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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 29, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance". and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪♪ oh, yeah. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, it is thursday, april 29th. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. president biden pushing a costly economic agenda during his speech to congress, calling on the wealthy and corporate america to foot the bill. >> good guys and women on wall street but wall street didn't build this country. the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to begin to pay their fair share. dagen: former president donald trump joins maria live next hour. hear his reaction to president biden's speech and his take take on the ongoing border crisis as
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maria reports live from texas. we're about to get into the boat with ag paxton and we're going to be touring the rio grande. this park in mexico is controlled by the drug cartels. this boat tour is so effective because you can see close it is, mexico to texas. dagen: futures are higher this morning, gains across the board. the biggest winner the nasdaq 100 futures at the moment, the wave of earnings driving the action. stocks edging down yesterday following the fed's decision to hold rates steady, maintaining its current monetary policies, losses across the board yesterday. european markets this morning, take a look. they're mixed. the dax lower, english market and the french market to the plus side. in asia overnight stocks mostly higher, the kospi was lower, the market in japan was closed for a
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holiday. "mornings with maria" is live right now. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. president biden laying out his vision for america, an expansion of federal programs in his first address to a joint session of congress. he detailed his american families plan, another nearly $2 trillion spending bill for child care, education, and paid leave. >> how do we pay for my jobs and family plan? i will not impose any tax increase of people making less than $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 12% f americans to begin to pay their fair share. dagen: the president discussing the pandemic, healthcare and competition with china but not directly addressing the illegal immigration crisis at the border. south carolina senator tim scott delivering the republican rebuttal, focusing on race and policing, saying, quote, america is not a racist country.
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scott also saying our best future won't come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. it will come from american voters. .>> in february, republicans tod president biden we wanted to keep working together to finish this price but democrats wanted to go it alone. covid brought congress together five times. this administration pushed us apart. dagen: senator scott praised the trump administration and the former president's operation warp speed for getting the covid vaccines developed. president biden traveling to atlanta today for a rally to mark his first 100 days in office. the decision to hold the rally in atlanta sparking criticism. the president himself has been a vocal critic of georgia's new voting laws and supported efforts to boycott business in the state. georgia proved to be a he key state for biden in the 2020
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election. futures are pointing to gains to start trading this day, big gains if you look at the nasdaq 100 futures, up almost 1%. this after president biden unveiled his american families plan in his first address to congress and the proposal calling for tax hikes. >> i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to begin to pay their fair share. just their fair share. i'm not looking to punish anybody. but i will not add an additional tax burden to the middle class in this country. they're already paying enough. dagen: joining me now, federated hermes chief investment officer, steven auph. also joining the conversation all morning long, steve forbes, who i know will have a lot to say about the speech last night
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and campus reform fellow, former u.s. department of education press secretary, angela morbito. great to see all of you. steven, just begin with what you have heard from the biden administration, the effort to raise taxes on not just corporations but also this dramatic capital gains tax increase and spending, spending, spending. how do you think the markets ultimately will react to that? >> well, dagen, the first thing is the economy reacts with a very lagged basis, things like tax changes. i think what a lot of people don't get even in the markets that what we're getting right now is largely an impact of the reforms made in the last administration. and these tax policies, if they do get through, are going to force us to take our long-term growth rates down for the economy. but it's not going to impact the near term. i mean, the near term we're being overwhelmed with a flood
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of economic activity that we think is going to take especially the cyclical sectors higher. but longer term, i think the tax bill, if it really goes through in this fashion, is going to impact capital formation. it's going to impact long-term growth. it's going to unfortunately impact the very jobs that president biden would like to create. dagen: it seems as if wall street right now clearly focused on earnings and the like with apple, but ignoring the possibility that this capital gains tax increase goes through. is that right? when does wall street pay attention to the fact that the top capital gains tax rate is going to be the highest in at least modern history, 43.4%. it will be 55% or north in places like california or new york. >> dagen, right now i think wall street's sort of buying the narrative that moderation will prevail, so close in the senate
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that something more reasonable is going to come out of the legislative process. i think the market is saying let's focus on the tidal wave of earnings that are coming, the economic -- we've got 9% nominal economic growth this year coming at us. so i think the market's focused on that now and it's going to watch and a to answer your question, i think probably sometime around the summer as we get closer to an actual bill, that's when maybe there starts to be a little vulnerability. dagen: steve forbes, jump in here. steve: steven, good to be with you. in terms of you feeling that the s&p can still go to 5,000, in the face of these head winds you see coming. usually markets try to anticipate the future. cleaverly they don't believe this stuff as you indicate is going to go through. are you still sticking with the s&p 5000 going into 2022? >> i'm sticking with the 4500 for 2021, steve. i think that's a pretty safe
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bet. i do think 5,000 is very possible, assuming we don't get a major change in the tax structure. so we'll look at that probably again later this summer, once we see what's really coming through on this tax package. but i think it's probably pretty much a pretty good run here, even at 4500. we're only 7% away from that target, when we set it way back last fall, was looking kind of high. but we're getting close. steve: inflation's not a threat? inflation's not a threat, you don't think? >> i think that's the major threat, steve. that is -- there are so many -- i don't know that this economy can grow as fast as the wall of cash and stimulus coming at it, so it's a major threat. so our focus right now is at a stock picking level on companies with pricing power. we're going to get nominal gdp growth. whether that's 6% real and 3%
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inflation or vice versa, i think we're going to get there. but i think you're right to be worried about that. and then as the bond vigilantes take over at some point, that's another risk especially to the growth stocks. dagen: real quick, steven, where do you get safe income from this market or even fixed income? i think everybody who is -- who needs income out of their investments is asking that question and quite frankly has been for a long time. >> yeah. we're max underweight bonds in our balanced portfolios, dagen. we think the best source of income now is dividend paying stocks, a lot of them paying yields significantly. remember, that sector has significantly underperformed the last couple of years and those companies are reasonably stable and they've got a little bit of pricing power so if there is some inflation, they can raise their nominal earnings and they can raise their nominal dividends. so we think dividend paying stocks are another driver here
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in the back half of the year. bonds are tough right here. you know, we've got the 10-year going at 2 and-a-half later this year, maybe early next year. and further -- per the discussion with steve forbes, potentially higher if the bond vigilantes get very nervous. dagen: steven, great to see you. we will see you soon. here's the morning mover, qualcomm, the stock rising nearly 5% on earnings last night, the company reporting better than expected results, sales rising more than 50% compared to a year ago helped by demand for 5g smartphones. we are just getting started this morning. next hour, maria bartiromo will be live from the u.s./mexico border and she will be speaking with former president donald trump, getting his reaction to p president biden's first address to congress and the current administration's border policies. or lack thereof.
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dagen: maria bartiromo reporting from the southern border again this morning, getting a firsthand look at the crisis. while on a boat tour with texas attorney general ken paxton, maria saw how private citizens are responding. take a look at this. maria: general paxton, we've been touring the rio grande. what have we seen? talk to us about where we saw that private fence. what's going on here? >> so that's the first time i've seen that. there's a land owner that built a three mile fence, $15 million to protect his property because he was tired of people coming on his property, destroying his
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property, stealing his vehicles so he spent the money. dagen: joining me now, former acting director of u.s. immigration and enforcement, tom homan. your reaction to what maria reported to viewers and what you're seeing there? >> first of all, this is my fourth or fifth trip down to the border, i've been to the california, arizona and techs as border several -- texas border several times. the chaos is going on across the southern border, not just the rio grande valley. that's where i am right now, the epicenter. i started my career in border patrol. i was out there last night with these men and women. they're inundated. they're used to the term broken arrow. so much is coming at them, they can't possibly handle it. what people need to understand is that almost half of the border patrol is no longer patrolling the border because
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they're taking care of family units and children which means the border is vulnerable to criminals, drug smugglers, human traffickers, sex traffickers. this is a humanitarian issue created by this administration, has turned into a national security issue. dagen: , well, not surprisingly president biden blaming the trump administration's border policies without addressing the chaos, crisis, the humanitarian disaster at our border. this is what biden said last night. listen to this, tom. >> when i was vice president, the president asked me to focus on providing help needed to address the root causes of migration and it helped keep people in their own countries, instead of being forced to leave. the plan was working. but the last administration decided it was not worth it. i'm restoring the program and i asked vice president harris to lead our diplomatic effort to take care of this. i've asked to get the job done. dagen: tom, your reaction to
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that? it completely ignores the border chaos, to use your word. >> look, the president of the united states, he's lying to the american people. i worked for six presidents starting with ronald reagan. i've been doing this for 34 years. there's one reason we have a surge right now, unprecedented numbers. it's because of joe biden and the promises made during his campaign and the executive actions he signed to keep the promises. you can't end the remain in mexico program, offer free healthcare, decapitate i.c.e. so they're no longer during the enforcement operations, you can't make these promises and not have the world want to come to the greatest country on earth. regardless of what he did as vice president, he's ignoring that. when he was vice president, we had a surge. he knows what causes surges. he knows how to stop them.
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what he's doing right now is the complete opposite of what he knows will stop this. if he wants to stop this, he can do it today. re-establish remain in mexico program that was put in place which was very successful, he knows how to fix this. this is his crisis. last march we had 33,000 apprehensions, this march 172,000 apprehensions. this is joe biden's making, this is by design, this is open borders. he meant for this to happen. dagen: tom, assuming that the biden administration does nothing except some chitchat deploy ma-diplomacy led by the vice president, do the governors of the border states, do local authorities have enough authority and do they have enough resources to handle what is happening in their border communities? because this is a huge financial burden on not just those states but all the states as maria
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pointed out where these illegal immigrants are going. and it might be north carolina. it might be in the northeast. they are heading -- they're being spread out across this nation. >> they qualify for work authorization to compete for jobs. let's be clear, joe biden doesn't want to fix this. [audio difficulties]. .they're releasing people. they're not going to stop the flow. [audio difficulties]
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dagen: thank you for being here, tom. sorry, your audio was cutting out there at the end but i am sure we will see you again soon. you take care. be well. tom homan. coming up, pushing big government, we break down president biden's speech next. it's not just his trillions of dollars in spending. it is the vision of a government takeover of your life that is shocking so many. plus, tech earnings in focus, apple with another blowout quarter, key take-aways from the company's earnings report, ahead.
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dagen: footing the bill for a $1.8 trillion spending plan, president biden last night laying out a plan to pay for his costly american families plan by taxing the so-called rich and
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corporate america. >> wall street didn't build this country. the middle class built the country. and unions built the middle class. i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to begin to pay their fair share. just their fair share. we're going to reward work, not just wealth. dagen: steve, i've got steam coming out of my ears and it's very hard to stop using, well, curse words, so just your reaction to what you heard last night and that in particular. steve: well, put aside the programs themselves, the tax increase that he pros posed will impact everyone, the capital gains tax increase will hurt the creation of small businesses, it will drive capital overseas. the same thing on the corporate side. fewer businesses are going to be started.
6:25 am
companies are going to have less to pay workers and the way you get work is by investing capital, what he calls wealth. if you wanted to design a tax program to hurt the american economy, make it politically palatable to some people, this is the way you would go. drive money overseas, destroy capital at home, make it hard for small businesses to thrive. they're getting rid of section 199-a, a great tax cut to small businesses which is why they started to revive, including startups by hispanics and african-americans. it will be a government dominated economy. if you want to see where that goes, look at europe and look at the soviet union. hello, this stuff doesn't work. dagen: angela, your reaction to what you heard last night? angela: well, biden's forgotten a couple things here, first of which is they that money is portable and when he raises the capital gains tax to the highest in the industrialized world, people are going to choose not to invest in america, to take
6:26 am
their dollars elsewhere, shrinking our economy. when he talks about having the wealthy pay their fair share, he has forgotten or more likely is ignoring the fact that the top 10% of earners in this country pay 70% of the federal income tax. so he's missing the point here. he defines fair share as always more from people he doesn't like. dagen: steve, i want to get your reaction, because this is a broader message from this administration, working with the slimmest of majority. they have a vision where government knows better than you do, that government plans to take your money and then make decisions about your life, your money, your prosperity and your health. here was the give-away, here's where he revealed himself last night. listen to this. >> our constitution opens with the words, we the people. it's time to remember that we,
6:27 am
the people are the government. dagen: no we are not. i knows that ted cruz, steve, tweeted last night, i think he was on fox news last night, he said the most radical line that. we, the people, are the government. it is a misunderstanding of the constitution but it reveals what this administration wants to happen. this is not -- these are not just social programs to lift people out of poverty. these are social programs that the administration wants to basically get everyone, even the middle class, addicted to. steve: that's right. this is modern socialism. you don't have to formally take over businesses or people's lives, you do it through programs like these. and for example, 500,000 electric charging stations for electronic vehicles. do we have the federal government build gasoline stations when the automobile came to america?
6:28 am
no. private enterprise did it. so you're going to hurt the economy with this kind of stuff. you're going to hurt the innovation. innovation comes from the most unlikely sources, dagen. people you never would have heard of. and they aren't going to be able to apply -- they're not going to apply to the government to get a grant. they're just not going continue to know vat. without -- going to innovate. without innovation, the stagnates. the program looks like it was designed by beijing and moscow. what's the way to hurt america? drive money overseas, make sure we don't have investment here, and that has bad foreign policy and security implications. with all the spending, how much went to he defense? zero. defense spending in real terms is going down as all this binge spending goes up. that's a formula for disaster. 1930s, hello, anyone. dagen: steve, it just -- it flies in the face of certainly
6:29 am
everything i believe about the foundation of this country and the great liberties handed to people in the constitution, that i and you, that the individual and the family make the best decisions about their lives and their prosperity and their money and their health. that the individual makes those better decisions than people in government. but these bureaucrats and these politicians have -- we had handed over so much liberty and so much freedom in the last year with this pandemic, they have -- they are not going to relinquish that. they in no way -- steve: by the way, the whole founding of this country is based upon reining in government, not strengthening government. the soviet union was anti-government, the revolution,
6:30 am
that's why they divided powers the way they did. they feared big government, didn't embrace it. dagen: that's why i found that speech last night so stunning and frightening. coming up, hearing from the other side, republican congressman mark green reacts to president biden's speech. that's next. be sure to stay here, maria bartiromo is speaking live with former president donald trump about half an hour from now, top of the hour, 7:00 a.m. you do not want to miss maria with the president. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. durs leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, it is thursday, april 29th. a look at your markets at the bottom of the hour. futures are pointing higher this morning, gains across the board on all three major market gauges. the wave of earnings driving that action. stocks did edge down yesterday following the fed's decision to hold interest rates steady, maintaining its current monetary
6:34 am
policy, losses across the board, although very slight on the s&p 500. european markets mixed this day, gains in england and france, a slight loss in germany. in asia overnight markets mostly higher, markets in japan closed for a holiday. a bombshell new report on governor andrew he cuomo's handling of the nursing home deaths at the height of the pandemic. gerri willis has more. >> gerri: the new york times reporting the governor's aides repeatedly stopped the health department from publishing the real nursing home data for months. the administration reportedly knew the true numbers last spring but they weren't revealed until january of this year, after the new york attorney general said they had undercounted nursing home deaths by as much as 50%. cuomo and the administration are under federal investigation. the governor denies any wrongdoing. and federal agents on wednesday raiding rudy giuliani's home and
6:35 am
office in new york city. authorities seizing computers and cell phones from the former new york city mayor yesterday in an investigation surrounding giuliani's business dealings in the ukraine. his son, andrew, slamming the fbi raid as, quote, political. >> this is disgusting. and it's the continued poll it politicization of the justice department that we have seen. it has to stop. if this can happen to the former president's lawyer, this can happen to any american. >> gerri: rudy giuliani denies any wrongdoing. his lawyer calling the search warrant, quote, legal thuggery. and the biden administration going after big tobacco, seeking a ban on menthol cigarettes. a study from the fda found that menthol cigarettes are harder to quit than regular cigarettes and pose a greater health risk. more than a third of all cigarettes sold in the u.s. are menthols. a nationwide ban could take years to implement. industry leaders have signaled
6:36 am
they would try to fight the ban in court. and finally, ford reporting its best quarterly earnings in years. the automaker announcing it posted $3.3 billion in net income, reversing a $2 billion loss from last year, when the pandemic froze north american production. however, ford warns the global chip shortage will force the company to cut second quarter production in half. in premarket trading the stock down pretty handily this morning. back to you. dagen: thank you very much. president biden laying out his vision for america in his first address to a joint session of congress, discussing the pandemic, healthcare, his american families plan, saying that spending plans are needed to compete with china. >> my discussions -- in my discussions with president xi i told him we welcome the competition. we're not looking for conflict. but i made absolutely clear that
6:37 am
we will defend america's interest across the board. we're in competition with china and other countries to win the 21st century. we're in a great inflection point in history. we have to do more than just build back better. we have to build -- build back. we have to build back better. dagen: joining me now to discuss, tennessee congressman mark green. congressman, we have to build back better to build back better. okay. and as steve forbes pointed out, we're actually -- or biden plans to, if you factor in inflation, cut spending on he defense. what say you? >> that's about the craziest idea you could have amidst -- i mean, china is advancing their military leaps and bounds. they now have more ships in their navy, their military is advancing its equipment. they've got a fighter plane that is on par with our f-35. basically stolen from us by the
6:38 am
way. this is not the time to cut defense spending while water wasting so -- we're wasting so much money concentrating power in washington, d.c. you think about the spending programs he's talking about. all it does is put power back in washington. when the federal government pays for it, the federal government controls it. that's kind of what you were talking about in your earlier segment with forbes and they're just seizing power basically. dagen: we, the people is government. that's the message. but it's up to the republicans and we're going to -- as the show moves on, we're going to talk about senator scott's response last night. but how do the republicans -- how does the republican party looking toward the midterms craft a message that isn't so haphazard that isn't responding to this plan and this plan but really kind of sells the party and the belief in the
6:39 am
constitutional freedoms given to all americans? >> yeah, i think, dagen, we just say a lot of what you just talked about in your last segment, this is what i'm saying and i think question thin mccarthy -- kevin mccarthy and the rest of the leaders in the house are saying. if you concentrate power in washington, d.c. into the hands of fewer and fewer people, you get tyranny. what our founders envisioned is spreading power amongst three branches of government, by the way, let's spread the power to from the federal government to the states, and by taxation, pulling money into washington and giving the money back to the states, the federal government has done a round of federalism in the disbursement of power. we have to push back against basically tyranny. that's what -- and you take what aoc has said about universeal rent control and some of the other economic policies they're advancing, this is communism. you want to compete with china? how about we not go communist
6:40 am
with our economic policy? his tax increases, he wants to do corporate taxes higher than china's. i mean, if you want to compete with china, how about we not have a tax structure that incentivizes businesses to move to china. i mean, it's just crazy. dagen: steve, jump in. steve: congressman, in terms of china, what specifically should we be doing about taiwan and the south china sea? what is remarkable, the rest of the world is waking up to it and you have germany and france sending ships to the south china sea which tells you they're starting to get worried. what specific things should we be pushing for now so we don't get after the winter olympics next year something bad happening with taiwan? >> i think we need a real repositioning of our naval forces in the indo-pacific, steve. i think that would be very important. if you look at what recently happened, the chinese are getting much, much more
6:41 am
aggressive so i think repositioning force woulds be very important to do. clearly, we have to push back. taiwan's air space has been violated more in the past month than ever in history. so xi is getting much, much more confrontational there. he's probably taking advantage of the fact that the russians are building up at the ukrainian border. all that stuff, despite the recent pullback a little bit there, that puts us in a very difficult position. they know that. so we have to push back too. and an example of just such a pushback, president biden had said, his initial response to ukraine was let's send some destroyers to the black sea and then after pressure from russia, he backs down. xi jinping and taiwan, they're watching all of this stuff. so we need a strong president who will stand up to bullies across the globe. dagen: congressman mark green, thank you so much for being here. we will see you again soon. >> thanks, dagen. dagen: coming up, breaking down tech earnings, apple with
6:42 am
another blowout quarter. key takeaways from the company's numbers. be sure to stay right here. maria bartiromo is talking with former president donald trump in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. you packed a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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hath had had had they had. dagen: maria bartiromo live from the southern border, she will speak to former president trump. we're back in two minutes just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. michael: this is the story of two brothers. ♪ ♪
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dagen: tech earnings in focus, apple and facebook shares both jumping ahead of the open after both companies reported strong results last night, look at those of stocks go. look at facebook, up more than 7% in premarket trading. here to break it down, portfolio manager dan morgan. dan, what stood out to you? >> hi, dagen. i'll be honest with you, when those apple numbers came out i almost fell off my chair. unbelievable. everybody thought apple would come up pretty much in line. they didn't expect to blow numbers way out. iphone revenues up 65%, macs up 68, ipads up 77. you've got to remember, dagen, ipads and macs, though are mature product groups. it was an unbelievable quarter. it adds fuel to the fire to bulls out there that say apple
6:47 am
could be in another super cycle which means we get continued growth from the iphone that really drives overall revenues and profits. we haven't had a super cycle since iphone 6 in 2014 but after this quarter, the sky's the limit. dagen: so you think that apple coming out of the pandemic lockdowns or certainly the restriction that's have been placed on so many people can still fire on all cylinders. be spoke investment had these facts that it tweeted out. i wanted to share them with the viewers. there are 330 s&p 500 companies with t-12 revenues smaller than the $12.3 billion beat over estimates that apple reported just for the quarter. 330 of the 500 companies in the s&p with revenues smaller. and then this. apple's new $90 billion buyback authorization is larger than 400 of the s&p 500 companies and
6:48 am
90 billion is enough to buy every american an apple watch at full retail. crazy. >> that's amazing. i mean, just the cash they held on the balance sheet, dagen, i think it's over 200 billion. i mean, they have just so much liquidity. they're just such a large company. even iphone revenues alone are greater than 70% of a lot of tech company's total revenues. dagen: it's safe to say you're bullish on apple. what other companies do you think look most promising coming out of the pandemic? >> there's other companies on our buy list. nvdia, sales force, there's a lot of things reported about chip shortages, there's other names other than the fang stocks which we all own except for netflix and they're all on our buy list. it would have to be a stock that would be appropriate for your viewers based on their individual risk tolerance and objectives but those are names
6:49 am
on our buy list that are a little different than just the fang names. dagen: dan, great to see you. thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: you're firmly planted in your chair after those apple numbers. coming up, facing the cartels, details on what maria and law enforcement officials are seeing at the u.s./mexico border, that's next. labradoodles, cronuts, skorts. (it's a skirt... and shorts) the world is going hybrid. so, why not your cloud? a hybrid cloud with ibm helps bring all your clouds together. that means you can access all your data, modernize without rebuilding, and help keep things both open and secure. that's why businesses from retail to banking are going hybrid with the technology
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dagen: maria will be live from the border in just a few moments. here's a look from her second day, showing the need for a bulletproof vest while touring the rio grande. maria: this is a level three bulletproof vest and a level four life vest. meaning that if there's someone in trouble and i need to help, i could put them on me and we can both float. we're about to get in the boat
6:53 am
with ag paxton and we're going to be touring the rio grande. dagen: steve, your reaction to what you've seen maria report on so far from the border. steve: well, it's just beyond words. and clearly this administration so far has no intention of stopping these flows. the question is how many hundreds of thousands are they going to allow into the country, spread them around the country. i think there's going to be political backlash to it. the media's not been covering this very well, to say the least. the president certainly is trying to ignore it. it's a human tragedy of the first order and what is amazing is the coverup they're trying to do on some of those facilities and putting our border people in danger too. dagen: angela, that's why vice president kamala harris despite being in charge of this, she is not going to the border. i said that very early on. there is no way she will ever be photographed or filmed anywhere
6:54 am
near those children literally laying on top of one another in detention facilities. angela: president biden assigned this crisis and, yes, it is a crisis, to vice president harris more than a month ago and she has yet to show up for work. she has yet to even speak to the president of mexico. she's not doing this job and that tells us that this is intentional. this is the humanitarian crisis that they wanted. this administration is waiting until they're effectively too many people, particularly unaccompanied minors, for customs and border patrol to evidence ebbing of testifily handle. they're -- effectively handle. they're waiting until the american people have no choice but to let the migrants in without any vetting at all. dagen: steve, there's a design behind this. it's open borders, period. and that's what we're actually seeing now, the border is wide open. but it dovetails with what biden said last night that if you want
6:55 am
a cradle to grave welfare state, and this is not just for people lower income individuals, this is -- he's talking about something that is a government takeover of vast amounts of services. so it provides the migration of all of these individuals in a country, it provides an excuse for this government takeover, if you will. so it looks like it's by design. steve: it is. they do believe in open borders. i think they're looking to have several million people come in in the next couple years. i think politically that's going to be impossible. but you're right about the takeover. the president last night talked about helping our farmers. government help from farmers in their mind means telling you what to grow, when you can grow it and they're going to try to dominate the whole ag sector with that. it is a creepy takeover. they learned to cover it with nice-sounding words as they have
6:56 am
havetheir tentacles increase ino the way we live and what we're allowed to do. dagen: we have handed over stupidly so much freedom to the government, federal and state, in the last year. democrats, left wing liberals, they have no intention of he relinquishing that control and that power. they just want more. that is the way that liberals think. still ahead, maria bartiromo live at the border, talking to former president donald trump about the ongoing crisis and president biden's policies. it all starts next hour on "mornings with maria," live on fox business. ♪ how am i supposed to pretend. ♪ i never want to see you again
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo i'm coming to you live this morning from the southern border, it is thursday, april 29th. your top stories right now, 7:0. president biden pushing a costly economic agenda during his speech to congress last night, calling on the wealthy and corporate america to foot the bill. >> good guys and women on wall street, but wall street didn't build this country. the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to just begin to pay their fair share. maria: former president donald trump joins me live coming up next with his reaction to president biden's speech and we will get trump's take on the administration's border policies as i give you a firsthand look
7:01 am
at this crisis underway. we're about to get into the boat with ag paxton and we are going to be touring the rio grande. this park in mexico is controlled by the drug cartels. this boat tour is so effective because you can see how close it is. mexico to texas. markets this morning are pointing to a gain at the start of trading. take a look. we've got a wave of earnings driving the action, dow industrials now up 166 points. "mornings with maria" is live right now. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. president biden laying out his vision for america, an expansion of federal programs, in his first address to a joint session of congress last night. the president detailed his american families plan, another nearly $2 trillion spending bill for child care, education and paid leave. that's almost $6 trillion in spending in two months' time.
7:02 am
>> how do we pay for my jobs and families plan? i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to begin to pay their fair share. maria: the president also discussing the pandemic, healthcare and competition with china he called it but not directly addressing the illegal immigration crisis at the border. we are discussing it this morning. south carolina senator tim scott delivering the republican rebuttal last night, focusing on race and policing, saying, quote, america is not a racist country. senator scott also saying our best future won't come from washington's schemes or socialist dreams, it will come from american voters. >> in february republicans told president biden we wanted to keep working together to finish this fight. but democrats wanted to go it alone. covid brought congress together
7:03 am
five times. this administration pushed us apart. maria: senator scott praised the trump administration and the former president's operation warp speed for getting the covid vaccine developed. joining me right now in an exclusive interview to discuss this and footing the bill for that additional $1.8 trillion spending plan is the 45th president of the united states, former president donald trump. mr. president, thank you very much for calling in this morning. >> good morning and i thought tim scott last night was fantastic. i thought he did an incredible job. i'm not at all surprised but i thought he did a great job. maria: yeah, a lot of people are talking about him perhaps being in the running for president at some point after that speech. we're going to get to that. but mr. president, let me get your thoughts on what you heard from president biden last night, what struck you from the joint
7:04 am
session to congress? >> well, one thing is that he didn't discuss the border and the fact that tens of thousands of people are pouring into our country, many of them criminals, many of them people from jails, many of them doing acts that you don't even want to know about and they're pouring into our country by the thousands at a level that's never been seen before and they're doing absolutely nothing, the wall is almost completed. would have been completed if i didn't get sued by congress and the democrats every single moment and we beat those cases. we built most of the wall, almost 500 miles of wall and all we have to do is close up certain areas that we had to keep open until we gained title, et cetera, et cetera. and they just don't want to finish it. i heard they will finish it but by the time they do that, it could go very quickly and the contractors are having a field day because they're supposed to be finishing the wall they'll
7:05 am
get paid for finishing the wall so they have to do that and they have to do many other things on the wall. you know, stay in mexico is a great thing. they don't come into this country, they stay in mexico, it's as simple as that. that was a big deal when we got that legally. we had to get that. we had to win that and we he won it and they gave it up, now everybody is pouring into our country. it's out of control. it could destroy our country if it keeps going and the longer it goes, the harder it is to stop. we had the best border we've ever had in history, admitted by everybody and all they they to do is leave it. the border patrol is fantastic, the guys and women at border patrol have done a fantastic job. the i.c.e. agents that we have, i've gotten know so many, they're phenomenal people. all they had to do was leave it alone. it was so good, the best ever was. now it's a disaster. what a shame for our country. it will destroy our country, maria. maria: yeah. but in fact on day one president
7:06 am
biden walked in on january 20th and 21st and he overturned most of your policies including remain in mexico, stopped construction of the wall. we're here right now, we've been here, we're going to be here for the rest of the week at the southern border in mcallen, texas. it's incredible what we've seen. we're going to show more of that. how long -- what was the process of you negotiating with the northern triangle countries to come up with remain in mexico, to come up with the policies where you did in fact see a decline in the number of people coming here of to the border in march alone, now that the world understands the biden policies, there were 172,000 migrants at the border in one month alone, most people expected to -- expect it to get worse. what are you expecting as the weather gets warmer? >> it's going to get much worse, many more people are going to come up. they're already banding together. you can see that when you look
7:07 am
at these countries and i had a situation where i inherited a very bad situation from president obama. it was a terrible, terrible situation. the three countries, plus mexico, they were taking advantage very badly of the united states as you probably understand and know. and i went to the three countries and i said you can't do this. you know, we weren't allowed to bring back ms-13 gang member criminals, we couldn't bring back criminals of all different -- they wouldn't accept them back. after i while i said what kind of deal is this? they come in from the country and they won't take them back? they're sending a lot of people. these aren't just great people, hard working people coming, these are criminals in many cases. you wouldn't believe the percentage of drug dealers, rapists, human traffickers, these are -- murderers, by the way. these are people coming into our country unabated, they are coming in at a level that nobody's ever seen before.
7:08 am
and when i talk about the kind of people, i mean it 100%. so i went to these countries and i said listen, it's got to stop. and you're going to take back these people and they said no and i said that's okay, i asked how much do we pay them? 500 -- we pay them $500 million a year. it's a lot of money. split among three countries. i said we're not making any more payments. stop all payments. the following day i had a deal where they take back all of these criminals and we sent back ms-13 and other criminals by the thousands. they said we will take them back. we would be glad to take back ms-13. as soon as i stopped the money. now what they're doing is instead of $500 million, they're going to give him i heard as much as $4 billion. they're not going to know what to do with all that money. they never had money like that given to them. we're giving them $4 billion. i mean, the people running the country are going to have a dealed day like they've never
7:09 am
had before. so here i am, i was giving them nothing. they took back everybody that we wanted. you have no idea. they were clogging up airports, they were make it impossible for busses to come in with these people. and they took back -- maria, they took back -- as soon as i stopped the money, they they called me. they said what can we do. i said you have to take back the criminals that are coming our country from your country. they're your problem, not our problem. they took them back, as soon as i stopped. now according to what i'm hearing, biden wants to give them not 500 million which was more money than they ever thought possible. why are we doing this? now he's going to give him i hear $4 billion. this is crazy. maria: mr. president, we took a boat trip yesterday and it was very clear that the drug czars and smugglers are -- they run much of mexico and certainly the border towns. you have to pay the drug smugglers just to get into a
7:10 am
park. you've got to pay them to make a move. they are in charge. unfortunately, mr. president, this administration is blaming you and your administration and they refuse to give you any credit for many of the accomplishments you've had. i'll get to the covid accomplishments in a minute but recently kamala harris said in an interview that they inherited this crisis and her answer to it is to send $310 million to these northern triangle countries. many people just yesterday told me that money will end up in the hands of the drug czars and the smugglers as well as politicians so what is your take on -- i know huh a lot of time think about this, you see how they're blaming you on everything and they do not attribute the successes that you had to your administration. how do you feel about that? what's your reaction to what we're hearing in terms of their answer, the $310 million to the northern triangle countries.
7:11 am
>> it's ridiculous, number one. and the drug czars and others will get it and people running the country will take it and it won't go to where it's meant to go. but the number's going to be much larger than that that they're going to get, many times larger than that and obviously they're very ungracious people. i did the vaccine. they like to take the vaccine. but even the fake news isn't giving them credit for that we did the vaccine, saved just tens of millions of lives throughout the world by coming up with a vaccine. if i weren't president, the vaccine, you wouldn't have a vaccine for five years, three to five years would be the minimum. i got it done in less than nine months. and that's only because of me. if i wasn't president, you wouldn't have a vaccine and then i went out and bought -- spent billions of dollars to buy the vaccine before approval. so people are getting shots long before they would have. otherwise you wouldn't have been getting your shots until october or november. nobody would have had a shot
7:12 am
right now. so -- and people are giving us credit. even the fakeers, we've got a lot of fake news people but we're getting credit for that. but i do see where the biden people and biden are trying to take credit even for the vaccine. the other thing is, we had with operation warp speed, we were delivering vaccine at a level that was unheard of. you know, we had just gotten it approved. we started within one minute of approval, we were all set. we had a great delivery system and all they did is take what we had and keep it moving. and tremendous numbers of people have been vaccinated because of what we did. we on january 20th, they took over what we did and i tell you what, it was the military and it was a system of transportation and system of getting the shots out to people like nobody's ever seen. it was a military operation. the generals did a phenomenal
7:13 am
job, a really -- and then they took it over and it kept going, very simply it kept going. but -- and then they blew it with johnson & johnson. they should have never done a pause with johnson & johnson. that was done for either political reasons or because they like pfizer so much. but what they did with johnson & johnson was horrible. they want everybody to get a vaccine and then they do a pause which got so much publicity. hasn't recovered yet, what they did there was just terrible. but the vaccine saved millions and millions of people throughout the world. we have the best vaccines. nobody even can -- nobody even says they have better than what we have. we have the best in the world. everybody's trying to get them and thats was all done by trump. maria: mr. president, i want to go to the spending in a moment but you just mentioned j&j and i want to stay there for one second because this pause had to do with a handful of cases of blood clotting. what should have been done in
7:14 am
terms of the johnson & johnson vaccine rather than taking that pause? obviously it's back on the market. the fda making the decision last friday. what would you have preferred to see given those blood clotting issues? >> well, at the time it came up there were 8 million shots and there were 6 cases which as they say was far less than women's birth control pills, than tylenol, than almost anything. it was very, very miniscule and i would not have made -- i would have put a warning on or something on just that particular vaccine but i certainly wouldn't have paused it and gotten front page news all over the world and then people don't want it and it probably even affects the others. there's a big situation with a lot of people don't want to take the vaccine. well, this played right into their hands and they want me to do public service messages and everything about everybody taking the vaccine. and look, i guess in a certain way i'm the father of the vaccine because i was the one
7:15 am
that pushed it. to get it done in less than nine months was a miracle. fauci said it would take three to five years. he thought it was something that just wouldn't be that effective because it would take so long to get. i pushed the fda like they have never been pushed before. i wouldn't exactly say they're in love with me. they have never -- this is a very bureaucratic organization. i pushed them like they've never been pushed before. and that's why we have it. when they did the pause on johnson & johnson i thought that was a very, very stupid thing to do. maria: yeah. let me ask you about the rest of the agenda, in particular spending. mr. president, last night president biden laid out this latest spending plan, $1.8 trillion for the american families plan. he's talking about raising taxes. we heard a lot sort of deja vu of the obama administration. you didn't build that, pay your
7:16 am
fair share. here's president biden last night. i have to get your reaction to the economic policy. >> wall street didn't build this country. the middle class built the country and unions built the middle class. i will not impose any tax increase on any people making less than $400,000. but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% of americans to just begin to pay their fair share. just their fair share. we're going to reward work, not just wealth. maria: mr. president, let me just point out that we're talking about more than $5 trillion, almost $6 trillion in spending since january, since january -- january 20th, and when you look at biden's budget for next year, he's pretty much effectively cutting defense spending. there's no money that i can see that's allocated for the border. so you see where the priorities are. it's the green deal, it's raising taxes, not defense even as the risks are rising across
7:17 am
the world, particularly china, and not the border. your reaction to the spending and these higher taxes to pay for it. >> and they're going to do terrible things to the second amendment and many other elements of what he's talking about are very, very bad, very dangerous. didn't talk about the border and, again, we just finished with the border but didn't talk about the border. it's like a subject that they're not discussing. and that will be -- that will be ruinous to this country. the taxes, it will be the largest tax increase in the history of our country. and when you say it won't affect middle class, middle class has 401-ks and when you look at the capital gains tax, that's going to have a massive impact on the middle class. it's also going to have a massive impact on companies leaving our country. they all came back. with me, the companies were pouring back into our country. that's why we were doing -- we produced more jobs than anybody in the history of our country,
7:18 am
160 million jobs. we were never close to that number. we produced more from the african-americans to hispanic americans to anybody, asians, women, the highest number of jobs in history. then we did it again. he wouldn't be doing well right now if we didn't rebuild -- i mean, our country was booming, the first one -- because we did a great job on covid, get no credit for it. between the ventilators and the equipment and the masks and everything else. nobody had this stuff. we got it. we got it stocked up. we helped the states. the governors of the states have said we did an incredible job. the fake news doesn't like saying that. it doesn't play into their narrative. but maria, we did a great job on that. not only the vaccine. the vaccine is the most important thing of all, frankly. but we did a fantastic job in getting things out. but when you look at the biggest tax increase in history, that's going to drive all of these companies and all of these jobs
7:19 am
out of the united states. it's a disaster. maria: yeah. i mean, that's one thing that we saw under the obama administration, mr. president. when we had a 35% corporate rate, many american companies acquired companies in ireland, for example, where there was a 9% corporate rate and we saw them take headquarters there. so that's my question to you. what is the impact of, for example, a 43.4% capital gains tax? you sell your home, you sell portfolio, you're giving 43.4% to the government if you're in that highest earning bracket. the capital gains tax, the corporate tax and individual taxes we're still not clear. president biden has not made clear whether it's 400,000 for families or 400,000 for individuals. this is a very important point. but they sort of muddy it up and we don't know the answer. but regardless, if you're overturning your tax cut plan of 2017, everybody's taxis going up
7:20 am
-- tax is going up. what kind of impact do you expect on the economy and the stock market? >> so i got and got approved the largest tax decrease in the history of our country, bigger than the ronald reagan decrease. this was the biggest, most powerful tax decrease -- decrease, that's a very important word -- in the history of our country. they are now proposing the biggest tax increase. when you talk capital gains, you're talking about everybody. you're not talking about just for so-caldwell this people. you're talking about everybody, if they buy a stock, no matter what they do. you're talking about everybody is going to be aaffected by that. but they're going to be affected in an even more important way. companies are going to leave this country. you know, people that run these companies, many don't live here, many are from other countries. their loyalty is to shareholders, their loyalty is to the wallet. they will leave here so quickly if they can have another country. i brought taxes down to among
7:21 am
the lower taxed nations, not the lowest. couldn't get it down to that level. but i would have he very much worked on it. but among the lower taxed nations and of the large industrial nations, the lowest. now what they're doing is they're going to drive all of these companies out. you know, you know this very well. billions and actually trillions of dollars were not coming back into this country. trillions. because the tax was so high that -- and also, the bureaucracy was so bad. the paperwork and everything else was so bad that trillions of dollars was out of this country. that money was all -- hundreds of billions was pouring back into our country when i did the tax bill, when we got that approved. that was a tremendous thing, hundreds of billions of dollars. if you go by what they're doing, that money will never see the united states again. and that's a very big -- that's a tremendous number. maria: yeah. i mean, look, i always say money is mobile. we have a graphic here of the
7:22 am
rates across the world. corporations can move. individuals can move if their money is treated best somewhere else. we recognize that. what i want to get your take on is where we are in this economy now. because even under your leadership before president biden came in, the economy was beginning to turn. now we've got expectations that we're going to see gdp in the u.s. in 2021, mr. president, of up to 9%. so why do we have so -- why do we need all of this spending? $6 trillion in spending in a month and-a-half and you've got an economy that may not need that kind of -- i mean, sure, people are happy if you throw money at them but at some point this comes home to roost in terms of our debt. so where do you see the economy right now? does it take a hit with all of this spending at some point? >> so the reason you see gdp is because of the foundations that we built. we built something that was
7:23 am
incredible. what will happen with the tax increases and even the border with all these people pouring in, what will happen is you will start to see negative effects eventually. if you do tax increases like they're talking about and if you do other things, you know, it never happened so quickly but it will have a devastating impact ultimately down the road. that's what's going to happen and with all the spending -- a lot of the gdp is also all of this stimulus that they're pouring into the economy. it's just -- it's sort of fake when you look at it. sort of like the fake media. it's fake. it's showing something that the economy's doing better than it is. they're not real numbers. now, we created something that was incredible and we created it twice. we had the greatest and then we had the china virus or covid or call it what you want, this horrible disease come into our country. we handled it better than any other country. if you look at germany now and
7:24 am
you look at all these countries, they used to compare us to, you notice they don't mention that anymore. they don't compare us. because we had the fastest startup of any -- and best of any country in the world. there's nobody doing well like us. you look at what's going on in europe with italy and spain and france and germany, by the way, which everyone said was doing so well and now they have lockdowns and having riots in the street. we did better than any other country. nobody did the job. you know, i'm starting to get a lot of credit for it but it's a little bit late. but here's the good news is that we did great in the election. we did far better in the election. we got 75 million votes and i'll tell you what, that election was won by us. it was not won by biden. maria: mr. president, well, we see what's going on in arizona right now. but i want to move on to foreign policy. >> it's a big deal what's going on. by the way, that's the senate. that's the arizona senate.
7:25 am
and it's a big deal and the fake news hates to cover it. they actually covered it a front page new york times story two days ago but they hate to cover it but the arizona senate right now is doing a forensic audit and i have no idea, very independent, i have no idea what it's going to reveal but i think it's going to reveal tremendous corruption. tremendous. and that's true in many other states. maria: mr. president -- >> we don't need many because we almost -- we almost won even with the corruption. go ahead. maria: let me ask you about john kerry, republicans are calling for an investigation over this new york times report that john kerry told the iranian foreign minister that israel had a attacked iranian interests 20 times in syria. we've not heard much about this. what do you want to see in terms of john kerry and this
7:26 am
investigation? >> well, if there was ever a violation of the logan act, which they tried to pin on general flynn who was totally innocent as it turned out, and i mean totally innocent. if they've ever had a violation of the logan act, and i think the logan act is something they should use, it's very simple. you can't do what he did. and i said during my administration too, i think that he was seeing them and saying don't make a deal, don't make a deal, maybe we'll win and you'll be able to make a sweetheart deal with us. don't make a deal. because iran wanted to make a deal so badly but john kerry was telling them in my opinion don't make a deal. we'll make you a sweetheart deal if we win. and that is a violation at at the highest levels of the logan act. on top of that, you have this recording that they found saying some of the things but much more than what you just stated, that
7:27 am
is horrible. it should never -- a thing like that should never be allowed. and you know, a lot of people are calling for his resignation and they're calling for a lot more. what he did is totally illegal. maria: yeah. well, we see the treatment there where we're not hearing much about it and then we see what took place with rudy giuliani, your personal attorney, a search of his apartment in manhattan yesterday. what do you want to say about this? your reaction to this doj executing a search warrant of rudy giuliani's apartment? >> well, it is incredible because you bring up john kerry and the horrible thing that he did and was doing for a period of time and then you take the greatest mayor in the history of new york, you take a great patriot. you know, rudy giuliani is a great patriot. he does these things -- he just loves this country and they raid his apartment, it's like so unfair and such a double -- like
7:28 am
a double standard, like i don't think anybody's ever seen before. it's very, very unfair. rudy is a patriot who loves this country and i don't know what they're looking for, what they're doing. they say it had to do with filings of various papers, lobbying filings. well, did hunter file and did biden file? because they did a lot of work with other countries. to the best of everybody's knowledge, they didn't file. did padesta file and padesta's brother file? no, they didn't file. it's an unfair situation. you have to understand rudy, rudy loves this country so much. it is so terrible when you see things that are going on in our country with the corruption and the problems and then they go after rudy giuliani. it's very sad, actually. maria: well, there is this movement to go after your
7:29 am
supporters, your administration, tucker carlson last night said the biden administration will use the force of law to crush political dissent and it seems to be that we're seeing some truth in that in terms of this movement against people who have supported you, they're stopping publishing their books, people in your administration. and then there's the chinese communist party sanctioning people from your administration. you didn't hear much from president biden on china last night away from that it's a competitor. there's a lot to the china story as you know you have been able to communicate this to the american people. do you think we're going to see a change in the china policy? what is your reaction to what president biden has done so far regarding china? >> well, they're going to give our country away to china. china was paying us billions and billions of dollars because of what i did with taxation. billions of dollars. they were buying -- our farmers
7:30 am
have done better. that's why i won iowa. i won all of these great farm states, by big numbers. whether it's nebraska, so many farm states. all farm states, every one of them i won by big numbers. they've never done better. grain prices are way up. and the deal we made for the farmers with china is phenomenal. china never in their wildest dreams thought they would ever sign something like that and i've taken in billions of dollars but you look at how well the farmers are doing, that's because of the great trade deal that we made. then of course covid came up and then i felt differently toward china. and china will take over this country if they don't do something very quickly and they've been he very, very weak on china. they don't want to do -- look they have business. hunter biden got a lot of money out of china. the family got a lot of money out of china. it's disgraceful what's going on. right now it's disgraceful
7:31 am
what's going on. and china's not even mentioned. china is a big economic power that wants to become the biggest economy. it was supposed to have already taken that step. it would have happened except that we beat china so badly, then covid came along and it was back to step one and then we again by the time i left office, we had this country in great shape again economically. and the vaccines, again, having the vaccines was such a big thing. you know, a lot of people think it was one of the great miracles of all time to have a vaccine done in less than nine months. they cannot believe it. nobody can believe it. the fda can't believe it because it would have been years and years before they did it. one other thing we did, and so important, because it never gets mentioned but it was placing a bet and it was a bet or speculation you may call it, but buying billions and billions of dollars of vaccine before we
7:32 am
knew it was even going to get approved, before we totally knew it was going to work. that was one of the great ofest bets ever made in the history of this world because it got people inoculated one year early. when you think of it. nobody would have even had shots now. it would have been september, october before you got your first shots. so i took that gamble. it was a gamble. i took that gamble and there's never been a gamble that's been more important that worked in my opinion. maria: what do you think about the treatment of all of this now? now we fleered the cdc saying -- heard from the cdc saying if you're fully vaccinated you can be indoors without a mask. you can take the mask off. yet last night the shot of president biden behind him is kamala harris, vice president, and nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, both wearing masks. what is going on? i mean, are we not getting the truth and clarity in terms of
7:33 am
what we should be doing? the place was not even half full and they're all wearing masks. >> it looked like they were choking last night while he was speaking. i watched and i said they ought to get some air. looked like they were literally -- nancy's mask was the biggest mask i think i've ever seen. maria: is there a strategy here? >> i'm not sure if they know there's a strategy. but they love those masks and everybody in that room was -- had the vaccine. everybody in that room was in good shape. they could have done it much differently. for joe biden to walk outside to announce you don't have to wear masks outside, now people do that for a long time. but he walks outside to tell you don't need masks outside and he's wearing a mask. he's outside doing it and he walks up in a mask. look, this country has got to get their schools back. it's got to get these cities
7:34 am
open. it's all -- in all cases, democrat. when you look at florida, texas and various other places, they had a much relaxed policy and yet they had far fewer deaths, relatively speaking. they had far more economic success. new york has been so badly hurt. it's going to take a long time to recover. california was so badly hurt. i mean, these places, some of the places, there's never been any place that was tougher than michigan and michigan had an outbreak the likes of which you haven't seen since the very beginning. so you know, it's very sad. when you look on television last night, they could have had fewer people in the room than a packed room like i had when i did it. i understand that. but to have a room that was so sparse and to have everybody wearing masks and everybody has the -- they all got the shots. but they all have masks.
7:35 am
it doesn't show very much confidence. they want to build confidence in the vaccine because not everybody wants to take it because they have their freedoms and they don't want to take it. they want to show confidence in the vaccines and then you see something like you saw last night, a room loaded up with masks. i'm telling you, the people looked like they were choking on their masks. i've never seen anything like it. maria: well, you know, i was thinking about your last joint session to congress and nancy pelosi was behind you and she ripped up your speech at the end of it. >> very nice. maria: that was incredible. >> very nice thing to do. yeah, that was very nice. that's the way they are, it's nasty. maria: mr. president, president biden talked a lot about education last night. it was really ironic since half of our students are still not in school. what kind of an impact is this going to have on our young people? will they leave earnings on the table? will they be at a disadvantage to other kids who have been able to go back to school?
7:36 am
>> well, the schools that are open have no problem whatsoever. you have schools, many schools are open, the teachers union totally controls this administration and for whatever reason they just don't want to go back to work. it's a terrible thing. and one of the other things beyond the unions, the stimulus is making it so that people will not work. so people all over the country, small businesses, cannot get people to work. you see it in restaurants. you see it all over. they can't get people to work. because they're competing with this stimulus money that if they work they're not getting the stimulus money and the stimulus money is more so they're trying to get their businesses open and they cannot get employees. it's a tough situation. maria: joe biden got a standing ovation when he talked about hr1, mr. president. he's pushing and the democrats are pushing this voting law and we haven't heard any pushback from corporate america, from
7:37 am
major league baseball and yet they attacked georgia for its new voting law. your thoughts on hr1 and whether or not that gets through. i mean, when you consider what's happening here, they've got a commission to discuss whether or not we should expand the supreme court. you've got an effort to kill the filibuster. you've got an effort to pretty much attack our governing institutions, change our governing institutions in a fundamental way. your reaction? >> well, hr1 would be catastrophic. number one, you don't have voter id, you don't have signature verification, you have all sorts of things, plays right into the democrat playbook. and they're trying to use it to override states because the states now saw the rip-off of the last election which was a tote fraudulent election in -- totally fraudulent election in
7:38 am
many ways, including the fact that they didn't get legislators to approve the many, many things that they did. the supreme court should have had the courage to hear it. they didn't want to hear it. and they knew. they didn't want to turn over an election. they didn't have the courage to turn over an election. the supreme court should be ashamed of themselves. but now if you look at arizona, you look at other states, they're going right back and they're finding -- i think they're going to find massive corruption and so do a lot of people had in this country, they're going to find massive corruption. but this rule and law that they're trying to pass right now in congress will override all of the states, all of the good work that's now being done within the states, including voter id. and they're trying to override it because the democrats don't want voter id. you know, it was interesting, yesterday to get into the capitol they made it so difficult. you had to have your name, your picture, everything in order to
7:39 am
get in. but when it comes to voting, they don't want to have that. they don't want to have names, they don't want to have pictures, let anybody come and vote and that's what happened in the last election. it was a disgrace. they sent out tens of millions of fake ballots. wait until you see in my opinion, wait until you see what comes out of these investigations. you're going to see fraud at a level that no -- we were a third world country when it came to the 2020 presidential election. maria: well, we want to see that. we want to see the evidence because the american people need to know. i was with ag -- the ag of texas yesterday, ken paxton and he said had he not pushed back, texas would have been georgia in terms of all of the mail-in ballots. >> he's right. maria: he also criticized the mail-in ballots. mr. president, you're thinking a lot about these elections and what took place then. are you thinking about running again, mr. president, in 2024?
7:40 am
>> yes, 100%. and the polls show it and everybody wants me to do it. 100% i'm thinking about running and we will i think be very successful. we were very successful. look, i ran twice. and the second time i got 12 million more votes than the first time which very rarely happens for a president. i got the largest number of votes in the history of our country for a sitting president. and i was told if i got 66 million, you couldn't lose. i got 75 million. at 10:30 in the evening everyone thought the election was over and that we had won. all of a sudden late in the night they closed up the tabulation centers and they came out with new numbers. this election is a disgrace to our country. and the whole world knows it and they're watching. maria: mr. president, would you consider a running mate in ron
7:41 am
de santis. a lot of conversation about your relationship with ron de santis. you're seeing him more in florida. would he be your picture. >> he's a friend of mine? i endorsed ron and after i endorsed him he took off like a rocket ship. he's done a great job as governor. i'm saying what i read and what you read, they love that ticket. certainly ron would be considered. he's a great guy. maria: so what policies would you want to change? what's most important to you if you were to run? what would the platform be? >> well, look, second amendment we have to protect. you look at the taxes that are rising, the biggest tax increases. you're going from the biggest decrease to the biggest increase in history. it's going to be a shock to all people, not rich people, all people. so they're giving the biggest tax increase in history, it's going to destroy the economy. the border has to be brought back to where i had it.
7:42 am
we had it the best in the history of our country. and the wall would have been finished very quickly. they have to finish the wall. they have to get it finished. i would have had it finished two years ago except that i got sued all the time, every time we made a move we got sued. it took two and-a-half years to win all the lawsuits. i won the lawsuits. we built the wall. it is almost complete. they have to finish the wall. they have to do many things. and they have to leave our second amendment alone. they want to destroy our second amendment. also, energy. we were energy independent. we're not going to be energy independent in a couple of months. we're not going to be energy independent. we were for the first time energy independent. your gasoline prices, look what's happening to them. they're going up, through the roof in a short period of time. i had them down below $2. and we still had a strong energy industry. now they're laying everybody off. why do they lay them off? look at the pipeline. the heads of that union should be fired. because i was building the
7:43 am
pipeline. i overrode the veto of the previous administration so i'm building the keystone pipeline, the dakota access pipeline. we're building all of that stuff and they come and they stop the keystone pipeline. now they want to stop other pipelines that are already built and all of these workers are out of business. the pipeline workers are out of business and their union heads always support a democrat so they supported biden of. those union heads should be fired by all those people that don't have a job. if i were president right now, they would all be working like crazy to build pipelines which environmentally are much better than trains president of course warren buffet owns trains and he's a big democrat. maybe that has something to do with it. stopping the keystone pipeline has nothing -- as absolutely nothing -- it does nothing good for this country and now you have thousands and thousands -- the real number is 49,000 people. you know, they like to say
7:44 am
8,000. it's 49,000 people ultimately and for them to stop that and -- think of it. and these people, i believe most of them voted for me. but the heads of their union were in favor, were for biden. those union heads for the he keystone pipeline, those pipeline workers should fire anybody related to them should fire the heads of the union because in my opinion they must be corrupt because nobody could be so stupid. maria: i always question why anybody thinks it's safer to carry oil and gas on a railcar versus in a pipe under the sea. i think you make a really good point about these railcars. it seems like that could be potentially seeing more mistakes in terms of carrying all of that oil on railcars versus under the sea. i think it's a really important point that you make.
7:45 am
>> the pipeline is -- a pipeline is acknowledged to be much safer than railcars or trucks. much, much safer. it's environmentally much better. the only thing is, and you should -- look, why -- how is it possible that the heads of that union didn't know this was going to happen and they supported biden over trump. and trump was going to have pipelines. we had other pipelines planned, big ones, very big ones. and now they're all being wiped out. and yet the union that is in charge of the men and women that do the pipelines was in favor of biden. they ought to fire those people and stop paying dues because they're wasting their money. maria: and that's one of the issues for the attorneys generals of this country, certainly the republican ags suing the administration over the pipeline cancellation. what are you expecting in the upcoming 2022 elections? do you think that these policies
7:46 am
will move voters? i know you've been spending time with the republicans going into the midterm elections. what do you anticipate? >> i think we're going to do very well. we need good leadership. mitch mcconnell has not done a great job. i think they should change mitch mcconnell. and we definitely need -- but i think that if i get behind senators and if i get behind congressmen, i just endorsed as you know mrs. wright in texas. i think she's going to be great. she's really going to be tremendous. her husband passed away. he was a great supporter of mine. and she's running for his seat. and i think she's going to be great. and just a person of wonderful person in louisiana who just won her election, as you know, a lot of people running. she was hoping to get into the runoffs and she not only got into the runoffs, she got 65% of the vote and she won. so you know, i'm looking at the
7:47 am
right people to endorse and i think that when i endorse people, it means a lot. and i think we're going to have a great victory in '22. i think we're going to take back the house. everybody is working very hard. i'm working in conjunction with kevin mccarthy and the group and i think we're going to take back the house. you know, we're only literally a few votes short and when they look at the open borders, when they look at the second amendment being decimated which is going to be one of their next steps, when they look at all of the horrible things that are happening, what they're doing, including the biggest tax increase in history and the jobs will stop immediately. because those companies are going to leave our country when they have to pay these kind of taxes. we had it all done. all had they had to do was leave it unloan-ash alone but they couldn't do that. they don't want to give credit where credit is due. that's politics, i get.
7:48 am
they're very ungracious, there's no question about it. maria: everybody saw when you said we'll have a vaccine in nine months, in 10 months and you were mocked and everybody knows that then the vaccines -- because of warp speed, were developed before joe biden took office. so most people understand that. it is disingenuous not to recognize that. but let me ask you this, because i spoke with steven miller -- >> little anthony fauci who i like -- little anthony fauci who i like, he's always a nice guy but he says don't wear masks, it's terrible, then wear a mask, then go for a triple if you can find five of them, smack them all over your face. you know, so many mistakes. don't ban china. you should not ban. no, let china pour in. i did it very, very early. don't forget, i banned china very early or we would have had a much bigger problem and i banned europe from coming into the u.s. very early when i saw the problems.
7:49 am
fauci didn't want that. pelosi didn't want it. schumer didn't want it. nobody wanted it. and i did it. and i get no credit for anything but that's okay. i think the people understand. that's why i got 75 million votes. what can i say. maria: everybody knows how i view the china threat. this is a very dangerous situation. they do want to overtake america as the number one super power. they are a communist country and will continue to lie, steal and cheat to be number one. we don't hear a lot of conversation about that. you just mentioned the impact of this virus. bill de blasio, mayor of new york, says new york will now be fully open by july 1. but it's now gone beyond the virus regarding the new york. crime has spiked. you look at crime across our big cities and mr. president, it's up in the double digits. what happened? what's going on in terms of the state of our cities? this is going to become a much bigger issue but the media's not
7:50 am
covering it of course. i want to talk about the media and big tech in a second. give me your thoughts on what is taking place in our cities across our country right now. >> well, in all cases democrat run cities, maria. i mean, virtually every one of them is a democrat run city. new york, chicago, l am. every one of these cities where the crime has gone through the roof is democrat run and you know they come after rudy giuliani and they come after me and they let people that shoot them in the head they let them out of jail and let's charge no bail. it's a very, very serious problem. these democrat-run cities are doing so badly with respect to crime and the way they treat the police. you know, it really is defund the police. they want to more than defund them. they want to get rid of the police. these are great people. you know, i gotten doored by the new york city policemen. they've never done that ever
7:51 am
before in a presidential race. they endorsed me and they are unbelievable people. but a lot of them are leaving and a lot of great ones are leaving and they're leaving in a flood like we've never seen before. so much of this stuff is -- i keep saying never seen before. well, even with the police, we've never seen before anything like it. we've never seen tax increases like this. we've never seen a worse border. and we've then receiver police leaving -- seen police leaving and we've never seen crime numbers like you're going to have. it it's only going to get worse. they're all democrat-run cities. like i had a decision to make in the summer and, you know, it's a 50/50 call but in the democrat-run cities they had riots. we didn't have that in republican-run cities. my decision was not to do the insurrection act or do--it's to let people see what happens when something is poorly run and these cities are very, very
7:52 am
poorly run. and it's really unfair what they do. they go after people that don't deserve to be in positions like that. i mean, going after rudy giuliani who is a great patriot, when you have a city that's -- the crime has gone up 150, 200, 300% in some categories, is just so unfair. it's just -- it's just a shame. it's so sad for our country. and the world is watching and they're seeing what's happening and they don't want to come and they don't want to spend their money and it's going to take a long time. it's going to take a long time, unfortunately. and these are democrat-run cities. you have to remember that. because those are the ones where they have the problems. maria: so steven miller the other day said that the republicans have to be working on their policy ideas now so that they can implement them should they take the majority back in the midterm elections.
7:53 am
he specifically is talking about big tech, mr. president. we know that there's been censorship, pretty significant, during the election, twitter obviously banning you and stopping the new york post from reporting the truth about pawn's son, hunter biden. what would you like to see in terms of big tech in the way of legislation? >> by the way, the new york post has been fantastic. it's a great newspaper. they have been so honest, so honorable. maria: they've done great work. >> along with some others, in all fairness. they've done great journalism, great writing, michael goodwin and some others have been so incredible, actually. they've really stepped up to the plate. i think it's our nation's oldest newspaper. but they have been really amazing when you think about it. look, big tech has gone crazy. anybody that has a voice that they disagree with, like me,
7:54 am
they ban. my voice happens to be correct but they ban. i had really much more -- i mean if you look at my numbers with facebook and twitter, i guess close to 200 million people, i think i was number one and they banned me because the voice was strong. now i continue to have a strong -- i just put out releases that everybody prints what i say. i think it's actually much more of elegant than twitter. and it gets the word out just as well. not everybody can do that unfortunately. so it's very unfair to a lot of other people. i think i'm getting my word out as strongly as i ever did, maybe better and in a better way, in a more elegant way, i will say that, than doing a so-called tweet. but they are taking over. you look at google, and you only find bad stories. in other words, if you go under trump, donald trump, you only find -- if there's a negative story, they put it in. if there's a positive story, you
7:55 am
rarely see it unless it's down at the bottom. and they do that so purposely. it is so dishonest. it's hard to believe i did so well in the election. i won the election. and then i won the second election too. but it's hard to believe that i did so well in the election when i had big tech against me. i had the media against me. i won't comment on fox but fox is somewhat different than it was four years ago. and you know, it's an amazing thing. it tells you that the people are really smart. they get it. they see what's happening. without big tech, without everything, they see what's happening. how about lock boxes that come in late and they happen to have almost all biden votes. you know. , i mean, all of thesethings, pf and they get it. that's why everybody's watching arizona. even though the media is trying
7:56 am
to squelch it. the democrats said -- i guess 107 lawyers there over the last three years to try and stop the recount in arizona. they're doing a forensic audit. nobody's ever seen anything like it. they were deluged with lawyers. nobody's ever seen so many because they don't want the real facts to come out. the public gets it, maria. they get it. they get big tech. much more so than you think. maria: yeah. i mean, the bigger question that i'm asking is whether you believe that or not, you're not allowed to say it, right? i mean, you get hammered if you speak what you feel is true, honestly. you get hammered on social media. so the question is what should be done? what kind of change do you want to see regulatory-wise? >> well, a lot of people want to see get rid of section 230 which is a gift.
7:57 am
when they say these are private companies, they can do what they want. they are private companies. once they're given this tremendous immunity of section 230, they're no longer private companies as far as i'm concerned. because they're given a gift that no other type of company has in this country, in this world, probably. no other country has section 230. section 230 takes all their liability away so therefore when the government gives them this, they're no longer private company. josh hawley and ted cruz and a lot of people are working very, very hard on this. marsha as you know is -- marsha blackburn, very, very hard on this issue. but when they're given this tremendous power -- maria: i just want to say, mr. president, i just want to say that, you know, fox news is a fair and independent platform. i've had the courage, my colleagues have had the courage to come and report the truth.
7:58 am
i want to be clear here. >> you are fantastic. by the way, that's why i'm talking to you so long. you didn't tell me this would be the world's longest interview. that's okay. that's why. because it's you. maria: i'm sorry, mr. president. this is my final question. this is my final question to you, mr. president. your followers want to know what to do. they're seeing this agenda. they feel many of them that it's radical. they see what's going on on the ag level. what do you want to say to your followers in terms of what they should be doing? they say to themselves who voted for this? $4 trillion in higher taxes, wide open borders, killing job he creating policies. what do you want to say to them in terms of what they should be doing right now. >> have courage. keep fighting. it's going to happen. we're going to turn it around. they've gone too far. they can't get away with this. we can't allow them to get away with this. they're destroying our country. have courage. it's going to happen. i'm with you.
7:59 am
i am very, very strongly times 10 considering to do what everybody wants me to do and you know, when you announce early, i don't know if you know but that has an a big impact on fund raising and many other things. it's a little bit of a crazy, complex thing, the whole fund raising campaign contribution stuff is ridiculous. the laws are so archaic and stupid, frankly. but we are really -- i am so committed to this country, like frankly never before. i just say keep fighting, have courage and i believe that they've gone just too far. and they're using the ags to destroy people. they want to destroy people. great people. great patriots. they're using -- they're politicizing this whole situation with the attorney general's office, with local ags with what's going on is
8:00 am
horrible. it's horrible. and going again -- going after the rudy giulianis of the world when you have murderers pouring into this country on our southern border, murderers, rapists, and terrorists and people -- by the way, people coming from the middle east too. not just the countries we discuss. they're coming in from yemen and various countries, countries from the middle east and this is just starting. it's a horrible thing. have faith. we're going to bring it back. we cannot allow them to get away with what they're doing. maria: all right. mr. president, this has been a terrific interview. it's great to catch up with you again. we so appreciate it. i'm here at the border. by the way, fox news is the only network, major network that has people on the border. we've got a lot of them. we'll continue doing that. >> i have to say, maria, you do have great courage and i appreciate it and you know, you really do. you're very outstanding and we
8:01 am
appreciate it. everybody does. maria: i so appreciate that. thank you mr. president. we'll see you soon. >> thank you very much. thanks, maria. maria: all right. president donald trump reacting to president biden and a lot more. we'll be right back. stay with us. these days you have to keep everything moving and reinvent the wheel. with a hybrid, you can do both. that's why manufacturers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud factories can use ai to automate the little things so they can focus on the next big thing. businesses that want to innovate at scale are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. ask ask
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you know it's silly six-foot five, three hundred pounds i ride motorcycles on the weekends. so the thought of getting a hearing aid, i was.. i was scared. with lively, did a hearing test on the computer, when they sent them in the mail they were already set up for me.
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this little thing right here, has made me whole again. a test in minutes, hearing aids in days, better hearing in no time. get started today at the sky is the limit now, on what i can go do. maria: welcome back, everybody good thursday morning to you we just finished conclusive interview with president trump reacting to president biden joint session to congress last night among issues joining me right now for reaction ohio congressman member house intelligence house ways and means brad wenstrup good to see think morning thanks very much reaction to what president trump just said i, of course, want to get thoughts on president biden's speech last night. >> first of all it was great to hear former president speak great contrast from what we
8:05 am
sat through last night last night i looked adit actions speak louder than words words come out kid not aspire when he said we, the people is the government i thought what in in the world not speaking to freedom our citizens we are the people as citizens. you know one of the things scott said did a great job after, by the way, said education is magic, that is true education needs to be open needs to be truthful a concern in this country today truth needs to be addressed not ignored if you saw last night, you know that the border crisis was ignored you are there of you seen lawlessness the human tragedy nothing about school reopening injustices to next generation injustice to this generation nothing about freedom the premise what we talk about in america empty chamber classic
8:06 am
capital lack of freedom people vaccinated being told to wear we see in session silencing people jobs coming back i don't think we can equate jobs coming back numbers rising if you don't look at compare to the numbers, pre-covid the things that we are working giving us low unemployment levels, he talked about rescue plan being bipartisan it wasn't bipartisan not one republican voted for this we have five bipartisan bills before biden became president of united states talked about buy american that is greet but to have you talk about the supply chain how vulnerable we are as country with our supply chain, and increasing taxes the way he wants to do especially on corporations, is going to make it more and more difficult for us to secure our supply chain be able to buy american talked about guns, but didn't talk about the people that commit the crimes, what it is that leads them, to
8:07 am
want to commit these crimes the guns didn't commit crimes he talked about infrastructure, we are all in agreement on infrastructure, but what is return on investment he with things that he is proposing, does it stimulate economy increase our economy increase national security make our nation healthier? those types of things should be in infrastructure, he talked about h.r.1, and i don't know if even constitutional but i don't know why states would want to have their you identity stripped we're not just america we are the united states of america, any bill that takes taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns should be stricken down right away i do want to take second to talk about tim scott voting, h.r.1 he said it correctly we want to make it easier to vote, and harder to cheat, let's be honest about this, we are not for voter you suppression that is not true we also don't like rules changing in the middle of the
8:08 am
game sometimes, seemingly even after the game has been played. maria: i know, south carolina center was excellent last night said he broke his promise, to unify the american people here is tim scott from last night take a listen. >> president biden promised you, a specific kind of leadership, he promised you to lower the temperature to govern for all americans, no matter how we voted. this was a pitch you just heard it again our nation is starving for more than empty ty platitudes we need policies that bring us closer together three months in the actions of president and party pulling us further and further apart. maria: yeah congressman i mean hard to make unity case when you've got all executive
8:09 am
orders when you're governing by party line putting massive spending packages to reconciliation. >> let me speak to that for a second, on unity. one of the things that president biden could have done in effort to unify the nation is give credit where credit is due, operation warp speed is unprecedented, never before has american accomplished something like this m in medical world hasn't been done before you have to give president trump his administration that set up the process inspired people to achieve, and got it done, you also have to credit the scientists, you know, these are people that really worked round the clock to make this happen, not only that how about giving credit to all people that o got in the trials, you don't have have american people getting in these trials volunteering to be part of this process you continue have a vaccine, tim scott said so many common
8:10 am
sense makes o common ground i love that the question do democrats want to solve issue or have the issue i don't think anything could be more clearer than when president biden spoke about fixing the daca situation they applauded but sat on hands when president trump did same thing we actually put forward a bill, that addressed that, they haven't. they just want to change -- i love what he said america is not a racist country you know what, you know we grew up we go to colleges very bipartisan, by racial world multiracially world serve in military this is not ab racist country i thought really important that he say that. maria: yeah, you are right, i know that recently you were able to question director christopher wray at your committee i want to ask you about that we discussed all spikes in crime, going on, and your thoughts on what we're
8:11 am
seeing in terms of the fbi, doj people at irs are we seeing agencies get politicized again review for us what you wanted to ask christopher wray do you feel you accomplished that at that hearing a couple weeks ago. >> i thought it was a start you can look why people don't trust the government just what happened with irs, look at russian conclusion hoax heem don't have trust at baseball field 136 pounds fired gentlemen had names of republicans in his pocket, clearly out to assassinate possibly try and change the balance of power in the house of representatives when we met with fbi afterwards, they came and said to us us those that were present that day that this was merely an attempt for a suicide by cop, first of all, the shooter didn't know
8:12 am
police were there, the police was tlpt there were no police there capitol police in play clothes in unmarked vehicle so ridiculous so far out there, were they afraid to say that this guy was politically motivated by left committed violence? has that the situation when i asked christopher wray who was acting director at the time decision made by fbi to call it suicide by cop he said i know it wasn't me i know it wasn't him as well it was andrew mccabe i didn't know who mccabe was about in 2017 after russian hoax i do, christopher wray had opportunity to clear up issues issue that left americans in doubt he hasn't done it, that is why we asked for a letter to not only reinvestigate the events that day call it for what it was an assassination
8:13 am
attempt on republicans and republicans alone, and also, to investigate how the fbi came up to that conclusion when others did not. and that is what we're after at this point we have a concern not only from those that were at field i had two democrats after i addressed christopher wray speak up say they would like to associate themselves with the word get those answers as well, that would be something, really help american people if we can get to the truth. maria: congressman we were talking with president trump, and, of course, we are talking about all of these issues in particular the agenda. all of this spending, look. i mention debt with president trump the republicans have not been great on spending either. but nothing compares to 6 trillion dollars almost 6 trillion dollars in a hundred days just outrageous, how do you justify spending all of this money? >> well i have a hard time
8:14 am
justifying it, i have difficulty when it talking about, this before joe biden became the president we had five bipartisan bills knew we were in a unique sense of emergency, but when we were on phase two people asked what should phase three look like i side we should address the needs that will keep people home not eliminate great acquit but how we pay in the purity that seems out the window with democrats why bills passed just with democrats not a bump fashion i always say what we should do with every bill ask ourselves does this bill give americans more freedom, and is the next generation going to say thank you for it. i don't think today, that the democrats in floor seem to care about the next generation keep piling on debt, not compassion when you put a card in a box push a button, tell someone else what they have to do, and someone else has to pay for it. if we are going to do things
8:15 am
and be responsible generation like the greatest generation we should be paying for things, in our own time. maria: are yeah i don't think our future generations are going to thank us for this for sure, quick on tax increases that are coming, we're talking about highest taxes we are going to see in a couple decades congressman, will they be able to get these huge tax hikes in through reconciliation? are you going to be pourless to stop this? >> well if they do through reconciliation all democrats participate then might have a chance of doing it, you know. look. we use reconciliation for tax tax cuts job cuts republicans increased to government after we did that and more people went to work therein lies one of the differences, i hope that we can actually sit down in a bipartisan fashion i hope that joe manchin kirsten
8:16 am
sinema stick to word not allow filibuster to be eliminated decent conversation rather than being rammed down our throats. >> i will see you soon, sir coming up former acting department homeland security secretary chad here his take on border crisis what president trump told me last hour exclusive stories from here reporting owing from southern border first quarter gdp jobless claims 15 minutes' time dow industrials up 145 nasdaq up 148 s&p higher by 30 we will be back right after this. welcome back rio
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
grande one of the biggest flash points of border a firsthand look yesterday from middle of the border of threats that lie within eye eye sight of law enforcement. >>w about to get in boat with ag paxton going to be touring the rio grande. >> right here is mexico. that park this park in mexico is controlled by the drug cartels, if you want to get into that park, you have to pay. the smugglers drug cartels can't get into the park they are all watching us right now so they know that agents are here patrolling waters as soon as we are gone they radio in say coast is clear more
8:21 am
smugglers will come in. >> is it effective drug cartels not care. >> they are -- right now. >> what have we seen talk about where we saw that what is going on here. >> that is first time i've seen that lan owner built three mile fence 15 million dollars to protect his property because he was tired of people coming on his property destroying property stealing vehicles the partial wall trump was able to complete before he left office. >> we've got bulletproof vests on there are machine guns here, i mean this is sending a message right. >> yes. >> cartel control this area, even more so now than they did before trump left office biden administration really empowered them, really sacrificing a lot of our people to having to do other tasks cartels have much more free rainy thanks to birthday administration policies have done. >> cartels making so much money on ail this you have to
8:22 am
pay to get into a park. >> so you saw the park, cartels control park in order to get to the park get closer to u.s. you have to pay, i have been told by agents down here that it is a minimum per person 4,000 dollars cartels get 4,000 at a minimum for every person they bring across the border you thousands of people doesn't including drug trafficking, they have greater access to because border agents are busy taking care of families that come across. maria: this is effective you can see how close it is members to texas if going to dump a baby in the river your guys try to rescue baby they get across. >> exactly what happened cart cartel throw kids over boat our people rescue them bring rest in safely to across to ever border. maria: if you see this you get it but the administration hasn't come down to see this. >> i don't think they want to draw attention to it they
8:23 am
realize that they've created -- the policies that worked under trump administration disregarded to policies obama put in place collateral won't work they adopted policies don't want to highlight to american people. maria: my thanks to ag ken paxton leading that tour including us on it, joining me last hour president trump with reaction to border crisis as well as president biden's congressional address last night former commander in chief reacting to the president's lack of discussion at all on the border in his speech. >> well one thing that he didn't discuss the border. and the fact that tens of thousands of people are pouring into our country many of them criminals many of them people from jails many of them, doing acts that you don't even want to know about. they are pouring into our country, by thank you thousands at a level that has never been seen before and
8:24 am
they are coming absolutely nothing. maria: joining me right now former acting department of homeland security secretary visiting fellow heritage foundation chad wolf great to see you. thanks very much being here we are at southern border we saw a lot yesterday we've got a lot planned today, why do you think president biden would not raise such an important issue, that is affecting american families, throughout the country in the border? >> yeah quite astonishing last night almost no mention of a national crisis that is taking place on the border today. you know, when biden administration asked for volunteers across the government to go down to that border to help take care of the family the minors coming across because of policies of biden administration to have that type of call-up not even mention, in address i think
8:25 am
startling again draws attention to a crisis that biden administration created itself, because they took down, removed a number of effective border security immigration policies what aboutance kamala harris vice president says looking at the obviously, the reasons the root causes here and said she would like to send 310 million dollars to the northern triangle countries to stop them from coming here. do you think it will work? >> no, not a one mos measures he lone will not solve this crisis we saw in ob administration and a half on foreign assistance did same in trump administration but pared with enforcement policy teched doesn't mind how much you tried northern triangle or other countries if border is
8:26 am
open not enforcing law along that border migrants know that will continue to come at the end of the day they want to come for jobs to earn money to return money back home they need to do that a legal way there are many different vaiz to do that they've chosen to do that illegal because biden administration made it easy to do that if i don't enforce the border doesn't matter what you do on edges on northern triangle they are going to continue to come. maria: i am glad you made that point, the detractors of you and your administration, for president trump's administration, constantly say that, you know, it is immigration, that this that administration limited, in fact we issued u.s. issues one million green cards a year, but the why is it that it is this area, the rio grande that has been the epicenter for you this surge? >> there is a variety
8:27 am
different reasons i think historically you have seen a lot of traffic not only come rue rgvirtuality, south texas but parts of arizona others the cartels the smugglers, they are wise they understand what they are doing they know that the rgv is a vast amount of rare to cover for border patrol, we have almost very few of that borrowed wall system in rgv, was next phase additional mileage set to be constructed this career they know that that border patrol are spread pretty thin as well going to use that opportunity, in a number of distractions that you talked about earlier in your segment to get people across in that area. maria: that is what we're seeing the unfortunately, i was told that there will be a number of retirements from border patrol, and b administration not coupled to playoff those people getting more on that, as we move forward chad wolf gate to see
8:28 am
you this morning thanks very much for weighing in on all of that we will catch up soon thank you so much first quarter gdp initial jobless claims in. >> dow industrials up 150 we are back in two minutes' time. with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again.
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. wreaking news first read on first quarter gdp is out it is brett better 6.4% versus 6.1% initial jobless claims 553,000 versus estimate 549,000, dagen mcdowell, market better than expected gdp. dagen: better-than-expected gdp growing economy faster annualized rate than it did fourth quarter you have jobless claims they did fall
8:32 am
13,000, as you said, came in a little bit above expectations, expectation was for less than 550,000, but begs the question of does this economy need an additional what it already 1.9 trillion-dollar if in quote covid spending from this administration but another 2.3 trillion in infrastructure, close to two trillion vast entitlement expansion, is this an economy that needs that kind of stimulation entitlements that actually discourage work we need people book on the job get this economy fire on all cylinders. maria: i couldn't agree more you are so spot-on, steve i have lost count close to six trillion dollars in spending, in or more than 5 1/2 trillion in spending 100 days and we've got an economy that is firing
8:33 am
on all cylinders gdp 6.4% do we need massive spending packages. >> -- a trillion here trillion there adds up to real money the fact of the matter is, this economy is doing well if they took a vacation would do even better that is not about stimulateing the economy these bills this is about controlling the economy, controlling people, in the a way never been done before, to socialist wish list i am surprised market have not take place into account the possibility by using reconciliation these guys could get through massive tax increases we know would hurt economy with all spending we are going to have inflation down the road as well. so i don't know what markets are doing whistling past graveyard guys coming best to make sure we don't get repeats in the purity going into 2022. maria: you say not about helping the economy this is
8:34 am
about control, what do you mean by that. >> you take, for example, the proposal made last night about helping farmers, you know when government gives you money they are going to tell you what you can can cannot plant prying to run agriculture in a way epa hasn't been able to do in past in terms of programs for kids that is a payoff to the unions, in terms of the other things they want to do, having home care, unions going to control that so this is about control, this is about a socialist wish list where they control the -- what you can cannot do you have to get permission from them what you can do cannot do antithesiss exact opposite what american experiment is about. dagen: maria. maria: explain that that was -- go ahead dagen. dagen: on twitter i described like this last night joe biden delivered a declaration
8:35 am
depennens a plan to make americans dependent on government by vast new entitlement he actually said we, the people are the government, no, we're not it essentially discourages work dignity honor self respect, these discourage it entitlements not based on work what social security and medicare in theory are do politicians bureaucratics make better decisions about your life healthy family do they make better decision than you do about all those issues, the answer is never. maria: yep, that is a great that is a great commentary, by the way, you are going to pay for it as well, we are looking at much higher taxes down the road, according to president biden, unveiled american families plan last night, in that first address to congress
8:36 am
listen. >> i wouldn't impose any tabs increase on people making less than 400,000 dollars, but it is time to for corporate america the wealthiest 1% americans to begin to pay their fair share. [applause] >> fair share. >> not looking to punish anybody but i will not add a tax burden additional tax burden to middle class in this country, they are already paying enough. agent joining me tennessee senator senate foreign relations, thanks very much for joining us do you know the answer to this is it 400,000 dollars for family or 400,000 dollars per individual who is going to see taxes go higher. >> when when iever no way a cutoff proposing biggest tax increase in history surmise my lifetime to think that does anything to accelerate the economy is follow plea look in
8:37 am
states like mine ten. gerri: cy we lowered taxes we have no-income tax now, we deregulate, we keep a solid secure border do our best to create business environment that creates job breath not question regulations that he is talking about. maria: so what is the difference here? i mean why does he see it so differently? i mean he has got wide-open borders we're here witnessed firsthand yesterday, and the day before witnessed firsthand again about an hour when i go out with the unions, how does he see things differently, in terms of tax movements, and border policies? why? >> it is it as he said before a socialist wish list punishing corporations punishing job creators by opening borders i appreciate i bringing attention to this maria this is a crisis he tried to avoid talking about last night at state of union with listed a litany of crises didn't get to border till very
8:38 am
end when he is doing flooding the border creating massive disarray to our economy putting pressure, on the lowest end, of our workforce, and turning every town into a border town as he complements turnstile southern border pushing people into interior of our nations rapidly as they can a true crisis i am so glad you highlighted it. maria: i appreciate that, thank you. let me ask you about appropriating this money. you are an appropriations i want to understand, what the priorities are, because we've got all this spending more than five trillion dollars yet no increase in defense spending, the threats are rising around us, china, iran, not to mention, what is happening at the border, the national security issues, we are jack keane has been on this program a hundred times says we are out gunned when it comes to china what thank you tell us about defense spending president biden's priorities?
8:39 am
>> first of alls jack keane great american i am pleased to call him a friend as you know my previous job was served as u.s. ambassador to japan, very tough neighborhood there, and i have seen firsthand china's aggression, they are building military very a relationship pace we have more military stations more u.s. military stations in japan than anyplace else in the world for a very good reason last thing we need to be doing is building down military when peef china impression moving forward world needs a strong america, and i don't understand why biden administration thinks opposite should be true look at iran doing everything they possibly can to weaken us dealing with companies like iran certainly don't have our best interests at heart we need to stand strong right now, now more than ever. maria: how are you going to and the tall against the radical agenda i mean i spoke with former president trump last hour here is his commentary about biden administration tax proposals watch this.
8:40 am
>> the taxes it will be largest tax increase in the history of our country and when you say wouldn't affect middle class, middle class has 401(k)s capital gains a massive impact on middle class capital gains you are taking about everybody not just for so killed a wealthy people you are talking about everybody, being they apply a stock no matter what they do you are talking about everybody is going to be affected by that, but they are going to be affected in even more important way, companies are going to leave this country. maria: so we just got a gdp 6.4% for the first read first quarter senator, is this going to put a damper on an economy that is coming back? >> i know interesting last night maria we heard president biden come on open the whole speech last night with all of this successes he described greatest economic comeback any
8:41 am
nation has seen right now what he did was take credit for it rather than give credit to operation warp speed president biden tooing that is plagiarism something we've seen before from this president in our limestone a major dampening effect he is going to take away great blue collar comeback president trump put in place what he talked about wasn't a blue collar blueprint this is a preclude collar jobs killer what he is talking about with tax increases. >> what about big techure looking to take on censorship that we've seen putting forward you 21 sales tax century free speech act you wrote op-ed in "the wall street journal" titled good-bye section, 230 hello liberty what are you trying to accomplish there, i spoke with president trump about section, 230 as well hear what he said i want you to walk us through, this act. >> when they say these are
8:42 am
private companies they can do what they want well they are private companies but once they give this tremendous immunity of section 230, they no longer private companies as far as i am concerned because they are given a gift no other tech company has in this country in this world probably, no other country has section, 230, section 230 takes all their liability away. maria: senator? >> well interesting, i appreciate the fact the president trump is describing this i think back to his election 2020, president trump didn't have to just beat joe biden he had to beat media and big tech, big tech has gone out of control in section 230 protection what i am proposing eliminating section 230 do do away with section 230 treat large public utilities is what i call them large private companies have become essentially the modern day public square what they're doing censoring language we
8:43 am
treat them like common carriers what i am proposing have to be open to all comers discriminatory faction will you be able to get colleagues on left to go along with this able to actually bush this through the finish line. >> maria i have heard a lot of conversations from democrats here in concerned about big tech as president said they have run out of control, when political speeches, when you have situations when you know major mainstream political actors president of the united states could be sensored in america ayatollah khomeini can talk about eliminating ailes talking become that big tech platforms there is something very wrong when they con suppress "new york post" story about hunter biden something is very, very wrong. >> quite estuarined actually great to get your insights thank you, sir. senator bill hagerty joining
8:44 am
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tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of te arms and legs and confusion. attorney general ken paxton hosting a group of sheriffs this is to discuss strugglels how they deal with this 24 hours day some represented cities up to 200 miles away
8:48 am
from border feeling effects, listen. >> beautiful day in texas but certainly not a perfect day in texas because we have a border crisis, and i certainly have seen evidence fatalities in san antonio mid landed, also here, seeing what is going on with children, and then also spending a lot of time with customs and border protection realizing what they are up against we are 275 miles inland from the border, but we are dealing with the same issues that being dealt with down here on the border, there was a pursuit, the vehicle crashed into a tree. it caught the only fire had approximately 18 to 20 individuals in it. >> county is approximately 180 miles north of here, rural town with population under 8,000. that we have just been overwhelmed what i am holding here are slips that had gone
8:49 am
through sheriffs office till jan lots of slips on undocumented immigrants chases it just been a burden to our town to our people texas is a unique place, texas is a fantastic state. but we're witnessesing here over and over and over and over again and again destructive policies that are detrimental to texans, americans in our and our nation. >> can you talk about people property private land sheriffs probably have -- ranchers what is happening with smugglers coming in to get people through. >> such a great question goim tloeth you answer that you guys deal with this every day if you don't mind -- >> you see it you can speak o to sheriffs with about what you see every day. >> thank you for the question,
8:50 am
it is a -- texas land owners, homeowners here imagine you wake up every day, and you you look at camera if you live in any council up and down texas border groups between 50 to 100 within 50 yards of your home every day trespassing on your property we have information cutting fences information from one texas sheriff where 26 fences cut in one day, 26 fences. so imagine that is your property. maria: coming up reaction from our panel to all vtdz what we're seeing as border exclusive interview with former president trump, stay with us.
8:51 am
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maria: welcome back i spoke with former president trump last hour, this is what he had to say in terms of higher taxes coming under president joe biden. >> it will be the largest tax increase in the history of our country. and when you say wouldn't affect middle class -- the middle class has 401 k's, and when you look at capital gains tax that is going to have a massive impact on the middle class, it is also going to have a massive impact on companies leaving our country they all came back, with me the companies were pouring back into our country. >> steve forbes, it is hard to see why we need so much spending, results in so much higher tax, given the economy is coming back we've got gdp out this morning up 6.4% in first read, first quarter.
8:55 am
>> congratulations on courageous comprehensive coverage on border that is fantastic. in ten what have administration is doing to economy they want tax intreests not only to raise men and women but put more government control of economy the capital gains as president said going to several damage shareholder also means fewer start-ups in this country means lower standard of living in the future this is big government on rampage taxes, regulation, spending they are going for the whole hog. >> angela your thoughts. >> former president trump is exactly right, that this plan is going to raise taxes, on virtually all americans, not just the ultra wealthy, this capital gains tax increase is going to harm families selling homes that they bought sell in hot market parts of this plan not talking about, such as fact that we the american taxpayers are going to pay
8:56 am
more to fund things like free community college for illegal immigrants expanded pell grants illegal immigrants can also access when millions of americans cannot access that same benefit. there is a reason he is not talking about it because it is unjust on face the american people would reject it out of hand if they knew the truth. >> dagen some people connecting this to voters, and immigration, illegals being able to vote democrat. dagen: indeed, i will repeat what senator tim scott said last night our best future won't come from washington skeemdz or socialist dreams, it will come from you, so what do left wing liberals do on twitter started trending a racist term to describe senator scott twitter allowed it making it even more disgusting it was white liberals they seal so
8:57 am
emboldened that they can smear a sitting senator with racist rhetoric, giving, we are better than that. as a country. maria: you are right we will take a break more "mornings with maria" live on fox business, right after this. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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maria: that does it for us to get a big thank you to dagan, steve and angela. we have more coverage tomorrow from the southern border. i hope you join us. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. is. stuart: great, great interview, maria. maria: thank you. stuart: good morning pick the president delivered his vision of america's future, the era of the big government is back big time. died in is the 6 trillion-dollar man who will turn our society on its head. in my opinion it is socialism in the guise of a caring society. we will show you what the president actually said and we will sho


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