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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a woman 60 years later she finally got her wish, they made the 70-year-old woman their honorary back girl ahead of the los angeles angels she spent the day with the team got t a full uniform and got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on the mound, dreams are madehe in baseball all kinds of dreams, that's why we love the sport of baseball. that does itth for us on fox business, thank you for watching, good to see you i will see you tomorrow, "the evening edit" starts now. ♪. elizabeth: formerde president trump at the border in texas, we have the sound in the action he is calling the crisis sit in dangerous, as a growing him unitarian and national security problem, the campuss about migrants were caught on camera illegally crossing right in front of republicans who were there, we have more on the overcrowded facilities, the toddlers abandoned desert and dropped over border walls but
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where are the democrats who protested at the border undere the trump administration, why are house democrats moving to defund the border patrol ice and the border wall, joining me tonight texas congressman michael burgess, forming acting ice director tom homan, jason smith is back with us and former new york city howard schaefer and brett girard and chris benford and florida's brian base a term that bill cosby set free from prison after two years, we have more mass confusion, the biden administration talking about people wearing masks again even if vaccinated in order to come back the new delta variant but the cdc says you do not need to wear a mask if you're vaccinated. this is triggering fears of new arbitraryar chaotic lockdown jut as americans are starting to move on we have this los angeles cops speaking out wherever
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defund the police goes chaos reigns, the debate where the tough democrats who backed crime bills before where crimes guy rocketed in the '90s, plus we have reports coming in government officials say they are confident that the chinese military was working on secret bio weapon research with top scientist the wuhan lab some military officials going out all the time for years it is believed the covid virus may have leaked from that, we have that story in gop lawmakers again slamming house speaker pelosi and democrats for hypocrisy focusing on the capital brian spentr, stonewallg a congressional probe into a pandemic that killed 600,000 americans given that pelosi did launch a special subcommittee last year to look into the pandemic, where is that and we have the gop in a new fight with house democrats, this is about legislation that affects national security
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8 billion-dollar climate change/fund that republicans say can benefit china, i am elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network let's get right at it with michael burgess, your reaction to the president saying that the border is sick and dangerous but now we have texas democrats gonzales saying the border is not chaos, the governor of texas should focus on the texas power grid instead, what do you think about. >> the photos that you have been showing clearly the border is not secure, people are passing across the border with virtually no whenn interfering with their passage, it is good that the former president is down on the
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border, it was of a state, i think the vice president to miss the opportunity when after all t this is in her sphere of responsibility, i'm very grateful for what the president did to take his own time to go to the border to highlight the problems that we have in texas with the fact that the federal government is not performing its function of securing the border. governor abbott is required to keep texans safe in the federal government is not doing their job so governor abbott is stepping in and doing it for them, it's a right thing to do. elizabeth: we hear you on that let's us in the president trump of the border today. >> we have an open, really dangerous border, more dangerous than it's ever been in the history of our country. >> all biden had to do was go to the beach if he would've done nothing we would've had the strongest border we've ever had.
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elizabeth: now you have texas moving to build its own wall, make its own arrest and guarded some border yet five states including south dakota, ford and nebraska having to send law enforcement toto help out. >> it should not be texas responsibility to provide the defense for the remainder of the nation but governor abbott is stepping upnd and doing what is required of him to do as far as finishing the wall or buildingis the wall i flew over vast portions of that a few weeks ago after the biden of administrationld withdrew all te activity with building the wall and would walk off the job and contractors walked off the job and leaving equipment and tools on the ground in texas is going to take the responsibility for securing those portions that admin almost finished but q not quite, border wall does work in the areas where its continuous and the president in the last president, president trump was
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correct in identifying a national security crisis securing the funding in the current administration is wrong to arbitrarily activate that. anytime a decision is made in washington, d.c. the cartel the child traffickers in central america monetize that, they use that to induce and encourage people to make the dangerous journey to the southern border saying we will get youou across the land of plenty where they will take caree of you they take the pictures of the people left stranded on the side of the road, that is wrong. elizabeth: house democrats are moving to defend $2 billion away from the border wall that was already appropriated by congress there moving to take $930 million away from border patrol and also one and half million away from ice, this is a
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time where we have the size of the population of nebraska potentially crossing, that is happening to, what republicans what to do about democrats moving to defund border security. >> we are coming up to her procreation time and it is important to direct the dollars where they need to go for the purpose of homeland security in the defense of our nation and it's important that people understand that it's never been this bad i've been making trips to the border since the first migrant surge in 2014, i've never seen it as bad as it is right now in this administration has to recognize how much jeopardy their place in the iraqi people and why not responding to the responsibility. elizabeth: congressman, thank you for joining us, good to seei you. let's bring it former acting nice director tom homan, you
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were with former president trump at the border today let's show the viewer a list of democrats were protested at the border to border facilities under the trump administration, the conditions are overcrowded facilities for children, children being dropped over border walls, thrown into rivers if families don't pay human smugglers this is an exponentially worse crisis now, where are the democrats now on?esting what's going >> it was all antitrust back then, more children have died more women being raped in the numbers of children coming across the border at unprecedented high. in the history border patrol, a lot of people are dying and that story is not getting out. why is that story not getting out, we understand the choices that are made in newsrooms but
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this is a triple crisis, humanitarian crisis, national security crisis, public health crisis representative mary miller said she went there and she said ind wanted to cry it is so sad the humanitarian crisis she said desperate people thinking that they can come in and that the president has advertised this and facilitated this, where it is a humanitarian country is in chaos. >> it's an extension and it's a network and guys like me are out there on the american people separating, i heard from the sheriff in texas about one county alone, one county found 44 dead bodies that crossed the border in the hands of criminal cartel that made a trip and they would die, 44 dead migrants in one county in the most of the media won't cover there and
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extension of the democratic party and is about protecting joe biden we sell in the election we sought now. elizabeth: you can have to pay human smugglers and drug cartels they operate in control many sections of the border, border patrol has said that and you can get killed along the way or your dragooned into being drug coyotes if you can payif out. border patrol is still catching criminal illegal aliens and gang members includingli ms 13 in the past week in the rio grande sector, they got deported sector offenders to come back in and convicted killer to come back in, what is ag story here. >> 20 - 25% arrested is a convicted criminal they know the border is wide open, they know the biden is already promised they release him as quickly as possible they call that a victory, people know when they
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come in they release them right away and went to get released in the country even if youw order y removed ice cannot remove you, they got convicted of serious aggravated, ice needs to pay attention, it's not a coincidence that they openn. the border so ice cannot remove these people, everybody coming to the country let's be clear they're not going anywhere because ice can no longer arrest anybody just for being illegal in the united states. elizabeth: tom homan, thank you for joining us, thank you for your service in our country. next up mass confusion the biden of administration talking about people wearing masks again even if they're vaccinated in order to combat the new delta variant but the cdc says you do not have to this is raising fears of new arbitrary chaotic lockdowns and shutdowns, we have representative jason smithse coming up plus the breaking news bill cosby released from prison hours ago after pennsylvania
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cosby is back home hoursrs ago e was released from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned by pennsylvania highest court, jackie deangelis has the following the story all day enjoying does now. bill cosby is free indeed released from prison today, cosby was silent at a press team conference but is representative spoke on his behalf. >> they vacated his entire conviction not another trial and they said that he had immunity this is a guy who settled out of court for $3.8 million, no warrant can solve, he freely came in and spoke openly, not to his detriment he was being honest. >> what happened today is that the pennsylvania supreme court overturned cosby's condition saying that his trial did not greet him proper due process and it was not fair, they cited to
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reason at retrial five additional accusers were allowed to testify, people who did not testify at the first trial second reason evidence was entered that was used in a civil case, this court said the evidence violated cosby's fifth amendment right tond self-determination there was all kinds of reactions today on both sides, montgomery council kevin steele said this he was found guilty byy a jury and now goes free on a procedural issue that is irrelevant to the facts of thets crime felicia rochon, finally a terrible wrong is being righted a miscarriage of justice is corrected. >> two final points, three judges joined the decision one in the middle filing a concurring and dissenting opinion one file the not rate dissent. think about the president of this case will set, he was one of the first big cases of the meeting to movement and it may raise questions on whether or not additional witnesses could
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be called in future cases. elizabeth: thank you so much jackie, it is good to see you, let's move onto the next story house budget and house ways ands means ranking member back with us congressman jason smith, now we hear themm biden of administration is considering reinstating recommendations toev wear masks even if your vaccinated, the cdc says you don't have to do that if your vaccinated with pfizer or medina vaccine, more concerned about arbitrary shutdown, botch policies coming our way, is unjustified. >> it's great to be with you, no it is not justified you see so many democrat leaders across this country that are addicted to politics of fear if you look at states throughout this pandemic whether you say south dakota or florida how they operated their states, they allow their states to be open
10:19 pm
they did not fall underneath the addictionnd the politics of fea, they fall under science, the democrat cdc, if your vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask, they're trying to have more control over the lives and livelihood of americans in pushing forward fear politics. elizabeth: congressman, americans out there had to deal with the rules for the but not for me but local officials breaking their own covid-19 shutdown rules, the messaging was botched is scared folks and shut downks businesses, people e afraid this could be coming again should we get the facts and figure out our own path forward without this top-down stuff? >> this top-down stuff is awful, the best government is a government closest to the people, we've seen hundreds of thousands of small businesses that have shut their doors and they will never reopen because
10:20 pm
of the policies that came forward and shut them down, that is crazy, unacceptable and that is scary that is a taking a people's property and that was done by the lockton policies. there is no need for, the science shows the lockdowns did not work in the states with the most stringent lockdowns, the death rates for covid were the highest that should be enough in itself that shuddering doors, locking down people, that is clearly not the answer. elizabeth: we hear you, let's listen to doctor marty makary talk about the delta variant he thinks is fear mongering about it, watchch this. >> you will hear a lot of fear mongering about the delta variant. let me break it down it's about 40 - 50% more transmissible but no evidence is more deadly, we were told to be the 117 mutation was more deadly in the research came in showing that'swe not.
10:21 pm
were testing too many people who already have immunity, that's a violation of the cdc guidelines, nursing homes, hospitals or testing people already immune with no symptoms that's what's driving up the case numbers that look like delta hospitalization. we are not good to see aas surgn cases but will probably see a search and pcr test among those asymptomatic with con eyes delta strain in their nose but they're not transmissible and not sick from the illness. elizabeth: what do you say congressman? >> stop the politics of fear, follow the science and every they go be all right we lived in this pandemiciv for 15 months so many americans are vaccinated in the early had the antibodies from having covid. stop the fear, let's move on, we can live with this. elizabeth: congressman jason smith, it's good to have you back on, come back on soon.
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up next los angeles cops w speaking out saying where ever defend the police goes, chaos follows, that debate and where are the tough phone crime democrat to supported and backed crime bills before ring crimes skyrocketed as it did in the 1990s. police commissioner howard safir is up next. >> for them to run on claimants republicans who want to defend the police, that is an arsenic showing up the fire and blaming the firemen, that's like the chinese blaming the americans for the wuhan virus. that is like oj saying he's going to help find the realt killer, that's a democrat saying they want to build the wall, that is absurd, it's ridiculous and they know it. ♪ ♪♪ it started with an idea... and became a new tradition.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now fo elizabeth: joining is now former new york city police commissioner howard safir is back with us, your reaction to this, by the way good to see you the 2020 democrat national convention is now up for an emmy award, that convention did not mention rise in crime or riots but up for an emmy award, your reaction. >> it's outrageous were talking about the people who are giving the immediate awards are leftist, their factors a black lives matter in defending the
10:27 pm
police, it is hard to even think about when getting in emmy award and with the number one problem in this country which is rise in crime and disorder. elizabeth: we should point out andrew cuomo got in and me for his pressers on the pandemic last year, let's turn to this were of the tough phone crime democrat critics keep asking that they pass them crime built in the 1990s now they are a-wall on murders and homicides of double digit in u.s. cities, where are they tough on crime democrat. >> the tough phone t crime democrat are in control by the left-wing aoc squad group of people in congress and inss the party and they're afraid to speak out even though the majority of americans say that w their problem is safety in crime and that's what they want, we are heading back to the days
10:28 pm
like 1990 when new york city had 2500 homicides and were seen more innocent people being shot with a former marine in times square as a tourist that got shot on the back and a woman attending the graduation that was killed on the patio by a stray bullet. this country is no longer doing what were supposed to do which is support police and make sure the only people that are afraid of policere other criminals, we know there is a finite number of people to commit crimes. elizabeth: get illegal guns off the street, illegal guns that are bought underground off the streets, you should not define cops you need those cops to do that work, now we see the white house and president biden not using the word racism or jim crow when talking about cops now you have the white house claiming the gop is a party moving to defend the police because in support of bailout packages that the democrats are
10:29 pm
saying they can hire more cops the democrats never campaigned about that bailout package the bailout package was never sold as funding cops, and the word police, law enforcement cops are nowhere to be found in the american rescue act, your word on this? >> i remember the president declaring the police in this country had a systematic racism problem, suddenly he's turning the corner but is not really putting his money where his mouth is the fact is we need to refund the police we need to make sure the police get backing and we need to do away with the low cash bailout and takes impious fiber rest for shooting somebody and put them back on the streets of the can shoot somebody again this is a massive national crisis and i'm really hopeful that when the next election comes around the majority of citizens inn this country who really care about
10:30 pm
safety and police are going to vote at the ballot box and put the people back where they belong. elizabeth: let's move on to this black lives matters is suing the city of santa monica in california claiming police were too harsh with protesters that they were arresting protesters about justification that theyre unjustly focused on peaceful protesters while ignoring individuals who were looting, we should say this 180 shops in santa monica were looted and burglarized during the black lives matter protested may of last year 49 incidents of vandalism, ten cops assaulted dozen fire set 18, cars destroyed, your reaction? >> it's a joke black lives matter is an organization that supports riots, burning down federal buildings and shops very often shops owned by people of color and we should be looking
10:31 pm
into the finances of black lives matter as more and more comes out about millionsng of dollars that are not being used for the purpose that they were intended but black lives matter and antifa are the loudest voices in cities like seattle and portland receding their cities for domestic terroristio organizations. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, good to see you you're watching the fox business network, were committed to the bottom of our reports are coming in therere was secret by weapons research done at the wuhan lab, state department officials are talking about that with the chinese military involved is believed the covid virus may have leaked out of the lab, did they build a virus that c can target certain people certain ethnicities, that the thing they talk about now to at the gop hearing, doctor brett giroir and mariannette miller-meeks take this on, you're watching "the
10:32 pm
evening edit" on fox business. >> different making again a function, the addict to the virus in the whole virus becomes sars to which has gain-of-function and they may it out of history and. n. n. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. we're made for. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement elizabeth: the house led by nancy pelosi voted today to launch a select committee to investigate junior six capital right but republican lawmakers demanded to know why is nancy pelosi stonewalling the same thing to urges of the pandemic that is killed more than 600,000
10:37 pm
americans even though nancy pelosi did launch a special subcommittee last year in 2020 to look into the covid outbreak, let's welcome back to the show doctor brett giroir inn iowa representative. not miller meeks, both of you at the house panel yesterday thank you for joining us, doctor drury, first to europe reports coming in from nbc and other networks of the chinese military, for years has been working on a secret coronavirus research of the wuhan lab that the wuhan lab has multiple connections atop chinese military officials, what do you say to this report? >> i would say you said it all we heard yesterday from doctor asher who is in the state department and had intelligence agency ties that the wuhan lab as many lives in china are entered or treated intertwined with the chinese military and they even offered to biological weapons program and it seems clear they were using coronavirus as our program.
10:38 pm
elizabeth: this is terrifying, you are talking about a this yesterday michael mccaul says there's evidence that the chinese militaryil took over and seize control of the wuhan lab earlier than thought and 2019, why were they doing that. >> i think it's because it's a lack of transparency in the chinese communist party was trained to cover up the fact that a virus that was in the laboratory that they had amplified and modified was let loose and people were getting sick and they wanted to cover that up, the approach of the w.h.o. to deny human to human transmission early on and they also pressured the w.h.o. to not make it known publicly that this was a plan to make it in a serious public health emergency. elizabeth: brett giroir, what
10:39 pm
was china's military do with this coronavirus? what are you hearing? >> we really don't know but the extent of the chinese offensive biological weapons program cannot be underestimated. you can look at their public doctrine or some other doctor gunter documents about the biological weapons convention in 2011 when they talk about synthetic biology and its ability to create weapons and to create ethnic weapons, what i mean by that is being able to target a biological weapon against certain ethnic groups. we should not underestimate the extent of their biological program i am sure they are using coronavirus and any other virus they can get their hands on not that this was yet weapon nice but is likely part of a program. elizabeth: interesting with what the doctor just said scientists including scientists who wrote an op-ed in the wall street journal have repeatedly said they cannot find the sequence, the dna inside the sars cove to
10:40 pm
virus that sequence has not been found in nature, they tested 80000 samples from more than 200 species, it's in on in nature, saw found in nature yet, what are your thoughts about that. >> i think it underscores why we needed to have thesc hearing yesterday and why is disappointing that a democrat colleagues are not atng the hearing and not pushing for ann investigation into this there's very valid reasons one is doctor brett giroir stated chinese communist party has a bio weapon and they're working on that with the chinese military that's one reason to investigate this pre-there's other reasons to investigate as well we do think emanated from the lab whether virus found in nature and amplified and modified to gain-of-function research or a man-made virus we don't know the answer that we know it came from the laboratory and not finding
10:41 pm
nature, 80000 specimens were tested and they can't find the virus in any of those, i think one of the points brett giroir made the point of testing the blood of military who participated in the military and athletic games. elizabeth: that's a good point, they found the sars post in numbers, not this one yet, should export control be put on american dna that's been given to china, why are we giving american dna to china and what is china doing with the american dna. >> we had two doctors here. >> i'll taket that one, both doctor asher and i made the point, he made the point very explicitly that we need to be concerned about export patrols for biology, just like were concerned about export controls
10:42 pm
that can be used for nuclear weapons or something like that. i made the point that we need to control the information about our dna are dna sequence of americans are being used by the chinese there being gather by the chinese while the chinese absolutely forbid any secret data of chinese communityty whee else. elizabeth: interesting thank you for joining us. come back soon. next up experts at the house. my two prior guess yesterday's slamming google, facebook social media and the media for sensory information about the pandemic, chris baffert is next to breakdown. >> facebook another big tech bandem and removed post that claimed the virus c may have coe from the lab, why, they feared information with support statements made by president trump and republicans at the time.
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elizabeth: joining out the federalist senior editor chris baffert, it's great to have youu back on experts at the gop house hearing really were slamming facebook and google as being gatekeepers and censoring information about the pandemic, how bad did this get. >> it was incredible it didn't just impact regular people who were trying to share their stories about the pandemic and even censored doctors and nurses in media outlets like theia federalist and also censored something that congressman and our senators and ended with censoring the president of the united states there deciding what's allowed to be said in the public space, over and over again whether tom cotton said this could've been a weapon or come from a lab which could've been likely true or whether vaccine stories of a possibly
10:48 pm
adverse side effects shared by ron johnson this week google and twitter have censored them saying scientists are claiming this is false, you can find a different scientific opinion on anything that's part of were scientists and wetsuits expected on my field of journalism to be sopi stupid, people on google ad twitter should understand that science comes of questioning and experimenting and instead they're trying to decide what the truth is for all of us to see. elizabeth: google is probably the most powerful search engine in the world and now there's talk of what's doing with algorithm and google is saying it will put up a warning that it's a search result on breaking news and may not be reliable because information is rapidly changing on the subject, it's already been said to throttle down auto complete search results on wuhan lab leak i'm not sure what people realize what happens at google or
10:49 pm
facebook and how they basically raise up in their search result certain topics and throttle down other topics. go ahead. >> google is not a powerful search engine companies like the east india company that armies and navies bigger than england would've loved to have the power that google has two control information of what people think and to control the most powerful men in the world president donald trump washa o able to sal the tech giants were pushing back shutting down their competitors this is extremely dangerous and who is making these decisions a lot of the time they rely on outside fact checkers i look at the fact rchecks of the federalist that called us false and misleading which is completely false there written by interns or places like usa today, those of the people allowed to be the arbiters of truth, that is not how a democracy or public is allowed to be successful. elizabeth: chris baffert it's good to see you, come back soon
10:50 pm
we have a brand-new fight between republicans andgh democrats, republicans say they were caught adding into legislation that affect national security of potentially a billion-dollar climate change/fund, they say republicans can benefit china representative brian masten joined me next right here on edit".ening >> president xi makes no secret to what his goals are, to have china be the single dominant power the single dominant superpower by 2049. ♪
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temperature-balancing, recovery-assisting, effortlessly life-changing proven quality night sleep we've ever made. the new queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, 0% interest for 36 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. elizabeth: joining is now quarter representative brian mast from house foreign affairs, it's gre you. see were hearing reports the democrat gregory meeks that he made these changes to a piece of legislation about china undercutting national security issues putting in a billion-dollar climate change/fund that could benefit china, what is goinghaha on her. >> that's exactly right, were in the midst of the largest piece of combating china legislation where it's supposed to be combating china legislation were marketed up as we speak, in this
10:55 pm
legislation dollars that were going in there to combat china's influence were taken out and literally multibillion dollar un/fund of which the dollars are going to go to china in many cases because this is a climate/fund they're going to aid china. we will be so tough t on china d we will send the more dollars to buy their solar panel and help them get out of the situation that they put themselves in, that so tough we will be on t china. elizabeth: why do they think that needs a slush fund they top head underneath force labor in the prison camps to make the green energy products, are democrats talking about any of this? >> there's very little conversation about any of that here in washington we can figure why something is or not happening i try to follow the dollars and i think you can talk about this whether you're talking about big tech or whether talking about who's building the power systems like
10:56 pm
solar panels and they say that they have huge influence, huge investments in countries like china, they don't want to see anybody talking bad about china, the origins of covid and stealing intellectual property or f-15 or f35's, they don't want to talk about those things and they want to get members of congress to not talk about those things why because they might hurt their investment in the huge market in china and that's why look at this is emerging into that, we see them pandered to big tech and is not surprising that there pandering to big climate in the same way. elizabeth: we carry about why china, why would they let china benefit off of it, there is already a green climate fund at the united nations and i think congressman meeks is talking about 4 billion in 2022 and 2023 another 4 billion china hazard he pulled out $100 million from that fund they were thought to
10:57 pm
be using it to cut greenhouse gas emission but nobody has evidence, it seems like democrats are rolling over about china. >> they are rolling overth about china but you'rere saying this y they have so much already why would they try to get more of the answer is always more the answer is global domination, it's like the game of risk and they're playing the game very well whether it's getting the dollars out of the human and taking over ports around the world and expanding their blue water navy, they're playing the very serious game of risk and they're taking every single asset that they can get their hands on there's not an answer that there's never enough if they can get ten more, they're happy to take that it strengthens china and weakens the united states of america the tory 30 trillionca in debt.
10:58 pm
elizabeth: there needs to be an enforcement action taken against 260 billion-dollar and waste that is gone out of the sba and the ppp loan for the pandemic and the 30 billion-dollar jobless benefits with criminal action taken in both of those, at the time something needs to be done because the american people have had it there sick and tired of what's going on i have nancy pelosi focusing on the capital rightsun select committee and not relaunching their own committee that she did last year to look att the origis of the pandemic. in hypocrisy all over the place, again and again, about defunding the cops, the american people are over it. >> let me spare you any anticipation of the going to change direction and go 180 degrees the other way, they are going to double and triple down on these policies of defending the police because
10:59 pm
follow the dollar, where they're going and if youol talk about d from the police, follow the dollars of the political contribution when you talk about conservative censorship or censorship on what china is really doing follow the dollars of the political contribution from silicon valley, follow the dollars and you'll see why they're doing these things. elizabeth: use a green energy money going to china will somehow come back in political donations. >> absolutely i don't think that's a question anymore than dollars to support something that silicon valley wants that will come back to than in political contribution, that is 100% what i'm saying. elizabeth: are the republicans talking about this along with you guys were not so naïve we going onw that this is everybody knows it's an open book but the american people i'm not sure i fully understand how d.c. >> you use the right word it's
11:00 pm
that swampy why final word the foreign affairs of the united states of america can't be conducted in this way that weme pandered to the highest bidder. elizabeth: congressman it's good to see you, come back soon i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", thank you so much for watching we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. tomorrow night. ♪. larry: hello and welcome to "kudlow", america the great. i am larry kudlow were celebrating july 4 through the lens of declaration of independence which is what july 4 is all about. in the late spring of 1776 thomas jefferson was asked by the continental congress to produce a draft of what would become the declaration of independence. as he wrote many years later, let me quote, the other members of the committee unanimously press on myself alone


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