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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ larry: my final thought, easy. i want to take b c my final thought i want to take back the principles of the declaration of independence, just take them back and get us back on the right foot. thank you. kennedy: the first celebrity convicted in the #me too a rut tonight is a freeman. disgraced after sweeney and bill cosby walking out of a pennsylvania prison after all charges against him were dropped. does he deserve to go free and what does that mean for his alleged victims at this point as well as people like harvey weinstein you are cheering the man once known as america's dad was convicted of drugging and molesting dozens of women and has been imprisoned for nearly three years but the high court
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overturned his conviction saying the 83-year-old actor never should have charged -- then charge the first place. the judges who ruled the sitcom star had a nonprosecution deal with the previous district attorney and the current d.a. ignored that the opinion of the words he got out on a technicality but this afternoon cause they did not comment but his lawyers did. watch. >> yes every right to rely on the prosecutor's word and they pulled the rug out from underneath him because of politics because of the court of public opinion and that is not how her system should operate. when that happens there could not be made just and if there's a just verdict in a just sentence we wouldn't be here fighting. it was not adjust burden. kennedy: that voice.
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earlier tonight cause the tweeted quote i've never changed my story. i've always maintained my and innocence. thanks to my fans and special thanks to the pennsylvania supreme court for upholding the rule of law. #bill cosby but the shocking reversal not sitting well with cosby's attorney is pretty learning -- attorney gloria allred represented 33 of them. she said in part the pennsylvania supreme court's decision was an important fight for justice and even though the court overturned the conviction on technical grounds it did not vindicate bill cosby's conduct and should not the interpret as a statement or finding he did not engage in the acts of which he has been accused of the accusations against cosby raucously quite disturbing frank many of his alleged victims said cosby gave him pills and rape them while they were unconscious. he does have some supporters
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actress felicia rashaud she tweeted quote a terrible run is being righted a miscarriage of justice has corrected. did the courts do the right thing? here to possibly face another trial one person at criminal defense or in an former prosecutor argues both sides quite effectively. welcome back randy. >> thank you for having me. >> what exactly happened here because all the stories we have heard about bill cosby even from his own admission and he's been doing some pretty things. >> that's important take away. gloria allred got it right that the decision today has nothing to do with whether or not bill cosby is a monster or not. it's simply a matter of the supreme court of pennsylvania saying hey wait a second this man was offered an agreement with the district attorney. the district attorney said i will not prosecute you.
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deal with the civil suits. cosby said okay. that is a contract like any other contract in that contract was relied upon by cosby. he had the right to rely on it and quite frankly that contract was enforceable. should have been an enforced on the get go. you should never have been tried the first time or the second time. the supreme court said enforceable contract works you aren't happy with it too late to bed. kennedy: what is the current d.a. sang about that contract? >> it's irrelevant because any d.a. who thought he or she could get around that agreement was still guilty of a miscarriage of justice because ultimately at the end of the day or prosecutor's job is justice. the offer someone a nonprosecution agreement your award is your bond. if the public can't trust a prosecutor we are all screwed. kennedy: if a prosecutor can't
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trust a guy -- what can be done now? is there any other avenue where some of these victims can seek justice? >> criminally in the state of pennsylvania any case that falls under that agreement, that case is over. in california the statute of limitations hasn't run and defense conduct took place in california then the answer is absolutely yes. kennedy: what would you tell some of the victims who are still very, very upset not just by the alleged abuse and crimes that he committed that to people who want to see him held accountable? >> they are reality is i would tell the victims as much as i can understand what they are going through and i don't
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profess for a moment to be able to that i would say justice sometimes come to us in very ways. what happened to you has not been changed by this decision. what happened to you remains. he is a horrifying, human being however the district attorney made an agreement with him and the district attorney has to live with it and it is unfortunate that another district attorney fell for political reason or for whatever the reason to simply discard that agreement and really discard justice. that's the travesty here. kennedy: harvey weinstein, they are plotting this decision. how will they internalize this? >> knowing arthur eyed aidala as i know him -- i believe arthur knows full well that this
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agreement has no impact on harvey weinstein's case. you cannot parade in victim after victim and bring allegations of uncharged prior conduct. that's overly prejudicial. the court ruled on that would be a feather in harvey weinstein's. the fact that he got off on it technicality because he agreement harvey weinstein cannot pull back on any such agreements of the cosby decision today zero impact on harvey weinstein's future. kennedy: somebody has to pay the piper some point have a feeling bill cosby might end up in -- in helping the crime wave is reaching a boiling. the car break-ins are up listen to this number 750% in san francisco. hope you like your tesla. a news crew in oakland was held up by armed robbers while
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reporting on the city's crime spike in l.a. los angeles county sheriff alex villanueva cities taking matters into his own hands bowing to clear the famous venice each boardwalk of its homeless camps after recent murder there and tons of crime and calling the democratic mayor eric garcetti had l.a. supervisors architects of failure. how bad is crime and homelessness have to get in california because democrats admit it hasn't done any justice to this beautiful carted -- part of the country. chris wilson is back and lucky there comedian and host of the podcast his political fortune growing by the day. steve smith is back and we have former biden campaign surrogate
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and i'm most recent reader of my 2013 memoir cabin is here. >> so, so good. kennedy: they call me tonight donald the penmanship. thank you all for being here. i go to california quite frequently and i am heading there on friday for a night in the home and in los angeles is no longer recognizable. their tent cities everywhere. you cannot drive in any part of the city without seeing that. it and eric garcetti is blaming it on the federal government so what's going to happen with the fight between them? >> they are coming from democratic mayors but you're they are racing 40 years of progress in turning back the clock's from the 70s.
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from coast to coast we are seeing leftist mayor zhang counsels underlying law enforcement and destroying the cities they've been elected to lead. we have seen that backfire to look at new york the majority of democratic primary voters a top patient may or election and liberal austin passed the public camping ban with nearly 50% vote and the mayor turned the city into one giant homeless camp. republicans routinely beat democrats in the 70s and 80s and up into the 90s. democrats got smart and abandoned -- but now you have this whole new generation failing their cities in predictable ways. kennedy: the republicans i don't know if they have the answer and homelessness either to be honest with you. >> did a good job solving the homeless problem.
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kenny did more than any mayor not helping them with the governor's race. let's talk about the fight between alex villanueva and eric garcetti. do you like a passing match dave? >> a good old-fashioned dissing match, sure let's have one. i think what is very interesting about this is for me in you being libertarians in me talking about how the government gets bigger and bigger of course the federal government is trying to get a $6 trillion spending bill in california is the biggest date government and the union and yet as the government tries to take on more and more roles and we want to solve climate change in inequality in all these lofty visions it's obvious for everyone to see the most basic functions of government can't be achieved and everyone notices this and the country not just libertarians. normal people notice we can no longer balance their budgets or
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protect our borders but in california you can't have drug addicts on your street. kennedy: they are all over the place. name -- you cannot name a dead cat without him knowing. c this is about defunding the police. i think this misses the mark a little bit. you can certainly say that police don't need military gear and armored vehicles and s.w.a.t. teams around every corner. kennedy: you can get qualified immunity and all that stuff. >> the truth is that these liberal cities have decided they are not going to enforce property rights that they will allow people to live on public property and allow people to shoplift and carjack and all these property crimes is not enforce them. kennedy: it goes to show that they think human beings are
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disposable. what is the solution and? >> that's a complicated question for sure. the numbers are 66,000 folks who don't have adequate housing and this is the problem that isn't just short term for this is a long-term problem. it's a huge issue not just for democrats but for all the goods across-the-board. i don't think there easy answers for this pretty up tent cities that have been set up costing $2500 to attend. you can pay rent for all these folks living on the streets. the architectural organization is come up with public housing ideas that this is a crisis that doesn't have an easy solution. kennedy: the more people you throw at it the more people will move to venice. you can have all the social services you want three hots and a cot and bedbugs.
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the w.h.o. said fully vaccinated people should still wear masks. why? are masks averting our ability to fight off other deadly diseases?
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kennedy: surprise, surprise the world health organization is trying to protect the bosch on your summer. the controversial international organization says fully vaccinated people should still wear mask and social distance and light of the rapidly spreading delta covid variant. some worry about mass in a pandemic say they can reduce normal -- thereby weakening the immune system but on the brighter side a new study published today suggests that mrna vexing from pfizer and moderna may offer rejection for years to come and maybe even a lifetime with no boosters break in vaccinated americans celebrate this summer? infectious disease specialists and senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health security welcome back. c thanks for having me. >> would the want to talk about first?
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do you want to talk about that who went over masking? let's start with that. people who are vaccinated do we really have to go back to full-time mask? i don't think people will put up with it. >> i don't think it's indicated in places like the red states where we are heavily vaccinated. the w.h.o. speaking to most countries and if you are country that doesn't have your population -- and you are facing the delta variant that's not something that's likely to happen united states. fully vaccinated individuals have nothing to fear from this virus so i don't think you need to wear mask in any situation if you were fully vaccinated. kennedy: i like your thinking doctor. we were talking a couple of weeks when you were here about -- that they are adult population stats are still in single digits.
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what happened there? >> i think what happened is there is a lot of vexing hesitancy in japan and japan is a lot of logistical problems. for four example you can go to the pharmacy and get vaccinated by a pharmacy but in japan you can only be vaccinated by doctors and certain medical professionals of their a lot of constraints. it kind of derailed the ability to get vaccines into people's arms there. it's made it difficult for them to get into position where the bee olympics have not caused a controversy and they will go on but the population is not while vaccinated in japan. kennedy: if you have athletes coming from countries that are poorly vaccinated going to a country which has almost no vaccinations what can the delta variant due to the japanese population? >> there is a lot of concern about the super spreading event happened at the olympics but the
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japanese government has learned from our lessons for the national basketball association hockey league about how to create a bubble so you don't get people spreading this infection. with testing in social distancing bayer curtailing a lot of different activities to minimize interaction with many people. i think they could do it safely with vaccines with the athletes. kennedy: stories from the elliptic village are legendary. i don't know how you are going to get a bunch of super muscular in shape 20-year-olds do not touch each other where they -- any thoughts? >> it will be very difficult. there are certain protocols in place. there is testing and hopefully many of the athletes are
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vaccinated themselves so they won't spread amongst each other. the concern is mixing with each other. there will be probably a lot of people that are vaccinated but just outside of the village where the vaccination rates may be lower. kennedy: they don't have a free-market system. the same with russia. you have state run economies you don't have glorious competition and that's where the mrna vaccine came from. we have 20 seconds are you worried about the immunity where they haven't been subjected to other viruses? >> not particularly. we are likely going to see them come back or that taking care patients have had this and i don't think there'll necessarily be a major problem. something will be able to handle but it's a sign of normalcy.
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kennedy: i have tendinitis in my elbow. what do you think? excise it having you on. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. former president jump tomorrow heading to florida. will his trolling force the biden administration to do something? i'm in studio with answers and appetizers, next. kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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kennedy: former president donald trump into the u.s.-mexico border but u.s.-mexico border says kamala harris only be in there because he announced he was going first. watch. >> kamala harris your vice president only went -- to the border yesterday for the one simple reason, because i announced that i was going next
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week. i don't know if she was ever going to go. meanwhile president biden biden reported a work in our plan to bring back some of the 900,000 immigrants the trump administration deported but no word on whether they will look into the 2.5 million deported by president obama. how badly my former president trump and bears president biden mr. president biden on his trip tomorrow editor fox's contributor keith pavlich. what is the goal for the former president? >> versa bows to show there is a problem. there is a crisis and for president trump this was a good issue for him. it was something he ran i got elected on the 2016th something that he was successful at implementing in terms of policy in the white house. it's pretty embarrassing when it comes to ignoring the problem but also think he's trying to point out it's not just an issue of of immigration. initiative sovereignty and had these one on ones with local
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leadership and he's having one on ones with landowners and border patrol agents who are over run and tell the stories of what's happening down there some ring of horse the vice president did not do when she was in el paso. kennedy: she could have gone to dallas. she didn't go to where the border crisis as which means she's not serious about it. >> it's not that she's not serious about but it's disrespectful to people who are doing everything they can to negate this disaster. local authorities are having major problems and not just republicans that are criticizing this the democratic congressmen are saying look this is a real issue. it isn't just lately convenient stops on her way to california but i think they show no interest in trying to figure out how to make the situation stop as they have changed no policies and they have made it worse. kennedy: i've been saying this
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all along sit down was semi- performer senators and talk about things that republicans and democrats can do together quickly to at least make life better for these kids. >> they are box themselves in. tomorrow will be interesting to see how the media covers president trump's trip whether they talk about his policies being completely inhumane or job biden's policies allowing thousands of people to come across the border and children trafficked. they have decided instead of solving the problem they are more adjusted in forgetting about what the previous person dead. these policy positions -- kennedy: these work in the student then this is what we have to do going forward. there is no vision. it's a great disservice to people in this country and people trying to come here but would have to do for greg abbott? they are not only trying to win the governorship for a third
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term but also run for president in 2024. >> is certainly something that's coming up. for greg abbott he's dealing with this first-hand. yes a lot of resources and he's been calling on other states to send law enforcement down. he doesn't have federal authority to arrest some of these people who are running away from border patrol. unless ordered to chill has the resources to put them into custody local jurisdictions no matter how many law enforcement agencies from texas or other states come in to help they can do much about that. the federal government has to do that. kennedy: it'll be interesting to see what they say to some of the landowners. the former president was like -- the ranchers who have been there for generations say i don't think so. abbott is being a more amenable. >> thing is things are very
8:32 pm
confiscated and differed in texas than they are in arizona or new mexico. there are lots of stakeholders here that unfortunately the administration is completely ignored in private landowners from every generation -- their property. canby one thing is for certain they have not solve this crisis and they have made it worse. katie thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: meanwhile could former president trump become wait for it the next speaker of the house? the idea was discussed with 45 during recent interview and he called it very interesting and it's actually constitutional. there is no stipulation that the speaker be a member of congress only if elected by a majority of members. will republicans take back the house and 22 and should present trump tried to grab the gavel
8:33 pm
from nutty nancy? guy, what do think about this? this is the ultimate. >> technically it would be constitutional and that's it piece of d.c. trivia that people like to talk about when there's a speaker race but i don't think president trump wants anything to do with his role actually. he talks about the idea briefing he might fool with it and say that's the title of power but the minutia and processes process event to be involved with on a daily basis you can't delegate everything in that position and you need deep institutional knowledge so you don't get flattened by the opposition. i think he may have thought about it briefly ultimately i don't think you'd really wanted an even huge trump fans would want someone with that knowledge and understanding how things work on capitol hill over long period of time. they want someone there to make sure the trains are running on
8:34 pm
time and not someone who is completely new to that branch of government. canby kevin mccarty is so excited about the idea. why do you not want to be speaker? >> i agree with scott. i don't think donald trump wants a job and it reminds me after 2016 where some democrats fantasized if we took the house back in 2018 hillary and a good be the speaker. this is something they think about that there's no way donald trump wants to count houseboats on anything and believe me if kevin mccarty gets a chance to be speaker he will try to be speaker. that job has a way of taking u.n. in making you -- kennedy: y. paul ryan, never to be heard from again. it's not going to happen, there is no way it's going to happen. i think the reaction of people
8:35 pm
that hate him, he loves that so i think that's probably why he's flirting with the idea. i would never be speaker of the house and i would never be in politics. kennedy: a lot of people are throwing your name around. >> i am going out to dinner after this and i'm like what do you want? i am free capretta what if they do the wrong thing? i do want to be involved in anyone else's decisions. i have enough of my own. canby no matter where you are no matter what time of year -- get the gavel. i have the gavel around here. if you become speaker i would love for you to have that classic gavel. >> perfect. i promise you, i promise you if
8:36 pm
i become speaker, promise you. kennedy: then we can do shout out clock on the floor. coming up we are days away from the 4th of july and americans feel there's a risk of getting covid at a party. i'll explain why we need to come to our senses. that is next.
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kennedy: celebrating the fourth you pent-up little firecracker. badly enough your answer may be a reflection of your political affiliation which is so stupid or according to an axis bullets pull republicans are ready to rage through 75% of them see no or a small risk in an independence day gathering and 47% of democrats feel the same. they can cower in fear and their eyes filled bathtub telling patriotic songs while the rest
8:41 pm
of this lay ribeyes on the grill screaming now that's a fire. it's not our nation's birthday and tell someone loses their eyebrows. libertarians didn't answer the phone on this poll. they shrugged and said please leave me alone and then went back to sorting their ammo from their reefer for the differential in the poll shows how desperately we need to track the two-party system. it's a way to live life. it's mathematically better to be drunk and stupid. not long ago president biden was warning we can't have nice things. but he comes to his declining senses and he ends jill: will host military families at the white house. 10 bucks says jen psaki is -- by 4:30. the midterms are coming. people want normalcy.
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it's not all sloppy kisses and pbr. i wish it were. l.a. county is flirting with the idea of a a stern and/or mask recommendation. if you didn't vax with pfizer or moderna you are good and if you've had the virus and you have recovered you are probably still good and if you're skeptical about getting the vaccine and staying at home you cannot -- no one is going to listen to arbitrary fear-mongering and new old rules from local officials or the fed after everyone watch the messaging scaring us into submission with the subservient dishonest media in tow. give us the actual vax not the freefalling and let us determine our own path forward, all right? many people are mean to the virus but we are also immune to the oppressive soul killing manipulation government officials at us out of an abundance of caution paid this
8:43 pm
year use caution when lighting your fireworks and never tossed and mad out of the moving vehicle and that is the memo. the delta variant is obviously striking covid concerns but the white house says it's going full steam ahead with their party on sunday for military and essential workers so if you are vax waxed and shellacked -- i'm back with the party panel. kat timpf are you going to mask up and bathe imperial again? >> look, no, no. i am vaccinated. i am done with this stuff. i'm coming to spend the fourth with you in l.a.. i'm not coming all the way to l.a. to sit there and have to bud lights through a straw with a on. it's not happening. everybody is over it. if you want to wear a mask, knock yourself out.
8:44 pm
live in a mask forever put one on after you die be buried with adjusting case. do that but quick trying to shame vaccinated people for not wanting to suffocate themselves because of it teeny teeny miniscule, miniscule risk. we all accept risk just by being alive. kennedy: going outside every day, getting in a car riding the subway, using fertilizer on the lawn. your thoughts? >> i think the point is more people still need to get vaccinated and you are right if we are vax it we are well protected but for example my dad was the state of missouri which is having bad outbreaks it out because their vaccination rates are so low. we are seeing data, the israel about the delta variant that is concerning so i think the scientists are watching that but the whole point kennedy is get
8:45 pm
vaccinated. it's not that you can do what you want entirely but you have a lot of freedom. kennedy: i'm going to do what i want and i'm going to do it twice. guy? >> i'm reeling from your monologue and the phrase fauci free bullying and i desperately in need for it to be shot owclock here in this chair. i got the vaccine and i was eager to do at my family got it my husband got it my friends got it. we are going to have that big 4th of july in cape cod and do all the things because we can do that and if you are vaccinated even the delta variant which is scary and more contagious and likely a bit more virulent these vaccines protect extremely well against it so that someone who is backed by choice i plan to happen at the july 4 by choice because it's been a long time coming and let the party begin.
8:46 pm
kennedy: if they want to go for lock-down to get people are not going to listen. that's what happens when you abuse your power. >> i'm not going back and a lock-down. i'm breathing air and dovetailing freely which by the way is not a big act. kennedy: i agree. do you think they will keep the masks on planes for a while? the know you fly a lot. >> i'm going to wear a mask on a plane for the rest of my life even if i don't have to. planes are gross to begin with. you are in close quarters. i'm going to own it. you don't know who's vaccinated and who isn't so mask up. kennedy: you are going to wear a mask from now on every flight. >> if you're vaccinated you are fine and i want the mask off on
8:47 pm
planes but my trick is to get an alcoholic beverage and slowly drink it for as long as possible and that's the exception for having a mask off and i feel fine about it. kennedy: way to take us to the end of the panel discussion. thank you so much guy, moran and kat. topical storm is next. muscle pain. you know what he should get? advil. pain says you can't, advil says you can. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized
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kaine in honor of pride month -- kennedy: after four hours of trying to put together you'll be screaming screw everybody. that's a lovely loveseat and this is topical storm per topic number one, a company in slovakia has created a working prototype for a flying car. finally. meet george jetson the closest thing we have to flying cars is what happens when it kia driver drives over a bump? where we are going we don't need roads. a 35 minute test of flight from one city to another that i can pronounce and what started as crazy idea is taken. enforcing the current version will fall out of the sky if you
8:52 pm
stop singing chitty chitty bang bang but the creators say they plan on fixing that for future models. after landing the aircraft quickly retracting its wings another three minutes and it cruises the streets. transformers. topic number two. the creator of goat yoga has created a goat hotel in texas where guests can sleep overnight in night goat bar and guess what it smells better than the air in san francisco. called the go tell. it starts at 150 night in rampart ludicrous said go tell everybody. a night stay includes a goat's therapy happier in which guests can pet him play with goats to heal there, but something tells me this is a bad idea can also milk the goat. the hotel honors milk you out of your hard-earned cash and you can upgrade to an goat yoga
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package forum and athletic vacation. i do yoga while eating -- topic number three a little girl in sri lanka got the scare of her life when she opened her front door to find a nine-foot crocodile sitting on her doorstep and even worse right next to her was a big stack of chinese restaurant take-out menus. let's take a look. oh my god a so big or the good news is he scared away all the jehovah's witnesses that didn't actually this was a mistake. the family ordered it. boots and they center the raw materials. wildlife officials rushed to the scene and attempted to tie up the crocodile with ropes and sticks. the crock world over and over again like a republican being called a racist but in the end these brave men brought the crocodile to tears driving him
8:54 pm
to a nearby national park and that concludes the sri lankan version of to catch a. so mr. crocodile did you have -- topic number four, the chinese communist party is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a procommunist dance gala or as i like to call it dancing with the czars. thousands gathered at the olympic chinese stadium in beijing to perform synchronized dance routines. waiving the red flag and cheering the communist leaders under the threat of certain death. it marks when cows they done form the congress party. the celebrations featured a who's who of communist chinese leaders like the party leader xi jinping. and comparing it to american alexandra ocasio cortez. the chinese communist party has
8:55 pm
killed more people than any regime in history. good job folks. presumably by boring them to death with performances like these. guess what it's wednesday night and we will be back with -- goodbye. ops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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to send in your favorite pictures to see if your dog makes the cut #candidate dogs per at first up this is such a cute one. thomas sent us this picture. marx and the picture of his dog living is be to life. who has got wonderful pointed ears? up next bow, his owner sent us this picture. hi bow. karen sent us this picture of her dachshund balian brutus. i love them so much. they look like twins. that's buster from owner deborah pucci said -- buster, good boy. this is louis. his owner says he's the best work from home teammate ever. louis is a good boy but she's
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she sent in a picture of her dog ella. i love alice so much, i'm dying. look at her bunny ears. up next say hi and norman. his owner sent us this picture. normandy were such a good one and finally julie sent in her best protector, greta. happy birthday america.


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