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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 23, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> i am not anti- mask i've never been prim just sang with all of the student million plus vaccinations, people should breathe some nice refreshing spring air, okay? here, just say it isl i am n springtime the air is wonderful. i am "kudlow" we will see you tomorrow night. kennedy: welcome to it, greatness starts now. i'll the madness of king james be a legend international superstar lebron james, getting heat for what some of called incitement to attack a police officer put it all has to do the shooting death of a knife wielding teenager in columbus, ohio. by now you probably seen this video of course it shows the girl pulling out a knife, is the 911 call, terrified collars and begging for police to show up. remember this all happen the same day derek chauvin was convicted for murdering george floyd. so tensions were already very, very high across the country. after the news of the columbus
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shooting broke lebron tweeted a photo of the cop and wrote you next # accountability within our glass in it like your time is running out. after some backlash lebron deleted the tweet and explain why i am so damn tired of seeing black people killed by police. took the tweet down because being used to create more hate. this is not about one officer. it's about the entire system and they all ways use our words are great more racism on it with that sentence means. i'm so desperate for more accountability but critics say the toothpaste was already out of the tube, watch. >> you are next, it could certainly be interpreted by some even as a call for violence. i think it was a grossly air responsible message for lebron james to send out. >> it really is temp people like lebron james to turn a blind eye to genocide in china to make a few bucks there.
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and merely jump to the conclusion that a police officer is racist and committed cold-blooded murder. so far out of the one step further i will ask lebron, is that for your daughter about to get stabbed, but what you want the cop to do? i want to get into it's either party family of attorney author proud to become a criminal mike chases here we've got media podcast host and the spectate usa contributor stephen l. miller. and executive director former state party deputy spokesperson and fox news contributor marie hart. aren't let's get into this a little bit. lebron james, i have a problem with someone being a social activist who also happens to be an athlete. that's fine he knows who his audiences he know who is what his brand is, that there was something so off about this as though he were trying to simplify something this complex and tragic. and make it as black and white
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as the derek chauvin case. but your thoughts? >> my initial thoughts there are no good tweets there only varying degrees of bad tweets. this is a very bad tweet in my view. i think they're exactly right. you talk about how this is an oversimplification what made this such a bad tweet is its haste and its apparent disregard for context, detail or any of those things. at the moment of a verdict in derek chauvin case in which justice is being done, right? there are facts been presented a persons being convicted for killing another person but that's effaced after a month of trial evidence testimony consideration by jury. the idea we can tweet out a picture of an officer and say you are next we are coming for you that any consideration of this facts or details, i think undermines the movement print think it undermines the concern for justice and accountability. because it says we are not
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going to get into the facts and details because facts and details do not matter to us. i think that is a dangerous path to go down. i think if you want justice vertex to matter you do need to entertain those and you do need to consider those details and facts. >> steven, lebron james has a lot of fans. some of whom very small percentage of them might be unstable. so someone might read a tweet like that and say oh you're next, oak cool i will go make lebron happy. what do you see in all of this? select a seat lebron james is a moral coward bird there's not much more to it than that pretty 2019 lebron said in response to darrell morley's tweet about defending hong kong so many people could have been harmed. so just be careful what we tweet in what we say. we do have freedom of speech but a lot of negative can come from that. that was admonishing a man who was speaking out against a chinese crackdown. lebron james a leftist activist and celebs and present speaking out because
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the wrong person died. if the other girl was stabbed to death we would not be saying a word. lebron james would not even hear about this it would not be a national newsprint would not be on nbc, it would not be trending on social media and it certainly would not have made it to the white house. and we need to ask why that is? it exists on the left a kind of intermediate this bigotry that this was just a street vise. this is what girls do in these communities and in the end. therefore we should have allowed it to happen. that in and of itself is racism. the families in these communities are doing their best to get by in their jobs and raising their families. we are not supposed to talk about ways of violence in places like chicago, baltimore, detroit, oakland, st. louis, minneapolis. response have a conversation about the stuff right up until we talk about which controlling parties controlled the cities for the last 50 -- 60 years. we need to ask why that is part lebron james is a coward who only cares about ultimately's bottom line and
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brand that's owned by the commonest party of china. stay home lebron spirits report that's my biggest issue with lebron james. he took about china and his worry that he would somehow be forfeiting millions potentially billions of dollars if someone used a different form of social activism. saying they were standing with hong kong from the nba. when he is happy to shut them down. but when someone takes issue with his tweet all descendents racism. i don't think that's a definition of racism. i do think there are a lot of complicated questions here, marie, lebron james has kids lives in a really nice part of los angeles i bike passes house quite often it's a go blazers. i would say this if that were his daughter and the pink tracksuit and she was the one being threatened with the knife, what would he want the cop to do? that's what i want people to answer. both they want that police officer to do differently with
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someone who is psychotically enraged with a knife lunging at them. what else should that cop done? >> i'm also from columbus, ohio. just to be clear lebron james is a further sink from a coward. he has invested so much time, money, effort into his home state of ohio to build schools to help communities, to work with law enforcement to actually try to get better community results. to say he is a cow is ridiculous. >> he is a coward. >> 's time of the general idea. look, columbus ed has had several police officer shootings of black men in the past few months for the city is already undergoing a process in dealing with this as it is. but i think he was talking about the idea that this black girl in columbus was shot four times for having a knife. support not for having a knife. marie he did not just have a knife. [inaudible] [inaudible]
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the frustration with lebron. >> she was lunging at a girl with a knife at night can you get on a plane with that knife? >> no because it's a deadly weapon. >> we do not know >> i'm not defending her an amounts in the place and everything wrong here. this investigation one. but lebron was speaking to a bigger frustration in the black community that we see playing out every single day in a variety of ways. before i understand the presence going to rightly dress a joint session of congress next week i talked about michelle last night. there are rational police reform sprayed there are things you can do within the department police department in this country to make things better. but people want to put this into a neat little box and it does not belong there. there are elements that are incredibly disturbing pretty think it is okay to ask, for people to say the police officer failed akai branch. how else was she felt throughout her life? what could lebron james done ten step early's and that
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girl's life to make sure. because if it were my daughter who was lunging at summit with a knife like that my first question as a parent is how did i fail? what have i done to create the situation. and if my daughter or the one who is being pinned up against a car about to be stabbed. you are damn right i would want someone to stop her. and i don't think anyone has a smooth pat # for that. it's messy it's ugly it's inconvenient. now meantime this is another aspect of the story nbc nightly news now under fire for editing out a key part of the 911 call before the fatal police interaction. and this is what it originally look like, watch. >> officer niclas riordan who joined the force in december of 2019 was responding to a 911 call. >> when you please officer here now. >> here is the part they left out where the caller claims a
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girl was quote trying to stab us that's an important part of the nine along call. >> girl or try to fight is trying to stab us trying to put her hands on get here now. >> is their weapon? [background noises] [background noises] [inaudible] >> man did you see a weapon? payment we have a police officer here now. support this comes after nbc anchor lester holt said this is overrated just a few weeks ago, lester? the neck i think it has become clearer that ernest is overrated paid the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in. that the sun sets in the west is a fact. in a contrary view does not deserve our time or attention. decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of
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journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda. in fact it is just the opposite. before he has a host of unsupported arguments their part are left awaiting is being deceptive to fix an anti- police narrative, mike chase? >> i think lester holt there would think fairness is overrated we don't have dig give equal weight to two sides, apparently stagnant something completely different. because what happened here was not caring about one side versus the other brit was intentionally editing the documentary record in order to create a link try the the case your cross-examining witnesses in court, and they omit things intentionally critical facts, those are often times most impactful moments to cross-examine some went on. because they show someone has a motive to lie, to mislead. i think what's happening here is when you are omitting things like a knife which is
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the entire justification for the use of force, it reveals your motives which is a very dangerous thing. particularly where there is a national conversation happening about policing and use of force and policing. the fact the media is forcing upon folks only those police interactions that go tragically wrong, omits the fact the overwhelming majority of police interactions do not all that weight rate some do, some go poorly. at the end of the day after intentionally omitting critical facts you are misleading people into believing that there is a different problem that there in fact actually is. and it discredits those outlier incidences in which people are killed for no justification. kennedy: steven this is your beat. we have seen several outlets and publications. not provide proper context. the ninth part of it is fairly important. so who has been the worst offender here in driving their
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own narrative during fairness out the window in somehow still claiming its objectivity? >> you need to ask why they are doing this. why, why that is the only question. i know on twitter when the body cam footage was released i guess were going to find out which black life matters more i needed the one about to commit murder swinging the knife are the ones they think by the cop. i don't have words for this beyond, if that staffing had occurred, lester holt would not even be talking about this. and again we need to ask why that is. we're single one 100% data-driven protest over the shooting. and we went being told body cams would solve these problems like the incident with michael brown and ferguson. and initially why all these body cams are down officers preaching our media sync, the body cam does not tell the whole story up with those occult from the "washington post". by the way come here some tik tok videos of the assailant to look at. this was also the news network
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that employed felt sharpton. that cannot be downplayed much either this is an abject denial of reality. they will tell you how to ignore your eyes and ears, trust them will they purposefully live. they do it to divide mainly. that is a huge problem they can just do this with impunity. kennedy: without shame, marie. when people are admitting they are no longer committed to journalism it is kind of scary. it is no surprise people go to one camp or the other. people do not seek out news may be from a source they do not necessarily agree with. that is how we get where we are. we cannot even have conversations with people who might have a different worldview. there's something really wrong about that. >> if you redid your time story today about the shooting or if you've watched other cable networks today, they actually have been all interviewing use of force experts who have said because of that body cam video this is
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a very complicated case and clearly there was a threat. the question is always could that threaten have been taken away without deadly force? that is with the investigation is looking at right now. i think that for so long media outlets disbelieved whatever police department stole them. if we would've leave the initial report on george for the annapolis police put out we would not be sitting here with justice and accountability today. so journalist do not always get it right. i do not know why lester holt decided to edit that in the way he did. >> he's. [inaudible] in a much better way. >> that's a mystery whether he edited footage that way. by the way the new york time story brought up they took out a quote from attorney ben crump since she was unarmed. they just edited that part of the tweet out with that in the editor's note whatsoever. the night laid it remove that it updated the store that an editor's note it is
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malfeasance. blech i am not on twitter i don't know what's on twitter. >> she is not. i do not mean to insult you but a lot of people call you marie barf and they are real jerks. i think you are not respect they keep repeating it on national tv, kenny, i appreciate that lap expect it's okay she's not on twitter. switching gears to the presidents now and the pandemic, joe biden might be canceling independence day. there's not even going to be aliens blowing up monuments. this guy, it was this a big my barbecue. the president say americans met the call off the fourth of july parties at the number of americans getting vaccinated drops too much bring up back in march biden said we were all in her best behavior we can have small gatherings. now many are living low covid rates and living it up already it's like mardi gras everyday in orlando. so of the fourth of july as kaput, what if i supposed to do with all of my illegal fireworks i got in china? mike. >> what you supposedly are
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illegal fireworks as they have a blast that's a point of illegal fireworks. i think that's what fourth of july is all about. i'll just make the they don't come from the present they don't come from governors your rights are your rights. i believe in a fundamental principle which is governments by the consensus of the governed. the fact people are consensually getting vaccinated is a wonderful thing. the fact people maywood to meet the families after you're blocked him, i think is an okay thing. so far you cannot tell us, stephen we are going to have the fourth of july and then you can't take it back. >> one head of state of the government does not get a canceling fourth of july. that is why it's the fourth of july we do not need his permission for anything. kennedy: marie, do you think whitney houston has the best version of the all all star-spangled that of all time you think you be if i played my party. >> yes i think we can agree on that. i think that is true, kennedy. he made the point we need
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about 70% to be vaccinated for herd immunity were about halfway there. we plateaued in terms of cases every day of diagnosis. and we sort of plateaued on vaccinations so people need to get vaccinated. go out and do it. spore was sought two months i will have you know that 55% of adults have been vaccinated at least partially. and herd immunity also includes natural immunity. we do not know how and people have contracted covid and how many have immunity. the numbers obviously higher than is being reported by testing. so i think we are actually pretty good shape. i think we are certainly closer than people have us believe. and that means the bone and revise their coming out this fourth of july. buying gum i'm already making the menu i'm not apologizing. the party panels would return because it is game night. it's thursday night people we are playing pin the tail the donkey. first is a group of bipartisan
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kennedy: oh yes welcome back part of the show she may know for your super league governments endless obsession violating your privacy. it is wrong she'll locating several call log, facial recognition technology. they tweet us like we are all uighurs for these are just a few ways the u.s. government has been able to monitor you, mostly without a warrant. now they've been skirting the rules even further by buying data on all of us from third-party collectors. that could be ending soon because a bipartisan group of senators has a new bill called the fourth amendment is not for sale act for it is called that. when the bills cosponsor stays with me tonight. an actual u.s. senate i'm so excited. it's oregon democratic senate senate finance committee chairman ron wyden welcome back to the show. >> kennedy great to be with you. kennedy: so for a while edward snowden taught us the government was just reaching it and taking all sorts of data and intercepting e-mails
12:24 am
and phone calls, doing warrantless-stealing it. so now the government decided we are just going to go ahead and buy it that way we're not doing anything wrong. but there's something about this that is very, very wrong, isn't there? see that there sure is there's a big loophole and electronic communication privacy act. basically allows the government to buy citizen location data for example not on a warrant. here's my bottom line, kennedy , i do not believe the founding fathers wanted government to use a credit card to sidestep the fourth amendment. i think what is going on now is a mockery of the constitution. think with senator majority leader schumer senator mike lee senator rand paul and i, we got the votes to get to the senate to end this. >> that is right rand paul, mike leach of your cosponsors
12:25 am
they are a few of their liberty stalwarts left in the republican party we're always happy to see them cosponsoring a bipartisan legislation vertically when it comes to the surveillance states and privacy. tell me about clearview ai. how have they been where the biggest perpetrators of these near criminal exchanges? >> first of all what we do in our bill as we ban the government from doing business with clearview. because clearview basically use these personal photos that people have in a way that completely violates the consumers reasonable expectation. this is a comprehensive bill this is a bill that really goes after the digital surveillance state. i think is going to make a huge difference. it really blows the whistle on these shady data brokers are basically unregulated.
12:26 am
>> what they are doing is they scrub social media sites. they have technology that goes and grabs everyone's pictures and already they are associated with names. they have amassed something like 3 billion photographs. and they sell it to the government. so how can the government use that in a violating way that compromises people's rights? >> as i say it is a loophole in federal law. but we are blowing the whistle on these government agencies. people asked me today, ron, how many agencies are involved in this. we don't really know we've exposed a number of them. >> the department of defense, they're going to be more. >> yes probably going to be shocking the agencies you would not even think of what are the chances for passage are? >> as they said the coalition we have built here is really
12:27 am
the first of its kind. you have the senate majority leader backing a dramatic change with respect to protecting the privacy of americans in this age of digital surveillance with likely rand paul and myself we've never had a coalition bite like this. i think were going to be able to get this through the senate. kennedy: you guys are making some headway in federally leased legalizing ravana. that would sorta be a counterpart with the state banking act, correct? >> yes. here is the point. we know that 4/20 just went by. what all this said this april 20 as we are going to make sure before the next april 20 we ended this war with respect to the rights of our people. we need to end the war in prohibition with respect to cannabis. we need sensible regulation i'm chairman of the senate finance committee.
12:28 am
i would make sure small cannabis businesses get a fair shake with taxation. we also want to make sure the communities of color are treated fairly. >> right now they're all cash transactions. that raises all sorts of red flags. it just adds another layer of discrimination. i'm glad you are tackling those on two fronts. please state libertarian please tamp down socialism and keep freedom live in the senate. >> and liberty and security are not mutually exclusive, we can do both i look forward to talking again. >>'s before coming as promised it is game night here we are playing pin the chill on the donkey. how give you a crazy story you guess which democrat said it or didn't say it or didn't? it's all happening play long at home with their friends are by yourself in the dark, by yourself in the dark, weirdo, that is next ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪
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before it's time for america's new favorite political game. i know we say that about everything, but if we don't say it know it's going too. it's time for "pin the tale on the donkey". democrats like to pretend they are cooler and hold the high moral ground. but that is not always the case. and so here are the rules party people. going to read a tale and the panel has to decide which democrat said it or did it. whoever pins the most tales, winds and honor job at cnn, congratulations. [laughter] you will place brian if you win. it's trooper i just talked to jeffrey zuger, are you guys ready? [laughter] >> that is my dream job right >> i don't know if i'm ready to replace brian. [laughter] kennedy: okay question number won this is for mike the first
12:34 am
issue, which of these donkeys was accused of refusing to pay a cabdriver and eight valley fair and then fleeing the scene in another cab when police were called? wasn't tiny near congressman jerry nadler, was it massachusetts editor and dollar stealer elizabeth warren or congressman confrontational is maxine waters? >> oh my gosh. well, i find it shocking anyone would not pay $8 for they probably refused because they wanted to pay $15 minimum for the cabot obviously what it was. i would say for this one, i'm going to go with jerry nadler. kennedy: you would be right little tiny jerry nadler. idol fight told to this or not he is in my the other night wearing a pin that said trump. that really happen he's a tiny person. not tiny he is like -- okay kid this is for stephen but which of these donkeys has
12:35 am
appeared in five batman movies? near governor and a coma, former california governor jerry manor vermont senator patrick leahy? who is it stephen? >> that is patrick leahy and lebron james a silly moral coward. >>. kennedy: i'm going to give an extra port for being right about both. no i'm not i'm joking. [inaudible] our good stuff you got that right. >> come on man don't pick on the property. >> patrick leahy and showed a sweet moment and passionate kiss investment on hinge. read this is very which of these donkeys officiate await marianne williamson, former california boxer, california congressman ted is no good anything and he's the congressman california and i don't like it, go ahead marie. >> i think ted lieu is great. i think lebron could beat up anyone on the show. i would love for it to be marianne williamson. i don't know that it is but i would love for that to be the answer. if i'm going to leave that point that is correct.
12:36 am
your love took you to the crest of the mountain or the peak of zenith or whatever. >> the apex. so for whatever that's right. i'm going to rule your nights this is courtesy of bill schultz and matt wells. go google lebron james feet. lebron james feet, go ahead. okay this is for mike this is your second question. which of these donkeys has not admitted to using cocaine, president rocco by a former david patterson or president bill clinton? >> which one has not admitted to using cocaine? kennedy: bolivian booger sugar yes. >> what my options again customer expect obama, or near governor patterson or bill clinton not hitler. >> bill clinton bill clinton. kennedy: aptly right. hillary is like hate studio 54 every day. okay stephen this is for you. which of these donkeys resigned in disgrace after it
12:37 am
was revealed he had allegedly played close to $80000 to prostitutes during his time in office. kilpatrick, and are governor ellie her or former new jersey governor jim. [inaudible] >> it sounds like all of them for being honest. i'm going to go spitzer on that. and lebron james is a moral coward. >> i don't even know where you're aptly right congratulations. human microtiter to appease. you can make it what had a percent bucher make this a turkey marie, here you go. which of these donkeys once played the harmonica and the jimmy hendrix tribute band was it transportation secretary pete buttigieg, also my sexy boyfriend. was it former hawaiian congresswoman josie gabbard or virginia senator tim kaine? >> why think it's tim kaine because he plays the harmonica. but it also say kelsey is not really a democrat just kind of.
12:38 am
so far she's more liver terrible taker. your aptly writes. >> you can have her. >> taker. before i will taker i will say that i'm not afraid read last question for everyone is worth two points. which of these, you are all tied. which one of these donkeys was jailed for taking more than $500,000 in payoffs from businessmen in exchange for lucrative government contracts customer former illinois governor, new orleans mayor or former baltimore mayor stephanie ron's blake? mike? >> i like the earlier answer. it sounds like all this one was was convicted for something else is that right? >> yes you have four points good job for this exciting, stephen which of these counties won an award at the international science and engineering fair for their science project on microbiology pre-was inert senator chuck schumer, nick
12:39 am
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez or horrible calpurnia congressman ted lieu? >> wow, i will go with alexandria ocasio-cortez. spore oh my god you are right. >> lebron james is a more coward owned by china. kennedy: lebron and chip marie this is your last question. big you are an idiot man give it up. so for i am not an idiot. which of these donkeys graduate valentine from the highs glares at senator kyrsten sinema, speaker of the house nancy pelosi, i think she was in high school before there is actually school. or president bill clinton? >> bill clinton. kennedy: no it's kyrsten sinema. oh my gosh. >> really? i'm surprised by that. kennedy: and she will never get rid. [inaudible] congratulations stephen and
12:40 am
mike you will have to guess which number between one and nine my thinking of? mike. >> weight what is stephen think about lebron james again i can't? [laughter] 's >> he's a moral coward. >> no one cares guess the number. make a think a lot of people care think china cares. [laughter] for you guys tie else is yelling at me i love you all you been fantastic. and the donkey pin the tail and all of you. so thank you very much mike, stephen ann-marie, excellent. the rankings are in, using a bunch of science in dana website claims to determine the most snobby states in america. his your home state the top? jimmy failla in studio
12:41 am
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kennedy: bad news a new study claims snobby estate in the u.s. is massachusetts good job, and osa prize every single state in new england is in the top ten despite the political division coming all agree joining me in studio it's tonight lifelong snobby state resident comedian post of fox across america jimmy failla. mckay girl good to see you. >> when you know about this list. >> persuade look at the states connecticut, new hampshire vermont, are they trying to tell you? red socks fans are a hull. what's be very clear massachusetts they do have a snobby elitist thing going on. but is ironic.
12:46 am
it's ironic, she's not wrong though. bettis was going on prints mainly formed by boston. boston is basically filling with the 40 degrees that of a two-year degree. the weird ironic pretentiousness boston massachusetts specifically will make it look down upon by a girl name murph, you know what i mean i did not know you dealing with such elites. i did not realize that the meaning of the enlightened mind. but that and i did take away is clearly an exercise in projection by them. kennedy: that took the states were the criteria was who has the most ideally grand and how much wine? >> san mateo eight minute electric scooter line
12:47 am
massachusetts eat so much cheese. when they touch down a leap into the stands it's exhausting pursuer go to stanford and berkeley. [inaudible] it is like harvard but artsy. [laughter] >> she is not wrong. >> paintbrushes coming out of my bottoms now it's how we explore our campuses. [laughter] 's >> she is not wrong. there is that pretension. i dated kindergarten teacher in massachusetts from fitchburg, massachusetts. >> was his name? >> boom that's the jacket talking right there. i cannot get hired by miami vice basement it is so bad team tivos praying for you. >> i am ron johnson. kindergarten teacher from fitchburg, massachusetts referred to herself constantly infuriating as an educator. i'm like they are taking a nap. you're not an educator there's
12:48 am
a sandbox over them for >> when you're giving graham crackers every day not an educator. jimmy failla the best comeback in studio. that believe it. kennedy: topical storm is next
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kennedy: on this day in 1962 the newark mets tied a national league record by losing nine straight games to start a season. or as the mets fans at college the good old days. that is a broken record. and this is a topical storm. topic number one, universal studios japan is open the park brings you inside an interactive super mario world where you can earn just like innate mario videogame. also just like the mario videogame you have a better time doing it if you are on mushroom. the theme park was intended to open laster but was delayed due to covid. also someone needed to get below. [laughter] that was a different segment. those in my 20s. someone need to blow what is it working properly. all right nevermind. live performances nintendo theme food, the fan favorite a
12:53 am
real life mario kart race of the castle party can save your money come here to new york for some real life grand theft auto, per the park also promises a chance to meet and take pictures was a mere favorite characters. but not princess peach. she was cut down last year. may she rest in peace. i noticed too soon. may she rest impeach. topic number two, a high-tech robot shown walking, talking and dancing during a televised russian robotics event has turned out to actually have been a human wearing a robot costume. if i have learned anything from russian dolls is that there is always someone underneath. this is a $3600 costume or by the actor during a russian technology form will television prevent centers described as a world's most modern robots, g8 next are going to tie the >> vaccine was fake too. viewers at home were insulin skeptical began asking questions online like were the
12:54 am
robot sensors? white makes the unnecessary movements both dancing? that question would burn his circuits. although i've often asked the same about kamala harris. event organizer said they never intended to deceive anyone as the television personalities who got it wrong. as usual blaming the media for russian botch spreading disinformation for it how dare you. topic number three, and now a peaceful drone video of a woman going for a swim in the utah river. something is fishy about this woman, but it can't quite put my claw audits. this is vivian >> full-time exhibitionistic touristy country with her husband assuming like a mermaid writing through forest naked. now that sounds fun wish i could be part of that world. then again the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's the lake. vivian said she and her husband up early nature lovers and don't post any videos of a sexual nature. but then when they get home he
12:55 am
puts his songs on the scales. this poor guy he cannot help himself. single one of these outfits gives them a real fishing rod. i hope she does not sue me for these jokes but in my opinion she does not have a leg to stand on. i have never heard of mermaids in utah. but i do know they have a lot of murder men. except they pronounce at more of a. [laughter] topic number four, your comments are what keep me going. to the liquor store. this is viewer mail. tamera kicked us off with you are ridiculous, shut up. i would tell you to shut up tamera figure probably in an alley face down and the puddle of her own sick passed out. laurie writes you are junior high name-calling and cursing because you are mad at juvenile behavior throw up. yes we call pa block here. accentuated kennedy nation you need a new job. you suck at yours.
12:56 am
rex and you set your job to that is because you orally service mutants. all right kathie leaves us with candidate nation you just ain't all that. kathie got all that i have so much swag had to drop some off the goodwill, that is true. the goodwill, that is true. that is t we love our new home. there's so much space. we have a guestroom now. but we have aunts. you're slouching again, ted. expired. expired. expired. thanks, aunt bonnie. it's a lot of house. i hope you can keep it clean. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save a lot of money. oh, teddy. did you get my friend request? oh. i'll have to check. aunt joni's here! for bundling made easy, go to hello?! when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. go to finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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