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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website -- elizabeth: tonight, the growing backlash against president biden's tax hikes. critics and economists and wall street analysts telling us this is a first shoot the moon initial bargaining chip, can't be a real thing. but look at this, biden's tax plans have already rig nighted a new fight -- ignited a new fight in congress. even democrats say biden's taxes will derail his agenda. with us tonight, national security adviser kt mcfarland, fox news contributors sean duffy and deneen borelli.
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john yu, he is a former law clerk to supreme court justice clarence thomas, and we've got arizona attorney general mark brnovich with us tonight. we're going to give you more on democrats really angry and outraged about the massive new trillion dollar plans that you're going to have to pay for with these tax. also this, biden and john kerry want the u.s. to double down on climate change. they are open arms okay with china's climate change plan, but a new study shows the world's worst polluter looks like it faked its pollution data, that being china. and democrat michigan governor whitmer in a new firestorm. she leads the country in severe lockdown policies. now she's accused of covering up, breaking her own guidelines by traveling out of state. plus, growing backlash against new york times columnist paul krugman. he is now saying, trying to claim that riots were, quote,
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fantasy and saying that everything was mostly peaceful, everything went down okay. we're going to show you what krugman's readers did not see, how he misled his readers by leaving out dramatic facts about the rioting. and the big, growing pushback against covid-19 restrictions. of even more states proposing mask mandates indefinitely. plus, we're going to show you the double standard of the new pressure from the left and the media on justice amy coney barrett. as they demand she give back her $2 million book advance. they say it's bad optics. they didn't claim that when other sitting justices got book deals too. and a biden fix for the border now collapsing. we've got the details. plus more on the government whistleblower who says border guards are, quote, burped out from the biden administration's weak border policies. this person is saying they are
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irresponsible and out of touch. we're also going to show you the city where more people are dying from drug cartel narcotics than covid-19. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: okay. we begin with fox news contributor sean duffy. it's so great to see you, sir. what's your take about -- thanks for joining us. they're calling biden's radical plan, they say it's radical, raiding taxes to a level not seen in generations, doubling capital gains taxes to more than 43%. what do you think of this move? >> well, it is radical because it's going to affect our ability to invest in the next generation of new companies, invest in our innovators which create the next trillion dollar company, elizabeth. this is bad for the american economy. i'm hearing these guys on wall
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street complain, the rich complain. these are the very same people that funded the biden campaign, they're the ones that funded democrats to take over the senate and the house, and this is no surprise. they've all talked about raising taxes. so when democrats do what they said they were going to do and those who funded them complain, don't come crying to me. they knew this was going to happen. it's going to be horrible not just for them, but it's going to be bad for middle class americans who are going to be impacted in the job market because there won't be growth necessary to create new jobs. not only that, it doesn't bring in the revenue because you don't get the growth. if you don't have the growth, you don't have money coming into the federal coffers. we saw that with the trump tax cuts. we had substantial growth, and we brought more money in even with lower rates because more people were working and making more money. elizabeth: you know, we're seeing that democrats are sick and tired of this, privately saying you will lose tax revenue if you tax capital gains at a rate of 30% or over that. and, you know, the other thing
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too biden just put people in california and new york on a rocket ship out of those states because the all-in federal and state rate would go to nearly 60. 15 states would be above 50%, and none of that is adjusted for inflation. >> right. so you can leave new york and california, go to texas and florida, right? but if biden raises these taxes, where do you go? you've got toot find a n newewex sdicritiont'hasoing goihe goi gi tryourur capital well. it'll leave.av 'll itleave america and go where wellsre wellsit w w t t t rates.rate listen, i don't give the democrats a pa on this. yeah, theyey m not like 43% in cal caga tax, b, iutn,n, 're ey're ey're 30, 35%, 4 4he' all about raising taxes, and th'rthsm'rt enough k tnoww atmpact thishi has on the economy. t theeyne a in place wherehere they thinknknkhink plankys welln equiuiuiuiui so so eryonean be eq ua l, we can go after the rich, anan you will get eet eit ey,s.. you'll hav h h e eity, povertyer
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d spair.aiai that's what they're going to give us unless we actually fight back and win elections as republicans. elizabeth: well, stocks are up on factory and housing data that's good today, the numbers were good, and corporate earnings are coming in well. but, you know, federal reserve data, goldman sachs saying you're going to see nearly $180 billion worth of stocks unloaded if you hike capital gains taxes. and even democrats admitting the federal government will lose $120 billion over ten years as people sit on their assets and don't unload. but you know what's really interesting, connecticut and new jersey are talking about the first statewide property taxes to pay for disastrous lockdown policies. so this is coming on top of that, right? so all of this stuff going on, sean, you've been down in d.c., you've seen what it's like down there. can you tell us what you think is going to happen? >> well, i mean, listen, this is the first statewide property tax, right? they already have an income tax
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in connecticut of 7%. and, again, when you tax people to death, you going to get them to go to a different state. the problem is they take their liberal policies with them. they elected these liberals who are taxing them, then they go to florida and texas and vote for the same kind of policies they had in connecticut that'll destroy florida and texas as well. again, you want to be a great place for business. yeah, you have to tax people, yeah, you've got to build roads and bridges and schools. we all want to pay taxes, but if you tax us to death, we'll leave. and that's what's going to happen in connecticut. listen, i laugh too, as democrats have also talked about, you know, being in favor of raising taxes, they're also a opposed to the suspect a.l.t. taxes that don't let -- elizabeth: that's what the fight is about. right -- [inaudible conversations] elizabeth: there, like, three dozen democrats or republicans saying we're going to block your agenda, biden, if you don't give us back the state and local tax
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deduction. then the white house has this perverse mentality, they're saying we're going to raise the death tax because people will then unload and liquidate their assets, and we'll make even more money in taxes. it's craze thinking, sean. your final world. >> here's a novel thought. maybe we could just start spending less money. that might help. or new york and california might tax their people less so people don't get hit by the s.a.l.t. tax. if we lived within our means, that would do great. $30 trillion in debt is going to kill this country and our future. elizabeth: okay. thank you, sean duffy. it's good to see you. look who's here, kt mcfarland, she knows a lot about washington. you know, here's the thing i want to talk to you about, kt. biden and john kerry, they want the u.s. to double down on climate change. of they're okay with china's climate change plan, but harvard university saying the world's worst polluter is faking its pollution data. what do you make of that story?
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>> nobody's at all surprised. the chinese have been faking their mission standards data for a long time. and even when you look at what they say they're going to do, their pledges, there's nothing there. it's like blue smoke and mirrors. well, we're going to try by 2060. 40 years from now. they're going to be carbon neutral or maybe in the next decade we're going to stop building the coal plants that we are, by the way, building at an enormous clip right now. the chinese understand that for the radical left and kerry and biden and the democrats in power that climate change has become a religion, and they've become zealots. and they don't really want to look at the facts. they don't really want to look at the evidence. they just want to pursue this agenda, and so the chinese are, you know, they're thrilled because they're getting america to pledge to really stop our economic prosperity so that china can surpass the united states economically.
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i'll give you an example. i know a friend of mine who builds internationally and builds energy companies internationally, and he said here's what happens in china. they build these coal plants, and they have -- they put a lot of money into the filters that make clean coal. and so when they're inspected, the filters are are on so it looks like they're not polluting. the minute the inspectors leave, they turn the filters off, and then they produce electricity and generate electricity much a cheaper. elizabeth: they're on a big belt and road push to dominate world infrastructure, firing away on kohl plants. then you have john kerry saying you're going to lose your oil and gas job, u.s. worker. you can go make solar panels, and president biden today said these oil and gas workers should find green energy jobs where they live. but, you know, they can say that when they're on u.s. government paid-for salaries, you know what i mean? the other thing is, kt, you know
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this, this infrastructure green new deal is loaded with boondoggles and slush funds. who are the crony capitalists close to john kerry going to make a lot of money off of this besides china? >> well, exactly. if you look at the green new deal,ing if you look at all of the bailout programs and investment in the infrastructure, it's not what they're investing in. they're investing in crony capitalist deals under the guise of investing in america's future. and a lot of it is the green new deal which we can't afford, we're not even sure works, and it's going to hamstring american economic development for a decade, possibly for a generation. but they don't care about jobs. they don't care about the american economic growth. they don't seem to care about the rise of china at our expense, but it's all about this sort of zealotry. the green new deal, that they're somehow going to solve the crisis of the planet. what they don't even look at though is that china's already at double the rate of emissions that we are, and we can do all these things they're proposing,
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and it really will be a drop in the bucket unless china does something about it, and china doesn't have any intention of it. elizabeth: the other thing two, i think that should read 10.7 for the u.s., we'll check it though. natural gas, they're getting rid of natural gas jobs. here's the conundrum and, you know, the flip here is that natural a gas fires and powers utilities that charge electric cars. pushing banks to defund oil and gas jobs, they're killing the keystone pipeline. you know what i mean? so they're doing all that and then moving toward a policy that will benefit china because china dominates green energy. we don't get it. >> no. and again, it's zealotry. there's not logic to it. i mean, for example, the united states because of fracking, we've been able to replace -- because it's economically feasible -- we've been able to replace coal and oil with natural gas which is much cleaner. so we are already reducing our emissions because of fracking. and yet the biden administration, they're against
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fracking. so they're going to actually put us in a position where it's more difficult for the united states to reduce emissions. you know, here's the thing that really bothers me. i participated in a webinar this morning, liz, with the chinese foreign minister, and he basically said, america, yet your nose out of taiwan, out of hong kong and the uyghurs. you have no right to criticize us on our domestic affairs. and then he had a kicker. and he said, if you expect progress on climate change, then you really keep your nose out of those topics. elizabeth: huh. well, we're going to stay on that with you, kt mcfarland. you always have great information. good to see you, come back soon. have a good weekend. still ahead, deneen borelli, democratic michigan governor whitmer leads the country in severe lockdowns. now she's accused of covering up breaking her own guidelines. she traveled out of state. we're going to give you this story next. >> it's become obvious that
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because you don't hold back. you're a straight shooter. you know, here's an odd story. michigan governor gretchen whitmer, you know she has the toughest lockdowns in the country. now she's accused of, quote, lying on a podcast. she claims she did not travel out of tate to florida saying she was, quote, here in town the whole time. you know, this is when she's telling others to stay home and not travel. what is she going here? what's going on? >> yeah. well, liz, if she's lying about traveling to florida, what else is governor whitmer lying about? "newsweek" reports that she has traveled three times in the last sick months. six months. so the woman has no credibility whatsoever. she told her constituents not to travel. meanwhile, she was free and clear to travel. so we have a double standard. this huge hi hypocrisy. and meanwhile, how many beganner
6:19 am
thes -- michiganders would have loved to have traveled? elizabeth: let me back up. she's saying, the governor is saying she did go to see her father in florida. reportedly he's ill. saying for personal reasons. but to your point, she's telling everybody else not to travel. she's saying the know birds and spring breaker -- snow birds and spring breakers, don't go. you know what? by the way, let's just listen to what she said on this michigan podcast. let's listen to what she told the reporter when he asked if she was ab able to take any days off for spring break. watch. >> i was here in town the whole time, but, you know, the weather's getting nicer, so i'm moving some of my zoom calls outside. that's the most exciting development. [laughter] >> if you could go anywhere for spring break, where would you have gone? >> oh, gosh, i don't know. i haven't really thought about it. you know, my last -- my first
6:20 am
big trip as governor and the last trip i've taken was to israel. elizabeth: okay. she opened by saying i was in town the whole time during spring break. she wasn't. she was in florida. as you report, you're saying she was out of state three times, she traveled out of state over the last six months. >> yes. that's what i read. and thank goodness for the recording. again, the woman is a liar, liz. and, look, the citizens are fighting back in michigan. there is a petition that i'm aware of where they have over 400,000 signatures already, and there are also several lawsuits against this governor. she has been horrible for the state of michigan with the lockdownment people can't go anywhere, can't do anything. they have been very harsh and harmful to the, her con stitch weapons and especially to their local economy. elizabeth: you know, she still wants masks for children ages
6:21 am
the 2-4, she wants shutdown restrictions on businesses, restaurants and bars that were supposed to expire the week. ted goodman, he is gop spokesman for the party in michigan, he is saying the problem wasn't that she visited her dad, it's that she covered up and lied about it. that's the problem. >> no, i totally agree. and i hope her father will be okay. again, what about other citizens who need to check in on their loved ones? the mandates in michigan have been horrendous. governor whitmer is a horrible governor. she's not a leader whatsoever. and she's not the only democrat governor who has done terrible mandates and directives for their states. look at new york state, for example, cuomo. and don't forget the nursing homes. the poor elderly positive ones who were placed in nursing homes under governor mandates, and the number of deaths that occurred because of their lousy
6:22 am
leadership. it is outrageous. elizabeth: yeah. the whitmer administration does face a probe from a county prosecutor for putting patients back into nursing homes. a lot of people passed away in those nursing homes from covid-19. deneen borelli, always terrific to have you on. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: sure. up next, fox news contributor deroy murdock. growing backlash against new york times columnist paul krugman. he's saying that there was basically -- he's saying that the protests were all peaceful, riots were a, quote, fantasy. this is all a figment of the republican imagination. we're going to just show you exactly how paul krugman misled his readers and what he left out, what they didn't get to see, the dramatic facts about the riots. ♪ ♪ >> i was front and center at the protests at the riot. we did not -- [inaudible conversations]
6:23 am
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elizabeth: it's good to see you. people who read different media are totally being misled and not getting information. new york times columnist paul krugman, he's trying to say it's a figment of republicans' imaginations about riots that ripped through last year. how can he flat out mislead people like that? >> you're being too nice when you say mislead. it's not misleading, it's lying. east this guy's lying or -- either he's lying or he's got a clinical state level of denial in which case i recommend he see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. we all saw the riots coast to coast. i personal hi stood on my balcony here manhattan and watched a bunch of hoodlums jump up and down on an nypd van, the night before that there was a fire of an nypd van. the fire -- the smoke got all the way into my apartment. i literally had the scent and
6:28 am
the lungs -- the smoke from a burning nypd van inside my lungs. so i find it astonishing when he said there were no riots, this is a negativement of our imagine -- figment of our imagination. there were riots that caused about $2 billion in damage, and 30 people were killed in the aftermath of. so paul krugman has to get his head out of the stand and just look around, try to familiarize himself with his surroundings. elizabeth: you point out that 30 people killed in rioting that paul krugman did not report on. i guess he's okay we retired captain david dorn getting killed, or you know what i mean? and all these dozens of people who were killed and minority neighborhoods destroyed. they're probably going to not come back to life. i don't know if you saw that a university of researcher finding murder rates soaring
6:29 am
dramatically in cities hit by blm and antifa protests, up to 6,000 extra deaths. >> absolutely. elizabeth: that's astonishing, that number. >> it's amazing. the left has a lot of really bad ideas, but those have deadly ideas. defunding the police isn't a matter of making police feel bad or guilty, but because a lot of people are just in a complete defense e mode, they feel unloved, they feel unwanted, they feel threatened, and they're really recoiling. and the criminals see this, they move forward, and you're seeing homicide rates hooting up in los angeles, in chicago, minneapolis, seattle, portland, the cities that have defunded police have seen homicides shoot through the roof. we're talking about dead bodies here, not just physical damage, broken windows, graffiti. paul krugman doesn't see this. i'd feel better if he said, look, i love the george floyd riots, i'm in favor of violent insurrection. at least i'd say he recognizes that these are riots.
6:30 am
instead he just, again, has his head in the sand, and every american from coast to coast knows these things really did happen, and they affect -- elizabeth: yeah. he -- >> dead people in the ground and paul krugman doesn't see that. unbelievable. elizabeth: he's been disingenuous as a consultant -- about his background, as a consultant for enron. and, you know, the other thing too, listen, speaking out is as american as apple pie, right? that's in the constitution. do it peacefully. but we're talking about rioters that blinded police officers with things like lasers on purpose, they used power tools like -- and, you know, threw wrenches, hammers, bricks, concrete blocks at police officers, injuring them. fire bombing, molotov cock todays. how can, in the -- cocktails. how in the world can upper
6:31 am
management at "the new york times" allow this to go on? paul krugman not reporting any of that. "the new york times"' readers are being severely misled here. >> oh, they are. this is why i literally, physically don't touch that thing, and i have some very unkind and impolite words to have describe that horrible piece of a news outlet. this isn't news. this doesn't serve anybody. again, they're just serving lives to the american public. we saw the police department, police precinct burn to the ground in minneapolis. the protesters in portland literally have set fire to police facilities with the police inside. it's called attempted murder. they want to literally burn police officers to death. in addition to paul krugman being honest for a change, we need prosecutors to arrest these people and prosecute them, and if they're convicted, throw them in jail for a long time. people engage in, again, attempted murder when they trying try to burp down a precinct -- burn down a precinct with cops inside. these people need to be
6:32 am
prosecuted and thrown in prison for decades, maybe then we'll see peace and quiet restored to the streets of america. elizabeth: yeah. finish well, deroy, you're a great writer, always love reading you. really interesting, smart stuff, and you saw firsthand what happened with riots here in new york city. deroy murdock. coming up, a republican congressman on a big, growing pushback against covid-19 restrictions as even more states propose mask mandates and wearing them indefinitely. we'll tell you which states next. >> you think you're some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you're making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. the garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system! figure it out! or get off the podium.
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♪ elizabeth: okay, let's welcome to the show republican congressman guy rushen that woulder. the connecticut golf could say we could require masks indefinitely. oregon is already doing that. what do you say? >> so-called experts have been wrong this entire time. now that you have dr. fauci saying we may have to wear masks until 2022 is ludicrous. and we know, we followed the actual science, and we looked at the statistics on this. the mask mandates, the lockdowns
6:38 am
do not work. great case in point, florida and texas, their numbers have been dropping, and they've had far lower deaths per capita than states like michigan, pennsylvania and california that have adopted these draconian-style lockdowns and mask mandates. fauci was asked about this on another network, why texas is not seeing the surge when they got rid of the mask mandate, and he was stumped. then he turned around and said, well, maybe they're doing things outdoors. which leads to question, why do we need to wear masks outdoors? there's no reason to wear masks when you're to outside. it defies logic. this is about government control, it's about liberals telling people what to do. elizabeth: yeah. you know, the thing is 560,000 dead, that's an emergency. that's serious stuff. you know, wear masks in nursing homes and hospitals, you know? but the debate is about do you put them on on 2-year-old withs
6:39 am
like michigan wants, right? and we also have -- we want you to watch this. a mother in georgia has had it with the cool board about this issue -- school board about this issue. watch. >> i know what i'm going to be met with. but, miss taylor, the cdc. we did not vote for people at the cdc. we did elect leaders who do create policy. we elected the five of you. we chose you to make difficult decisions for our children. we chose you to make decisions that would be in our children's best interests. elizabeth: you know, sit tight, guy, i want you to listen to senator rand paul on this. watch. >> okay. >> if you want more people to get vaccinated, joe biden should go on national tv, take his mask off and burn it. light a torch to it and burn his mask and say i've had the vaccine, i am now safe from this plague. if you'll get the vaccine, you can be safe too. but instead they say, well, the vaccine might not work in some sort of planetary world we're
6:40 am
not aware of. the vaccine might not work. well, there's no evidence of it. the burden of proof should be on the government to prove that we are spreading it, and then we'll listen to them. instead it sounds sort of like fear mongering. elizabeth: yeah. but, you know, there is a big pushback against people who talk like senator rand a paul and the mom in georgia, right? i mean, there's a real serious fight about this. go ahead. >> well, both of them were exactly correct. let's just take senator paul. there's no incentive to get a vaccine now because you don't -- you still are to wear a mask, you still have to socially distance, that defies science and logic. it's actually a form of vaccine denial when you say that you still have to wear a mask. so he's exactly right. we should be incentivized to get the vaccine, not told we still have to act like we're contagious. now, the woman speaking to the school board, she's 110% correct
6:41 am
when she says elected officials have abdicated their decision making authority and their responsibility to unelected bureaucrats that are in government agencies like the cdc. the cdc has said, and so has dr. fauci, that kids can safely return to school. yet the school boards and the teachers unions are refusing to go back to school. but i can tell you, if you're a parent and you're moved by what that parent said to that school board, you should run for school board. the only way we're going to roll back that far left and the government trampling our rights is we've got to film the positions of government -- fill the positions of government from school board to planning commission, all the way up to the u.s. senate. we have got to get involved. now, look, maxine waters this week told liberals to take to the streets. i'm telling conservatives to run for office so we can take this country back. elizabeth: we've just got to get to the science, right? keep everybody safe. >> well, the democrats want
6:42 am
political science. i want real science. thanks, liz. elizabeth: we hear you. thank you so much. [laughter] okay, coming up, top legal eagles john yu on new pressure on supreme court justice amy coney barrett. we're going to share the double standard in this one, the left and the democrats and the media say barrett should give back her $2 million book advance. other stating justices got the advances. no blowback against them. the story next. ♪♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ obsession has many names. this is ours. the lexus is. all in on the sports sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $369 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now, former law clerk to supreme court justice the clarence thomas, also he is a uc-berkeley law professor. professor john yu joins us. okay, so you know how democrats really want to change the supreme court in order to get policies that change the economy, change how we live. now there's this fake controversy that's being cooked up that supreme court justice amy coney barrett, she's got to return her $2 million book
6:47 am
advance. it's bad optics. sonia sotomayor got $1.2 million in a former book advance. so did clarence thomas, $1.5 billion. 1.5 million. what's the big deal? >> there really shouldn't be a big deal. this is another example of progressives and the left attacking more of our institutions. one, the right to free speech. justices are citizens and americans too. why don't they have the right to write books just like everybody else? and you can see it's partisan. they only want liberals to write books but not conservatives. i don't remember any of these critics complaining, as you said, when justice sotomayor wrote a book. but then the second thing is, it's really part of this ongoing progressive attack on the undependence of the court. it's -- independence of the without. it's of a piece with court packing, it's of a piece with threatening to impeach justices like justice kavanaugh. and the reason we can tell that
6:48 am
is because these are not rules that anybody in congress is proposing to apply to members of congress. members of congress write books too, and they get big advances. why not extend the rule also to former presidents? they write books, they get a lot of money for that. no, it's being targeted at justices. we've had lots of justices write very important books. as long as they're not telling us exactly how they're going to decide future cases, as long as they from preserve the neutrality in supreme court cases that they will hear in the future, i don't think there's any problem with it. elizabeth well, they just want to shut down her free speech, right? it's free speech for me but not for thee, i guess, i don't know. the thing is so jerry nadler and democrats failed to push through this bill to pack the court and expand it. nancy pelosi says they're not going to take it up. it's with the biden commission. we don't know when that's going to come around. is so now the target is to bring
6:49 am
down amy coney barrett. there's a big case on monday coming up, it involves the koch brothers' nonprofit giving money to the national campaign to seat her. she didn't get the money directly, but the democrats want to force nonprofits to show the government, show the world the personal names and addresses of donors. that's a privacy violation because -- and it comes at a time, sir, when protesters are showing up at the personal homes and neighborhoods to harass public officials nationwide. so you see that the push is on here. >> i agree, and i surely hope the supreme court is not going to give in to this kind of pressure and change what has been an important rule of protection of privacy and the right to speak that has been with us since the civil rights movement. let's keep in mind that once the shoes were on the other foot and democrats and the aclu used to defend the right of groups like the naacp, the group that won brown v. board of education that
6:50 am
help ended -- that ended legal regular redivision in our -- segregation in our country. we should remember that this is an important constitutional right for all americans. sometimes it benefits conservatives, sometimes it benefits liberals, and we shouldn't think about our constitutional rights in that way. the other thing i'd mention when it comes to judge, justice barrett is lots of different justices, judges who have been on the courts were members of different organizations, they were supported by organizations or not. that doesn't mean that once they're on the court they have to sit out all cases involving those former associations. elizabeth: we hear you, and i think the court has ruled on that, if i'm not mistaken. john, you're terrific. professor, it's good to see you. come back soon. up next, attorney general mark brnovich of arizona on a major biden border policy that's now collapsing. it's a fix that went nowhere. plus, more on the government
6:51 am
whistleblower who says border guards are burned out because biden has weakened the border policy. he's saying they're irresponsible, out of touch. we're also going to show you the city where more people are dying from drug cartels' far9 cottics than from covid-19. the story next. >> the policies were implementedder irresponsibly, and -- implemented irresponsibly. irresponsibly. ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand. ♪ ...and i'm feelin' good ♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier
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liz: joining us now arizona attorney general mark berkowitz, we would love for you to listen to this, we have sound on tape from a whistleblower at homeland security who talk to sara carter of the border. listen to him say, the biden administration is so out of touch, they don't know what they're doing and basically putting a lot on border patrol. watch this. >> i recently found out and a lot of optimism that is not gonna get better anytime soon. the policies were implemented in responsibly and i think we do not have any sense of realism
6:56 am
because they're not down here and they don't have significant law enforcement, this is all something -- you've done this job, we have a few people that have who are not equipped to manage the human capitalism in working this. liz: he say the biden team on the border policy are irresponsible, no sense of realism, they have no law enforcement background for you he's effectively saying they do not know what they're doing and they're burning out border patrol having to deal with this. what do you say? >> i have been down to the border talking to ranchers and talking to a lot of the border patrol agents and i will tell you they are demoralized, the biden administration essentially incentivized and criminalize people coming across the border,
6:57 am
border patrol agents are overwhelmed in the biden administration is minimizing it. as you know into mere viewers note i invited vice president harris down to the border to come visit and talk about law enforcement issues and drug trafficking and human trafficking and they won't even respond to that and i don't know how a bunch of folks in d.c. can understand what's going on with the border without coming here and seeing what's going on in talking to the ranchers and folks that fear for their safety, talking to the sheriff's and letting you know about one or two pursuits per day, all the drugs coming across the border, talking to the local officials and how their overwhelmed and they don't know what to do with all the migrants coming in and their overwhelming social services. liz: a critic might say this is deeply cynical their reaction, the administration reaction to this and they don't want to go there because they don't want to take responsibility for it so they don't get hammered later on
6:58 am
an election. that's why they're avoiding it. san francisco, more people are dying from synthetic opioids like fentanyl pouring in to san francisco the people are dying from covid-19. that is san francisco. now we have abide in border collapsing. in your state and in texas, for hotels say we are not going to house around 600 illegal immigrant families, the border crossings are growing, you guys are in a state of emergency at your border, what are the border towns experiencing. >> they have been overwhelmed, folks in the governor declared a state of emergency and declared a state of emergency himself, the border patrol agents are dropping folks off. if you talk to the folks in the county, they will tell you people in short-term custody and federal custody are being released, even people with detainers because eyes will not pick them up, the system is being overwhelmed and somebody
6:59 am
levels. one thing you keep pointing out, i am a first generation american, i understand why people want to come to this country but we have to have order in a process and right now we're expecting 2 million people to cross over the border illegally, that's a entire state of nebraska coming over, it is overwhelming. the ngos and overwhelming local government and law enforcement. one big thing that is change with the previous migration that we had in this country as a cartel. the cartel make money off of every single person that crosses our border, nothing comes across the border. what they're doing, and they're using this not only to exploit the migrants but using it to increase the amount of drugs coming into our country. liz: we hear that, critics are saying the biden administration is enabling the cartel, mark berkowitz, thank you for joining us, we'll have you back on, we really appreciate your insight. i am elizabeth macdonald, even
7:00 am
watching "the evening edit". thank you so much for watching, we hope you have a good weekend. ♪ starring kerry, yelpen, harris. i hope it will be a comedy, not a tragedy. good-bye, everyone -- brian: johnson and johnson getting the green light to resume its covid-19ing vaccine. we'll talk to dr. marty makary in just moments. miss, the trickle -- plus, the trickle down effect, steve forbes sowning off. and one state moving to eliminate advanced math classes in schools. supporters saying it's all in the name of equity. but what cost? that's just ahead. i'm brian brenberg, and this is "fox business tonight." ♪ ♪


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