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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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dagen: very big cat just going for a stroll. one tiger is spotted taking a prowl through a houston, texas, neighborhood. the police have arrested the reported caretaker out on bond for a 2017 murder charge for evading arrest. they still don't know the whereabouts of the tiger. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: tonight, d.c. fireworks. big fight in the senate today. the gop slamming democrats for a new law they want that would do a federal take over of voting in the state. the democrats say it is about voter suppression. we have the debay on that tonight. republican senators slamming the cdc saying the cdc is exaggerating covid-19 risks that is quote not the gold standard anymore, the cdc being. tonight dr. fauci in a major fight. a blowout with senator rand paul
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over the nih funding china on dangerous research on coronaviruses joining us to, mark meadows, congresswoman nancy mace, former congressman sean duffy. attorney general mark brnovich. and u.s. assistant attorney andy mccarthy and u.s. congressman tony gonzalez. fears of interest rate hikes and sticker shot from inflation, expected to be the worst in eight years. we're seeing five dollar gas in gas lines over the colonial pipeline still shut down. the white house scrambling to downplay all of this. the debate, did president biden and his team blowthe v-shaped recovery before president biden took office? this news coming in, energy secretary jennifer granholm today in a major 180. she now says pipelines are quote the best way to go to deliver oil and gas. she got her job by killing the keystone pipeline and thousands of other jobs on the way. does she want a do-over?
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does she want the jobs back? do democrats back pipelines over all after willy-nilly blocking them as they and environmental its use oil and gas every day. democrats still deny a border crisis. border towns are increasingly saying they're overrun by crime and human smug remembers doing things like dropping children over border walls, abandoning toddlers in the desert. a shocking new report. the number of migrant children as young as toddlers and infants that the biden administration is now holding in hundreds of facilities across the country. 20 of the nation's governors sign a new letter demanding biden address the border crisis. we're also following government documents indicating that the biden administration is in fact releasing convicted illegal aliens into u.s. communities instead of deporting them. new questions mount over hunter biden's personal relationship with a chinese american
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secretary at that oil conglomerate that paid him millions of dollars. that was in china. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now, former white house chief of staff, he is mark meadows. hey, it is good to have you back on. let's get to the big fight in the senate today. the democrats sweeping bill. republicans see it as a federal takeover, a massive power grab of the vote run by the states. democrats say this is about voter suppression. what do you say? >> well, it is obviously not about voter suppression. this is a bill that actually they have come and repackaged it. it's a bill they voted on over a year ago in the house and yet what we see, it is more about the corrupt politician act than any voter suppression that may come from this. i can tell you that what we continue to see -- elizabeth: go ahead.
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>> go ahead. go ahead. what we continue to see, we see in washington d.c., is a takeover of not only what we have on the voting side of the ledger, but really trying to change the narrative. when you look at this particular bill they're saying that there shouldn't be any voter i.d. between 70, 80% of all americans, regardless of party affiliation believe that voter i.d. is a valid thing and yet this bill would outlaw it in all 50 states. something that the american people shouldn't stand for. elizabeth: okay. let's watch this exchange between senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and senate majority leader chuck schumer. >> our democracy is not in crisis and we aren't going to let one party take over our democracy under the false pretense of saving it. democrats have a narrow majority in the house and a 50-50 senate. but they want to make themselves
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the board of elections for every county and state in america? >> liz cheney spoke truth to power and for that she is being fired. elizabeth: okay. but that is not, what senator schumer said is not really what the, what is at issue. it sounds like democrats are using a fight with liz cheney to get the sweeping law through. what do you say? >> that is exactly with they're doing. they're taking an opportunity to suggest this is all about november 3rd and liz cheney and what happened after that. but it has nothing to do with that. it has everything to do with financing and controlling what happens in washington, d.c. under this bill, do you realize that the american taxpayer would have to match $6 for everyone dollar that a bernie sanders would raise? i mean, when you start to look at it, it is corruption by its very definition. we don't have to think back too far. remember the iowa caucuses? i know you remember that. they are still counting votes.
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they don't know who won that election. to somehow believe that a democrat party that can't control our border, that can't deliver on health care, and ultimately even right now because of their position on the pipeline, they can't even keep gas coming to americans cars, we're somehow going to give them control over election, every election board? i don't think so. elizabeth: they also want an independent commission to do congressional redistricting, who knows who would be on the commission. you know, let's get back to what the bill does. as you point out it would ban voter i.d. would demand universal mail-in ballots, online voting, same day voter registration. polls show as you point out, 70% of americans don't want it. 60% of african-americans don't want it. 29 states already have voter i.d. laws. what do you say? >> well, when we look at that, it, if it were just voter i.d. side of things that would be bad enough but it is federal funding
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of elections. it is going and taking control of it. if we think that we have a debacle now in the way that the mail-in ballots and all the things that happened over the last election on november 3rd happened, just wait until the federal government gets its hands in every aspect of it. we'll have a repeat of not only congressional races where we had results we didn't have for six, eight weeks, in new york state, but we'll continue to have that on each and every state across the nation. elizabeth: sounds like they would want the post office, would be the equivalent of the post office running it. that is not a facetious about it remark. getting back to voter i.d., 20 countries require voter i.d. mexico, canada, france, requires it. even in great britain, the queen noted in a speech to parliament, voters, yes, they will need voter i.d. for general elections. these countries have it. the developed world has it. so that is the big fight too
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over voter i.d., something as simple as that already in place in the states and overseas. >> listen to, suggest that voter i.d. is not only practical but it is the principled thing to do, is to ignore everything that is good about a free and fair election. when we start to do this, and start to suggest that somehow there is some demographic that is not going to have an i.d. when you have to have an i.d. for just about everything in this country, you know, it just does not pass the smell test. elizabeth: yeah. listen, of course we want voters to have access to the ballot box but what this is discussing is a federal takeover, the first time in this country to see that. mark meadows, great to have you on. come back soon. we always love your insights. >> great to be with you, thank you so much. elizabeth: sure, coming up south carolina congresswoman nancy mace on this shocker, the
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energy secretary jennifer granholm, said, yes, kill the keystone pipeline, today she says pipelines do work. they're good at transporting oil and gas. so which is it? do they want a do-over? we'll have sean duffy on inflation, consumer sticker shock at the gas pump and more. big stories coming up. stay with us. ♪. >> they would be putting out more wood, they would be able to sell it cheaper but they can't get people to come to the mill to work because they can make more money staying home thanks to this stimulus that the biden administration has put out, than they can make by going to work. so i don't blame people for staying home and making more money than they can make working. they're not stupid but the government is stupid and it's a stupid thing when you pay people to not work. ♪
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at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. ♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we have back with us south carolina congresswoman nancy mace. it is great to see you. okay, we have energy secretary jennifer granholm, today she said that pipelines, quote, are the best way to go to deliver oil and gas. she got her job by supporting
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killing the keystone pipeline. so what do they want now? excuse me, let's do a do-over, get the 10,000 jobs back. what are they doing? >> this will probably not be the first or last time see a reversal of fortune for president biden's administration, particularly after the abysmal jobs report on friday where economists predicted a million new jobs in the first quarter and they came out with 250,000. just so happens when you kill the keystone pipeline you killed tens of thousands of jobs. biden will learn the hard way, following in the footsteps of nancy pelosi and aoc, socialist policies are job killers for everyday, heart-working americans. -- hard-working americans. elizabeth: the debate, do we need more pipelines? we went through a oil boom. why don't we have more pipelines? there are less gfcs and trucks to deliver oil. biggest pipeline at colonial is still shut down because after crippling cyberattack out of russia. half the fuel supply for the
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east coast. talking about five dollar fast lines. what do you say? >> absolutely. across the eastern seaboard now states of emergency are put in place. my number one comment on colonial now, i want to urge calm to the american people. we are going to be up and running back soon. a state like south carolina we do have enough fuel to last us several days. if we hoard gas, it is going to mean higher prices for everybody. it will extend the problems we're having with colonial to be even longer. but pipelines have been effective. under president trump's administration we were less dependent on foreign sources of energy. under the biden administration, he is reversing that policy. we're seeing the effects of that today. elizabeth: so you're talking, we hear what you're saying. again we haven't seen 5-dollar gas in about 10 years. the southeast coast is getting hit, carolinas, virginia, georgia, florida. aaa also warns mississippi and tennessee. you're saying don't panic.
6:16 pm
the white house doesn't see a supply issue. emergency shipments of gas and diesel already on the way. the pipeline will be back up and running by the weekend. it is still nerve-wracking. what do you say to that. >> it is absolutely nerve-wracking. i filled up my car. i did a half tank. didn't need a full tank. i could wait extra days for pipeline to be back on line. there are people that travel to work and get kids to school. we need those folks to put fuel in their car. south carolina, we have enough fuel, south carolina, georgia, they announced they will have a state of emergency potentially. south carolina is already under that state of emergency because of covid-19. so i just want to make sure that we urge calm and not panic right now over the next couple of days to get through this. elizabeth: let's watch former energy secretary rick perry on this. watch this. >> i'm pretty sure the clinton administration, bush
6:17 pm
administration, the obama administration, all worked to get america to be independent of other countries of oil and gas. we did that. under the trump administration. we not only became independent, we became dominant. and this administration wants to take that away, stop building pipelines. well, if there was ever a wakeup call president biden, maybe we should build more pipelines instead of shutting them down, this was it today with the colonial pipeline. this is insanity. elizabeth: well you know the issue too, 85% of energy installations across the output across the country is in private hands, the private sector. so what is the infrastructure bill that the biden administration has been touting, what will they do to protect that? we keep hearing a lot of rhetoric but not details from pete buttigieg. it is getting tedious, tiring to
6:18 pm
hear the padding, word salads all the rhetoric, what are the details there. what do you know? >> we know the initial infrastructure package they had to rename because they couldn't sell the it to the american people, infrastructure package to the american jobs plan. i couldn't keep up anymore. they couldn't sell it the first time around. they want to spend as much or more on electric vehicles which should be a private industry spend and investment in research around delivery, everything else rather than on our energy grid or protecting the very place where we are vulnerable to cyberattacks so they're doing it backwards. elizabeth: okay. does that make sense? natural gas, powers utilities which will power electric cars. thank you, congresswoman nancy mace. wish we had more time. we will have you back on. you were terrific. >> good to see you. elizabeth: fox news contributor sean duffy. you heard all of that, right? white house says don't worry. people are starting to see
6:19 pm
sticker shock from gas, inflation, consumer prices. what do you say you just heard, the inflation part of it too? >> eggs are up 16%. dairy is up 15%. lumber is up 50%. when you spend five trillion dollars under the auspice of covid relief and spend two million dollars as congressman mace said on, we're debasing our currency. the consequence is you get inflation. when you get a economy in the world you devalue your currency, you don't get economic growth and wealth, you destroy our economy. that is what the biden administration is doing right now. my concern, family raises don't rise if you have hyperinflation, don't rise at the level of inflation. households have less income they have now with a more stable economy t does shock families. elizabeth: we've already seen hyperinflation in the cost of college tuition. inflation in the cost of health
6:20 pm
care. now at the levels you're talking about too, commodities, soybeans, corn, lumber, diapers. you see the explosion of government cash into the system, at the same time that companies are raising prices to make up for lost productivity, as the government pays people to stay home and not work, is president biden, is blowing the v-shaped recovery he inherited, that started last year before he took office? you know there was an economic downturn because of democrat shutdowns. is blowing isn't. >> he is. get to that in a second liz. when you have the u.s. debt held by 30% of foreign countries and those countries in the last year have not been buying u.s. debt, they have been selling it because they're losing faith in the dollar, more dollars sloshing around in the economy which means more inflation. when biden implements $300 a week additional unemployment benefit, people are making 16 to $20 an hour in certain states.
6:21 pm
so, to come back to work you will have to pay someone $30 an hour to get them back into the workforce. now the problem is now a workers pandemic. the problem is workers, i think you played the clip from mike huckabee, they're smart to stay at home. they make more money to stay at home. this benefits a large company, if you're starbucks, walmart, amazon, you can afford because you have deeper pockets to pay people more f you're a small business you can't afford to pay higher rates. the problem, main streets across america with no small businesses, only large businesses left at a time we want more diversity, right, liz? you have only a few sets of companies that actually service the american people. and, this is not -- biden is smart. what he is doing, listen, big corporations are woke. they support the democrat woke socialist principles. small businesses are more conservative. they don't want those conservative small businesses. >> i don't know if it's a set
6:22 pm
agenda. i don't know if it's a preconceived agenda biden is doing. i hear what you're saying, this is the fallout. we want people to get decent pay, the point you're making is, wall street pro ray diallo says the dollar will get devalued because what is happening in d.c. that is not good, that means more inflation. the economy was regaining more than half of the job losses. a quarter million new jobs versus the one million jobs expected. senator rick scott, republicans are saying the low jobs report he is blaming on government handouts. we're seeing states like montana, other states, okay, stop with the government handouts, get to work. >> those smart governors who realize to get people back to work you can't pay them to stay at home and they're changing that policy will kick-start those economies. so, spot on, liz. by the way republicans have been part of the problem. republicans just don't spend as
6:23 pm
much as democrats but they're still big spenders. republicans have to lead the way to more fiscal responsibility. we're approaching $30 trillion in debt, without the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that biden wants. elizabeth: okay. >> they have to, they have to get their act together and push back on these massive spending bills and special programs. elizabeth: sean duffy, good to see you, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. up next arizona attorney general mark brnovich, democrats still denying a border crisis. border towns increasingly say they're overrun by crime. we're also seeing children dropped over border walls, abandoned in the desert. a shocking report as well, number of migrant children the biden administration is now holding in hundreds of facilities across the country? the numbers, they may shock you. the story next. >> we have a public that is scared to death about what is going on. we have children being affected by this. we have got car crashes. we've got bailouts going on here
6:24 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show arizona attorney general mark brnovich. okay, democrats led by nancy pelosi and the biden administration again insist that
6:28 pm
the border is under control. we've seen the videos. we've seen the photos. it is like who do you believe, me or your lying eyes, viewer. what do you say to this insistence here? >> well you don't have to just believe your eyes, liz, believe the facts. we know from internal documents we have uncovered during our lawsuit against the biden administrations they expected a 50% reduction in arrests. shortly after activists contacted the white house, i.c.e. then stopped removals and deportations. so it has had a dramatic effect. we know approximately two million people crossing the border this year. we've seen record amounts of people crossing. we've also seen the number of people being arrested, processed for deportation plummeted. so what the biden administration has done decriminalize people coming into the country. if they're not arresting them or processing them for deportation, they're being released in our communities. elizabeth: we'll come back to the crime in just a second.
6:29 pm
we've got sound coming in on the five abandoned migrant girls. one was as young as just 11 months old crawling in the desert. the oldest was six years old. discovered by a texas rancher on his land near the rio grande river. texas congressman tony gonzalez spoke with the rancher. he is on the show with us. watch. >> 8:30 morning driving alone all of sudden i see them on the sides of the bank here on the river, five little baby girls, all by themselves, hungry, crying. one didn't have any clothes on, crawling, wasn't even old enough to walk, crawling around. elizabeth: hear that, one couldn't walk, right? she is an infant, a baby, right? 11 months old. how is this not the crisis when the associated press is reporting 21,000 migrant children in 200 facilities
6:30 pm
spread over 24 states, crowded facilities, little oversight, the ap is saying that. what do you say? >> that is obviously true. folks like congressperson cuellar in texas, he is a democrat, called for more transparency of the biden administration. the reality is the biden administration tried to hide this and suppress this. we get judged as a nation how we take care of the weakest among us. this is undown shannable. elizabeth: get back to the crime. reports showing how bad crime is in border towns. in arizona, population 800, illegal crime, stores burglarized, people being beaten up in their homes. "judicial watch" is reporting on this too. one of the homeowners was beaten really badly in a home invasion by illegal alien criminals.
6:31 pm
so, in your lawsuit, ies like d, you know, armed robbery, are being released by the biden administration? can you tell us about that? >> yeah. this is why i wanted vice president harris to come down here. i've spoken to ranchers. they will tell you about what is going on, how it affects them personally through crime and other tragedies. the reality we've known the last figures, there was 233% increase in fentanyl. department of corrections is calling i.c.e. to pick up people, deportation, people convicted of serious crimes, arson, other felonies, they're being released in our communities. we know from talking with officials, short-term detention, facilities i.c.e. is not picking up individuals charged with serious crimes. once again according to the internal documents we received with our discovery, 8,000 people that would have been processed
6:32 pm
for deportation under the old rules for the trump administration are now in limbo being essentially related. talking about people charged, convicted of crimes, murder, rape, other things. five-year high, people with sexual crimes being apprehended. this is not staying in arizona. it is not about yuma, not about nogales. this is coming to your city, it is coming to your backyard. elizabeth: all right, arizona attorney general mark brnovich. thanks for joining us. good to see you again. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: coming to the bottom of hour. you're watching the fox business network. big knock down, drag-out fights with dr. fauci. accused of exaggerating the risk of covid-19 hurting schoolchildren. dr. fauci in a big fight with senator around paul. we've got the details next. >> i think what you're seeing, the absurdity right now limiting activity, a direct consequence
6:33 pm
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♪ >> i always considered the cdc to be the gold standard. i don't anymore. i think the conflicting, confusing, guidance from your agency has undermined public confidence and contradicts the scientific guidance of many experts. elizabeth: that was senator susan collins today going after and slamming the cdc for giving conflicting information about covid-19. let's welcome back to the show senator roger marshall of kansas. you're a member of senate small business and the gop doctors
6:38 pm
caucus. good to see you again, senator. that was quite the rebuke by senator collins. "the new york times" is saying too the cdc saying 10% of covid cases happen outdoors is misleading. it is possibly less than 0.1%. why can't they say it is next to impossible to catch covid-19 outdoors, especially if you're vaccinated? >> liz, i can't explain what the cdc is getting at. if they had their way we would wear belt suspenders and diapers. we have not been able to track any outbreaks from a outside event. multiple construction companies, no major outbreaks from outside events. time to let people go, let people be without masks if they have the vaccine, let people be out side without a mask. mental health crisis, letting people get outside without a mask would do more than any medicine i could subscribe as a physician. elizabeth: you know, even "the new york times" is saying
6:39 pm
what you're saying. they haven't found any cases of people catching covid-19 outdoors but you have the university of massachusetts suspending students for not wearing masks outside. you have the d.c. mayor say, banning outdoor dancing at weddings, a woman who wants to get married suing over that. you have senator susan collins saying to the cdc why did you let the teachers union basically write your guidance on student reopenings using the union's language word for word. susan collins went after that, what do you say? >> this is socialism. part of socialism is trying to control you. they're trying to control you through the mask mandate. like a ball and chain they want to have around your face. they want to control us from the cradle to the grave now, right? i think this is what it is all about. this is control. this is control of americans, this is the home of the brave, the land of the free, home of the brave, right? we'll keep fighting it.
6:40 pm
look if you upset senator collins, that is not easy to do. she is one of the best prepared senators i ever, ever met. she knows what she is talking about. if she is going after you, better look in the mirror to see what is happening. elizabeth: there was this, senator rand paul saying basically dr. fauci is dodging questions and trying to hide how past nih funds that he oversaw, went to fund work in china on, to do research on super viruses that jumped from animals to human beings. watch this. >> you don't think concerning a bad virus spike protein it got from the wuhan institute in the sars virus is gain of function? >> that is not -- >> you're in the minority. at least 200 scientists signed a statement from the cambridge working group saying it is gain of function. >> it is not. if you look at the grant, you look at the progress reports it is not gain of function despite the fact that people tweet that.
6:41 pm
>> do you still support sending money to the wuhan virology institute? >> we do not sending money. >> do you support sending money? you did under your tuttle landing. ecohealth it was a subagency and subgrant. do you support the money from nih going to the wuhan institute? elizabeth: did you catch that? dr. fauci said we do not send money now. what was your take on that exchange? >> look, this is what we do know. we were funding viral experiments in the united states as well as china. as a matter of fact we were working together and this virus that we see today, this covid-19 virus looks like it could be a super virus. we don't know that for sure but this is a very mean virus t has a glue that sticks to human lung cells, the ability just to infect the lungs and multiply like a virus we've never seen before. certainly the possibility exists that could have been the result
6:42 pm
of some type of viral gain of function but we'll not be able to tell that unless china opens up their books, opens up the labs, lets us interview people but without any doubt funding gain of function study. elizabeth: i want to be clear. dr. fauci said in answer to that, quote, it would be irresponsible if we didn't study bat viruses to see who might have been infected. that is not the point. the point is were you manipulating, creating super viruses, that is the point. the nih, niad, point of nih headed by fauci, gave 4 million bucks to the new york echo alliance. in 2014. they paid $600,000 over five years to the wuhan lab. the science writer at "the new york times," nicholas wade says we don't see covid-19 virus existing organically, in nature. your final answer? >> dr. fauci started it again.
6:43 pm
my question for him, did they have any national security concerns? did they invite the national security, the department of defense, the state department into that conversation to see what are some of the possibilities? could this virus, this technology we gained, could it be shared with the military, those types of people? there is a lot to lose. this is like a nuclear warhead in so many fashions. we have to be careful. we need to define where we are. elizabeth: again, china hasn't shown the evidence of how this thing, did it come out of bats, intermediary host, we have not seen the hard evidence. senator roger marshall. good to see you. thanks for joining us. coming up former u.s. assistant attorney andy mccarthy joins us over the growing questions of hunter biden's personal relationship with a secretary that worked at the oil conglomerate that hunter was doing business with. is this another eric swalwell controversy? the story next.
6:44 pm
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. haven't seen you in a while. andy, what do you think? is it a legitimate question, good to see you, is it a legitimate question to ask why was hunter biden and his uncle getting millions of dollars from a chinese company closely connected to the chinese government, chinese intelligence too? millions of dollars by way of off-balance sheet shell companies? what do you think? >> yeah, it is absolutely legitimate to look into it. now look, doing business in china is not illegal. maybe it should be but it's not. a lot of people do it but on the other hand the people that he was involved with, first of all this company is china. this is an arm of china. it is an arm of a totalitarian communist, anti-american regime, the people that he was dealing with were best understood as
6:49 pm
clandestine agents of china. the fact that so much money was changing hand, they planned that even more would change hands it is certainly alarming. certainly something for example, if he was trying to get a security clearance from the u.s. government, i don't see how he would get one from under these circumstances. so sure it is. elizabeth: so the "daily mail" is reporting that it got emails off of hunter biden's laptop, showing how this chinese oil conglomerate that hunter was doing business with, making millions of dollars, they gave him his own personal secretary. she is emailing him, saying you left your military dog tags at my apartment. she told him how to take and keep the money in those off-balance sheet shell companies he set up to circumvent the fara laws that they, the administration is using to go after rudy giuliani and also that was used to go after general michael flynn. so you know, there is legitimate questions to be raised here, no?
6:50 pm
>> they certainly thought there were legitimate questions, liz, when the same kind of case was being made against paul manafort. doesn't mean he is guilty but they should be certainly looking at it and it is obviously important that the judiciary committees in both houses, i know the democrats don't want to probe this, but they ought to be sitting on the justice department and asking what is going on with this investigation. elizabeth: do you think this was another eric swalwell situation? >> i wouldn't per it to compare it to swalwell because swalwell is an official of the government getting access to security information because of the committee sits on. hunter biden is not a government official. he is a private person and his connection is the president who cannot be regulated in terms of classified information. i think it is a important situation but in many ways it is more troubling than the swalwell situation but i hate to bring
6:51 pm
this up, president biden was implicated in the paper trail and the witness testimony in connection with hunter's dealings with china. so that really needs to be looked in to. elizabeth: okay, andy mccarthy good to see you. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: up next texas congressman tony gonzalez joins us next on the border crisis. that's next. ♪ customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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liz: joining us now texas congressman tony gonzales, it's great to have you one, can you talk to us more about how you spoke with the texas rancher and his wife who discovered the five toddlers left alone, abandoned in the desert, they could've died it hits 103 degrees and more. >> in my district sadly this happens all the time, these ranchers have lived near the border their entire lives, the gentleman in particular since the 1940s, what he told me things have never been this bad, to see five children, babies essentially thrown in the desert
6:56 pm
with no water, no food it is only a matter of time before something terrible happens and we have to act into it now, this is not a public republican or democrat issue, we have to come together the people on the ground are ranchers and farmers and they don't feel safe, when i was leaving and heading back to san antonio, there were two high-speed chases as i made my way home, it's out of control. liz: two high-speed chases, were also seen in the border states home invasion, the people down there, there seen illegal aliens crossing with weapons, there seen stores burglarized, you hear that to. >> i am, my district is very compassionate when i put this photo out about the young girls and sharing information in a ton of folks reached out and wanted to be helpful in concerned about the health and well-being of these girls in the same breath people do not feel safe in their
6:57 pm
own homes, i met with ranchers and farmers and their children are having to carry weapons around and repair the damage is unbelievable in the high-speed chases, imagine if your child is in school and you get an alert as an apparent that they have to go on lockdown because it is a high-speed chase going through your small town, everyone is frustrated, their angered and we have to do something about it. larry: congressman it's a humanitarian issue let's move on to a national security issue press secretary for the white house jen psaki is accused of downplaying the seriousness of terrorist arrested illegally crossing the border, let's watch this. >> may convey that these incidents are very uncommon in cbp and dhs can speak more to the timeline and the specifics of course in these particular cases and encounters but encounters of known and suspected terrorists are very uncommon. liz: so was 9/11 uncommon, if
6:58 pm
that is of footing to be on? try to say that it's rare and uncommon, what do you say. >> is the furthest thing from the truth, and the del rio sector border patrol agents, they are apprehending all kinds of different nefarious activities with weapons, they are finding weapons, they are finding drugs and the longer the open border happens, the more at risk were going to be for a terrorist attack or anything in general, were looking at the number of people that are apprehended, what about the people that are not apprehended, it's a very dangerous situation, my constituents on the front lines of this, we have to do something, it's not a republican or democrat issue, we have to come together before something terrible happens and it starts with this administration. liz: there were tens of thousands of got a ways, the data shows 19 suspected
6:59 pm
terrorist have been caught trying to cross the borders of 9/11 were talking isis, individuals for my wrong, yemen, pakistan and afghanistan, to terrorists, known terrorist on the fbi no fly list were caught in calexico, this is not media hysteria, it's not overreacting, were talking about facts in 9/11 again happened and by the way 1993 the world trade center was attacked to, this is a serious issue, your final word. >> these are facts, the facts are we have terrorists that are entering our country, kevin mccarthy visited the border a while back and he brought this to light and he got attacked by all the democrats saying it was the furthest thing from the truth, it is not this is what's happening on the ground everything will day and what we have to do is stop putting our heads in the sand that this is going to go away and we have to
7:00 pm
act now. liz: congressman gonzales, thank you for joining us come back soon. thank you so much for watching, i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow. a lot of breaking news tonight in the middle east. hours ago a barrage of rockets were fired from gaza strip into tel aviv, fox news was only network there as a rockets were blocked by israel defense system known as the iron dome. it fired 137 rockets towards israel today and still has more to show. the latest a


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