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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> it is hard. >> we salute you, nicky and gracie thank you for your time. >> that does it for us fox business tonight. the "evening edit" coming up next. tonight, president biden $6 trillion vision for america isn't adding up from the price tag, to jobs loss we're adding up the proposals what it means for families. kevin brady, ashley hinson, fox news contributor jason chaffetz, former u.s. department of education press secretary angela morobito, republican strategist, ford o'connell, arizona congressman andy biggs, and former acting dhs secretary
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ken cuccinelli. is big government back? president biden transforming america and pushing the biggest ghost plan in nation's history. twitter allows uncle tim to trend 11 hours before cutting it off after tim scott firmly believes america is not quote, a racist country. vicious attacks ensue. biden's american family plan could make free college a reality but it doesn't come free. it could be a huge step towards government-run colleges and free college for all. republicans turning their backs on woke ceos. how democrats are now becoming the party of big corporations an republicans the proud defender of the american worker. and this, the postal service admits it is spying on you. when did the postal service get into national intelligence? president biden painting with broad strokes on immigration but failed to address the crisis
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happening at this very moment on the southern border. he is even being slammed by his own party. i'm brian brenberg in for elizabeth macdonald. the"the evening edit" starts rit now now. ♪ brian: president biden highlighted his 6 trillion-dollar spending spree, drawing harsh criticism from republicans about the american families plan. the white house offered specific numbers who will be affected by tax hikes to pay for it. blake burman at white house with details. reporter: brian, good evening after wrasse night's joint address president biden is on the road and will be there several days to try to sell his economic vision. give you a live look at duluth, georgia. you see the cars there in the background. the president is set to hold a
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drive-in rally. duluth a suburb northeast of atlanta. the president tomorrow will be in pennsylvania. then on monday he will head to virginia. you're right, brian, we have new details from the white house who would be impacted from the american families plan. part of the reason the president is on the road that is the proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for things like free preschool, community college, cap child care costs for low income families and paid leave program. white house has been all over the place with who will be taxed for the plan. white house official told me for individuals those that make under $452,700. for families it is those that bring in $500,300. those are adjusted income figures. here in washington, up on capitol hill, the messaging for the american families plan is now beginning from both sides of
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the aisle. watch. >> president biden proposed common sense investments and policies that will provide a pathway to success for working people and for america as a whole. >> instead of empowering families with flexibility, this one would subsidize specific paths that democrats deem best. jackie: brian, the president out on the road with the american jobs plan. the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure package and the american families plan as well that price tag is $1.8 trillion. we should note at this point these are just proposals. still a very long way for it to becoming law being signed by the president over here at the white house. but as it relates to that families plan the white house, white house official did tell me they envision if there are tax changes it would take place on the individual side in 2022, next year. brian. brian: blake burman at the white house, thank you, sir. for more on this let's bring in texas congressman kevin brady.
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congressman, thank you for being here. you're the guy i want to talk to. and i want to start with this question, i was watching the speech last night and i was hearing some facts or things that were purported to be facts, i was thinking that doesn't sound quite right to me. can you separate some of the fact from fiction on the economy in that speech? >> yeah. there was a lot of fact-checking to be done there, almost every point he made about tax increases in our tax reform was false. he has been fact checked a number of times on these misleading statements but truth of the matter is, three out of every four dollars in taxes went to families, small businesses, not corporations t drove jobs, growth, paychecks higher than they have been in the decade. it brought back jobs, manufacturing, research back into the united states. in one year, 2019, not only did we have the highest household income for a family in history,
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one year, was bigger than all eight years of the obama-biden years. we had the lowest poverty rate in half a century. we shrunk income inequality. tax reform worked. these tax hikes the that president biden is proposing will reverse all that progress. brian: let's talk about who shoulders the burden here. we keep hearing it is only the rich. that sliver is getting smaller and nall smaller. when you look at the numbers, is there any way only the rich will pay for the $6 trillion we're talking about here? >> absolutely not. i counted up in the president's speech 6 1/2 million jobs will be lost just from the policies in that speech last night. at the end of the day as you know, when you raise taxes on businesses you know they don't pay those taxes. they collect them. so it leans on their employees, leans on their customers in
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higher prices. certainly lands on their families counting on those businesses for their retirement. i predict if we raise corporate taxes to what he wants, which will be worse than china, dead last among our global competitors, we'll also see a second round of u.s. companies and jobs moving overseas. so at the end of the day, it always lands on working families. brian: congressman, the president talked about all this spending in a very moderate way. his manner was very moderate. he called all of this common sense but when you put the numbers he is talking about into historical context they are breath taking. talk for a moment just how big this is and how much it would affect the economy as we know it right now? >> you know right now i think like many americans i'm praying democrats don't learn what is bigger than a trillion because that is all we're seeing in the spending in this debt.
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the truth of the matter is, look, government checks and higher taxes won't do as much for working families as good-paying jobs and rising paychecks. which is exactly what we brought to them. you can't tax, spend and borrow your way to prosperity and clearly that is what the president wants to do. this is as you said, a very reassuring tone but these are very radical, socialist policies that change america for a lifetime. brian: congressman the president said last night the only option that is not on the table is doing nothing but i got to tell you, that sounds like a halfway decent option given how fast gdp is growing, given jobs are coming back. wouldn't it be better for the economy if congress just took a pause here, time out, let everything come back, not get in the way of it? >> economically that is true. the president is very fortunate. he inherited a very strong
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recovery, life-saving vaccines. states and communities like texas and florida reopening. sew you're seeing those jobs and that economic recovery come back in a strong way. what he is erecting are, in my view, his policies are sabotaging our economic recovery. at the end of the day, it will result in slower hiring, slower growth, slower rising paychecks. again i think you will see more of u.s. companies move overseas because they don't have a choice. brian: congressman kevin brady separating fact from fiction. thank you so much, sir. we appreciate it. >> thank you, brian. brian: and just like that, big government is back, or so it seems from watching biden's speech to congress last night but remember when fellow democrat bill clinton had the opposite message? watch this. >> we know and we have worked to give the american people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in washington and we
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have to give the american people one that lives within its means. [applause] the era of big government is over. brian: now to this last night where president biden pushed the biggest government plan in the nation's history. watch. >> we, the people, it is time to remember that we the people are the government. brian: joining us now is iowa congresswoman ashley hinson. congresswoman, thank you for being here tonight. you were in the room last night for the president's speech. as somebody watching on the other side of the screen, the view, panoramic view of that room was awfully discouraging to me. the distancing, masks in a room full of people fully vaccinated.
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your reaction to being in that room. how did it feel to you? >> absolutely, brian, thanks for having me on tonight. members of congress were given priority access to the vaccine so we could be in the capitol to do the work people pay us to do. i'm encouraged to get back to work as normal as possible, as soon as possible. unfortunately last night we saw caving to the fear, continuing to cave to the fear. we need to be safe, we need to be reasonable and follow the cdc guidelines which say if you have been vaccinated congregated in a room. i was discouraged by that, the state of the union where joint sessions of congress are supposed to be gathering with a full chamber, many guests, full cabinet, full supreme court. we definitely didn't see that last night. start to finish it was not the experience that i think america needed to see. i care about people getting vaccinated. i care about moving this country forward. i think that visually sent the
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wrong message last night. brian: congresswoman, the president talks about wanting to listening ideas on both sides of the aisle. he rerated that message last night but i have to believe for you and your colleagues in congress, you hear that, kind of say, that is not happening, don't think it is going to happen. what is reaction to continued rhetoric there is openness to bipartisanship? >> i think what i heard last night more of the same. promises of free stuff, a lot of fluff, no real actionable solutions to problems what we want to come to the table to work on. i had a meeting with the legislative liaison from the biden administration few weeks ago, let her know what our priorities are for infrastructure. we're ready to come to the table to work on infrastructure. roads and bridges, locks and dams. absolutely crucial to a state like iowa we need our agricultural manufactured products out to market on the mississippi river. we're ready to come to the table to work on those kinds of projects and investments but you're looking at a fundamental change in policy, a fundamental
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change in viewpoint that government is the answer. the government is not the answer. the private sector is the answer. the people of this country are the answer. they're coming up with solutions to our problems every day. they're helping us recover from this pandemic and i believe in the people of this country. i believe in our constitution. we've seen that come under assault not only by the biden administration but by democrats under control in congress under nancy pelosi's leadership as well. brian: congresswoman, i have only a few seconds left but i have to ask you this. some republicans are trying to chip away at the edges to find compromise s compromise possible on bills this big so motivated by the left ward drift in the democratic party we've seen? >> that is why people are upset with how congress runs. huge packages filled with liberal priorities. what we need to be focused on is smaller targeted packages that meet needs of the american people at a price tag that respects taxpayers of this country. heard you talk to my colleague kevin brady from texas.
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the tax burden will fall on the working family here. we have to stop disrespecting the hard-working tax payers in this country. republicans are ready to come to the table on reasonable, targeted solutions. last night all i heard ka-ching, ka-ching, spending spigot is on. biden's blank checkbook is at work. brian: ka-ching, ka-ching, coming out out of the taxpayers pocket. ashley hinson, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you, brian. brian: jason chaffetz is talking about the twitter enabling the #uncle tim for 11 hours before cut it off. after scott said he doesn't believe the u.s. is a racist country. >> this is appalling behavior by liberals who posted them. scott in his speech called by some on the left uncle tom, that hour muchs into uncle tim in the
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we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪. >> we need policies and progress that brings us closer together. but three months in the actions
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of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. nowhere do we need common ground more desperately than in our discussions of race. i have experienced the pain of discrimination. i get called uncle tom and the "n-word" by progressives, by liberals, from colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all. by doubling down on the divisions we have worked so hard to heal. you know this stuff is wrong. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. brian: that is south carolina senator tim scott addressing race in america. part of his republican response to president biden's address. while the mainstream media was quick to praise biden's performance senator scott was widely bashed.
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watch. >> the messenger was great but the message was wrong. >> speech delivered from a plan net where facts don't matter where the current republican party doesn't reside. >> i don't know what the purpose was. i am shocked and embarrassed from him. this was a lot of opportunity. tim scott had a opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform. this ain't going to do it. this wasn't it. brian: racial slurs even trending on twitter before being taken down. i'm joined by fox news contributor jason chaffetz. jason so good to see you tonight. start with tim scott, senator scott's speech that is a tough one to give. everybody knows it, it looked to me just about nailed it. your perspective own his performance last night? >> i am very good friends with tim scott. i served with the senator when he was in the house. i thought he gave an exceptional speech. it was conservative in it is
10:21 pm
nature and compassion that republicans would bring to the table. he was just pitch perfect in what he was saying in terms of tone, his substance and the fact that he actually had brought things to the table, for instance, on criminal justice reform but the reaction from those on the left is absolutely stunning. to see those those people who tried to project themselves, put themselves up as the most tolerant and compassionate people were the most vial against senator scott in their response. it was disgusting. brian: jason let's talk about the reactions we saw in different quarters. start with the media. we just played a couple of clips there of different members of the media reacting to the senator's speech. it looked to me like the classic case of overreacting because you've seen something that is really good and you don't like that it is really good. >> i don't think the democratic party can allow somebody like tim scott with his background,
10:22 pm
his experience and his success within the republican party to succeed. i was there when they went after mia love, first black republican woman. they went after her with everything they got because they didn't want to see somebody successful like her. they don't want to see somebody successful like tim scott because the democratic party has been based on division and making sure that they understand their projection is, hey, you know, america is racist, and we're going to divide. if you are of any ethnicity, you can only be with the democratic party. that is such a fallacy. it perpetuates, perpetuates the problem. doesn't solve the problem. when senator tim scott got up and said, we're not a racist country, we made progress. i experienced racism. it is still there. we can get better as a nation, that is a message that does resonate, does unite us, does bring us together. brian: he didn't nibble around
10:23 pm
the edges on the issue. he went right at the heart of philosophical question. i have to go to this. racial slurs, ugly stuff we saw on twitter. twitter is always ugly. that doesn't surprise me. twitter took a very, very long time to address any of this. does that surprise you? would you expect something else from them coming out of this? >> i think social media perpetuated the racism. they perpetuated vial nature of this. taking down certain viewpoints is onesided. they don't want conservatives to actually be successful. when they attack senator scott with aggressive of language as you can possibly get and don't take it down and let it linger for hour upon hour, upon hour, there is only one reason, it is because they want that message out the there. these people are smart in silicon valley. they know how to deal with this. they could take it down in a few minutes. they chose not to.
10:24 pm
that says everything about them, not senator scott. says everything about them. it makes senator scott's point even more poignant. brian: jason, what do you expect senator scott to face in the weeks, months, ahead when it comes to this? you call it pushback, maybe attacks based on the speech he has given the way his profile has risen? >> i remember i had a good chance to talk with ohio state football coach earl bruce a long time ago. i remember he said something that stuck with me these decades later. that was when you're being kicked in the rear that means you're in front. the reason the left is going so aggressively including "the washington post" and others because senator tim scott, he could well be the next president of the united states. they know it. they know he could be successful. that is why they will go after him with everything they have got. brian: jason chaffetz, great thoughts. thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. brian: coming up former u.s. department of education press
10:25 pm
secretary angela morobito is here to explain how biden's american families plan make free college a reality but government-run college and so-called f ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ (build me up) ♪ ♪ buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ ♪ (let me down) ♪ ♪ and mess me around ♪ ♪ and then worst of all ♪ ♪ (worst of all) ♪ ♪ you never call, baby ♪ ♪ when you... ♪ ♪ say you will... ♪ carl. what have you done? think anyone will notice? yes. yeah. if you ride, you get it. yeah, they will. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. dignity. it demands a rapid covid test, because we all deserve an answer. it demands your heart stays connected to your doctor,
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♪. brian: well president biden shared details of his american families plan last night which includes paid family leave,
10:29 pm
child care and education. watch this. >> when you add two years of free community college on top of that you begin to change the dynamic. [applause] we can do that. it will increase pell grants and invest in historical black colleges and universities, tribal colleges, minority-serving institutions. brian: joining us to discuss is former department of education press secretary angela morbito. great to have you with us tonight. get your reaction to the president's comments about your education, particularly the kind of moderate pitch he gave around this? >> well i don't know if i would call it a moderate pitch, brian. president biden is floating an idea of a 251 billion-dollar transfer of money from the higher education industry.
10:30 pm
this may be more moderate than bernie sanders and aoc wanted to have happen, it's a step on the path towards free college paid for by the u.s. taxpayer. in this proposal there is several different funds. they pay colleges, different types of colleges depending what they are, who they serve. what is missing any form of quality control. these colleges are getting huge amounts of money. they have no incentive to deliver a good product to their students. commune colleges, any kind of college, really education can be so transformative but instead the biden plan is going to incentivise colleges just to fill more seats and to keep the government happy because they're no longer accountable to the students. brian: this is an interesting point you raise, angela, because in the marketplace what you hear a awful lot of say students coming out of college are not ready for the jobs we want to give them. they're not prepared. the quality issue is huge but
10:31 pm
there is absolutely zero conversation about this. it seems to me the model is, pump as many people through the college system as possible. you got to wonder is that because we're preparing for them for work or a great way to push an ideology to all the students? >> campus reform covers every day are college campuses are the testing ground for leftist ideologies. what starts on college campuses ends up in boardrooms, newsrooms, k-12 classrooms. college is where the left has strongholds and where their ideas take root. when you talk about college, there are twos is specs of paying for college i want to address here, talking about pell grants, community college. both of these things can be great, if you look at numbers, only one in three students enroll in community college graduate from that school. only a little over half of pell grant recipients graduate from a
10:32 pm
four-year college within six years. so 150% of the typical time to completing their credential. we need to invest making these products work for students instead of just pumping more money into them, hoping something changes. brian: really quickly, angela, on the money front, we're talking about free college, tuition-free. of course it is not free. the question, will prices, costs go up because the government gets more involved in funding more of this? >> yes, they will. we've seen this happen every single time the government has gotten more involved in trying to make college less expensive. it actually has the opposite effect. when pell grants were first created decades ago president biden said himself in his white house fact sheet that pell grants sometimes covered up to 80% of the cost of college. you know what? the cost of college skyrocketed. the same thing happened in 2011
10:33 pm
when president obama nationalized the federal student loan portfolio. every single well-intentioned government action has caused costs to go up, quality to go down. brian: angela, not a moderate message last night. thanks for bringing that to our attention. we appreciate it. >> thank you, brian. brian: still ahead, ford o'connell is here, how the gop is turning its back on woke ceos. how the democrats are becoming the party of big corporations, the republicans, the defenders of the american worker. >> corporations used to you know, they used to be content selling us products and services but now it seems like they want to sell us politics. they want to tell us how to think. they want to tell us how to vote. it is extremely f
10:34 pm
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♪. brian: president biden is spending his 100th day in office in georgia after supporting major league
10:38 pm
baseball's decision to boycott the state and move the all start game out over the new voting rights law. that move cost the state by some estimates more than $100 million. today texas senator ted cruz addressed the boycott in an op-ed in "the wall street journal" blasting corporations like boeing, merck and coca-cola for what he calls, mouthing off on legislation they don't understand. vowing not to accept corporate pac money. joining me republican strategist, ford o'connell. great to see you tonight. this looks to me like a pretty big shift when we expect for republicans. the ground is changing when it comes to big corporations. >> that is exactly right. look, i tip my hat to texas senator ted cruz. he is exactly right. republicans have to fight back against woke corporations. the status quo can't hold. they need to be taught a lesson. they need to look at the facts, they need to respect republican values. brian: ford, we talk about
10:39 pm
boycotts. boycotts are attempted regularly. we see them all the time. they're often not successful. when you look what senator cruz is talking about here, not taking corporate money, do you think that sticks? do you think more politicians follow? do you think they're making up with it with smaller donations that still allow them to be competitive? >> great question, brian. here is the bottom line, i think republicans on capitol hill need to follow ted cruz' lead as republicans in state capitals across this country because here is the deal when it comes to corporations. actually right now basically corporations need to stop hating republican values. they need to not enter into these debates. they need to understand the michael jordan axiom that republicans buy sneakers too. republicans will do better at the ballot box, pushing back on big business, multinational corporations because voters on both sides of the aisle are
10:40 pm
distrustful of big business, kowtowing to china, offshoring jobs, corporate welfare. republicans focus on small business, main street, the american worker not only will corporate america stay out of the republicans business, and they will increase their vote share. i see it as a win-win. brian: we talk about whether these corporations really understood the law they were critiquing in georgia? you know i have to believe they read that thing. they knew what was in it. really just a case, we know what is in it from a messaging standpoint we'll simply throw our weight behind the woke messaging because that is where we think the public is going. is that what is going on here. >> no. here is what is going on here. behavesally because you see biden in the white house, you see corporations kowtowing to the biden administration so he doesn't come down harder on them on regulations. also understand, democrats are in general better being activists than republicans. they care more. they show up, they make their
10:41 pm
presence felt. the problem with republicans we show up every two years to vote and go our way. we allow corporations to kick ourselves in the teeth, not stand up for our values. that america is a lot more conservative than the aoc, bernie sanders, joe biden assault on merck we saw in the joint address to congress. brian: corporations are going one way, but small businesses are out there saving we desperately need somebody to stand up to us because the weight of this $6 trillion in spending, taxes, regulation, is going to fall on us. how do republicans thread that needle between distancing from corporations but still standing up for the small business? >> well that is exactly it right there. that is, forget multinational corporations. they can take care of themselves. work towards small business. encourage entrepreneurship. help those small business owners. also help the american worker, pay attention to main street america, not wall street. that is a winning formula because a winning formula to
10:42 pm
take back power in washington is multiethnic working class coalition, if republicans stick back to the message not only retake the white house in 2022, retake the white house in 2024. donald trump thought that with the america first agenda and smart path forward. brian: for the o'connell, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you, brian. brian: up next congressman andy biggs how the postal service, yes, the postal service is admitting to spying on you. when did the postal service get into national intelligence? we'll discuss. >> the u.s. postal inspectors, you know the normal person thinks of it, well you get your mail stolen, come out and chase down that bad guy who stole the package or something, but in reality, the postal service is like this stealth, under the radar federal agency that has expansive ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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♪. brian: the u.s. postal service has admitted to spying on american social media posts. house members were given a private briefing yesterday by the chief postal inspector after reports surfaced last week that the agency is running an operation that tracks what they consider inflammatory posts on facebook, parler and other sites. the agency then reports posts to local and federal officials. joining us now is arizona republican andy biggs from the house oversight and reform committee. he was at the briefing. congressman, thank you for being here. this is one of those topics when you read the headline, you say to yourself, what are we talking about? why does the postal service have an intelligence-gathering arm? can we start there, please? >> yeah. brian, great question. in fact that is one of the questions i think all of us were focusing on why do you have that? their claim is this, they are
10:48 pm
mandated to do so because they have to protect postal property and postal employees but i mean, that is such a broad mandate and, they also claim that they're not surveilling individuals. they're surveilling incidents. that is also bizarre because when you think about that, you have to find out about an instance. they're talking about rallies, protests, marchs, those types of things. they claim they're looking for key words in social media. well, people are going to come up. what are you doing for due process? where is your mandate from congress to do that type of thing? you're no longer looking at postal fraud. you're not looking at drugs being transferred to the mail. you're now looking whether there is any criminal conduct on social media. that is what these other agencies are for. so why are they doing isn't it was very, very astounding quite frankly. brian: actually quite terrifying
10:49 pm
to me, i think. if the postal service has capabilities like this, where else do those reside in the federal government? what other bureaucracies have something like this that is akin to spying? we have no idea that it is even there? >> that is a fair question. i mean think about it, irs, we had the lois lerner fiasco. we know nsa has had issues with the fisa warrants. we know cia had issues. we know fbi had issues. those are law enforcement agencies except for the irs. you're right, does epa have stuff like this going on? what about the department of energy? what else is happening? how is our federal government turned into a spy apparatus own the united states citizens? and then you start thinking about "1984" other distopian novels. are we living in that time? that is what we're trying to get to the bottom of. brian: congressman, when i hear this, my thought is, i would
10:50 pm
like to find out. i would like congress to figure out more is going on. if it is, it should stop right now. do the investigation get bigger or hearings get bigger than just the postal service? >> i hope they get bigger in two-ways. number one, we need to do more agencies and specifically get to the bottom of this postal service agency. also has to be transparent, it has to be open so the public can see. there is no way in the world, no reason in the world that this was limited to republicans in a closed-door briefing. and so this needs to be opened up broadly and widely, so the whole country can see what the federal government is doing. brian: congressman, i do hope we continue to open it up. we'll certainly follow it here. thank you for your time, congressman andy biggs. we appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. brian: former dhs acting deputy secretary ken cuccinelli, and president biden painted with a broad strokes on immigration last night but failed to address
10:51 pm
the crisis that is happening at this very moment on our southern border. he is even being slammed by his own party. >> unfortunately the biden administration doesn't want to come to the realization that we have a major crisis, that has nothing to do with political parties. it has to do with a system that is broken. it has to do with people that want to come in. because this is the best country because this is the best country
10:52 pm
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go to to get yours. ♪. brian: in his speech last night, president biden addressed the broken immigration system but not the crisis at the border happening right now. something critics say his administration is responsible for. instead biden blaming trump. watch this. >> when i was president, my president, when i was vice president, president asked me to focus on help needed to address the root causes of migration. to help keep people in their other than countries instead of being forced to leave. the plan was working but the last administration decided it was not worth it. brian: bring in former dhs acting deputy secretary ken cuccinelli. great to have you with us tonight. >> good to be with you. brian: you bet.
10:56 pm
want to start getting your reaction how the president tried to navigate the immigration issue last night in his speech? >> well, honestly i'm not sure he navigated it so much completely sidestepped one important part of it, that is the border crisis and everything entailed with that. now it is important to remember that you and i look down there, we see a crisis. he see as voter registration line. you heard him talk about hr-1 yesterday in the speech to encourage people to support that voting bill which would sweep non-citizens, legal aliens, from state databases, over the voter rolls. manner dates it by federal law, millions of noncitizens voting in our elections, which is already a problem that we have to try to clean up. this would make it expose nextly worse. that is what he is focused on. not fixing the border.
10:57 pm
and, you make it worse by pushing the amnesty bills that he tanked about during his speech before we solve the illegal immigration crisis, before we solve the security problems that he has created. it is why we call it the biden effect. that is a very legitimate name for it. brian: ken, that seems to be the pattern here, you talk a lot last night about trying to address, quote, unquote, root causes in the northern triangle countries. >> yeah. brian: those are massively complex, long-term issues when we have an immediate situation at the border. why do they stay on that? do the american people buy it? >> that is a great set of questions. first of all they stay on it as a distraction, because it sounds like they're addressing the problem but you hit it on the head. that is a decades long problem. and we have addressed other decades long problems with these countries in the past. from the '80s into the 90's,
10:58 pm
we helped them get rid of their death squads to build police forces that weren't a threat to their own countries and that help maintain the peace in their countries today. doing much better job. around they actually fight crime in those countries. so we can help them solve long-term problems. but they are long term. root causes economically is a long-term problem. we were addressing it in the trump administration. i am sure they will address it in this administration, but that doesn't change the fact that they have invited a crisis at our southern border. they have created it, by telling everyone we won't deport you if you come here, throwing open the doors. and you know, we're seeing them give tickets from the border. to people without i.d.s, to travel on planes, trains, automobiles all around country to reach their final destinations. the u.s. government has gone from enforcing the law against illegal immigration to
10:59 pm
facilitating human trafficking by participating in it. brian: we're hearing reports that the president may be open to some kind of piecemeal approach on legislation. does that give you any comfort. does that just mean kind of an open borders policy done in phases? >> no. i'm not comfortable at all with that. that sort of a strategy is used you try to chop it up into pieces. when you end up seeing, many attempts to use the budget reconciliation process to push a lot of this stuff through they have to use the slim legislative authorities to get the radical left-wing agenda through. brian: ken cuccinelli, important issue. appreciate perspective as always. >> good to be with you.
11:00 pm
brian: i'm brian brenberg in for elizabeth macdonald. that does it for us. thanks for watching. >> hello everyone welcome back i am larry kudlow great to be with you. you may have heard or seen a few moments from president biden's address to congress here is what was outlined the democratic party has made government it's god the congress the place of worship in the white house their rectory so the key point of biden speech was when he said this. >> the constitution is we the people it's time to remember that we the


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