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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 15, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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larry: special monday why taxes matter maria, charles, stu, arndt laffer, forbes, portman and special guest coolidge, jfk, reagan and trump all implemented supplies side tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> mixed messaging on when to wear a mask after the cdc says if you're fully vaccinated you can take it off blue states and businesses see their keeping their mask mandate, are we following the science or is it more political theater joining us lara trump, mitch roschelle, congressman richard hudson and mo brooks, deneen borelli, adam goodlett and national border patrol council are doug cueto,
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plus more on the fallout from the colonial pipeline attack some drivers paid $7 a gallon for gas, this is biden clears the kremlin of any wrongdoing in the attack, what happened biden's tough stance on putin, states getting their workers back onn the job rolling back te extended federal jobless benefits, why is the white house claiming they're not a factor in the u.s. labor shortage, more on andrew cuomo sexual harassment allegations his new jaw-dropping comments. also tonight dhs secretary minor mayorkas slammed for saying the border is closed, fox cameras tell a story into different story as agents are retiring early in droves because biden's border policy or lack thereof. i am brian brenberg and for elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪. brian: we begin with the cdc finally, apparently listening to the science telling vaccinated americans they can safely take off their masks inside in most situations but it leaves us with n,the obvious question what took so long as the politics versus science, here's what the white house said today. >> did somebody at the biden administration or in the biden administration update the guidance for political reasons? >> know the cdc not just doctor walensky by her entire team of health and medical experts are constantly reviewing the data to ensure that they can provide accurate and up-to-date guidance. brian: let's talk with fox news contributor lara trump, it's so good to have you on this topic, thank you for being here i hate
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to play the cynic especially on a friday night but i'm listening to what's coming out of the white house and i'm looking in the context of border crisis, gas shortage crisis, the econome not performing the way we wanted to and it sounds a little too politically convenient for me, you take on the timing of the cdc in oxford. >> i think you're exactly right i think the timing is incredibly convenient in the world is crumbling around joe biden in the administration and we have a crisis on our southern border and people fighting to get gas in the eastern states of america we have our closest middle eastern ally being hammered by rockets it's a really convenient time to do a little bit of job look over here not over here by the biden the administration into your point, what took so long the common sense solution
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is get vaccinated then you are free of any concern of catching covid and why would you have to wear a mask, i think americans have been incredibly confused by a large by when they're supposed to wear a mask,ho after all joe biden after being vaccinated to talk to other world leaders on resume call he and joe biden were wearing a mask outside but when they visited the carters we saw the photo no masks, people in their 90s, either the vaccine works and we can get rid of masks or it doesn't and why are you encouraging americans to get it that is a frustration of every single american. brian: when you speak of timing it took michelle lewinsky lessoa two months to go from doom and gloom to safe and sound, i want to get your reaction. >> i'm gonna reflect on the feeling that i have.
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>> over the last several weeks we have seen emerging science growing body of evidence that if you are vaccinated, you are safe and protected. brian: i look at the two statements, put themsi side-by-side into me it looks like a massive flip-flop you could talk about all the problems with the cdc flip-flopping but the biggest one is the erosion of confidence for the average person watching, is the cdc losing critical trust because the way that the messaging this? >> unfortunately think the answer is yes, susan collins said that the cdc is a gold standard what we all turn to when we needed guidance on thesc things because it is so much confusion and it doesn't feel like we are following the science and doing what makes the most sense via the science we
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should be able to look to the institutions for the guidance and to tell us the right thing a to do but unfortunately automatic and over the past year become incredibly skeptical and over the past several months via soundbites like you just play there. brian: does extends to the teachers union in schools in our country, randy weingart the aftn teachers union just saying a few days ago with martha maccallum, take a look at what she said, and look at what came a few days later. >> record up everyone at september 100% class five days a week. >> that was tuesday, let's go to yesterday to see how the tune has changed. watch. we can know must reopen schools in the fall for him person
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teaching in support and we must keep them open fully and safely five days a week. brian: we went from hope so to can and must in today's a can't be concern for the kids that is driving that change in messaging, what is driving this? >> it is definitely concerned for the kids, but was for the children of america they be built back in school, are we supposed to follow the science, the science has told us if they catch kobe, have a very mild case, they're not the superay spreader that everybody tried to say that they were a year ago it's not just the education that they're missing but we know it's teachers who often see abuse in the home and recognize that in the mail comes from school
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figuring out how to exist in a social setting and going forward is good to be very confusing for a lot of children and is an interesting the timing of things we know the teachers union has not wanted to go back to school and they are big democrat donors, is an interesting the timing of the cdc recommendation and the timing of the teachers union recommendation to get kids all of a sudden back in school, he should've been done a long atime ago it's a disgrace it ih service to the future of america that has not happened yet. brian: timing is everything and it's an interesting issue in this case, thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it. regardless of the new cdc relax guidelines on i mask wearing its up to businesses to make their own rules, how quickly will we see changes joining me now macro trend advisor founding partner
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mitra shall, so great to see you, thank you for being here with me we have a phony issue on our hands, how do businesses handle the new cdc guidance, what do you expect to see in the days and weeks ahead from our biggest retailers. >> walmart announced just before the show came on the air that they're gonna say no masks for vaccinated customers and staff members, the problem is policing all of it, i expect a flurry of tiktok twitter videos of confrontations and aisles of stores those confrontations are more and blue states and red states but it's going to be hard to police because we don't have passports and the like but getting people back to work this is a huge breakthrough with getting people back to office jobs and back into cities that have been left abandoned him for
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dead as job shutdown of people working from home. brian: that word that you raise policing the issue makes me incredibly uncomfortable the idea that you have people in the store and this is been going on for a while but that is the behavior that could drive people away from stores that makes you not want to walk in the door in the first place, my question how ddo these retailers make sure e other customers are not creating a policing environment that makes it totally uncomfortable to go to the store? >> it's good to be very difficult i'd hate to be a store manager to break up a fight nile two. what is interesting a study came out very recently they came from morning consult and it was polished a few days ago and they say people who were double vaccinated wereyo less likely to get back to normal in terms of normal consumer activity, movie,
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dinner theater and going to a park the people who weren't vaccinated it'll be very interesting to see what the mix of people are in the stores and whose wearing masks and who is not. when you have walmart which is a leader in the big box retail space making a bold move i think the costco, kmart a lot will follow y it's a big move and people look for the bellwether to make a determination what they should do. in your view do you think it'll take a long time for most people to get desensitized to the mass grading issue or do you see this being a prolonged thing. >> i think it's a prolonged thing i did not go to the virtue signal that i know that had their mask on and the twitter profile pic and i noticed they were taking them off maybe that's a step in the right direction but i think it's good to take time then yes states like new york where you and i are in michigan where my son is
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the university of michigan that governors say not okay with the cdc says were gonna make our own rules i think it's going to take a while but america is fed up it's been long over a a year and if you're vaccinated there's no risk, let's get back to normal. brian: i been in new york most of the year very different than the midwest the mask is going to progress in very different speeds in different parts of the country, thank you for your thoughts. t still ahead more on the fallout from the colonial pipeline attack some drivers paying $7 a gallon for gas this is biden clears the kremlin of any wrongdoing in the attack what o happened to biden's tough stance on putin north carolina congressman richard hudson's next, you are watching "the evening edit". >> i want to know the state
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brian: welcome back the biden administration calling for calm as gas lines get longer and the price lines go at the pump close to $7 a gallon seen in virginiaa the east coast colonial pipeline is up and running but the gas moves slowly 5 miles an hour and has to be trucked to stations ic could take days to get stations back to full service joining me now north carolina richard hudson from house energy and commerce committee thank you for being here with us i want to start by asking how are things going in north carolina, what are you hearing from your constituents. >> thank you brian the people in north carolina are suffering it's a struggle to find gasoline to get to work it's like ray katcher bell bellbottoms were back to the 1970s we have gas lines and rising inflation, terrorists attacking israel and we have a photo this week with jimmy carter 1970s all over
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again. brian: i like 70s rock but not economics but that appears to be where we are let me ask about president biden's response he is saying the kremlin isn't behind the attack watch what he had to say. >> we do not believe the russian government was involved in this attack but we have strong reason to believe that the criminals who did the attack are living in russia we have been in direct communication with moscow about the imperative for responsible countries to take decisive action against the networks, we are going to pursue a measure to disrupt our ability to operate in our justice department launched a new task force dedicated to prosecuting ransom were hackers to the full extent of the law. brian: is there any world where
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the russian government does not know that this attack is happening that seems completely farcical. >> i support the president and the moves he says is going to take to track down the hackers but i'm also concerned what this crisis really exposes is a problem with biden's policies in the first-aid office he stopped fuel pipeline in east taken many steps to restrict our access to american sources of energy, his policies are wrong and there make it harder and when you look at cyber security he has a 3.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill only 25% deals with infrastructure but not 1 penny deals with cybersecurity, his priorities are in the wrong place. brian: i would go to thes infrastructure issue were looking at the spending in thehe
1:20 am
massive bill i don't recall seeing anything that gets to this particular issue is seen differ gonna spend money in infrastructure, dollar one should be on security for ransom were attacks on the pipeline that the administration won't't allow people to build is there a any way that you and congress can help move in the direction of getting this into an actualnk infrastructure bill is. republicansnk so, and democrats agree on infrastructure when you're talking about roads and bridges and broadband i think we can all agree there is a number of folks working on this in the house and the hope is that president biden in the far left will give up on this massive package as nothing to do with infrastructure and will sit down and have a serious discussion about this in the 3.2 training and dollar package not 1 penny is dedicated to cybersecurity the negotiations are ongoing there is a lot of common ground to be had losey
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president biden will come to the table. brian: really quickly can you talk about the issue retaliation or deterrent when you get a hack like this money gets paid, the bride gets paid and nobody sees any consequences, are we going to see anything retaliate or to punch back on this behavior and at the level that we saw this week. >> i hope so in the words of th. presidency were gonna track these folks down i hope he will do that, certainly it's concerning anytime you see a company saying a ransom like this and makes you think about negotiating with terrorists over hostages, anytime you pay something like this you're only encouraging more i support the president and fees going to put them outwn of business, it's had to believe that the operating in
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russia of the government. brian: you gotta put that out of business or the gonna put us out of business if either one way or the other, thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. brian: states are getting their workers back on the job by rolling back the extended federal jobless benefits, why is the white house claiming why is there not a factor the u.s. shortage, will talk to alabama congressman mo brooks who state is fighting back against the federal government. >> can send appointed benefits are creating incentives for people not to return to work until they're fired, not because people are lazy i'm not accusing anyone of being lazy, people are logical because of logic if you gonna make close to or as much as some cases more when you doing work you go back to work when that expires, we will labor crisis in this country. t ♪
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(sfx:footsteps in wet cement) (sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking) hi hi ♪(whistling tune: "don't worry, be happy")♪ brian: the nu brian: the number of states scaling back and jobless benefits are growing despite the white house claims that there not a factor in the u.s. labor shortage, but bermanas has a latest details from the white house. >> good evening republicanta governors and a third of the states all across the country who were saying in the upcoming weeks not be participating in the federal unemployment program
1:27 am
which as $300 a week to state and employment benefits, alaska and west virginia added to theo list today west virginia governor jim justice floated the idea of a return to work bonus saying the federal benefit has to end west virginians will have access to jobs right now and we need everybody back to work are small businesses in economy depend on it so much. over at the white house they are pushing back on the notion that the added benefit is keeping employable workers on the sidelines, one of the president's top economic advisor in the briefing room earlier today. >> there are many factors that go into whether a person is taking a job, if somebody is not for vaccinated, if there is a lot of code in the area if they have childcare constraint, there are many factors that thisnd pandemic has caused that it could play into the decision ability to go back to work. >> that is set to expire on
1:28 am
september 6. brian: thank you, i appreciate it, joining me too discuss alabama congressman mo brooks, thank you for being here today, your state is among those opting out of the enhanced benefits, tell me what you see in alabama when you see the worker shortage, everywhere i go across the state there are help-wanted signs, until we get into the white house people are not limiting economic fantasyland, this problem that we see is going to continue, ultimately somebody has to work to produce the goods and services that the rest of america wants to consume, the more the bidenha administration pays people not to work, don't be surprised that a lot of peoplee prefer that, rather than working for a living, those of us working for exa living should not be expectd to carry the burden not only of
1:29 am
ourselves but her family and the host people that prefer to vote for a living and not work for ad living, the biden white house coupled with their socialist allies in the united states congress are catering to people who don't want to work that is wrong in going to hurt her country long-term. brian: you saw the press conference we referenced with cecilia talking about all the reasons why people might not be going back to work, i just watched her straining not to say the obvious reason which is the getting paid more money to stay at home, is this just a question of the biden administration refusing to acknowledge reality or do they actually believe that all the small businesses are not telling the truth when they saye the reason they can't hire workers is because they get paid more by the federal government. >> alice had a better understanding of economics in the wonderland and the biden
1:30 am
administration does of reality today. the excuses from the biden administration are fantasy andus made up, that's why emphasize the word fantasyland when i talk about the economic policy. >> people get paid money would prefer to get the same amount of money not to work if they can't, it's a more enjoyable lifestyle, thought good for our country but that seems to be where the biden a administration is focusing their tent, it's as simple as that, you pay them enough money you get to see the gross domestic product fall as we saw happened in 2020 where the gdp drop 2.5% if my memory serves me correctly that's because the socialist democrats around the country at the governor to real level shots and 70 economies. now in april you see the cost of living go up eight tenths of 8% that means americans if you didn't get a 2% raise this year from january through april your pay has been cut over 2% because
1:31 am
the asset adverse effect of inflation during the four-month period of time, we have to wake up we cannot continue doing what were doing and i am not touched on the dangers associated with the 30 trillion-dollar debt, what happens her creditors cut us off there's going to be economic chaos and destruction. brian: i would get your take one interesting trend we saw this earlier in the american recovery act when it came to states not been able to cut their taxes we see it was pushing back of the enhance and appointment benefits you have states saying we thought it was federal policy and were not going to do with the federal government is asking us to do, it looks like a movement to me congressman do more stateso see banding together to push back on policy that they see is counterproductive. >> i sure hope so pray so that the states are reacting that led
1:32 am
to a large degree by my friend in florida ronrn desantis some adults in the room it's quite clear we do not have well reasoned adults operating in the white house today and the adverse effects are coming out a is like a mack truck and we better fix the problem before we get ran brian: we have to leave it there, thank you for your time, we appreciate it. when we returned to neighbor nelly is here to weigh on new york governor andrew cuomo's jaw-dropping response to a sexual harassment allegation. wait until you hear what he said. stay with us. ♪ ♪ why do you build me up ♪
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brian: new york governor andrew cuomo facing the new round of criticism over his latest response to sexual harassmentt allegation listen to what the
1:37 am
governor said yesterday. >> harassment is not making 70 feel uncomfortable that is not harassment if i just made you feel uncomfortable, that is not harassment that is you feeling uncomfortable. brian: fox news contributor deanie bertinelli joins us to discuss the remark, react to what you heard the governor say yesterday. >> first of all the word irrigate comes to mind cuomo sounds like he's taken a page out of former president bill clinton's playbook trying to redefined what is is, cuomo knows darn well what the word harassment means buddies trying to redefined it because he is under investigation there are ten women that have come forward this far but i'm sure cuomo would not think of trying to
1:38 am
redefined the word harassment as one of his daughters were harassed by someone. brian: you hit the nail on the head, to me this is about changing language to fit your circumstances and in this case i think is leaving the governor digging himself a deeper hole than the one he's already in, is he making a situation irredeemably worse by the way he's responding right? now? >> he knows he wasn't prepared for suchom a question with peope is as arrogant as he is you not supposed to question them or expect him to answer anything that you throw at him buddies under investigation under harassment allegations buddies done a horrible job, you know this by managing the covid-19 virus in the state of new york especially when it came to elderly infected patients who were placed in eldercare
1:39 am
facility and desk that could've been avoided, he needs to be held accountable. brian: i'm glad you brought that up, two important issues the harassment issue is important but what is happening right now it's completely crowding out the other issue that you just mentioned which is the nursing home deaths and it looks likehe the media uses a sexual harassment issue as a pretext for not talking about, is that you read on the situation? >> you're absolutely right cuomo is not the only one that made such a bonehead decision, that is why the liberal media does not want to talk about it, he was more concerned about landing on lucrative book deals, their concerns about staffers having to write the book or revise the
1:40 am
book in their concerned family members got special treatment when it came to covid-19 testing and other things, cuomo needs to answer a lot of questions, the man needs to be held accountable one sees investigation shakeout. brian: the governor is obviously not going to step down, do you see anything coming from these investigations or does he outlast all of it? >> we know he's not going to walk out quietly he is kicking and screaming and holding on why we continue to talk about them, i hope these investigations go forward like they are and i hope the truth does come out because his constituents deserve better. brian: a lot of people deservepp better, thank you so much we appreciated. coming up so many crises playing in the white house right now, it seems the mainstream media is
1:41 am
ignoring most of them the media giving president biden the past after seeing media president adam guillette tells us what he thinks when "the evening edit" continues. >> liquor harvard university or the pew foundation look at their analysis of news where they said the coverage of donald trump was 90% negative and they said coverage of joe biden is 90% positive and i guess was a polarizing figure so you would expect coverage to be 50/50. ♪
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caregiver: sorry about that... no, no. i've been staying at my dad's place because of everything. grandpa: where are we going? caregiver: he's good. yeah, i know, we keep missing each other. i've been working out of my dad's house. doing some reading. i should be working out more. i just feel like i'm drowning. narrator: navigating these times can be tough, but while you care for your loved one, you also need to care for yourself. go to for free mental health and self-help tips. brian: a new day in the new crisis that's how it seems to be going for the currentes administration president biden is being passed on all fronts but the mainstream media is giving them a pass is this a strategy, take a listen to meghan mccain and what she has to say.
1:46 am
>> a strategy is not focusing on anything divided administration is doing right now is leaving this country into crisis at the border inflation rates are skyhigh the middle east is on fire unemployment is crazy and americans can figure out how to get gas in the car is like the 70s all over again i think there's a strategy going on that the media doesn't want to focus on anything bad happening in the biden administration and everyone who works in this industry just because was so bad doesn't mean this is good. brian: is the media ignoring all of the chaos with the biden administration adam guillette joins us now, thank you for being here today. let me start with reaction, what is your strategy of the media with a response to the biden administration. >> is abundantly clear that the media realized biden is enough for the challenge, normally if
1:47 am
you have a crisis, it's really t moment for them to shine you think about fdr after pearl harbor, obviously george w. bush after 9/11 a crisis is an opportunity for president to exercise leadership in rally the american people around the flag but he's not capable this is a president who can't take questions from his allies in the media, a president who says i'll think i could talk to you that's what they called strangers when i was a child my parents were home the media is pretending nothing is happening because they know he can't handle it. brian: you can pick your issue whether it's russia, gas, and then southern border, pick your issue, dear case study it feels like the media response is 180 degrees difference from what it would've been this time last year.
1:48 am
>> is not this this time last month the rising gas prices under george w. bush versus how they are handling this myth now you think about how they pivoted and talked about trump in russia versus how their handling the russian back attack is something like this has happened under trump they would've said he soft on russia, why aren't they calling on biden the perception that he's a weak leader foreign leaders are not afraid they're more than happy domestic with americans as a result in accuracy in media whether were trying to do is put pressure on the media so the put pressure on biden the only way to get him to act as if the media hold them accountable they got a do their job. brian: how does the media hold a president accountable when the president basically refuses to get in front of them and answer questions, the issue has been and is today that you don't get genuine give-and-take press
1:49 am
conferences, is not going to change yours is going to be what were going to see for the next how many years, do we get anywhere with this they count them accountable to go to the southern border and take photographs to see what's happening down there and finally the biden administration acted, his own allies called them out and held them accountable when he refused to hold press conferences and finally he held one, i don't think it's going to be a regular occurrence i don't think they will give them access, nothing peter doocy is going to be treated with the respect he deserves to be treated with the media does thee slightest bit of the job of what we expect from real journalist, the biden administration is going to have to respond to the american people in the biden administration is going to have to acknowledge when their multiple crises occurring right now. brian: the sadbo part is there o give an access to the public
1:50 am
that they wouldn't ordinarily have so they cann understand ky issues that affect their lives, it seems like the media is morey interested in serving somebody else, maybe there administration but not serving the public that all the media can give >> the mainstream media puts out two types of journalism they put out fanfiction stuff, headlines that they know their left-wing audience wants to read even if they know the stories aren't true they write fanfiction that they know can get some clicks, these journalists write stories to help their allies in one of the white house and many times it's hard to tell the difference, we call this out frequently because there influential new site for young people and where did they get there half of their executive team the dnc, stacey abrams, hillary clinton campaign, it's very hard to tell the media from
1:51 am
the dnc, the allies and there in bed together. brian: adam guillette we have to leave it there, thank you so much for your thoughts.or >> thank you for having me. >> just ahead dhs secretary mayorkas slammed overseeing the border is closed our fox cameras tells us a different story as border agents on his retiring early in droves or lack thereof, national border patrol council art del cueto is here next. >> make no mistake the drug cartels control the southern side of the border, it's a great big 2000-mile tollbooth and then are making a mint off the biden effect. the rx, crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350.
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>> we have the secretary brian: we have the secretary responsible for securing our border andsi immigration system who doesn't recognize these charges being a problem. i find that extraordinary and extremely damning and i'm all for legal immigration but what we done we've open the doors and we speak of lawful pathways in support of them and yet the prior administration tore those down to before we discontinue
1:56 am
the blame game how many children were processed over a three-year period in that program we would be pleased to provide that data. >> 5000 children. brian: republican senators tearing into dhs secretary mayorkas over the border crisis mayorkas has repeatedly insisted that the border is closed but all week long our cameras outfox captured a very different story with waves of migrants crossing the rio grande river in broad daylight the border search along with his policies are reportedly frustrated border patrol agentng so much that many are considering early retirement in march hillary vaughn found overworked border agents asleep in the trucks with migrants who just crossed the border knocking on their window with less border patrol and border, here is nowhere to be found is this situation going to continue to get worse, joining is now national border a patrol council
1:57 am
vice president art del cueto thank you for being here we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. brian: let me start here we hear the secretaries talking about the border being closed obviously it is not you can put a closed sign on the door but if the door is open people are going to walk in your response to the secretaries comments. >> it's going to take the media to fact check what people are saying because the numbers don't slie were seen more individuals turning themselves is and more e individuals trying to enter this country and i focus on the got a ways because that's a big problem that is going to happen in the future, to give you a number during president trump's first year in office got a ways, illegal entries has always been a problem during his first year there were over 100,000 entries forgot a ways, that was his entire first year of office with five months left to go in president biden's first year of
1:58 am
office well over 200,000 got a ways forve the nation, fatting a problem i don't know what is. brian: you raise those numbers which are shocking and you think about what were hearing portable juul agents retiring early in drones, presumably because they feel like they can't do the job they were hired to do talk about more out of the border what that means i heard agents say i got this much time, year, and they're saying were not seen any changes were not seen any support, it's frustrating and only looks like it's going to get worse like i said the numbers are astronomical and this is not something that was inherited it just blows my mind when i hear peoplein say it was inherited fact check these people, during president trump's
1:59 am
time in office and look at the numbers now, numbers don't lie. brian: talk about this we hear the biden administration saying we need to restrict root cause problems, it's all about root cause but talk about practically things that would make a difference at the border right now so the border patrol agents would stop trying to retire prematurely and put us at risk. >> you gotta reinstitute the remaining mexico policy, that was huge and derailed what was happening, i will tell you with the rhetoric and the lack of policy what is happening the drug cartels, human smuggling organization are landing their pockets, at the same time people's lives are being put at risk because individuals are going to the hands of the criminal organizations wanting to come to the united states t knowing the rhetoric coming out of his administration.
2:00 am
brian: so much to talk about we have to leave ith there, thank you so much for your time today. i am brian brumberg and for elizabeth macdonald you are watching "the evening edit", thank you for watching, have a great evening. ♪ good evening. ♪♪ >> they hound everyone in show biz. >> look! it's ingrid bergman! janet leigh. there's natalie wood. >> ...and get their autograph... >> audrey hepburn. steve mcqueen. ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan? is that angelina jolie? >> ...thousands of them! >> it really became an obsession and a drug. >> an obsession that fathered this man's strange inheritance. >> i basically got hundreds and hundreds of boxes. >> this is truly unbelievable. what was your reaction when you saw the magnitude of what he


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