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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 28, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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♪ david: and be sure to join us >> should a choice again tomorrow we got a great lineup of gas including senator ted cruz, congresswoman maria and former white house chief of staff mark meadows. there among our gasper a few missing in this show is got an encore presentation for you at 7:00 p.m. eastern. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪. kennedy: oh indeed welcome to it. you might want to sit down for this because i've something truly shocking to tell you, remember hunter biden's infamous laptop questionable e-mails reported from it showed not only did president biden know all about hundreds of shady business dealings, they even had dinner with the eastern european goons hunter was working with. while he was vice president. fun predicts most of your report courtesy of the "new york post". that sounds have million it you may or member twitter banned the post after bombshell hunter biden laptop
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right before the election. one of the e-mails from hunter about april 2015 dinner relates quote dad will be there will keep that between us for now. but that is not even the most infuriating part of all this. that distinction goes to present biden's claimed many times he had nothing to do with hunter or his crooked friends in places like ukraine. >> how many times have you spoken to your son about his business dealings? >> i have never talked with him about his overseas business dealings but i never discuss with my son or my brother or anyone else with their business. >> to stand by your statement you did not discuss any of your sons overseas business dealings? >> ssn by that statement. kennedy: i don't know, man. if these e-mails are legit and they seem to be president biden has been lying. the department of justice be taking a closer look at all of this? give a fantastic party brother went to dig into right now we
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have attorney and author of how to become a federal criminal, michael chase protect editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. and democrat strategist and author of the end of democracy , mr. doug schoen. welcome everyone it's great to see you. >> good to see you thank you. kennedy: so, mike chase you are an attorney. how would you grill joe biden about some of his past statements and how they do not necessarily square with these e-mails? >> we just said miss the time of presidential kids were annoying and awkward or like getting drunk for the first time? it seems like is a problem it's their influence peddling. i'm going to be grilling the current president about this the most important thing is in 2019 use showed the clip he said unequivocably i never
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discussed my sons overseas business dealings. it's a full statement. then he said it again and then he said again. i think he showed three or four instances unequivocably say i did not discuss it. so if you are a prosecutor if this came to a trial or criminal investigation, you would say why did you like? because her member when people lie it is because it tried to conceal something. if i was him i would have just said yes i had dinner with my son and some of his weird business folks. i was proud of him he is doing big things, it did not really pay much attention. here you have a son his drafting his weird cover e-mails and his lying about it repeatedly. that is what i would grill him on i would cross-examine it on that. kennedy: if this were not his laptop easterly would hear all screaming that is not my laptop i have never seen that laptop i don't know anything about that laptop. hunter biden was like i was on drugs so much so i do not know what a laptop is.
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if you are inebriated to the point of dysfunction, why would someone pay you $83000 a month to sit on their board, katie? >> because your father is the vice president of the united states in charge of the ukraine portfolio and corruption. you haven't debated lots of cash from them for this is an example of the new story about how joe biden and hunter biden allegedly according to these e-mails, met at café milano in washington d.c. it is a wonderful restaurant again as an example of 582 of hunter biden's being an absolute moron. you do not want to be seeing this is the last place you go in washington d.c. people go to café milano to be seen. it is they who is who of the town. this idea he writes this e-mail saying keeping it beat us, by the way, and an e-mail.
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but then you march her father who was the vice president of the united states with his motorcade through georgetown people are going to remember you are at that restaurant. kennedy: you're deafly putting on a show of four separate i have to add i have never been invited to café milano. i do not know how delicious it is. but i'll take your word for it, katie. so doug, office of there needs be some sort of investigation here. if we're going to dissuade people from doing this in the future, than in the present we must address the past. >> look i agree with that part also growth katie that café milano is pretty good but it's worth noting for the record, candidate, that they met in the private garden room. which is an equally private and elegant room and café milano they have good food and the presumption of some privacy which has largely
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disappeared. but look we also have investigation now related to mr. giuliani and his activities in ukraine now the times reports a number of ukrainians are being investigated for intruding into the 2020 election pretty thing that only fair and reasonable. let's look at what joe biden did comment didn't do, i would like to know what he discussed at that dinner? did you talk about the food italian cuisine or did he talk about hunter biden's businesses i think we all suspect he did bridge >> mike, who did he think these fellows were with the funny accents? don't you think it's some point you would inquire? he goes to bed at like 4:00 p.m. even when he was vice president. even six years ago he's going sleepy night night right after matlock. go ahead. [laughter] >> i got to say a good peace of lawyer advice everyone should learn to follow is the right every e-mail it's going become an exhibit in your trial. hunter wrote an e-mail of this
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case it is about food insecurity. ostensibly means it's not about food insecurity. and so he's got to get better at writing these kinds of e-mails. when you say that is coming to talk to foreign partners. kennedy: dabs going to be the don't tell nobody dads going to be there. it is just rich thank you hunter. briefly there needs to be a real actual investigation actually for the pen returns will bit later begot a big show tonight. meanwhile president biden reportedly planning his big budget proposal we are told it is a $6 trillion doozy, the 2022 fiscal budget includes biden infrastructure scheme and things like family care plan, raising american spending to the highest level since world war ii, that is an accomplishment. the big question, how do you pay for? the budget proposal makes no mention of the trump era tax cuts on middle income families.
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so, does that mean everyone will eventually be paying more to pay for this monstrosity? absolutely per break and don't know the host of making money 2:00 p.m. eastern weekdays breaker the foxbusiness network, charles payne. charles welcome. >> it's great to be here. i've been to café milano i make sure next time i go i invite you. now, here is the thing. this thing is so bewildering, kennedy. it is one of the largest if not the largest year-over-year increase for money. we've had big climbs in deficit spending that they were all. [inaudible] surviving that during covid this is something entirely different. and by the way it's not really an economic plan. the irony here and they've is not so ironic. even present biden's administration admits the gdp is not going to do anything. it will not do squat okay,
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this is all about redistribution and making certain people more comfortable than they are. and at the expense of others. but even that is a farce. you contacts every billionaire in this country and you not talk about paying for this. by the weight starts at 6 trillion ends at 8 trillion. sewer that's right and 2030 it ends. there's no way to pay for there's absolutely no way to pay for it. the debt to gdp ratio gets so out of hand all you are doing is committing generational theft. but no one seems to be concerned about that. >> this is so awful appeared here's the thing though, kennedy, it's being sold is something else. it's being sold is social justice. people who are listening to that are not listening. in essence as being -- mike this is a waste been sold to the american public at all the things you and i are talking about the death of the gdp tell me if you have anybody
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talk about tomorrow. this is only being sold as a way of leveling the playing field. getting social justice. i'm nothing that's what it does something that's how it's being sold. we want to get childcare, we want to get this care. we've got a great joint welfare society being assembled right now. when inflation goes up or going to be paying trillions of dollars a year on the interest. we will see trillion dollar deficits for us far as the eye can see pretty obese out detrimental to every single person in this country more specifically the poor and lower middle class without a doubt. kennedy: yes. they are the ones whenever you have been a common hamster like this and economic mobility goes out the window, the people who need economic mobility most, the ones who have never had it. when you have an economy that's firing on all cylinders and you have companies that are hiring and investing, that is when people rise up out of
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poverty and extreme poverty. this just continues cycles of dependency. >> it is so amazing we've got over 8 million jobs over is a truly dollars in excess savings, wages, everything you'd want in an economy began last spring, last summit rather's gotten stronger pretty many places where that housing built a manufacturing boom. we are firing on all cylinders, all cylinders and they want to pass some of these emergency sort of bills. the president keep selling it as if this is april of 2020 or may of 2020 and not may of 2021 pre-things had changed were combated it were coming out of it. we can be a lot stronger. we do not need to go through a dependency type of economy that is not how he became the grace country in the world in the first place. kennedy: yes and we need to go
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back to that economy those absolutely soaring. charles before you go i want to talk about the reddit mob the clothing retail expressed within 33% game stop during a 50% movie theater giant amc inexplicably up 109%. so help me out, charles chevy putting my money into these meme stocks? >> we should've done this segment a month ago. [laughter] now you ask me. i will say this. kennedy: want to know is it because of crypto because crypto is tanking are people looking for other speculative investments? yes that's part of it. some of the money goes back and forth obviously really popular with millennial's for this a different thing going on here. there are some of these reddit stocks i think you could buy a car dam is one that looks attractive, listen. people are betting these names come around they do
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extraordinarily wellin the long term. the irony about all this is most of these are long-term investors which you want people to be. they are betting on names at wall street have given up on. you know what? a lot of times that works a lot. wall street is premature, too shortsighted for think the riddick route is a lot smarter. listen, you don't necessarily chase all them but the bond your watchlist, candidates become go to put them on my watchlist. i'm going to be making charles payne money pretty soon i love it. charles thank you so much. >> i made a ton of money the first wave on this. i had no ideas and bed bath and beyond, i was in black bios and triple d. i bought them six most two-year early simply because i thought they were oversold. so you know what? invest in the market that's all got to say. kennedy: thought of your great new money made, take me to it café milano. [laughter] [laughter] >> you've got it. kennedy: charles payne so good talking to you thank you.
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got to turn into making money tomorrow brexit leader in everyday with charles at 2:00 p.m. here on the foxbusiness network. coming up u.s. military top general claiming there is a coronavirus cover-up in china. what about that lab at leak? will the white house found take a harder line against the commies? plus fessing a study about your immunity if you have been infected. what is it mean for the future what is it mean for the future things like vaccine passports? welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride? allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call to bundle today.
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sewer the cover of continues on the origins of covid 19 for this week china now so would not further investigation by the world health organization. we still have a lot of questions calling it extremely impossible that the virus could have leaked from a leopard let's figure that out the good looks he shall we? that is not what america's top general is saying that nor the state department. they found last year, david asha's a trump menstruation lead investigator into the origins of the virus until he bided menstruation pulled the plug on his investigation but he told foxnews the virus appeared manufactured from the start, watch. >> we were finding that despite the claims of our
12:19 am
scientific community including the national institute of health and doctor fauci's organization, there was almost no evidence that supported a natural zoo in arctic evolution or source of covid-19. the data disproportionately stacked up as we investigated it was coming out of a lab or some supernatural source. [laughter] kennedy: ghost, or aliens. that is more likely than the animal to human transfer. so will we ever know where this damn virus came from? and as president biden really want us to find out? the party panels back, mike chase, katie pavlich and doug schoen. mike, what you do here. china dug their heels and they blocked debbie wei cho from the start for another not going to participate in another aspect of the
12:20 am
investigation. what is to keep this from happening again? suspect that is not at all surprising china would behave that way. think that's not going to catch anybody off guard. the shocking thing here on the one hand of love people coming out thing i told you so we were saying this in the beginning of every right to do that forgiven equal number of people who were discrediting this theory from the beginning horn now coming out saying yes, yes, yes this was always a possibility. we were always think this was a possibility. know you were not. i think what's truly remarkable she got organizations for example facebook it's been reported today is reversing its ban on being able to discuss a man-made virus theory. what what is the point of blocking this information? it's always been to stop misinformation. was it misinformation? you have to pick is this administration now commissioning a report for misinformation or a plausible theory? if we are going to be shutting
12:21 am
down people betting these ideas and discussing these ideas i don't think we should be in a position were waiting for a government report before facebook allows folks to talk about this stuff. what's going to keep it from happening again? probably nothing but i'm not sure we will ever hold china truly accountable because sue them we cannot connect from them every sanctions are going be scoffed at prim not optimistic going. this in the future. kennedy: been think about that a lot. what you do to actually put pressure on them so this does not happen again? the scariest part is not that they're performing dana function research that anthony felt he knew about put everybody knew they were doing it. and in david asha's words, they were enhancing the pathogen of the verlyn's of coronavirus vectors that were radically unnatural. all of those words are bad when you put them together. but then when you combine them with a bio weapons and the chinese military and
12:22 am
communists, we really have got to get to the bottom of this. mr. >> that is the question right? in terms of things we can do we can stop funding this gain of function research and try to bring some accountability to dr. anthony fauci e. he is a hero in american now and is the highest-paid bureaucrat. seems a little untouchable no matter how many times he changes the story under oath. in terms of the question of how to handle this with china, you are absently right. my question is what else are they building? if you look at covid-19 and that wuhan coronavirus you look at the legality of it for most people it has 899% survivability rates. what are they building in their labs that may have a 30% survival rate? or a 10% survival rate? these are real valid questions considering how they watch the world respond to a virus that has a pretty high rate of survival. that is a question for the
12:23 am
defense department. that's a question for the national security teams teams to handle but these are real problems. china does not care if they kill off a couple million of their own people even a billion. kennedy: they also don't care if they're killing off old people. it is pretty crazy to think how this virus could have been manufactured but doug take the limericks away from them? don't just boycott them take them away from them. not going to cooperate take the olympics. >> look i could not agree more. if we boycotted the 1980 olympics over afghanistan with the russians, goodness gracious this is a reason to isolate them. there is an answer to your question, candidate. it's not what any policymaker believe wants to talk about. you want to get to the chinese, just block them from participating in the international banking system swift. sanction their leaders, cut them off, make it clear there
12:24 am
will be consequences. we do that, rest assured we will get their attention. >>. kennedy: that's make all of our crab in india and vietnam. the party power turns a little bit later. we are playing kennedy's kourt in just a few minutes. first tuna studies found if you were infected with covid, immunity may last a lifetime that is fantastic news. researchers look at people who recovered about even though the number of antibodies fell sharply after four months, there are virus fighting cells that remain in bone marrow. memory cells even a year later. studies also suggest immunity will improve after vaccination spirits pass on kentucky are probably considered grandpa had the virus last year quest of the need to get back sit himself respect already had it? should they force people who hadn't survived customer that have to prove it's better than being infected break we have a choice whether they take a vaccine or not because frankly all of the studies show i have just as good immunity as the
12:25 am
people who have been vaccinated. kennedy: so the senator right? of those who had covid no safer longer period of time customer cared discuss infectious disease specialist senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health security dr. amesh adalja welcome back to show prospective ants for having me. kennedy: break it down. for people who had covid have natural immunity shouldn't they be given that same path the going to vaccinated sections at yankee stadium as those have gotten the shot? suspected they shouldn't spread we do not have the same level of immunity as someone who's recovered for a party scene for example people getting reinfected with the brazilian variant the south african variants. what we know the vaccine even in somebody has had prior infection is going to augment and make that immunity much more robust. that's borne out in clinical trial data. some people who have recovered have no immunity. they have more than a person is never been infected it's not as robust bird there may be arguments to be made the olina single dose of the
12:26 am
moderna of the pfizer vaccine that they don't have to have both doses because they boost their natural immunity. but i do think they should be vaccinated. kennedy: i read one study that said if you had the virus and you have been vaccinated, that offers the most protection against variance. >> that is exactly true we saw that the johnson & johnson trial in south africa are people who had prior infection were reinfected a higher rate than the breakthroughs of people get in the johnson & johnson vaccine. so clearly the vaccine stimulant your immunity and await natural infection doesn't. it seems to be more robust it seems to be especially portly dill of problematic variance like the south african brazilian variant as a recommendation we vaccinate these individuals together in the longest lasting immunity so they are free from the risk of reinfection. >> had the virus and have been vaccinated. now i feel pretty good about my choices. i still do not think the government needs to be forcing people. especially when you're talking
12:27 am
about booster shots. because they do not even know if and when people bullied booster shots. when you think? >> i don't think it's a time to be talked about booster jeopardy think it's important to study them by their side updated to show we need a booster special in the near term. but we would want to be the threshold for a booster's fully vaccinated people getting a break to infection that severe neck land them in the hospital. that is not occurring. there may be some need for boosters debra two years or three years but it's premature to think we need boosters immediately the data does not support the need for than this soon. kennedy: you and i have talked about getting vaccines to india. they need them desperately. i was shocked nearly 2% of the population in japan have been backs it up or that's why they do not with the olympics there. >> some of these countries are really good at controlling device using public health measures. they did not say big push to vaccinate is something they did not really prioritize. now they are left with a population that's highly
12:28 am
susceptible in the face of more contagious variance and logistically organize the olympics in the case of japan i think it's going to be very hard to do. i think it can be done with testing and vaccinating. as many people educate as quickly as possible especially those people in the olympics and have the bubble the nhl and the nba did. something that could have been forcing they should've been more aggressive with vaccinations for their industrial country. they should not really have only left 90% or population on vaccinated. kennedy: i was really surprised to see that fact. dr. amesh adalja thank you so much. >> thank you. before coming up upon what her all-time favorite games together some of the craziest crime stories in the bath best attorney in town and we will have him try to defend these stories. kennedy's kourt is in session jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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kennedy: allred's first
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installment of kennedy's kourt is now in session this is how works from going to redo in insane but true crime headline for the kind of stuff you hear on buckshot monday and attorney mike chase is going to play the defense attorney the other panelist katie and doug will act as jury to decide if the suspect is guilty or not guilty but i deliver the final verdict but here's "kennedy kourt" let's get started. you guys ready? >> yes, yes your honor. kennedy: case number one. west virginia couple reportedly fix woman's death by cliffs so she could avoid prison time. charged with conspiracy to commit a felony conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor filing a false emergency report. rodney pretended julie falls off a cliff and died so she would not go to prison for a previous fraud charge for julie was found hiding in her basement, not dead at all. after they found cell phone messages reviewing the entire plan, that is a handsome
12:34 am
couple. that is like you and me after a bender, mike. that it's only look like. >> that is true. >> i thought that was a picture of us for a second period your honor, i know this might seemed like a hard case but i accept a break some terrible news. this is like a kennedy's kourt first heard my client has on fortunately passed away falling from an ian even higher clipping cannot stand trial. i just got a text from her she said i'm very dead, i cannot come to trial. [laughter] so i guess case dismissed i don't know i'm moving to dismiss on the count of my clients death. super that's fine produce a corpse we will declare a mistrial. >> okay i will text her back. [laughter] super okay good, katie how do you rule here? see event guilty. only for bad excuse.
12:35 am
support you can get a better excuse were there so many ways reports of a great demise greatly growing exaggerated birthing candies right of insanity defense or something i've heard a lot of them. >> >> at the bottom a ravine goddess stuart send a st. bernard trip down to bring her back up i have to say she's guilty they did crafty scheme after a vendor, sorry mike. florida couple throws a wedding and backyard of the manchin without permission i
12:36 am
love the story. she knew jones and courtney wilson invited guest a backyard of a manchin they believe was empty calling it the wilson estate and our home in the invitation. they even sculpted out by posing as potential homebuyers weeks earlier. they're caught in the act by the home owner was the heir to the ihop franchise but he showed up on their wedding day that's and they told him it was god's message that they beat wed at his home and he called the police. mike. [laughter] >> look there is an exception this is a tough jury based on my last trail i had with them. going to appeal to their sensibility. there is an exception and trespass law for when you're an invitee. one thing they're not reporting a lot in the stories some of the stories is at this manchin was for sale. so i think if you're a prospective buyer of a huge manchin you should go to look around, check it out get married there whatever. whatever you want to do. so i think they had an invitee
12:37 am
status. but two other things for this jury because they're tough jury. when this is heir to the ihop franchise who should be little bit more hospitable. and two, she said god said she was supposed to have her wedding there. don't to be wrong about that? do you want to say god didn't say she could have her wedding there? kennedy: i do not want to say that katie. >> oh wow i deafly do not want to say that. i do not want to say that they do not want to end up at the bottom a ravine might get struck by lightning and pushed off a cliff if i say that. i would say i agree, not guilty because i think ihop air should have just may be handed out some pancakes for dessert and join the party. kennedy: exactly right make a fuss about it later, doug? >> will look. we've got a bad thing i have to reveal. i have an infirmity that we shared together. i am a harper trained lawyer in a different life. i've gone straight or more
12:38 am
corrupt give that i got into politics i'll let others judge. to me there is no criminal intent here. they just wanted to pass through, the house was for sale, have a bit of a party. i'm sure they're going to clean up anyway. i would acquit here not guilty. kennedy: i'm sorry god's message is not guilty they are acquitted. that is my ruling. here we go out last one third florida woman calls and bomb threat to a casino as revenge for slot machine lost. 54-year-old adele lost $400 to the slots at the seminole hard rock. she then called the hotel with their cell phone claimed i left a bomb in your casino. she is a member of the casinos players club whose number was recognized immediately. please said she confessed to calling them as a way to low off steam. mike? >> look. i think the prosecutors have this all wrong part yes she walked out of the set i left the bomb in your casino. i do friend in college who walked on the taco bell
12:39 am
bathroom said he left a bomb and there he is not talk about explosives but this is eight was totally misconstrued situation there is a no intent to make a bomb threat not guilty. kennedy: okay katie? [laughter] look, these casinos are very corrupt. in terms of equal justice under the light don't think she's getting a fair shot so not guilty. kennedy: maybe they are making it up doug question quickly your thoughts. >> and think she's guilty on a degree of stupidity. not only calling put she should've asked to be comped get a room for the night, a meal, and made some of her money back that way rather than making a threat she couldn't deliver on that would only get her incarcerated. i think guilty by way of stupidity. kennedy: i have to say here that i think she is not guilty because they did not really prove even though she said she threatened to leave a bomb in their casino, they could be making that up.
12:40 am
i am with you, mike i'm going to say not guilty and she's a member of the players club shows too much to lose. you got two out of three tonight might good job. >> not bad. kennedy: katie and doug and all the tree numbers out there thank you all so much for playing along with kennedy's kourt. [laughter] very good candidate. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up in atlanta city councilman voted to defund the police, got his car stolen by kids in broad daylight. i will tell you why some liberal cities during a 180 on the defined movement. former detective my favorite ted williams joins me ♪ ♪ it's the biggest thing that ever happened to small. lease the gla 250 suv for just $399 a month
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♪ ♪. kennedy: here we go. calls to defend the police have led to an inevitable outcome more crime and pretty
12:45 am
much no criminal justice reform. democrat led cities including new york, baltimore, oakland, minneapolis all flash police budgets they are now sheepishly restoring millions law enforcement found the rise in violent crime in atlanta yesterday city councilmember antonio brown voted to withhold millions from the police had his car stolen by kids between ages six and 12 in broad daylight. he said he will not press charges what a hero. >> i will not the reality is this between the programmatic initiatives in place to help these kids to get them another pathway instead of committing crime. [laughter] kennedy: about tell the teachers to get their asses back in school that how do we turn this crisis around? police detective ted williams is back. this seems like the wrong way to do things get mad at police
12:46 am
letting crime go up and then giving even more money back without reforms we could be be doing differently here? next time you're dealing with kennedy's kourt i want to be there, kennedy. kennedy: considerate a done absolute. the sad commentary there's been an overcompensation in many cities as a result of the death of george floyd at the hands of a police officer who is now been convicted. what cities did was they overcompensated and they decided that to be politically correct that they should talk about defunding police. but one of the tenants in our society is the protection of
12:47 am
citizens. if you are a public official. and under the circumstances here they found right away what they were really doing, kennedy was playing into the hands of criminals. criminals who wanted the word defund the police to be there. and to lose all funding. so they could got here rob, steal, kill per they did so in these cities and now the cities are running back to their coffers to try to get more money for police officers. but the sad commentary is that good police officers. i don't mean some of these rotten apples who should be convicted if they are using excessive force. i mean the men and women who are decent police officers. they have left these police departments by droves, kennedy. that has left a void in these police department. the citizens now unfortunately are less safe. kennedy: 's most vulnerable citizens. it's of vulnerable citizens
12:48 am
and community's of color. they do not have the police presence anymore. in oakland's chinatown assaults our way up on asian americans because you do not have police officers there on foot patrol. in baltimore they took 22 million away from the police department. this year they are given 27 million back. i predicted this from the beginning part i predicted this that with that sloganeering you are never going to have meaningful reform. all that was going to happen is the pendulum was going to swing the other way, which it has with homicide skyrocketing, homicide up eight 100% in portland. on then have more money, angry cops, resentful public. i do not know how you restore faith in those communities. >> i can tell you, kennedy, and the black neighborhoods crime is up in an unprepared manner.
12:49 am
what you found is there are good black citizens out there who cannot just make a regular living. a good example, kennedy, i know your audience perhaps is never heard the name jocelyn adams. she was a 7-year-old child at a mcdonald's in chicago when in fact she was shot in the head and killed. in the neighborhood. and it's like nobody gives a damn. we know who george floyd is and we should know that was a horrible situation with george floyd. but, what about jacqueline jocelyn adams? why don't we know her name? >> will ted that is why you are here please come back soon it's always good to talk to you thank you so much, ted williams. >> my pleasure birds before [ suspenseful music ] hey, you wanna get out of here? ah ha. we've got you. during expedia travel week, save 20% or more on thousands of hotels.
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12:54 am
streaker took to the bill and start using the rain tarp as a slip and slide. as a big day for the nationals. look at this, nudity pants at mcgillicuddy. yes can be in the stands they nearly doubled their attendance record. also this guy's made history the old person to have fun at a nationals game. of course the streaker said he did not mean to cause a problem individually display accounts to the empire two and one. [laughter] he was trying to get the team to take back their old name by exposing himself, get it? my god talk about having skin in the game. after falling on the tarp slider now has curveball. the streaker was captured after crawling into a tube with no way out. just like qaddafi. i write to soon. topic number two, an incredible video of a cougar on the loose in washington. it is not in seattle. the other washington of
12:55 am
washington state police chase down a wild cougar app that was seen leaping off fences and running to people's backyards, which is something cougar's are known to do and they've been skipping school all they need to get back in bed before their parents get home. cougars can run up to 50 miles per hour and jump over 20 feet in the air. the people of washington state they can get even higher than that. they later entered a hunter windows grimace tranquilized by wildlife officials passing out face down the kitchen sink. dilbert ten like you have not been there. they will tag the animal and release it more appropriate for cougars like scottsdale, arizona. topic number three. speaking of big dumb animals, let's see what you have to say. this segment sucks edges viewer mail. max kicks it off with at candidate nation, by the
12:56 am
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