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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 7, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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larry: ame larry: americans will not trade high taxes for job losses. they won'tey do it, as well they shouldn't. i am called global suit tomorrow. ♪ ♪. kennedy: yes, happy sixth of july welcome to it. violence and death across the nation a crime wave not seen in generations but the biden administration and mayors in blue city sitting on their hands. so when will grant beat biden wake up and addresses must question the long holiday weekend there were 687 shooting incidents in these united states pretty staggering 452 people reportedly killed. 262, that is a massive number.
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more than one her people shot in chicago alone. no surprise there. nearly all cases in chinatown no arrests made, new york city more violence in times square, a female tourist reportedly slashed in the chest after she ignored some losers cat call. the video you see now said to be the prime suspect. what a jerk. san francisco nieman marcus ransacked in broad daylight. i am never there for the good sales. thieves caught on video sprinting out the store with high end handbags and electronics but i did not nieman marcus electronic spirits who are democrats blaming for the crime wave? they are pointing the finger at gun owners in fact new york governor andal cuomo, why is he still in office? tennis and the gun violence state of emergency to target gun sellers and manufacturers, watch. >> so today, first state in the nation is going to declare a disaster emergency on gun
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violence. [applause] what does this do this executive order? it says i want you to understand understand the extent of the problem no one should understand how serious this is. and it also allows us to move even faster and free up money, free up programs we can get on the street we can get on the street. some are probably nothing more money's not going to help with more problems for cuomo's critics say the real problem is the push to defund police. so what is the real cause of all this violence and how can we possibly fix it? joining me tonight to to state manna panel without washington examiner senior political columnists and americans enterprise institute resident fellow, tim carney is here. that can mediate host a part of the problem podcast, david smith oh yes, and another
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podcast host his is called the aggressive progresses he so.sound fun former aide to chuck schumer chris on his back, welcome back gentleman. great to see everyone. tim carney what the hell is going on? >> the newark city election just told us what's going on predate elected the top is mayors adams one because seeing violent crime is a huge threat by where he won the most was in the precincts with the highest crimes. look at where my wiley was in the really nice district where there is about one murder in the last year compared to 26 murders and some other police precincts. that is the main thing that's going on there's a million causes the panel talks about the one i think does not get enough attention now is the year of lockdowns breathing take away school. you take away the hoops off
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the basketball rim is. you take away libraries pretty tickly every possible outlet in socialization and people act antisocial. >> it's interesting because you are absolute right about this but there's definitely a correlation. unfortunately places like oakland the chief of police there, is cheerfully begging for help because the city council and the mayor not giving him solutions but he's got so much of violence his precincts are completely overwhelmed. it is not just gun violence but he said he was helping when the lockdown ended the crime would subside, that is not happening, dave smith. >> ohno is not happening at all. crime has been spiking since the beginning of the lockdowns we have at 18 months now. think tim really nailed it there. the interesting dynamic issue of crime rising and nationwide. and the democrats answer to this is we need to have less
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funding for police and less private gun ownership. which is just insane. and the republican response that is the problem is defining the police. but the issue there is that is not really true breed the police have not been defunded anywhere. even in the places where we have cut funding as crime has gone up. but in places where funding is not been cut crime has gone up in those areas as well paid what is going on here is we had a year of lockdowns, everything tim just said on top of that we then had mass riots where the cops stood down. this really embolden criminals but let people know the cops were not going to protect people and property and when people defended themselves using their second amendment rights the state came in and prosecuted those people. so if you really just look at this on paper and looked at the government policies this is the most practical consequence ever. of course you would have a massive rise in violent
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crime. it is tragic. people in big cities throughout america are living in fear right now. it is awful. kennedy: it is absolutely true. 40% of residents in san francisco, talked about wanting to leave the city. san francisco is one of my favorite cities in the country. i grew up there my aunt lived there for 30 years. it is an amazing place. but it has really fallen into a tragic disrepair. we've got target stores closing at 6:00 p.m. incident 10:00 p.m. because workers are worried they are going to be assaulted when they leave. you got walgreens and cvs closing a bunch of their stores because people are coming in. it's not even shoplifting. it is this brazen hall because to dave's a point they are not prosecuting anything. >> politics is efficient that way but you hit right on the head by tim.
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we have a system here in new york we have a cop running against a guardian angel for the mayor of new york city that is not by accident. crime is a pretty big issue new york city right now it will be addressed in this campaign. i think it is important for local leaders to understand there can be responsible policing, policing that protects their citizens against crime but protect civil rights it's not equally applied ipo and see the political system working here but we saw a rise in crime are going to see people who are elected were going to do more. if i don't think it's working quite yet optimistically. >> you may not be up for reelection yet, kennedy, they will either have to dress the violent crime issue or they will see themselves out of office. >> here's what we need is a people get frustrated, stop doing things so you get reelected. do things because it's the right thing to do. protect the people who live in your city and in your space,
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don't wait for an election that might be two years, that's what de blasio did pennsylvania exit is in the set shape it's in meanwhile most of us spent independence day celebrating, hot freedom with our families, their all sorts of people on the far left marking the country's founding with their favorite pastime, bashing america. npr took to twitter on july 4 trash the declaration of independence a document with flaws deeply ingrained hypocrisies. california congresswoman almost center, maxine waters jumped in kong in a document for white men. it was days after president biden suggested she run for senate. [laughter] that is so fun. is there any place in the democrat party for people who actually appreciate our country? and why don't they ever express that? it is not perfect and you know what question rick the nice thing about our country, tim
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carney it is perfectible. our country and always will be a work in progress. where we can make it better, your thoughts? >> that is not a love it or leave it type of guy. i do think npr is missing its calling parties far as i know there is not hmr her majesty's radio. they're clearly taking the side of the crown and the revolutionary war, as did a lot of the 1619 project. the argument which has been cast aside quietly by the "new york times", that the american revolution was fought for the sake of protecting slavery that the declaration of independence at the argument got on twitter from democratic lawmakers from all sorts of liberal journalists. it's the united states is inherently evil. not born with original sin, which is something we christians understand you can be good but with evil planted somewhere in there. this is an idea that inherently u.s. is equal and
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you are just wondering sort of again, national public radio funded by taxpayers but you are member of u.s. congress. how can you actually believe that? i don't a few do i really like to press them on that. >> c6 dave you tweet about king george this weekend. >> i think if we suffered unsure the exact amount of tierney he's instituting on the colonies of being blown away by how much liberty we had today. that point aside, i grew tim it is a really interesting point. it is a profoundly right wing attitude to have. they are essentially loyalists. despite the comment i made about our government be more to radical than king george the third which is absolutely true, the declaration of independence, with the exception of some writing from harry brown, aunt ron paul is probably the greatest peace of riding in the history of western civilization.
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and if you cannot get behind that, you really are, i don't know what to say go read the declaration of independence it's amazing read it twice. kennedy: read out loud every year npr. your thoughts chris? >> it is the most radical peace of work written for politics and history of the world. it has been used by every movement to gain more rights for more people. i love the declaration of independence but does that mean it's perfect now they were flawed. they were slave owners but look, your premise that democrats hate america is wrong. i'm a democrat i love america but all the democrats i know love america. some people criticized america, love america. and thank god we live in a country where you are free to criticize the nation. i will never want to squash or take away someone's rights for being an activist.
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when corey busch is tweeting about the fourth of july, when gwen buries turning her back on the flag, i don't care but i love this country. it's never attacked onto that. >> when i hear right wing nut saying the election was told they generally six of the bunch of tours i do not paint every republican without brush. we have to really separate that a little bit, kennedy. >> if you believe we live in a systemic in its response and for all these evils throughout the world, why wouldn't you love that place? only me and kennedy have the straight great libertarians have the answer we love the country and hate the government. that is the only correct answer. some of our well said dave smith beautiful den. on that note also the man pales returned little later. first up whiston turns the britney spears saga it's her lawyer resigning as her manager jumping ship? what happens to the crazy conservatorship battle if she
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♪ ♪ before welcome back. the brutal battle over britney spears conservatorship, likely not ending anytime soon. but her longtime manager and her court appointed lawyer have both just quits. britney's manager, rudolph said they've not spoken in years but he said he's heard britney's plan to retire into their court appointed attorney , sam has also done pretty he's been loitering around since 2008. britney's dad took control of her life and her finances. like it was saudi arabia and the a/v 80s paid why my yelling? now with the next court hearing living july 14 the american icon any closer to freedom question cures me my intro is, addiction always hosted the dr. drew podcast, my ren dr. drew pinsky welcome back sir. >> welcome to california has a
12:18 am
going? kennedy: thank you my gosh so fun. it's been great but were going to keep attainment. so, you made such a good point. whitney spears has the right to ruin her own life. it's a brilliant i'm glad you said that because randy quaid and charlie sheen and mehta world peace every other guy who has the same kind of public meltdown they are not under conservatorship. >> that's probably because they really do not know what's going on with britney. the factors on a 72 hour hold, what happens after that a judge comes into the hospital and the judge appealed to the doctor for longer stays for she was then put on a 14 day hold which is reserved for the most seriously psychiatric and neurologically ill patients. and then place on a conservatorship which further tells us it's very difficult to get those conservatorships. he further tells us how ill
12:19 am
she was at the time. now she has done well for a lot of years. her dad saved her life there's no doubt about that. but once you've been stable for a wild she wants to get off of conservatorship why doesn't she get the right to ruin her life to squander the money she herself has turned, ruin her life? the problem is the kind of illnesses that end up with 14 day holds in joint conservatorships like this are like -- they are often life-threatening is the problem. whether it's substance, bipolar, some neurological process, something is wrong or her judgment is severely when it's decompensate. and that ends up in the streets and it ends up in death. we do not know if all the people around her are retiring or stepping down because they are objecting to the excessive and onerous conservatorship do not take the liability being
12:20 am
sued later. or are they stepping down because she might get the conservatorship lifted at a do not want to be a part of something that contributes to her demise? kennedy: i do nothing it's the latter prevent conservatorship gets lifted and she has good relationships with these people they will help her. and they can help her foster a good environment for she can continue to thrive, be a good mom, performed well think she was to do. but that's horrible bread and for all of them to stand up in court for 24 minutes about how she is an idea in her body she can't get out project can't get married but she's held against her will in a single person rehab facility for it all of those things make everyone involved look like a crazy person. >> one 100% of that and we do not know that's delusional, if it's real, if it is it's really onerous and awful.
12:21 am
whether it is or isn't, she deserves a chance. there are ways to structure things. have a follow-up her psychiatrist and her psychiatrist. to be kept free and clear of the conservatorship. it's pretty easy to structure those things. why she hasn't done that, she deserves the right to ruin her life and try things off conservatorship. i cannot imagine a reason why they would not allow that. it's very bizarre, very bizarre. kennedy: at the very least in kicker data up the and allow her to get her own lawyer. her lawyer who originally represented her in 2008 was kicked off the judge that said i have her medical records you do not produce do not get to see this. i'm sorry about reliving in the united states. i guess not. dr. drew practice you please come back and talk to me soon. >> event candy thanks. kennedy: , sheet is been
12:22 am
suspended over positive drug test was in a performance-enhancing drug it was reefer. i will explain mi memo, next. only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: we expect a lot from our olympians and want them to be strong, fast, and marketable. and we went them to be dripping in gold medals, just like we like them. if they can achieve these things they are beloved and set for life. sha'carri richardson is all this and more she's physically gifted, incredibly hard-working, beautiful interesting, and honest. she also is considered to be the fastest moment on the planet and the odds on favorite to win the gold medal at this years tokyo olympics and the 100 meters sprint. best not when happy now because some arbitrary anti- doping role got her suspended and booted from that race which she won at last month's track and field trials.
12:27 am
she could've competed in the four by 100 relay but the idiot governing body told her to eat glass and left her off the team a bunch of jerks. bridges and tested positive for marijuana, she did not get some phony baloney exclusive out eating a pork butt read it using some accidental ointments, she owned it. she apologized, gave an explanation she found out from a report her biological mother had died which triggered her guiding left hurt nerve shocked. and she's now trying to move forward. the trials were in oregon were recreation about cannabis is fully legal as it is in 18 states. what is she supposed to do punch a horse? pull out a statue? drink a gallon of bathtub gin? she smoked a little weed which the osa anti- doping agency admits occurred outside competition. the anti- doping squad exist to make sure people not spinning their blood or taking steroids to make them bigger and faster. but even admits thd the active
12:28 am
ingredient in marijuana is not an performance-enhancing substance. thc is banned is categorized by the doping gestapo is a substance of abuse. sugar and caffeine are worse substances of abuse, should those be illegal? have you ever met a carbohydrate addict? axing a% of americans support marijuana legalization. i'm sure even more of them would favor a reversal of sha'carri richardson suspension so she could compete against the best day proves she is better. you try running while you are high if anything lead is a performance inhibitor she should be given at titanium metal for competing at that level and blazing the competition. it looks like sha'carri richardson will not compete at all but at least her story is when the further the discussion about ending prohibition in this country. as the olympics passerby, slighting rado be the conduit for future olympians and that is the memo.
12:29 am
kennedy: president biden has been taking a firm stance over sha'carri richardson suspension, watch this. >> the rules are the rules. everyone knows the rules going in. whether they should remain that, the rules are rules and i was really proud of her the way she responded. kennedy: rules are the rules. shut up, rules are the rules. [inaudible] so what if the rules are are arbitrary and outdated question at the man tells beckham and tim carney, dave smith and chris hahn here to explain the entire thing. tim carney, rules on the rules about the rules should she be able to compete because once again like a britney spears thought this was america? >> i think i am the conservative and most pro rules guy on this panel. that explanation from biden is pretty inadequate. rules are the rules, if
12:30 am
something happens in the middle of competition. if something happens that gives an advantage that makes sense. if you decide the rule that was broken, not only did not -- is unjust but also nobody else would have gotten an advantage if they had gone ahead and broken this rule. as a rule in soccer if you watch the europeans in soccer if you commit a penalty but the penalty does not help you, it does not end up getting called. that did not help her. the rules are the rules is not an adequate answer the should be changed on the fly. they should be reinstated. kennedy: i agree completely but they left her completely off the team right now she cannot even compete in the four by 100 which is so lame based because she probably would've been faster if she had not gotten high. >> that is for sure is not just punishing her it's punishing all the women who are competing. because now ever went hasn't star next to their victory
12:31 am
because she was really the favorite. it's punishing everybody and robbing them of their shots. the thing that is so infuriating about joe biden having the nerve to say the rules are the rules, is that joe biden is the living architects of the war on drugs. the most influential member that is still around today. i understand this is not a law. but to act like these rules are not influenced by the last 40 years of american federal legal policy on marijuana would be absurd. joe biden in the 80s challenged ronald reagan from his right pretty partnered up with norm thurman to challenge reagan for being too soft on crime. joe biden was bragging about throwing the book at every minor drug offender in the 80s and 90s. safar believes please bring it. >> tell me where kristine
12:32 am
naumann other right wing conservatives in the country. neto. joe biden is in favor of legalized marijuana as is the entire democratic establishments before nellie's not, no he's not very talked about decriminalizing, do not reschedule marijuana and you know that. who wrote the drugs ascendancy got? it's a crazy decision. [inaudible] >> you just want people to love a parade please love me please hate joe biden please levy this woman should be allowed to race. [inaudible] you are literally saying and nothing protected not claim this was his current position. i am saying she is responsible for what he did in the past. what he did in the past is evil he enslaved millions of people. that means something that may not mean anything to you but it does mean something to me. i am sorry if people like me that's not my problem.
12:33 am
they've come dave i agree his position in the past was wrong. he has evolved on that position. [inaudible] kennedy: are you out of your mind? dave smith had some of the most consistent and authentic position on freedom and liberty of anyone in media pray he does not have to come on this show or any other show and pander to anyone unlike you because you are peddling falsehoods right now about joe biden. when has been decimated. [inaudible] your garbage is meaningless. bull crab. >> shut up for a second grade kennedy can hold on for one second, one second, donald trump. kennedy: go back and listen to my monologue you hack. shut up. >> for what he did the people
12:34 am
in yemen house that take on the right customer q are just defending a democratic president. stand on principle. what do you stand against the democrats on? call me out like that. >> i'm sorry i stood against people calling out the declaration of independence of the first act of the show. >> that was so brave, so brave chris. in this meeting other places i will continue to do that. i do not come on harry tell the truth as i see it every time i'm on the air. kennedy: you come here to far out talking points. >> assayed the governor of north dakota did something that bad is pretty weak defense. [laughter] safar awaits me at the critical race theory. >> the people of south dakota voted to legalize south dakota christy gnome is fighting to break that down.
12:35 am
before we had spoken out against her. dingbat, watch the show if you going to pick it apart. idiot. meantime the two largest teachers unions in the country are now throwing their support behind critical race theory, which teaches children to judge one another by the color of their skin is in the content of the character. while some states are outline the practice to angry parents and students a group of 5000 parents and find a petition going to break anti- critical theory laws and teach it anyway. so how can normal americans protect their kids from demented race obsessed teachers? tim carney? >> send them to catholic school in private school take your kids out of public school and then run for the school board after your kids are out and then try to change their curriculum there. there is no fixing the way public schools are now. the fact is there's always going to be a religion guiding the schools it's a myth to think we have secular schools where there's always going to be a religion and i send my
12:36 am
kids to schools that adhere to the catholic faith. right now the public schools are a minority faith held by a small group of ideologues are not going to value neutral education public schools are going to get a religious education according to a new radical religion. kennedy: dave smith? >> tim is completely right this is a heartless adler myself the biggest flaw in atheism in general is the need to worship is hardwired. if you are not worshiping one religion another religion just fills that void. look out just say this because what happens with this argument is that when you call it critical race theory, everyone backs off and goes that's not critical were not teaching critical race theory schools. but then when it's convenient they will say it is right critical race theory. the bottom line is this teaching racialist essentialism to children is evil and it is borderline child abuse. the fact is persisting in this country is disgraceful and we
12:37 am
are going to -- we are already feeling up. we are going to feel the ramifications of this for years to come. it is the worst thing you could teach children on both sides, on all races present terrible thing to treat people. sue for this we have so many minority parents speaking out against it. that is why you have. >> they might be the biggest victims of this for the kids that are being taught their victims living the system that's against them. that might be the worst thing you could teach a child. >> okay want to bring chris and i want them to tell me how critical race theory is not critical race theory, go ahead. >> is a new straw for the right to burn down. because they can't really attack by defectively because he's an old white guys does it look with her trying to du jour kids in school. they're trying to teach you we just have slavery and jim crow. sue for that critical race theory is. >> let's protect the statue because what a protector history. america was to learn the good and bad and deal with that. and we should move forward.
12:38 am
i hope we can do that. kennedy: then do not tear statues of ulysses s grant because he is my sexy boyfriend critical race theory isn't marxism it's awful as divisive a sound teaching kids to separate themselves by race it's also very anti- capitalism. capitalism when the few things on earth that pulls people out of extreme poverty and extends their lives. you are welcome, comics, think of a much man pounded have y'all, tim, dave, chris i love a spicy conversation. three jalapenos on my plate. lovely. coming up, we are crashing your neighbor's barbecue this week and cyber criminals cross thousands of companies all over the world. another $70 million in ransom. michael baker has got his michael baker has got his fists out, next. it started with an idea... and became a new tradition.
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kennedy: 's been called the biggest ransom or tackle times at saying something. a notorious russian hacker group crippling hundreds if not thousands of companies around the world. what is present biden going to do about it? probably order another scoop of ice cream. dhec gained access by infiltrating a miami-based software company and infecting all of their clients with malware, then they demanded 70 million in ransom for few call last month present biden with latimer putin break nobody special summit of warning not to allow any more cyber attacks originate in russia but how should the a strike back? here's me tonight for cia covid operations officer chairman and ceo mike baker buried welcome back baker. >> think it's all very to mind that was a spicy conversation you had in the previous segment. skewer three jalapenos. >> very enjoyable, very
12:44 am
enjoyable. i think ours a bit little calmer. this is a really interesting situation the attack basically started on the second of july. it comes on the heels of the summit pretty pointed that out. president biden met with latimer putin. apparently during that summit he explained to president putin critical infrastructure should be off limits to cyber attacks. >> is one of 16 things. that should be not up for grabs by international crime organizations operating within russian territory. here is what i think needs to happen to finally get around to your question is we should have a conversation with putin probably should not be the president to pass this message along. the message should be, look if you are fsb formally known as the kgb is not capable enough
12:45 am
deal with criminal organizations operating within their territory, we can either provide you with support and training that is never going to happen. or we and our allies can start taking proactive responsibility for this and deal with ourselves. that is exactly what we should be doing. we have to treat groups that are responsible for this, the responsible for the meatpacking or meat industry attack recently. we need to start treating these groups as a terrorist organization. we have terrorists around the world we profile them going to allows us some points to either acquire them or stop them from doing what they're
12:46 am
doing we cannot go in and drone on russian territory we need to be pragmatic. there is one no reason we should not be tougher on this of the stage of the game. putin has no interest in working with this but he does they are not aligned with us he doesn't care. in fact think he finds it pretty entertaining. >> he keeps pushing biden's buttons. once defined the one that makes him go pp. that is not a good thing. if they needed if the white house and biden administration needs a clear example of how little attention he pays, this is it. this comes on the hills of the summit where they discuss this. they have done nothing. and that pragmatic very serious and mindful operational way, we have to start dealing with this ourselves.
12:47 am
targeting these individuals reaching out and then we can picking them up whenever possible outside of russian territory. kennedy: we need chuck norris to benefit chuck norris on the job is going get cell, mike baker you are thank you so much. it is a night of men. tropical storm is next, more ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪ ♪ and mess me around and then ♪ ♪ worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call ♪ baby daydreaming again? but i love you still you know i'm driving, right? i do. ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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only for a limited time. to learn more, go to support elon musk is living in prefabricated house were thawing $50000, just like everyone took his advice on dogecoin. at the billing on the poorhouse, this is a topical storm. topic number one, boston dynamics programmed a swan of a robotic while robot dogs to dance to bts song. boy can they shake their tails, here they are, the dancing dogs of boston dynamics only program to dance like this, dogs do not seeing my dancer courts recordings of the music. just like the real band. in fact the only difference it can these dogs and those kids as these dogs get to take
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breaks but also the korean government will not put these dogs to sleep when they turn 30. even tells only a matter of time before the robot in the middle breaks off her solo career. he's locked into a conservatorship of britney spears dad. too soon. there coors brewing company has been feeding subliminal advertisement in people's dreams been a fortune for the brewery, most people drink course are dreaming of a better beer. it is called targeted dream incubation involves the use of audio and visual stimuli to manipulate and confuse the human mind. also known in layman terms as cnn. and of course dream lab trial participants were asked to watch a short film about coors before bed and listen to an eight hour soundscape while they slept with an essay participants report having similar dreams about coors beer. some even dreamt about the
12:53 am
patented smell in new jersey driver failed so badly of street parking he backed up over a curb and into the storefront of a driving school. his like they said sometimes the wrong choices lead us to the right places for this is the aftermath of their attempt to parallel park unfortunate came out more like perpendicular parking. still he is not the worst driver in new jersey. that will be bruce springsteen. given the biden crime wave this is now the safest way to enter a building in a major city paid police said the driver had no connection to the driving school is been issued a ticket for careless driving. while the office does need repairs or driving school has announced it will remain open. in fact you might say it is more open than it ever was before. topic number four. the sound of screeching brakes buried filing tonight was take a look at the best fourth of
12:54 am
july fireworks from around the country. first let's go to fort worth, texas by the queen city of the parade countdown celebrated with the day of live music and binge drinking along the banks of the trinity river oars the people of fort worth collect, the weakest word most texans are not seething light up like this is the power grid went down. notes go to scottsdale, arizona the westernmost western town prince got still only get 7 inches of rain per year making it drier than what if john carries cocktail parties. try the scotch. here's near exceeded lighting up the east river with the celebration for the ages. actually this is not in for independence day but new yorkers celebrate the end of mayor de blasio's term. now massachusetts the birthplace of the american revolution, this is where the sons of liberty healthy boston tea tea party. something 92000 pounds to
12:55 am
practice the fact it was not beer. the british are coming. the rooftops of las vegas, nevada. but a romantic ending to an evening, i have not seen so many sparks fly in the city since siegfried metroid. too soon. not for the grand finale celebrating independence day with the rockets red glare. and bombs bursting in air above the washington monument. the town is not heard explosions like this since eric swalwell went out on nbc. has anyone mocked the washington monument looks like a wiener? before leaving site tickle me tuesday joke three minutes to get to the punchline come do not cheat do not ask, use the # tickle on twitter, ready? why did the clydesdale give
12:56 am
the pony a glass of water? the answer, next. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪
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david: tempered tickle me tuesday. hesitantly been waiting for my declines again the pony a glass of water? because he was a little horse. [laughter] [laughter] wow.
1:00 am
[laughter] oh man, oh my goodness. [laughter] i know. kennedy: love you katy. james, andy, kimberly and our very own joe out all right on twitter during the break, good job you hooligans. thank you so much for watching the best of your day. tomorrow night on the sho ... tony evans: god knows what you're like. he knows our propensity, and he has compassion when we come home. come back home as quickly as possible. though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow. though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. so, whatever inheritance, whatever god still wants to do for you, to you, through you, in you, don't lose anymore. jesus christ broke the curse, so don't ever talk about you being cursed again if you know jesus christ.


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