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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  April 25, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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on fox. start smart every weekday 6 - 9:00 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria" on fox business we hope you will start your day with us. th i i i i it for us for now, they keep her being with me. have a great rest of the weekend. also you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello and welcome to the wall street journal at large. the outcome of the derricks open trial would be a case of heads we win, tails you lose for the components that america is stem oakley basis. if he had been acquitted of murdering george floyd, it would've caused the justice system is irreparably racist. the riots that were followed
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would've been frayed by the media as peaceful protest against the systematic persecution of minorities. as we know he was convicted by a multiracial jury after trial. instead of healing the outcome of affirmation that the system delivers justice, the progressive extremist to run the country decided it was proof that the police forces are races. the president, the man who once promised to unite the country immediately chose to blame the american system. >> systemic racism is a stain on our nation soul and it takes confronting head on systemic racism and the racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system more broad, the battle of the soul of this nation has been a constant push and pull for more than 200 years. the tug-of-war created in the harsh reality of racism is long torn us apart.
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gerry: joe biden has been in public office for more than one fifth than the total of the united states has existed. if the united states is that bad he presumably ought to take some responsibility for it, but of course he doesn't. with the george floyd case no longer available to bring down businesses and loot walmarts, the mob egg done by the white house moved quickly in search of other examples of the systemic racism. they did not have to wait long. around the same time derricks dk chauvin was being convicted, with the molotov cocktail response the columbus police department released body cam video the incident. it makes clear the shooting far from being active racism probably saved the life of another black girl who is about to be stabbed a 16-year-old. in a few seconds the cop had to decide quickly how to deal with the suspect and lunging at her
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target. i don't think anyone who's seen the video could possibly blame the officer, most fair-minded people would think he should be praised for acting quickly to save a life. we are not talking about fair-minded people. the left seized on the incident of another example of systemic racism. lebron james tweeted a police officer with the words you are next. the tweet was taken down but after seeing by a lot of lebron james 39 million followers. even worse the white house moved quickly to exploit the incident to furtherance of agenda. >> the killing of 16-year-old ma'khia bryant by the police is tragic, we know police violence disproportionally impacts black and latino people and communities of black women and girls excrete higher rates of police violence. gerry: police violence against black women and girls. everybody who saw that video
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knows that is not what took place. we should be aware what is going on here, this is nothing less than an attempt by the president of the united states and the democratic party to manipulate the truth about a tragedy but one in which the facts are clear, and attempt to advance a false narrative to make american society. nothing will be allowed to get in the weight of the campaign, no police officers, reputation, respect and presumption, certainly not facts or evidence. the democrats help by the media and the corporate elites the new conception of justice, give us the outcome we demand or we will burn the place down, that was captured by maxine waters of the democratic congressman, you saw the crowd in minnesota get ready for more confrontation when the things didn't go the way they wanted. >> how far will the new progressive idea of justice in the system go, what can we do to stop it. one way to talk about this trial
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lawyer robert burns. thank you for joining me. >> glad to be here. gerry: we see many disturbing things in the last week maxine waters, the president, the response to the ma'khia bryant killing, it looks like a deliberate attempt by the left led by the white house to essentially remake the way that we think about justice in this country, it is a deliver by the courts anymore it's deliver by democrats and their objective. >> is a political weaponization of our criminal justice process for partisan purposes. where we take the mom and we asked the jury to become the mob and represent the mob and vindicate the mob as well as a media narrative. that's why many people including people on the left find this a terrifying frightening precedent to be set. the criminal justice process should seek truth and justice and not take political partisan aim but that's what the floyd trial look like. gerry: what do we do about this.
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the democrats control the narrative through the media and they control the arms of the government right now, they have an ability to twist the facts interest the evidence in the judicial process towards there in. how far can this go? >> you can definitely get worse, we can get to the point where people looked at this trial and saw something that looked like a soviet style show trial in the reaction to the verdict reaffirmed and it gets worse and worse and worse. i represent kyle rittenhouse and people that want to do that in his case and deny him a fair trial. we will see more and more of it until the court of a public opinion or court of law does something about it. step in and say this is not our criminal justice process works, we don't cower to congresswomen and out of presidents, we only listen to law and justice. until that occurs it could get a lot worse before gets better. gerry: you mentioned the kyle
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rittenhouse case we sell where the people who have contributed to kyle's defense fund have been either exposed by the media or even fired for the job, we saw in the case in brooklyn center in minnesota when daunte wright when the shooting happened there. somebody who dared to suggest that the officer accused should get due process, that person was fired. this is an extranet attempt to up in the rules of due process of law that they used to. >> completely, let's get rid of the presumption of innocence and beyond reasonable doubt and were seen in the capitol hill cases where people are being jailed without trial and without bail and time periods, this is a great concern the attempts to weaponize every part of the process, you are not allowed to donate to the cause that you believe in or the legal defense,
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the legal defense of someone like kyle rittenhouse, a virginia police officer fired after being illegally docked after the guardian decided to put his name on the front pages around the world. this is the degree before political weaponization with everything around us that looks like soviet style politics and american style constitutionalism and that's a great risk all of his face. gerry: you paint a very disturbing picture, it's good to know that you are standing up for the right values and principles. thank you for joining me. coming up the indications of joe biden radical plan to cut u.s. emissions in half, what if any environmental gains and cost there will be. there will be. did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was “in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent.
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obama, biden's initial fiscal stimulus $1.9 trillion was double the obama stimulus in 2009. he announced plans for capital gains tax rate double the rate to which it was eight years ago. the recent policing is clearly intended to be twice as the predecessors. now this week he came up with the climate plan which is twice as bold at least were unrealistic as some would say as his former boss, speaking at a climate summit his world leader by zoom the president of the united states committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to low their 2005 level by the end of this decade the obama plan was by 25% by 2025. anything that you can do i can do better philosophy creates really significant problems when it comes to energy, to meet the targets will require very expensive and unmanageable transformation not just a power generation but the energy for cars, trucks and homes. even that won't be enough, last
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year end missions fail to level of 20% below the 2005 meeting with the world and complete standstill because of lockdowns we got less than halfway words mr. biden's goal, at any case it's not clear how much environmental gain there will be for all the pain. the paris accord that biden is committing to will reduce the increase in global temperatures by 0.17 degrees by 2100. that is barely a tenth of the target of 1.5% with the climate extremists to avoid disaster. none of this deals with the biggest polluter china which isn't even expected to reach peak commissions till 2030. it is successfully with its admission to 15 years. exhilarating the decline will cost the economy nearly even if the largest polluter continues on the word path. here to pick this up republican senator from montana the senate
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finance committee in energy and natural resources committee. senator, thank you for joining me. >> glad to be here. gerry: to put it mildly bold plan someone say an unachievable plan, what is the president up to, is this serious or another way to appease his aggressive base. >> i think it's both it's a serious thought to our economy into our wait a life in montana and around our country. he is truly appeasing the far left radical green new deal agenda. keep in mind, we have been leading the world in reducing co2 emissions related to energy, were number one in reduction of co2 this is been accomplished and innovation the american energy revolution not to regulation, what he's doing could set our country back literally decades, once upon a time we were highly dependent on the middle east for energy needs. thank god for american energy innovation now were energy exporters at the same time with the emissions, we have a great
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story to tell president biden the administration it is a very serious issue for our country. gerry: senator just to be clear this plan with a specific targets and majors in domestic energy, tell us exactly what he would do you mentioned montana, energy production in the united states, how would they form the u.s. energy. >> millions of american jobs, imagine what happens if we do not have reliable and affordable energy, the very poor import of allowing america to be competitive on the global scale but millions of jobs lost, think about what happened if we go back to days of the 70s the war beyond printer when they attacked israel oil prices quadruple, inflationary effects in the economy resulted in 18.6% at 30 year fixed mortgage rate
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in 1981. we do not want to go back to that inflationary time in dependency on foreign countries who don't have our best interest to related to energy, we have a great story to tell both in terms environmental and economically to a national security viewpoint. gerry: what would you like to cb done to the omissions. >> were under great. up until path of a chemical engineer by the repair let's focus on the science the cause and effect of co2 levels in global temperatures, as you pointed out the price it'll pay as a nation is not worth it for the perceived benefits that were hearing from the far left. and what happened in california over the last couple of years they got rid of nuclear energy, look at last summer, rolling blackouts and brownouts. we cannot let that happen. go back to innovation were on a good track to reduce co2 emissions to the free market we
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i do believe the numbers that come out of china related to their co2 emissions, they are baking their numbers. we have to continue. gerry: i said it wouldn't be the first time they tweak their numbers but go ahead. >> i just don't trust the numbers coming out of china. we need to focus on what we can do best, grow our economy, make sure we have tax policy that incentivize innovation, this is going to be the long-term threat in the united states, not just from national security which is very real, but global competitiveness. we have to make sure we keep taxes low, incentivize innovation and continue to allow the free market, freedom, the rule of law, energy abundance, those are important that we have in america that gives us advantage over china. we need to allow the far left
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and see what's happening with president biden, that is a threat long-term to our ability to compete and beat china. gerry: you mentioned taxes, i would get broadly to the outlook of the u.s. economy and politics as well president biden has been able to get done pretty well whatever he's wanted to get done, he pushed the covid relief bill through congress 1.9 trillion in coming up with the infrastructure plan and maybe that gets through buddies pushing the country the very progressive direction. on the narrowest majority the republican party, many people say what is the republican party doing, meanwhile they seem to be talking about issues that aren't so much a concern to people. how does the republican party regain the initiative at a time when half the country is presumably not very happy with the way the country is going, what should the republican party talk about trade how can it change his message to people. >> first of all no mandate that came in in november, we divided government to a 50/50 senate, if hand for people separate nancy
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pelosi versus a republican and a presidential race which is very close. the bottom line we have to stay focused to what the american people care about, they want to see limited government with a growing economy, rising wages, we have the best economy of pre-covid that i've seen in my lifetime, record levels of low unemployment including for minorities. record wage growth for middle-class hard-working americans. we are on that truck because of republican policy of lower taxes, less regulation, driving innovation and we were on a winning streak and then covid hit, we have to come back to connecting the dots for a policy that we stand for and the benefits for the american people and that slower unappointed, higher wages and freedom, that's what we stand for and what we see happening for president biden is the greatest words of the left that i've seen from my lifetime, he is doubling down and taken it times two or three. i am believe the american people
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will not stand for that and were gonna see a wave election, but 2022. gerry: my thanks, thank you very much for joining me. coming up the mayor of chicago is out with her solution to police shootings in the city. it requires police to get permission before they chase permission before they chase anyone on f we made usaa insurance for busy veterans like kate. so when her car got hit, she didn't waste any time. she filed a claim on her usaa app and said, “that was easy.” usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa. obsession has many names. this is ours. the lexus is. all in on the sports sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $369 a month for 36 months.
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gerry: in the wake of the derek chauvin trial and incidents involving law enforcement and black suspects, there's been talk about police reform, democrats and republicans are working on a rare bipartisan plan that could result in legislation. some authorities are striking out with their own ideas. we heard this week from lori lightfoot the other created mayor of chicago. after a police officer tasting killed a 13-year-old running away is seems with a gun. ms. lightfoot has decided the real problem is police running after suspects on foot. she is planning a role change to police procedures so any officer wishing to pursue a suspect would require permission from a supervisor. no one should die as a result of a foot chase the mayor said inextricably. so try to picture the scene for a moment. an assailant has shot several innocent people in a large, police arrived on the scene and he takes off with a click. in the future the officer may be
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unable to raise the precinct on his radio, has to call in to get approval, how might that go, this is the chicago police department, your call is important please hold while we directed to the right person. it's easy to laugh but it's not a joke matter. 177 homicides already this year that is more than ten week, that is that where the 20% than last year, when total murders were up 50% on the previous year. it seems likely much of the surge and violent crime is because police and elected officials for the racism have pulled back. chicago's top elected official think the real problem is police are chasing after suspects after getting the proper approval in advance. nothing better captures the lunacy of our current situation. half of our cities are crime riddled healed at the moment and democratics who control them and most of the country think the police of the problem, the most decent americans of all colors and persuasions, this one to be safe, they know the thin blue
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line between them and mayhem, we heard more about fighting crime and stopping the police from doing the job we will feel safer. that is it for us, i'll be back next week with more in-depth interviews at the wall street journal at large. thank yhhhhh for joining us. ♪ >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq. ♪. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i'm jack otter. cars, cell phones and game consoles are all getting slammed by the global chip shortage. pat jill singer will tell us how long we can expect it to last. food stocks have been out-of-favor recently but some offer


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