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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 30, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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lot of money just as when biden took office and maybe he can leave the economy alone and now. dagen: indeed, sir. take you so much. at checkout maria this weekend sunday morning futures, incredible coverage from the border. stuart takes it away right now on "varney & co.". take it away, stu. stuart: thank you and good morning, everyone. more confirmation this morning that we are indeed in an economic boom. big gains for how much we earn and how much we spend. income up 21.1% in march compared to february with the biggest gain in history and consumption is up 4.2% in march compared to february. it's a rocketship economy, so who gets the credit cracks in my opinion, this is trumps economic rebound. president biden is lucky to be along for the ride. that's my opinion. maybe i will get canceled for it. there are other news and
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big tech again is at the center of the action. first off, amazon triples its profit and the stock is up this morning to percent higher. that means jeff baeza's net worth has soared again to $200 billion. going the other way, twitter, the stock price declined again and they forecast trouble with new users and right now twitter is down nearly 13%, $56 a share. overall the market is trending lower this friday morning with the dow jones up 160, nasdaq down 108. don't know how the markets will close. as for bitcoin, still hovering between 50 and $55000 per coin-- 547th avenue 547 is your quote. senator tim scott leading the charge against the democrats claim that everything is about race in america and it's a bad place.
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wait till you see with the left is a saying about him now. you won't believe what a leftist california professor said to one of her students. she actually said if she was in trouble she would not call the police for help. she would not call anyone. such as the logic of the left. if it were not so tragic, it would be funny. friday, april 30, last day of the month, for-- "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪ stuart: this is our way of saying it's a nice day in new york city and we will leave it at that with blue skies above the empire state building. this may seem trivial, but president biden spent 30 seconds looking
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for his face mask while he was outside. watch this. ♪♪ >> looking for my mask. i'm in trouble. stuart: look, this comes a few days after the cdc updated its masco guidelines. they say fully vaccinated people like the president, do not need to wear a mask outdoors. on going to call that mixed messaging on an important subject. we will get into it shortly, not that trivial. let's get back to this, personal income up 21.1% in march compared to february. that's a stunningly huge rise. ed yardeni joins us. okay, this jump in income is likely due to stimulus checks, but
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it's a sign that it's a rocketship economy. wright, ed? >> it's definitely a rocketship economy. it's been hot and is turning red hop and is getting overstimulated quite frankly. the government just keeps throwing more checks at us, 240 million americans just received these march payments totaling $1400, hard to imagine so many americans need relief. there are plenty of americans that need relief and a lot of it was not just targeted at them as opposed to willy-nilly pouring out this money. i think a lot of people didn't even realize they got the $1400 deposited automatically in their checking account, so personal saving went to an all-time record high. as i said, this has the potential for a hot economy turning into a superhot red economy. stuart: do you think this is the market is beginning to say, watch out, huge tax hikes,
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massive spending, massive money printing, do you think the markets about to pause and try to digest this extraneous economic situation? >> you know, for the past year i have been working from home doing a lot of zoom calls with our institutional accounts and every one of them is worried about inflation making a comeback. today's data was not bad at all with consumption data which is sort of a measure, cpi was up 1.8% excluding food and energy, but of course we do eat and we do drive and that was up a little over 2%. once we get into april, may, june i think we will see some heating up in the inflation numbers and i think that's concern for the stock market. stuart: does that mean that the market doesn't have that much further to go on the upside? >> i wouldn't say that. again, there's just an awesome amount of liquidity that's been
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piling up in personal savings and i think a lot of people are only starting to realize that they got the 1400-dollar check automatically deposited in their accounts and a lot of them really don't needed and and i think a lot of them will spend, some will spend on flat screen tvs and others will spend in the stock market. it's hard to see any meaningful correction in the market. it may not take much down the road here to get a good summer rally going, but liquidity is available. stuart: we like the sound of that, a good summer rally because summer is almost upon us. ed yardeni, thank you. now this, we are 100 days into the biden presidency and so far the president issued 40 executive orders. half of them came in the first three days in office former white house press secretary j. hogan gidley is with us. hogan, we doing the have
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a rocketship economy and president biden, i think he's in a position to take the credit. do you think he should? >> oh, he will take the track-- credit, he will try, but he had nothing to do with it donald trumps economic policy improved the lives of all americans regardless of race, religion, color or creed. you think about it, when you cut taxes and allow people to keep their own money, when you lower the corporate tax rate and jobs come back in, when you have fewer regulations with more expansion for energy independence in this country, the first time we have seen that in decades, all those things have an impact and lead to things like the highest number of people employed from the african-american community, asian community, hispanic community, women employed at record numbers, when you do the opposite, which is joe biden is proposing, the opposite will happen to you are raising taxes on people to the tune of trillions of dollars coming out of a global pandemic. you are increasing the
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corporate tax rate to make it completely noncompetitive with the g-7 countries, a higher tax rate by the way on corporations than china. absolutely will have an adverse effect on the american people and they will see a stark difference between the record-setting highs when donald trump rebuilt the economy the first time, that pandemic hit, he rebuilt it again as opposed to joe biden policies that will cripple the country for decades to come if not forever. stuart: let me get back to joe biden with the president searching for his mask. he was outside, but the cdc has said is okay not to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated outside. don't go into crowds, but at the same time you don't have to wear a mask. i label that is mixed messaging, and i don't think it's the right thing at this particular time in america. what say you? >> first of all, i think whenever joe biden has a press conference he searching for a lot of things whether it's his masks, words or cohesive
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policy that helps american people in the american workers, but in this instance we saw another display not just joe biden coming out to announce it's okay to not wear a mask outside, he was wearing a mask at the white house on his way to the podium outside alone. we already knew that, by the way in the cdc guidelines are clear that if you have been vaccinated and your indoor socially distance you don't need a mask, so what in the world is everyone doing in that joint address to congress the other night wearing a mask? only to think-- one of the two things can be true either a the vaccines don't work, which would be completely scary or be they are not following the silence which would also be completely scary. neither one of those two things are good. we all know the vaccine works for joe biden had the vaccine. it's all virtual-- virtue signaling. he received the vaccine before he was sworn into office thanks to donald trump and now all of a sudden he continues to wear a mask even though
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it's against what his own cdc says. it's against the science. he keeps the schools shut down even though the science has open schools. he doesn't care about the science. he doesn't care about reality. he cares about virtue signaling. he somehow is your superior because he has on a piece of cloth over his face. stuart: got to go. hogan gidley, it was good to see you back again. thank you. i got to get back to what may be the stock of the day, it's turning out that way, that's amazon with a blowout report. good morning, susan. susan: happy friday. stuart: thank you. what was the number that stood out to you? susan: $100 billion in sales for this quarter, the springtime as well and if that happens it will be three score eight quarters of hundred billion dollar plus in sales, that's extraordinary. how many companies have put in three straight quarters of a hundred billion plus in sales? also they say prime day will take place in june this year.
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cloud, amazon web service was the biggest profit driver for the bottom line up by a third and also prime video has been screened by over 175 million of their prime members this past year streaming hours up to 70% and jeff bezos told us a few weeks ago they are now 200 million prime members and that's up 25% in 2020. those are incredible growth in numbers, so 18 analysts raising their amazon prediction this morning, very bullish with most about 4000. get that, 5500, so you can get $2000 more, that's about a 70% rally from here. stuart: i'm sorry, i did not catch the question. i went to quickly move on to twitter. is absolutely plunging it last time we checked it was down 15%. was the story? susan: that's even more from the premarket. not enough new users is the problem and low
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guidance so twitter said they only added 7 million new users in the first three months of the year, that's a million less than wall street anticipated. sales are not as strong as what wall street had hoped for especially in the spring time especially if you compared to other social media companies who reported a much stronger recovery in digital ad spend a pick twitter looked a bit light. 13 analyst cut their predictions on twitter stock. this really happens. twitter did say though that advertisers spend less on their platform in the first three months of this year because of the capital riots and the inauguration maybe the pull forward affect. stuart: i really don't care too much about twitter, but there you are. thank you. check those futures this friday morning. how we will end the week, red ink right there, don't know how we will close but we will open lower. it is that we can for the kentucky derby with 45000 fans expected.
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if that happens, it would be the largest sporting event since the pandemic began. we will take you to churchill downs. the left keeps piling on senator tim scott's rebuttal, but this one from joy behar takes the cake. watch this. >> now, tim scott, he-- he-- he does not seem to understand the difference between a racist country and a systemic-- and systemic racism. stuart: that's right, tim scott just doesn't understand. oh, dear. governor mike huckabee will respond to joy right after this. can't wait. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ stuart: i love that, toby keith and a very green in eugene, oregon, where at 6:15 a.m. and by the way, it's 47 degrees. as for the futures, they are pointing lower. that's how we start trading coming down for the dow jones, down 100 for the nasdaq. don't know how we will close. looking at uber, left and doordash. they are all down. what did the labor secretary say to bring them down? susan: said workers, delivery people should be classified as employees so that means consistent wages and healthcare so the secretary of labor is marty walsh and specifically he said in a a lot of cases it gave the worker should be classified as employees, but in some other
9:19 am
cases they are traded-- treated respectfully and others they are not so has to be consistent across the board in his view. uber, lyft, doordash successfully won the exemption in california, prop 22 last november so they don't have to reclassify their workers as employees instead of independent contractors but in the uk they lost a similar case and then you mother states also looking to implement similar legislation to reclassify gig workers as well, but if the federal government gets a involved you can imagine maybe that's a thumbs up for them. >> they just hate progress. it's as simple as that. of the attacks keep coming at senator tim scott for his rebuttal, the president's speech to congress. just listen to what cohosts of w had to say. it's astonishing. >> now, tim scott, he-- he, he does not seem to understand and a lot of them don't seem to understand the
9:20 am
difference between a racist country and a systemic-- and systemic racism. tim scott cannot acknowledge this, it's appalling. >> he was chosen because he is the only black republican senator, and he knows that. stuart: mike huckabee joins us. i don't know why he has a smile on his face because i'm not happy about what we just saw piccolo, senator scott-- that story still has legs. he said it two days ago and got legs because senator scott called out the left insistence that america is a bad place and i'm cheering him on and i bet you are to. >> you can't even imagine how loud i'm cheering for him because i've known tim scott for quite a while and he's the first person to endorse it when he ran for congress in south carolina a few years ago because i saw him, not a black person, but a remarkable person who had overcome a lot of things in his life to
9:21 am
become really an outstanding american. i tell you job-- joy behar may want to sit this out because you may remember a few years ago she got a little trouble for dressing up as an african woman and pretending to be black and so i guess that gives her a better understanding of what being black means than tim scott who actually is. i just find this whole thing beyond a stunning, and the biggest thing i think is the take away is that the left doesn't want to acknowledge that black people can't think for themselves and that they might have a view of america that's quite uplifting and positive. stuart: after senator scott made that speech, social networks just had an enormous explosion of racist posts. twitter took it 11 hours to take down the racist posts. naacp tea, black lives matter did not defend
9:22 am
senator scott from these attacks. and that is astonishing. that shows you there's a massive divide between black folks who are republicans and black folks who are democrats. >> let's be real clear, it's not about black-and-white. it's about right and left and so the left believes whatever they say it's okay even if it's blatantly racist and whatever conservatives say is blatantly wrong no matter how true it may be. the biggest sad i think moment of all this is that this is a great opportunity for people of color to be celebrating the fact that in america they can overcome extraordinary challenges. ben carson is a great example of a person who grew up in genuine poverty. his mother cleaned houses of wealthy white people and she noticed they all had books in their house and said that's what's different. and they all read books. she went home turned out the tv and told ben and
9:23 am
his brother they were going to start reading books and he turned out to be the greatest pediatric brain surgeon in the entire world. was because he was black? no, it had nothing to do with his color. it had to do with his ability and improved that his blackness didn't hold him back. it would have been a culture that somehow gave him a low expectation. that's what we have to get past. stuart: got it. governor mike huckabee, thank you for joining us we always appreciate it showing you the market as we will open this friday morning, the red is still there with dow jones down about 170 per the media may have gushed over the presidents addressed, not sure if texas is senator ted cruz felt that way as he was caught sleeping. he is on the show later and believe me he is wide-awake. ♪♪
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stuart: looking at big tag, the only winner this morning is amazon, so let's bring in a greg a smith who happens to like
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amazon of all the big tag. greg, i know you like it. i think you own it. do you see it going to $4000 anytime soon? >> good morning, stuart and happy friday. i think with this week's big tech earnings behind us, all these companies put up smashing results and i think there is no surprise that covid has been from heaven for a lot of these big names. i would argue that they are coming out of the pandemic with far stronger fundamentals than when they enter the pandemic, so i think i have joined you last may when amazon was around 2400. i was crazy enough to set that it would trade to 4000 and we are getting close the to the price target, but with 200 million prime members around the world, prime membership is like everyone has one, so i would argue the fundamentals are improving and getting stronger. there's a massive-- i think it's something you
9:29 am
want to own and continue to have in your portfolio. stuart: you have 45 seconds to tell me why you think facebook will keep making new highs. >> look, facebook, amazon, google again i think these companies have been tremendous beneficiaries, all the new capital going into other start up companies with starting their own companies during the pandemic. their capital is going into try to attract customers and that money will end up in facebook's coffers so facebook will continue to grow. i think we have a bump and run a trade here appeared we saw google perform well in facebook perform well after earnings, but i think we will have to follow through and see the names and make new highs in the year ahead so they will be beneficiaries of the new businesses formed a. stuart: he likes big tag. gregg smith, see you soon. we have 20 seconds to go before the market opens
9:30 am
this friday. as we said, we expect to see some red ink when the full market opens and we have some red ink already on big tag, but look there is futures in a 10 seconds to go looking for a loss of over 160 dow jones and over 100 for the nasdaq. three, two, and one and here we go. it's friday, april 30, last of the month. this is how we have started trading with immediate loss of 150 points on the dow jones. the vast majority of the dow 30 are in the writing appeared there is a some speculation this morning that maybe all this taxing, spending and printing is beginning to show some warning signals for the markets. maybe we have a positive because of the those pressures with the s&p 500 opening down over a half a percentage point and the nasdaq opening down three quarters of 1%, down day so far. take me back to big tech, please. there's only one winner amongst the group this
9:31 am
morning and that is amazon. that of course follows there extraordinarily profit report late yesterday with profits tripling, amazon 3519 as we speak. i'm going to show you the restaurant stock, texas roadhouse with a blowout earnings. this is a back to work opening the economy story. it's a restaurant chain to this is an opening up a story with a stock up% , blowout earnings from texas roadhouse up your restaurant brands, that's a company that owns lots of chains and its first-quarter sales topped their sales in 2019, so they are doing better than before the virus. popeyes, burger king, all part of restaurant brands all feeling the sales rise appeared we had earnings out this morning from a couple oil companies including exxon. what we have? susan: going back in time talking about oil majors again so not a bad quarter for exxon
9:32 am
with higher sales, higher profits and they are cutting costs. they will continue to pay strong dividends which was questionable given cutting costs so why are you still paying out investors, they did talk about severe winter storms that cut earnings by $600 million and also for chevron the same thing. chevron saying it cost $2 million because of delays and repairs ect. they will also increase their dividend. more oil makers when people say you are cutting costs but you continue to pay out investors. stuart: yes, and chevron pay right now over 5%, that's their dividend yield and that was before they increase their dividends, so i think chevron is becoming a dividend play and we have got-- susan: guaranteed money, yes. stuart: we all know clorox. everyone knows what clorox does especially during the pandemic. they cut their full-year
9:33 am
forecast because of higher commodity and freight costs so the stock is down 3%. that's clorox. how about palmolive, they expect their 2021 sales to be up four to 7% and when you say that what happens to the sock, it goes up 1%, $80 on colgate-palmolive have. elsewhere across the board i can see some big tech stocks that are actually selling off. what's the story with this? susan: have you to check the 10 year yield? 1.65 person closer to 1.7 again and high-tech high-growth names are growth stocks and how they are valued is based on future earnings so if you're getting guaranteed money on the 10 year government debt so the 10 year note that continues to go up and that makes their future earnings look less as well as more-- and more risky. is that makes sense? a lot of technology names on the nasdaq in that pile as well. stuart: could be just running out of steam as well with the
9:34 am
fantastic run that may have a pause. susan: tell me if you are impressed. we had amazon, apple, facebook and google all reporting this week. they-- if you combine all their sales together, they represent 5% of gdp of the entire u.s. economy, i mean, that concentrated wealth right there that you have not seen in decades here in america. stuart: gap, that's been our story for the last 10 years. what a story it is. let's have a look at roku. i know the story. i want you to explain it. roku has removed the youtube from its platform. what does that mean and why do i care? susan: so remember youtube i think sales pulled in about $6 billion in the first three months of this year and that's a significant portion of their sales with growth as well for google. roku is a dominant market share, basically hardware providing
9:35 am
access for viewers to watch your streaming services like netflix and disney plus with over 40% market share so it's not a good thing for google if it's not on roku. typically we have seen these fads, the over distribution fees and contracts and that typically happens with linear television networks and subscribers like dish network. we will test how customers feel when they have a major streaming network removed from their platform channel. stuart: as you know, susan, i watch a lot of youtube and i'm tired of all those ads that keep banging up at me. susan: you could get youtube black if you want to pay a few dollars a month. do you watch with a roku, how do you stream your services? stuart: now, i just organize my little clicker you know the remote control and off we go. that's on my phone, by the way. not my clicker. i'm so confused and you
9:36 am
know that. let's move away. show me dow jones winners headed by merck, not a huge gainer for the dow after all is down 140 points. best performers merck. s&p 500 winners, show them to me, please. nice game there, 4%. i don't really know these as big-name companies, but they are all up three or 4% top of the s&p winner list. nasdaq headed by vertex pharma, i don't know them but amazon is in their. it's up $38, 1%, $3500 a share, that's amazon right now. then we have endeavor, that's the parent company of ufc ultimate fighting championship. they made their debut yesterday, but the bigger news may be who joined their board. i have a pretty good idea, though head. susan: why don't you tell me how they got elon musk on their
9:37 am
board. that's what i'm wondering, the only board ce has in a company he didn't create and is not the ceo and founder appeared that's a big plus for endeavor which had that successful ipo yesterday and it also owns william morris a talent agency and is now worth $10 billion and when you had that star power like elon musk on the board i think that gives a lot of confidence for investors to buy in a. stuart: i guess, i'm just surprised because i always think of ufc as a kind of not the home for liberals so. i don't know why i say that. susan: no. stuart: liberals are big on ultimate fighting championship so i don't understand why a liberal like elon musk-- susan: i wouldn't call him a liberal. stuart: i think he is a liberal. susan: i think he's very capitalist. stuart: he's a climate not. susan: okay but that doesn't not necessarily make you a liberal if you are pro- climate.
9:38 am
he was anti- covid lockdowns. stuart: it's a signal. we are out of time. the producers are killing my earphones. who is teaching our children? is it teachers or is it political activists? listen to this california professor berating a student for saying cops are heroes. >> who do you call when we are in trouble and someone has a knife or a gun? >> i would call the police. >> why when you call the police? >> i don't trust them. stuart: that's a california professor and we will play the full exchange which you can hardly believe coming up. don't mess with texas. governor greg abbott fed up with the ministrations handling of the border crisis. texas is going to handle it instead. we will tell you all about that. ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: nice day in the nashville. a 60 degrees and going higher with blue skies. the administration rolling back more trump policies. this time ending limits on grants to sanctuary cities, in other words they can have more money. edward lawrence adjoins us from d.c. how much money could these cities actually receive now? reporter: i will put this in context in 2024 sheltering those in the country illegally cities lost out potential millions and grant dollars periodicity of birmingham alabama got more money than the city of san francisco and county of san francisco combined and they are about 900,000 people in the city and county of san francisco. a little more than
9:44 am
200,000 people in the city of birmingham, alabama. so looking closer, the cities and counties in the state of-- got at total of $4.85 million in 2020 from these programs, but the cap county which encompasses part of atlanta saw only 224,000 and grant money leaving a lot more on the table for one of the state's most populated counties so now that apartment justice repeal the policy if from the trump administration that withheld federal grant money from sanctuary cities. this from the new attorney general who also announced step up investigations against police department across country. that includes minneapolis, minnesota and louisville, kentucky so it's a major victory for those cities offering sanctuary cities to undocumented people in the country illegally and allows them to have access to the edward byrne memorial justice assistance grant from the apartment justice, rule reversal opens up all the departments $350 million allocated
9:45 am
for 2021, for law enforcement in those cities even if they refused to cooperate with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. stuart: elections have consequences, don't they? thank you. republican governors sat down with fox laura ingram, they let loose on president biden's border policies per roll tape. >> the biden first 100 days has been very successful for the cartels, for the drug smugglers, for human traffickers who are profiteering off of all the migrants who have come across the border illegally. here's what we want to do, the deal i want to cut is texas will secure the border in the biden administration will pay for it spinning this administration as heartless as they created this crisis at the border and they are putting these children at risk by the policies they eliminated that we all know were working. stuart: it's a border crisis all right. on your screens right there. now, daniel garza joins
9:46 am
us the president of the libra initiative. you work closely with the hispanic community and you're part of the hispanic community. what is that community saying about biden in the border crisis? >> currently, we are having 162,000 folks that encounter migrants who came through the border just in the last month alone in april, and 17000 unaccompanied minors. the system is overwhelmed and what latinos are saying is there's no signal from the biden administration that they are taking security serious in the polls are decimating the administration especially with latinos. it turns out that americans and latinos expect that you are going to deliver on forms to immigration reform but they also of an expectation that you will secure the border and we can do both. someone like harris, vice president harris for example right now, what we see is that she
9:47 am
has no interest in prioritizing the issue and then she dodges the questions when asked of her and because it-- and said she will not play politics. this is in politics. this is a serious issue. stuart: we had a graphic on the screen a moment ago about the number of interceptions in march and a slightly lower number in the month of april. 172 in march, 162,000 and april, that's a leveling off. why did that happen? what's the story behind that? >> obviously, these surge common cycles and there was an initial surge because of what had-- with the biden administration was done was reversed many of the trump policies to quickly, in my estimation. so, our system is overwhelmed. our system is not set up to handle these surges. when you talk about leveling off, these numbers are still overwhelming to our system and luckily we
9:48 am
have senators and congressmen taking the initiative right now, john cornyn and krista cinema of arizona and bipartisan spirit have come together to introduce legislation along with tony gonzalez from texas, again bipartisan spirit here to propose legislation that would basically build for more regional processing centers, increase the amount of judges and personnel, ppe and create a silent processes that can in a way that's more quickly adjudicate the cases so people know if they qualify for asylum or not and i gained in the system. it's important so i'm glad to see congress is taking the initiative if not the administration. stuart: daniel garza, thank you for being with us on this very important issue. appreciated, serve. now this, a crowd had called president biden during his georgia rally. watch this.
9:49 am
>> i agree with you. i'm working on it, man. give me another five days. stuart: point is he was heckled from the left. got that? we will have more on that later. going back to senator tim scott. he really made waves with his gop were a bottle speech and the circle of tolerant left cannot handle it. they don't want to hear that america is a good place and making progress on race. we got the full story. we have a report that not all democrats are on board with the 6 trillion-dollar man, that would be president biden took it may not be all smooth sailing for him here we will tell you who is not on board, which democrat not on board next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ stuart: i believe it's 55 degrees in d.c., which we are showing you now and we are
9:54 am
playing the beatles. when you say, susan, 55 decree 265. stuart: warming up. not all democrats are on board with biden's tax and spend plans. hilary vaughn on capitol hill. tell me more. what you got? reporter: some senators democratic senators don't think that president biden even needs to come up with a way to pay for the nearly $6 trillion in new government spending that he is proposing. senator tester and murphy say they think that some of these programs could it just justify deficit spending adding more to the national debt to pay for them instead of coming up with new additional taxes and revenue. senator brian schatz told axioms, i'm not a big pay for god. i think some investments are worth deficit financing. no one asked how we would pay for the u.s. military. it's only when it comes to progressive priorities that everyone
9:55 am
freaks out and tries to find pay force and senator murphy agreed with him saying, i think there's plenty of money in this country to pay for smart investment but at the same time it's a good investment i don't know that it needs to be fully paid for. one of president biden's biggest bribes and justifications for why he's spending so much just a few months into his presidency is because he says he has a way to pay for it but it's clear some senate democrats don't think he needs to do that. senator tester said he thinks maybe half of it should be paid for up front and the other half paid for later, but republicans are balking at the price tag and senator chuck grassley tweeting this this morning, the combined wealth of all u.s. billionaires is just over 4 trillion in the past year we have already spent more than that on covid and biden wants to spend that much again for his new wish list just increasing taxes on the rich will not pay for the plan. lookout middle-class. the bottom line is this, republicans don't thinks
9:56 am
these tax hikes will fully cover the 6 trillion biden wants to spend but some democrats aren't bothered by that and they don't think it needs to be paid for up front at all. stuart? stuart: the new monetary theory, print and print and borrowing don't worry about it. thank you. still ahead, tammy bruce, paris dennard's back, texas senator ted cruz and steve hilton, second hour of "varney & co." coming up for you. ♪♪ ♪♪ just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that ..
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10:01 am
manufacturing activity in the midwest. just hit the highest level since 1983, the actual number was it has not been that high in nearly 40 years. that tells you about this rocketship recovery. the 10 year treasury yield is a one.64%, up a bit and that is hurting a little the big tech stocks most of which i down except for amazon. amazon is the standout up to present at $35.47 but the rest on the downside. we are getting the latest read on consumer sentiment. >> april. number 88.3, that is the consumer sentiment number and higher than the preliminary one and higher than economists forecast for the month and this shows household income, record jump of 21% in march and stimulus checks making
10:02 am
consumers feel very confident. stuart: it is a rocketship economy, rocketship rebound, editorialize on who should take the credit for that. first this. tim scott the only black republican in the senate says america is not a racist society. q the outrage. among democrats that is heresy was the left insists we are racist society and all policies from climate to taxation must be based on race and the assumption that america is a bad place. this exposes the hypocrisy of the race business. lit up with racist abuse, black lives matter and the naacp did not defend him from these racist attacks and great
10:03 am
humanitarian this at twitter left the abusive post in place for 11 hours. they left it up. and that they are ramming down these throats. and you've got to be a democrat and got to believe america is racist. and and a black man saying america is a good place going in the right direction, making progress something the progressives just can't handle. second hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪♪ tammy bruce joins us this morning.
10:04 am
let's see the smile. tim scott's still resonates two days after he said it because he spoke the truth. that is my opinion. let's hear yours. >> it is worth smiling about, we can talk about the racism of the left and the agenda of the left, it is not good for us with identity politics. here's the reason the left is obsessed with controlling what people say. the little man behind the curtain. much more powerful than he is. that is the left, not just the american left but the left throughout the world and the only way to control that is to make sure nobody says anything.
10:05 am
that is why this is happening. the attacks on conservatives is a message for the left-based members that are conforming as a warning. if you step out of line you will be punished. last time we checked we thought a civil war to stop this kind of treatment of minorities particularly black americans in this country. tim scott represents and so does every other individual minority in this nation who live their own lives, think their own thoughts, decides to be part of a collective and certainly pushes back at this notion that every one of a certain color or certain persuasion thinks the same, part of this national majority rejection of this kind of racist obscenity and there is tim scott speaking not just for
10:06 am
him as the one black gop senator and we do know the gop needs to do more work in that regard but most minorities in this country understand the struggle and the importance of being free from coercion and a government or group that tells you what to do under threat. this is the american sensibility, disgusting for exposing how threatened they are and they themselves show their racist tendencies. stuart: it is pathetic and we will be watching. you are watching fox news primetime 7:00 eastern. we wish you the best of luck. we will be watching. i hope you heard this, personal income absolutely surged,
10:07 am, that is a huge. the chicago manufacturing index just released the best level since 1983. consumer sentiment hit the highest since march of last year. we are getting a lot of extremely good economic news. no question we are on a rocketship recovery as we speak. do you think -- you are dying to speak. is it possible that today's marcus pull back is a signal that investors are beginning to think wait a minute, too much spending, too much tax, too much money printing? >> exactly. a lot of this economic data and fundamental numbers are exemplary. the market has been strong but that is all backward marking,
10:08 am
markets are forward-looking and the selloffs we've seen in a couple weeks we are hundred days into president biden's presidency and forget the personality, look at the policies, these are not just anti-capitalist but anti-academy, hurts the regulation, taxing of corporations, every a lot of the economy, most worrisome is redistribution of income against all levels negative for the market and negative for the economy and macroeconomic perspective. market has been on a rocketship but looking forward, investing in stocks. stuart: here is my position, mutual funds track the overall market, i will not put more money in right now, not selling but not putting more money in. what do you think of that strategy? >> the gop has an opportunity.
10:09 am
the market was strong because the gop was a wonderful opposition to obama, they made the economic argument, the moral argument that it is your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. the notion that government has a right to your income, redistribute for the greater good, they are anti-american, bad for business no matter what level of the economic strata you are on. stuart: i am comfortable with my current strategy. we will see you again soon. thanks very much. lots of big movers on the market, sky works 8%. what is the story? apple supplier beat forecast and it is part of wall street expectations but another tech component is western general.
10:10 am
i didn't know disk drive still exist but they do. they came out ahead, laser technology maker mapping out for self driving cars, one week low for the stock after disappointing earnings and gilyard which is a drugmaker hurt by weaker sales for hiv and hepatitis c drugs, but they help the bottom line. stuart: next one for you, apple in hot water with europe's regulators. >> this is foreshadowing what will happen next week. that's to do with apple's apps store in the eu accusing apple of music streamers like spotify to use the in apps payment system which means apple gets their commission usually 15% to 30% and spotify has been complaining in the apple store and google's play store charges the same commission with
10:11 am
alternatives, not easy but still monday the court case between epic going head to head versus apple starting off will be a test because it will decide whether private companies can freely govern the ecosystems they create so apple can say the apps store is a successful restaurant, you don't go to mcdonald's to negotiate them in your prices, they will say there are no alternatives. i can't go to burger king across the street. stuart: it is a fair commission for apple's apps store to take. >> good question, 50% to 30%, 90% are on the apps store for free, but highly profitable ones like spotify, like 15-30. do you see it comes down to control and freedom and capitalism or an actual number in terms of commission fees that they charge? stuart: is this a european debate? >> this is a us court debate
10:12 am
starting monday but the same issue. stuart: i can't answer your question because i don't know enough about it, i really don't. private enterprise company created the company and should be allowed to charge what they like, that is capitalism, that is freedom but at the same time 50% to 30% commission seems like a great deal of money to me and $200 billion in the bank anyway. that is just my opinion. i want you to listen. one college professor can't be rating a students for calling cops heroes. role that tape. >> when someone has a knife or a gun, why wouldn't you call the police? >> i don't trust them. my life is in more danger in their presence. >> what you call? >> i wouldn't call anyone. stuart: who would you call?
10:13 am
nobody? is that teaching or is it activism? we will play the full video, you can hardly believe it. it is that time of year, first saturday in may, the kentucky derby, churchill downs but senator scott said america is not a racist society but the view begs to differ. >> tim scott, he does not seem to understand the difference between a racist country and a systemic racism. stuart: tim scott doesn't understand. my next guest says she is wrong. rnc spokesperson is here and is next. ♪♪ if i can eke out a win,
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10:18 am
>> tim scott does not seem to understand and a lot don't understand the difference between a racist country and a systemic racism. the fact that tim scott cannot acknowledge this is appalling. how can you go out there and say that? stuart: there you have it, she went right house, republicans senator tim scott. national spokesperson paris they nard, how can she tell senator scott, black man, that he doesn't understand racism? >> i will tell you this.
10:19 am
she is the last person in america who should be lecturing the black community and especially tim scott on issues of racism but i guess because of the fact that she wore black face probably as an adult means she knows something about racism. what senator tim scott's inspirational message to the american people did was he was honest. we want honesty and transparency, people to connect, his story is a quintessential american story. he acknowledged there are times in his life he experienced racism. i experienced traces all this week, spent the better part of my morning sending reports to twitter to get them to deal with some of these racist things said about me for supporting senator scott but i will tell you this is our founding fathers understood that this country was going to be founded upon freedom.
10:20 am
>> it took twitter 11 hours to take down the racist poets against senator scott, racist posts were posted about you, have they taken them down, are they still up. >>, twitter is irresponsible in this nature. and rhonda mcdaniel retweeted it, and gop, we called it out, twitter left it up. they are still up there and they need to be serious about this. if this isn't so done, this is the and black conservatives they give a path.
10:21 am
stuart: you know why those posts are still up there. twitter has it out for any conservative and any black person who strays, that is why those posts are still up there. that is outrageous. i am sorry, i am out of time but have to move on fast. donald trump told maria bartiroma he is 100% considering running again in 2024. would you join his campaign if he did run in 2024? >> right now i'm happy being at the rnc and we had to remain neutral but i will tell you this. whoever is going to be our nominee is going to be someone who puts america first and has a tremendous opportunity is of the gains donald from did with our party, growing our party, making it more diverse and more united. the america first agenda will
10:22 am
be adopted by any one of our nominees in the rnc will be committed to not only win back the white house, the house and the senate. >> trump, the man self. it is great to see you back again. we told you briefly about a college professor berating a student for calling police heroes. you got the full story. take us through. >> be rated a student for calling the police heroes. >> cops are heroes and have difficult job. >> all of them? >> a good majority of them. the people who do bad things should be brought to justice. >> police officers should be revered as heroes?
10:23 am
on tv shows -- >> they help you. >> they are supposed to protect and serve the people. >> who do you call when you are in trouble and someone has a knife and gun? why wouldn't you call the police? >> i don't trust them. my life is in more danger in their presence. >> who would you call? >> i wouldn't call anybody. >> we feel your pain, college tuition for that type of teaching, this happened during the communications class, the students was giving a presentation about cancel culture and white is destructive and tearing up the country but after the presentation there was supposed to be this 10 minute queue and a but instead as you saw in the video the professor used that time to i would say aggressively go after the student and question his thinking but i thought college was supposed to be an open square where you debate thoughts and views and allowed
10:24 am
to have different opinions. stuart: who came across in that exchange, who came across as the same intelligent person? it was the student? the professor was utterly irrational, >> absolutely pathetic. >> i would be a little disappointed. stuart: intellectually week. the woke mob actually going after jeopardy winner for this hand gesture. they wanted to be canceled. the author of woke, inc. will discuss that next. big sky country soaring. we will show you why one is coming at community big sky the top market to buy a vacation home. ♪♪
10:25 am
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jeopardy winners are not safe from the woke mob. kelly donahue holding up 3 things to show his third win on the show but the woke crowd said it was a white power gesture, they tried to cancel him. i am sure we will not hear an apology from the woke crowd on nearly ruining this man's life, will be? >> i don't think we will. it is good evidence that woke mrs. america's new is religion, secular religion but a religion nevertheless. you can't say certain words, you can't wear certain clothes, you can't even make certain symbols even on accident. a normal religion provides redemption or apology or atonement, welcome this has no such path. you are permanently excommunicated from its church when you run afoul of its words. stuart: do you see any sign we are beginning to push back
10:30 am
firmly against wokeism. >> i'm proud of a lot of parents who have begun to stand up in their schools saying the limit for us, the woke breaking point for us is when you pollute the mind of the next generation. we are not going to stand for that. i've seen a trend across the country, the number of parents pushing back, even a couple that have begun to take legal action as they should. i would like to see that spread to the corporate sphere, so many workers, either lose your job or express your mind but do both. i would like to see people taking action against their employers as well and say this is a religion and any other religion down my throat to human resources diversity training, can't stuff this down my throat either. that is the next step and looking forward to seeing that and helping people out as they take steps in the workplace. stuart: another one for you. two professors at roosevelt university caught on a zoom
10:31 am
call bragging about teaching marxist concepts to their classes. watch this. >> fit in so well with the university's philosophy. >> all social justice all day every day. >> just so you know, you are on the mic in the auditorium. >> they are cool with that, thank you. stuart: they are cool with that. both of these professors also serve on a high school board in illinois. this is outrageous. >> here's my perspective. i am a purist of the school of thought that people need to be exposed to all ideas including sports and universities and it is okay for marxism to be one of those ideas but the problem today is that all people are getting in schools in modern liberal arts universities and in the name of diversity shutting down diversity of thought and diversity of ideas my own view is let's have
10:32 am
added. universities should be open squares, a place of exchanging all ideas openly. i am as open to them having marxist ideas exposes i would like them to be to have other alternative ideas exposed but the problem is only one side is holding up the end of the bargain and on the right it is important not to practice cancel culture in return. the analogy is fighting terrorism. we don't adopt the methods of terrorists abroad who are fighting. even if that makes it harder in the short run it defines who we are in the long run the same goes when fighting intellectual terrorism too, hold ourselves to higher standards and say we won't play by the rules of canceling you, we are going to demand that all perspectives get represented. stuart: a man of principle, thank you for joining us. you better come back soon. we need you. thanks very much. here is a very good story, this one hits home. the demand for vacation homes surging.
10:33 am
home prices in seasonal towns up 19% year on year and the top market for vacation homes is big sky montana. that is where grady trimble comes to town. tell me what is happening to prices in big sky? >> they are going up. some people find rental income potential attractive here but most everyone comes here because there are year-round activities, 10 minutes from the best skiing on the planet at the big sky resort. 1 hour drive to yellowstone, america's first national park. the median condo price is 700,$000. the median home price $2 million. we talked to a realtor who says normally things taper off after the ski season the real estate market but not this year. >> it is ringing true. we are seeing multiple situations when properties come on the market and it is a feeding frenzy.
10:34 am
>> reporter: we met a bond trader from new york city who by his home a few years ago and was planning to use it as a vacation home but then the pandemic hit and he found himself without a job so he up and moved his family from the big apple. >> fly fishing, tubeing, hiking, cross-country skiing i never tried, it is wonderful. >> reporter: rich rizzo is an avid viewer of your show and an avid skier. some of the top places to buy a vacation home include cape hatteras, north carolina, the poconos in pennsylvania and gatlinburg, tennessee in the beautiful smoky mountains. a little local color here. apparently there is a town boosted rooms around the area, we have yet to see about keeping our eyes peeled. stuart: i like your guest who
10:35 am
watches the show. see you again real soon. the border crisis really hitting home. literally mid interview with fox news's dana perino. >> i am sorry i had a group of guys coming through looking for some immigrants. you are going to have to come at me again. stuart: migrants ran through in the middle of the interview. we've got the full story for you but first it is derby time. we will take you to churchill brown's, we have the trophy and we will show it to you. ♪♪
10:36 am
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the is a stretch. the producers insist on playing wild horses from the rolling stones as we introduce a segment on the 170 fourth kentucky derby which does indeed get underway tomorrow afternoon, the first saturday in may. jessica whitehead is the curator of collections at the derby museum. have you got the trophy with you right now? >> a derby trophy. stuart: i thought only one person was actually allowed to touch the trophy before it is awarded tomorrow and is not you. what happened here? >> we have a team on our territorial team, the
10:41 am
caretakers of this trophy in the winner's circle. stuart: tell me what it is going to look like, restricted capacity not quite back to normal. >> not quite but we are really excited to see the sun shining for the first time in several years and we love the way the sun glinting off of the gold trophy looks. stuart: you've got it. sorry it is so short but we have a crowded news program but good luck tomorrow. hope everything works out fine. got to get back to the markets, sinking 200 points, down 32, down 22. we will pick out major movers here. susan has the list. >> at&t which is the owner of warner media.
10:42 am
then reaffirming the support for cnn, to cut down on $150 billion debt. stuart: i would be very interested to see what cnn is worth. i am a founder of cnn. myself. dobbs kicked off the business team on day one, june 1st, 1980. i would be very interested. thank you very much. >> certain media companies 15 to 18 billion in that realm, they made $1 billion in profits next year. other media companies, twitter going the opposite direction
10:43 am
because they added less users, wall street forecasts down 14%, the worst day, tracking since the end of october and the flip side of the up and up, the airlines, value rotation back on higher yields. i sigh united airlines, jetblue, america united. stuart: okay. jetblue american united all on the upside today. i was going to drone on about cnn but i won't. i don't drone normally. neo, the electric car maker, are they involved in a chip shortage? >> a lot of carmakers on the global chip shortage will hurt car deliveries in the springtime. the shortage was made worse at neo by a fire at a chip factory, maybe they are feeling
10:44 am
worse and the chip shortage should end by the summer. the chinese carmakers the deliveries will go back up and have gone up, they are making more money off of each car because they are buying self driving software and upgrading to more expensive batteries reception plan. it is interesting in china, they don't stand by to charge your battery, they will change out the battery. is that smarter? stuart: yes it is. that is smart and fast and that is what people want. just replaced the battery. have you got news on aaron rodgers? >> this went viral yesterday. not happy with the green bay packers, pick the younger quarterback that rogers's time at the green bay packers might be numbered.
10:45 am
espn reporting the 49ers get rogers in a trade, the la rams, not cheap and one of the highest-paid qbs in the league and the packers say if you are not happy we will pay you more and extend your contract and i say he cohosts jeopardy instead, by 14%, makes $10 million a year bangs up in the process. all right, moving on. police have arrested suspect linked to lady gaga's dog napping case. you've got this story. what is going on? >> multiple people were charged for robbery and attempted murder of dog walker. the video being shot in the
10:46 am
chest, two dogs have been returned, her dog walker has recovered still in hospital but there have to be multiple arrests in this case. stuart: thanks very much. change of subject. president biden says wearing a mask is a sign of patriotism. >> it is a small, precaution to take that has a profound impact. it is a patriotic responsibility for god's sake. stuart: i will ask senator ted cruz what he thinks of that, he is on the show at the next hour. new york city set to reopen fully july 1st. two months from now, can it actually happened and why the delay? i will ask former new york governor george protect the after this.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
♪♪ new york new york ♪♪ i want to wake up ♪♪ in that city ♪♪ stuart: live look at the statue of liberty. glorious on a fairly nice day in new york city.
10:51 am
we are showing you the city because new york has announced that it will fully reopen july 30 first. let's discuss that. let's bring in former governor george pataki. do you really think this is going to be a full reopening of the state and city by july 1st? >> i hope so but i have my doubts. this was announced unilaterally by mayor deblasio, then governor cuomo responds in a whining voice i would like to open monday, tuesday, wednesday, mocking the mayor the mayor responds by saying he's not going to react to something pharmacy real sexual assault. what we have our two juveniles leading the city in the state at a time that desperately cries out for adult leadership so whether or not it will reopen, i hope it does it will be in spite of and not because of the leaders. stuart: i was thinking how
10:52 am
lucky we are to be new yorkers. we have a governor under multiple investigations. we have a far left mayor of new york city and the highest taxes in the land. aren't we lucky, governor? >> got to put in respective we have soaring crime, criminals like mentally ill homeless wandering streets with no supervision. it gets better and better, to be serious for a moment it it is a tragic situation. new york is one of the world's greatest places but has two of the world's worst meters at a time when leadership matters was you going your office on sixth avenue. i'm four blocks north of you there is nobody there. we need to have people not just
10:53 am
breathe that the city might be reopen but they need to feel it is okay to be there, exciting to be there, that excitement, that feeling of not there yet hopefully will come but it will come in spite of the political leaders. stuart: do you think new york city has any chance whatsoever of electing a republican to the top job either as mayor or governor. virtually no chance. what say you? >> sure there is a chance. in new york city two of the last three mayors, bloomberg was a republican and spoke at the republican convention and got elected as a republican. i got elected governor of the state.
10:54 am
and i've got to look beyond my party. this is not working. doesn't matter if they are republican or democrat, we need effective adult leadership, don't have it in the city, don't have it in the state. what you need to open the opportunity, they can't run a partisan race but run and ideas race and leadership matters and people are beginning to realize that. stuart: we live in hope but my hopes have been dashed so many times. we thank you very much for being on our program today. >> great being on with you. check that market. we have headed further south for the dow jones industrial average down 200 points, nasdaq down 48. the only winner is amazon and why not? they have a fantastic earnings report late yesterday. susan, let me throw this at you. a little time here. the market is down across the
10:55 am
board, despite that we have fantastic earnings from big tech and a rocketship economy. do you think there is applies here, too much tax, too much printing. >> you heard the selling may go away, the pattern for fund managers as you know throughout the years but come off of a huge week for earnings, big tech companies and one more statistic. i have been blown away by the hundreds of billions of dollars of sales the companies made. they made more sales in one week of the year than mcdonald's does the entire year and their combined sales worth 5% of the $20 trillion economy. we've not seen this concentrated wealth and power in 30 to 40 years.
10:56 am
looking at amazon, google, microsoft, facebook and apple and how concentrated this power and money is. stuart: good statistics. still coming up on the 11:00 hour we have senator ted cruz, steve hilton, tom homan and joseph smith plus the economy roaring a back almost a free covid levels. who should get the credit? i will give you my opinion in my take coming up, top of the next hour. ♪♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
donald trump's economic policies improved lives of all americans regardless of race, religion, color or creed and policies will cripple for decades to come if not forever. >> a rocketship it has been now turning red after government keeps throwing more and more checks at us. myc data fundamental numbers are terrific and market has been strong but that's all backward looking. markets now has to come forward looking. >> no surprise that covid has been from -- [inaudible conversations] from amazon facebook and google, and i would argue that they're coming out of the pandemic with
11:01 am
far stronger fundamentals than when -- [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪ yeah let's play that music. it is 11:00 eastern time, this is friday april 30th last day of the month. check those markets, still plenty of red ink especially for the dow off 229 points another key barometer yield on tenure treasury right now -- it was a back above 1.6%. we have it at 1.63, 164 as we speak. that might be a bit of a problem for the nasdaq composite. now this -- oh, the economy is roaring back. america is roaring back. so who gets the credit? you're not going to hear this any place else but in my opinion
11:02 am
trump deserves a lot of the credit which means joe biden is a very lucky president. arriving at the white house just in time for the former president's economic boom. a year ago, we were at a low. economic output had dropped by 30% and unemployment rate was 14.8%. we were in very bad shape. president trump did two things which set the stage for today's rebound he stabilized the economy with $5 trillions worth of help for householdings and businesses. and he began operation warp speed that would deliver vaccines miraculously within a year. his stimulus prevented economic collapse is vaccine push is now liberating america from pandemic lockdowns. it worked. the economy is almost back to precovid levels and very likely will grow much, much more this summer. our vaccination rate is so strong many parts of the country have a back to normal feeling.
11:03 am
yes, president biden is lucky to be in this position right now. but he's the president who may still screw up the trump rebounding. tax and spend on a gigantic scale could easily upset everything. so despite the risk of being canceled, let's be honest. this is trump's economic boom. this is trump's vaccine win. president biden is lucky to be riding trump's train. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ >> senator cruz has that look about him i think he's ready to go. he heard my take -- [laughter] i wonder what he thinks look i said very clearly, this is trump's economic rebound joe biden is just plain lucky. you're nodding your head i hope
11:04 am
you agree with me, senator. >> look ping you're right. i thought that joe biden's address to the joint session of congress i thought it was remarkably ungracious frankly dishonest when biden took credit for 200 million vaccines administered without acknowledging how those vaccines were developed. you know, starting early last year, our nation in the world took a hard hit. this pandemic came and slammed america and the economy took a massive hit because of government mandated shutdowns as because people were forced to close their businesses close their schools, forced to stay home, and it cost tens of millions of americans their jobs now much of that done was try to slow the spread of the pandemic but the economic was real trump did two they thinks number one, led operation warp speed which developed these vaccines in record times. you remember during the debates, when president trump said we would have a vaccine ready to
11:05 am
administer to hundreds of millions of people by end of the year joe biden laughed at them. media laughed at them and dismissed that as crazy talk he was exactly right remember pfizer announce their vaccine the week after the presidential election. which was as naked a political move as we have seen and so joe biden came in with a vaccine that has been developed with the economy opening up, we were coming out of the lockdowns no thanks to gavin newsom or thanks to governor cuomo so economy is moving back, and biden is taking credit for victories that were won by his predecessor. stuart: that is good news. senator i want to talk about something which something that might think is -- trivial i want to talk mask wearing. president biden was asked about wearing face masks on the today's show this morning. let's show our viewers roll tape please. >> it's a small precaution to
11:06 am
take that has a profound imract it is a patriotic responsibility for god sake making sure your wife, your children, if, in fact, they have not been vaccinated making sure they're not going to get sick. >> it is fully vaccinated but he says it is patriotic to wear a mask. what do you make of all of this? >> look, i think that in thes are engaged in political theater i think that's nuts what he said and this is all about power and control. so look biden's speech was predicated on declaring the world is in crisis. the crisis is existential and only answer is massive government spending and massive taxes which by the way was a agenda before covid came along to begin with. the mask wearing you know you look at the "state of the union address" where everyone in that room is wearing a mask, we're all six, eight, ten feet apart everyone is vaccinated there's nothing to do with the science. you know, and that same interview you played earlier in
11:07 am
that interview he points out in the interview he says gosh you and i both have been vaccinated and because we're sitting about 15 feet apart we took our masks off. but if we were sit next to each other, both of us would put our maskings on and i remember thinking, if that's really idiotic because if you have say a pizza between you suddenly magically covid germs disappear and virus no longer exist, it makes zero sense and my deal on masks is i'm not an extremist on either side. i've worn masks particularly during height of the pandemic when i go out get on airplane or go to a restaurant or even for that matter -- when i went to the "state of the union address" i wore a mask then. but i've also been vaccinated and i don't view this mask as this -- ing virtue and righteousness, and i got to tell you stuart what really worries me -- is the kids. the lesson that the kids are getting our girls are ten and 13. and we're teaching our children
11:08 am
to obey arbitrary government mandates that just reel into their everyday lives and i worry about the long-term consequence of that. and the left is quite happy with that because if you're willing to docilely obey orders there's no limit to orders you're going obey. stuart: fair point i want to go fast to op-ed in "the wall street journal" your woke money is no good here. you're no longer taking corporate contributions from facts. spell it out, what's your case that you're making here, senator? >> well i think a great many of us have been deeply frustrated in outraged by the rise of woke corporations. we're seeing ceos of big fortune 500 companies who have decided to throw their lot in with the democrats and become the political enforcers for the woke mob. and whether it is delta airlines or coca-cola blasting georgia
11:09 am
election laws, whether it is folks blaying texas integrity laws and major league baseball yanking all star game out of atlanta, moving it to denver which i might note atlanta is 51% african-american denver is 9% african-american. so good job baseball you care about racial equality so much that you took 100 million dollars away from largely african-american small businesses, and atlanta and moved it to bunch of lily white businesses in denver. you've shown your virtue through and through. and i have to say my attitude i'm fed up with it. i'm sick of it. i think a lot of americans are sick of it. and so i announced this week as of this point going forward i will not accept any contributions from corporate packs not a penny in nine years corporate packs contradicted 2.6 million to my campaign and i've decided enough is enough. that if they're going behave as enemies of the american people, enemies of liberty if they're goapg going to engage in lice
11:10 am
and willingly be weaponized as economic tools of punishment for the democratic party and the radicals, who are doing enormous damage to the country that -- that i want nothing to do with that endeavor. >> fair enough. senator cruz, you speak right to the issue, and we like that. come back soon, senator. great to have you with us today appreciate it. sure thing. toipght get to the markets because i look on the left-hand side of the screen there's plenty of red ink there look at the dow down about three quarters of one percent down 250 points or thrcts david joins us now. david, is it possible that market today is rattled by this enormous spending and these huge projected tax increases all of this government printing -- is the market a little skittish about what it sees down the road? >> i love that, stuart so the market goes up, 6,000 points
11:11 am
after all of the spending begins and then we have a 200 point down day and today is maybe the day the market is responding -- >> making fun of me. you're making fun of me -- i know you are but go ahead. >> serious -- [laughter] whenever i make fun of you it is in love my friend the reality is that we know where things stand there's a lot of uncertainty into the future. i happen to personally be more focused on monetary policy side than even the fiscal because i think we're living in totally unprecedented times with interventions of our central bank. new tax ideas, new spending ideas, this has been going on for decades the difference is there's more zeros than come mass involved but new not this week and the reality is i think a lot of tax policy that president biden presented the other night is never going see light of day. stuart: okay we always bring you on because you have great plays
11:12 am
for dividends. you like stocks companies where the dividend is strong and growing. you brought us two today on the screen right now. first off, chevron, am i right in saying that chevron 103 a share shows what a 5% dividend something like that? >> it shows over 5% dividend and guess what happened 48 hours ago they raised the diff end about 4% increase. so coming off of the worst year for the oil industry, in forever was all of its talk last year about big oil is done. they're beginning to cut the dividend all of these things, chevron comes out and grows the dividend comes out this morning in announces over 30 billion dollars of quarterly revenue over a billion dollars of quarterly profit. incredible capital discipline from chevron throughout the whole covid crisis. they presented their cash flow,
11:13 am
they have a strong balance sheet, and they're growing the dividend and those who held on to chevron through this difficult period are now up about 70% from its low levels. stuart: okay we'll bet on it i'm sorry i don't have time to go into ym fishings a pipe company and sorry i don't have time for it david next time come to explain it all. david good man thanks so much. see you again soon. >> all right. stuart: kentucky derby -- it is very likely to be the biggest sport event in terms of attendance since the pandemic began. it is boosting the economy of louisville, and we have a report from the derby municipal for you. brand new numbers show migrant encounters at the border leveling off. does this mean the white house is finally getting something of a handle on this? i'll ask tom first, though, the nonprofit group responsible for cans pling dr. seuss is teaming up with google they just created
11:14 am
an antiracist book list for teachers. steve hilton -- oh i'm glad he's on the show he's going take that on. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up.
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and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 on the nations fastest, most reliable network. ♪ ♪ stuart: disney land has reopened first time in over a year, resort lost over $had billion in revenue because of the shutdown, obviously.
11:19 am
you can see people walking in there right now. by the way, they're opening a new attraction, marvel's avenger campus vetches spider-man captain america opens june the fourth as for disney stock not affected by reopening but disney stock has done very well recently as country has reopened. you're at 184 right now down a little from 200 it was worth couple of weeks ago. we have that nonprofit group that was behind the cancelation of dr. seuss that team is with google with antiracist books for children and teachers. steve hilton with me now. he's the host of the next revolution on fox news. so if you've got a list of books which are antiracist and good, i take it they've also got a list of books which are real bad and must not read what's going on here, steve? >> it is just another example of the woke takeover of corporate
11:20 am
america you discussing with ted cruz earlier he's taken a stand and that's really important republicans do need to puns. understand this is seeping in to every part of our lives through business, through big business think about all of the interactions that these giant companies google and all but all across the private sector not just big tech and think about interactions they have with customers, with their employees, their suppliers, their partners the qoak woke ideology is seep intog that this is latest example by the way on your earlier story just now how long before we get woke disneyland there's no end to it seems that's what -- conservatives and republicans have to understand. we have to take a stand against this because remember the origin of this woke ideology as i laid out few weeks ago on my show people were really interested to learn this. this isn't some fad that's popped up over last year or so after the george floyd protest or aoc twitter account this is
11:21 am
the culmination of a hundred year effort originated in germany by mark cyst philosopherring asking themselves why communist revolution that mark son didn't actually happen the way they predicted they said, the real reason is not that it is all about economics like marx said it is about these other things that talls of oppression, family, faith, and culture. those core things that we love in america. that's what they're trying to overturn. we've got to wake up to the threat here and fight back. stuart: you're right. i didn't know the origin finance there i should have watched your show. if all right. now this -- >> a bit late for you i'll send you a link. stuart: i'm asleep at 9:00 but let's move on toipght show this montage of woke educators you won't believe this. roll tape. >> i mean it is our social justice all day every day i get
11:22 am
to talk about all things i love. really i'm living a life over here. i think cops are heros they have of to a difficult job but we have to have -- >> all of them? >> when we are in trouble and they have a knife or gun -- why wouldn't you call the police? >> i don't trust them. >> my life is in more danger in their presence. >> who would you call? >> i couldn't call anybody. [laughter] stuart: can you believe this? these people -- discussing their marxism social justice and teachers they don't care that's what they're going do and a professor totally illogical we seem to be turning out a generation of political -- >> you absolutely nailed it that is the central goal of so much of what goes on in schools right now. it is not education. it is activism. and at the same time as they're preaching this activism about issues like social justice, just look at the data on who is
11:23 am
really losing out there. for example, here in california, black kids on average in public schools are for school years behind their white counterparts because the education is so appalling. this is what is actually happening this is actually -- entrenching the kind of disadvantage that we should all be fighting against and what this tells you again is we've got to fight back. how do we fight sphwhak by getting rid of this indoctrine this lock that system has through the public school monopoly. school choice charter schools giving parents the money so they can go and find alternatives where they don't get this kind of brainwashing and indoctrine from the teachers. stuart: unfortunately we're not going to get that during biden administration but i'm not going to promise to watch your show at 9:00 on supgd sunday night that's a promise i cannot keep but i would urge our viewers to watch steve hilton on the next
11:24 am
revolution. fox news 9 p.m. sunday. thanks very much, steve always good. >> great to see you stu thanks. >> we have spents a lot of time on politics but now moving back to money, why not? we have got some redding there on the left-hand side of the screen but we do have a big upside mover -- and i'm sure it is amazon suzanne. >> speaking of money they make a lot of it. so i would call a.m. horizontal the stock of the day. because they're forecasting their third 100 billion dollar sales quarter this spring. not many companies is have ever done that. also announcing that prime day will be in june this year. so get your checkouts ready and analysts love the earnings look at them 18 raising their prk and one even calling stock worth 5500 dollars so i did math that's roughly around 40 to 50% more upside in amazon shares. apple is another facing eu investigation into seas charge
11:25 am
in app store especially for the museum music streamers and taking place with a fortnite game maker starts on monday and don't forget new max and air on sale today also clorox we don't need as many clorox wipes anymore so that's costing clorox to make cleaning supplies so sales are coming down and that is not good for the bottom line, stu. stuart: only they think i use my ipad for is watching youtube that's it. only thing i use it for but i'm hooked to it -- there you go. >> e-mails right two fingers and what else? stuart: no i text do that on my phone. not my iowa pad produceers are telling me we have to go so here we go. new york city major step launching new i'm sorry a major city that's launching a new app. just for vaccinated residents of
11:26 am
that city. to let those residents into exclusive concertings an other events we'll tell you which city we're talking about. that's coming up for you. and look at this homes surveillance video shows migrants hopping the fence on running across a woman's back porch in the middle of the night. homeowner says she doesn't feel safe she's not alone that story, next. look at that. i have an idea for a trade. oh yeah, you going to place it? not until i'm sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss.
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>> we're not getting the support as the u.s., this is not panning out good for us we're under siege here when i say that i've already caught three this morning before breakfast. [laughter] stuart: that rancher had to pause during the interview because migrants were running through his property casey stegall is in laredo, texas you're talking to more with migrant running through their property what are they saying?
11:31 am
>> stuart happening all of the time, and across all of the sectors, you know, the cvp data is showing us that unaccompany minor apprehensions are still up about 163% compared to the same time last fiscal year. single adult apprehensions we don't talk much about those and sing adults those apprehensions along entire southwest border up by about 209%. now, you have got to look at this ring camera surveillance video from a homeowner in mission texas near mccalen wast warning you can see scores of migrants suddenly appear. they first hop a fence and then run in all different directions across the private property way too close for comfort says bonny fog the woman who lives in that house. >> now any bubble is getting smaller because they're now coming into my backyard. they're coming to my front door.
11:32 am
if and that is the part that everyone needs to understand. it's far beyond just a couple of people getting on a bus and heading north. >> now this morning the white house released this statement saying that the number of children being held in border patrol facilities has if dropped 84% since last month's peak of more than 5700. that is true, however, what it did not mention was how the number in hhs custody just about doubled in that same period. so for now, it really seems to be about semantic when is you look at numbers but i can tell you whether it is cvp custody or hhs custody right now, there are more than 23,000 migrant kids in federal custody. stuart. stuart: casey stegall rights at the border casey thanks so much
11:33 am
pin deed playing with numbers i have more numbers for you migrant apprehensions may be leveling all of a little 172,000 prangedded in march 162,000 in april. tom joins us former acting i.c.e. director. the numbers are still high but they come down a little -- if the administration getting any kind of handle on this? absolutely not you're right they're playing with numbers they went down a little bit on apprehensions but that's because border patrol already said 40% of their manpower is no locker on line because you're talking care of family units and 40% of border patrol is not on line that's less arrests it is up 400% from same time last year you mentioned 23,000 children custody government, that is the highest number ever in history of the united states border patrol they come across border in history of this country this is a crisis, and i feel bad for
11:34 am
those land own percent look secretary on national news couple of weeks secretary mayorkas said border is closed secure and now we know that is his politics at its worst that's a lie. stuart: you know we showed our viewers a couple of time this is video i'm going to run it again now my grant running through that latest property in the middle of the night. literally scores of them. there you have it running through her property. now my question to you, tom is what would have happened if that woman, the lady confronted migrants showing she had injured one of them if she did she could have been sued couldn't she? >> it is already happened there's within ranchers attacked and civilian attacked and you know, another big thing no one is talking about where are those people running across i got -- i just got back from mccalen texas i was down on boarld. these people are coming across where there's not a wall. walls worked walls stop people.
11:35 am
so every place this surge whatting where there isn't a wall if that lady would have a wall south of her, she wouldn't have people running through her yard. again, biden administration stopped construction of the wall, they should not have done that because walls save lives where there's a qawlg they won't cross and that forces them to go to the -- if you built the qawl wall kept the program they would be forced to go to poe and they don't have to pay a cartel they don't have so pay smugglers 30% women won't be sexual assaulted by cartels children won't die in a river. children won't die in desert it just -- biden administration wants to sell this as humane policy it is most inhumane policy i've seen in any 35 years doing this job. stuart: well leave it at that but tom come back soon we want to update this crisis at the border that's what it is tom homan thank you for joining us see you later. >> see ya. stuart: chicago is planning to roll out a vax pass next month they insist officials there say
11:36 am
it is not a passport but similar to what is called a city pass that will give resident discounts free admission to museums skip lines for attractions that kind of thing. this vax pass is designed to give incentives to people to get vaccinated. that is chicago. all right moving on, show me wariner music group and suzanne you have to come into this. they went on a shopping spree didn't they -- [laughter] >> bought the cat lotion music rights from jo man brothers wiz ka khalifa and florida georgia line and this is tempo with a billion dollars know specific details on how much but you know many famous artists are selling off their music rights right now. it that includes bob dylan most famous probably last year selling to universal for a report of 300 to 400 million stevie knicks sold for 100 million and that has to do with the biden propose capital gain increases because a lot of legacy artist are trying to rush
11:37 am
in to sell off catalogs before they have to pay another 50% for some of those. >> they back date cap increase you lose. j i didn't know there were capital gains on music rights did you know that? i didn't know that. >> if you make a profit on anything you sell it for higher price than what you started out at you've mading capitalling gain and if biden gets his way you're paying double capital gain tax. >> well if that dates it everybody who has made a profit now and sold now will have to pay the tax even though you didn't know about it. >> how did you know how much it was worth back in 1960s i don't know if you come up with capital gain? >> i'm talking about back dating the cap tax increase. they will back date maybe -- to january the first and that would be a catastrophe. >> right. stuart: that's just me talking. >> saying so we're clear, is just the difference in price. between what they're selling it at and what it was worth when
11:38 am
they wrote it. stuart: you have to establish the first price and their selling price and that establishes the capital gain they've made. we're on it. on the same page we agree good lord -- right now restaurants in washington, d.c. can only operate at 25% that's it. bobby van's owner smith calls it a nightmare. he's been there he's seen it. on with the show, next. tomorrow, the 174th kentucky derby the race generates 400 million dollars for the local economy. we have a report on that, right to you from churchill downs.
11:39 am
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♪ stuart: all right the kentucky derby is tomorrow it is always the first saturday in may. and tomorrow is the first saturday in may. lidia w.h.o. is there at churchill downs lidia i know there are capacity limits so what kind of crowd are they expecting? >> hi stuart you know they're expecting tomorrow, a crowd around 40 to 45,000 people to be here to watch the kentucky derby to give you a sense of what it is leak in a usual year. a crowd on that saturday in excess of 160,000. so we're pretty far down with the capacity restrictions that are sell in place. but enemy we've been talking to in local area around louisville are delighted to see that the race is still happening on the first saturday with some type of attendance in place because ong,
11:44 am
of course, last year postponed until september and no fanses at all we talk to one own we are a horse that is running norm derby this is travis foley his horse and listen to what he has to say. for somebody like us it is almost impossible and we're not supposed to be here and we just got a nice mare out of a small operation, and it goes to show you how anything can happen in this game where it is not always big money. reporter: yeah, after the derby tomorrow, up next is the preakness happening in baltimore and then beaumont stakes in june and find out if we will have a triple crown winner this year. i -- should mention also stuart standing on first turn here on track so question of a beautiful view i hope you can see behind it behind me. stuart: it is a beautiful view that's a great hat lidia i'm sure you'll be wearing it tomorrow too.
11:45 am
lidia who -- thank you very much. good to see you now this we could see the biggest bet on -- ever on one of the derby horses. suzanne you know this story who is placing the belt and how much? >> so mattress mac will wage around 2 million plus maybe even three to four million placing his bet on 5-2 favorite essential quality to win derby tomorrow and mattress places bets to pay for furniture promotions at its furniture store so he offers customers their money back on a in the trees set purchase of 3,000 or more if the favorite wins the derby so in order to make up for that he has to win and he might win big as well with a favorite winning 6 of the last 7 kentucky derbies first saturday in may. so ping history is on his side. stuart: i guess it is. a big vester, now cities preparing to reopen fully including new york city july the first. washington, d.c., though, that's
11:46 am
still partially locked down. joseph smith the owner of bobby vance back with us today. it is great to see you but i believe you've been down to d.c. how would you describe the restaurant situation in washington, d.c.? >> stuart, thank you once again for having me on, and giving the restaurants a voice in new york. seem to be the only station that's doing it. i was in d.c. on tuesday, and it's to describe it the best way is it made new york look like beach on a saturday night. that's how deserted it is. there's 15, 20 minutes to even see a taxi, 25 minutes for a über because there's no one in the city. barbed wire they have soldier police on every other corner allowed 25% of inside.
11:47 am
thank god the weather has broke a little bit and now we're getting if a little sunshine. so we may be tiebl put some people inside. stuart: compare that to new york city supposed to fully reopen on july the first. do you think we will be fully reopened july the first? >> well, that's -- remains to be seen because as you know our two fearless leaders do not get along and one says it is green, other says it is yellow. so we have to wait to see what governor is going to come back with now it is well in good to say we're going to do this but will we? stuart: yeah. yeah. will we? have you had to close any of your operations any of your restaurants permanently? >> no. nothing permanently because i've been sort of smart with what i've been handling but i would like open the two restaurants on the qdz west side 50th street
11:48 am
between sixth and 7th, but i can't because i can't find staff now. because they're getting 7 to 800 a week to stay in bed from the government or they come to work for me i pay $15, 17, 18 an hour, they get to go home for $600 out of money and now getting 7 or 800 to stay in bed i would stay in bed. stuart: yeah. well come back soon joseph because yowfs been our constant reporter on the restaurants seen and giving us the right information which we appreciate. i'm sorry i have to go. friday feedback next and that's very important. joseph smith, bobby vance, see you again soon. yes indeed it is friday feedback and yes it is next, we will be back. ♪ ♪ when a hailstorm hit,
11:49 am
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♪ ♪ stuart: fort myer florida good time to be on beach friday feedback come on in suzanne let's get started fist one comes to us from michael brown here it is please tell what you say you
11:53 am
do to prepare for each day and how long does it take? okay i get up at 3:00. i start writing scripts and looking at all of the media outlets. i'm on the set by 8:30, and we go on air at 9:00 so i guess you could say take mess about six hours how about you suzanne? >> i get up at 5:15 lots of coffee and i run to at 8:55. >> thanks that's just a joke. >> john drew say this is, my question is -- will you run to be the next governor of new york? absolutely not. not a prayer. if i would lose my temp per i got involved in politics. how about you sue disman >> i don't think so no thank you there's not a lot of return for a lot of headaches. >> that's true damian writes it is a long shot but any idea when audiences will be let in to special shows love to visit the
11:54 am
studio some time docket hold your breath if we ever get liability protection then maybe we can let peel into the studio but it is not going to happen any time soon. >> i like the way you put that. when you were part of those live town halls good banter between you and audience. stuart: love to see him come back but we need line of protection. how about brian king he says this suzanne versus stu these clashes are epic like "downton abbey" not saying versus hold but different experience versus different experience let me interpret that this is old versus young it is technically ignorant versus tech-savvy that is the way you know it. >> i stop paying attention when he called me blue man group do i look blue what does that mean? why do you get to be elegant "downton abbey"? >> elegant that's a good one but it is --
11:55 am
we do banter and it is about my perspective as being much older than you and it is your perspective being tech-savvy and me not i think that's what it does. >> i love it, though, i really, really do enjoy our banter every day i come at it from a different perspective i find generational differences so enlightening and i do learn a lot from you, stu. stuart: i remind you that your mother -- don't i? [laughter] >> i don't know how she would that i can? stuart varney as my mom -- she would say probably has a little bit different hair. stuart: oh -- that is killer last shot you got it right it's over. suzanne thank you very much indeed we'll see you soon my best to your mom. in terms of friday trivia question what is tallest monument in the u.s. -- i can't guess but the answer when we come back. ♪ ♪
11:56 am
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stuart: we did ask what is the tallest monument in the united states and the answer is the gateway arch in st. louis. i did not know that. now i find the gateway arch is 630 feet, 75 feet taller than the washington monument and
12:00 pm
twice the size of the statue of liberty. you learn something every day on this program. the real interesting point is bitcoin has moved up to 57,$000 per share. but still up 6% and that is news. time is up for me. neil, it is yours. >> when you wonder your emails and letters together who collates that? >> the producers pick out what we should be answering. they filter out the hate mail. neil: say an anchor only has hate mail? any idea how that could be handled? just let me know. thank you very much.


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