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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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removed 5 million pounds of debris from the surfside collapse, again our prayers and thoughts go with them all. that does it for us on "fox business tonight" i'll be here all week, thank you for watching "the evening edit" starts righta now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight we have to rethink new reports coming in the russians state hackers did try to breach and hack into the republican national committee, the rnc denying the say no wasn't that bad, we have a new light in the administration investigation into another potential russian hack of hundreds of companies worldwide, democrats now say the administration does need to move more quicklys on russia, we have a new big rethink on defending the police fourth of july
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weekend salt a historic crime race, more than 230 people fatally shot, joining us today former assistant fbi director chris riker, boston police department, congressman kelly armstrong, doctor marty makary, congresswoman and fox news contributor and border patrol chief robin tele we have this new pushback against city leaders of the media who tried to blame a historic and violent crime wave on sexism, climate change, covid-19 and also this, oil prices hitting a six year high, we have more on the owner of the keystone xl pipeline and nearly two dozen suing the biden administrationn for canceling te pipeline arguing that the administration respectively ecviolated nasa and the constitution. we have more mass confusion in one weeks time dr. fauci appeared to have done an olympic size flip-flop, we got it we have a new study coming on, the
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u.s. media is way more relentlessly negative than even scientific journals even the foreign press even the negative and things like declining cases of covid-19, now allni of this e have this happening the washington post, the teachers union picking up on the negativity claim in the dark clouds of lockdown move once again in the gop ratcheting up say nancy pelosi and the democrats are covering up for china as democrats try to shift the blame on trump. where are the alarm bells and outrage over china developing dangerous super viruses that could leak out of their lab and the gop race for 2024 getting a lot more crowded trump rallies picking up, this is axioms reporting democrats fear that kamala harris not strong enough to take on gop contenders as president biden does not seek the election, biden officials
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continue to downplay the border crisis, yet they plan to open up the border even more, we also have a dozen states stepping in to help. thank you for joining sm elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ thank you for joining us we hope you had a good fourth of g july weekend we have a jampacked show we start with a russian hacker gang suspected of one international crime spree in 17 countries including the u.s. this russian elected claims it is locked up more than 1 million individuals of ice around the world it is best known for hacking j bs the world's biggest meat supplier that's get right to edward lawrence at the whitee house with more. >> before we get into that, late oeword about another potential hack in it distribution company that someone tried to hack in to their system, get to their clients through the microsoft
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cloud. the ceo says they were able to limit the activity of the bad actors, the rnc republican national committee was one of the clients of the service, the rnc says their systems were not compromised and no data taken from them. let's talk about the massive hack that we've been talking about all day today, the ceo of that company saying they were embarrassed and working to fix the issue that hackers posted on the dark web that they want $70 million for a universal key that unlocks all the machines around the world, president biden downplay the impact of the attack. >> i can tell you a couple of things, i received an update from a national security team this morning, it appears to have caused damage to u.s. businesses but we're still gathering information to the full extent fuof the attack. >> the florida company that waso attacked runs remote it for 1500 companies around the globe, the
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administration still talking with experts about what to do next. >> we will reiterate a message that these officials are sending as the president made clear to, president putin when they meant that the russian government cannot will not take action against criminal actors residing in russia, we will take action or reserve the right too take action on our own. >> at the end of the day, she said it's up to private companies to secure their own networks. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence, thanks for your great reporting, let's get right to fbi director chris, thank you so much for joining us, how does this stop we have solar winds thought to be inside the u.s. government, still historic hack there the ntcolonial pipeline, meat processing, how does this add up and how does the u.s. stop in the world stop it. >> there is not a scintilla of a
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doubt that this is the russia criminal organization and at least sanctioned and blessed by blotting mere putin in his ffa which is their intelligence services they have been doing it for a long time, they invented the rent somewhere in the malware and all the methods and techniques that they use. it goes away when we stop job owning the issue and start taking action and if you listen to chris crabs who is ahead and worked in the cyber intelligence area, we have to take action we have to do things like prosecute and extradite especially the most wanted cyber criminal and can take up any day in the inner pool, there is a million-dollar reward on his head, they just need to pick him up and send it back to the united states in london prosecute. elizabeth: we hear you say the biden administration is in the middle of planning a new approach that wouldpl do away ad
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get rid of the widespread economic pressure campaign that the trump administration did iq no lot of sanctions and we have jackie spears saying the biden administration need to act more quickly, what should the biden of administration do should they not get rid of unilateral sanctions. >> i think sanctions are another tool to use, we need for them to feel the pain when they allow this to happen vladimir putin allows this to happen sometimes he recruits them to do espionage like they hacked into ukraine like crimea and they hacked into the dmc, they do the bidding of the russian government but for the most part and as they apply their skills, the russian government will use them everyey now and again, they are directly responsible and the sanctions would help and prosecutions will help knocking these people out of the box when they start
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extraditing drug traffickers and hit them pretty hard most of their bigs are in jail now, we need to break the organizations up. elizabeth: treated the same way, thank you for your insight, thank you for your service to our country, gaddafi one. let's turn to the story more than 400 shootings, more than 230 killed, 406t for injured look who's back former boston police chief dan daniel linskey. an incredibly horrendous weekend for violence. this is happening from "coast to coast" but we have city leaders blaming sexism, climate change, covid-1919, don't we need to gie cops more money to remove illegal guns off the street. like in the late '80s early '90s where was sweeping across the nation and we can recruit
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and retain them and we have less funding and less time to be proactive and prevent crime going forward into get back into that 90s air responsive policing and we will lose all the ground state t decades ago with the policety initiatives ad where they work together to develop strategies to target violent offenders and hold them accountable, that isop exacerbating. elizabeth: you have to go after the criminals and throw the booo at them, we hear about illegal guns, it's about drugs and gangs and a weak border allowing drugs and gangs to flood into our cities, we have the new york city mayor bill de blasio, he is doubling down saying i'm not going to hire morere t cops, lot the chilling video of a home surveillance home camera, it shows a suspect creeping across the four-year of the apartment in new york city. he is walking around freely
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checking out rooms and opening doors bill de blasio says i'm not going to use a $6 billion icon federal funding to hire more cops i'm not they get them going to do that, the biden administration said you could, what's with that kind of thinking. >> i don't know i know police officers working with communities can cause solutions to problems like this. if we don't have police officers, this isn't the time that we want to, we imagine police and have police do things differently that's going to require personnel, training kind and investments. if we want to change the way police communities and do it effectively we need to invest in that and make sure were supporting officers whether support personnel and additional people that could do different than armed officers, that is great but we need too have resources to address the problem we encourage folks you are going into justice system where if they do get arrested they go in the street the next day the community why would i cooperate with the police against the violent offender who will make
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the cooperation if there is no accountability in the court systems with the programs of not charging for crimes in releasing individuals for repeat offenders, the system needs to be tweaked and the opportunity is here no more time in our history of policing then we have the resources to do just that,we we need to put the money withou. elizabeth: the thing is the worst thing that happened with the fund the police is the stereotyping and the broad paintbrush all across the board in stereotyping, police across the country are now understaffed, as you pointed out a lot there unable to keep up with the rise in violence due to record numbers of cops quitting in resigning and retiring declining morale and why, listen to this anti-cop sentiment that is so unbalanced it does not give a context of a full story, watch the coverage here.
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>> after this idea of defund the police means wiping out police forces when it really does is enhance and empower law enforcement, i want to say any amount of harm is unacceptable and too much, i also want to make sure that this hysteria this does not drive in a reaction we look at these numbers in context. >> what is your take, do you really think there is an uptick in crime the way that republicans are claiming it. >> i don't think there is an uptick in crime and i can tell you that i know firsthand, you know statistics can be manipulated. >> there is a lot of police b unions and gop operative that would lead for us to believe the recent crime wave has everything to do with this idea of defunding the police. this rising crime is not the fault of the movement is actually the fault of the
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police. elizabeth: cops have been defunded across the country, look at the data. in the surrounding area when children and toddlers get shot and killed. his justice is to sicken another data point. what do you say. >> i see the individuals making this decision should ride in police cruisers and see what the community is saying they get to know what police officers are doing in america all the time, and to make decisions, absolutely but they should be informed of what the actual situations are and not just what they thinkus they are or been td that they are and to walk until walk a mile and a cop shoes. elizabeth: you will not want to get up out of bed you will not one leave your house if you did a cops job and talk about the subject without talking to the cops of the minority or heimmigrant communities you're
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getting slammed by rising crime, let's talk about this target and walgreens aregr shutting storesn many cities in california, why because the r ransacking, lootig and theft and broad daylight, we will show you a video we saw this before this is a walgreens with a garbage bag recently taking good out of a walgreens, we will show you a neiman marcus store in san francisco was ram stack and broadra daylight. officers had that getaway cars running a getaway to go as they ran out of the store. is itt a surprise that retailers are shutting down and causing more problems in communities with companies are leaving, your reaction. >> absolutely we work with clients facing the same challenge and we reachn out with
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law enforcement to see we can supplement and they have been told that we don't have officers covering and even if we couldn't makeke, an arrest where the prosecutors are not charging people with these types of crime, i understand not prosecuting somebody if there is a knees and a homeless issue or mental health issue but taking it to the court getting them services and trying to prevent the problem of them repeating that behavior is something we should look for and work towards it is definitely a concern we i will lose grocery stores with slim options for food and communities with nutritious food at a decent price. once is goes away they will suffer even more in jobs in the story will go away. it's important to our community and our ability to keep our community safe and sound if we work together in these problems. elizabeth: thinking to your service to our country, come back soon, oil prices hitting a securewn high more on the keyste xl pipeline suing the bread in a administration demanding more from billions of dollars in damages for canceling the
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pipeline, two dozen states also suing as well. that story next. >> joe biden has taken this from energy dominance to energy dependence and that's the real problem he took the action action to keystone pipeline in target of the back of and put a moratorium on oil and gas in america. ♪ x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum! i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill.
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elizabeth: joining us from house energy commerce representative kelly armstrong, it's good to see you. is this a long shot the company behind the keystone xl pipeline they are suing for $15 billion in damages from the biden administration they claims abide in a administration violated nafta and breaching the promise to get the keystone pipeline up and running, do you think you have a shot here. >> i don't know if they have a shot or not what i wish the u.s. taxpayers would be on the hook this is the most vetted pipeline in history is gone through more local state and federal permitting and it'ss abundantly clear that not only is it bad for u.s. energy policy but bad for our relationship and closes neighbor and ilo like to take it away and change the rules of the game after it's been played.
10:21 pm
elizabeth: even the obama state department under the obama administration signed off on the keystone pipeline we have russian criminals hacking and shutting down the colonial pipeline they got away with millions of dollars in ransomware in 21 states texas leading the charge and there suing the biden administration they are saying the biden administration violated the constitution that only congress can decide and regulate interest rates and international commerce. what do you say to that. >> north dakota join the lawsuit and i'm glad they had been in the geographic center in north america and producing oil and gas as we do here we are very concerned about the attack on transportationhe infrastructures counterintuitive, why would we shut down the keystoney xl pipeline in green light nordstrom several months later were helping our enemies, were not supporting our allies and were making ourselves going from being energy independent to energy depended again. they are going to transport this
10:22 pm
oil from canada they're gonna sell it to somebody else or transport by rail or by trucks which is going to increase omissions. elizabeth: we have oil and gas prices hitting six or seven year highs we have 11000 jobs lost when the xl pipeline was shut down by the biden administration now you have the government paying people to not work the extra federal unemployment benefits, you see the trends, what do you say,ay final word. >> i say we need to get people back to work up thehe infrastructure back in the ground and people in my part of the world do what we do best and that's feed and fueledd the word our biggest risk is nothing but the federal government at this point in time that they would stay out of our way and let us do what we do that would be great. elizabeth: congressman kelly armstrong it's good to have you back on, come again soon doctor marty makary he is fired up he is going to weigh in on dr. fauci breaking the olympic feed record for flip-flops and
10:23 pm
one week time critics are warning that that enter dr. fauci in the media are affecting school openings. a new study from the university warns the u.s. media is way more negative about covid-19 then even scientific journals on things like school reopening the declining, declining covid cases all of that is next on "the evening edit". >> we should not allow dr. fauci and facebook to determine what we can and cannot sayay about ts virus, from the beginning he was giving politicized advice, he admitted he changed his advice based on what would be herd immunity levels not based on what he thinks he season the data but what the american people are ready to hear. with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict
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10:28 pm
honestly i'm not sure why he's out there, we've been talking about this stuff but i'm not sure if i blame him or all the media, he needs to get back to work. elizabeth: let's watch dr. fauci, listen to this. >> if you put yourself in an evenvironment in which you havea high level of viral dynamic andn a low level of vaccine, you might want to go the extra step and say when i'm in the area where there's a considerable degree of viral circulation i might want to go the extra mile to be cautious enough to make sure that i get the extra added level of protection even though the vaccine themselves are highlye. effective. >> do you expect the cdc to change its mask wearing guidelines for vaccinated americans. >> i don't, i think what were gonna be seen andnd i know what were going to be seen is sticking to the guideline we know from experience, it's very
10:29 pm
well against the delta variance of the cdc recommendations dan if in fact you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated and protected and you do not need to wear masks. elizabeth: he saying you are protected in an area of low vaccination even against the delta variance. he said you may want to wear a mask, i know that's confusing does this look like people getting vaccinated when you hear the stuff. >> it sends a wrong message, i wouldn't mind when you talk about natural immunity, he's never once talked about thate there's no evidence that we should change any thing there's no new study that suggests we should change policy but there is new fear and that fear is basically unfounded with any data, you could tell people to wear a helmet when they're sitting at home watching tv but i think it's unfair to frame that is going the extra distance or being more safer than another person.
10:30 pm
elizabeth: we know that the p pfizer vaccine is about 30% less effective about the delta strain, we understand that maybe want to wear w a mask but he wasn't talking about that at that point the other thing it changes all the time at one point dr. fauci said he was raising herd immunity higher and higher and he was doing not based on the polls he was reading showing more people are getting vaccinated. it is very confusing listening to him. >> i think that was a telling mormon that we basically confided in them that he had chosen to change the level of immunity in the population of herd immunity and change the definition of the expend why he did he thought the country could handle a change in theri threshold. this paternalism right now, damages the credibility of p public health, were gonna need that credibility in the fall, were gonna ask people if you have symptoms to wear a mask ini public indoor areas we don't want people showing up her grocery stores or business
10:31 pm
meetings coughing and hacking up, we want people to exercise good hygiene this kind of stuff hurts the credibility of public health. elizabeth: we also see a new study published by the national bureau of economic research from darkness and brown, the study more u.s. media stories are negative about covid-19 way more negative than even science journals in the foreign press, the u.s. media is more negative about school reopening and more negative about vaccine trials and more negative when cases are dropping, does the media and drt things like with the need nations are just teachers union and demanding more from mandatory vaccines for everybody, doesn't have an impact. >> absolutely, most of what we are fighting iss a public perception battle if you look at the number of daily cases it is about one 30th the number of daily cases of seasonal flu and
10:32 pm
a mild flu season and now the case rates are similar that covid is affecting younger people. i wish the media would cover the fact that 500 children will die. of rsp which is respiratory virus, the virus that causes ths common cold, that is still more than the total number of kids during the entire 18 months of covid, were seen a lot of fear mongering right now even today with the land variant, all covid viruses are a variance, there is no original wild strain anymore. this happens to be called the land of variance, it's untrue and sometimes it is their claim that it invaded vaccinated immunity i saw a lot of headlines about that today, guess what they're talking about the chinese vaccine the one that is poorly affected. this is the stuff that createsec fear and hurts our cause. elizabeth: doctor marty makary, good to have you on, come h back soon. coming up congresswoman kat
10:33 pm
cammack on the story where is the outrage of the alarm bills on the democrat party in the media over china developing super viruses along with the chinese military that could leak out of labs the gop repeated up say nancy pelosi and the democrats are not tough enough for china, that story next. this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪
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♪♪ elizabeth: back with us florida republican congresswoman kat cammack is great to have you one. is this a serious thing that we don't see o the outrage over the national security problem with russian hackers and the national securitych problem of china getting u.s. virus technology in american dna, shouldn't there be outrage in d.c. about this? >> absolutely unlike a lot of other americans arounde the country are wondering how big of a cyber attack had to occur before president biden will take
10:38 pm
action. i have listened to his comments to reporters over the weekend and i'm just going to say it's uncomfortable it's uncomfortablr with the commander-in-chief is more focused on eating ice cream and pretending to talk tough with putin, where this group, or evil has been conducting 15 cyber attacks a week over the last two months, how big of an attack has tos. take place for e united states government to stand up and take action, what is it going to take for the president of the united states to stand up and take action and if the president of the united states is not willing to sendd a message that attacks on the united states and its stored in our critical supplier business of bony scope of size if it awkward to stand up and send a message that this is unacceptable, cook republicans in congress will i like a lot of americans around the country have had enough.
10:39 pm
elizabeth: is also a midterm issue, republicans are say nancy pelosi and democrats are also covering up for china and stonewalling republicans into the potential wuhan lab leak after pandemic that killed 600,000 americans and i have peter daszak running neck to health alliance and nonprofit that funded the wuhan lab using taxpayer money, he is also stonewalling house energy republican demand for information. what is hee hiding? >> clearly something, covid didn't discriminate between republicans and democrats it didn't discriminate between white and black, americans from every background of every color creed, race, religion, we should all be demanding more from for the origin of coronavirus. unfortunately democrats are more concerned with driving a political narrative than they are about getting from the bottom of it. i along with homeland security colleagues we are demanding more from an investigation into the origin of the wuhan lab leak, we
10:40 pm
know that this was a lab leak we know based on the science, based on the facts on the ground and based on the e-mails that have been uncovered that this definitely came from the wuhan lab and funded using taxpayer dollars and americans across the board as well of the rest of the world demand answers and they deserve answers for what has taken the lives of soss many in ruin so many families across the globe we have to get tough it's past the point of rhetoric and we have to k take action. elizabeth: democrats are the majority they have the subpoena power here the thing with peter dossett and republicans are saying this to he used taxpayer money via the nih sending it to wuhan lab this is american taxpayer money, don't american taxpayers deserve transparency and deserve to hear from him about his e-mails, letters and any communication he sent to the
10:41 pm
wuhan lab talking about coronavirus' genetic g sequencig laboratory safety practices it's about american taxpayers, it's about us, right? >> absolutely in the gain-of-function research that has been conducted using taxpayer-funded dollars this is the same that americas should be outraged and screaming to representatives on the house ano senate side and asking the demanding more from of the president of thef united states there taxpayer dollars are taxpayer dollars are going to fund research overseas that is killing americans we need to know exactly what every single dollar went to how it was conducted in controlled why there has been a massive cover-up with the w.h.o. who is complicit with the chinese communist party in the beginning of the outbreak to mislead the global community and to america which resulted in a faulty data modelingop that killed thousands
10:42 pm
and thousands of people. when there are answers to be had. we are going to get them. we cannot count on this president to get answers. elizabeth: congresswoman kat cammack, thank you for joining us. next up fox news contributor is going tohe wait and on a gop rai for 2024, yes we are talking about it it's getting really crowded president trump is wrapping up his rallies axioms reporting the democrats fear the kamala harris is not strong enough to take on any republican contender if president biden is not up for reelection, all that and more on "the evening edit". stay right there. we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken! don't mind if i do! they're hungry. t-bone! that's what i call a smorgasbord!
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10:47 pm
is ramping up his rallies as gop potential opponents for 2024, axioms is looking more crowded than ever before, what do you say to this? >> i think first of all the nomination is donald trump, no one is going to take it away from him if i had them make a bet i would bet he is running he was on hannity asking what is your decision and have you made a decision and he said yes and he started to talk about why he was needed and why his agenda was needed and sound like he's gearing up but a lot of people like me who wanted the president to win reelection in 2020 are hoping that he decides to be a kingmaker rather than a king because the reality i think most republicans realize we didn't lose a 2020 election because american people like donald trump's ideas there was a gallup poll right before the election 56% of americans said they were better off now than four years
10:48 pm
under barack obama that is the highest that number has ever been in the history of the gallup poll it came in the midst of the worst paid deming since 1918 of the worst economic crisis. still people want to agree with trump, he alienated a lot of voters who were persuadable and might've voted for him that were just exhausted by the chaos of the previous four years. elizabeth: the capital riots is going to hang over him and talking causally about voter fraud and republicans are saying he should move on from that because they want to hear about policies, we are mike pompeo, mike pence, nikki haley, ron tdesantis to be the front runn, it looks like it's getting crowded, it is also this we have axioms reported that democrats are worried that kamala harris cannot be any republican contender and also the center trump rally in florida and
10:49 pm
sarasota over the weekend gocritics say trump confirmed manhattan's das case against trump organization and cfo, let's take a listen to this, watch. >> they go after good hard-working people for not paying taxes with a company car, you didn't pay taxes on the car or company apartment, used a car because you made an apartment because you have to travel too far you didn't pay tax or education for your grandchildren i don't even know, does anybody know the answers of that stuff. elizabeth: we saw that in the madison case with the clintons when they forgave the loans given to bill and hillary clinton they didn't reported on their tax return that should've as income, this is not out there, what do you say to this.
10:50 pm
>> i guess the question for most conservatives do we want to spend the election talking about that or talk about open borders and talk about $6 trillion in spending do we want to talk about how they impose critical race theory on our kids in schools, there is so many important issues we want to talk about bringing back the economy that donald trump delivered right before the pandemic hit and get the economic growth going, those of the issues that we should be talking about, ron desantis, governor desantis in florida he agrees with everything that donald trump stands for and supports him on the agenda but look at howow hes been handling this crisis with the collapse of the towers, he's a presidential and holding briefings with the first responders and g he greeted president biden and able to reach across the aisle and factual of today briefings, he's very comforting and measured them in the way that he handles things that is the kind of person that we need to carryo te
10:51 pm
idea off trumpets him into the next election instead of being distracted by whether donald trump takes accidental karma. elizabeth: good to see you, thank you for joining us, come back soon. former border patrol chief ron vitello is going to talk to us about what he thinks of biden officials including homeland security secretary downplaying the border crisis, you have not seen these levels in a generation they plan to open up the border even more and now we have a dozen states stepping up and stepping in to help work and explain all of that next. >> there is going to be fiscal costs associated in human tragedy cost associated with this whether the increase in over staff or drug with the cartels or whether god for bid one of the criminals being released hurting these family members the biden administration is advocating the responsibility. but eventually,
10:52 pm
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elizabeth: joining is now former u.s. border patrol chief ron botelho, thank you for joining us. homeland security secretary mayorkas trying to downplay the border crisis he is saying a
10:56 pm
double count, migrants are repeatedly trying to cross the border officials say that's been going on for years and years of generations and decades, the point is they try to cross again and again, because they know they can do it with impunity and without consequences recidivism that's been going on for decades, your reaction to this. >> i agree the border patrol when i was there and we started looking directly at recidivism at a mere success in a 2011 timeframe that number is noble it's true sot many people who ae expelled under title 40 to have the ability to come back across the border in several will do that, in may when 180,000 apprehensions only 61000 of those apprehensions were people under title 42, that's 120,000 people who crossed the border in either sent to detention or referredcr or released that caud the search, this as you
10:57 pm
mentioned were in record territory we never seen anything like that on the historyry of ds to blame what is going on this crush of humanity on recidivism is not accurate at all. elizabeth: the point is any illegal crossing is a crime critics have been saying the surge and recidivism is not a mitigating factor is not a positive thing it is a sign of how out-of-control the crisis really is, now were seen four out of ten trying to cross again and again, that is up from one out of seven. we see also the story coming in the biden administration is talking about reopening were opening up the border more getting rid of title 42 which says border control can stop people at the border due to covid-19 they're talking about wiping out that, what effect would this have? >> we need to be concerned about how they handle the next one
10:58 pm
what ended the last surge was the protection protocols in the asylum accord with the northern triangle guatemala, honduras and el salvador title 42 cayman which allowed cbp to send these people back into mexico if they were single adultsy and families and changed in the beginning oft the year they stopped using title 42 for children in mexico change their law and tender age children could not be sent back that's what caused the search we stop the migrant protection protocols and we stop the asylum accords in january of this year and title 42 was suspended for children that's what caused the rush of children of the border that we saw in february, march, april, may and june now if they tear down title 42 which is being applied to now then those people are going to come in record numbers ice needs to have resources to prepare for another
10:59 pm
surge. elizabeth: critics say that the border facility are going to get more and more crowded we have a dozen states sending law enforcement to help out texas with the border crisis, senator tom cotton is saying is a shameo that it came to that that they have to have states sending their own troops to the border, your final word. >> i agree this is a federal responsibility given the right resources and policies or congressional action cbp and border patrol making the very well prepared to handle this problem, what they don't have is a policy backup for legislative change that allows them to adjust the search, having the state send additional help is not going to fix a bigger problem. elizabeth: ron vitello, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it it's good to have you one thank you for
11:00 pm
your service to our country you made a great point great insight, come back soon. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business we hope you join us again tomorrow night thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone, welcome to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow. this evening, and may not exactly be breaking news but it turns out the people would rather have a job than a tax hike. in fact it turns out people would rather have a job then vote for tax hikes on other people. also it turns out that limousine liberals prefer a growing economy to redistributing income, not all of them mind you but most


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