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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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$10 million for everyone that applies. david. david: the point is, what do taxpayers get for isn't the last time they were open a ticket cost 849 bucks. i'm not poor. but i can't afford that i don't know if any normal taxpayer can either. what do we get out of it all? that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts next. elizabeth: the trump organization and its cfo plead not guilty to charges in a tax case that took years to build. legal pros now asking, that is all you got, federal prosecutors? a case built on fringe benefits? they have rarely seen a company indicted on that before. but do the documents tie former president trump to any criminality? trump says he made up his mind about a 2024 run. there is republican pushback on that. this debate tonight, does trump face legal jeopardy?
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would criminal charges against the trump organization hamstring a trump 2024 campaign. joining me sol wisenberg, governor mike huck gee, texas attorney general greg paxton, greg stuebe, new york's nicole malliotakis, ohio's brad wenstrup and texas congressman pat fallon. tonight, texas flips the script on the biden administration. texas now using pandemic bailout money for the state owes own border wall and border security after the biden administration said yes, that money can be used to fight crime. this debate tonight. the texas governor says biden's border czar, vice president kamala harris again misapprehends the border crisis by only talking about getting at root causes in central america when illegal border-crossers are pouring in from nearly 150 other countries from around the world. plus we're going to break down
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two blockbuster court rulings on big tech censorship and freedom of speech including the targeting of conservatives. and the stunning new report alleging the wuhan lab lethal coronavirus research sat, buried inside of u.s. government databases almost a year. this is adding to the push to find out how the pandemic began. and house republicans asking, why was dr. fauci a no-show at their hearing on the pandemic origins when dr. fauci had time to show up on tv? plus more from that hunter biden laptop. it reportedly contains photo evidence of then vice president joe biden meeting with hunter and his mexican billionaire business partners inside of the vice-presidential residence despite the president campaigning saying he knew nothing about hunter biden's business dealings. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with the trump organization and its chief financial officer allen weisselberg pleading not guilty to 15 felony counts including criminal tax fraud and conspiracy. this case dates back to 2005. the cfo surrendered to authorities today in manhattan. he was released on his open recognizance. joining, back with us, former independent counsel sol wisenberg. your take on this, this is a two-year probe alleging unpaid taxes on $1.7 million worth of fringe benefits on the use of apartments cars and school tuition. what was your reaction when you heard the case? >> this is it? that is what we've been hear about for two years? that was my reaction. i heard somebody on another show call it small potatoes.
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that is being nice. this is not the kind of case that would normally be investigated for two years or two months against a new york business. that is what i think. elizabeth: yeah. so it feels like a tax case that should be handled by the tax authorities. does it raise, does it meet the level of criminality, that is the issue? does former president trump face any legal jeopardy whatsoever? >> oh, former president trump just by virtue who he is and all the enemies he has faces legal jeopardy but certainly if they thought they had enough to prosecute him they would have done it. it is very clear that they don't, very clear that weisselberg has not flipped any way. think of this way. he is 73 years old. even if he goes to trial and is convicted which is by no means a certainty, first offender, 73 years old on a tax case, it would be very unusual if he got any kind of a harsh sentence.
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so yes, president trump, former president trump always has to worry about legal vulnerability. i just think that this is, this is got to be dispointing to people who want to put his head on a pike. elizabeth: it is interesting what you're saying. he faces, trump faces no charges in this case. we are hearing other charges could be forthcoming on separate matters. let's watch former president trump. watch this. >> they go after me with mueller, with this one, with that one, with impeachment one and impeachment, i call it the impeachment hoax one and two and all of this, all nonsense, made-up stuff. in fact they are the ones who are guilty. come after me, new york radical left new york prosecutors. you have to always fight. you have to keep fighting. it is a disgusting thing. elizabeth: sol, the manhattan d.a. and new york state attorney general are still trying to determine whether trump broke the law. michael cohen reportedly testified he and weisselberg
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made up phony valuations for trump's real estate holdings, inflating the values to get higher bank loans. michael cohen is saying trump is linked to all of this inside the documents he has seen. what do you say? >> well he is not very credible, is he? nobody would ever build a case just on the word of michael cohen. i'm sure no companies have ever done that before, inflate ad property, inflate ad property for tax purposes and inflated it for purposes of getting a loan. look, i make no comment on the indictment in terms whether or not there is going to be a conviction, no matter how small potatoes an indictment it is, it describes what is a crime if it can be proven. taking perks, hiding income in the form of perks. it is just, it is just not the kind of thing that would typically be investigated or prosecuted. i don't think there is any question that he was targeted
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here and it is really quite unprecedented to have both a d.a. and a attorney general announce publicly, we are investigating former president trump. that is unprecedented. that is very, very political and it is very unfortunate. and my understanding is the attorney general campaigned on going after trump criminally. that is just the kind of stuff they complained about trump on when he was president, wanting all of his enemies charged. i don't, for a minute say that these charges can't be proven. i'm just saying it is small potatoes and it is clearly political. elizabeth: sol, take a quick listen to the attorney for the trump organization today. watch this. >> we will win this case but this case should have never been brought. it's a political prosecution, political prosecutions where people are targeted criminally because the prosecutors disagree
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with their political beliefs. elizabeth: sol, what do you say to that? >> well, you can, i expect that the defense attorney to say that. you can have a case that is very political and also have a crime. there are a lot of people who are charged with crimes and organizations who are charged with crimes, particularly in the political world who say this is political. doesn't mean the government can't prove its case but again it is really impossible, seems to me, not to argue that this was, this was political. if his name had been donald kemp or donald tripp, there would have been no investigation of his organization. elizabeth: sol wisenberg always great having you on. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: let's bring in former arkansas governor mike huckabee for his reaction. what is your take when you first
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heard the chargeses? good to have you on. >> liz, this is more of a persecution than a prosecution. it is about evident who is close to donald trump, if you can't get the man get everybody around him. you remember stalin's chief prosecutor used to say, show me the man, i will show you the crime. that is what we're seeing here. just point out somebody in the trump orbit, we'll go after him we'll find something no matter how hard we have to look. this is weaponizing the justice department. it is weaponizing really the whole process of trying to bring true crime to adjudication. i agree with sol, if there is crime, okay, that is one thing but two years for this? and, true, liz, no way he would have ever been pursued had he not been in donald trump's orbit. elizabeth: you know, there have been system lawsuits brought against trump university. former president had to settle for $25 million on that. and a civil case misuse of a
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non-profit funds, he had to settle for 2 million on that. there is still the probe whether the hush-money paid to women who say they had sexual relations with the former president. a lot of things are still going on. what is the shake out for the republican party? we have florida governor desantis, mike pompeo, mike pence, nikki haley talking about 2024, potential contenders? we're hearing about pushback against trump inside of the party. what do you say? >> if trump wants to run i think he definitely has, not just inside track, i think he will probably have the nomination again. he is immensely popular out here in the country and there are so many people, maybe not the political class and ruling class but the working class are still with president trump. so if throws his hat in the ring and says i'm going to make a run for it again, he is going to be very hard, if not impossible to beat for the nomination.
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i can't imagine what he would want to do it again, he might. if he does he will be very formidable. i think others hoping to run, they might end up saying let's get behind him and help him all the way. elizabeth: yeah. there is also, you know the capitol riots are still hanging over all of this. nancy pelosi has the select committee looking into the capitol riots. the my terms are coming up. polls keep showing people are really concerned about border security and riots and crime. we have, basically the, seeing reuters ipsos polling that, president biden's approval rating among democrats plunged the most, seven percentage points. what do you say to that? >> well he has managed to mismanage virtually everything he touched over the past six months since he has been in office. whether it is the border. whether it is fuel prices. whether it is inflation. whether it is crime.
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infrastructure bill. and getting republicans on board, then two hours later double-crossing them. having his staff have to walk it back. people can say what they want but i think the first thing i've seen really pretty effective was his being in florida today. i appreciate he went. i thought his tone was perfect, i give him credit for that but as the governing role he has has been dismal. as a result a lot of people recognize, they have got some real buyer's remorse if they voted for joe biden thinking that he was going to turn the country around and bring us all together. elizabeth: all right. governor mike huckabee. thanks for joining us. appreciate hearing your opinion. >> always a pleasure, liz. elizabeth: we've got this story. same here. coming up, texas flips the script on the biden administration. texas using pandemic bailout money for the state's own border wall and security after the biden administration said yes that money can be used to fight
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now texas attorney general ken paxton. ken, great to have you back on. we saw the story, we thought this was really stunning, that texas is flipping the script on the biden administration. texas border counties and republicans in the state legislature now pushing to use pandemic bailout money for the state's own border wall and border security. the biden administration said you can use pandemic bailout funds to fight crime. have you worse from the white house about this? >> they don't call me many times but i love flipping the script on them, using stimulus dollars something they failed to do, protect our border, protect our citizens and stop illegal immigration and the crime associated with it. elizabeth: now state democrats in texas saying republican lawmakers, you can't do that, you can't use texas' share of
6:18 pm
350 billion bucks on the border wall and border security. what would you say to the texas democrats? >> i'm not surprised they are saying it. that is the party line. we want open borders no matter impact on our state, no matter impact on our country, no matter the social impacts i'm not surprised they are saying that. the biden administration said we can use to fight crime. clearly the cartels are crime. that is what this is all about. elizabeth: yeah, also the governor's disaster declaration you can use available resources to do that. house democrats are proposing to defund more than $2 billion from the border wall, money out of border patrol but they want to send $870 million to the middle east for a middle east border security, border wall, places like jordan, lebanon, egypt. what do you say to that? >> so similar with what happened to the keystone pipeline.
6:19 pm
the biden administration supported putin building his pipeline to germany and to europe while opposing that in the united states. here we have the same type of thing. we have a wall that we need, that would protect the citizens of our country and for some reason they're opposed to that. despite all of the damage that is occurring and despite the fact that the cartels are being emboldened and empowered by this and made rich. yet they're willing to send money to the middle east. tell me that makes sense. it doesn't. elizabeth: let's show again democrats who blasted trump and protested at the border and at border facilities over conditions in border facilities. they have since gone awol. human traffickers, you know this, they treat children like commodities to make money off of them. we hear silence from the democrats on that. we hear silence on democrats about children dropped over border walls, left in highways, rivers, deserts. human traffickers dragooning them as drug coyotes.
6:20 pm
where are the democrats on that? >> this is one of the saddest parts of this story. it is sad enough you're opening the border and letting the cartels have control with what is going on of people crossing the border. they're charging money. the border patrol is busy taking care of families, you obviously have more drug importation because they can't stop it as good as they could under the trump administration. the sad part is the massive human trafficking going with the kids and young girls. they're turning a blind eye to it. i don't understand it. it so sad to see what is happening. really on their watch. on their hands. elizabeth: let's watch the former president trump had to say yesterday, watch this? >> we stopped a lot of the drugs that were coming in, which is very tough to do. they have some real criminals bringing this stuff in. they have the toughest people, these cartels, these are tough, smart people. they went to the wharton school of finance and graduated number one in their class but they
6:21 pm
never did that but they would have graduated number one. they're very, very tough and smart. what they have been doing with human trafficking and drugs and all of the other things is a disgrace. we had it largely stopped and in two months, three months, they ended -- elizabeth: why did he say the wharton school of finance with in connection to the drug cartels? >> because, i think he is making the point that these cartels people are extremely smart. they're extremely aggressive. they have a very well-connected business network across across e border. they are basically business people making lots of money but they're brutally horrible with people along the border and they have committed all kinds of atrocities. these gangs are some of the most vicious gangs we've ever seen. all we're saying, these people are smart. they know what they're doing and the biden administration is knowingly participating or they're just ignoring the
6:22 pm
problem right in front of them and allowing all of this to occur. elizabeth: ken paxton, great to see you. come back soon. >> absolutely. elizabeth: next up we're going to break down two blockbuster court rulings involving big tech censorship and freedom of speech including the targeting of conservatives. we've got representative greg stuebe of florida next on "the evening edit". >> over and over again whether it is tom cotton saying this could have been a weapon or could have come from a lab which turned out to be very likely true or whether it was vaccine stories about possibly extreme adverse side-effects shared by senator ron johnson this week google and twitter have censored them.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back, you're watching the fox business network. we're coming in to the bottom of the hour. welcome back to the show, member of house judiciary, house foreign affairs he is florida representative greg stuebe. great to have you back on. so we got these two major court rulings today. first your take, this happened yesterday, a federal judge blocking florida governor ron desantis signing that new law. the new law, he doesn't like it. this is about penalizing big tech, facebook, twitter, for censoring any florida political candidate including conservatives, the judge didn't like it you're stepping inside of a private sector company ding
6:27 pm
tating how they do free speech. what do you say to the ruling? >> the only ones trampling the first amendment rights of citizens are the big tech companies constantly censoring conservatives. from a legal standpoint, when you conferred a benefit on these companies, i know it wasn't the state of florida conferred this benefit, but the federal government conferred a benefit, section 230, would allow the big tech companies to have liability protection. until we address the liability protection these big tech companies we won't address the things going on with censorship and these types of abuses of first amendment. once the government confers that benefit, they can regulate those companies, they give you a benefit you're protected from liability protection. the judge in that case didn't want to talk about that. florida didn't confer the benefit, the federal government did. until we as congress go after section 230 liability protection of these big tech companies we won't be able to rein them in
6:28 pm
their conduct and they will continue to act in the manner they're acting. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. the legislation in florida would have stopped tech companies from using algorithm to support or suppress certain political content. donald trump has since, he is still kicked off of facebook and twitter because of the capital riots. so this is a story that has legs. where does it go from here? i think you're working on a bill about the big tech here. what is your bill? >> yeah, so my bill would reform section 230 and if those big tech companies violated your first amendment rights or say the "new york post"'s first amendment rights on the hunter biden story, they would have a private cause of action to sue these big tech companies because right now they're sheeted from liability protection that is the issue. if these big tech companies are shielded from liability they're continuing to behave in the the man the way they're behaving.
6:29 pm
until congress reforms section 230 they will continue to act in the manner they're acting. i don't think we should do away with 230, companies like parler, would be sued out of existence. i have a market dominance test. if you're dominant in the marketplace, facebook, twitter, google is, if you violate first amendment rights you would be held civilly liable for those type of decisions and private citizen or company could sue you in court for that. elizabeth: got it. next case, a major supreme court victory for conservative free speech and association, in fact for anybody's free speech and association. here is what the high court did. it struck down a california state law would have forced non-profits to reveal the names and addresses of their donors to the government. the high court said this is a major privacy violation. liberal and conservative groups fought against california's law. what was your take on that supreme court ruling?
6:30 pm
>> yeah. i applaud this decision. thankfully we have a majority court that was appointed by president trump and a conservative court that is finding for religious liberties and privacy concerns. look, individuals who give to not-for-profits don't want their information to be public to then come after them for whatever decisions of giving their money to these different organizations. so 100% support the u.s. supreme court decision on this case. it is for religious liberties. it is for freedom of expression. it is for your right of privacy to decide where you're going to support not-for-profits. a great decision by the u.s. supreme court. hopefully we'll see more decisions like that before they end their term. elizabeth: representative greg stuebe, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. next case. stunning new report alleges that the wuhan's lab lethal virus research was buried in u.s. government databases for almost a year, adding to the new push to get to the bottom of how
6:31 pm
it all began with the pandemic. house republicans asking why was dr. fauci a no-show at their hearing on the pandemic's origins when dr. fauci had time to show up on tv? representative nicole malliotakis takes it on next on "the evening edit." >> something we need, not just congress, and i know you need it, but the american people and the world needs it is truth and transparency and openness and trust and when public officials who are supposed to have our trust don't show up to members of congress i think that is a problem.
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6:36 pm
it is great to have you back on again, congressman. former state department officials telling cbs that significant information about the wuhan lab was buried inside of u.s. government databases, didn't reach their desks for nearly a year. what is going on here? what do you think? >> you know, this is new information that we certainly didn't know. this is a classified report and we're learning more about this now. it certainly what did come up in our hearing yesterday which republicans had to have on their own because democrats refused to participate. seems they're not interested in knowing what the origins of this virus are. what came up is very much credible evidence, mounting evidence that suggests it did indeed occur in the wuhan lab. that this was certainly not something that occurred from animals which is something that i know many had criticized president trump for suggesting it was in the lab and he got a lot of criticism from the other side but at the end of the day
6:37 pm
more questions came out of this hearing. we would really like to know now that we heard all the testimony yesterday is, what was the chinese military involvement with this lab? what particular function did hour tax dollars go? and how come the w.h.o. covered up for ccp, allowed ccp to alter their report and denied united states medical professionals participation in their investigative team? the only person they allowed was not nih recommended doctors. it was the head of ecohealth, which we know is the intier mediary the funding from nih went through from the lab. this is really interesting. we want to continue to pursue this to see where it goes. elizabeth: ohio congressman jim jordan said it would have been helpful if dr. fauci came and testified. he is asking why the silence from dr. fauci? he was invited to talk but then
6:38 pm
he instead going on television. that is what jim jordan is saying of dr. fauci. jim jordan is saying that dr. fauci is afraid of something. listen from jim jordan. watch. >> first, dr. fauci knows there is a lethal virus on the loose that started in wuhan, china. second, he knows the american taxpayers have funded gain of function research in wuhan, china. third he knows the research grant didn't go through the required oversight board. fourth he knows the virus, quote, looks engineered and quote, not consistent with evolutionary theory. finally fifth dr. fauci knows he may have ties to this work in china. his fingerprints in fact may be on this. but it would have been, nice, mr. chairman, if dr. fauci would come today to answer our questions. he could have come here to defend himself. he didn't have the courage to do it. you couldn't go a day not see dr. fauci somewhere.
6:39 pm
now when we have emails he is sending out at 12 and 2:00 in the morning, we have this gain of function that didn't go through the process it is supposed to go through, we have all of this evidence, suddenly you can't find him. elizabeth: you know, in dr. fauci's defense he might say he didn't want to go because he didn't want to be attacked. he is saying this is a minor collaboration with the wuhan lab. what do you say to this? >> well, i think first and foremost there are redacted parts of the fauci emails and some of it refers to the wuhan lab theory and that part was redacted. we deserve to know for transparency in the public what was said in those emails. number two, the media can help here. people on tv could have asked him tough questions we asked yesterday if he would have come to the hearing. it was telling the democrats didn't want to participate. being they're in charge of the
6:40 pm
actual covid subcommittee, they refused to have a hearing on the origins of this virus. they refused to have dr. fauci come testify. they refused to subpoena and the head of ecohealth, the only individual part of the w.h.o. investigative team even though not authorized by the nih. there are a lot of questions where the democrats could actually join us. this could be truly a bipartisan issue. there are 600,000 american lives lost. we have four million people worldwide, not just incumbent upon the democrats. it is incumbent against all world leaders to get to the bottom of this so we can hold communist china accountable. so we can insure this never happens again. so we can better prepare for future pandemics. elizabeth: all right. representative nicole malliotakis, thank you so much for joining us. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up, we've got more reports coming in on that hunter biden laptop. it allegedly contains photo
6:41 pm
evidence of then vice president joe biden meeting with hunter and his mexican billionaire business partners inside of the vice-presidential residence despite the president saying he knew nothing about hunter's best dealings. is this the story that is for real? is it serious? is it controversial? sure is. representative brad wenstrup next. >> joe biden calls hunter biden the smartest person on the planet. they can't even manage their credit card account for goodness sake.
6:42 pm
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tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show from house intelligence ohio representative brad
6:46 pm
wenstrup. congressman, it is great to have you on. okay, we have reports coming in more about hunter biden's laptop, that it allegedly contains photo evidence of then vice president joe biden meeting with hunter biden and his mexican billionaire business partners inside of the vice-presidential residence despite the president saying he knew nothing about hunter's business dealings. what do you say to this story? >> well, i've seen this story in the "new york post" and it includes the photograph but the revelations seem to be coming more and more a abundant and more and more obvious and things seem to be looking worse. it is more interesting too, as you mentioned president denies that even knows anything about his son's work and the things that he is doing. well i don't know many fathers in this country that don't have any interest in what their sons are doing for the business and how they're sustaining themselves. so it is pretty unbelievable. but we see how the biden family operates. you can go back to president,
6:47 pm
vice president biden admission with the ukraine and burisma, if you don't fire the prosecutor over there, then i'm got going to get you your aid. this is how they work. more and more looks like hunter biden is influence-peddling wherever he possibly can and in 2020, one of the problems we have in this land of truth, justice and the american way is the mainstream media called it foreign disinformation when it came to the laptop and other stories that were breaking and tech was censoring, big tech was censoring this thing. now the story is real and they're trying to ignore them. the president of the united states son, traditionally anything in this country would get high attention. if after your name there is a d, there is nothing to see. look, we've been through this. we see how this operates between the democrat party and media,
6:48 pm
mainstream media today. elizabeth: all right. also this, that then vice president biden took his son on air force two numerous times to countries where hunter was doing business deals. they flew on air force two to mexico city, reportedly in february of 2016 so hunter could do a business meeting with potentially on an oil and gas deal. his business associated, associate, this is a quote, flipping gigantic business deal. it involved another deal involved carlos slim, the mexican billionaire. another deal involved pemex. so hunter is also texting a mexican business associate saying, quote, we did everything, i did everything you ever asked me to do, to bring to the blank white house you know, to meet with the vice president. you know, time for you to effectively saying time for you to step up. it keeps, more information keeps coming out congressman, your
6:49 pm
word on that. >> well it does. imagine this, liz, if i went on a congressional delegation as a member of congress to some other country and i veered off and i took this on the taxpayer's dollars and went to another country and then tried to work my own personal business deals, this country would go out of their minds. the mainstream media would go out of their minds, yet there is nothing to see here. america is becoming more and more concerned on more fronts, you just were talking about the origins of covid, the concern more and more, we have a two-teared system in this country but -- two-tiered system in this country. seems only certain people get justice. that is what america gets more and more concerned about. the covid origin of the lab is becoming more and more obvious. we had the experts there. the democrats don't want to talk to them. in that particular case dr. mueller was there, i came from berkeley, i was being
6:50 pm
harassed because i was going to talk to democrats, because i was going to talk to republicans. i will talk to democrats, i will talk to anybody that wants to listen and understand the science and why we think this virus came from the lab. this is the system we're working with. elizabeth: we hear you. >> go ahead. elizabeth: getting back to hunter biden, senator chuck grassley and ron johnson in their senate report found hundreds of trips that hunter took with secret service, you know, accompaniment on his business deals overseas, numerous trips on air force two. your final word own that? we're going to stay on the story. what do you say? >> these things are very, very inappropriate. i want you to stay on the story. we need you to stay on the story. we will stay on the story as best we can and america needs to know what type of things are taking place within this administration and their family. elizabeth: got it. congressman brad wenstrup, thanks for joining us. next up, this story for you, this debate, the texas governor says biden's border czar
6:51 pm
vice president harris misappreend hadding the border crisis only talking about getting root causes in central america when illegal aliens are pouring in from 147 countries from around the world. the story next. >> now we have an open, really dangerous border, more dangerous than it ever has been in the history of our country. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again.
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during our lowest prices of the season. elizabeth: back with us texas congressman, he was with former president trump at the border yesterday, governor abbott, makes an interesting point, saying that vice president kamala harris is missing the point. kamala harris is talking about an over selling as a fix to the border, root cause is in central america, where governor said that illegal border crossers are pouring in from 147 other countries. >> i agree with governor abbott, thanks for having me on again. biden administration, this has gone from a biden border crises to a catastrophe, and this has to stop, and northern tribal has
6:56 pm
34.5 million people, a lot are from the area, nearly every country in the world has in people sneaking in across the border right now. elizabeth: they are getting smuggled in by human traffickers as well, let's watch governor abbott on this. >> she is misleading america, there are people coming into united states across the border from more than 150 countries across the globe, if she solves the problem in those 3 countries, which we knows she can't, there are more than 147 other countrys to go there is one place to solve all of the problems on the border, that is on the border, that is where the biden administration needs to devote their resources to get the job done. elizabeth: did you hear the last
6:57 pm
point he made? you can't look at root causes, in 150 countries in world to solve the root causes, governor said it has to stop at the border. >> amen. there are billions of people that want to come to this country, we want folks to come legally, we can't fit them all. you can't have one person cross the canadaian border legally right now but biemg looks the te biden administration looks the other way, and kamala harris said that climate change is a said that climate change is a . elizabeth: let's talk about the humanitarian problem, death is a near daily occurrence at the border, wevilling well crossings
6:58 pm
20 year high. texas, they are pulling migrants bodies out of rivers and lakes, and finding people passed away in deserts and highways, you see people thrown out of vehicles. by human traffickers, because they are trying to evade capture. so there is this systemic crystal tie at the bored -- criminality at the border. >> on the border. 30% of women report being rapid or sexually assaulted on the journey, mexico is a failed narcostate. we had 9 people murdered across from roma, texas. and then, in zacatecas 18 people
6:59 pm
killed. bodies mutilated so badly, i hate to see this, their organs were liquefied and running into the street. the cartel murdered innocent people to send a message of territory on the mexican populist at a whole. the drug cartel is controlling the border, not the congress. elizabeth: so, yes systemic crime at border, border towns, inside of the u.s., right across the border on the front lines of a major drug cartel war that we've not seen in 15 years, mexican soldiers finding dead bodies piled up from the war, you have 10 seconds. >> well, there were 50 people mexican national gone missing driving from monterey to nuevaler loredo this year.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you congressman for joining us. i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching the "evening edit" on fox business, have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night.


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