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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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surprised. he is, they need to trot him out more often. harry can stay in cali. go early of wessex. i will be here tomorrow. you have a lot of elizabeth macdonald coming up. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: the news coming in, world leaders at the g7 summit will call for a brand new w.h.o. investigation into china's coronavirus outbreak, potentially the wuhan lab leak controversy but the acting omb director refuses to say in testimony that the budget will not fund the wuhan lab. fauci has flip-flopped on all sort of things including the wuhan story. he calls attacks on him attacks on science. joining us tonight congressman
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jason smith. former white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany. "the wall street journal" bill mcgurn, douglas holtz-eakin, texas ag, ken paxton, ford o'connell and border patrol vice president, art del cueto. listen to this, half of the pandemic jobless benefits stolen by criminals. unemployment fraud the fourth biggest government covid expenditure. it has tripled, tripled what was spent on vaccines. more where the money may have ended up. we have the story. the biggest surge in consumers prices in nearly 13 years? combined with all that fraud, and nine million jobs still not filled, all that spells big political trouble for the biden agenda. now this news coming in, we have breaking news, even democrat senators now reject tax hikes on the upper brackets to pay for a new infrastructure plan. plus we've got this story,
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republicans right to warn that president biden's energy policies will bring us back to the 1970s? make the u.s. once again dependent on foreign energy? what will president biden say to russian president vladmir putin at their face-to-face next week after the president killed the keystone xl pipeline, it is now officially dead, he green-lighted russia's nord stream 2 pipeline and russian hackers shut down the colonial pipeline here in the u.s. also tonight, a growing trend, did you catch this? more and more republican governors and republican state legislatures moving to block and stop democrat controlled cities and their bad policies in order to bring their state's economies back. we're going to explain. the fbi director testified today to what we reported to you last night, what we've been reporting to you for now five years. the southern border is a crime zone. quote epidemic of drugs pouring over. mexican cartel crime spilling over. illegal border crossings hitting a new generational high.
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the number of migrants that died trying to make it to the border, tripling since october. what will it take for the biden administration to see the need to secure the border? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. thanks for joining us. let's get right at it with missouri congressman jason smith he is a straight-shooter, tells it like it is. what do you think of the new call from the g7 summit potentially into a new probe on the coronavirus outbreak? >> i mean, liz, last year when donald trump was in office democrats declared it racist and offensive to suggest that the wuhan lab was responsible for the coronavirus. overpaid scientists like tony fauci said there is no way they could be responsible. so-called fact checkers said
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they had conclusively proved it was impossible for them to be responsible. facebook blocked stories suggested it might be true but now they all helped joe biden get elected. the truth is emerging. what's troubling now is that the biden administration won't close the door on giving more money to the very lab they're investigating, for releasing the covid-19 virus that killed 600,000 americans and crippled the world's strongest economy. elizabeth: yeah. we've got the acting director of the office of management and budget refusing to say in testimony whether biden's budget will or will not fund the wuhan lab. let's listen to this. >> can you commit american dollars will never be used to fund such research going forward from this budget? >> congressman, i started my career in nih i would never make that commitment as someone who believes we need to be led by science and we certainly need to
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wait until this review before we jump to conclusions. elizabeth: so looks like she was avoiding and dodging your question. china itself, accredited its own wuhan lab safest at biosafety level 4. dangerous stuff. thousands of viruses, three wuhan lab workers hospitalized in fall of 2019 with covid like symptoms. why couldn't she answer the question? >> you know it is disappointing. yes i asked her it was a direct question. i just wanted a simple mitt comment from this administration to insure that americans are protected. instead they are choosing to protect china than side with americans. china should be held accountable for the trillions of dollars that the american economy has suffered because of their lies. it was just ridiculous. elizabeth: okay, the coauthor of a "wall street journal" op-ed,
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dr. stephen cay, says there is one in a billion chance this virus came from animals infecting humans. he is saying, he is seeing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt it did leak from the lan but dr. fauci has been downplaying that all of that last year. he now suddenly flip-flopped to be pub demands he resign, he says when you attack me you attack science. >> it is very dangerous, chuck, a lot of what you see as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science. all of the things i spoke about consistently from the very begin gig have been fundamentally based on science. elizabeth: okay. let's show his flip-flops. here is fauci's flip-flops since last year. a lot of confusing stuff. one congressman said the only thing consistent about dr. fauci is his inconsistency.
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what do you say? >> everything has been inconsistent, liz. for him to say if you criticize me you're criticizing science that would be like me telling people if you criticize a member of congress, or you criticize the president, that means you're criticizing the constitution. i mean, give me a break, dr. fauci. he is the most overpaid federal employee. he makes more money than the president of the united states. and he has never gotten anything right. he says you should wear masks. says you shouldn't wear masks. he says that the virus came from eating some kind of a crazy animal in china. now he is saying might have came from a lab. the most inconsistent advice from the most overpaid federal employee. elizabeth: you know, the thing is, with the masks, he could have just said to americans, listen, we need to conserve for hospital workers. instead he was saying you don't need them. you know what i mean, behind the scenes he said i said that because i wanted to conserve masks for hospital workers. that is one thing always stuck
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in a lot of people's craw. the other thing, why outsource china to supervirus work after the u.s. paused funding on that in 2014? he admits later on he wasn't monitoring it? why even outsource dangerous chinese labs, this work to make viruses more infectious like sars and merz and the flu? why do that? >> we can't trust china with anything. why would we want to trust them with research of viruses that could actually come out and be loose and infect the entire world which we have found now has killed over 600,000 americans. the last thing we need to do is to continue to fund that laboratory. elizabeth: okay. all right. congressman jason smith. thanks for joining us. look who is here with us now, back with us former white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany. been a while. good to see you again.
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dr. fauci, what is your take on it? feels like dr. fauci has taken the wrong footing all along. never had outrage moment. never demanded investigations when the outbreak came into the u.s. last year. never had a hair on fire moment. what is your sense of that? >> that is my exact sense. i was in the white house working alongside of him. i was very skeptical when i was hearing of him advocating for lockdowns in extended form. lockdowns had adverse impact on american people's mental health. there is a lot of date to back that up. dr. scott atlas was in the white house at the same time. he was always citing science. he came into my office. he showed studies after virus did not spread the virus same way. they should be in school. dr. fauci was exactly the opposite. he was saying opposite of well sourced journal articles placed on my desk from dr. scott atlas.
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final a year later is is having a reckoning that should have come a year ago. elizabeth: is there gain of function bureaucracy in the government blocking these probes? that is what is "vanity fair" saying. now we have senators marsha blackburn, senator rubio, senator tom cotton says he should be fired or resign. is there a bureaucracy within the government? >> i think there could be. i don't have a definitive answer. in 2012 he authored a journal article of gain of function research article. he was authoring a paper in support of it in 2012. you fast forward in 2014 between that date and 2019, he is giving $600,000 to the wuhan institute ever virology. the facts are there that he supported this in 2017 another good example when president obama said let's put a halt to
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gain of function research, dr. fauci quietly restarted it in 2017 and never informed the trump right white house. there are real questions that should be asked here. dr. fauci should be testifying in front of congress. elizabeth: he had that "washington post" article should create dangerous labs in laboratories, dangerous virus in laboratories in order to get vaccines. that is dangerous stuff. senator john contend city had aa lot to say about this. watch this. >> dr. fauci needs to cut the crap. this is not about dr. fauci, not about his feelings. maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony. we're not debating dance moves on tiktok here. we're talking about millions of human lives. dr. fauci gave a lot of u.s. taxpayer money to scientists to research bat coronavirher dr. fs
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people can guarranty us that the chinese scientists didn't use that money to gain of function research. they weren't monitored. dr. fauci and his people didn't monitor the lab. also since day one, dr. fauci and his expert friend have told us look, the virus occurred naturally. it jumped from a bat through an intermediate host into human beings. well it has been a year. where is the proof? where is the smoking bat? elizabeth: where is the smoking bat? so he speaks in colorful, vivid language, kaley. always entertaining. the thing is the nih is still blocking working and giving to congress any details about how much exactly, how much u.s. money went to the supervirus research in china. we still don't really know, right? they're not really monitoring or
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tracking the money. what do you say? >> yeah, we don't know. through this whole process dr. fauci hasn't been forthright. he was out there dismissing president trump who was pointing to the wuhan institute of virology lab when president trump was pointing there, dr. fauci coming out saying no. this occurred naturally when we know in his in box there was an email from a virologist saying i have reason to believe this did not occur naturally. the next day fauci wakes up and email the assistant, keep your cell phone on. attach as pdf about gain of function research. this is all very curious, if there is nothing to see here, dr. fauci should come forward explain step by step why his email said something different than what he was say publicly. elizabeth: kayleigh mcenany, we always love having you on. don't be a stranger. come back soon. good to see you. >> thank you, liz. appreciate it. elizabeth: just ahead, did you see this? half the pandemic's jobless benefits may have been stolen by criminals. that is more than the size of
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colorado's economy. unemployment fraud, now the fourth biggest government covid expenditure? it is about triple what was spent on vaccines. we'll tell you where that money may have ended up. "wall street journal's" bill mcgurn back with us next. stay there. >> when are americans going to realize though that nearly every single government program is ridden with fraud? i don't care if we're talking about welfare programs or programs in the department of defense. the fraud is everywhere. it doesn't usually get reported on the way that it should, but yes, this pandemic free-for-all was a complete disaster. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, switch to xfinity mobile and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 on the nations fastest, most reliable network. ♪. elizabeth: okay, let's welcome to the show "the wall street journal"'s bill mcgurn. bill, i know you saw this "axios" story that criminals may have stolen as much of half the pandemic jobless unemployment benefits, $400 billion? this was the democrats main vehicle to save the economy and keep it afloat. i mean so, this we're talking fraudsters from overseas. what is your take on the story? >> well i'm shocked, shocked, right? that a government program would be rife with abuse, that people would take advantage of it. i think the more we look, the more we'll find similar abuse in all sorts of programs. part of this is because the
6:19 pm
effort in a crisis is to get the money out quickly. when you do that, of course your controls are less. i'm actually more concerned now at the harm this is doing but keeping people from going back to work because they rightly conclude if it is not going to pay me anymore to go back to work, why should i go? so i think -- elizabeth: yeah. >> it is another unintended consequence of government intervention and we all act like we're shocked by it but we shouldn't be. elizabeth: well, i don't think people can never shocked being at the dollar amounts involved. >> right. elizabeth: now we got the worker, excuse me the washington state official who oversaw washington state's jobless benefits program, they had $650 million of fraud. now she is coming in to oversee the federal program. do they care? this isn't just a rounding error. this is not just nickles and
6:20 pm
deeps dimes we're talking about. fourth biggest covid expenditure. triple what we spent on vaccines. this is about the size of economy of colorado. this is being stolen by crime syndicates in russia, china. that is what was said. >> we're not getting it back. we're not looking at all the other effects of this aid program. is that what the economy really needs? the stimulus the economy needs is getting the economy back on track, there are too many people anecdotally, i'm sure it happens in your life, you go to a restaurant, you talk to some workers, i have some people doing work in my house, they can't get parts for things. they say their suppliers don't have enough workers. all around you what you hear is labor shortages. again, the government doesn't look at what the consequences of what these good intentions mean. you know, you just throw a lot of money at it.
6:21 pm
a lot of that money will go into bad hands. elizabeth: you know the journal, your opinion page ran out a bunch of op-eds good stuff from karl rove and dan heninger. you have been writing terrific stuff too. that the democrats misread the moment. the american people according to a "fox news poll," they don't want all the big government spending. the numbers who were saying that, they don't like what they see going on in washington is increasing by double digits? did they misread the moment? they didn't have a mandate. they don't have a mandate now. now they're not getting votes to pass the agenda. democrat senator jon tester says no to tax hikes on the upper bracket. your final word? >> yeah, look at this. i look at it this way. i think covid-19 politically was very good to joe biden in 2020, let him sit in the basement just be the antitrump, supposedly calm and rational but this year he came in wanting to claim that nothing had been done, as though
6:22 pm
donald trump hadn't succeeded with the vaccine and now they're doing other things -- they had to portray themselves and their government actions as bailing out the economy when the economy is already starting to recover. so yeah, i think it's a disaster. elizabeth: yeah. it was v-shaped recovery when the president took office. bill mcgurn, thank you so much for coming on. we'll see you soon, okay? come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: sure. cbo director douglas holtz-eakin, remember he ran the cbo, he will talk to us about what wall street was dealing with today, the biggest surge in consumer prices in nearly 13 years. combine that with all the fraud we were talking about, nine million jobs still not filled. does this spell big political trouble for the biden agenda? democrat senators rejecting news coming in, tax hikes for the upper bracket to pay for
6:23 pm
spending. don't go away. >> i think in the next nine months we'll see it continue. i think towards the end of this year we'll continue to see real serious problems. already we lost 160,000 restaurants in the united states. when you drive small business out of business, you're destroying the underbelly of oui economy. some help from fidelity, and she'll feel so good about her plan, she can focus on living it. that's the planning effect, from fidelity. new pronamel mineral boost helps protect teeth against. everyday acids. pronamel boosts enamel's natural absorption of calcium and phosphate - helping keep teeth strong, white
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♪. elizabeth: have you checked
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consumer prices lately? they're at their highest in 13 years. they jumped 5% annualized in may. let's bring in former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin back with us. where do you come down on this? because deutsche bank predicts an inflation time bomb. stocks though are shrugging this off. people on wall street and at the fed think inflation is temporary problem and bullish for stocks. what do you think? >> i think report was a worse than the 5% in 13 years number indicates. core cpi, without food and energy, the fastest rate since 1992. the past months showed sharp acceleration. prices up 10% in may. a little up 10%, 9% in april. we have real core inflation pressure in the united states. it becomes sustained only if two things happen. number one, it gets built into wages, so you have upward pressure on prices. that is starting to happen.
6:28 pm
wages up something like 9% in may. 7% in april. then maybe we make some more policy mistakes. we don't do one big mistake but we continue. i don't see anyone at the fed who is panicking what is it going on talking about moving quickly. they're not poised to preemptively cut this off and there is no evidence anyone on capitol hill will stop the deficit spending and not repeat same kind of big spending, borrowing programs so far. if you put that together it is not hard to get where the deutsche bank folks landed. that is a recipe for sustained inflation, not a temporary boost. elizabeth: okay. you're saying inflation is coming full on, full bore. chipotle to your point is raising menu prices about 4% to cover the rising cost of labor because americans are not coming back to work, they say because of jobless benefits. i mean, so that seems to be a growing trend that we hear from businesses. you know, what is really interesting, doug, the federal reserve says it is going to keep
6:29 pm
interest rates ultralow until we get sustained 2% growth. the biden budget says growth will be less than 2% at 1.9%. we'll have rates for really long time, right? >> certainly they sent the message they will stay very loose for a long, learning time. most importantly they will not preemptively move to cut off anticipated inflation. that means they're not set up for an inflationary surprise. if they're wrong, and this isn't temporary, you go out 18 months and it is still rising they don't have a good way in that framework to move. they have to lay the groundwork, sprain they're going to change. it will have to tighten. pretty soon you're out two, 2 1/2 years. i think there is a real risk on the upside. i didn't think this two months ago. this developed very quickly in my view. one of the real things that makes me nervous is, the fed always said look we don't have a problem as long as inflation
6:30 pm
expectations are well-anchored. they're not. going up rapidly. people are expecting inflation. they want to expect raises to cover inflation. that means upward pressure on prices. >> inflation comes on rapidly. it is hyperinflation, it's a rapid event. like a torpedo down chimney. there is this sort of sanguine attitude on spending that elephant gun the biden administration is pointing towards the economy. ken fisher, a wall street pros, done this 16 times, all the stimulus spending, 16 times, since 1971, had only 1.7% average gdp growth. we've been here time and again after since the '70s. how come we're not learning the message? >> i think we misdiagnosed the it conventional playbook says
6:31 pm
consumers don't money to spend, you have to stimulate the demand. consumers have $2 trillion they didn't spend and there was virus out there they didn't want to get exposed to it. they have tons of spending power. federal government passed 1.9 trillion in september. 1.2 trillion in march. not all of that has gone out in terms of capacity to spend. the problems are on the supply side. if we don't ease up the supply problems we'll get the inflation. elizabeth: okay. douglas holtz-eakin, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: come back soon. up next texas attorney general ken paxton is fired up ready to go. he and 22 other states are suing the biden administration suing the keystone xl pipeline decision to shut it down. republicans are talking about that president biden is bringing us back to the future, back to the 1970s, making the u.s. once again dependent on foreign energy as the president sits down with vladmir putin next
6:32 pm
week. we're going to take it on next. >> for four years we heard democrats saying russia, russia, russia. what did joe biden do? he just gave a multibillion-dollar gift to vladmir putin. he waived the mandatory sanctions on nord stream 2. that mistake is a generational geopolitical blunder. (vo) ideas exist inside you,
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at ♪. elizabeth: joining us now texas attorney general ken paxton. it's great to have you back on, sir. okay, so the canadian company behind the keystone xl pipeline, officially pulls the plug on it
6:37 pm
after the president canceled it the first day in office. your state, texas, along with 22 other states are suing the biden administration over that decision. 11,000 jobs lost nationwide. where are these suits headed? what's happening with them now? >> so we are in federal court waiting for our day in court. we made the argument that obama had 60 days to argue when he was president that this was not in the national interests. he never did that. so when president trump came into office and got it going he was doing so under federal law. and president biden didn't have any federal authority to stop the pipeline and make it go away elizabeth: people in the energy industry are kind of looking at this, you know, curiously because this seems like grandstanding by the biden administration. there are about 36 pipeline companies throughout the u.s. with 2 1/2 million miles of
6:38 pm
pipeline running across from coast to coast and now we've got protesters trying to shut down the enbridge pipeline in michigan. the michigan governor wants to seize the profit of that canadian pipeline. we're ignoring you, governor, we'll continue ahead. is this a lot of grandstanding given how many pipelines are already here in the u.s.? >> it is grandstanding. there is no benefit to shutting it down. we lose jobs, we lose energy independence. it is not environmentally good to do it. now they have to ship it by railroad much less friendly to the environment than the actual pipeline there is no upside other than telling story to environmentalists we shut down a pipeline which doesn't benefit their story. it doesn't make sense there. is nothing good about this for the american people. elizabeth: are we going back to the 1970s era energy policy? that is what republicans are saying. that is what president biden is bringing us back to? do you agree with that?
6:39 pm
is that a real thing? >> sadly looks like it. we had the energy crutch on the east coast a few months ago with gas prices soaring. reality we need the backup. as energy demand increases worldwide we need that. biten is realizing with putin and allowing them to have their pipeline going into germany. ted cruz said very, very well what a disasterous choice to you a how them to have pipeline and and americans don't have access to less costly fuel. elizabeth: china, russia, iran are going full bore on their fossil fuel energy projects including coal. we have the president meeting with russia's vladmir putin next week after biden green lights russia's nord stream 2 pipeline into germany. russian criminal gang
6:40 pm
cyberattacked the u.s.'s biggest pipeline, the colonial pipeline. what positioning do we have with russia. >> under president trump we became energy independent for first time. montana, texas, north dakota, energy producers were making a difference t created job and wealth for americans. we're going back to the carter days we'll not be energy independent. we'll rely on other countries not particularly friendly to us. that, i'm pretty concerned about that. at least i should be. elizabeth: all right. again paxton, good to see you. come back soon. coming up, ford o'connell. we have a growing new trend. more and more republican governors moving and republican state legislatures moveing to stop democrat-controlled cities inside of their states and their bad policies in order to bring those cities back. we're going to explain next.
6:41 pm
>> the good news the defund movement is by and large a dying movement. it was a political hashtag that drove policy and a lot of politicians jumped on it very quickly but came around to bite them in the rear earned -- rear end. ♪♪ ♪♪ ow! in business, it's never just another day. ♪♪ it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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drivers who switched saved over $700. ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call for a lower rate today. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show republican strategist ford o'connell. ford, there is a new trend we're catching, a growing number of republican governors and legislatures are pushing back, reversing, overriding democrat-run cities and their decisions on everything from lock downs to voting rules to defund the police. you have seen that in florida, georgia, texas, montana, wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. what do you say? is this going to take hold? >> well, look, traditionally gop governors decided to allow local governments to have control over local issues. that has been exacerbated by the
6:46 pm
pandemic. now you're seeing republican governors push the mayors aside, look, the policies that you're putting forward, the far left policies, whether defund the police or arbitrary lockdowns is not only hurting the public safety of your city but it is hurting our entire state as well as the economic livelihood. so i see this trend continuing. elizabeth: okay. so we got an interesting development happening outside of atlanta, georgia with a town called buckhead city. they're saying you know what? we want to split away from atlanta. we want our own police force because we're seeing atlanta crime skyrocketing. they're talking about a 63% increase in murder. rapes are doubling. psalms are up nearly, about a third. so -- assaults are doubling up about a third. local towns are saying we don't want anything to do with these cities. >> that is exactly right, emac. when you talk about public safety and year-over-year crime
6:47 pm
increases in atlantas and understaffed resources atlanta police department don't have because of local politics, it isn't a wonder buckhead wants to have their own police department. if the republicans take over the house in 2020 it will be public safety. out of 50 states, only 27 have a republican governor. of top 30 cities in the country, only three have republican mayors. you will see jostling between republican policies and democrat policies. elizabeth: it is like a double-whammy, lockdown policies and defund the police. you're seeing for example in wisconsin, the republican legislature there saying to the cities, you defund the police we'll defund you. that is what happened in texas. so it is two things, two big things pushing this, no? are there other things? >> well i think that there are two big things that are pushing this. whenever you threaten someone as
6:48 pm
public safety the voters always pay attention. they don't care which party, if they think you're going to better protect them but you also have economic livelihood. here in my home state of florida, we have another issue, critical race theory, we're basically having the republican state legislature push back against many democratic controlled towns including broward county. these are fights that will continue. it will not just be about economic livelihood. it is how we control the ballot box as well. i don't expect this to discontinue or stop anytime soon. elizabeth: yeah. you know you see major fights breaking out at local school board level, you know the school boards cannot think they have this monolithic hold and control over what students will be taught. the parents are really coming on strong there. you know former house speaker newt gingrich slammed what he says is a new generation of far left democrats. he says they actually have contempt for the constitution. let's get your reaction to this.
6:49 pm
watch. >> now you have governments out here, whether on blocking churches from having sessions or whether it is dictating to people or saying which businesses can open up, or which schools can open up, and i agree with your analysis. there is something about being a liberal democrat that just loves power and they, it is an addiction. they love being in charge and they love frankly corruption. so they use their power to reward their friends and punish their enemies. and to take care of their family and to take care of their political supporters. and i think this is the largest breakdown of the u.s. constitution in the nation's history, not counting the civil war. elizabeth: but you know, if you stand in the echo claim before the d.c. media and new york beltway and you try to bring up what newt gingrich said you will get your head chopped off. what he is saying what a lot of
6:50 pm
people, what a lot of folks are agreeing with across the country. there is this disdain for how the country has been run for centuries. >> well, look, speaker gingrich is spot on. when you look at progressive democrats they do see the constitution only a suggestion and they don't care about your civil rights or your individual liberties. what they care about is basically their agenda and i chiefing power and control. this is why we talk about socialism. they believe that government knows best. humans can't make the best choices for themselves. therefore if you side with the constitution you're on the wrong side of history. it is a sad day for a bicameral republic here in the u.s. elizabeth: all right. ford o'connell good to see you, thanks for joining us. just ahead, national border patrol council vice president art art del cueto. the border is a epidemic of
6:51 pm
drugs pouring in and over the border. mexico cartel crime spilling over the border. illegal border crossings hit a generational high. the number of migrants who die trying to make it to the border now tripling since october. we'll take it on next. the no. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum!
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♪ >> the numbers that we saw starting in march are simply unprecedented. especially the jump that we saw and the volume that we saw in each of those months. elizabeth: okay, that was a top hhs official testifying on the staggering number of illegal border crossers coming to the u.s. it's about this fiscal year, it's going to approach the size of nebraska. joining us now, national border patrol council vice president art del cueto. okay, so that official says that, but then we have the president and vice president not yet going to the border, showing that -- critics say they're being tone deaf and out of touch. the vice president laughing it off multiple times when she's been put in charge of the border since the beginning of the year. so what's going on with hhs saying that, but then you have that reaction out of the white house? >> look, the individual that's talking about it is absolutely
6:56 pm
correct. i don't know what's going on at the white house. i wish i had the answer. but simply put, it looks like they just do not care. i will add to those numbers we have a huge amount of got-aways that i've been stressing on as much as possible. and when it comes to got-aways, those are numbers that we don't know what the actual number is, but historically it's been more. right now, year to date, you're looking at 226,000 got-aways. so if you start adding those numbers, we're past trying to figure out if we're going to call it a crisis. it's chaos mode, and it appears that the leadership at the white house not only doesn't care, but they might not even have a clue. elizabeth: yeah, where do we know what the got-aways is? it's in the tens of thousands. the media finally covering the border harder than they've ever covered it before. the number of migrants who died trying to make it to the border
6:57 pm
has tripled since october. thousands die every year trying to make the 2300-mile trek. that's the problem, border crossings at more than 180,000 in may, that's eight times what it was in may of 2020. they're responding to about one fatality a week in the rio grande sector. that's the thing, so finally media seems like they're waking up. >> liz, they haven't even hit the peak points. the summer months are coming up, and down in arizona these summer months have been notorious with a the amount of 931 calls. and the smugglers know it, the cartels know exactly what they're doing. they flood certain areas with unaccompanied juveniles, removing agents from those positions to they can bring the drugs across. now that the summer months are coming because they know the heat is tremendous, they'll send individuals to, you know, pretty much zones where they know they might not make it. they're forced to call 911, so
6:58 pm
now agents are being moved to that area, and at the same time once again the drug cartels take advantage by bringing in drugs into the u.s. elizabeth: art, we've been covering this, "the evening edit," for about five years. you and i have been talking about this for years, that what is the biden -- excuse me, this is what the mexican cartels and the migrants are doing, purposefully flooding the zone with unaccompanied children to pull border patrol away and distract them so they can flood the zone with drugs. let's ask fbi director christopher wray testifying today. he's saying there's an epidemic of drugs and, yes, mexican cartel crime is swarming across the border. watch this. >> i absolutely agree that the security situation at the southwest border is a great concern. both from our perspective of drug trafficking, human trafficking, violence on both sides of the border, corruption, etc. but make no mistake, this goes beyond, way beyond law enforcement into other agencies
6:59 pm
and, frankly, the community as well. there's know question that the cartel activity on the other side of the border is spilling over in all sorts of ways. and you just put your finger directly on one that is extreme. ly concerning to us all. elizabeth: you know what? i feel like i'm in a bell jar with, like, padding around, you know? when are they going to answer the wake-up call that's been ringing off the hook in the biden administration and do something about this? because, literally, people are getting killed. this, again, this is a humanitarian issue. you and i have talked about this. we don't want another person killed or assaulted on the way to the border, another criminal gang exploiting the border. how bad is it? >> well, this administration right now is solely responsible for every single death that comes through that border. they're responsible for filling the cartels' pockets with money. they're doing nothing about it. the border's getting flooded with illegal aliens coming through with unaccompanied
7:00 pm
juveniles, with drug smugglers, with sex trafficking, and this administration is absolutely doing nothing about it but encouraging this lawlessness. elizabeth: all right. art del cueto, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. today, big, very big inflation report. it's all the news and all the rage. here comes inflation. six-tenths of a percent in may, 8.4% at an annual rate over the past three months. 6.5% at an annual rate for the first five months of this year. fed's target used to be two, which is what we had for over


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