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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪♪ >> good sunday morning and welcome to sunday morning futures brit i maria bartiromo. the first 100 days joe biden's policies on full display this upcoming week as he gears up for his first joint address to congress and his 100th day in office. coming up, greeting his agenda kentucky senator rand paul under open borders, higher taxes and the administrations green new deal. will the democrats be able to push biden's progressive plans through the senate? plus, the last line of defense the attorney general's across the country suing the
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administration over president biden's sweeping executive orders. kentucky attorney general on the democrats a constant race baiting and why any policy they don't like becomes a civil rights issue. sherlock holmes to the rescue, kamala harris tells us that poverty, perhaps brought on by climate change, is the root cause of the immigration crisis with hundreds of thousands searching for the u.s. border every month as if policy changed with a handoff in administrations. will the vice president admit that it is her administrations policies, open borders that are the real reason so many are taking this dangerous and sometimes fatal trek to america. ohio congressman mike turner on what our foreign adversaries make of all of this and why the u.s. is cutting its defense spending now as the threats are rising. plus, social medias cancel culture, founder of project veritas, james o'keefe on exposing the fraudsters and fighting back against the left. all that and more right now as
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we look ahead on sunday morning futures. ♪♪ maria: first up this morning, biden's radical agenda with his first adjoint to congress and the 100th day in office happening this week on wednesday and thursday. biden has made no secret of his plans to become the most progressive u.s. president in history. he's already well on his way with 40 radical executive orders in the can and a big thumbs up from alexandria ocasio-cortez who, this week said, he's definitely exceeded expectations that progressives had. texas senator ted cruz believes this is all part of a broader power grab. watch. >> what are senate democrats trying to do? they are trying to add new senators to the senate so they keep control forever, they are trying to change voting in america so democrats can never lose and they want to pack the u.s. supreme court with four left-wing radicals.
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this is an assault fundamentally on the independence of the judiciary. >> joining meat right now with the stake is kentucky senator rand paul. ranking member of the senate committee on small business, and entrepreneurship. he sits on the foreign relations and homeless greedy committee. senator, good morning to you and thank you for being here. >> morning. maria: we are on the doorstep of 100 days and assess the agenda. >> well, you know, just a couple months ago we were hearing from president biden the newly inaugurated president biden that he was going to unify the country and that we were going to work together and have bipartisanship. i'm still waiting, mr. president. i've not seen any of that. i think what i've seen so far is it is biden's way or the highway. right off the bat instead of working together on anything to do with covid or vaccines they put together a massive 2 trillion-dollar bill and thus the 10% had anything to do with vaccines. now they do the same thing on
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info structure. apparently reparations are infrastructure and apparently childcare is infrastructure, healthcare and they got, you know, a climate police force they will put out, you force but i don't see anything that looks like they want to work together. there are those of us were saying we could be for some bipartisan info structure bill if it had to do with real infrastructure like roads and bridges and if it was paid for but so far i don't see any of that coming from biden and i put it they will ram through something with only democrats votes and no republican participation again to attune of couple trillion dollars. maria: how do you justify ramming all of this through reconciliation, through executive orders when he keeps saying unity, unity. for example, let's talk about this upcoming week and we will hear details on the economic plan. how high will taxes go and what is the impact of all of this? many of your colleagues have complained that this quote, unquote info structure package really is a green new deal.
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>> the markets are generally about doubling the capital gains tax and then some. they're jittery about raising the corporate income tax and one of the best things we did in the republican years under trump was lower the corporate income tax and brought hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars back to the u.s. just in my town omma bowling green, kentucky, corvette plant added 400 jobs because general motors had hundreds of millions of dollars returned to them by having lower corporate income tax. when you raise this, the opposite happens but we will have more jobs go overseas, more corporations go overseas but i think even more worrisome than raising the carbon tax is doubling the capital gains tax. if you make capital gains tax upwards of 40% there is a real risk that you will see a significant market reaction to this and the other thing is we are printing up so much money that there will be real inflation and i think there will be a day in which people wake up and say oh my goodness, what have we done to our country and sometimes this happens gradually
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but sometimes, as you know, the market can react in remarkable ways such that we could never have predicted per that is the kind of thing i'm worried about with all this money being printed up. maria: oh yeah, and the highest rate on capital gains for the highest earners will go all the way to 43.4% and we understand and of course, logic tells you if you have made money on the sale of your home and if you have made money in your portfolio and you obviously will sell that in 2021 and get a 20% cap gain tax versus 2022 where you could be facing upwards of 43% of them to the government so you make a great point and it's something i've been covering a lot on foxbusiness on maria —- "mornings with maria" as well. senator, i want to talk about you being the last line of defense in the senate. these things have to get to the senate to become law and i'm talking about killing the filibuster, getting hr1 through, packing the supreme court, you
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spoken extensively about election reform so tell me about hr1 and why aren't we seeing corporate ceos react to that the way they are reacting to the georgia voting law? >> yeah, i still am having trouble fathom mean the hysteria that came from coca-cola and delta in major baseball over the georgia bill. we passed virtually the same bill in kentucky signed by democrat governor and was lauded as expanding access because we expanded early voting the same way they did in georgia. but to hear all these democrats shouting jim crow, jim crow, do they not realize the history the democrat party was jim crow and that not any god-fearing republican voted for jim crow and the jim crow throughout the south was done by democrat legislators and the people who were beating up john lewis and pummeling him on the bridge in selma were all democrats. in my state we have a proud history william worley was a black republican founder of the naacp and he fought the first case all the way to the supreme court to get rid of
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desegregation the came from democrats. i will tell you, i for one am sick of tired of democrats and they need to apologize for their history and they need to apologize for forcing jim crow on the country and they need to read the bill in georgia and realized that it has nothing to do with keeping people from voting. >> words matter, should joe biden apologize and he was among the first to come out and say these are jim crow laws in georgia? >> he should apologize not only for mischaracterizing it but outline about the bill. delta on coca-cola and major league baseball need to realize that if i have the country israel began and we are not very happy with them right now. if they don't want republicans of the baseball games and don't want us to tune into the baseball games on television, just keep behaving this way. this is terrible. i've always been a baseball fan and i grew up playing baseball, still play in the congressional baseball charity game but people like me who love baseball don't like being called a racist by major league baseball and don't like delta and coca-cola calling us that we will object to it and
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push back and if they continue in this direction fine, may be republicans don't have to drink coca-cola anymore. maria: "the wall street journal" wrote about the one democrat that is fighting hr1 and we've got him on tape. as he testified, as you know, the new hampshire secretary of state bill gardner, let's listen to this, watch. >> it is my understanding that you oppose hr1 in the senate equivalent, is that correct? >> yes. >> in 30 seconds or less, why? >> well, first of all, we don't have any early voting in new hampshire. for all the studies that show that early voting actually helps the turnouts, i can show you plenty of academic studies that show the opposite. >> it would be a power grab when it came to new hampshire voting, is that fair to say? by the federal government spirit
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yes and the same thing when no fault absentee. maria: that was a bill gardner their testifying and let me just say that the secretary of state of new hampshire will be my special guest tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria" on foxbusiness. i hope you will join me then to hear more from bill gardiner. your thoughts there, senator. i also want to get your take on what we were seeing in terms of the covid response. at this point, this past week president biden had a climate summit and i thought it was really ironic that president xi was one of the future speaker since china is, of course, the world's biggest polluter but look at this shot that we have all of the virtual summit and this was a virtual summit led by the white house and the only one wearing a mask is joe biden. you've got leaders from across the world sitting there virtually and he's got a mask on. what do you make of this? >> you know, i guess that means that doctor anthony fauci has determined that you can get
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covid and you can catch it through your web camera and that is the only thing i can conclude. really, it is silly and this type of theater is distracting to people who need to go out and get the vaccine. we have a lot of people, particularly those are over age 40 and overweight who all need to get the vaccine and that all of the vaccines, the risks of the vaccine are less than the risks of the disease particularly if you are over 40 and overweight but when biden goes on the computer screen to a zoom call and wears a mask he is making a mockery of the science and this is dissuading people who are skeptical anyway so if you want to convince people who are skeptical that the vaccine works show them that we have protection after we've been vaccinated per chill them that after we've had the disease naturally that we have protection and have to, don't be exponent people to keep wearing masks after they already have immunity but let people live again. but by doing this sort of fake science and wearing a mask while you're on a zoom call it shows
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great ignorance of science but it also tells the people that you're really being dishonest with them and they tend not to believe the other things that you will tell them. maria: in that shot i think it's really interesting to point out that president biden is the only leader without the flag behind him. everybody has their flag and we don't have the megan flag behind joe biden, interestingly. real quick, senator, josh hawley are introducing a bill that would force the ministration to declassify the intelligence related to the origin of covid. covid-19 has killed millions across the world in more than half a million here in the united states and every opportunity the president biden has had in terms of speaking with president xi is subject never comes up so can you explain this why he is a private phone call with president xi and never asks him why the chinese, and his party hid this to the world in terms of the ppe and of
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course allowed the virus to escape his borders and not a word from anybody on the origins of covid and i thought this was the priority? >> there is a huge ethical question about the origin of the virus and the ethical question is should we be doing gainer function and should we be upgrading animal viruses in the lab to make them more susceptible to humans. i can't tell you for certain that this escaped the lab and i think it's a reasonable question to ask but what you what you have to ask doctor anthony fauci is why did he in overseeing these labs allow gain of function. why is he allowing labs to get government money to upgrade animal viruses so they can infect humans? we got worried about this two or three years ago and closed on half of them but then doctor anthony fauci and his committees open them back up and we need to ask him why are we doing this in china but are we doing this in the u.s. or are we giving viruses the ability to invade the human species and then potentially letting them out of the lab? i know we don't want them out so might be intermittent in china
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or here but i think we should be discussing the danger of increasing the potency of our virus and allowing it to escape animals and humans because we doctor the virus and maybe we should not be doing that. maria: i would love to get your medical expertise. i also am very interested in your bill to ensure that the federal government stops the spine on regular americans subject for another time. senator, good to see you this morning but thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. maria: senator rand paul appeared coming up kentucky attorney general daniel cameron, rising star in the gop and how he's fighting against the democrats radical agenda. his reaction to derek chauvin's when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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soul. a knee on the neck for justice for black americans. profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion in black and brown americans experience every single day. the murder of george floydrg launched the summer protests and we had not seen since the civil rights era in the 60s. protests that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose to say enough, enough, enough of the senseless killing. maria: that was president biden on tuesday rectitude derek chauvin's guilty verdict as he and the vice president, instead of trying to unite us and lift us up on such an emotional day told us how terrible and systemically racist this country is. minutes after the verdict came down. my next guest was unique or has a unique perspective on race and promote justice in america and not only is daniel cameron
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kentucky's first black attorney general but is also the first republican to hold the office in over 70 years and we are honored this morning to have him with us. ag daniel cameron thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me, maria. maria: do you believe this country is systemically racist? >> no, i don't believe this country is systemically racist. whated i believe is that this country has always tried from the very beginning to become a more perfect union.d certainly we have had our challenges throughout this nation's history and there is no hiding from that. but when here, so you heard from president biden and others that throw fuel on the fire that explode the tensions that we have in this country, that's not good for hoping to unify this country. arand so, in my part i try to sy away from hyperbolic terms and i try to make sure that i reflect love in christ in my comments and try not to be caustic. i will continue to do that and will c continue to reach out to
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folks that have different views for me and of course, again, as i stated earlier we have challenges in this country but the problem is a more perfect union is always one step away and always one step closer. i think that together we can get there if we put aside these hyperbolic terms and if we put aside casting dispersions on one another and if we hold hands and walked together into our future. maria: yes, i agree. what do you do will be in the face ofi all this rhetoric then, general, last weekend maxine waters called on rioters to stay on the street and get in their faces and get more confrontational.cq if chauvin was acquitted, leader kevin mccarthy tried to censor her but the democrats stopped it and they tabled it, even nancy closely said that waters has nothing to apologize for.s what are we left to think and to do in the face of this? >> i think it is important that republicans make sure that we show a strong vision and
6:21 pm
alternative for how this country can look. that's why i'm excited that after president biden tells us what he will do in terms of taxing and spending and what have you, will hear a very positive, very forward-looking vision from senator tim scott. he is a personal friend of mine and excited about what he will have to say about the vision of this country and how republicans can align with that vision for the working men and women of this country. ior think that's incredibly important as we move forward. when i talk about the working men and women of this country i am talking about folks that look like me, that folks, maria, that look like you and folks that are the rainbow, if you will, of this country and so it is important for republicans to make r sure that we are tapping into that renewed spirit of reaching out and working with the m working men and women of this country andnd to make sure that they have good paying jobs and to make sure that they are able to take care of the issues that are the focus of the dinner table at night and so i'm
6:22 pm
excited about what he has to say andsi things like what maxine waters and again, president biden has said, those things really hurt the unification of this country going forward. maria: you are right. i want to get into the issues, general, let's take a break and come back and talk about the issues that you are pushing back issues that you are pushing back on this administrationn. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪♪ the thing about freedom is... freedom has no limits. there's no such thing as too many adventures... or too many unforgettable moments. there will never be too many stories to write...
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maria: welcome back. maria: welcome back. we are back with kentucky attorney general daniel cameron. i want to ask you about the actions you've taken against this administration, particularly as it relates to taxes and your ability to cut taxes as well as the cancellation of the xl pipeline. let's talk voting rights. here is stacey abrams was senator john cornyn, watch this macna so, voter id, sometimes ii
6:26 pm
racist and sometimes it's not racist. >> the intent always matters, sir. that is the point of this conversation and that is the point of the jim crow narrative that jim crow did not simply look at the activities but a look that the intent and looks at the behavior and the targeted behaviors that were disproportionally used by people of color. maria: as you know, ag cameron, the democrats are making election integrity a civil rights issue. this week floridaai governor ron desantis said that his state will sue if hr wanted past probably win. what can youra do in kentucky given you have a democrat governor? >> well, maria, i think it is sad and unfortunate that you hear those sorts of comments from ms. abrams as it relates to the bill that was passed in georgia. georgia has done what any state, i think, has the responsibility and the important job of doing
6:27 pm
which is secure their elections. for instance, here in kentucky are secretary of state michael adams along with republicans and democrats put together a election law bill that makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat. that is all they are trying to do in georgia. again, when you have these caustic and hyperbolic terms that cast everything in racism it does nothing forit, it contie means a fruitful and productive conversation about the big issues in our country. when i see those sorts of things it is dishearteningni but all i can say is that in kentucky we have struck the right balance between allowing people to vote as senator paul just so eloquently stated earlier but also making it harder to cheat at the same time. i think that's a model that needs to be taken across the country and i think georgiat tried to do that and it's unfortunate that some folks have allowed this narrative to sneak in as it relates to racism inaw the georgia law. maria: yes, it is. let me get your take on the impact of all these policies and
6:28 pm
you are leading a lawsuit to stop the administration from enforcing a mandate in the american rescue plan act which will prevent your state or prevent you and others from cutting taxes. tell me what y your argument is? >> our argument is quite simple a our argument is quite simple government and the treasury department in particular cannot tell a state what to do in terms of their tax and spend policies. but that's exactly what they have tried to do with this most recent version of covid relief spending. so what i have done along with my colleague, herb from tennessee is sued in federal court to say that kentucky has a right to determine its own tax and spend policies. you cannot take away covid funding based on what we intend to do with our tax and spend policies. for instance, we've got a dproject that we are working on and a merry district here in kentucky the changes some of the tax policies for that minority district.
6:29 pm
if what the treasury department in the biden demonstration have done is to take away money based on those tax being, that will hurt that minority district. it's unfair and we will stand up to those intrusions and the federal overreach into the commonwealth of kentucky. maria: is taking away your ability to govern in the way you want to govern. right? you got a plan in place in terms of the taxes and that removes it. >> that's precisely right. yes, ma'am. it blows up the concept of federalism and state sovereignty that i think all of us across this country appreciate and respect. maria: and then there is the xl pipeline. tell me, sir, the impact on kentucky given that joe biden came and blew off law and just canceled the xl pipeline, killing jobs while doing so. >> that's exactly right. let me take a step back and say as a republican ag and i know my republican attorney general's across the country agree with this, we got a response ability
6:30 pm
to make sure that we defend the rule of law and that we are the last line of defense as it relates to the rule of law and then as i noted earlier that we are there to stand up for the working men and women of this country. the keystone pipeline and what the president's administration has done there is completely disregard process as it relates to revoking that permit. it is our job to stand up for the rule of law as it relates to idthat provoking of the permit. on the other side, the flipside, as it relates to the working men and women in this country the rescinding of that pipeline permit has destroyed countless enjobs in this country and heren kentucky what has happened is that pipeline is obliterated. if it is taken away it will increase transportation costs for agricultural commodities that we have here in kentucky. our farmers, our producers here cannot afford those increased d transportation costs. we're doing our part again to stand up for the rule of law but also to stand up for the working
6:31 pm
men and women of this country and in particular, the farmers and producers that we have here in the commonwealth, it's important that as the republican ag's we stand up to any overreach by any administration, particularly this one that has made it a priority to change the climate agenda of this country and to change the tax and spend policies of this country as well. we will be doing our job over the next four years to stand up to these sorts of activities by the administration. maria: is pretty extraordinary that we are spending so much money, ate towing and dollars thrown at this economy and yet, we are cutting defense spending and now the biden administration wants to use taxpayer dollars to promote critical race theory and schools. can you fight back on that? >> it is an awful notion in terms of critical race theory and the other things that are coming out as edicts of this administration. and so, we are going to continue to fight back and a whole host of challenges that have been
6:32 pm
presented by this administration but we will do it in a way, like i said earlier, it's based on the law and based not on personal animus spirit our response bullet he is to the constitution into defending the rights of our working-class men and women here in kentucky and across the country. maria: ag, we cannot thank you enough. we thank you for your we thank you for your leadership, thank you, sir. did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was “in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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♪♪ maria: welcome back. now the threat of big tech censorship on our fundamental liberties but last week project veritas founder, james o'keefe, became the latest victim of canceled culture. twitter permanently suspended his account after he exposed hypocrisy and fraud at cnn. social media giants have been helping to drive the biden radical agenda by canceling anyone who does not agree with it. turning me right now is the man himself, the founder of project veritas, james o'keefe. james, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time this morning. tell us what happened last week and what you're intending to do tomorrow. >> well, maria, we were banned from twitter or i was banned from twitter and twitter set i quote, operated fake accounts. i've never operated a fake account in my life. i sued twitter for defamation in new york. this comes off the heels of their win in new york state in
6:37 pm
the supreme court of newew york state for defamation we got past motion to dismiss and landmark when in that libel lawsuit from project veritas and more on that in a minute but we released the series of videos on cnn showing the scene and director calling the network propaganda saying they are trying to help paint biden in a certain way to hurt trump and get trump out of office and help black lives matter so those cnn videos were trending number two globally on twitter and then in the third videotape released they yanked the mock twitter account down and said i was quote, operating fake accounts and they also banned project veritas a month earlier talking about project veritas was violating people's privacy rights for interviewing them in the streets. people who do impersonate me still remain on twitter so we are suing twitter for defamation maria, and it is time go on offense and time to use libel lawsuits to hold them accountablehe. maria: if it is interesting because you have on tape twitter say they wanted to get involved
6:38 pm
any fact an election. you also have that from google, right? do you actually have people at google telling you on camera we allow trump to win in 2016 and we won't allow it again? >> that was in a individual enge i from 2019 we recorded an executive high up in google talking about trump getting trump out of office and making those statements and we used hidden cameras and we go undercover to expose these things and also, talking aboutfa algorithmic unfairness which sounds like an orwellian term in this cnn director was saying things that does not surprise you but those videos were doing the thing that twitter was designed to do which was, you know, and power citizen and i was quoting cnn director charlie chester andie i was relaying to people what he told me so the right of me to relay what i heard and accurately quote him and they bambi for doing so.
6:39 pm
they manufactured this reason i quote operated fake accounts and all this is in a lawsuit that we have filed in new york state. again, for those of you who think i'm bluffing or these lawsuits don't matter, classic veritas has never lost a lawsuit in our corporate history. we don't settle. we fight all the way to a jury verdict and we have never lost and we've gotten past this enmotion to dismiss which is a terrible burden to meet in a defamation lawsuit against "the new york times". only a few plaintiffs in modern history accomplish that and we want to knowep or deposed jack dorsey under oath and we want to put these people through depositions to understand exactly what was going to their mind when they maliciously lied about me saying i operate fake accounts. maria:n well, we know that right before the election they banned the new york post from reporting on the hunter biden story which we all knew to be true and we watched them banned the new york post and the reporter on it. we haveha a statement from twitr and let me call for that right
6:40 pm
now so that we can at least show what they are saying in the face of all of this because a twitter spokesperson said that we personallyl suspended him for violating the twitter rules on platform manipulation and spam as outlined in our policy and on platforms and ablation and spam. your thoughts on the twitter statement on the banning of you. you can't mislead others on twitter theyea say by operating fake accounts and you can't artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts so they are sticking with their multiple accounts that you were operating. >> my response is that griffin from cnn confronted a private resident on her lawn and did not blur the number on the house and drew griffin at cnn still remains on twitter and jack dorsey ceo of twitter says you banned project veritas for confronting the facebook vice president in the street. that's what reporters do so it's a double standard and that's in our defamation lawsuit and you
6:41 pm
manufactured this reason quote, operating fake accounts. there are people on twitter who are impersonating me who still remain on twitter under any standard, under your own standard you have double standards. if there wasn't your double standards would have no standards at all. i will depose you under oath and i will get past this motion to dismiss in this libel lawsuit against you and tomorrow i will sue cnn for defamation. what anna cabrera said about projectt veritas a month ago, cn host saying that we spread disinformation and we were banned for that. not even twitter alleges that i was banned or project veritas was banned for disinformation. people every day in this country, people are defamed and lied about constantly and they don't have the will, the money, the resources to fight back so veritas will be the tip of that spear. again, the near times lawsuit is a big deal because facebook bands are voter fraud videos in minneapolis because "the new york times" said that i was
6:42 pm
deceptive and part of a disinformation campaign. no injustice, a judge in new york state said "the new york times" was engaging in deception. they reported an opinion in a news article and the indications of this for tech since facebook and twitter partnered with cnn and they are times the implications are staggering and it's very important that a lot of people start suing these people for libel and you will see y that, cnn lawsuit filed tomorrow. maria: well, it's extraordinary because the democrats set the narrative and then what has been the case is the media or the mainstream media anyway picks up the mantle and runs with it and we talked about this was stephen miller on this program last week. do you think that government is more powerful or big tech is more powerful? feels like big tech has become more powerful and dominant than anyone expected when section 230 was first put into the telecom act of 1996? here is what stephen miller says it should be done while the republicans are still in the minority to be ready for when they take the majority, he
6:43 pm
expects, in 2022. listen to stephen miller on section 230. >> we need to modernize regulations to say that though social media entities are public utilities for general use and they cannot discriminate against americans based on their religion, based on their clinical views, based on what they believe. that is a fundamental reform that we should campaign on and the moment we have a chance pass it into law. maria: james, justice clarence thomas really set the tone for big tech and says that it needs to be deregulated like public utilities and youer can't just exclude people from your services. you said you are suing cnn tomorrow? >> yes, yes, i am suing them for defamation and section 230 of mmthe command keeshan's decency act there's really no legal theory in the united states to hold orr to sue twitter b and because of that exception foror maria, this is a different
6:44 pm
issue. this is what twitter and cnn said publicly about me. there are libel laws and they are difficult to win in a lawsuit but going back to new york times versus sullivan in 1964 i had to prove actual malice because t i'm a public figure that they knowingly lied about me and i will meet that burden. i don't know what the solution is for 230 per se but i think people need to unite here and understand just that the fundamental principle here, i was quoting somebody in the lane what it was they told me and i was banned for that and twitter manufactured a reason. section 230 may have protected twitter before but it will not protect them from me. you cannot have a reckless disregard for the truth and defame people in the media gets away with it and i would consider twitter getting away with it in this case but i will sue them and we will win just like we have one every other lawsuit and people need to stick together. we need to have dish tradition by proxy and we need to go and telegram, follow me, download the clips and put them into your
6:45 pm
twitter. maria: james, we will be watching all of this. thanks so much for walking us through it this morning. we will see you soon. james o'keefe is the founder of project veritas. coming up, snf exclusive, next don't miss it. plus, biden's white house —- ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back.
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maria: welcome back. now a sunday morning futures exclusive, biden's woke state department with anthony lincoln reporting to the derek chauvin guilty verdict and an internal staff memo in this memo was obtained exclusively by sunday morning futures and he writes that the death of george floyd brought even more urgency to a long overdue reckoning here in the united states with systemic racism, please account ability and the unequal treatment of black people throughout our history. he continues, let's recommit as public c servants to lead by the power of our example in working towards a better, fairer, more
6:49 pm
equitable world. now, if these talking points found familiar to you you are right, it is exactly what beijing types the pullman told him at the u.s. china summit in alaska last month in march. listen to this. >> the challenges facing the united states and human rights are deep-seated and they did not just emerge over the past four years. such as black lives matter. it did not come up only recently. we do hope that for our two countries it is important that we manage our respective affairs well instead of deflecting the blame on somebody else in this world. maria: yes, that is when we were schooled in alaska. during me right now to a react is mike turner, sits on the house until an armed services committee paired good to see you, congressman p thank you for joining us. this is what our state department is working on right now. your reaction?
6:50 pm
>> this is of grave concern. in that last meeting, top chinese deponents also said to secretary lincoln that they wanted america to stop promoting democracy around the world. obviously theyse see democracy s a threat to the chinese, and his party and so any criticism that they can place upon america and our efforts to promote democracy they see as advancing their goal, secretary blinken should be very concerned about chinese criticism of democracy because any time we play into their narrative we begin america and we strengthen them. maria: i totally agree but congressman let's face it, while the democrats and joe biden are race baiting our enemies and adversaries are ramping up. this week putin has amassed 100,000 troops on ukraine's borders threatened that anyone who crosses moscow's redline on territorial or other issues will regret their deeds but what is going on with russia right now? >> this is of grave concern. top generals and admirals on
6:51 pm
capitol hill last week sounding the alarm of what china and russia are doing andre they are modernizing their militaries and ucmodernizing their nuclear weapons and they were on capitol hill sounding the alarm, not just because they're concerned of what our adversaries are doing in the over the next five years negative capabilities that exceed those of the united dstates but because they see growing opposition among democrats and among the biden and ministration for funding the military and for funding the modernization that will keep us safe and our allies safe. maria: everyone is ramping up nuclear capabilities and what are we doing? we are cutting defense spending. let'st' take a short break and e got to get h into that. i want to ask you about the opportunity biden has created for terrorists (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement.
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how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. >> i cannot deter with the
6:55 pm
>> i cannot deter with the leftovers of the cold are forever into the future. that is a 70 arrows weapon system that i will have to employ against e 20, 30 level threats. maria: that was admiral richard and we are back with ohio congressman mike turner who sets on the house until an armed services committee. congressman, the admiral testified in front h of your committee and he is the head of the u.s. nuclear arsenal warning you of thatt for the first time in history the u.s. is facing two nuclear powers and we are not ready spirit correct. maria, title it is doubling their new their weapons and russia has modernized its weapons and feeling you capabilities. the admiral is looking atab an agent stockpile in the congress that may be unwilling to fund what needs to be done. heng is sounding the alarm so tt as we go forward in this budget process with biden having asked for zero increase in defense that we fight for a nuclear modernization to make certain that we can deter our adversaries.
6:56 pm
maria: that is true but if you are not increasing defense spending when you consider inflation you are cutting it and that is —- >> absolutely. maria: that isms what "the wall street journal" reported this week. in terms of readiness jackie kane has been on this program and says we are outgunned when it comes to china and then you've got democrats led by elizabeth warren reintroducing a bill to block f the u.s. from using nuclear weapons first. what is the logic? >> you know, there really isn't for our security. the biden administration as it's proposing six to present increases everywhere else but in defense and elizabeth warren obviously wants to tie the hands of our generals so that they cannot defend against our adversaries. we need to make certain that america stay strong and that we build a strong military and that we rise to the occasion against the modernization of china and russia and with that we will be able to keep our allies in the united states safe. maria: congressman, were also pulling out of afghanistan by december.
6:57 pm
>> rights, and this is certainly a tragedy. i was talking to the general and he was saying part of the concern that we have is the ability to be able to continue our terrorism counterterrorism efforts there. maria: congressman, thank you
6:58 pm
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hello, everyone. i am larry kudlow. great pleasure to be here is as always. we are going to do infrastructure this past monday, president biden in the white house with the bipartisan group of congressional books, most of whom were former governors and mayors. on the senate side, two republicans were there, met romney and john hogan. we are told the meeting was cordial but frankly expectations for a bipartisan deal should remain low. why is this? i figured two big parts. one, gop does not want


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