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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 26, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website -- maria: good monday morning thank you so much for joinings us i'm maria bartiromo. and it is monday april 26th. your top stories right now 6 a.m. on the east coast. america weighs in on border cries sice is a new fox news poll shows vote terse think border security has gotten worse since president biden took office. vice president kamala harris has now gone 33 days without a news conference since becoming border czar an she's blaming the trump administration for the kurnghts mess starting wednesday i'll be coming to you live if from mccalen texas giving you exclusive first hangsd look at crisis from langsd, air and the sea.
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joinses for our exclusive coverage a look at market this is morning futures are indicating mix opening this morning attack a look dow industrials right now down 7 points nasdaq down 47 and s&p 500 weaker by 6. this after all three major indices finished in the red for the week spurred on by president biden's proposed tax increases set to hit all americans. we're going get details this upcoming week in his -- "state of the union." dow industrials last week down 157 points that was one-half 6 one percent. nasdaq down a quarter of a percent and s&p 500 weaker by a fraction. coming up, housuation and means committee member kevin ahead here of the president address to congress what he expects to hear about increase in taxes on the way also a big week for earnings 10 dow components reporting quarterly number this is week and full market analysis on all of those companies coming up. european markets meanwhile mixed goldman sachs predicting u.k. gdp will grow to 7.8% this year that is faster groat than the
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united states. european market this is morning are mixed fractional moves as you can see. and asia overnight a mixed story there as well take look at the asian worth performer shanghai composite down about 100%. "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> all right some of the top stories that we are watching this morning, vice president cam la harris once again pointing fingers at the trump administration for the growings crisis at the border. saying that problem will not be solved overnight she said. she has yet to visit the border she's blaming, quote, covid issues for the delay. but she has visited several states since taking office
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including california, and new hampshire. all of this as new fox news polls this morning show nearly a half of american find border security has worsened under biden administration today also marks his 100th day in office. custom and border protection agents finding about 4.3 million dollar worth of meth hidden among a shipment of fresh pickles it was found in a tractor trailer earlier this month in south texas 217 pounds of meth were ceased. bracing for more taxes kentucky senator ranked paul join me on sunday morning futures warning of the risk to market if president biden capital tax gain increase becomes a reality. >> the even more worrisome than raising tax is doubling the capital gains tax if you make capital gain taxes upwards of 40% -- there's a real risk that you're gong see a significant market reaction to this. ♪ ♪
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maria: the president reportedly plans to raise the capital gains tax on those earning more than a million dollars to between 39.6% it is actually when you yo add on obamacare tax that level is 43.4% is the capital gains effective rate. for the highest earners because of the obama care 3.8% tax. senators making progress in negotiating president bide about $it trillion spending bill and shelly moore saying she's optimistic two sides come together on some deal as democratic senator joe manchins praises republicans more target had had 468 prplings with a need to focus on sphraw involves highways bridges and structural charges states are resuming use of the one shot johnson & johnson vaccine it would given the green light from federal regulators on friday as we expected. it was initially paused after reports of rare but a potentially dangerous blood clotting disease in some recipients.
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but both the fda and cdc say the benefits greatly outweigh the risk attack a look at the premarket this morning up almost one percent on j&j shares. at 166 to 94. markets meanwhile searching for direction this morning we are expecting a lower opening this morning take a look. we've got futures fractionally weaker we're expecting to hear president biden new tax proposals during his session to a joint session of congress on wednesday. it is a big week for the president you've got wednesday joint session of congress and then thursday, is his 100 president day in office. those reported plans include tax and capital gains nearly doubling marginal rate from 39.6%. on capital gains joining me right now is chief market strategist phil orlando and joining conversation all morning long is fox's dagen mcdowell and chief investment officer nancy tank great to see everybody here this morning thanks for being here what a week we've got in front of us
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we've got a whole host of earnings coming out this week. as well as the president's 100th day in office happening on thursday, and then, of course, wednesday night we'll get his assessment his joint session to congress. what do you expect this week in terms of market drivers? >> well, i think big speech for the president he's going try to rally the country arntiond his tax plans. but as i wrote in my piece last week, we're not as as president is where he wants to go. raising corporate tax rate from 21 to 28% federal which would be 32% stat story would be about 10 points over the oecd global average. that would restore our position as having the highest corporate tax rates in the world. we saw how that worked from 2009 through 2016 not particularly well. so i think he's going get pushback in congress raising the
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tax rates that aggressively something perhaps in the mid-20s maybe a 25% neighborhood would seem mirror palettable and we'll have to see what comes out of congress. maria: so many things that will impact this economy and i agree there are a couple of on eds that we're going talk about this morning from journal one of them is the dumbest tax increase talking about that capital gains tax. mostly because you're actually talking about less revenue at the end of the day so it's -- larry lindsay's writes in op-ed he writes biden taxes for punishment sake again it is not necessarily doing anything in terms of moving needle on revenue getting less revenue but larry lindsay writes punishing wealth so the capital gains tax is certainly something that is going to be a market talker. but you're writing in most recent note turning a battleship in the ocean. there are a lot of other they thinks that are going to move this economy. tell me what the big drivers are that you see in 2021, phil.
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>> well, the point that i made in that piece maria is that you know an economy is large in complex as the united states. utilizing monetary and fiscal policy to adjust that economy is not like flipping light switch on and off it is like moving, you know, a battleship in the ocean. you look at what federal reserve and congress and the trump administration did this time last year to sort of resuscitate, you know, the u.s. economy from the pandemic. and just now, you know, 12 to 18 month it is later, the positive benefits of those effects are emanating from pipeline so we've got, you know, gdp greet at 6.6% this year or forecast that will be the strongest rate of economic growth in the u.s. since 1984 we grew at about 7.2.this year. and this largely a function i think, of what the federal reserve and congress with the cares act and trump
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administration did a year ago. now, what president biden is talking about now in terms of increasing capital gains rates increasing corporate tax rate those are things that will have an effect on economy as we look out into cycle maybe second half of '22 certainly '23 or '24 and not immediate affect. this year is pretty much basing at the cake in terms of strong economic greet and strong corporate earnings gains and i think congress what is an important responsibility to try to moderate some of the higher tax gains that the president would leak to impose if we're hoping to maintain the strength of this year's recovery and both economic growth and corporate earnings into the outyears in the cycle. maria: and what do you see right now in terms of that recovery, phil? you've got a lot of earnings that have given us a bit of a window into where we are. are you hearing any guidance this week we'll hear from
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tesla -- reporting its first quarter results after the bell tonight you also got technology giants facebook, apple amazon, out later in the week they may be market movers, any -- any take aways from your stand point in terms of the first quarter reporting season so far? and broadly heading into the year -- what kind of guidance you've harled, phil? >> so the earnings recession is over in our mind maria we went into this first quarter with consensus earnings expecting to be up 23% year over year. but we think that numbers likely to be 30%, and to date you've got 85% of the companies that are reported so far. we're about a quarter of the way through earning season, are beating estimates by about 25% for the earnings numbers are good as good as they are in first quarter. second quarter, is going to be up 60%, we think 60%. and a full year basis we're probably looking at a 20 to 25% increase.
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so the earnings numbers in the first half of the year are going to be enormous and we'll start to, you know, taper that rate of gain in the second half of the year. but the numbers we're getting, and the guidance we're receiving from managements we're going to have a good yore and that's why we have a 4500 forecast on the s&p 500 stocks ultimately will reflect gangs earnings this year and they are terrific. >> all right let me bring in nancy here you're allocating capital you have to deal with macro story as well in terms of making your decisions. qaig in here. >> well thank you good morning maria good morning, phil. listen, phil, i was wondering we are bullish or equities as well we think we're due for correction and curious what your perpght eve is on that, and also a very little talk about portion of biden's tax plan is the proposals for state tax and the implication for small businesses i was wongding for you had any thoughts on, you know, getting
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away from the step up for states and how that effects small business and farmers and then secondly will you allocating to small cap and if so what is your view on that portion of the market? >> lots of good questions there. nancy, the three areas that we are bull herbly focused on since last summer since last august -- are domestic small cap domestic large cap value and international with the focus on emerging markets, and international small amid cap. we did have an overweight in technology coming out of the bottom of the cycle march year ago but we think that tech stocks and growth stocks got ahead of themselves by last summer so we took them down to neutral. in terms of -- the president's proposed changes with the estate tax, the eliminating step up basis reducing exception from roughly 11 and a half million to three and a half million and then
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taking the rate up from 40% up to a graduated increase maybe as high as about 75 or 80.. we're very concerned about that. and you're correct to point out small businesses, family farms, because if you don't have the liquidity that would result in possibly selling farm selling business, starting to raise the cash, in order to pay the tax. so i think those the tax rates are too high and up to congress to -- you know, issue a wakeup call in order to moderate those numbers come back to a reality. >> yeah. well that's what happens as the journal puts it when you leave tax policy to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. they are deciding on tax rates based on ideologies and not recognizing the real impact to majorities and the economy. so real quick you mentioned
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international qow be allocating to europe right now goldman sachs is saying that the u.k. economy actually could come back in the eurozone economy could come back stronger than u.s. right now. i feel like just a month ago we were talking about a double dip recession potential. >> so you're exactly right on both points. we've been neutral international developed because of the concerns that they've been having overseas with the same distribution but i have to tell you over course of the last month they're doing a better job as we saw here in the united states, you get the vaccine distribution accelerated you get people with the jabs in arm you start opening up schools and businesses, and so -- maria: there you go. >> we were looking at international development. maria: phil great to see you this morning thank you so much. have a good monday phil orlando. we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back big week coming up, president biden will mark his 100 president days in office and finds president has a 54% approval rating looking at the economy just one in three americans say that economy is excellent or good. the president is set for his first address to a joint session of congress wednesday. joining me right now is the sorn editor of reason robi great to have you this morning tell us what you're expecting from the president on wednesday. >> yeah. you know, the president has to still unite a lot of country. he hasn't really done it yet if you look at the polling, he has the lowest approval rating of any recent president aside from president trump who, you know, was supposedly polarizing media and you never hear that you hear the idea that biden is beloved, this is a historic presidency. how big is too big that kind of thing. but when you poll people they're very much they're not sold.
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so he's going to do more of his kind of biden thing, of he does a good job of sounding empathetic and for crises multiple unfolding crises he's still got a lot of work to go. people are worried about the border situation. i think people are more hopeful about the state of the pandemic. but that's mostly because of an initiate they've we're underway before biden took office right it's not they thinks that he spearheaded himself. >> that's reeght, and then the fda now is lifting the pause on johnson & johnson one shot vaccine after concerns over that rare blood clotting disease halted distribution, what do you think this means for reopening and getting life back to normal? we are looking at a slowly but surely normalize situation in various places across the country and the economy. do you expect this to accelerate? >> pauses of the johnson &
6:20 am
johnson was a disastrous decision with very worst priorities for a long team the cdc and fda, have slow rolled back staigs in some way they feel not approved astrazeneca and show confidence in the j&j vaccine plummetingening this was unnecessary because blood clotting issue was -- very rare affect not statistically significant so i think it was a mistake that despite that, you know, it is clear the vaccine rates are taking off. people are getting. it is improving its situation and we need to be reopening everything frankly unfortunately the government has still biden set expectationings low. right? he said maybe barbecue small barbecues by july fourth. of course people all over country are already socially gatherings so too late for just small social gatherings. maria: yeah we'll see about that and then, of course, the tax increases that we're going hear more of when we hear about his
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agenda on wednesday night any thoughts there? >> yeah. you know he's going lay out this vision for raising taxes to just like globally massive levels we're going to be most tax country on earth, and i don't think that's going to improve his popularity but to some degree biden is in throes to a kind of left wing agenda. the progressive wing of his party it doesn't represent a lot of voters i don't think. but they have a lot of influence in the media, in the places where decisions get made and they've put pressure on him to kind of move in a elizabeth wariner bernie sanders direction, and this is perhaps the best evidence yet during his presidency that, you know, he's going give them something they helped get him elected and now will it be possible with americans i doubt it. but often the far left is not overly concerned about that they want to do what they support. sphwhrar that's right i saw a piece alexandria ocasio-cortez
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said he exceeded proceeded expectations so he's got the thumbs-up from aoc robi thank you, sir coming up passing the blame kamala harris continues to blame the trump administration on the crisis at the border. more on that, coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown,
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maria: welcome back vice president kamala harris is blaming the trump administration for the current crisis at the border. watch this. >> it's not going to be so farred overnight it is a complex issue. part of the problem is that under the previous administration they pulled out essentially, a lot of what had been the continue continuum of work and came it stand still. we have to rebuild it and i've made it very leer to our team this has to be a function of
6:26 am
a -- of a priority that is an american priority and not just the function of whoever happens to be sitting in this chair. maria: meanwhile a new fox news poll show it is nearly half of the americans think border security is worst under president biden versus how they felt two years ago dagen your reaction to this she's saying building something building what, whole idea was joe biden made it clear to the world that he wants open borders. that we should have the surge at the border he said that during's the debate. and she's blaming trump administration all you have to do is look at the numbers to see how much worst they things have gotten. >> vice president serving up a garbage casserole any american following what's at the border knows that's just not true. so what the biden administration did was rollback trump administration policy it is that were working. we've talked about this repeatedly particularly remain in mexico program.
6:27 am
but we know -- here's what's going on so far about ten days ago biden administration stepped up to start imitating trump's successful policies, biden administration struck a deal similar to one that donald trump struck back in 2019 with mexico and northern triangle to have -- where they've agreed to better secure their borders. and when you have the mexican president lopez and guatemala president both saying the crisis at our border is that biden -- that was the biden message around world where illegal immigrants were repealing. trump policies and come on in. that was their strategy, and all of a sudden, there was a duh surge at the border catch and release was back and they have children literally stacked on top of one another in these -- in these detention facilities. so nobody from this
6:28 am
administration is going to go visit those children until the optics are better that's how shallow they are. >> it is so absurd dagen really. you're spot on and then no pushback from the cnn reporter. oh, well oh you're gong to build them back? build what back? build facilities to continue creating facilities for more people to come instead of stopping it and toking the flow? you said it it was remain in mexico. it was reinstituting catch and release and it was stopping 89 border wall construction. and most americans understand this very clearly -- so i don't know why she would think that she's fooling anyone. >> and you saw the poll numbers and the new fox news poll -- i think that on immigration biden polls are worst in terms of his performance. number one, jason rally had a great piece in so it is 46% think thaws border security is
6:29 am
worse now than two years ago jason riley had a great piece in wall street journal saying that democrats ought to be very careful on immigration because most americans want more to security. trump's border wall didn't poll that well. but americans want border security. and they want some of what is legal immigration. >> absolutely. because the border towns have completely changed because of all of the illegals in the towns nancy your thoughts let me just say we're going to be live from the border wednesday, thursday, friday of this week we'll be from the mccalen, texas final thoughts on this subject right here. nancy. >> i live in border state there in arizona, and so that we take this very seriously here i thought what was interesting dagen mention the percentage of individuals that find -- that don't rank biden well on a this shall. but also i thought most interesting was that among hispanics, who supported biden --
6:30 am
his 72.approval in that group drop to 54% on a handling of the immigration and 44.for border security. i think this is a midterm election issue that is geng to come back to haunt the administration because this is a crisis and it is a humanitarian crisis, as well as a national security crisis. maria: yeah. you mac a great point i want to ask you later on in the show nancy about arizona and what you see in terms of change as a result of this. we'll get back to that in meanwhile we'll be right back. a lot more. stay with us. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down?
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good mondays morning everybody thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo and it is monday april 26th a look at market this is half an hour, we are expecting mix opening this morning futures indicating gain in the dow industrials 14 points and nasdaq lower ahead of a big week for earnings nasdaq is down 37. the s&p 500 weaker by three and three quarters this after all three major indices finish in the red last week for the week. a fractional losses a selling
6:34 am
was driven by president biden proposalled capital gain tax 4.4 for highest earners and hear more details this week when president speaks. european markets this morning are mixed attack look goldman sachs is predict that the u.k. gdp will grow to 7.8.this year. that is faster growth than their expectation it is for the united states. the s&p 500 this morning is flat as is cac and dax indesex lower by 18 points. check asian markets overnight more of a mixed story here as well fractional moves as well worst performer in china shanghai composite down about 1%. well it was a violent weekend in new york city. as the number of shoot physician on saturday alone reached the double digits, jerry wilson this morning with the details. jerry. >> that's right maria, and good morning 14 shootings on saturday resulting in 15 people injured including a former police officer who was shot three times leaving a party in brook lean.
6:35 am
he remains in stable condition. at least 4 10 people have been injured in 370 shootings so far this year that's a 77% increase over same period last year. restaurants are refueling easy restrictions are lifted but many of these small and chain places are struggling to hire workers. many former employees either moved on or are collecting unemployment benefits. several restaurants are offering signing bonuses for new employees and hopes of bringing them in. chipotle offering free college tuition for those who work at least 15 hours a week after four months. and disney land reopening gates this week after staying closed over a year to pass limited to 25% tickets only available for california residents who will be required to mask up and social distance. and fan favorites like parades, firework and hugs with characters, are still banned
6:36 am
maria i guess small steps at disneyland. maria: indeed all right thank you so much. president biden is nearing his 100th day in office ahead of wengsd's first joint address to congress. he's expected to outline details of his agenda including his tax and spend plans and raising capital gain tax 7 wall street journal editorial board out with an op-ed this morning calling this dumbest tax increase in a new piece joining me right now is democratic strategist keafn republican strategist ford o'connell thanks very much gentlemen it is great to see you both here this morning and kevin i want to kick it off with you what do you make of this pushback and criticism over joe biden's plans to raise the capital gains tax all the way up to 43.4%. that for the highest earners and humor details on wednesday, larry lindsay says it is also a terrible idea because you're not even getting revenue that you need. it is only punishment for
6:37 am
wealth. your reaction? >> yeah maria it is a great question this is something that president campaigned on. he said that he wanted a tax that kind of income on the same level as labor income in this country is not a surprise to anyone who is watching this administration it is first 100 days. this is a president who is campaigned hard on rebuilding our infrastructure in our middle class also paying for it. as opposed to last four years of the trump administration where they added 8 trillion to our debt without a way to pay for it so this is a president that's delivering on what he campaigned with a way to pay for it. maria: now wait a second kevin you know that is not true this doesn't pay for all of the massive spending that we've seen at all. >> this gets us -- maria: it doesn't -- also you talk spending packages -- it is really kevin, it is really crazy for you to sit there and tell me this is all paid for given the amount of wild out of this world spending that we've
6:38 am
seen. >> this is apartment of it maria. it doesn't cover all of it. you're absolutely right. maria: they called it a covid plan it was only 9% covid related. now they've got another massive out of the world spending 2.3 trillion calling it infrastructure when it is only 10% infrastructure. this wild spending it is absolutely not paid for can, ken we both know that. >> at least he's -- putting pay fors in this legislation to describe how he would pay for parts of it. you're absolutely right that it doesn't cover all of it maria. >> okay. >> so when everything is infrastructure -- then -- yeah. maria: people are saying that when you say that you want to raise taxes just for the sense of, you know, punishing wealth, it's a wrong move senator rand paul was with me yesterday on sunday morning futures he was really togs about the impact on the economy. of these high tax rates, also hr1 the backlash from corporate america, here's rand paul.
6:39 am
watch this. >> you know i still am having trouble fathoming hysteria that came from georgia bill we passed virtual the same bill in kentucky signed by democrat governor and what was allotted as expanding access because we expanded early voting the same way they did in georgia. but to hear all of these democrats shouting jim crow, jim crow, do they not realize the history of the democrat party was jim crow that not only god fearing republican voted for jim crow, jim crow throughout the south was done by democrat legislators, that the people who were beating up john lewis and pummeling him on bridge in selma were all democrats? >> ford, a lot of misinformation there -- whether it be about taxes orb voting laws. >> absolutely maria. look when it comes to tax what is biden administration basically is pushing is largest tax increase since 1968 when
6:40 am
only 10% of its actual infrastructure bridge roads and ports essentially the word infrastructure has no meaning, and when it comes to corporate tax paying port essentially what you would do is you would make america least competitive job market in the world and democrats talk about soaking rich. rich never wind up paying, in fact, it is going to be the middle class who pays about and when it comes to hr1 in the voting right it is this is a complete utter lie african-american turnout has been higher than white turnout last deck cad further this is the most dangerous bill before congress. and the last 50 years get rid of vote or id signature verification, normalize ballot harvesting and put back regularities this is not about accountable saying they are eligible to vote this is about making sure that you can import a new set of voters and a democrat can control the electoral langtd scape for the next two decades. >> kevin, it is odd that we're getting so much misinformation
6:41 am
about these voting laws. your thoughts on what you're hearing from ford. >> maria we have to have an honest debate i and i support the georgia bill in terms of extending early voting and stf like that hr1 does not get rid of signature verification and easy and adds more money to election security. but let's have it that debate on merits go back and forth i don't think it is a smart idea to have a power grab from what when it comes to those things but we have to power state and more difficult to vote that's what's problematic. maria: what state is making it more difficult to vote, kevin? >> there's a lot of things in that georgia bill including, you know, taking away -- >> no there aren't -- >> ballot boxings. >> restricting ballot boxes for example. no absolutely -- they are maria and largest african-american country counties like fulton county less drop boxes. >> no they're not just because you say it doesn't mean that it is true. i've looked at the georgia law absolutely wrong. you need to read the bell.
6:42 am
>> i've read the bell it takes away -- >> misinformation. >> it takes away ballot boxes in fulton county one of the most predominant. >> voting id why will you not want an id to vote? >> i don't have a problem with voter id i could you should have an id to vote and on an airplane i'm with you on that i don't have a problem with that. i have a problem with restringting ballot boxes in african-american counties which the bill -- >> ballot boxes so there are mail-in ballots so you want mail-in ballots then to be the standard even though we know mail-in balloting opens up -- >> maria floodgates of fraud. kevin -- this bill is supposed to make it harder to cheat. >> maria how many people voted it in florida? >> i have no idea -- but i know that mail-in ballots open up the fraud -- open up the gates of fraud incline can send in ballot by
6:43 am
mail and parking lots and come back -- completed. >> you're claiming widespread voter fraud without saying who committed voter fraud or where it is. there were three recounts. >> yes -- kevin -- maria: that's not what i said. >> three including hand recount and most secure election in modern georgia according to secretary of state of that state. this is a very -- >> bottom line kevin -- bottom line kevin is a joke georgia is all jiminy carter said mail-in ballots is fraud with fraud -- and essentially guess whatnot -- >> jiminy carter why did he say that ford when did he say that? >> he said it in 2005 along with james baker with george bush commission report because of whaptd in florida in 2000 and what happened in ohio. in 2004, further -- ballot boxes are not being taken away in georgia they are proportion of the population, and ballot boxes never existed in georgia before -- before 2020 this is an entire
6:44 am
canard that you are pushing and lying to american people and you're lying to communities of color. >> that's not true. maria: that is the problem we don't have honesty about this subject, and this misinformation -- okay. jim crow 2.0 is absolutely inaccurate and a lie and everyone who has said that about the georgia law needs to come out and apologize and correct the record. because it has caused this massive misinformation throughout corporate america and major league baseball. kevin are you telling me that what has been said has been true that it is jim crow is that your position, kevin? >> no. i haven't said that maria i think we need to tone down rhetoric have an honest conversation those aren't my words. >> that's what we're trying to do this morning. kevin -- thanks very much. we'll keep following it. thank you. we'll be right back.
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ideas start the future, just like that. lifting pause johnson & johnson back in use after officials said that benefits farout weigh the ricks everything you need to know about the j&j vaccine, next we're back in two minutes.
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well welcome back the cdc and fda lifting pause on johnson & johnson vaccine saying benefits outweigh risk this after at least six cases of a rare blood clotting disease were reported. and post vaccination patients,
6:49 am
joining me right now is fox news medical analyst dr. nicole sapphire great to see you this morning thank you so much for being here. your thoughts on the risks versus the benefits of the j&j vaccine, is it a good move that it is back on the market? >> well good morning march i can with and yesening that everyone expecting pause to be lifted for johnson & johnson vaccine as disingts incidents with rare blood clots and now included in description of the vaccine that there is a warning for it. and i question that maybe they should have added into that warning that maybe women under 50 years of age should seek a different type of vaccine since clots are in younger healthier women and didn't do that. but i do think going forward that the younger healthier women are likely going to seek a pfizer moderna vaccine as they are not coming along with these very rare adverse affects. maria: so where are we in your view, i mean, dr. anthony fauci
6:50 am
says that cdc will release updates guidance on wearing masks, outside -- he said he thinks it is common sense to say that outdoor risk is -- is there, what direction do you think that the cdc should be taking with mask mandates? >> maria i think it is cheeky for dr. fauci at this point to be saying anything is common sense as he's fore gone common sense over the last 6 to 8 months of the entire pandemic. yes i think that cdc at this point is acting like a bystander. they are extremely delayed in updating their recommendations despite the ample data saying otherwise. specifically outdoor face masks, they need to start addressing more children wearing masks in school. there is a reliable data all across the world showing that young children especially those under ten years of age do not necessarily need to be wearing masks while in school or playing outdoor sports. it doesn't contribute to rise in community transmission but for some reason cdc is always
6:51 am
delayed about a month or two behind the data in updating their recommendations and because of this, this is why you have so many people with vaccine hesitancy and mask rebellion and in general because no one especially this cdc is using common sense. maria: yeah. well -- i think you made a really good point about dr. fauci being cheeky. drsm nec coal great to see you this morning thank you very much we'll keep watching and have you back here. thank you so much. nicole sapphire thank you so much. stay with us. i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you
6:52 am
one step closer to a better tomorrow.
6:53 am
6:54 am
maria: welcome back time for the morning buzz, hollywood biggest night back in business last night, the oscars kicked off after being delayed for months
6:55 am
all due to the pandemic. fox's ashley has a wrapup of the big show. >> no mad land traveled to best picture gold top honors star francis also won best actress. >> this is for anyone who has the face and the courage to hold on to the goodness and themselves and to hold on to the goodness in each other. and film director chloe first woman of color and sending woman ever to win best director. in another history making win, became first korean performer to win an acting category taking best supporting actress daniel rned expected and of best supporting actor for judas and black mee messiah and anthony hopkins for father becoming oldest winner ever. many predigitted it would be late chadwick boseman but this ceremony pushed because of the pandemic and held socially
6:56 am
distanced at l.a. union station and dolby theater producers took award show as movie approach featuring cast of presented by king and no nominees via satellite career stories were shared, and there was even some dancing. maria: dagen mcdowell it wasn't just films taking center stage once again, the selects and hollywood took the opportunity to get political. i mean, i'm glad it was so diverse, but i wish hollywood would stop lecturing everybody. >> this is the first time in my adult life that i didn't watch one minute of the oscars. i didn't watch one minute of the red carpet, i didn't watch one second of the awards telecast i had seen so few of the film and new york post writer a film critic said they could make a buck sleep phone improvement app
6:57 am
it was so terrible. i got gowns and glamor creative ity and joy by watching rupaul drag race the season finale that's where you have to go. [laughter] maria: a busy week for quarterly earnings ten dow components set to report their quarterly number what is it means to the market and your money we've got the words on wall street after this. it all starts next hour "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. . . .
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 26th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the east comment. america weighs in on the border crisis, a new fox news poll shows voters think border security has gotten worse since president biden took office. vice president kamala harris has now gone 33 days without a news conference since becoming border czar. she is still blaming the trump administration for the current mess. beginning this wednesday, i'll be coming to you live from
7:01 am
mccowen, texas. we'll give you a look at the crisis from the air, land and sea. join us, the top of 7:00 and 8:00 on wednesday and thursday, live in mccowen, texas. a look at markets this morning. we're showing a mixed story. the dow jones industrial average is higher but the nasdaq and s&p 500 lower. the nasdaq down 47 points right now ahead of a big week in terms of technology earnings. all this after the three major indices finished in the red last week, driven by president biden's proposal to raise the capital gains tax above 43% for the highest earners, the markets were lower by a fraction on the week. house ways an means committee ranking member kevin brady is here this morning on what the changes will do to the economy. as i mentioned, it's a big week for earnings, 10 dow components report quarterly numbers this week. we have full analysis coming up on those reports. european markets this morning are mixed goldman sachs is predicting the u.k. economy will
7:02 am
grow to 7.8% this year, that's actually a better performance than their expectations from the united states. the ft 100 is up 3, cac up 1, dax index lower by 38. in asia overnight, a mixed story there as well, worst performer in china, shanghai composite down just about 1%. "mornings with maria" is live right now. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. vice president kamala harris once again pointing fingers at the trump administration for the growing crisis at the border. she said the problem will not be solved overnight. she has yet to visit the border. she's blaming now covid issues for the delay but she has visited several states since taking office including california and new hampshire, this has new fox news polls show nearly half of americans find border security has worsened under the biden administration. custom and border protection agents have found almost $4.3 million worth of meth
7:03 am
hidden among a shipment of fresh pickles, it was found in a tractor-trailer earlier this month in south texas. 217 pounds of meth were seized. bracing for more taxes, kentucky senator rand paul joined me on sunday morning futures yesterday, warning of the risks to the markets if president biden's capital gains tax increase becomes a reality. >> even more worrisome than raising the corporate taxis doubling the capital gains tax. if you make capital gains tax upwards of 40%, there's a real risk that you are going to see a significant market reaction to this. maria: really? the president plans to raise the capital gains tax all the way up to 43.4% when you include the obama care surcharge on top of the highest rate of 39.6. senators are making progress in negotiating president biden's $2 trillion spending bill. republican senator shelly kapito
7:04 am
said she is optimistic the two sides will come together, this as joe manchin praises the republicans' targeted $568 billion proposal, voicing a need to focus on conventional infrastructure including highways, bridges and structural changes. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me is asset management ceo, ken mahone, michael lee and katherine rooney vera. great to see everybody this monday morning. thank you for being here. kicking it off with you, michael. we have a big week for earnings, tesla reports after the closing bell tonight. 10 dow components are set to report this week including technology companies, facebook, apple, amazon. what are you expecting from the quarter and do you think we'll get guidance for the rest of the year? >> yeah, hey, maria. we are entering the meat and day toes of earnings -- potatoes of earnings season. analysts on december 31st were
7:05 am
expecting a 15.8% growth rate for the first quarter. so far, as of last friday, we've been tracking at 33.7%. so more than a double. i expect we're going to see a lot more of the same this week. and what you just said i think is the most important part. we're going to get some very good earnings. but what does the guidance look like? we're going to hear from ford. what does ford have to say about the semiconductor microchip shortage in order to be able to build cars because i'm not sure how many people realize there's a shortage of cars right now because production's offline. what else are we going to hear about issues in the supply chain and cost pressures? i think we're going to get great numbers out of microsoft and google in relationship to the cloud. i think we'll hear great stories about internet advertising through facebook and snapchat. and possibly even twitter and then we'll see what chevron has to say about the energy sector and do they see this bounceback in energy prices and earnings
7:06 am
continue. so i think this is going to be one of the most spectacular earnings quarters. i think analysts have continuously been wrong coming out of the pandemic. they've been far too bearish, and they've underestimated the snapback with which this economy is growing. i think we're going to see a lot more of the same. i would expect coming out of this week we're going to see estimates for the s&p 500 earnings for the rest of the year much higher. maria: so you do think we're getting guidance then? it was hard to get guidance during 2020 with the pandemic. are you hearing guidance for the rest of the year from these companies and do you feel like they've got a little more clarity in terms of where things are going? >> look, i think these companies have a ton of clarity. maybe they can get away with this quarter without giving any guidance because we are still coming out of this pandemic but next quarter the second quarter will be the really the top comparables. so where the second quarter of
7:07 am
2021 versus 2020, that's going to be the easiest year over year comparison. it will be interesting to see how many companies come out with guidance but at a certain point you can't keep playing this pandemic cloud or this pandemic card to hide yourself from giving forward guidance. hopefully we'll see a lot more of it, we get more clarity and i see analyst estimates coming up for the rest of the year. maria: katherine, we will get clarity on the tax proposals this week. president biden will detail his new tax proposals, we're expecting during his first speech to a joint session of congress this wednesday, the president plans to raise capital gains up to the highest earner rate of 3 # .6%, you add in the surcharge, that's you to 43.3% on capital gains tax a rate the wall street journal is calling the dumbest tax increase yet. larry lindsay you're not getting the revenue you want in that kind of a tax rate. so it's sort of a punishment to the wealth. your thoughts on the impact of
7:08 am
that tax should it go through? >> sure. that taxis going to have a major break, especially in combination with the increase in corporate taxes that is bound to happen if not to 28 to 25%. all will happen likely through the process of reconciliation by the end of the summer for which democrats need just a full 51 person simple majority in the senate. so that's likely to happen. we're going to see increasing corporate taxes and increase in the top marginal tax rate on the wealthy as well as cap gains, not to mention the death tax. we have a lot of taxes in the offing. this is a phenomenal year, it's a phenomenal year in great part because last year was so horrific. yes, earnings are 30% higher year over year. second quarter they're going to be phenomenal as well. economic growth is going to be spectacular because last year we were shut down. so the real bite of these taxes,
7:09 am
maria, is going to be felt next year and this is a massive disincentive both to private investment and to investment in capital markets. this is what we least need right now. it's clearly a redistribution of wealth which is what this administration is a major proponent of, not to mention economic theory in the economy. in terms of investment strategy, there are ways to play this. this is something i've been telling our clients for some time. must have a barbell strategy. things are looking rosy this year. we don't expect it to remain. be defensive. buy inflation puts, buy alternatives, private equity, commodities, buy green energy. almost half of the infrastructure bill goes to green energy and medicare, medicaid expansion. those are attractive entry points right now. go to chips and gold an consumer
7:10 am
staple which are cheap enough now to warrant a second look. preparing for a rollover i think in expectations and economic growth going into 2022, particularly due to the nasty bite of this huge tax hike on wealth generation. maria: what about inflation, ken? we're standing by this morning for march durable goods orders, that's out in about 90 minutes's time. we'll get the march personal income and consumer spending out on friday. we are seeing the economy recovering. does inflation come along with it. >> it certainly does, maria. to take it back to last year around this time when we had goldilocks saying things are too cold and prompting the fed, asset purchases, stimulus and so forth. fast forward to this year to goldilocks once again, we're getting too hot. there are ways to invest. i don't think they're looking at
7:11 am
this, i think that your underweight in areas such as materials, such as energy. gold is not the hedge he anymore. obviously. gold is still going down. i would recommend to your viewers to take a look at xlb, they own companies like dow companies, like dupont and again that's going to rise with inflation and energy also. xle, they're you'll find mobile and so forth. we are tipping towards that. if you look at inflation, there's different types of inflation. it's asset inflation, that's real estate, we see that going with asset prices. wage inflation, check, hard to get people back to work. you have to raise prices, raise wages. look at cpi and forward guidance into those and you'll see we're going to have whip inflation an investors better be prepared for that. maria: yeah. so i mean, the question is do you want to invest in inflationary items like, you know, away from stocks, maybe
7:12 am
those companies that have more pricing power than others. what's the strategy if in fact we do see inflation then, ken? >> well, we are going to see inflation, there's doubt about it. some individual investors would rather go to company names. we would rather go to etf and take the whole basket of materials. we understand that inflation will grow here. we just passed a stimulus that hasn't made it through the system yet. infrastructure spending will be coming, probably not the 2.2 the president is asking for, somewhere around a trillion. that's a lot of money sloshing around and needs to go somewhere. real estate, materials, energy, all those type of inflation hedging. at least bring it up to equal weight in your portfolio and ase see more numbers coming you can add increment alley. right now we're equal weight. we're willing to increase those positions. maria: we'll talk more, every.
7:13 am
we have a big week ahead. i know there will be more items to discuss next time. ken, michael and katherine, great to see you all this monday morning. thank you so much. much more ahead this morning. coming up, calling for action, texas congressman ronnie jackson is here to discuss his take on the border crisis and what he wants to see from the biden administration. in the next hour, pushing back against biden's spending plan, texas congressman kevin brady will be here. he will talk about the president's first address to congress, what he's expecting from his proposed tax increases. new hampshire secretary of state, bill gardner, is joining me to explain why he's fighting against the democrats, his own party, when it comes to hr1. joining the conversation all morning long this morning is dagen mcdowell and nancy tangler. we will get back to this fantastic panel momentarily. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
7:14 am
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maria: welcome back. well, it has been 33 days since
7:17 am
vice president kamala harris was tasked to handle the crisis at the border and she has yet to give a news conference about it. in a new interview she's pointing fingers at the trump administration again. >> it's not going to be solved overnight. it's a complex issue. part of the problem is that under the previous administration they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work and it essentially came to a standstill. >> you're rebuilding it. >> we have to rebuild it. i've made it very clear to our team that this has to be a function of a priority that is an american priority and not just a function of whoever happens to be sitting in this chair. maria: meanwhile, a new fox news poll shows nearly half of americans think border security is worse under president biden versus how they felt two years ago. joining me right now is texas congressman, member of the house armed services and foreign affairs committee, former white house doctor, ronnie jackson. great to see you, sir.
7:18 am
thanks very much for being here. we want to talk about so many issues this morning. let's start at the border. what did you think kamala harris meant there, saying the former administration undid it. she's got to rebuild it. >> well, it's sad, it's pathetic, to be honest with you. in their absolute haste to go in and undo every single thing that trump did and appease the far left, they created this disaster at the border that's a political hot potato in addition to a big disaster for our country on many fronts. i spoke before about fauci's responsibility to get down there on the public health issues, kamala harris is supposed to be the czar down there. nobody wants to touch it. it's because it's a disaster down there. they don't want to be responsible for it. for them to blame trump it's just laughable. it's ridiculous. i was there at the beginning of the trump administration when we were working under the obama era rules, and there was a disaster down there at the time. trump put everything in place to stop it. if they want to follow the science and data, look at the numbers, trump put a stop to
7:19 am
this with his policies, the policies that they immediately undid. especially the remain in mexico, stopping the building the wall, title 42 authority, all the negotiations that president trump put in place with the triangle countries, with mention he co, they tore those up. they have done everything they can to undo what trump did to stop this crisis when he took office. now this is what we have. maria: yeah. i mean, the other day she said that it was the root cause of all of this was poverty. but we understand that there's a lot of poverty in the world. that's why we have a structure in place to let in 1 million people every year, legally. that we are issuing 1 million green cards every year to be open for the rest of the world. but to have this surge, you know, 172,000 people in march alone, 100,000 in february that are jumping the line ahead of our structure in place and she
7:20 am
is saying that we have to rebuild facilities to house them. it doesn't make a lot of sense for americans who are actually getting impacted by this. >> no, not at a i mean, it's ridiculous. it's a danger to us all. it will be a huge tax economically on us. 170,000 in one month, just the month of march, we're on track for over 2 million this year. they're going to consume our resources when it comes to education, healthcare, welfare, so it's going to be an economic burden. in addition to that, the healthcare concerns out there, i heard kamala harris talking yesterday saying that she hasn't been down to negotiate yet because she's worried about some of the coronavirus stuff. yet they're letting 170,000 a month come across that are documented, 25% of these people have been documented as covid positive crossing our border. now -- maria: so real quick, before you go, ronnie jackson, let me ask you about the fda lifting the pause on j&j's one shot after concerns over the rare blood clotting disease halted distribution. your reaction to this back on
7:21 am
the market now. >> i think it's good it's back on the market. it's a real value to the efforts to put coronavirus away. it's one shot. i think there were 12 people out of 8 million that had this horrible clotting issue in their brain. they did the right thing, they paused it, looked at it, reaset it. people -- reassessed it. all of the instances happened in women age 50 or younger so i just think it's good that j&j is back on the market but if i were in the category of a woman who was less than 50 maybe i would get the moderna or pfizer vaccine instead. that's part of the warp speed program that president trump put in place. we have multiple options to get vaccinated. i think anyone that has a health concern based on the recent clotting issue they should maybe look at one of the other vaccines but they should still probably get vaccinated.
7:22 am
maria: good to see you this morning, thanks very much. congressman ronnie jackson. stay with us. we'll be right back. to customir car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. maria: welcome back. well, bracing for more taxes, kentucky senator rand paul joined me on sunday morning futures yesterday, issuing a warning for the markets if president biden's proposed capital gains tax increase becomes law. watch. >> one of the best things we did in the republican years under trump was lower the corporate income tax. it brought hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars back to the u.s., just in my town, bowling green, kentucky, the corvette plant added hundreds of jobs because general motors had hundreds of millions of dollars returned to them by having lower corporate income tax. when you raise this, more jobs will go overseas, more corporations go overseas. i think even more worrisome than
7:26 am
raising the corporate taxis doubling the capital gains tax. if you make capital gains tax upwards of 40%, there's a risk you will see a significant market reaction to this. maria: and that of course is what the thinking is. the doubling of the capital gains tax would take you 39.6%, add on the obamacare tax, that takes you to 43.4% for capital gains tax, likely take effect in 2022. dagen mcdowell, your thoughts. dagen: that's higher than the capital gains tax has ever been certainly in modern history. it only hit 40% as the wall street journal editorial points out during the insanity, the economic insanity of the 1970s. you take it to this level, it actually doesn't raise revenue. larry lindsey as you pointed out has an opinion piece about that. it will cost the government money because people won't sell. they'll buy and hold. they're not going to -- they're
7:27 am
just going to wait around until a conservative administration comes in, conservative congress and lowers the tax back. i want to read a really quickly a quote that the journal points out. the tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisionses. the mobility and flow of risk capital from static to more die that m mick situation -- dynamic situations. the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in on obtaining capital and thereby the strength and potential growth of the economy. john f kennedy. maria: yeah. there you go. i mean, look, nancy, you're in the market. what do you think? you got a capital gains tax at 43.4%, how you will that dictate your behavior. nancy: nothing gets us more fired up than taxes. and i would say a couple things. first of all, dagen's absolutely right this is the highest level it've seen in modernern his
7:28 am
reagreagansed capsed cap gains x but the ohe other sid sef of ta equa is thats that hlso alsoered in tax from 50% 28 and8 and corpe tax ate tax as w e've we' we'ot afectaf o o tax eases i think is going going to be to b deletus tethehe overl ecy and ed ekets.ts. it's impit's importas a sort oft balag aclatlat to tha tha tha ty about of as arerereaxable taxabe so whattre adv aingin our our o clientclies --cl first of o alle gre gat d wherehe we c cld at t end endas yea yr becauecsee ppen in georgeo and we thoug gao it b negategiv foror markets.s. and thd en early in this thi yey we don't think the taxis going to be retroactive. our clients, we're advising them to use margin instead of sell. if you've got considerable assets and you want to make a purchase and don't want to pay the cap gains rates you use margin. that's what happens. the wealthy find a way to survive through these things. it ends up destroying jobs
7:29 am
because it's going to really have a negative impact on small businesses and also on the real estate market. good luck if you live in california. you'll have to pay cap gains at the ordinary california income tax rate. i think you'll see the housing market freeze up as well. maria: and you'll also see an impact to crypto. we talked about the regulatory environment around crypto. those assets are seeing under the capital gains umbrella, so that's why initially when people started recognizing what was happening, crypto sold off. we're going to take a break. when we come back, saying good-bye to gasoline, honda releases the plans to go electric. we've got details. then a rare sighting in the sky this week, when you can catch a glimpse of the pink moon. you don't want to miss that. i'll be taking pictures of it and i'll share them with you. back in a minute.
7:30 am
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[announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 26th.
7:33 am
a look at markets this half hour, futures are mixed. dow industrials up 30 points, nasdaq down 50e near the low of the morning. all major indices finished last week in the red, the selling driven by president biden's proposal to raise the capital gains tax. as a result, all the major indices are down on the week. european markets are little changed, goldman sachs out with a prediction on the u.k. economy, saying that the gdp there will grow to 7.8% this year, that's even faster growth than their expectations for the united states. in asia overnight a mixed story overall. worst performer was in china, shanghai composite down just about 1%. huawei makes a big pivot after sanctions by the united states. gerri willis with more this morning. >> that's right, maria and good morning. huawei boosting software offerings as u.s. sanctions hurt its hardware business by cutting off key semiconductor supplies
7:34 am
in just the past week, the company launched new cloud computing products to compete with alibaba. and a car company adding a new vehicle featuring huawei's harmony operation system and autonomous driving capability. honda says it will stop selling gas powered vehicles in north america by 2040. the automaker currently sells only one vehicle here with a plug to generate power. honda plans to ramp up to the goal over time, thanks to a partnership with general motors which will develop two electric cars using gm batteries for use in 2024. and u-hauls are not just for moving. they they are taking on a new life in hawaii as rental cars. prices are skyrocketing as tourism makes a comeback. last month's cheapest car rental in maui was $722 per day. many rental car places across the country had to sell most of their inventory as the
7:35 am
businesses struggled to stay open during the pandemic. the moon, well, it's going to be a little pink tonight. the first super moon of the year will arrive around 11:32 p.m. eastern time and, hey, the moon's not really going to be pink. it's called the pink moon because of its timing close to the flower blooming season. probably won't make it that late, maria. back to you. maria: can't wait to see it, he though. we are looking ahead to the 2022 election matchups, my next guest considering stepping down from her post as republican national committee chairwoman and challenging michigan governor gretchen whitmer in 2022. joining me right now is rnc chair ronna mcdaniel. great to see you. thanks very much for being here. tell us about a possible run for michigan governor in next year's midterm election. are you in. >> you know, i said it as a throw away line to a group of rnc members. what she's done to my kids and our state is not a joke.
7:36 am
my daughter is asleep because she doesn't have school on monday, wednesday, friday this week because she only goes to school every other day. it's been that way for a year. my son is in virtual, his first hour today is metal works for an hour and 15, he'll watch metal works virtually from home. it's a nightmare. every day i wake up with my son mom, i heyed school and mom, can you call me in sick. this is what gretchen whitmer has done to the kids of michigan by abdi kateing her responsibility. i'm mad. i'm mad as a mom. i feel no one is fighting for our kids. the school board voted to keep it this way until the end of the school year. other districts around me are open of five days a week in person. she is on the sunday shows. she is loving dr. fauci. she is forgetting the kids of michigan who are put at a distinct disadvantage by having this education gap compared to states that are open. it will affect them on standardized tests next year, not to mention the mental health and other issues that are coming
7:37 am
by not following the science and getting our kids back in school. maria: well, i think you make a great point, well-said, ronna. i mean, what is this going to mean for these kids longer term? are they going to be at a disadvantage in terms of getting a job, in terms of income potential over the long term because of this really lost year. >> it is a lost year. and i watch my son do his classes on zoom. we petitioned the school and said can he go to the hybrid model where he goes every other day, and they said no. nobody is putting the kids' interest first, certainly not my governor, certainly not my school district. the thing is, next year he takes the act and the sat and he's going to be competing against florida and texas and indiana and ohio and neighboring school districts of ours where kids are getting five days a week in-person learning. what they are doing to our kids is definitely setting them back and no one's talking about it. and that's why i'm calling out
7:38 am
gretchen whitmer come back to michigan, stop being a media darling, stop being the darling of the biden administration and actually do the job you ran for as governor of michigan and fight for kids like mine and the public schools. maria: we'll wait for your official announcement if in fact it comes. i want to ask you about what's going on this week, house republicans are gathering in orlando for the annual three day conference for messaging, policy priorities of. what are the goals for this event. tell me where you see commonality among members. >> there's so much commonality. we're watching the biden administration, you guys are talking about the capital gains tax, things like hr1, things that will decimate our economy. we're four seats away from taking a majority in the house and creating a stop on the biden administration and the rampant progressive policies that will bankrupt the country. my message to the house members
7:39 am
will be connect with your voters, tell a story, don't be in a factory with a hard hat talking about stats and statistics and facts. tell stories to your consistent -- constituents about what it means. be real. those are the types of things that will win elections. we've seen it across the past election. candidates who told stories, who connected with voters, who are authentic do so much better. so that will be my little pearls of wisdom i give to those members today. maria: yeah. but don't you think you're going to need to do more than that, ronna? i mean, you've got to get tough. the other side is tough with you and it seem like the republicans constantly get rolled over. i mean, i spoke with senior white house advisor steven miller a few weeks ago on sunday morning futures many he said republicans need to work on big tech, have legislation ready to go the way the democrats did with hr1. when the democrats were in the minority, they got ready to have their voting bill, hr1 ready, so
7:40 am
as soon as they got in the majority they were ready to create the background for legislation. here's what he said on republicans and what they need to do before they get the house majority back. listen to this. >> regulations have to catch up with the 21st century. we're still regulating telephone companies as though hard line telephones were the way most americans keep in touch. look at the pandemic. people are communicating on twitter. they're communicating on facebook. they're communicating on instagram. we need to modernize regulations to say that those social media entities are public utilities for general use and they cannot discriminate against americans based on their he religion, based on their political views, based on what they believe. that is a fundamental reform that we should campaign on and the moment we have the chance, pass it into law. maria: what about that, ronna? i mean, big tech an its dominance, are you working of on
7:41 am
that? >> 100%. it's far more pervasive than most americans know. big tech is putting their thumb on the scale. the rnc sued twitter last year to an in kind donation to the democrat party. it didn't go anywhere. big tech should be treated as a utility. they're suppressing conservative voices. we're seeing it over and over again. they need to be restricted. it's only going to happen through legislation. first we have to win back the house. yes, republicans should run on big tech reform cancel culture, they need to run on the border crisis and the economy. they have to be tough and lay out for the american people all that the biden administration is doing to disrupt freedom. it's freedom that's on the ballot in 2022 in this country and that's what we're fighting the for. maria: well, the democrats though are pretty much having an attack on our governing institutions. i mean, look at hr1. look at packing the supreme
7:42 am
court. these are our governing institutions on hr1, you know, you're seeing corporate america, major league baseball come out against the georgia law. how come republicans are not rallying up people against hr1 if it's so bad? i don't hear a lot of pushback on that. meanwhile, the democrats were so aggressive on the georgia law. >> well, one, we've gone at them in georgia too. we took out ads in all the black newspapers, letting them know how much money was lost by the mlb moving out of cop county, $100 million. we are fighting back. on hr1, we're up in four states with four at-risk democrats letting their constituents know that they're supporting an overhaul of the election, removing governance of the election from the state to the federal level an giving public funds to candidates, taxpayer funds to candidates to fund their elections. we're doing that in georgia, he
7:43 am
nevada, arizona, new hampshire, we're making sure these candidates know that this is going to be on the ballot for them in 2022. we're absolutely pushing back along with the nrsc. we've done six figure media buys on this issue. maria: the biden administration certainly is giving you a lot of material to work with, ronna. that's for sure. we will be watching. thanks very much for being here this morning, ronna mcdaniel joining us there. and we'll be watching the gathering. we'll be right back. stay with us. we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
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maria: bitcoin on the move this morning, looking to snap five straight days of losses. on friday, the cryptocurrency took a major hit at one point falling below $50,000, a 20% decline from the record near $65,000. joining me now is the chamber of digital commerce founder and president, perry ann boring. thank you for being here. bitcoin on the move on the upside this morning. what's behind the wild ride? >> yeah, so bitcoin is currently trading at $53,000 this morning, down 9.2% this week. but if you zoom out a little bit, it's up 1.75% this month and it's up 602% this year. bitcoin's 12 years old. it's been the best performing asset 10 out of the past 12 years. it has a very good track record. it is volatile. so it is normal for the price of bitcoin to fluctuate anywhere
7:48 am
between 30 and 40% any given month or two. we do expect the volatility to level out as bitcoin becomes more institutionalized and it is. if you look at the short-term volatility index it decreased almost 50% since february of this year. if you look at the longer term volatility index, it decreased as well. there has been some interesting things in the news over the past couple weeks. biden's tax plan i think contributed to the shakeup last week. there were some rumors of enforcement actions for cryptocurrency companies as well. also the bitcoin hash rate dropped last weekend due to power outages. those things contributed to the volatility we saw. overall this is not abnormal. maria: i'm glad you mentioned the regulatory environment. that's certainly one of the big concerns for cryptocurrency investors. i spoke with ceo jason trenner on what the regulation may look
7:49 am
like. here's what he said. >> the regulatory side i think is very important and to be quick about it, the things that are coming out of the biden administration are probably not going to be particularly positive for markets. i would say there's clearly -- there's very robust anti-trust team in the biden administration which could be a problem for tech. i'd also say in terms of crypto, i'd be very, very careful because cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are seen as something that takes power away from sovereign states' ability to tax people and they don't like that and that's something that in my opinion is going to to be a bigger and bigger issue and so i wouldn't short bitcoin but i would also be -- i'd be very careful about putting fresh money to work in cryptocurrencies because of the regulatory response that you're starting to see globally an i think we'll see in the united states. maria: perry ann, what do you think? does this put a chill in
7:50 am
investing in bitcoin right now. >> no, i don't agree with a lot of things he said. he mentioned that taxis the biggest issue. bitcoin from the irs, they consider convertible virtual currencies including bitcoin property. so it is taxed in the transaction layer and capital gains and losses. this hasn't kept investors, institutional and corporate investors from investing in cryptocurrencies. we do need additional regulatory clarity on the record keeping and reporting aspects of tax, but i don't see that as a huge barrier, more a friction point. the biggest regulatory issue facing the industry is clarifying the jurisdiction of digital assets, especially on the security side and this is why a lot of people in the industry are very interested about having gary gensler take the lead at the fcc because he does have a crypto and block chain technology background and
7:51 am
a strong understanding of the technology. we're already seeing progress on this particular regulatory issue. just last week. hr1602, eliminates barriers to elimination bill passed the house. it would he define clarity on this specific issue and this is the first time a legislative propose that addresses this issue has made it this far through the legislative process. we he are very excited about getting regulatory clarity on this issue and i think we have many opportunities to do so. maria: what a great point that is. perry ann, thanks very much for joining us this morning. pointing out important issues for the future. thank you so much. we'll take a short break. we've got a lot more after this. stay with us.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:55 am
maria: welcome back. it is time for the morning buzz. first up, elon musk getting a new title, saturday night live host next week, the tesla chief will host snl for the first time, that's on may eighth. he's done tv before including the big bang theory and the simpsons. this should be good. there's a lot of things to make fun of and joke around about about elon musk. i can think of one that will be probably be a skit. dagen: it will be weird. it will probably be the highest rated episode of the whole year many people will watch it to see what happens. all you need to do is stand him there and let him just be his kind of awkward self. maria: yeah. don't you think they're going to do a skit of joe rogan's radio show?
7:56 am
come on. remember that? dagen: yes. i'm sure there will be a lot of marijuana jokes and the like. maria: that's what i meant. dagen: there's a lot of material. maria: yeah, exactly. nancy, are you going to watch? nancy: i'm never up that late. i'll catch it on youtube. i'd like to see a dance-off betweeny long and mak elaine from the seinfeld episode, little kicks. he is something else. and i love his new title, techno king is his new title they sent to the fcc. so he's chief techno-ker which i guess is so play on joke. i would love to see it. maria: we'll take a break. when we come back we're looking at biden's spending plan and his higher taxes that are coming. texas congressman kevin brady looks ahead to the president's congressional addresses wednesday night, what he expects from the proposed tax increases, it all starts next hour right
7:57 am
here. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: good monday mourning thanks for joining us monday april 26 toll stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast a major week for markets today we are watching everything that will affect your money 48% s&p 500, will report their earnings this week including 10 dow components this wednesday we've got a federal reserve decision and opec meeting president biden will have kags up to 4 positive -- 43.3% in joint session to congress look at markets futures waiting and watching a mixed story this morning dow industrials up 47, nasdaq down 33 s&p 500 weaker
8:01 am
by 1 point global markets look like this, european markets, for example, are mixed, goldman sachs, predicting uk economy will grow to 7.8% this year that is actually better than their expectations for united states, the ft 100 up 14 1/4 cac quarante up 17, dax index off the lows of the mornings in asia overnight mixed story take a look, worst performer in china shanghai composite down-about 1%, america weighs in on border crisis new fox news polls show voters think border security is worse since president biden took office nearly 100 days ago vice president kamala harris 33 days without a news conference the border czar, also blaming the doctor administration once again deport current mess, beginning wednesday i will come to you live from mcallen, texas exclusive first land look at crisis from the land the air, and the sea. join are us.
8:02 am
from the border, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . >> president biden detail tax paroles during first speech to joint session he have congress this, wednesday night he plans to raise the capital gains tax on those earning more than a million dollars to 39.6% add in existing obama care federal surtax capital gains tax increase up to 43.4%, something the "the wall street journal" this morning is calling the dumbest tax increase joining me right now texas congressman house ways means committee ranking member an architect of tax cuts and jobs act of 2017 kevin brady thanks very much for joining me we are so grateful that you are here, to walk us through the implications of tax moves. give your assessment of president biden's discussing a
8:03 am
capital gains tax potentially pop up # 43.4% emotional double current rate. >> this is another, major economic blunder by president biden, look, if you -- after tax cuts jobs investment, surge, in america, and result was blue collar workers local communities that benefited, when you double that tax you have if opposite effect, in reality, you wouldn't you wouldn't encourage a cure punishing most frequent successfuls he have researchers don't rebuild a healthy economy punishing those who invest in that exactly with a you have here at the end of the day american workers net loser in president biden's capital gains proposal. >> larry lindsey former chairman under president bush wrote op-ed in journal titling
8:04 am
that biden's taxes for punishment sake says dictating the tax rate up to 43.4%, doesn't even get you to revenue that you need he says unusual, because, it is not going to generate the most revenue for the government, that rate would be 28%. so what is this all about then is this just bernie sanders and elizabeth warren want to go punish wealth? >> you know tvend i think it is, as you know, there is difference between parties here so we do -- view republicans tax policy fore growth productivity investment more competitive around the world, democrats do tax policy by villain pick a villain whether successful people, multinationals energy companies just punish them, for punishment's sake to spend dollars elsewhere, basically larry lindsey said you are not
8:05 am
even generating maximum revenue, for all this about socialist agenda at the end of the day, are you punish the economy punishing businesses, and blue-collar workers as you know some states, capital gains above 50%, so in effect, the government has a greater claim, over your investments than you do. that is, that is exactly the definition of socialism when government has greater claim over your earnings and your investment than you. maria: do you think this is going through is there anything that the republicans can do to stop this radical agenda? >> you know i will tell you while not easy, it is doable, i believe we can stop these tax increases, both the business tax increases the energy ones now, easy on investment so damaging to local economies certainly u.s. economy as well i think most lawmaker understand we don't
8:06 am
want to taxing business tax rate worse than china on par with syria don't want to go back to the bale days last time obama was in white house, when we saw, hundreds if not thousands of businesses moving jobs headquarters overseas a huge setback the more lawmakers understand the impact here i think the more gains, we make, and i will tell you this, we are going to fight tooth and nail, in the house of representatives. >> well tell me about priority that you entreaty, alive from annual retreat in florida the tax increases from biden administration one topic of conversation what is the priority into next year midterm elections? >> well, certainly crushing this virus rebuilding top priority president biden don't match that we have seen that in first 100 days.
8:07 am
>> security the border again thank you for that, as well as in the communities defunding police drois we think americans want to return to lives make sure their privacy is protected, they want to make sure they have affordable health care, and here at the republican retreat going to lay out sort of our ideas proposals in all those records now i will tell you we have a dynamic freshman class this conference is absolutely united against terrible policies, so we are going to have a couple good days, at the end ideas that move america forward. >> i mean you are united but could you have been the seem like your as yieltd as democrats honestly the democrats keep rolling over republicans let's face it as soon as nancy pelosi got the gavel back first thing she said i want election new laws ready to go with h.r.1, are
8:08 am
you ready to go with anything, stephen miller joined me on "sunday morning futures" said, the republicans need to come up with a plan, to roll back section 230. they need to do that now. they need to ensure that you are regulating some most power players out there social media if you don't prepare you won't be red when and if you get majority back in 2022 are you ready. >> yes, we are, as you know, we rolled out our commitment to america, before the object november elections i think one of the reasons we gained back two-thirds, of what we needed to take back majority i also think speaker pelosi knows, days are numbered republicans are going to take back the majority in about one year and 8 months, and we have plan for america, part of that in fact retreat one of our breakout session focuses exactly on those challenges, and o censorship as well as how we
8:09 am
get ahold of technology that works for american people for average person. these are our priorities. >> thanks for leadership we will watch developments great to talk with you this morning sir. >> thanks, maria take care. >> and to you kevin brady joining me much more ahead atlas, founder and author of china's vision of victory jonathan ward to discuss european union we will catch up with dr.ward new hampshire senator bill gardner here to explain why against his own party's h.r.1 we talk about it joining the conversation all morning long this morning dagen mcdowell, nancy tengler, you are watching "mornings with maria" on fox business. ♪♪
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maria: welcome back, china communist party versus free world the european union accusing chinese communist party of endangering peace in south china sea comes amid heightened tensions china using fishing fleet to strengthen military presence officials are saying the ccp violated a 2016 ruling rejects china sovereignty in south china sea joining us author the of china vision of victory author jonathan ward thanks for joining me we have been talking about the way ccp bullies neighbors in the south china sea walk us through a what they are doing you've got european union speaking out about this, as well as the americans. >> right, so what is new here
8:14 am
that as we've seen they have amassed fishing fleets vessels together placed in spratlys, essentially using as intimidation against philippines in 2016 eu officials referring to tribunal rejected in whole china claims over entire south china seaworld pretty much understands these are bogus claims concocted, trying to -- have control through island building past seven years or so, massive military that we are all aware of, and they are tying into this, civilian fishing neither largest fishing fleet in the world globally sort of pulls up more fish than any other nation, used that to bully neighbors in the immediate region, comments on how when you account for the entire mass of
8:15 am
maritime power china seas already the world's largest maritime power which you think sunday assets at disposal, they are very focused on seas part of mitch larger grand strategy great to see u.s. allies, in europe, which for many, many years, you european asia sort of desperate spheres from security great to see eu seeing problem in asia more vocal about it individual nations preparing to send warships to south china sea at this point we are looking at beginning of better transatlantic coordination at least understanding of china issue china's threat to asia and broad other world. >> let me ask you, about readiness the u.s. has beeno -- issues of its own in terms of readiness going against the ccp jack keane, general kane comes on this program a will the always says the same thing
8:16 am
that we are outgunned, when it comes to the navy, the ccp has been investing in navy now we understand, that joe biden's budget, basically has defense spending declining when you look at it, compared to inflation, we're not increasing spending on defense, even as the threats are rising around us we know that the admiral relinquishing testified in front of intel employee last week said our fleets are weaker, and need to be up updated yesterday on "sunday morning futures" i spoke with ohio congressman make turner on intel can he how chinese government views state department following last month's meeting in alaska here is what he said. >> obviously, they see democracy as threat to the chinese communist party, and so, any criticism that they can place upon america, and our efforts to promote democracy see advancing their goals secretary of state
8:17 am
blinken should be very concerned about chinese criticism of democracy any time we play into their narrative we weakenen strengthen them. >> why what is your voice to you counter this threat. >> a comprehensive approach to it, economic i engagement with china transferring of industrial base to primary adversaries is probably one of the graest mistakes past 100 years we have to reverse that now, so first of all you have to cut down, china's growth, chut down engagement we don't want this, in my opinion, nation growing any further yet we are still investing engaging, direct into military power that creates a military equation that we cannot win can't continue to deter against a place growing larger and larger start with economic strategy then maintain defense in the pacific, the pacific
8:18 am
defense initiative right first step shrinking budgets i don't not make sense inflation cutting into budget key concern we have to be sufficiently resource to do deal with request china and russia, and increasing coordination of two nations, so, economic strategy, military strategy and i think what is being done right now is bringing, the alliance system, closer together on this issue so having -- in -- going to be incredibly important at the end of the day china sees europe ear economic bloc only other you know, collection of countries, really that in aggregate about the size of u.s. economy so there ability to trade with europe while they challenge u.s. rest of allied asia at center of strategy for a long time, so we are going to have to work together as allies start butting beijing off from financing, from western
8:19 am
technology, and some ultimately from market access certain ways rebuild our industrial bases, rebuild the coordination between our countries, form an alliance based trading system start to cut beijing off from wider globally economy has to be done over time can't be done immediately ultimately you are to go to have to have you bifurcate we can't continue to engage the way we have to undercut power over time in that way will be the only way to -- to regain the advantage in long run. >> worry about by a jacobing potentially invading taiwan they continue to say they want reunification of china and taiwan. want what about that are you worried about that? with u.s. get involved in a conflict? number two should americans be worried about going to beijing for the bang olympics, xi jinping out doing -- videos,
8:20 am
you know, commemorating that they are doing the beijing olympics in 2022 what do you think about that? >> i mean olympics should be -- let's face it china carrying out genocide right now first we've seen from industrialized nation since nazi germany there is really no reason for us to give any jlts legitimizes to this, they come out asked to boycott it we should do that i think for companies to realize, that -- you know, doing business, with china, particularly anything that surrounds is unacceptable should be a matter of normal continuous we don't accept engagement with genocide regime, we have to recognize the nature of the conflict that we are in the greatest
8:21 am
challenge since uwill ssv in many ways much, much worst because of human rights atrocities really on a level that i think few people expected to see in 21st century from a nation we chose to engage power finance essentially transfer technology in hopes they would become -- you know a force for stability in the world instead return of many of humanity's ferocious evilness, further tolerance of that should be finished with that anything that you sort of gives them a platform, important is essentially core of the centerpiece u.s. diplomacy, also time for business leaders to understand that, too. maria: all right. thanks very much for joining me this morning, this author of china's vision of victory a break when we come back california's contender look at
8:22 am
caitlyn jenner's bid to become california's new governor one real estate agent hopes to attracting buyers with unique lifting wait till you see this all making a buzz this morning stay with us. dignity. it demands a rapid covid test, because we all deserve an answer. it demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should. and a rapid test to help evaluate concussion,
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8:25 am
maria: welcome back. olympic gold medalist to california governor caitlyn jenner form announcement planned in weeks stepping in golden state residents unhappy with governor newsom policies and leadership dagen mcdowell your thoughts? dagen: i love to see this hear from her describes hers as socially liberal fiscal year conservative, joy behar
8:26 am
on the view repeatedly misgender her on friday apoll apologized for caitlyn's response don't worry about it joy, it was -- don't sweat it joy i am not about cancel culture i know where your heart is california has bigger issues than pronouns, anxious to hear caitlyn's platform will be more pro energy, than gavin newsom who is banning fracking in the state but i think that with conservatives a gigantic tent all voices are welcome. maria: i love to hear as well nancy what do you think? >> well, as a navy californians would say do not underestimate the -- the voters in california, recall, grey davis election of arnold
8:27 am
schwarzenegger lined up as comparison democrats dismissing caitlyn as no this arnold schwarzenegger, i beg to differ i think could take him i think she is beautiful checks many boxes that voters care about, i love the tweet dagen just quoted because it shows that she is also a leader. and to me that is significant, in a state kind of rudderless for sometime. >> great points, from both of you love it a break when we come back standing by for key economic data this morning, getting the march durable-goods orders after the break see if it impacts markets dow industrials up 52 nasdaq down 31. back in a minute. s chip i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq like you no one likes to choose between safe or sporty.
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8:31 am
look at futures for any impact, dow industrials off highs now up about 49 points, nasdaq in negative down 28 s&p 500 lower by a quarter point, again durable-goods orders showing a big miss on up a half percent versus up 2 1/2% markets trade in real time this morning so far, not a major impact, nancy your thoughts on what did you believe goods orders mean for this broad economic story. >> yeah. i think a bit of a disappointment maria but if you look back just last week, tat market pmi numbers in general economy roaring pretty hot i think some has to do with the shifts that have been stuck off the ports of los angeles of long beach unable to get the goods, into the country, to, you know, part to make and sell. so, i think, i think we have to wait and see what revision
8:32 am
number looks like then also, the prior number looks i am looking at it right now looks like it was revised better the so prior stated anybody was negative 1.2, but now revised to negative 0.9, all in all, i don't think that is big deal unless it becomes a trend. maria: yeah, look. durable-goods orders are orders that are meant to last six to nine months down the road, these are -- indications of big spending from corporations, and individuals, so big spending is expected to indicate where this economy is going, but, again, as you say, we've got that revision i don't see much of an impact on markets, this morning dow industrials now up 51 nasdaq down 27. s&p 500 down a quarter point did you want to jump in once more on this? >> just because headlines came across durable-goods orders exis if expectation rises 6.1%
8:33 am
more important number we know problems with selling we know ought auto companies having problems getting parts production, so semis not just -- so i think this is a decent number market seems okay with it. maria: the xtransport number in line with expectations a great point you march durable goods xtransport up 1.6% taking on h.r.1 the democrats voting bill democrats pushing federal voting bill, but one democrat is not in on this, republicans last week invited longtime new hampshire secret bill gardner to testify, in front of the senate judiciary committee, to discuss the impact, of state election laws, and whether it could lead to if diminished voter turnout confidence in elections joining me right now the new hampshire secretary of state bill gardner secretary great to have you this morning, thanks very much for joining me, it is really
8:34 am
important, that we have an honest discussion about what is going on, tell me about h.r.1 where you have issues, how it could impact your state's election, for example. >> a huge impact on our state elections, much of what we do, with the elections in new hampshire is right from state constitution. that predates federal constitution, and so when the federal government in 1993 enacted the what was probably more -- officially -- we to get exempt from it, as a result of that, flex since ee election since 1993 we have been -- because we don't have
8:35 am
the national voter he registration act h.r.1 is just a continuation of that -- our constitution requires that a person be present, also that -- are disabled, can do so without being present, that is all, we -- absentee, we know ianniello don't of eshl early voting don't have some things those pushed for h.r.1 say you have to have or you don't have a good election process we don't have that yet higher than 47 states in country for turnout even though country has been -- in trying to find ways to make it easier and easier and easier for people to vote, just making it easier
8:36 am
does not get more people to vote. it the other side of it, it is the trust the honesty the belief a fair process, it is that balance. and h.r.1 is not giving a balance that is why it would -- affect turnout in new hampshire like back in 93 federal government said we have to do this we have to nationalsr nationalize voter registration make it easy as possible for people will get more people to vote, well that is is -- turned out not to be true. and it is same thing is taking place, now with this h.r.1. maria: you know, i don't understand, why people have a problem with having to vote an id to vote, secretary. i mean it to me, seems like,
8:37 am
you know, most of us want to see you have an id to vote because we want to make sure there is integrity in our elections. so h.r. 1 is pretty much making mail-in balloting the standard. tell me about that, and the idea that having an id to vote would be something to complain about? >> we had he photo id for the first time in 2012 presidential election that election we were 14.2% higher than the country. you have to go back, to half a century in new hampshire presidential elections, to have a turnout like the one we did the first time we went to photo id in 2012, then 2016 we went even higher at 14.5%, what this bill what new hampshire has is a person shows up at the polling place. if they don't have an id, we
8:38 am
actually allow them to vote, but they have to accept having their picture taken. and in the last few presidential elections every one has opted to allow it can you imagine someone who is illegal who shouldn't be voting, do you think theying two going to stand in that public place have their picture taken? well, this wouldn't allow us to continue doing that, just another example of it chipping away, on the integrity side of the voting process. many aspects of this h.r.1 that focuses on that. chipping away the integrity, and that is that is too bad that is a shame, because, turnout is only going to be at the level that people would like really like it to be at. if people trust the process. and not have these doubts, you only get to trust the process
8:39 am
if you have a balance, you don't want to make it so difficult to vote, that that is the problem, but you don't want to make it so that people have no faith that their vote isn't being abused by somebody else's vote they just think it is too much without a -- an integrity side. and h.r.1 is totally -- focused on this. >> a great point -- it is sentiment same sentiment that kentucky attorney general cameron brought yesterday when we talked about election integrity on "sunday morning futures." and also, georgia's voting law here is what daniel cameron told me yesterday listen to this. >> georgia has done what any state i think has to responsibility in the important job of doing which is secure their elections, for instance here in kentucky, our secretary of state michael adams with republicans and
8:40 am
democrats, put together, a -- election law bill that makes it easier to vote, and harder to cheat that is all they are trying to do in georgia. in kentucky we struck right balance between allowing people to vote as senator paul just eloquently stated earlier also making it harder to cheat at the same time, i think that is a model that needs to be taken across the country i thinkg tried to do that. maria: secretary what about that how come we are hearing upset from corporate america, delta air lines, and major league baseball about georgia's bill? and not hearing a peep about h.r.1? >> i -- i wish i could answer that with -- with -- some something that makes sense, because, it it doesn't make sense. here is an example i don't know everything about how georgia conducts elections, i have read quite a bit but i have never been down there for
8:41 am
an election. i know that one of the new england states rhode island had lower turn out in presidential election six months ago than georgia did. so, all of this -- and if you compared new hampshire or other states, we don't have early he voting. we don't have in 12th absentee -- but we are at top of the country that is because, the focus is all been trying to make it will easier, easier, easier, and that is not going to solve the -- the voting -- the concerns that a lot of people don't vote, that is not going to -- solve it. >> as the "the wall street journal" has written about you, you are an institution. you were he recently elected to a 23rd issue, two-year term longest secretary of state in u.s. history, famous for being
8:42 am
apolitical and commitment to your state's constitution, and its first in the nation primary, congratulations to you. because of this, are you getting pushback from your colleagues in the democrat party, because of you raising your hand about h.r.1? >> certainly, i am. but the proof is in the pudding look at the statistics i just turned to them and say "you want to have more people vote? look at the facts" this is not going to get you he more people to vote, so don't make that argument because look at the facts go back. i've provided the charge for you take a look at them and any state look what happened look at country since 1952. every presidential election we've had 18. look what presidential election have highest turnout one second highest third highest.
8:43 am
2020, even though 2020 is higher than a lot that we've had, in the last couple decades, then all of them, but look at turnout. iyou this is a fact based way to try to come up with a way that you will end up having more people participate. h.r.1 isn't that way it is going to be forced upon state like mine, that has traditions going back a long time, with high voter turnout going to get taken away from us by this federal intervention. for what reason? >> is the question. >> probably because of politics, before you go, quick, the democrats make all this stuff civil rights issues, and they keep fighting back their republicans saying whatever they do in georgia, is going to make it harder for african americans to vote give me numbers on turnout for the
8:44 am
african american community today in terms of blacks voting today what is your take real quick? >> well, it -- it is appears that voter registration among african americans is very high. across the the country i gave you the example of a small state rhode island, rhode island had a lower turnout in last presidential election than georgia did. and there are other states, many states have had lower turnout than georgia. but each state has its own way of doing it. determined by the local officials of the state. and -- and that is the way it should be, i don't see how this is a civil rights issue at this point, voter registration is a national except for six states we are one of them, look at what has
8:45 am
happened -- that exempt -- so, if -- >> and everything you said -- everything you said was in the constitution. in terms of the states running their elections, secretary gardner great to talk with you that i can haves so much for your honest on this job joining us in new hampshire. we'll be right back. create personalized investment strategies to help you get back to your future. edward jones. i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
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"the wall street journal" op-ed covid unemployment relief makes help impossible to find shares stories of employers across the nation struggles to hire workers moment of due to jobless benefits ending lockdowns the first step toward economic recovery built ending for lavish jobless benefits next critical move "the wall street journal" opinion writer author of that op-ed julián thanks very much for being here, tell us what it is it the 1400 dollar checks? is it the cash going to people to stay home? what a is it that is causing employers this drug in terms of finding work. >> most concerned about unemployment benefit this is money in addition to state unemployment benefits. so early in pandemic 600 dollars a week now 300 a week, but what it basically does, is
8:50 am
makes it more -- for workers to stay home and collect unemployment, than for them to do their job i mean if you break down by a 40-hour workweek in many cases, this is well above 15 dollars an hour, and so, employers are having a really difficulty time because, they have jobs that are open, about 7.4 million in march according to bureau labor statistics numbers there is nobody wants to take them not complicate economics 23 you pay people to stay at home more than i pay them to work they will stay home . maria: where is this going? some point the extra of enhanced benefits end restaurants have been offering several incentives to win back employees, chipotle, is offering free college tuition to anybody who works at least 15 hours a week after four months on the job that is pretty jimmy john's signing
8:51 am
bonuses for new recruits is this enough to bring people in the workforce? what happens when those checks go away. >> we will see right now, one in four restaurants actually -- about recruitment than hiring than they are about covid itself, i think that is how the problem is many employers that i interviewed offering really competitive wages, great benefits opportunities to advance career in. >> can't find benefits -- the benefits by federal government supposed to run out concerned this is going to become more permanent extended or renewed some way if this is going to continue to cause problems -- >> hmm. ? >> it is a big issue, thanks very much great piece we will be right back.
8:52 am
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maria: welcome back. time for morning buzz how to sell that spooky house 970,000 dollar home in newton pennsylvania directly across from a cemetery, that is not what is causing the stir on line the sellers took photos of the basement where dressed up skeletons can be seen enjoying comforts of home three bedroom four bathroom home looks for a buyer with a sense of humor what do you think. dagen: we could do an hour-issue should you live across from a cemetery or adjacent to -- i love it, some people like it is very -- quiet, and beautifully manicured you can go through walks, other people, manager
8:56 am
told me he broke up with a girl who lied next to cemetery case he he didn't want to move in with her i say nay i get sense of humor. a lot of people won't. >> sellers going all-in putting skeletons in the basement that is a bit much nancy. >> he in shower -- just creepy. -- i am putting my house on market i have a minihorse in the back, i asked i think those pictures are much more enticing than skeletons i defer to dagen she is humorous, i don't know. not for me. maria: we will have to see how skeletons sell then you might want to change your mind because skeletons are down there. dagen: you know what just from cemetery you got to knock
8:57 am
50 grand off the price just for the cemetery. >> they tell you to declutter -- >> more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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maria: have a great day, everybody. "varney & co." begins right now. stu, take it away. stuart: yes, it does, indeed. good morning to you, maria. and good morning, everyone. question: how do you win friends and influence people? you can give them some money, you know? that's what apple is doing. they're going to spend $430 billion other the next five -- over the next five years creating 20,000 new american jobs in all 50 states. that seems to be apple's bid to keep congress happy. throw around nearly a half trillion dollars, okay? that's the plan, i believe. no reaction in stock. now enter the great


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