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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 4, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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censor us perspex enter josh hollys fiery response to the less audacious to leverage the big tech oligarchy to further their own political agenda. center halley will be right on "kudlow" this wednesday don't miss that. we'll see you back here tomorrow, i am david. ♪ ♪. kennedy: new week, big chauffeured welcome to it. it was never about the science or the kids appears only ever about money and power. a damning report from the biden administration essentially allowing the nation's second-largest teacher's union to slow roll school openings. the cdc basically the unions a lap dog. as usual it is our children who get the shaft burdick according to e-mails obtained by the nerve post and union officials and administrators, regulate chatted in the days over the white house released school guidelines back in february. all that might not sound too crazy.
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but the problem is at least twice the union suggestions on reopening some included nearly verbatim in the cdc guidelines. in one e-mail the teachers union official writes quote, it will be great to see the insertion of some various of the following in the event height community transmission results from a new variant of sars covid into a new of these guidelines may be necessary. republican lawmakers say this is proof the biden in this duration is putting politics ahead of science. and is letting donors influence policy, watch. should not have a politicized public health bureaucracy like the cdc answering at the >> and call the teachers unions. >> i think the unions are holding out for more pay. in the meantime our children get hurt. it's so avoidable and a shame about all of this is president biden can fix it. he says he is the education president. kennedy: your right. so can we all agree the
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teachers unions do not give a damn about students? let's get into it's an ex parte pump to kick up the week we got washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor hurts so good, charlie hurt. also political columnist and my friend anthony fisher. we've got democrat pulser and fox news contributed flushing soon-to-be bride, just guitar love, welcome everybody. let's dive right in charlie. as a parent or public school kids, i feel the pain of millions of parents across the country. that is our children are being held hostage by these unions. and i think senator kennedy is right. they are just doing it for bigger payouts. and they have given $20 million in the 2020 cycle mostly democrat politicians so they can look over their shoulder and help write these laws. back there you get what you pay for. it's really amazing at least in washington you do. it should not be that much of a surprise given the degree to
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which democrats in washington have politicize this pandemic from the very beginning. but, when you see a situation like this that the teachers unions, you have the cdc. they're supposed to be completely scientific about everything. they're supposed to be looking at the science, at the data, making decisions based on that and that alone. if you form a union and you hire the best lobbyists in washington, you get to write the guidelines the cdc gives. it's a pretty good racket if you got the money. kennedy: is a racket, anthony, absolute is a racket. this is not about science, this is not about objective data at all. this is really about propaganda. it's not just the cdc, white house working in concert with the teachers union to get that verbiage to the cdc so they could insert that there. but when pressed, or shovel into who is the director she really did not have an explanation for why children
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should still be kept out o of school. and why we have federal guidelines for this in the first place. select if you notice, when the cdc lifted the six-foot guidance for school, weingarten and the cdc did not appreciate that because they could not write that policy themselves for it as i've written several columns, the national teachers union and the most powerful teachers unions in the country minoring deep blue democratic run cities have never shown any interest in breaking the logjam. they repeatedly said to keep putting out these roadmaps that only people would listen we can open schools. but the pandemic will be over by the time most of these schools are fully reopened. i am a new york public school parent two. they have not had any meaningful in the last months i have no reason to believe they'll be in school in september because the teachers unions continue to move the goalpost. now they have been
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administration perfectly fine doing it. kennedy: perfectly fine lowering standards. perfectly fine having a year, it's going to a year end a half the kids are out of school, jessica. that is a year of stunted growth for people who are in critical stages in their lives and their education trajectory. and at some point people say this going to be a civil war in this country. i don't and there's going to be a civil war. people like the convenient modern of civilian life. what you will see is people opting into zones of freedom for they have more school choice. and where governors and mayors are more likely to give parents the ability to have their children educated as they see fit. not this one size fits teachers unions come first strata. go ahead jessica break it down girl. all right here we go. i agree with everything you said is not just a last academic year it's a lost year
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of social develop it that's just important if not more than what goes on academically speaking. children need to be amongst each other socialize in group activities for the need to have exposure to people from different backgrounds. that is something public school does and why i think soleimani people are supportive of it and you and anthony on this panel alone i do not know were charlie's kids go to school but he knows it too. about people finding alternatives across all echelons and social class here in new york people are running for pod systems, where can we find fiber fix like-minded parents? get kids at teaching environment where we know though go somewhere every day. there's been a backlash against private schools include the one i went on the upper east side. the rector of the school is been outfitted he's been the for 16 years over diversity curriculum issue. also the fact the only private school it sounds like did not have kids back in person
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they're paying 52000 to supervise their kids on zoom. there more powerful than anyone on the right stakes are higher than ever in any circumstance when it comes to her children. suspect they are you do not hear about that when teachers unions are talking with the cdc. set about keeping kids safe. i keep going back to grocery stores who every single day they're there all day long making sure things were open so people could eat, get their supplies and get toilet paper when it was available. they did not opt out. you did not have nurses going on strike. something has to change here. the ones that got together had to pull resources for because
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someone had to stand up to this. they're beholding to them and parent of the oman invested anymore guess. last word charlie. >> don't forget the big between private school public school is private school parents can take their kids out and they get to keep their money. the problem with public schools is you can take your kid out we do not get your money back. maybe if we set up an incentive where a parent can take this out of public school and the school loses that money the parent gets that money they can take it and spread it whether it's a pod or private school that be a very powerful incentive to get teachers to work a whole lot harder to accommodate. kennedy: amen it's the only thing that's going to work at hilton is going to change that. parents are earning and spending that money. it's being taken from them against their will.
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it's time for them to stand up and fight for what they know is right. while the coronavirus rules are becoming as absurd as the politicians making them. washington d.c. will now permit weddings about the 2150 people, but only if guests do not stand or dance. d.c. mayor bowser has backtracked on guidance allowing together without masks. just 24 hours after saying they could. prison vibes defying his own cdc guidelines he's wearing his mask outdoors despite being vaccinated. the time to get out from some of these imbeciles and just dance like nobody's watching? anthony fisher what do you make of this pendulum, this back-and-forth? when they were free the next they were shackled. >> it's kind of shocking the democrats would miss an opportunity to brag about the vaccine works.
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they are largely divided administration was largely responsible for overseeing the vaccination of most americans. and that normalcy is on the horizon. i understand you don't have vaccine envy huge now into appear as you have any concerns about the spread of covid. i think at this point people are aware even if they're not big news reserves almost anyone can get vaccinated now. and vaccination is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. that's the begin to the return to normal. what biden of the democrats need to do, there's a moment during a speech to congress last week he said get vaccinated. wouldn't it be great if every democrat or move their mask at that point if they been vaccinated? kennedy: entire group of people there spaced out. you see all the burner ads during the super bowl and the guys are making out like when you're ready to go. i'm pinching the tents. i would be like showing that
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and having guys say just shrugging, sing i took it but is not doing anything. that's the marketing using for this vaccine it's insane. now speaking of wedding attempts and wedding nights, jessica i know you're getting married. you know i vitiated cats wedding this weekend. i am offering my services as a registered efficient with the city clerk of new york. it's a lifetime registration. so if you and your husband to be need someone, i am the one on the left next to the adorable kissing couple. [laughter] what say you jessica? >> i have heard great things about your work. i have been invited over text message. when the candidate nation studio i can barely get into
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the building let alone with my man and entourage. as a very generous offer. think about grease the wheels. spigot wicket down front on the kit. so for i would like jell-o myself i don't how to eventually get a week and certification for that as well. exciting things on the horizon you cannot dance it d.c. weddings. we get married get married somewhere or you can dance freely without the compliance police showing up at your wedding say we understand you are not complying with regulations. everyone must sit down right now. there is no safety dance. >> i wonder what happens to the horror we would be having a jewish dance. gotta be up if you're in your chair. i also wonder when were going to be normal. that's my question the past couple of weeks. i was out in california got an anti- master vibe in san francisco. it was so depressing what
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happened to the city were people were mask and restaurant sitting outside even. because they've been asked to put their masks on not because they would they naturally wanted to do. we are getting vaccinated the nothing we probably will not hit herd immunity. we have 52% of adults have gotten there first shot. now we get a 12-year-old i think starting next week. when will we be able to be normal again? working people take on that risk themselves sam vaccinated i got tested, want to go to my daughter's wedding and i want to get sweaty perspective i want to go to my daughter's yet i want them to both wait a little longer. there are little young. i'll go to your wedding i will bring the heat, and the fire, will not invite guy or cat. the see how it feels how about that? >> they did it to themselves. [laughter] that's exactly right. it's interesting because you talk about being in san francisco, it is unnatural to mask up at this point.
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especially when you have been vaccinated. at some point, anthony, we have to get outside we are human beings. we are social animals. we need stimulation mi right? make your extremely right. it is a sad thing. for some people estate lockdown dead and her point of view. is the only socially responsible thing to do. for a while that message needed to be beaten over the head of americans are so much noncompliance. your so far past that the gift of life and living it. how are you celebrating? >> think from the beginning americans of been pretty wise about them for their families. i don't think democrats at least in washington there obviously excluded here. i don't think democrats ever
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want to go back to normal. the pandemic has been great for democrats. they've made a lot of inroads they've accomplished a lot and they've come up with a whole lot of new rules and regulations. they never could have dreamed of before the pandemic. i honestly think you know matter how effective they are they do not with this thing to end. while of the party petals and. they're going to come back a little later on the show. we are just warming up. because already the show is young but we are or with china. experts even though no shots have been fired, who will win here? former cia officer mike baker former cia officer mike baker joins me and moments to oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret. eye contact.
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and is there a chance this cold war grows hot? herman square group chairman and ceo, it's mike baker welcome back paperwork. thank you chairman and ceo might i might add. the house there is that my arms folded. to answer your question i don't remember them i will talk anyway. we are in a sense that were already. again that's not a military conflict. i'm not talking about massive ground attacks and played out in different area. the chinese regime for a number of years. were talking straight up
12:21 am
propaganda work talk but the theft of intellectual property economic espionage. unit talked about that a lot. whether were talking about the cyber shenanigans they engaged in. if their mapping our infrastructure on almost a daily basis. whether were talking about their expanding aggression in the indian ocean, the east and south china sees, look this is a conflict because you point out in the gray zone. but it exists. we have to be smarter about how we deal with it. that's what when asked about pride that's my next question. the first and it comes to mind for me has a free-market libertarian as we cannot completely sacrifice our trade relationship with china. we can trade with other countries, we should be really get to india right now give them all oxygen and vaccine in antivirals that we possibly can so they become a much larger strategic partner. but you cannot complete cut off china. what china's hoping for cartons of this report is at
12:22 am
the u.s. is what they consider terminal decline. they are being very passive aggressive. cultivating a relationship with russia where they are both engaged in these border skirmishes in different parts of their country knowing u.s. really cannot fight a hot war on two fronts like that. that is too big. but, what they do not understand is the american economy is more resilient than chinese right now. and russia does not want to be china's pitch. your thoughts? >> a rush is whole separate issue, right? versus gdp is maybe the size of the fifth largest gdp in the eu. so, that is a separate issue. but with china with got a couple of problems. first is this idea that u.s. leaders and u.s. government regardless of which administration, as americans
12:23 am
we tend to mirror our values and belief systems onto others. so, we apologize anytime we act on her own best interest. and we always imagine somehow going into negotiations the other side really has the same ultimate goals as us. being in a community of nations. that's not the case president jean the chinese are purely focused on their own best interest. and as far as they are concerned, they are on a nation on the rise. and if you pointed out this is a narrative they push and they been pushing hard is that the u.s. a nation in decline. they are feeding that narrative out to their neighbors or they are becoming increasingly coercive and aggressive. whether some but the philippines, vietnam, india, they are pushing that story. they've also been using this road initiative putting nations and that whether it's latin america or the grain to
12:24 am
date deal of ground per the only military base outside of china, this is something we have to be more aware. sometimes i worry regardless again of which administration is in charge, we do not seem sometimes to very pragmatic about dealing with china. kennedy: yes. the fighting administration has been tougher than the media reports on china. the problem is we are spending so much money right now we are going to be economically inflexible. that is not a position want to be in. the economy was white-hot before the pandemic. we are never going to get back there if we keep passing these multitrillion dollar spending packages that are great grandkids will never be able to pay off. so they have to lock that out. they have to cut spending. and that is how we will continue to flourish when i say we meet these united states. i love this country. if i could just, who doesn't
12:25 am
love hot freedom with sprinkles. again, speckles are for winners. you are right we get into that spending trough and there is already parity. china has parity the pentagon is pointed this out whether it shipbuilding or cruise and ballistic missile capabilities. we are in the west talking about issues that are unrelated to these global challenges we talked about cutting defense spending. will take the uighurs. the uighurs i know we will respect them. none their beards. we'll put them to work on this great land. mike baker thank you so much. make sure thank you periods. kennedy: always good to talk to. binds plan to send cash money to countries is facing major
12:26 am
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go with us and find millions of flexible options. all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. for welcome back we did buy demonstrations from with a plan to combat the crisis at the border. just pay the pain away. joe crept governments in central america do talk the root causes of the crisis. what could possibly go wrong. house republicans are slamming the idea calling it naïve and attack in the administration going to buy its way out of this whole mess for texas governor greg abbott says getting to the root cause of the contending crisis is simple. take a listen. screaming let's be clear, the root cause is lack of border security. they secure the border, let's step back, most americans most
12:31 am
americans believe in legal immigration. if you believe illegal immigrations you need to support enforcing the illegal immigration laws. kennedy: sobel throwing $4 billion in cash of the problem fixed the crisis? or cause more problems? charlie i will start with you. think about the root causes a lot. the root cause is drugs are illegal in america. americans do drugs. they buy drugs from countries run by narco terrorists. who will take the billions of dollars we send them, they will make more drugs that americans will buy illegally. if those drugs are illegal in the u.s. and they are made here and you know it's going into your body, you will
12:32 am
starve the beast, your thoughts, charlie? >> so you know kennedy i want you to run for president for it i like to be your campaign manager. would have to work on some of the stuff you say. russ the democrat party or the republican party, what you wind up his legal drugs and a mess of welfare states it's always the way washington works. for kennedy county alone make and all the rows you got everything you water all the welfare state went away brought the effective to pay for this stuff have agreed the one 100%. rep from the board is joe biden is the dumbest negotiator in the history of humankind. good donald trump he made a
12:33 am
deal, first of all i'm going to take all of the money we give you away. good slap massive tariffs on you if you don't. not only are we going to not slap tariffs on you, are we not only going to give you all the money, we are going to give you more money went up with a bigger problem for its that's the way joe biden presides. he must throw money at every single thing could bring out the worst. he appoints kamala harris is in immigration borders are. she is nowhere to be seen. is she taking this seriously? >> who is disabled she's doing behind the scenes but all we know is were not seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff.
12:34 am
we are not hearing things are happening behind the scenes. the administrations very busy. were past the 100 days. they have no job other than to break ties in the senate. when the president tasks a vice president being in charge of a task force that vice president should be publicly seen doing everything they can to address the problem went to deal their point about doing drugs and whatever national security border secured problems. another thing is that we don't admit enough legal immigrants. we have a prohibition problem. illegal immigration happens because we have too little legal immigration. people talk about getting in the line is if there is a line and everything is meritocratic when you want to become a citizen there are rules that
12:35 am
make it basically impossible. that's a great word for that parts a great way of describing it. you do have to simplify pretty do have to let more people in. you do have to end the drug war. congress have to get up off his and do something. and pass laws that simplify immigration. they have to do it because kids are getting caught up at this entire system. i get sick and tired of talking about it every night seeing these little kids wrapped up like rotten leftovers that no one cares about. make it seemed like you care premier done doing that pass them damn laws, jessica, not you personally. sky's the limit both the big fans of the narco terrorism. making sure we find a way to
12:36 am
treat humanely respect their rights to have makes our country strong they prove our quality of life. was very terrible conditions there fling part of one a push back a little bit on charlie, i'm not convinced it actually vote for your the end of the day. but i do think. >> they can these northern triangle countries a better place to live. i want to know how the money is going to be spent there. it has to be conditional. i has to be tied to. [inaudible] [inaudible] but it is anti- humanitarian to give money to bunch of corrupt people are not going to help the people best in need.
12:37 am
that's the bad things to be a bad outcome like near democratic center kirsten gillibrand, now the >> of another online pilot after using a meme about old institutions being replaced by new ones to promote the president's american family plan. she tweeted quote tired, family, wired affordable childcare and universal paid leave and servicing is the senator of accusing families are out of style and wanting to replace the family with cradle-to-grave programs but center children said literally tired guys but does this expose a dip in how americans view the role of government in family matters? all you have to do charlie, i've said this for years a sit down and try to do math homework with your public school students. public schools or whatever they can to remove apparent from the equation. your thoughts? >> exactly but i do not get memes. i do not think there's ever been a meme i've got or
12:38 am
understood. i do not understand the particulars of this one. but if kirsten gillibrand cares about american families and students, open schools back up that is what she should do. >> of not only help families and students, that would help working moms have been stuck at home for 15 months and they are the last section of people to get back into the workforce. they have been hamstrung by the pandemic and the economy. but anthony, you make it a point families are struggling what is your perspective in? >> stepped in it with that tweet there is actually a germ of truth to it. that does not necessarily involve cradle-to-grave welfare states, democratic run social welfare. there are things that can be done libertarian's and conservatives should support the make it a little less brittle on new parents in this
12:39 am
country. i could guaranteeing family leave, there's a lot of things that can be done that do not inherently increase the state. the left and the right is having a conversation with dana the other day. there is a hill you can die on, you're spending way too much money. i agree with anthony that family leave and food stamps are two areas where you've got to back off and you've got to help people out, jessica. slick that's absolutely right to think if we could have productive bipartisan conversations like this on capitol hill we could make a lot of progress there. these are its increasing polarized america we all love our children and want the best for them that food on their or
12:40 am
they are in pods or new concept for charlie. >> and pods and you conveyed with them apparently. so many things for the party panel has been a party would think you guys were kicking off the week. charlie, anthony, just a great job. coming up, restaurants finally bringing customers back. but workers not so much for their staying away. our government handouts hampering our nations food reopening? near city restaurant owner near city restaurant owner ronnie joins us to discuss in this is the spot right here. you sure about this? we're good. the more challenging the journey, the more satisfying the rewards. the remarkable gx and lx crafted by lexus. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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bill clinton: right now, the covid-19 vaccines are available to millions of americans. george bush: so, we urge you to get vaccinated when it's available to you. barack obama: that's the first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward. it's up to you.
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kennedy: looked at this beautiful part every night and mike why did they levy your? this is fantastic. across the nation of funny
12:45 am
hard to hire new help. some save some folks are rather collect unemployment even as lockdown drip in the economy begins to boom, summit restaurants are having to cut back hours because they cannot find enough staffing. in cities like new york finally opened up again, how can businesses lure employees back to work customer care is me now and why restaurant and cop unapologetic foods, roni mazumdar is with me, welcome to talk to. >> pleasure to be here. kennedy: people want to go out for it they want to go to boozy brunches they want to have a good time with their friends. they want to spend money but it is hard for you right now. how difficult is it finding cooks and wait staff when there are other sources of income, especially if you're being paid to stay home. >> its action quite a bit difficult. maybe speak with any restaurants or across new york, but we are seeing is the numbers are going up across it
12:46 am
he had people going out to dine. people looking for the excitement at the same time were having a tough time finding the right people. i spent quite a bit challenging i must say if you think about it, businesses and restaurants have been so creative staying open. i truly applaud the ones who have hurt i know how much you invest in outdoor spaces so people can come and eat comfortably when the weather is not perfect. it has been amazing. and now we are about to see summer, what you do? you have to raise wages and then raise prices and hope for the best? >> these are all solutions, raising wages raising prices, what really needs to happen as a much more ground plan. i feel like throughout covid with all been chasing her own tales through this process print finally we are nearing the end, it went there to be very much of a comprehensive plan to people are truly unemployed they should be able
12:47 am
to get the unpleasant benefits but if not looking for jobs they should not get it. i think it comes down to simple as that. i think this kind of, the ability and willingness to say it not a problem, people have to build to show what they are working towards pete otherwise really difficult. if it's like us you need to grow and sustain ourselves. >> it is difficult to read finally your going to hit a season where you can make money. the businesses who have been staying open, we talked to restaurateurs and small business owners, they are lucky if they can get loan some of the ppp loans from the federal government. but also ppp, also they are having to borrow money from friends and family members just to stay afloat. just to stay open for this is a problem a lot of people did not anticipate. but they have to turn off the spigot. what kind of mood are people going to be in this summer when they can finally go out
12:48 am
and eat without masks? >> i already see incredible excitement and really hopeful for new york. a meeting people daily, they are just excited to be outside. people are fully vaccinated a whole bunch of people they just want to feel like life is back again. it's not about us holding back. it's our ability to provide them with the level of experience they're looking for. we need the right employees and the right number of employees. we should not be chasing her tail for bright >> absolutely right. continued success you thank you so much bigger part of the show appreciated. >> thank you so much. glop tip your waitress. topical storm is this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world.
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12:53 am
a court mcdonald's customers knew this robert was completely unnecessary as they would have messed up his order anyway. rudy, hey hey a fake gun, use it to rob the british mcdonald's of more than $600. on his way out he demanded the manager give him an order but because it was only 7:00 a.m. he had to accept a double sausage mcmuffin asked ned. at that point is having a deadly weapon. rudy was caught and sent to six in prison for this crime. another robbery he committed the day before. experts say that by the time he gets out of prison he should be just about finished digesting that double sausage mcmuffin. not going to be a popular selling. topic number two. incredible video from iceland were an operator flew a drone into an active volcano and it was a melted by molten lava. but hey, if you cannot take
12:54 am
the heat get out of the volcano. look at this. a volcano which has been a rep things since march. it's also what your insides look like after in a double sausage mcmuffin. it burns for this lava can reach over 2000 degrees fahrenheit still the hottest thing in iceland is usually and don't pretend like you do not know who he or she is. and watch as the operator flies the drone into the volcano like an ancient virgin sacrifice. what a waste of a drone. here at fox we use interns for close-ups like that. but eventually the drone get so close to the lava it begins to malfunction prep not seen a drone meltdown like this since every time biden speaks for actually kamala harris has been trying to fly into a volcano since february. seriously joe get closer. [laughter] but he will not go near the magma because he thanks it's a
12:55 am
new trump slogan. make america great mother trucker again. topic number three, the hustler club by old stomping ground for indoor lenses giving out free covid 19 and vaccines. but you will want to be up-to-date on all of your other shots before you go in there. the bourbon street strip club is holding a shot for shot event on may 7 which will give french quarter residents a free shot of booze and a free vaccination. that makes sense. lotta scales already dressed as nurses. click to see how they hold the needles. the hustler club is not specified what brand of vaccine it will offer if it's anything about the liquor selected a preppy after zeneca poured into a pfizer bottle. they promise the wait times will not be long only three or four songs. if you feel dizzy after shot you can feel free to lie down on the back room for just $20 a minute. they also said you're interacting with the staff patrons are encouraged to wear
12:56 am
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