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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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♪ larry: on 9/11 donald rumsfeld spent the entire day hauling larry: on 911 donald rumsfeld spent the entire day hauling injured people out of danger at the pentagon on 911.he successful man he ran defense twice but he was a great mentor to me and many others. may he rest in peace. kennedy: man, look at desperate independence day is almost upon us many americans that means freeing ourselves from the accursed masks, how dare you. i do not condone that. i've heard eating and drink in, eating ribeyes and eating passionfruit marguerite and lighting fire so the mask on. more than 6000 american deaths from this awful pandemic, we cannot lose sight of how we guided who's to blame for it every day it looks like covid leaked from a chinese lab. just this week house republicans held a hearing on
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the origins of covid. and the experts they brought in to testify they screwed everything up, then cover their tracks for the rest of the world had to pay the price, take a look. >> i believe it's just too much of a coincidence that a worldwide pandemic caused by a novel that coronavirus that cannot be found in nature, started just a few miles away from his secretive laboratory doing potentially dangerous research on back corona virus. sometimes the most obvious explanation is indeed the correct one. we are entering an era of biological warfare. this is the beginning of a threat level that will affect us the rest of our lives and probably for generations to come. >> i believe the evidence conclusively establishes the covered pandemic was not a natural process but instead came from a laboratory in wuhan, china. submit some people will say will never note not until china contested or if there's
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a whistleblower. we have a whistleblower it was the virus itself. it came near, it came out of china came to us. it carried with us genetic information. >> of coarse or skeptics say that coronavirus could've originated naturally and jumped to humans on a farm or exotic animal market. that theory seems to be the losing steam. the evidence does not add up many scientists now say the covid evolve so rapidly and it is so vicious it had to be at least partially man made. the whole gain of function thing we've all heard about. why do people like dr. fauci keep waffling on this instead of turning the screws on china to admit its role in this global catastrophe were here to discuss physician scientist is more the people he just saw testifying this week before the house gop covid origin form, doctor steven quay, welcome to the show. >> thank you candidate. kennedy: what is the one thing that leads you to the conclusion this was an engineer and leaked from a lab? i know you have written about
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sars one and mers. and their connection to animals. when they went and tested the animals and the wet market there is 90% of them had those viruses. what percentage of animals have had the covid-19 virus? >> we were told it started in the markets we went to the market and tested 500 animals we did not find any. we tested a thousand cold frozen foods.but the thing. went to the supply chain another 600 animals did not find any. it was not in the market. then they said it came from a bat in southern china so he went on their tested thousand animals, all negative. finally every providence was china, 80000 specimens no virus. kennedy: why was there so much defense for china from scientist in the international community and in the united states? why were they so quick to say
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in 2020 the engineering hypothesis was a conspiracy when there's so much evidence right there from the beginning to back that? spinning at the beginning they did not have evidence. perhaps your first thought was a novel virus eight -- one ratio of natural to lab. they have to take the facts and accountants right next to the lab doing more coronavirus research than any place in the world. the fact it's not in the market. the facts of who got in the market did not get it from animals they got from other humans we can prove that genetically. each peace of evidence every single peace of evidence points away from the laboratory. if you're a scientist i got new facts and got to make new conclusions from those. that's what was missing. kennedy: 's or something odd about this process we are not necessarily following the scientific method and instead
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we are in camping with their various political tribes members? because it seems like you few are one side or the other you'll bleed one set of facts instead of the other instead of find the objective effects present unusual in your experience? >> absolutely is. as a scientist talking to, advising people giving my scientific advice on something i am always sure to show how a scientist talks. they say i have this peace of evidence and based on this evidence i come to this conclusion. i challenge you to find scientists out there talking from the facts they simply give the conclusion. once they do that they are an advocate not a scientist anymore. kennedy: were to go in terms of masking in this country? there's been a great deal of conflicting advice for the cdc says one things which we like to hear, just vaccinate adults can go unmasked. but then the debbie which i was saying even if you have been vaccinated, you still have to mask up.
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so how are we laypeople supposed to figure it out when we are getting totally contradictory information that the entire pandemic. >> i'm going to use the thing i told you. based on very large studies if you are vaccinated there's no additional benefit from wearing a mask. kennedy: yes, so i sell a county telling everyone to their recommending us not to there strongly recommending people should wear masks indoors. >> i do not notes not based on science. >> it's not. it's okay people you really like you disagree with. when signed to lead you to a conclusion you should go there. but it seems as though so many of your colleagues are kicking and screaming and it seems absently critical that we hold china accountable, will that ever happen? >> that is a political question i'm here to deliver
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the facts and probability it came from a laboratory. kennedy: was a probability this could happen again? >> it will happen again if you don't do anything. there's so probability that is for sure. swear that's all we have to do something, doctor steven quay up as your your time. thank you. >>. kennedy: the commonest chinese are showing throwing themselves a joint birthday party chinese carmen's party today turned 100 years old. president told the crowd china's admissible face broken heads and bloodshed. even dressed like german for the occasion claim china will run the world within 30 or so will president biden or anybody else be brave enough to stand up to these ruthless commies customer i do not mean bombing the living crab out of them but we really have to do something here. look at this it is a thursday night man panel this is a rarity. of attorney author of how to become a federal criminal, well don't be bill cosby he is
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not one anymore, mike chases her will talk about cosby late in the show. we've got podcasting's steven l. miller. with got another attorney, democrat strategist firehouse strategy senior vice president michael starr hopkins, welcome gentlemen. high parts a kennedy good to be here. before let's talk a little bit about this. what we're doing with china, mike is not working for they are stealing our stuff, they are imprisoning and killing uighurs. they are torturing people and complain about bullying that is on top up apparently plausibly unleashing a virus it is so far globally killed 4 million people not a good record. >> do not bully us a message i'm sorry mike, mike chase break it down. [laughter] there go no problem. i think the bullying message is a very weird message to be sending when you are
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imprisoning hundreds of thousands of uighurs. i think they would like a word. i think at the end of the day, i am okay with de-escalation imo code nonintervention with foreign affairs. we cannot be silent on this. i'm getting strong north korean vibes from the spread like to see a president really standing up and denouncing this kind of conduct. kennedy: like to see them do something for everything they have come up with so far, it has not worked. steven l. miller, but they have been invited had a great time? >> they did not have to go that far they have the nba plaster that right now. something i want to note back on this hearing, the head of the mhs and fauci skip this hearing from your previous guests, yesterday think that's important to note. there's not many times they miss the former guy's twitter account. china threatened to bash people's heads and after releasing a virus that had the global comments were the times
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we had former president terms twitter account backed up with these guys back in their little place. i think it was interesting, when china gets out of line like this, what we see in hong kong where they correct on that shut down apple daily, they arrest journalists in front of the world and they did this pretty much all in slow motion while our media remains completely silent on this and sitting on their hands because they're more concerned their bottom line than they are human rights. i think this is instructive every summer me to it decide to go off and have fainting spells over mean tweets. kennedy: when athletes like lebron james want to get involved in conversations about criminal justice reform, they should not be giving china a pass, michael. >> yes one of the big problems is china the try to strategize with their plan is, they have 100 year plan for the united states, the uk, we have like for maybe 20 or plan. they really can out wait as. with got to do is figure out
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how, with our allies to isolate them and economically cut them off. without the ability to export goods, china is in a lot of trouble. kennedy: think american company should really be looking at other countries. it will give them tremendous financial gain but also look at factors in vietnam. look at partnerships in places like india. invest in other countries who are not slaughtering millions of people because they happen to be ethnic minorities. and who are not unleashing a global pandemic and then lying about it. but you know, mike expect to my original point. what are we supposed to do question mckay do not think the united states government is going to for bid these multi- national corporations with doing business in china. it's our way culturally of encouraging people to seek other avenues? >> yes, i just think a pro- american message is an important message.
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it is one we need to not run from when it comes to this. unfortunately baz we have been seeing. you have to be embarrassed to be an american. you have to walk on eggshells on denouncing the condo for other countries print look, with their massive human rights abuses and went there are bellicose threats about smashing heads and things along those lines coupled with a lot of people blaming a country for potentially outbreak of a virus, just a minimum baseline of accountability a message coming from the administration of import on that score. >> act and antislavery bill would be good. see 40 think hunter will take a hit from this steven l. miller? >> what kind of hit? kennedy: financially. we got back a booming figurative literally just want to be clear. too far do not think hunter biden's would be sent to a reeducation camp. so that maybe he needs to.
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to echo mike's point here, who do it with corporations or homeless companies like nike, coca-cola, apple who were lobby against the antislavery bill wailing around in congress right now, that is where you start. i guess that with exports and imports for you start making them known if you're going to partake to make products and lebron she is will he smiles happily using uighur slave labor, we are going to put sanctions and tax you to death. you are going to have to make a choice. by putting pressure on them that ultimately puts pressure on china. that is where you start. kennedy: you've got to apply some pressure part alright man panel, yes absolute great man panel sticking around because that to crazy high-profile legal cases unfolding before our eyes changing by the moment.
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suva ropes, she did it again ♪ ♪ l.a. county judge brenda pennies denied britney spears request to remove her father jamie is head of her conservatorship. this setback comes only at the popstar explosive testimony to the courts she describes feeling enslaved by her father who reportedly refuses to allow britney to get married or even rid of the iud from her own body, what a heartless monster. however it this decision a result of last week's hearing from a request filed by attorney in november of last year. since last week's devastating confessional britney has asked her lawyer to file a petition to end her conservatorship once and for all. the free britney army will not stop until she is liberated. the man panel is back, mike chase, steven l. miller, michael starr hopkins.
8:19 pm
thursday night boys let's get to it let's go to lawyer number one mike chase. so tell me what does today's ruling mean? >> this is a really without prejudice. basically meeting based on the previous filing the court has said the motion to remove jamie spears will not be granted. before why? >> without president means it can be refiled again. before you can do can i do? >> you can write a shotgun with me for my license is going to be on the line here so it's my malpractice insurance is going to be involved. think we should take heart because if -- like the fundamental thing if britney can get a lawyer of her choosing which is a very important thing than she can file the petition. she did somewhat in her corner someone she can trust is
8:20 pm
listing to her nothing preventing her from filing a hearty petition to have these restrictions removed. that begins with having vigorous counsel. kennedy: this is incredible. the printing they interview the guy who originally but the judge dismissed above a medical you can't read so by am going to appoint a lawyer for her but she does not have agency she does not have a voice. through the on thing uniting the country right now. >> i'm not an attorney we can go free here i don't care. the britney spears story is reminded of monica lewinsky. buyer media when paris hilton, tmz encouraged all this
8:21 pm
atmosphere cheering him on trying to rehab her. say no guys were not going to let you skate off when we contributed to the mental states at the time. that's ready to start learning lesson for a reference monica lewin said because of how the media treated her back in 96 with the impeachment. and then try to rehab her and suddenly she's a hero to them now. don't think we should let them get away with that. >> actually not. all of those old-school 60s effeminacy demonized her and who backed up bill clinton was absolutely disgusting. you are right about that. disconnect same situation. kennedy: so michael starr hopkins there some people take in a contrarian view sake maybe she is mentally ill paired maybe she will lose all of her money. this is not one
8:22 pm
conservatorships are designed for. it's not designed so your family preys upon you and they make a bunch of money and make a percentage for every deal they make on your behalf and you get $2000 a week. this is nonsense. >> everyone around her use her as an atm it's horrible and it's sad. this idea twice a day everyday, she doesn't forget her steps, she does not forget the words to rezone per she is a functioning individual. the ship mental illness, it sounds like it. but that does not mean she should lose her rights or liberties so free britney this is at its basic level free her. kennedy: and i know bessemer trust was the co- conservator of her estate, they have petitioned to withdraw from the conservatorship rate this is horrible branding for them, mike chase. >> that's not a good spot for anyone to be in we get caught
8:23 pm
up in one of these conservatorships but especially one when so much attention is being paid to it like this when we buy to echo michael's point, it is exactly right, you have a baseline of capacity here. obviously to conservatorship has to be tailored to actually address whatever the harm is. in america you can be corky, eccentric and all these things. you can blow your mind and crazy things. you can buy a chimp, you can bite neverland rants, without being conserved. [laughter] [laughter] you said it not me. look, i think at the end of the day what has to happen, this evidence we have not seen their things that are under seal. but still, you can take it from ten -- two, her entire life does not have to be managed by this conservatorship. there are people all the time
8:24 pm
is spend their money and get into predatory relationships. that does not mean they are not allowed to have children super gross. speaking of super gross, bill cosby perley was to perform stand up again. the newly freed yet still disgraced publicist said cosmo telling his story in stages across the country. there celebrating his relief with pizza and salmon that's wonderful but his accusers say they are shocked and angry. worried this could discourage sexual assault survivors from coming forward. so what will cosby's release mean for that "me too" movement is going back into her hot idea, steven o muller >> that cosby reunion show is going to harden over me personally. i would agree keeping the laws in place to keep prosecutors from abusing the privilege
8:25 pm
which is how cosby was essentially release the pennsylvania per supreme court. i think cosby celebrate with pizza is a little too on that is the jeffrey epstein corroborative picture cosby at the end of shasha redemption getting a note epstein left bellingham to mexico fight and working on his vote in mexico over that little too on the no's for my case. kennedy: was john mcafee there on the poop deck swabbing away? >> god rest his soul pursue for amen. could happen though. so bill cosby freed on a technicality, michael starr hopkins. can't we free britney on a technicality? >> i mean i sure hope so. look, bill cosby bears a special place in hell reserved for him. he is a predator, he is a horrible person. he may have gotten off now but at some point he will have to meet his maker. and you know, he can go to hell for all i care.
8:26 pm
so for that is what i said last night it's going to wake up tonguing hitler's bunghole and help it i believe that he's a horrible person and everyone knows it. shame on felicia reshot is now representing celebrate this and howard university, mike chase had to come out and strongly denounced we salmon survivors of sexual assault. >> you can certainly stand a survivors as everybody should. i do not think folks should look at the pennsylvania supreme court is not sitting with survivors. but they're saying is if you are mad be mad prosecutor. cases blow up because prosecutors hide evidence they do underhanded things like a backtrack on this will be nonprosecution. very much in the hands of prosecutors they have to do things correctly if they do
8:27 pm
not have this result happen. kennedy: so whose fault was it? >> looks is a prosecutors presentation that you are not going to be cross prosecuted. you're going to testify in a civil case. and the prosecutor's office and were not one to honor that per the fact is that you have a fifth amendment rights that has to be respected by the prosecutors for they cannot make false representation and agreements they are not going to be prosecuted. as the prosecutor's fault, that is the only reason bill cosby walked out of prison the other day. kennedy: is not because he's innocent. >> i will start caring about what me to it says about bill because when they get back to curing what andrew cuomo did. twenty-four oh my god i know how did that guy is still in office is so far beyond me. talk about a special place in hell. what a jerk. i hopis held accountable for murder and praying on young women could help me can fix my
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all rise for tonight's edition of "kennedy kourt" sprayed this is how works i'm going to redo an absurd but true had led the kind of stuff you guard mugshots monday predatory mike chase is going to play the defense attorney are the man panelist steven and michael will act as jury and decide if the suspect is guilty or not guilty. i shall deliver the final verdict, let's get started. that's way more substantial. kennedy's kourt is now in session are generally ready question of god hears case number one.
8:33 pm
wedding crashers allegedly punched grooms get beaten down by wedding party 22-year-old william beeson 29 of justin crowell sharp to whiting and ohio uninvited and tried to steal a case of beer. when the groom confronted one of them punch the groom and the entire wedding party jumped in to help fight back. they are charged with theft, trespassing and messerli conned expert how do you offend these cretins, mike chase? [laughter] >> look i want to be really clear about something okay, legally you cannot steal beer at the wedding. all beer at a wedding is completely free. and if beer is not free at the wedding the groom should be arrested that's my first offense for this no such thing as stolen during a wedding. that is the deal. i think of him -- he moved to dismiss this on the grounds of double jeopardy. that is the prohibition constitution it's bun double punishment for the same crime. here i think the savage beat down by the groom supporting
8:34 pm
his sufficient punishment i don't think there should be a second prosecution not guilty. so for all right jury number one steven l. miller how do you decide guilty or not guilty customer >> at that this is america he is not guilty. okay michael starr hopkins? >> the guy got beat down, not guilty. kennedy: not guilty the genocide not guilty all three of them not guilty. case dismissed. here's our next on brought men arrested for reportedly said one point to million dollar yacht and take it for a joy ride. fifty-six of robert morris was a wanted fugitive when he stole job to vermont on lake champlain but was somewhat u.s. border patrol helicopter claimed he was water test in the vote after giving mechanical fixes bird it was on his way to return it to the owner when he got caught sprayed he is on his way back, mike chase how do you defend him? >> maritime law that's how i defend this one. so look, i think he was in
8:35 pm
international waters another state lake champlain i don't care. as was out of the jurisdiction of the united states. but actually one thing that was interesting and reports about my clients case years they said this was a one point to million dollars yacht in canadian money. when you convert it's only about 40 bucks u.s. i don't know why that's a very big deal. before that's morbid digging not even a misdemeanor. >> that is exactly right. but i think this was a canadian vessel prints outside the jurisdiction of the united states and the canadians are frankly too nice to extradite them, not guilty. so far there are also they give it away anyway, steven l. miller how do you decide? >> what is a canadian vote doing at new york harder? that is treason death penalty. [laughter] >> michael starr hopkins? [laughter] >> i'm going guilty who takes a million-dollar vote, guilty knock him out.
8:36 pm
kennedy: wheezing guilty steven l. miller customer expect all yes death penalty. there is a canadian vessel sitting in the new york harbor that's like the hunt for red october. [laughter] super that's a beige october. since both of our other man panelist that guilty than guilty as charged. on the death penalty sentencing hearing a couple weeks now. i'll have my office call yours but here's our next case for an event arrested for reporting a fake emergency so he could ask deputies for booze and ice cream treat 65 ~ michael james gable called 91 reported an emergency when police arrived he told them to take a 20-dollar bill that was lying on his couch and retorted liquor for the police let him off of the warning but the next a called 911 requesting police come to his home and bring him ice cream to his couch from his home freezer. he was charged with misuse of 911. mike chase, i have some ideas about this but i want to hear how you defend this man?
8:37 pm
>> it says right in the side of the police car, protect and serve protecting protect and serve includes a softserve, okay? so not guilty. but also, i think there is a valid public safety interest in delivering alcohol rather than having them go get it. so not guilty on all counts pursue her if he was drunk he would put other people at risk, stephen l. miller. >> fourth of july your nice game american hero, not guilty. all right michael starr hopkins? >> not guilty. super he is not guilty when were going just quickly north killing a man watching a movie when a tesla crashed into a cop car the 66 jeweled doctors watch a movie on his phone while drawing his tesla on the highway, on autopilot. it crashed into a shared patrol car there stopped on the road, he knocked the shirt deputy and a state trooper to the ground they escaped with minimal injuries, mr. golub started to motor vehicle violations how do you defend
8:38 pm
him quickly mike chase? >> with the empty chair defense for assay ladies of joan of the journey, dude who's not here today? elon musk, where's elon musk? you cannot say autopilot have a car not drive itself, not guilty. kennedy: elon musk is fingering martians. steven l. miller? >> if the movie is anything with charlie's fair net he's not guilty. [laughter] kennedy: soares johansson? all right michael starr hopkins? >> listen, tesla lies the cars do not drive themselves, not guilty pursuant not guilty indeed, well done. this man gets off and also apparently gets off depending on what he is watching. man panel, what? it's a family show. pervert. >> guilty kennedy you are guilty. >> want to thank the man panel, mike chase, steven l. miller, michael starr hopkins, your all-stars in my bed thank you.
8:39 pm
>> thank you your honor. kennedy: that's right go bruins. coming up ncaa announcing athletes cannot earn money off their likeness but what will this really mean for college sports? what are with attorney dan at lest to break it all down, next. ♪d-down, down? are you♪ drivers who switched saved over $700. ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call for a lower rate today.
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kennedy: hi welcome backward sign for college athletes to become bollards and make it rain. the ncaa got the temporary puzzle that students athletes cash in on endorsements and sponsorships based on name, image and likeness. company sale lighting up to spend big money and land which are committing sports stars but how will this work? and what will money due to college sports question we don't to break it of sports attorney in newark law school sports law professor, dan lust
8:44 pm
is here. welcome dan. >> my pleasure beyond deathly and day in college sports. kennedy: how have these athletes been taken advantage of historically customer account they made money on their names, images and likenesses? >> will put it this way if you were to earn a penny in the last century you lose your academic eligibility. you would lose your athletic eligibility for if take 1 cent from the nca those they are not allowed to play anymore. thus the new era we are in. there is no class ceiling over college athletes. their market value is going to be the new norm as crazy as that sounds businesses across the country aren't lining up and pay their athletes in the last 24 hours. i've seen any number of 50 -- two water deals come across my time on twitter. deathly groundbreaking different college sports. >> it's not just the basketball and football players. i think about the collegiate
8:45 pm
gymnast. that millions of views they rack up on tech top and youtube with a lot of their routines. and amateurs like charlie and dixie emilio they make 40 or $50 million a year on these college athletes make nothing. will nontraditional athletes be able to profit on social media now? >> i think that's a big mistake. actually lsu gymnast who is just about 6 million followers across different platforms. we know, you see over a to correct if you exit out of followers you get y amount of dollars it's an influencer calculus. the only ones again the last century that have not been known to take advantage of that is college athletes for you silly gymnast, lsu gymnast, no nebraska softball, volleyball there's a lot less sports people do not quite realized it as we see last 24 hours there really cashing in. girls for this not just football and basketball.
8:46 pm
all across the board. before they consume that content religiously. that should be able to profit off of that. let's talk about reggie bush for usc socks. reggie bush was done some stuff in behalf of the skit is heisman backward as he stand? >> i mean it's a very semi to help roads and with cannabis laws for the laws are not decriminalized is not mean the conduct was not growing at the time. listen, i'm preaching to the choir i know. just because reggie bush is out on his soapbox right now in high horse he does not mean he shook his heisman trophy back. i get it, i think it's kind of tongue-in-cheek. let's not slap them over the head with a sledge hammer
8:47 pm
sometimes they are living rented to run to the do not have enough money to pay for. god for bid to get some type of a little bit from a booster. it's not the worst thing. today really recognizes that. kennedy: this is not a pay for play operation here. this is about speaking fees, autograph signings, selling memorabilia. this is not about the alumni association or booster is giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars under the table, correct? >>'s 14 states 24 across the country. but for the most part those two known schools of all they do not boosters involve they want these athletes who independently make this money on their own for the way i have described it basically this is like an entrepreneurship license. don't to create an additional stream of revenue schools do not have access to before. small businesses, used car dealerships, this is around the university.
8:48 pm
traditionally they did not pay the big bucks to get the schoolbook mental play buckskin the athlete. kennedy: is a absolution of the individual should train here. i don't think it's going to hurt sports fans, thank you very much good to talk to you. >> my pleasure. kennedy: topical storm is next. . i mean, put it this way. if i told you i'd been jarring raspberry preserves for 85 years, what would you think? (humming) well, at first you'd be like, "that has gotta be some scrumptious jam!" (humming) and then you'd think, "he looks fantastic! i must know his skin care routine." geico. saving people money for 85 years. beg your pardon. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure.
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kennedy: after nursing boxes barrel primary election he professional eating leg is proposing the cities in america should be chosen by a hot dog eating contest. so congratulations nyc your next mayor is chris christie. [laughter] doesn't get note oval in the office of the storming topic number one, you probably heard the northwestern parts of canada been hit by an unprecedented heatwave. in fact it was so hot in portland, this week people were begging and t5 to throat cocktails at them just a cool offered here are some of our favorite videos showing just how hot it was. how hot was it? first alberta kennedy how to spot north of havana pre-check out what happened when a crazy left gummy bears out in the sun. [laughter] actually melting gummy bears is considered a contact sport in canada. and in new flint this is considered go make working.
8:53 pm
washington state on it 110 degrees day a donkey cools off i standing in front of a fan and licking a block of ice. or that goofiest jackass since aoc. here's shawna jefferson of calgary teaching is the ultimate lie pack on how to beat the heat's. i'll be trying this out with rose of my fourth of july party this weekend. you are welcome boys. so to our friends in washington and oregon, stay cool on this fourth and see you canadians you have never been woven free to make it the lord have mercy on wretched souls there we go there is topic number two. a restaurant in israel is now serving meals made with laboratory grown chickens. in fact you can make them yourself with their new cookbook chicken soup. the chicken you see here is from eight super meets at tel aviv -based food tech company
8:54 pm
faces bioengineering to grow chickens from cultured shell cells. and still more natural than whatever the heck kfc is allegedly using. actually their meat also constant labs. only in their case it short for labradors. restaurant across the super meat fact has begun texting lab grown chicken and entrées for so far customers are loving it. plus it's a lot less controversial than some of their other menu items like their breaded gaza chicken trips. topic number three. this is a woman's head by picasso recently rescued from the thief who stole her and the looks of her face she was severely abused in captivity. on the rights, it's with summerhouse by dutch artist. with no connection to reality.
8:55 pm
short maybe bernie sanders of his day. the paintings appeared to be back until this happened in a press conference. yes goes the picasso. good job dunham's likely whatever damage that did just made it look even more like a picasso for the greeks have apologize for the mishap and they have promised the painting is in good hands. unfortunately this cancer dripping with sauce. topic number four. speaking of people have been dropped on their heads, let's hear what you have to say, this is viewer mail. can't get this off with at kennedy nation has nails on a chalkboard voice. your husband said relations with you is like throwing a nail that all appeared karen tweets we need you become so rude? oh karen go help a jar of arete forts. you have a tattoo down there.
8:56 pm
>> i have three. kennedy nation if i can't have you i can take you, i love you and i like you. i am not a stocker just a favorite yes thank you police okay by, i will be right back. ♪ ♪ preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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please subscribe to my podcast kennedy saves the will on spotify, apple podcast and foxnews, whenever in doubt, make every day a kenn-a-day, goodbye. ♪ ♪. david: is china's commonest leader sets her sights on economic dominance of the united states america's corporate community pandering but on anything they've done before, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of chinese communism. we have more on that in just a couple of moments. plus turbo inside the office of vice president kamala harris, reports now servicing that suggest the long knives are out in the west wing. and one of broadway's biggest and most expensive hits


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