthday, you look like 1 million bucks still going strong. enjoy, see you next week. ashley: thank you for a great hour. really appreciate it. still ahead, liz peek, utah congressman burgess owens, d roy murdoch and k t mcfarland, the second hour of "varney and company" is next. ♪♪ r members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit,
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♪ ashley: have a nice day. thank you very much, bon jovi. beautiful day in new york city. the empire state building spire pointing to a nice blue sky on this wednesday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. it is 10:00 eastern. let's get straight to your money. green across the screen but all very, you know, muted. the dow, the s&p, nasdaq all up just slightly in the early going. take a look at the 10-year
10:01 am
treasury yield, dipping a bit as the fed prepares to release the minutes from its latest meeting. as you can see, look at this, down another five basis points. the yield at 1.30. it has really dropped, has it not? meantime let's look at bitcoin if we can. 34,865 on bitcoin. by the way we got the latest read on job openings. this should be interesting. lauren simonetti, good morning, you have the jobs number. lauren: i do, a lot of jobs are vacant, ashley, but not as many as we hoped. in the month of may 9.209 million jobs open. the expectation was a number closer to 9.4 million. we've seen three huge months in a row with employers waving the help-wanted signs. we'll see if those workers actually apply. ashley: many people waving back from the sofa as they live off federal benefits.
10:02 am
lauren, thank you. now come in shah gilani a great friend of the show. good morning to you, shah. what is your take on that number? more than nine million jobs still unfilled? >> i think that speaks to the fact that wages are probably going to rise as employers need to fill those positions. one of the numbers that stood out to me in this figure 998,000 new positions became available last month in the accommodations and food services areas. that speaks to entry level jobs. i think that means employers will have to start raising wages. i think we're going to see a rising base of starting wages. i think we're going to see wage inflation at some point down the road a few quarters from now. yeah. i couldn't agree more. i want to get into financials which are getting crushed, which speaks to the continued very low interest rate environment. so from your perspective, shah, are you holding or buying on the
10:03 am
dips? >> we like the financials. we own the financials. specifically i personally own wells fargo. we own goldman sachs. we own some other financials. i think this is an opportunity to buy on these dips. financials continue to rally as the economy continues to pick up steam. i think it will continue to grow probably several more quarters robustly. some inflation will creep in a lot more than we've seen. i think it is more structural than transitory. that means we'll see rising prices. that means we'll see higher interest rates. the fed will not push them higher. the market will push them higher. i see the 10-year at year-end between 1.75 and 2%. i think that will increase the yield curve which is better for banks. i think financials down here are a great opportunity to buy this dip. ashley: look, we had a great first six months of this year. have we used up all the good
10:04 am
wil? do you expect some sort of a pullback in the near term? >> no, i don't. if there is any possibility of a pullback it might occur now and when we start seeing second-quarter earnings come out in a couple of weeks. there may be this quiet period where some negative news might cause profit-taking. that might cause some selling. when we start to see earnings come out i think they will be spectacular. investors will jump in pretty much as they have all year. i think the economy will continue to grow. we have a few more quarters of robust growth. what folks are not realizing, the market is legging higher. this sort of stealth mode. nice rotation going on. cyclicals go up and come down a little bit. tech stocks go up and come down a little bit. cyclicals return. we see rotation. it is not obvious. we're not seeing gigantic gains
10:05 am
in a day or a week but they're legging higher across the board. >> are there any particular areas you're buying now? >> yes, buying more financials on the dips. certainly like the minors. we own rio estimator toe. rio tinto. we like electric vehicles. one of my favorites is we own nio, chinese ev maker that continues to do well. we're looking to buy some of the cyclicals on these dips. there is a lot of good stuff out there. some of these are because earnings are going to grow the valuations are coming down making them more attractive. ashley: very good. listen, you've been a big part of the varney show for many years, shah. i want to give you the opportunity. it is stu varney's birthday. we're getting all our guests today to send him a message. would you love to give him one,
10:06 am
shah? >> i would love to. happy birthday, stuart. you're one of a kind, the kind being the best. ashley: everyone has been so kind. shah, thank you very much. you've been a part of this show so long, great to see you. thank you very much. look at this headline, biden is no reagan. we should leave it at that. here is the real reason the economy is recovering. the author of that op-ed is liz peek. she joins me now, another long term friend of the show. good morning to you, liz. lay it out for us. what do you mean by that? >> well, look, joe biden is trying to take credit for the nine million jobs being available that you just highlighted ashley and the fact that the economy is bouncing back so strongly. we know that is simply nothing to do with joe biden. everything to do with the vaccine and the fact that covid is in retreat big time, thank
10:07 am
heavens, right? thing growth in the economy, the recovery began in fourth quarter last year before joe biden was president. we had growth over 4%. in the first quarter it was better than 6%, way before the american rescue plan passed which happened in march. i think it is extraordinary he challenged ronald reagan who really did take proactive measures, lighten regulations and ushered an incredible decade of growth an prosperity in this country when in fact all we're doing now is reopening businesses that were crushed by covid. that has nothing to do with joe biden or his big spending programs. ashley: it made me laugh also in that piece because ronald reagan famously said it its morning in america, the start of a brand new day. joe biden follows up, well it is afternoon in america which you pointed out we're on the decline, the day is getting
10:08 am
longer which is hilarious. another one for you, liz, move on to the "washington post," that is calling for a serious investigation into covid origins. i seem to remember president trump bringing this all up and they threw cold water over it, almost laughed at president trump. now this is a 180, right? >> next we're going to hear, ashley, they think hydroxychloroquine is really a good antidote to covid if used early in the pandemic, you know, someone being sick. look, i think this is more sort of trump der rangement syndrome raising its ugly head. we'll look back last year how much damage was done about it liberal media reflect attitude toward anything that donald trump proposed. look how incredibly important the vaccine has been to conquering covid and putting our economy back on a good track.
10:09 am
they were equally skeptical about the likelihood of operation warp speed delivering a vaccine, if you remember. even when one was actually brought out by several drug companies, kamala harris, nancy pelosi, threw cold water on it, and suggested it maybe wasn't safe to take a trump vaccine. they're living with that now. that is the reason, that is one reason why there is such hesitancy among some groups to take the vaccine t was unconscionable as was watch poe's decision not to have any interest in the origins of the virus. the entire thing was a scam and dishonest from the get-go. honestly they should be embarrassed. ashley: they should. i'm embarrassed for them because they have changed their mind so much now that president trump is not in the oval office. before we go, liz, it is stuart's birthday today. want to give them a shoutout? >> happy birthday, stuart.
10:10 am
i have loved being a part of your show. you're the best in the business. i really say that wholeheartedly. congratulations. have a wonderful, completely relaxed day. ashley: beautifully put. liz peek as always, thank you so much, liz, for joining us today. stuart will be -- with that message. >> thank you. ashley: thank you. come in lauren simonetti come back. you have got some movers for us today moving down apparently with energy stocks. lauren: yeah, this is the worst-performing sector. opec failed to agree on anything and if those nations go rogue and pump as they wish, supply, you know you heard the price. look at these names. occidental down about 3%. ditto for diamondback. look at bang stocks. i know shah gilani looks them well jpmorgan and goldman sachs are extending their sell off because treasury yields continue to fall. the question everybody is asking, this is the narrative what does that mean for the
10:11 am
economic outlook and specifically for the bank's earnings. they're upcoming later this month. with that fall in yield they're also seeing a rotation into growth with the nasdaq hitting a record. apple is very close to hitting its own record high. let's look at their own shares. they're about a dollar away. the record would be a little over 135, ash. ashley: very good. next one for you, lauren, the pentagon, we talked about it earlier, just scrap ad 10 billion-dollar contract microsoft and amazon were fighting over. what exactly was the contract for? lauren: the jedi, cool name, cloud computing contract. this is about artificial intelligence. what it does allow the pentagon to consolidate data. so microsoft had won the deal, $10 billion over 10 years under the trump administration. amazon was rejected. they blame trump's dislike of then ceo jeff bezos whose "washington post" was critical of him. you know what? look at amazon shares at 3707.
10:12 am
bezos is laughing all the way to the bank. his fortune grew another 8 plus billion dollars to 211 billion. he is the richest man in the world. look because the microsoft deal is scrapped this is not a clear win for amazon. because ibm, oracle, google, even microsoft can also bid again. ashley: very good. thanks for clearing that up for me. i want to check the cryptos as well. visa says a ton of crypto was spent by customers in the first half of the year. how much are we talking about lauren. lauren: six months and a billion dollars by visa customers. this idea of digital payments can really disrupt the $18 trillion that we spend every year in cash or, well, some people still use checks, right? what visa has done, they have partnered with the exchange, coinbase, circle, to allow their cards access to the crypto wallet. they're embracing the ecosystem just as china clams down.
10:13 am
china called for the shutdown of a software company that provided services in crypto. they moved mining out of the country. the question is, is now beijing charting the course and clearing the course for their own digital yuan? complete financial surveillance for that. whatever they're doing are they really moving the price though? because crypto curren sis are higher. all of china's moves have not really impacted the price recently. ashley: not yet but that is interesting. lauren, thank you. tropical storm elsa bringing heavy rain and life-threatening storm surge as it nears landfall in north florida, as you can see right up there on the northwest coast. we're tracking the storm. we will have a live report from florida. plus the red hot real estate market causing a furniture boom but can the supply chain keep up with demand? that is always a big question these days.
10:14 am
i will ask the ceo of first one of atlanta's richest neighborhoods wants to ditch the city and create their own because of rising crime. i will be talking to the guy leading the charge to leave after this. ♪. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ look, this isn't my first rodeo all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. and let me tell you something,
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. ♪. ashley: all right. now this, a ridcy atlanta suburb called buckhead is pushing to become an independent city amid a spike in crime. the man leading the charge, buckhead exploratory committee ceo bill white, and he joins us
10:19 am
now. good morning to you, bill. why do you think divorcing atlanta essentially will help reduce crime in your neighborhood? >> thanks, ashley, for having us. first let me say, happy birthday to stuart varney. what a great patriot and we hope he is having fun somewhere in an undisclosed location. i will say that we have filed for divorce. you know when you file for divorce if you believe in marriage like we do, you try to work it out. you try to have people listening at the table to the concerns but when you have irreconcilable differences it is time to do something about it. we feel like the great people of buckhead have been exploited for way too long. i'm not so comfortable about ritzy buckhead. we have very diverse community. very diverse housing. we have interesting mix of cultures in buckhead. crime is not for the rich and
10:20 am
for the poor, it is not everyone. indeed it is color-blind and happening at buckhead. our murder rate is up in buckhead 133% since 2019. so we have two bills in the georgia legislature. i want to thank our great speaker of the georgia legislature, david ralston for his courage and leadership for allow us to right to vote for the 90 thousand legally registered voters in buckhead. or not. i think if we had the vote today it would be 70, 80, 90%. you say buckhead has been exploited in one what? >> two things, we send literally billions of dollars of taxes to city hall is truly corrupt. the articles "atlanta journal-constitution" show there are no audit controls for how our money is being spent. there has been a corrupt
10:21 am
procurement process many years. the crime is out of control because we have no leadership, no love, no respect for our police. our police arrests are down in atlanta when our crime is through the roof. that tells you something. 300 cops have quit. i read the resignation letters. they are the saddest things you ever read. they want to be allowed to do their job, and put the smackdown to crime. that is what we'll do in the buckhead city police department. we'll hire a lot of those atlanta police officers, treat them with respect. take the handcuffs off of them and put them on the criminals where they belong and bring faith back living in buckhead. now everybody is living in fear. we'll make it as great city, hopefully an example for atlanta and hopefully an a am example fr the rest of country. who knows. ashley: you believe taking this step, you can knock down crime. it is an invisible line, is it
10:22 am
not. what will stop the crime and criminals from targeting buckhead if you are in fact successful with the divorce? >> ashley, that is a great question, thank you. at the moment because we have a circumference of 32 square miles of jurisdiction, called zone 2. there are 82 great atlanta police officers that cover that area. it is about the size of san francisco. in san francisco they have 2,000 officers. so right now there are only about 20 cops of that 80 on the job right now in buckhead. we anticipate we'll have as many as 250 police officers in the buckhead city police department patrolling the streets, cop on every corner. you will know this is the wrong place to come to do crime. if you don't realize that, you're going to have a rude awakening coming to buckhead in the coming years. ashley: i read somewhere, the are frightened, residents of buckhead to do the most mundane of things, go out, go to the gas
10:23 am
pump to fill up a vehicle, go to the mall, get out and about. there is certainly trepidation about that right now? >> it is very true, ashley. i have very good friends of ours. i don't go to the goose pump without a gun in my pocket, i hate to say it. but i'm afraid. i had two folks come up our driveway to try to steal our car out of our driveway. a very good friend of mine will not go get gas. she has two young children. she sends her husband to go get the gas. he has to take her car to get the gas, and he goes with a gun in his pocket. we're living in a war zone. i hate to call it that because i have such respects for our troops but it is crazy. a guy was shot on a saturday jog, same guy ran over him whose legs were amputated. we're seeing crime through the roof. the criminals feel like there's emboldened because there is no leadership from the city. the mayor said we'll not arrest
10:24 am
shoplifters, we'll not chase carjackers. we'll not cut down on the street racing. people who have 4 million-dollar or 4,000-dollar apartments can't sleep at night in buckhead because of the street racing. it is out of control. we'll fix that. we'll make great. i hope that, stuart, you will come down and visit. ashley: i would love to do that. i know stuart would as well. bill white, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us this morning. very interesting issue. we'll continue to foal it. thank you so much. >> thank you, ashley. please do. god bless. ashley: you too. now this tropical storm elsa is barreling towards florida's northern gulf coast, millions bracing as the storm brings powerful winds, heavy rain and life-threatening storm surge as well. steve harrigan is in clearwater beach. has it gone by now? reporter: ashley, still heavy winds. people are already coming back to the beach.
10:25 am
the storm is approaching landfall about 100 miles north of us with tropical storm force winds about 65 miles an hour. a real danger for a large chunk of northern florida is rainfall. they could see three to five inches of rain in the next several hours. that will cause flooding. 30 counties already declared states of emergency. from the storm there are no reported deaths. no major structural damage. several thousand people without power but there are power officials on the ready to go to make the repays. we've seen shutdowns of airports, government offices, roads, but a sense that life is coming back to normal here. there is even kids in that heavy surf and surfers as well. after the storm cuts across northern florida, it will head to georgia for more flooding there. ashley, back to you. ashley: steve, thank you very much. latest on elsa as it starts to make the truck up towards the east coast. coming up the nation's largest teachers union drawing a line in
10:26 am
the sand on critical race theory. take a listen. >> mark my words, our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. we have a legal defense fund ready to go. ashley: they are, they are prepared to spend millions to keep teaching crt apparently. congressman burgess owens ha a thing or two about that. pushing lawmakers to act on climate issues. i will be asking the company's ceo what he wants congress to do after this. ♪. limu emu... and doug.
10:27 am
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ashley: welcome back, everybody. take a look at the market the for you, just about an hour into the session on wednesday. we're down across the board. very minorly so. nasdaq essentially flat. same story for the s&p. may be waiting to see what the fed minutes have to say later on today. now this, bank rate just released their list of the best and worst states to retire.
10:31 am
i love these lists. lauren, who is number one? lauren: it is not florida. it is georgia, ashley. the best state to retire based on affordability, wellness, culture and crime. this is according to bank rate. so why georgia? they do have an income tax but they don't tax social security. there is no estate tax. guess what? home prices there, they're below the national average. come on, you know this, miami international city, it is getting expensive. you have tennessee, missouri, massachusetts rounding out the top five. i know you're scratching your head why massachusetts. super high taxes. ashley: yeah. lauren: crime rate very low there. people like that. now the worst places to spend your golden years, maryland, minnesota, kansas, montana, montana, ashley and alaska. ashley: oh. it's a little chilly in the winter i will say in quite a few of those states including montana. interesting stuff, lauren.
10:32 am
stuart, would say i don't believe these lists but it is interesting. now this hedge funds are being bullish on overstock, the online home goods retailer. lauren, hoe many loaded up on that stock? lauren: overstock was listed in 31 portfolios with parkers with and citadel amassing 20 million-dollar stakes each. so investors, especially, novice investors, they like to know what the hedge funds own as small cap stock picks often beat the market and often by double digits. overstock is down 1 1/2%. but, this year, ash. it is up 85%. ashley: that is pretty impressive. lauren, thank you very much. what a good time to bring in the ceo of, jonathan johnson. jonathan, good morning to you. you say the covid migration was good for the furniture industry. a lot of people moving, wanting to buy new stuff but now we've gone past the pandemic, we're on the recovery road.
10:33 am
do you think you can keep up the momentum? >> ashley, i think we do and we can, ashley. i think there is, beyond the migration, housing starts are very high. savings rates are high. most important for overstock, there has been a secular shift from home furnishing buying, brick-and-mortar to online. same thing happened with books two decades ago and clothing a decade ago is now happened in the home furnishes market. that bodes well we think for overstock. ashley: we've done a lot of stories, jonathan, on the supply chain issues. are you having problems with shipping delays? >> well, there is, there is no question supply chain remain as challenge for us. it is not shipping from our warehouses or our supplier warehouses. it is really become the cost of containers as goods are coming into the country. our suppliers have done a fairly
10:34 am
good job of dealing with that. but it does remain something that all retailers have a challenge with. ashley: i want to get to this issue. you were very, you wanted to stress this point. you say it is time for lawmakers to address climate issues. which ones in particular, why is it so important to you? >> well, you know, most of, most of the regulation that comes out of washington, d.c., is about more spending, about more top-down mandates. about increases in government power. as we look to have better stewardship of the environment around conservation, those aren't the ways to go. i'm a big believer that we should be looking at price signals to the private sector. i love this idea of a carbon fee and dividend where fossil fuels makers and users pay a fee but that entire fee comes back to
10:35 am
the american people in the form of a dividend. there is no bureaucracy created around it. our environment is important. i think all companies and all people want to make sure that we have cleaner energy. i think this is a way to get there. ashley: all right. we'll have to leave it right there, jonathan johnson, ceo of thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: thank you. all right, now this, two space companies are going public. lauren, let's start with a company called satalogic. i believe i said that right. lauren: space and billions of dollars is very muching. they are aiming to go public by cantor fitzgerald spac at a $1.1 billion valuation. so it will use the money to buy more satellites, get more images of space which is in demand by intelligence and space agencies. they have no revenue and no
10:36 am
profits yet but $38 million worth of signed contracts in their backlog. there is another company that is called planet labs. they use satellites to scan planet earth backed by google, mark benioff. they will go public with a $2.8 billion valuation. plan net lab is a more company that satell-egic. ashley: nasa is announcing actively searching, i always laugh, actively searching for tell again life on other planets. what is going on? lauren: so we can have more people just like us. nasa has been searching for life inhabitable planets for years now. like earth. part of this search is learning more about mars. they sent up the helicopter
10:37 am
ingenuity, i think for the ninth trip to mars, to scope it out to see if can land there. this is how far we're going to explore other worlds. if you look at the space race, all the money we're pouring in we might be able to find something tremendous out. ashley: you never know. lauren, thank you very much. track-and-field superstar shari richardson is not going to tokyo after all. we have the details and backlash. president trump is making announcement about protecting america's first amendment rights. it is in 30 minutes. we'll take you live to bedminster, new jersey, when that happens. ♪.
10:38 am
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ashley: welcome back, everyone. take a look at the markets. we are gaining momentum own the downside. the dow off more than 100 points now. the s&p down a 10th or two. same story for the nasdaq. down about a third of a percent. kind of a wait-and-see market. take a look at this. the 10-year treasury yield, falling at below 1.3. it is exactly 1.300, down another 5.2 basis points for the 10-year treasury yield. but that money is not going into the equity markets right now. it is an interesting dynamic. former president trump will be delivering remarks shortly on protecting first amendment rights. he will speak from his golf club in bedminster new jersey. that is where we find lauren green. lauren, good morning to you. we are hearing reports that he is going to announce lawsuits against mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey. what are you hearing? reporter: that is exactly right,
10:43 am
exactly right because former president donald trump will be speaking at the top of the hour. we're expected to hear about plans to file a class-action lawsuit against mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook and jack dorsey, the founder of twitter. that is according to "axios." trump and others have accused them of trying to silence conservative voices. this is a theme he has been repeating for a while now. trump has taken aim at facebook, google, twitter, as giants that have become too powerful as their platforms control and dictate what voices should be censored, making it possible to bypass the constitution's first amendment of free speech. >> big tech giants like twitter, google and facebook should be punished with major sanctions whenever they silence conservative voices. reporter: much the republican lawmakers as well say big tech giants, that the government needs to rein them in because they're suppressing speech they don't like and are telling people how to think.
10:44 am
this attack on big tech social media comes on the heels of the indictment against trump cfo allen weisselberg. trump called the charges a fraud and tax see vision of a witch-hunts after three million pages documents, four years of searching, dozens and dozens of interviews, millions of dollars taxpayer funds wasted they continue in search of a crime and will frighten people making up stories or lies they want but have been totally unable to get. donald trump has been banned from the social media platforms since january 7th. that is one day after the capitol hill riot. coming up at the top of the hour we will hear details of that class-action lawsuit he plans to file against those social media platforms. back to you. ashley: should be very interesting, lauren, thank you for the report from bedminster, new jersey. we will be listening to what mr. trump has to say at the top of the hour. let's bring in lauren simonetti.
10:45 am
you are watching snova energy. lauren: ticker symbol nova. they were raised to strong buy at raymond james. the stock didn't like it. it turned lower with the rest of the market. it is down 13% this year. maybe that is attractive at these prices. take a look at whirlpool. jpmorgan named them as a top pick with 278 price target. that is very strong there. the stock is up 1 1/2%. our peers in the space too negative on whirlpool. american airlines, goldman sachs cuts the price target by two dollars to 17, three dollars less than where it is right now. american flew 2 in.7 million passengers, basically trip i'll what it did july 4th, 2020. the stock is down 4%, ashley. ashley: lauren, thank you very much. coming up captain america goes woke. we'll tell you about the latest marvel series that questions the
10:46 am
american dream. you can't make this stuff up. but first the nation's most powerful teachers union is prepared to spend millions protecting teachers who teach critical race theory in their classrooms. utah congressman burgess owens will be here to respond after this. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ some say this is my greatest challenge ever.
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ashley: now this, american federation of teachers president randy winegarten is warning critics of crt, she claims teachers are being bullied from teaching accurate history. anita vogel is in washington. anita, how is winegarten planning to fight back? reporter: hi, there, ashley. randi winegarten says the union is adding big bucks to the legal defense fund to defend teachers who get in trouble teaching crt. she attacked critics pushing back on the idea it is anything but the truth. but if you were listeninging toe speech yesterday, you might have been confused. in one breath she said critical race theory only taught in college and law school, and went
10:51 am
on to say teachers needed to be defended and teachers needed to be taught from that point of view. >> this harms students. these culture warriors want to deprive students of a robust understanding of our common history. this will put students at a disadvantage in life by knocking a big hole in their understanding of our country and the world. reporter: but the argument is, what is considered common history? critics of crt insists it teachers history through the prism of race. one veteran teacher who taught for decades says this whole notion could end up dawning our kids at a critical age. >> slavery, it was part of the united states. not a great moment but it happened. we also got rid of it. randi winegarten is talking about critical race theory as if it is fact. it is not fact. it is a theory. reporter: there is also reporting today suggesting while the national education association just a few days ago
10:52 am
adopted something called business item 39 calling for teens to share, publicize and defend critical race theory. that item has been removed from the website over flight. later today, first lady jill biden a lifelong teacher will tour a public school here in d.c., along with randi winegarten. ashley, back to you. ashley: very interesting. anita, thank you very much. bring in utah congressman burgess owens, congressman to you. you called for firing educators who teach critical race theory. what do you make of the teachers union embracing crt? >> first of all, ashley, this is pureesism. i grew up in the era people were taught at that time see each other from the prism of skin color, we overcame that. this is why choice is so important. what we come out of this is not, is a positive in a sentence that parents across the country now, not just have sympathy but
10:53 am
empathy for those not having choice to get away from the bullies and cowards. what they are not teaching, ashley, the first martyr in our history and our country for the cause of freedom was chris pus attics. a black man, a leader. black man. not lost in the annals of history. the a double agent, double agent spy gave george washington intel he needed to win the battle. these are our founders, black founders, those who participated in the war. fought shoulder to shoulder with white counterparts and patriots, at that time they were all fighting for freedom. you will not hear this history from elitist, leftists who want to divide us, teach us blacks were not able to see patriotism, to be loyal, to be brave, courageous. we have leaders have done all
10:54 am
this stuff, that needs to be taught. we need to get away from the leftists who want to teach racism. ashley: we'll literally switch gears here. i want you to take a look at the "new york post" headline that read, olympic games in for a rude a wokenning, focus on wrong kind of race. burr guess, i know you're furious about the olympic outcry. what gets to you in particular? >> well what bothers me the most we live in a country which people have the opportunity to work hard, and to achieve the american dream. and now we're teaching our kids as they do so, when they get there, not to be proud of the country, the flag, the anthem that represents these freedoms that get us there. this wokeness that we're seeing in niece sports arena, america is waking up thank goodness to this. we'll not stand for our country being put down, for those that live in the the greatest countrn the history of mankind. ashley: all right. this is an issue that i'm interested in that you're interested in. you're calling on britney spears to testify before congress about
10:55 am
her conservatorship. why is that so important to hear from her directly and what about this story strikes you? >> brittany represents the voice of the voiceless. i'm not sure about her particular case. i know there is a conservatorship and guardianship in which good people, my aunt, for instance, one, got caught in the system. she lost all of her rights. she was living the american dream. had done very well in this country. all of sudden because of a judge was put into a system where she had no rights, lost her property, clarence davis, former nfl player is now sitting in a nursing home separated from his family. no rights. lost his, all of the pension. something has to be done. there is something good about the process but at the same time when predators get involved we need to protect our senior citizens. ashley: curtis, before i let you go, it is stu's birthday today.
10:56 am
burgess, i'm sorry, would you like to give stu a shoutout on his birthday? >> absolutely. thank you my friend for your support. thank you for allowing me to come on your show early in the game and happy birthday, my friend. let's make this happen. so close to the birthday of our country. great job. good job for your mom for sure. ashley: thank you so much, congressman burgess owens. great stuff as always. thank you for joining us. all right another big hour coming up, we have kt mcfarland, deroy murdock, and oh so much more. we'll take you live to bedminster, new jersey where former president trump is set to speak at any moment. there is the podium. keep it right here. we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though.
10:57 am
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>> when we open up the marketplace, we will see the competition we need to to make sure they are not censoring one side or the other. i have heard from many liberals that they are concerned about censorship. they know if these platforms can censor conservatives they will center liberals too. >> the economy is doing fine. we are seeing earnings growth peak. it will slow.
11:01 am
that doesn't mean it goes down, it means earnings will drive the stock market to a slower pace. >> it is transitory. oil is not going back to the 30s or 40s. look at the labor costs it is costing employers to pay people that want to work. >> wages are going to rise. rising base of starting wages, wage inflation at some point down the road. ashley: lots of sunshine in new york city, a beautiful morning. it is 11 am on the east coast. let's take a look at the markets, why don't we? the s&p and nasdaq hit an
11:02 am
all-time highs, the dow off 61 points, the markets very subdued as we wait to hear what the fed had to say when the minutes were released from the latest meeting this afternoon. look at big tech if we can. they led the nasdaq higher and still on the upside, facebook, alphabet, microsoft, amazon up half of one%, apple up 143. another big story, the 10 year treasury hitting its lowest level since the nineteenth flirting with dipping below one.30% as right now.down 5 basis points, one.5 the road to present, moments from now donald trump will be making an announcement in new jersey. xe us is putting he will file a class-action lawsuit against mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey over censorship. we will take you there, we are
11:03 am
keeping an eye on the podium for you. in the meantime, good morning to you. do you think donald trump can take on these tech giants and does he have a case? >> he has the resources to do it, notice how presidential that setting is. he has the moral clarity and we might be interrupted by him any minute now. he has a cause and the president of the united states, not a quitter, knocked off facebook and has things to say. people might like what he has to say or dislike what he has to say, has a right to say it and they shut him down. it is remarkable somebody of his stature and fame and power is band and censored and knocked off his platform. he has a cause, who knows if that will stand up in court.
11:04 am
he has every right and justification for this issue. ashley: i think you are right. while we have time to get to this next issue marvel comics publishing a miniseries were captain america questions the american dream saying it is one lie. captain america, is this pandering to the woke crowd? >> movies, tv shows, mosquitoes, can't get away from them and here they come for captain america under attack and the complaint, we told the world they could come here for a better life but too often we turn our backs and they get handed a raw deal. think of the millions of people who have come to the country and thrived. among them ashley webster. carlos santana, elon musk, parent of obama and kamala harris and people who have come here.
11:05 am
ashley: we have to jump in, donald trump being introduced, listen in. >> i am the president and ceo of the america first policy institute was before we found along with linda mcmahon and larry kudlow the america first policy institute i had the honor and privilege of working for donald trump as his domestic policy advisor in the white house. my most important title is not any of those. whatever my role i am an american first, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, neighbor, entrepreneur, everything being an american peace. ashley: we have to wait for the former president, how much
11:06 am
influence does donald trump have midterms in 2024? >> i think a lot. he remains enormously popular among republicans. a number of instances where he endorsed candidates in primaries who have gone on to win. he can raise money, give money. he steps in the room and pays attention, the people who were never trump types, lynn cheney have mentioned off to the side so he will be influential in 2022. if he decides to run in 24 it is probably his nomination for the taking and if he doesn't run my guess is ron desantis is the front runner, a young donald trump with a little bit more of a calm demeanor but a policy, america first agenda is very much again to the successful policies we saw under donald trump. ashley: is the gop split among those who would love to have donald trump back in the white
11:07 am
house and those who believe it is time to move on? >> there is a difference of opinion but it might be an 80-20 split or something like that. a lot of people like his policies and the important thing to remember, a lot about trump's personality that is bothersome to some, i tell people focus on public policy, the fact we had enormous economy, the lowest black and hispanic unemployment in american history, the highest median national income for blacks and hispanics and other minorities. if not for the virus that wrecked this country 15 months ago i think he would have been reelected focus on public policy, stop focusing on personality. if we get that message across it is not easy to make but a message that is important to make and could be made. possible to be reelected, first and grover cleveland to be defeated and come back and when the white house four years later. ashley: thank you very much.
11:08 am
we will keep an eye on what is going on but thank you for sticking around. we will wait to hear from donald trump in just a bit but while we wait let's get back to the markets if we can, bring in bob dall. we talk about inflation every day. there are those who say it is temporary, especially wage inflation. where do you stand on the inflation debate? >> i don't think it is all transitory. some of it is. some is related to supply shortages and bottlenecks but there is some good old-fashioned pickup, try to buy a used or new car and you will see that sort of thing. when the dust settles we will conclude that 0022% is over. that doesn't mean inflation is a big problem. if not one.something, high 2s and low 3s and that has implications but time will
11:09 am
tell. you can't prove the wrong yet. ashley: that is true. we have to wait and see but another interesting point, you say investors should turn their focus to international markets. tell me why and where? >> the next 12 months argument is a relative economic and relative earnings argument that is to say strong as us economic growth isn't it is very strong the second quarter is likely to be the peak and we will decelerate from here. mostly it is the other way around, accelerating, markets love accelerating growth. look at the period from the bottom in march of last year to now, markets up 90% in the us
11:10 am
and accelerated. it is a relative economic growth and the opening up of the economy albeit in a bumpy way occurs outside the us. what i would also say, remember, the united states. ashley: sorry to jump in. let's get to donald trump in new jersey. >> to announce a very important and very beautiful i think development for our freedom and our freedom of speech and that goes to all americans. today in conjunction with the america first policy -- filing is the lead class representative a major class-action lawsuit against the big tech giants including facebook, google, and twitter as well as their ceos, mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey.
11:11 am
three real nice guys. we are asking the us district court of the southern district to order an immediate halt to social media companies's illegal shameful censorship of the american people and that is exactly what they are doing. we are demanding a end to the shadow banning, stop silencing and to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well. our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, unconstitutional and completely un-american. we know that very well. filing injunctive relief to
11:12 am
allow restitution and restoration, you can name 20 other things that it has to be because it is destroying our country, my accounts, in addition we are asking the court to impose punitive damages on these social media giants, we are going to hold big tech accountable. this is the first of numerous lawsuits i assume that would follow but this is the lead and it is going to be a game changer for our country, a pivotal battle in the defense of the first amendment and the end i am confident we will achieve a historic victory for american freedom and at the same time freedom of speech. [applause] >> i and to thank the exceptional legal team for this
11:13 am
effort in particular john cole, the tobacco lawyers, they seem to do a good job so see if they want to do it and they really want to do it. we have great great talent. i also want to thank brooke rawlins, outstanding person and friends carrying it to the level that nobody saw and has done it very quickly with linda mcmahon, tremendous successful woman who did an incredible job in the administration and everyone at the america first policy institute for support of this vital initiative. from the beginning of the nation freedom of speech has always been understood as a bedrock of our liberty and strength. in america we recognize the freedom to speak our minds and express the truth that is our
11:14 am
heart is a big chunk of our heart, it is our heart is not granted to us by government, it is given to us by god and no one should have the power to take that right away. [applause] >> the founding fathers inscribed this right in the first amendment to the constitution because of a new free-speech is essential to the prevention and look, the prevention of horror and the preservation of our republic but remember the words the prevention of horror because we are close to seeing that in our country. we have never been in a position like this and it has all happened very quickly. in the words of the father of
11:15 am
our country although some would like to take the title away from him, george washington, he will not be canceled, freedom of speech. [applause] >> if freedom of speech may be taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter, pretty well-known phrase and so true. fortunately today this fundamental american right and liberty is under incredible threat and attack by a lot of different sides but we are the majority side by a lot. i believe we are the majority side by far more than anybody would understand, you just have to take a look at what happened in recent elections and add up the right numbers, we will see a majority like you wouldn't believe because nobody can
11:16 am
believe some of the things that are being said, nobody believes that. social media has given extraordinary power to group of big tech giants that are working with the mainstream media and a large segment of a political party to silence and suppress views of the american people and they have been very successful at that. not in all cases but in many cases totally successful. the social media companies are private entities, in recent years they have ceased to be private with the annex to meant and historical use of section 230, which profoundly protects them from liability. they got section 230 they are not private companies anymore. no other companies in our country and even in our country's history have had protection like this. it is in effect a massive government subsidy.
11:17 am
these companies have been co-opted, coerced and weapon eyes to by government. and by government actors. to become the enforcers of illegal unconstitutional censorship and that is what it is at the highest level, censorship and some other things that perhaps are even worse and you will be seeing that in this lawsuit as it wells its way through the courts. we have all seen democrats in congress call the ceos of these companies before their committees and attempt to threaten them, bully them and intimidate them like nobody has been intimidated but they all get along very nicely, thank you very much. congress has repeatedly, big tech that if they do not
11:18 am
silence democrats political opponents, ban prominent conservative voices, i wonder who that would be and restrict what the left ominously labels as disinformation and that is the greatest disinformation group of people ever in the world, as an example just recently now there is, we never said defund the police, we want to fund the police, they looked at poll numbers 85% against them. we want to take care of the police. they want to defund the police and they will say it thousands and thousands and thousands of times and by the end of 12 months you will all be saying they love the police, they don't love the police they actually hate the police for whatever reason and a terrible thing and so many things, changing their views on so many other things and they just say the opposite, they don't go to anything. in unison a lot of the people
11:19 am
understand what i am saying. they say it right before you. that we want to do this, we want to do that, the exact opposite of what they have been saying or the most famous of all, russia russia russia, trump loves russia, he loves russia, hilo student, he loves russia. that went on for two years and some people believed it but we are going to look so closely and we are going to make sure that the liability protections they have under section 230 is at a very minimum changed and maybe a maximum taken away. the supreme court has made it exceedingly clear that congress is not allowed to coerce private entities into doing what congress does and they are not allowed to do it, the lawful authority is just not there, they can't do it, they
11:20 am
bully and they coerce yet that is exactly what is taking place y ay, dlagr ft an w ith ite e ite urt ite o.too s y thlarefslala th ab t al t sol th y e go g go do to to prcoe esst. a tngimpengimh thngh goio ng tacm,h d th l nd behndofl l erdideon come .. e g toto the t t cour coto acoto a lt body ca tur tt andd we de dd going to enlarge it. we are going to have 16, we are going to have 20. i saw when the other day, we are going to have 24 justices. and i guess it happened because all of a sudden decisions come out.
11:21 am
they play the ref better than bobby knight has ever played the ref. we can't let that happen and hopefully our supreme court justices and other judges and justices stand up for our values and don't let that happen. in addition in recent years we have also seen increasing coordination between big tech giants and government agencies like the centers for disease control where so much is wrong, so many things could have been different but happen to choose the wrong side and they banned the right side. for example youtube's policy especially for bids contradicting health authorities. fortunately i overrode the
11:22 am
health authorities quite a bit. a lot of good decisions made. if i didn't we would have been in much bigger trouble like you see other countries right now are still in very big trouble. through such coordination the federal government is essentially deputized social media platforms to become the they facto censorship arm of the united states government. this was especially clear during the pandemic when social media giants began censoring information according to guidance by the cdc which as we now know was very often incorrect or wrong. the censorship is yet another blatant violation of the constitution, so many violations of our constitution and you will see that in the suit which will also be added to because other things are happening on a daily basis that will be added as we go along.
11:23 am
consider just some of the information that has been censored in america over the past year. until recently facebook had a policy to illuminate all posts, sharing evidence that the horrible virus emerged from china, didn't emerge from the chinese lab, wuhan. i said wuhan, a bomb went up, with on, came from the wuhan lab, there were body bags all outside the lab, no one mentions that, i wonder why, said it came 1000 miles away from the bat or it came from a country, they tried to blame italy, they tried to blame us but they gave that one up. that was also misinformation but then it was revealed that this was most likely the truth that came from the lab and it was a small little story but when i said it was like a
11:24 am
weapon went off and major weapon, i won't use the word weapon because i never use the word nuclear that we have to be careful with our leadership because if we don't have the proper leadership we are in a perilous state so we don't use the word nuclear, i never used it, never said it, that is called disinformation, google and youtube have deleted countless videos, dared to question the judgment of the world health organization which has been wrong so often, a pipe organ for china as most of you know calling those videos misinformation, videos that consist of clear scientific fact, doctors and medical groups have been barred from these platforms for posting about therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine, that is a familiar name which now most recent studies say is effective
11:25 am
in combating the virus, $0.03 a pill, the drug companies don't like $0.03 a pill, that is what it costs. recent studies have come out very strongly in favor. twitter censored users for using the term illegal alien which it has labeled as hateful and the sentence they took 4, the most loving sentence, really, they could have done better. couldn't believe that was the reason. very famous people saying really, even the other side said really and of course there
11:26 am
is no better evidence that big tech is out of control than the fact they banned the sitting president of the united states earlier this year, a band that continues to this day. it is not a fair situation, very bad for this country, very bad for the world. if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone and in fact that is exactly what they are doing, taking people off who don't even realize they were taken off and have no idea why they were taken off but what they are doing is incredible and incredibly dangerous, just a few of the many americans who have been bigly banned or silenced under the corrupt regime, these brave patriots are included in the lawsuit and thousands more are joining as we speak, thousands more. this is the biggest class-action ever filed,
11:27 am
thousands of people want to join. jen horton is a schoolteacher from fenton, michigan. earlier this year she was kicked off facebook for sharing a post questioning whether young children should be required to wear masks. giving both sides, actually not negative, just giving both sides, that was enough. at the same time as jen was deemed flat formed, she was enabled to get the word out to her followers, had a lot of followers, could not get the word out and i said to thank you for being here and stepping forward, takes a lot of courage. would you like to come up and say so? where is jen? please.
11:28 am
>> appreciate the opportunity to be here with all of these are made ring -- amazing patriots, thank you for everything you are doing. ashley: listening to donald -- he is talking again, let's listen in. >> board certified trauma and emergency specialist from colorado, great person who is asked by the pastor of a church to prepare a video about how to mitigate risks of the china virus to church services to safely resume, just a question. could you give us some information. the video is outrageously removed from facebook, twitter, youtube with horrible statements being made by them.
11:29 am
thank you. say a few words. facebook d laid -- the flight is delayed. i wonder, i can't believe that. that is terrible, all right. thank you anywhere, going into newark. kelly and bobby michael are angel parents, their precious son brandon was killed at 21 years of age by a twice deported and very violent illegal alien, caused a very fatal collision, something should have never happened. since then they have heroically
11:30 am
lost their own deeply personal fight to draw attention to the dangers of illegal immigration, the debt under the sanctuary cities, and they continue to be strong advocates for border security, they have been cruelly and unfairly banned from twitter. would you like to say a few words? >> thank you. the fight for censorship must continue. we are in this. we will not allow our nation, we thank you. >> i see somebody running for office. i want to thank you. it is really terrific.
11:31 am
we are in a fight that we are going to win, the people want us to take on, so many people, do something about big tech. they have been saying it to me, never a better time to do it. polling released by scott rasmussen shows big tech companies should be required, guarantee of free speech. 68% of americans the social media companies prioritize fair treatment of every citizen over protecting themselves, they want people protected, tech giants, they crossed the line many times and by far too much.
11:32 am
the american people's freedom must prevail, seek to destroy it, this lawsuit they are standing up by standing up first free-speech rights of democrat, republican, independent whoever it may be this lawsuit is just the beginning. i will let you know about that a year from now. they had a tremendous track record in doing good, take the battle to the state legislators, to the ballot box and a popular one at the ballot box, never stop fighting to the
11:33 am
constitutional rights and sacred liberties of the american people. now ask john paul and pam bondi, two terrific people who love our country so much to step forward and discuss the suit and thank you very much. >> hello. he is taller than me. this is about freedom of speech, depends on certain things. one is who decides -- ashley: as they go through the details of this suit, google, twitter, facebook being sued by america first policy institute dealing with the censorship on social media platforms, calling
11:34 am
for immediate censorship to shadow banning, blacklisting and canceling, calls an unlawful, unconstitutional or an american. there you have it. he has been asked by many people to do that. it is interesting. first thing people say when this comes up, these are private companies, the president mentioned section 230, and because of that they cannot be considered public or private. >> private companies with government protection if you will, in the form of section 230. section 230 to change that, the question is do these platforms,
11:35 am
do they let trump and other conservatives, back on their platforms, class-action lawsuit against major tech companies, how far do the tentacles reach, to others. we don't know. he is holding a grudge from this site. ashley: greg jarrett, the lawsuit has been filed and this is un-american, unlawful, unconstitutional but what private companies when it comes to banning the platforms, what can a lawsuit due to force these companies to open it up to those who had previously been banned? >> the lawsuit, i have written
11:36 am
several columns arguing one should be filed like this and it is tied to justice clarence thomas's supreme court who two months ago in an opinion wrote that a lawsuit should be filed so that the courts could take action against big tech companies that censor content, silence and suppress, precisely the kind of lawsuit promising vision. normally the first amendment doesn't apply to private companies but to government action regarding this but here, when you have companies that are acting as they facto arms of agencies like the cdc then that means they must abide by the first amendment. thomas suggested in a persuasive argument that these
11:37 am
companies are so -- monopoly, and they need to be regulated by the government and treated as common carriers like public utilities. that has been done by communications companies, heavy industry companies and so if this can make its way to the united states supreme court, trump has a winning argument. ashley: in particular he mentioned section 230 which protects the liability of these companies and that by itself doesn't make them private. is that a decent argument? >> it is a decent argument. section 230 was passed by congress when big tech, the
11:38 am
internet, was in its nascent stage. it needed protection to grow but now it is an anomalous exemption that should no longer apply because these companies are so powerful. never before has such enormous power been held in the hands of so few and never before has that you egregiously abused that power. it needs to be stopped, the first effective step to do so. ashley: thank you for bringing claire ready to us. the president is going back to the podium and take some questions. you should listen back into that. interesting to see. listen. >> we always turned out to be right. we closed them very early. these are minor details. any questions? go ahead please.
11:39 am
>> the possibility of a settlement, any ruling in your favor, you played a compelling case, anything prior to court ruling would limit -- everybody else who is not in the class. >> not looking for someone, don't expect a settlement. they fight and fight hard, never had anything like this and there had a team of attractive people in every way, look at that. we are not looking to settle. we don't know how this will happen. we are not looking to settle. >> privately held companies, your position on public broadcasting, filling the same role. are terrible and not only what they say but what
11:40 am
they don't say. i was informed record numbers of murders, don't think about it, on nbc, cbs, abc, in pr, they don't talk about it and it is a big story. that is why the credibility of the mainstream media is the lowest it has ever been and should take credit for this, i'm very proud of the fact -- they are terrible terrible representatives of our country. they don't talk about crime. they don't talk about chicago where you had 260 people shot this weekend. in afghanistan we didn't lose one soldier in the last more than a year and i will say it was largely because of me but i won't take credit but the good news is i will never be given credit either. we haven't lost a soldier, 200
11:41 am
people shot in chicago, massive numbers of people shot in new york and they don't prosecute these people, these are killers, prosecute these people, they have no -- they only go after republicans, terrible thing that is happening in our country in a dangerous thing and a good question. >> how do you fight the argument that these are private companies and can be as liberal as they want to be. >> they are no longer private if they give up their section 230 liability protection i would go along with them and say they were private and other privates will be opened up and i know that for a fact. i will say that they have section 230, liability protection the likes of which nobody in history of our country ever received, just a small group and we are not going to stand from it and that
11:42 am
makes them subject to the kind of penalties we are talking about which is potentially trillions of dollars, a number the likes of which nobody has seen before. you might want to address that. 's >> the supreme court has been very clear what you can and can't do as a private company. they have done it all, mainly three reasons. there is the immunity and the coercion of congress, congressmen, congresswomen in the media and testimony, and tweets and there is also the fact that this law when this law was passed zuckerberg was in middle school. it has served its purpose. now it is this monster that
11:43 am
congress never intended and the bottom line is congress cannot delegate what it can't do it self. >> we were talking earlier about 230 was created in 1996 and i believe one of the main reasons was something we care deeply about but as a former attorney general getting predators off instantly yet today, during the congressional testimony, there are 16 million reports still of sex exploitation of children online, 45 million photos and videos allegedly out there. that is what they need to be focusing on.
11:44 am
>> thank you, mister president. the timing of this going to the midterms, share your thoughts on the timing of it and how the decision can help conserve viewpoint as we move to 2024. >> they have been so abusive not only to the president of the united states but so many others. hamas, the greatest killers in the world have a site, never reprimanded, never red flagged, nothing ever happens. the president, yet again, you won't believe it, these people call for the destruction of israel, nothing happens and it has become so flagrant and outrageous and outrageously ridiculous to this was a good time, this goes beyond the election. it is an important thing for
11:45 am
our nation. >> just to clarify, who should be the arbiter of what is hate, who is offensive and what should not be published, what goes beyond free-speech because so much of this has to do with comments you made around january 6th, just to clarify further what did you do to stop the insurrection and where you not able to stop it? >> that whole event just went through congress and a report was issued and my name wasn't even mentioned and i appreciate that. i was surprised. i would have assumed they would have come up with a technically biased at least on the democrat side statement, the report came out as you saw two weeks ago, my name wasn't even mentioned, that was an unfortunate, i say however people are being
11:46 am
treated unbelievably unfairly when you look at people, prison, nothing happens to antifa and they burn down cities, except for the gun that shot ashley babbitt and nobody knows who that man were. if it were the opposite way that man would be all over, the most well-known and i believe i can say i know exactly who it is but he would be the most well-known person in this country, in the world, the person who shot ashley babbitt through the head there was no reason for that and why is that person being opened up, why isn't that being studied, they've written it off. that case would be going on for years and years and it would not be so i thought this was an important time go ahead. go ahead. >> if you are successful and
11:47 am
twitter and instagram, uninhibited is that everyone is supposed to have access would you use your platform again? >> i don't know. i might not. extremely good pickup. everybody getting band can't put out a press release, who is that? no one will pick it up and even myself i could instantaneously get the word out. if somebody says a lie i can at least give the opposing side which i have been doing for six years. i used to get great publicity before iran for office. i have been doing this for 5 or 6 years where i can get a word out and opposing word. today you can't -- they took away the rights of in my opinion the majority. i really believe it is the
11:48 am
majority because people aren't for all of these things. they have voter id, that is another one when you talk about all of a sudden -- they thought it vehemently, two days ago i watched the congressman happened to be from south carolina say i have always been in favor of voter id. he hasn't because look at his statements the last two years, he has been vehemently opposed but now they lie like nobody has ever lied. i watched him say i have always believed in voter id essentially. i said that is unbelievable. fortunately the particular newscast had his statements from before of which they were too numerous to put up but they put up enough of them but the democrats say because it was an 88% positive issue they are saying we believe in voter id, we have to have voter id. there isn't one democrat in the country that said that and a year from now, fake news will
11:49 am
say they have always been on this side. amazing. if you say it long enough hard enough often enough people will start to believe it. that is what happened with russia. that is what happened with ukraine. that is what happened with, well the worst is when they don't say it like the laptop from hell. they didn't want -- look at that thing, that, there's more criminal activity on that laptop than out capone had. he was a baby compared to what i was able to see. would you like to say a few words? >> somebody doing the lawsuits? >> you can join the lawsuit by going to take on big i did not plant that question but appreciate it. and we are looking for hundreds of thousands of americans and one quick thing, a question about the political ramifications.
11:50 am
ashley: very interesting indeed. the president talking to reporters answering questions essentially saying it is un-american, unlawful, unconstitutional the way social media platforms ban people especially those with a conservative voice. let's bring in heather mcdonald now. donald trump says the networks aren't covering the recent spike in crime, mentioned the shootings in new york and especially in chicago. is he right? >> absolutely right. this is the worst possible disaster for the democrats. we are seeing a lived experiment, their attitudes toward the cops, defund the police, demonize the police, accused the police of racism for trying to protect minority lives and an absolute disaster for black lives in this country. it is barely covered. the daily 2 dozen blacks who are killed a day and drive-by shootings are utterly off the
11:51 am
screens of the news channels. ashley: but it is the democrats, they say, the republicans were the ones defunding the police, i find galling that they could say that but you have been following this story for quite some time. it was not the gop calling for defunding the police. >> know and it is not the gop that is demoralizing cops with phony charges of racism. even without an official defunding in the city you have cops that are not acting proactively to go after criminals because they know they will be accused of racism. it is the only job in the country where from day one the elites whether it is governor cuomo or governor newsom or bill deblasio will call you a racist for simply doing your job and that has been the theme
11:52 am
of democratic policy and president biden in his presidency, in his inaugural address or candidacy is constantly hitting this theme the cops are systemically racist. that underlie but it is resulting in crime increased this country has not seen for decades. ashley: have you had problems with social media, your commentary, your belief simply don't match those of the left? >> yes. i have been, there has been a chance to absolutely bury speeches i have given online that gave the data that showed far from being racist the cops are helping black lives and that was deemed as inappropriate for children. it is okay that we've got 4 dozen black kids killed last year in these drive-by shootings but if you talk about that, that is content that is
11:53 am
inappropriate for children. ashley: have you been banned at all? >> i don't know if there has been a blanket ban, but selectively, i have been boycotted by newsrooms and retracted work i have cited simply because i cited it because they come under so much pressure from the academy. this lawsuit whether it actually succeeds, he is right about the double standard and the real coverage, let's get the out go rhythms these big tech companies, big tech is the symbol of the takeover of corporate america by left-wing ideology and the double standards are simply appalling.
11:54 am
ashley: heather mcdonald, glad we managed to get you in, appreciate it. as we head to the break we have a special birthday message for stuart varney coming up. you n. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! . . yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. ♪. ashley: yes, we are playing that. of course it is the beatles. it's your birthday. we're playing it because it is stuart's birthday today. with that in mind here is a quick birthday message from some of our guests. take a listen. >> stu, my man, happy birthday.
11:58 am
i think you're 40 today. you look great. look like a million bucks. >> happy birthday. we love you. we love you as an american citizen. we love you, as well, ash, i want to say the greatest host on fox business but i don't mean that as a slight to you. we love our man. ashley: not at all. >> happy birthday, stuart. i have loved being part of your show. you're the best in the business. i really say that wholeheartedly. so congratulations. >> stuart, you're not getting older, getting better just like me. >> happy birthday. you are one-of-a-kind, that kind being the best. >> thank you, my friend for support. thank you for allowing me to come on your show early in the fame. happy birthday, my friend. make it happen. so close to the birthday of our country. great job. good job for your mom four sure. [cheering] ashley: there he is goes. there is the smile. happy birthday, stu. we blew the budget for the rest
11:59 am
of the year to give you those balloon graphics. happy birthday, stuart varney. all right, lauren simonetti, do you have a message for stu? lauren: do you think he is watching right now? ashley: probably not. >> i've been in hot water because of this. i thought stuart varney, his birthday was a few weeks ago, shared it with the wrong beatle. it is ringo starr's birthday. stuart varney is younger and even younger than i thought he was. stuart, happy birthday. i'm sorry for all my mistakes about your birthday and age. enjoy the day with the family. ashley: yes. let me point this out. this happens to be the day that england played denmark in the semifinals of the european championships at wembley in front of 60,000 fans. the fact he is not here today, a mere coincidence. we hope he enjoys the game. he has a birthday wish for an england win. stu can retire, he always says.
12:00 pm
i don't play governor. i don't play tennis. i love the news and i have passion for the financial markets. i love what i do. he one of lucky few in this world comes to work and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoys what he does. >> that is beautiful. ashley: lucky for him. there you go. we are done. the markets are so-so, waiting on those fed minutes. maybe we'll have more movement this afternoon. time is out. thank you, lauren. neil cavuto. take it away. neil: this reminded when "the today show" used to do when someone turned 100, it was like a big deal. well i never knew. stuart varney is 100 years old. that is wild. he does not look it. he does not look it. ashley: not a day offer 90. neil: exactly, exactly. thank you very much, happy birthday, stuart. of course around the time we recognize the birthday of our country. stuart was there for that as well. all this stuff comes together.


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