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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 22, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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stop raising theirho taxes. don't ask the rest of america to paper new jersey or new york tax increases. it t is only millionaires and they should not get the benefit, we can do so maria: good thursday morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday april 22nd, 6:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. biden priority, combating climate change. president biden holding summit today with world including chinese xi jinping to cut carbon omissions in half in the next ten year. will china change its way as the number one polluter in the world? >> markets with little change as we are right in the middle of first-quarter earning reporting season.
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the nasdaq is lower by 3 and s&p 500 lower by one and a quarter. investors this morning are waiting the weekly update of americans filing for unemployment benefits. the major averages bounce back yesterday seeing gains in cyclical following days of decline, dow industrial at the close up 316, nasdaq up 164 and the s&p higher by 38. european markets this morning are picking up where wall street left off last night climbing even as credit plans to issue new stock following heavy losses from the collapse of capital management. ftse 100 up 14, cac quarante up 54, dax index up 96. in asia overnight, mixed story, japan was uprising better than 2% recovering from two days of losses earlier in the week, mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪
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maria: some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. president biden calling for u.s. greenhouse gas emissions to be cut in half by 2030 as part of today's virtual climate summit at the white house. the event includes leaders from over 40 countries including russia and china and expected to unwind several trump-era policies that eased some environmental rules. vice president kamala harris finally taking a trip to address the growing migrant crisis but she's not going to the border she says. she's said to visit central america so-called northern triangle region in june this comes after virtual meeting with the president of guatemala on president. harris has set to visit the u.s. -- the u.s. has yet to visit the border where 172,000 migrant children try today cross in march alone, up from a hundred thousand in february. credit swiss is looking to raise
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capital following collapse. the swiss bank says it will issue new stock after those losses wiped out a strong first quarter. it also is hoping to raise close to $2 billion in fresh capital, it is, however, preparing for another loss of $655 million in the second quarter. take a look at the stock in premarket, it's taking the hit this morning, up -- down 6 and two-thirds percent. almost 7% selloff on credit swiss. biden administration signaling willing to ease sanctions on iran oil sectors advanced talks of nuclear program. both parties remain far from a deal as iran refuses to directly meet with the united states and continues to dig in in enriching uranium. markets are mixed. earning season in full swing. chipotle smashed expectations yesterday boosted in online sales, dow industrials up 7 points, nasdaq down. another busy day for earnings,
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we have intel, at&t, southwest, american, spirit airlines before opening bell. this chipotle earnings, up 1%. chief investment adviser jim lowe and joining the conversation all morning long fox business dagen mcdowell, former ceo, chrysler ceo bob nardelli. jim lowe, kicking it off with you. >> we expected to see jumps over the last year for the obvious reasons, focused on areas like digital sales. you just mentioned chipotle and the numbers also looking at input cost, maybe beginning to give us a tell on inflation and how businesses will be able to pass prices onto customers but overall we like the trends we see. they continue to favor the trends that they do favor throughout the pandemic, tech and consumer but obviously because of the massive
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infrastructure ahead of us and the massive stimulus behind us, we continue to think there are many opportunities that you don't want to miss out on in the u.s. economy even as we are begin to go be more nervous about this global stage given the various states of lockdown and third wave surges that we are seeing not just in europe now but really across the pacific realm. maria: yeah, we are seeing the numbers move up across the world outside of the united states. let me ask you about the macro story, the u.s. as well as global, we are waiting on the u.s. central bank this morning, the decision will be hour and a half and by the decision to the audience when we get it. but europe has seen lots of worry about the potential for a double-dip recession. the numbers as you mentioned in terms of coronavirus also an issue, back in the u.s. we are waiting on jobless claims this morning out and about 2 hours. we are expecting 617,000 claims filed up from the pandemic low
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of 576,000 the previous week. despite ongoing high, unemployment, businesses are still struggling here because of health concerns. generous jobless benefits. they are still need to be -- people want to be at home and they can't hire the proper people. what are your thoughts on the macro story, u.s. versus europe? >> so europe is behaving like our older sibling and not paying attention to the playbook that we were able to implement successfully here and which, of course, bolstered our economy but europe is a third-tier economy compared to u.s. and china and more concerned of what's going on in china. if major hits major lockdown, can add inflationary gas to inflationary flames already. in terms of what's going on here in the u.s., jobs obviously essential to consumer-driven economy. they need to trend in a better
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way. one that we see is they are not able to find enough qualified workers to rehire, whether or not businesses saying that the older workforce is -- is going to be seen exit signs and lower costs, younger workforce coming in, a classic sort of recession cycle playing out. we will wait and see but we do need to see the job's market overall improve if we are going to be able to sustain even -- even nominal growth in addition to the infrastructure which we have not yet seen come down the pipe. maria: well, what's your take on the financials, the big story, of course, this morning is credit swiss losing $275 million, largely because of the hem fund unwind. they are talking 670 million-dollar losses going forward they want to raise money
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now and they need to tap investors to issue more stock, are we going to see more blow-ups related to the hemming fund unwind, jim? >> it's an excellent question, maria, i certainly don't know the answer. my sense is we had the worst news come out. i certainly wouldn't be -- wouldn't want to be a bank that's late and and hopefully the particular blow-up is behind us. maria: all right. and in terms of allocating capital here, how are you doing it? you want to stick with the record highs or for both? >> we are looking for both. growth names that still have some value left in them and we are still looking for value names that have both in them. as long as you're selective, you can find them not just in the large cap realm which is getting increasingly pricey but mid to small-cap camps and going across overseas. the managers we invest in don't
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need a gps to make inroads in terms of insights into those markets but they have to be highly selective and obviously concerned about not just the fundamental but the macro overlay of the pandemic which is not just persisting but maybe escalating. maria: all right, we will leave it there. jim, great to get your insights this morning, thank you so much. >> thanks, maria. maria: jim lowell joining us there. let me tell you about your morning mover, higher after yesterday's quarterly profit beat estimates, this is due to a surge in demand for natural gas during the february storms that slammed texas. the company raising dividend, full-year guidance and we are just getting started this morning. coming up green policies impacting consumers. how the biden administration's omissions standards can make your next car more expensive and in the next hour arizona congressman andy biggs to discuss the border crisis as arizona declares state of
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emergency. in 8:00 a.m. larry kudlow with jobless claims and give us take on the economy. the arizona attorney general mark brnovich will join me on state's decision to send national guard troops to the southern border. the impact on arizona. don't miss a moment of it. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, vice president kamala harris finally taking a trip to address the growing migrant crisis. she's not headed to the border, though, she said she's set to visit central america so-called northern triangle region in june. customs and border protection picked up 320 migrants in just
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two days this week. arizona governor doug doocy. joining me right now california congressman, foreign affairs committee, darrell issa. thank you very much for joining us. what's your assessment of the border today? >> maria, when you see a governor use their constitutional power to declare that their national guard are at the border because they've been invaded by a foreign force, that's the constitutional authority he's using, that tells you a great deal about the divide between border states and their governors and this president who is ignoring it and, of course, our vice president. just like her i talked to representatives of each of those governments including mexico, guatemala, honduras and so on, and they tell me something that tells me i don't need to go down there right now. they tell me, yes, they have
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economic problems, yes, they have outmigration and, yes, they want to have a guest worker program that works with the united states because they need economic help but they also tell us that there's nothing helpful, nothing helpful at all about people packing up and coming to the united states at an uncontrolled basis without a prospect for real jobs at a time when our economy can absorb some workers but certainly not all of the people that are showing up at our door. maria: yeah, i think it's pretty clear why we have seen this situation accelerate and get so much worse in just a month and a half. it's because of policy. joe biden came in to the white house and immediately overturned what president trump had put in place and now we are dealing with this expectation from people that they think now is the time to come. so what is kamala harris going to find out? why are they so reluctant to actually go to the border and
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see this incredible crisis taking place where you have sexual assault happening on the track to the border to the young people, young women and boys coming? >> maria, there's no good news at the border and certainly the border patrol and representatives particularly the union that's free to talk will tell the vice president that what they're doing is wrong and what they're doing is not helpful and ice, of course, will say what's the point of even having a border if, in fact, what they are really doing is serving as an uber service because the vast majority of people that are showing up at our borders exclusive of mexicans are by definition are being escorted into the country. she doesn't want to have the policy mistake accentuated and recognition that these are not asylum seekers, not refugees, simply people that are looking for economic opportunity. the tragedy is that the party
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that is supposed to care about the poor, the democratic party, is the party that's hurting the workers right now that trying to get back to work and trying to restore the good economy that they have, the growth they saw in their wages and that's what uncontrolled immigration is all about. if you are, in fact, an american resident or even undocumented but you're already here, the additional million that will come in the next year, year and a half represent a real threat to your ability to see rising rates of wages and some kind of reasonability to improve your life and so that's one to have tragedies that isn't being talked about, is that this party has a policy that's going to hurt those at the bottom of the economic ladder who are trying to rise, something that the last administration actually did a good job on in spite of it not being considered the party of
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the poor. maria: that's right. i know in january of 2020, we were talking about the poverty rate actually lifting for the first time in decades. we were talking about the income scale on the bottom of the scale seeing the biggest increase in their income. we actually were getting our arms around income inequality which is what the democrats say they want to do. in fact, the republicans did it. let me talk about this radical agenda beyond just the border, congressman, because the house is set to vote on a bill that would make washington, d.c. the 51st state, house democrats are confident that this is going to pass. republicans say that the bill has potential to further tip congress into the favor of democrats. your thoughts on statehood for dc and i want to get into the voting laws, hr1, the filibuster and all of the plans to further cement the democrats for as long as they can see in terms of the majority? >> well, maria, the overreach of
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making dc a state has been around for a long time. our founding fathers took a piece of virginia and piece of maryland and made the district of colombia, made it clear that it was not to be a state. virginia took back its piece, maryland has never been willing to take back its piece. the piece that we call district of colombia if it were to attach to maryland, one more house seat, one more democratic house seat but that's not good enough, they want the super opportunity for maryland effectively to get four senators, four democratic senators. that's been their goal for a long time. the amazing thing, though, is our founding fathers never would have envisioned the smallest state with the least, almost the least population and completely, you know, basically hooked on sucking on the breast of government. you understand that the 600 some thousand people in colombia
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don't have an enterprise other than spending your tax dollars. the worst isn't that it's small or low population, it's that, in fact, unlike the other states of the union, this one depends on basically bringing in the pork and that's what they'll do if they become a state. so i'm concerned about two more democratic senators absolutely. i'm really concerned about the distortion of having two senators and a house member who have no interest in the greater good of america but every interest in that sort of bring it to washington mentality, they will do that if they make a state and it will divide us in a way that, i think, the rest of the country will for years be resentful. maria: unbelievable. this sounds like such corruption. look, i just want to say that one of the untold stories that's not getting enough coverage is spike in violence across the country because of policy, defund the police, wide open
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borders, no bail, now we see filings from the federal election commission showing that the squad, you know, the squad members in congress spent thousands of dollars on private security when they went to minneapolis, despite promoting defund the police agenda, so they're here promoting defund the police and yet they have their own security, thousands of dollars to have their own private security as they travel to go rile up the protestors, congressman. >> you know, maria, the same is true of the security that surrounds nancy pelosi, the fence that's around her property. the hypocrisy of defund law enforcement and then take care of yourself personally. look, people always talk about anarchy but there's no greater anarchy than when those people we trust to keep our safety, our police, our fire and so on are
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forwarded in any way. each one of the items represents unfortunately concern and fear that breathes exactly the wrong situation and we need to end it. we need to get back to public confidence and helping law enforcement will be part of it. thank you, maria. maria: it's very troubling, congressman, thank you so much. congressman darrell issa, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, lebron james facing backlash this morning over his tweet responding to the deadly shooting of 16-year-old majica bryant in ohio. he initially tweeted a photo of the ohio officer involved and he captioned it, your next. #accountability with an hourglass emoji, he later deleted the tweet and claimed
6:26 am
post was, quoting being used to create more hate. dagen mcdowell, your reaction. dagen: 50 million followers lebron james has. this tweet just what he's saying is reprehensible on so many levels. what was he really saying about that police officer who actually saved another young woman's life in that shooting? the shooting tragic, yes, but the woman who died, the young girl who died, the teenager had a knife in her hand and we know that. he took the tweet down after it received 40,000 likes and then he said, i took it down because it's being used to create more hate. well, he is the person creating hate by tweeting that photo in the first place. miranda writes about this in the new york post today and she said, she essentially says he's part of an industry of untouchable influencers in the country that are devote today
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racial division. what you saw across the board with the shooting in columbus, no one waits for the facts. it speaks first and target the police officer rather than waiting. benjamin crump who represented george floyd's family in minneapolis, he came out on twitter and said that -- issued an inflammatory lie on twitter claimed that bryant, the young woman was unarmed and "the new york times" edited out the word unarmed initially when they first reported his remarks. like, that -- maria: unbelievable. dagen: i don't understand why people -- there's not going to be any accountability for lebron james and if it was any of us, the repercussions would be lasting for a lifetime. maria: yeah. that's right. and then you look across the country, dagen, you see the violence breaking out even worse
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than before because of policy. bob nardelli, that was all preventible. this is all policy. that's why you've got shootings up in the double digits, crime up in the double digits in our big cities, look at new york, look at chicago. that's because of the movement to defund the police, wide open borders and no cash bail, specific policies that were changed that caused this spike in violence, people are not talking about it but it's affecting all families. >> yeah, maria, it's -- it's frightening, i think, to a number of us out here that either see these events taking place, read about them as dagen mentioned. in this situation we all agree that a proper investigation and revealing of the facts as dagen said is good, is good to have accountability on the past. unfortunately he is such a figure, you know, with the
6:29 am
number of followers, you don't know why you would want to fuel the situations that you're referencing, maria, across the country today. it is -- it is very concerning and i think it -- it is really growing at an exponential rate that it should have all of us concerned and voice an opinion to sort of slow this thing down and let's stop the conflict and figure out what's the appropriate approach to handle this. maria: yeah, and no word from lebron james about china. he's perfectly fine going and performing in china. we are going to take a break. when we come back we are holding beijing accountable. china said to be front and center at today's climate summit. what to expect from the biden administration when china is, in fact, the biggest polluter of the world. what are they going to do? are they going to keep their promises on this one? plus looking how h&m is helping guys land the perfect job. that's making a buzz this morning. we have that for you when we come right back.
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stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday april 22nd, look at market this is half an hour. futures are little change this morning but lower, dow industrials down 13, nasdaq down 19, s&p 500 down about 5. we are waiting job's claims this morning. the initial jobless claims at in two hour's time. 8:30 a.m. eastern. we will see if that impacts markets. we are pulling back after pretty good bounce-back yesterday and the market was up on leadership in cyclical names. the companies tied to the economic recovery following two days of declines in the dow industrials off 316 points at the close, 1%. nasdaq up 163 better than 1% and the s&p 500 higher by 38. european markets are mixed. we are waiting on the european industrial bank decision in the next hour. no policy change is expected from the ecb but the language may very well move markets.
6:34 am
ftse 100 is only up 3 points, the cac request rant is up 41 and asia, mixed story, japan was up recovering from losses in the week. nikkei average up 2 and a third percent. back at home, southwest airlines quarterly earnings hitting the tape. let's get to cheryl casone with the numbers. cheryl: they still did lose on earnings per share front, buck 85, 1.72, as for revenue a tinny slight miss on revenue. we are looking for 2.10 billion that came in at 2.01 billion. it's where it was going into the earnings report. it's up 33% year to date. i do want to say ha gar is making comments, we think the worst is behind us, the pandemic seems to mitigate himself. positive comments from gary kelly there. also working through the load
6:35 am
factor story, 63%, that's god news and also looking at based on booking trends, they're hopeful that they are going to break even encore cash flow per customer better by june, that's not far off, again, decent coming out of southwest airlines, nancy, guest of the show, southwest got leisure space exposure and basically because of the fact that they don't have the business, they are dependent on business travel they could do better. i want to show you southwest airlines. we have headline that is we are watching for you. some americans are seeing snow and freezing temperatures in april, parts of midwest, several inches of snow in wisconsin. terrifying dash cam video showing a semitruck losing control, slamming into a snow flow causing 22 car pile-up, one
6:36 am
person killed, several others were hurt in the pile-up, on the east coast, hail slamming parts of new york city as storms are moving across the big apple yesterday and still pretty chilly in the big apple today. well, cosco warning that its customers would be evolved in online scams and they could be targeted. the company identified 13 different scams some offering freebies, cash for answering a survey and another claim seems to be cosco covid relief package. they are wanting customers don't give private information, don't click on links, it all could be link. wal-mart facing automated pickup and the machines and customers didn't like them and prefer curb-side pickup. wal-mart looking for other ways to use the 17-foot towers, maria. that are some headlines from
6:37 am
here. standing by for american airlines as well. back to you. maria: we will come back when the numbers hit. at&t is one to watch this morning. president biden meanwhile is set to kick off the white house's virtual climate summit today. it features world leaders from over 40 countries including chinese president xi jinping and russian president vladimir putin, this meeting comes amid heightened tensions with the chinese communist party. john kerry and chinese counterpart agreed to cooperate ahead of the summit. energy and the environment keith and great to see you this morning, thank you very much for joining us. isn't it ironic, keith, that you have summit with xi as featuring speakers and it's china the biggest polluter in the world? >> you're absolutely right, maria, and we all want to take action on climate.
6:38 am
they are by far the biggest polluter the united states has reduced omissions or carbon omissions in the last 15%. china is clearly motivated because citizens are demanding it plus when it comes to things like solar energy which industry expert expect to be 50 to 70% of the energy by 2050, they in essence have a monopoly on that. they are motivated by that. you know, we've got really one company in the u.s. for solar that owns 2% of the market. this is a big issue when it comes to jobs growing our gdp and where they manufacture their solar, the majority of them, we know the united states has declared punishable genocide in
6:39 am
that area. and the reason why is because of the low labor cost, of course, the forced labor with the uighurs but where they have cold mines and it's an energy process. maria: but keith, my point is that this administration is not holding any -- china accountable for any of this. you mentioned xixang, we know there's again side with 1 million uighurs locked up. we know that the coronavirus originated in wuhan, killed millions across the world. this administration has not even brought up the coronavirus to xi jinping. so here -- xi jinping and hasn't answered any questions about why they down played coronavirus and ppe equipment that we were
6:40 am
looking for and allowed the virus to escape its borders and now millions are dead across the world. it's just completely hypocritical and you have china being the biggest polluter. there's a great story in the journal this morning, china's fishing fleet, the world's drives global ambition, what they are doing is bullying people who are fishing in the south china sea saying that it's their waters in beijing's push to become a maritime superpower, china's fishing fleet to become the world's largest by far writes the journal and turned more aggressive provoking tensions across the globe. that's really what i'm talking about that we have the climate summit going on today and china is the biggest perpetrator, they break promises left and right, do you believe they will keep promises, are they going to stop that, we don't want to produce the products of the world anymore? >> well, i think maria, that the
6:41 am
chinese communist party party has proven that they don't honor any agreements unless it suits them and once it does it, they back out of them. if you don't believe me ask the people in hong kong. maria: that's exactly right. now you're looking at issues like 5g, semiconductors, currency, all areas where china wants to lead and be number 1. tell me what you're doing. >> well, basically continuing that mission in the private sector. a nonpartisan mission in terms of securing our key national securities sectors like 5g, ai, semiconductors, energy, digital currency. and it's about building that trusted network, the alliance of democracies that represented, for example, the clean network which is the first government
6:42 am
initiative that defeated in 5g area. it's really the coalition of partners and build on trust principles which are democratic principles because up to this point, china has taken advantage of those. things like transparency, reciprocity and respect for property. we are going the take those and use those as our offensive asset to ensure that there's a level playing field out there and also to ramp up our capabilities. one of the things we did is we worked with senator schumer, senator young on frontiers act and on boarded tsmc and behind the ship act. these kinds of things that we have to do to offensively improve our competitive position and protect and safeguard our asset and build a network of
6:43 am
alliances. maria: yeah, and a lot of those bills will be moving through the -- the congress within the next few weeks, keith, so we will be watching all of that. great work and good to see you this morning. thank you so much, sir. >> good to see you, maria, thanks. maria: keith krach joining us this morning. stay with us. for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, changing climate standards, how the proposal could cause sticker shock for consumers, what you need to know next. we are back in 2 minutes.
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maria: welcome back, the white house is setting new climate standards to reduce greenhouse gas emitions by -- emissions by 52% by 2030 and prevent california from setting own emission standards teeing up fuel increase in line with the golden state's goals. joining me lauren, lauren, there are so many unintended consequences for all of these sky-high dreams from the biden administration. give us your take on the impact on the transportation sector overall? >> right now because of the chip shortage we are looking at 1.3 million unit that is will not be produced but lookingate it from a consumer standpoint, if you make them more fuel efficient to meet obama standards which is most likely what biden is planning on doing.
6:48 am
it's going to cost consumers not just in electricity, supply and demand, pretty simple but the cost of vehicles go up. you have to remember that no manufacturer to this date has made a dollar, no profits at all on producing these electric vehicles that are demanded by the government, hey, what does it mean? they will raise the price and try to make a few dollars but if no one is making money it's going the hurt companies and find other ways to make up the difference and you know what that means, prices go up. maria: you make such a good point. i know that this chip shortage is a major deal, the car dealers are feeling the effect of the global chip shortage, autonation reporting decline, lithium motors seeing first better quarter ever for price increases for new and used vehicles, lauren, exactly what you're saying, we are seeing prices go up. i want to bring in our resident
6:49 am
car guy which is bob nardelli, ceo of chrysler for many years and also worked at general electric and knows firsthand the unintended consequences of higher regulation, higher stand for these emissions. jump in here. >> i lived through this period, the obama period when they were increasing, if you will, the regulations on emissions and, again, i would say the autoindustry was trying to do right voluntarily. they were using best available technology, maria, throughout this entire process and we were making tremendous strides. the interesting thing about the standards is the keyword is fleet wide. so if you're not able to meet those standards, what it could force an oem to do is reduce the amount of trucks, large suvs and
6:50 am
then only offer its customers small compliant vehicles that would then on a fleet-wide basis meet the standards, point number 1. lauren, i would like your opinion, maria, your comment about the consequences here is, i think, it's a subtle way of telling everybody you're going to buy an electric car because at some point, you know, we see general motors moving towards more electric because they know the cost of capital, they might as well as convert to electric, yes, it is going the raise the cost of electricity. the second thing, lauren that i think will happen and like your opinion is we already see the car part at 80 million units. people will retain their cars longer than pay higher prices and the higher prices are the
6:51 am
result of availability and no longer having to provide the tremendous discounts to get you into the show room to make the new car purchase. so what do you think about those hidden agendas of moving to electric, 500,000 charging stations out there but no one know how the power is going to get there and who is going to regulate those, who is going to be in charge of the retail side of those charging stations. so i think we have tremendous confusion for this industry going forward. >> you're right, bob. that is part of the problem. so we don't have charging stations across the bulk of the country. it's typically on the coast and you know and you have been in the business for a long time. it's supply and demand. average cost of a car and you're looking at $34,000. you will watch increase 4 to $5,000. the average consumer is keeping the car longer and you noticed it because you have an issue i can't afford the higher insurance, i can't afford to have a new car payment and if you look at the plug-in versus
6:52 am
electric versus nonplug-in. this is going to be very interesting because people are going to keep their cars longer. >> yeah, we haven't heard that part of the story from the white house just yet. lauren, thanks very much, lauren fix, we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, time for morning buzz, the clothing edition, buy workout and resell. lulu leomon jumping to resell items. california and texas becoming
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the first states to try out the program. all right, dagen, what do you think about this? would you want to wear somebody else's gym pants? dagen: it's like selling used underwear. it's so disgusting. who wants to wear a used jog bra? you go do hot yoga and you're sweating like richard nixon, like a linebacker playing in the texas sun and you will try to resell that? what kind of testing does lulu lemon do on the clothes when they reclaim them? how about lowering the prices, lulu lemon? maria: there's that. cracking me up. bob, do you have any thoughts on this? bob: follow dagen for sure. listen, i'm not a big customer
6:57 am
of lululemon to start with and i would have nothing to offer and if i did i wouldn't want to return for fear. maria: well, dagen is spot on, i can say it for sure. we will take a break. the state of emergency in arizona, arizona congressman andy biggs on the state's actions amid the border crisis all next hour mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 22nd. your top stories right now, 7:0e east coast. the biden priority, combating climate change. president biden holding a virtual summit today with 40 world leaders including chinese president xi jinping as a featured speaker, this as the white house announces an aggressive new pledge to cut carbon emissions in half in the next 10 years. will china change its way as the number one polluter in the world? markets this morning are little
7:01 am
changed, take a look at futures indicating a decline at the start of trading for the dow industrials, down 27, down 25 on the nasdaq, s&p 500 down 6 and a quarter as we are in the middle of first quarter reporting season. investors are awaiting economic data, we get the initial jobless claims in about an hour and-a-half, 8:30 a.m. eastern. the market is lore now but it is -- lower now but yesterday a bounceback, gains in cyclical talks tied to the economic recovery following two days of declients, dow industrials yesterday were up 31 points at the close -- 316 points at the close, s&p 500 higher by 38. european markets are higher, the central bank decision is happening this hour. no policy change expected. the canadian central bank becoming the first central bank to signal its exit from the emergency stimulus scaling back its bond purchases. canada becomes the first to taper. european markets higher, ft 100 up 5, cac up 39, dax index
7:02 am
higher by 67. in a asia overnight a mixed for ky. story, japan was up better than 2%. "mornings with maria" is live right now. meanwhile, american airlines quarterly earnings hitting the tape. cheryl casone with numbers right now. cheryl: a little different story than southwest. so we were looking for a loss of 431 a share, we came in a little more than expected a loss of 432 a share. revenue picture, we were looking for 4.04 billion on revenue, they came in at 4.01 billion. but obviously it's about the outlook with the airlines. they're saying that they do believe they're going to match forward capacity with booking trends that they're seeing right now in the current quarter. they're also saying they're going to have almost $2 billion -- excuse me, yeah, 2 billion -- sorry, $20 billion in total available liquidity, that helps with operating costs, helps with losses, all of that stuff. they're saying basically for this quarter they're expecting for the second quarter capacity down about 20 to 25%.
7:03 am
that's better than the second quarter of last year, maria, when it was a capacity drop of 70%. so a recovery for american airlines, stock is up about 3% right now. back to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much. stock is higher as you mentioned. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. president biden is calling for u.s. greenhouse gas emissions to be cut in half by 2030. that's part of today's virtual climate summit happening at the white house. the event is including a leaders from 40 countries including russia and china. the president is expected to unwind several trump era policies. vice president kamala harris finally taking a trip to address the growing migrant crisis. but she says she's not going to go to the border to do it. she is going to visit the central america's so called northern triangle in june, this comes after a virtual meeting with the president of guatemala on monday. harris has yet to visit the u.s. southern border where 172,000
7:04 am
migrants were at the border illegally in march alone. meanwhile, big story in business, credit suisse is trying to raise capital, needs to boost its capital base following a major hit from the archigos collapse. they will issue new stocks after the losses wiped out a strong first quarter. it's hoping to raise close to $2 billion in fresh capital. it is preparing, however, for another loss in the second quarter. $655 million in losses expected in the second quarter on top of the 275 million in the first quarter. the stock is down 7% right now, this is a serious upset in the financial services industry. criminals are also finding ways to distribute counterfeit vaccines now, pfizer reportedly identified cases in mexico and poland. in mexico, about 80 people received a fake vaccine for $1,000 a dose.
7:05 am
in poland, a substance found in vials is most likely an anti-wrinkle treatment. wow. time for the word on wall street, top invests watching your money this week. joining me now is private wealth advisor, allie mccartney, peter costa and co-chief investment officer troy gieski. thank you so much for joining us. i want to kick it off with the biden agenda. really, how you want to allocate capital with this new administration. this week i spoke with strategic research partners ceo jason trenner. talk about the best and worst places to invest right now under president biden. here's what he said. >> the regulatory side i think is very important. the things that are coming out of the biden administration are probably not going of to be particularly positive for markets. i would say there is very robust anti-trust team in the biden
7:06 am
administration which could be a problem for tech. i would also say in terms of crypto, i would be very, very careful because cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are seen as something that takes power away from sovereign states ability to tax people and they don't like this. and that's something that in my opinion is going to be a bigger and bigger issue. maria: that was jason trenner. allie mccartney, your reaction? we're also waiting on higher taxes coming down the pike, not just for corporations where he wants to raise the corporate tax rate, but also capital gains taxes, taxes going higher on individuals, all of that likely to impact our money. your reaction on investing around all of these new policies. >> jason talked about some of the negatives and maybe places to avoid because there are certainly head winds at least in the short term, potentially longer term opportunities. but i'm going to focus on the areas i think there are a lot of
7:07 am
opportunity and they're basically three-fold. you touched on i think the biggest one already in today's summit. so the first one that we expect from our 46th president is environmental protection and climate change, investing around that theme. the second is as you said higher interest rates and higher taxes, which are sort of one in the same in terms of how they affect the market we think. and the third is infrastructure. and infrastructure falls in the very traditional infrastructure, so commodities, machinery, but there's also the nontraditional infrastructure, the blot of brof broadband and 5g we have a list called potus 46 investments that you can look at on our website. the other thing is there's ishares in each one of the spaces, you can get u.s., nexus, and for a lot of them, for climate change and environmental protection and green tech i think this is a global play, not only a u.s. play.
7:08 am
maria: i love that you've got that on your website, allie. potus 46, investing around it. are there areas to hide as taxes go higher? if you're going to get a capital gains tax of close to 40%, doesn't that trigger a selloff at least over the near term? >> it's funny, we've had lots of conversations with clients and strategists exactly about that and the question is, is there so much money in the system that basically you will have like an almost an instantaneous drop where people sell to lock in long-term capital gains and then because of that money and because there's nothing else to invest in, do they just rebuy? however, i would say if you're talking about sort of medium to longer term, tech is probably a place to avoid both because of the repatriation and the low effective tax, but also the regulation and then i would say banks are probably the place to stay in because they are going to benefit from higher rates at the same time. maria: really, really great
7:09 am
points, al h allie. i love what you're saying. you're hitting on things people can actually look at and that resonates, that they can actually make practical moves. peter, you're watching crypto. you heard what jason said about the potential for regulation coming in the crypto market. tell us your take and what's most important here. >> the first thing to think about, if you want to use crypto to buy lululemon's usedded clothes, that's where the -- that's the value right now of bitcoin. i'm not a big proponent of it. i feel there's a lot of negatives. the main when obviously is the government, u.s. government has to figure out a way to tax it and that's going to be a tricky situation. the second thing is that the volatility in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency to me it just makes it a little more difficult for it to be a transactional instrument because if you're going to buy something at a
7:10 am
certain price on bitcoin with bitcoin, if bitcoin goes down you're stuck paying a much higher price. the seller is happy but the buyer is not. i think one of the things that the -- as that market matures and it may take several, several years, you have to be very aware of the volatility risk that you're taking when you want to transact business with bitcoin. obviously the biggest issue would be the taxing because the government is not going to allow something to become a full-fledged transactional vehicle in this country if had y can't figure out a way to tax it and that's just not going to happen. i do think though at some point -- i'm sorry. maria: no, no, go ahead. no, no, please. >> i was going to say i do think the u.s. government at some point will develop a block chain type of transaction, pegged to the dollar. i do think that will happen. because they'll be able to control where the money or at
7:11 am
least know where the money is going. maria: i think you make a really good point about, look, this is an actively traded market. you pay for something and you don't know if the l value is there because it's trading. i think that's a very good obvious observation. troy, over to you. you say energy is the worst sector to invest in under the biden administration, right? >> yes. so i mean in general you want to stay in areas that you don't need massive government packages to cause upside and also be in things that even if they screw it up royally you still have materially upside. you look at semiconductor fabrication equipment, when we look for manager holdings right now, you applied materials looks like a clear winner for so many reasons. you have a chip shortage nationally, they're gaining market share, tremendous margin improvement. on the negative side, energy has been a problematic area because you have the twin threats of clean energy and market forces
7:12 am
and the lower cost of production and any time oil prices or natural gas prices go materially higher, the fracking machine turns back on and you know the biden administration is going to try to regulate it out of existence. so that continues to be a value trap even though it has enjoyed a cyclical recovery along with everything else the last six months, but going forward it's really hard to make a bullish case in any scenario for energy. maria: yeah, crude oil right now at $61 a barrel. look, this is a really interesting word on wall street, guys. really appreciate all your ideas here as we try to navigate this new policy direction that we are all just learning about. great to see all of you. thank you so much. a great word on wall street. have a great thursday. joining the conversation all morning long is dagen mcdowell and bob nardelli. we'll get back to this fantastic panel when we come back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
7:13 am
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maria: welcome back. well, vice president kamala harris says she will make a trip related to the border but she will not go to the southern border. instead, harris says she will travel to central america's northern triangle region in june, this comes as arizona governor doug doocy hopes the biden administration will declare a national emergency at the border, the governor deploying the national guard to the border and declaring his own state emergency. joining me now is congressman from arizona, arizona congressman, house judiciary committee member, andy biggs. thanks for joining us. what is the reluctance on the part of the leadership of this country in terms of going down to the border and seeing things firsthand the way you and your colleagues did? >> well, they're really kind of trying to hide behind it. they don't want to get down there because the media would be there en masse and would show how bad this chaos, this catastrophe is and it belongs
7:17 am
right on their feet. it's on their hands. and they don't want that. so they continue to deny it's a crisis. they don't want to be on the border because if vice president harris goes or the president goes it's going to be revealed and right now only half the country's getting the story and it's from people like you, maria, that are presenting the story. maria: well, thank you. will you tell us what you saw, tell us the impact on arizona as doug doocy declared a state of emergency. >> well, i'm glad he did and i'll tell you that -- so we hear about the rio grande valley. the number two sector for people coming across the border being apprehended is the tucson sector, and that's over 650 a day. most of those are different. they're not surrendering, they're running. these are the people that you have young men, military age dressed in camo, carrying drugs into the country so. your number one drug corridor is there. you also have your number one
7:18 am
get-away core sore in the tucson sector because of the terrain because it's more wide open, you don't have the barrier of the river. you have an inundation of people. we have more than twice the number of known get away as well as those we don't know. it impacts the communities along the border. many are small communities that don't have social services at all and some of these people have been released into those communities. we also like so many other communities now, we have hotels that are being rented out for some of these families who are here illegally. and quite frankly i've been told by agents, border patrol, that they can leave any time they want once they get to that hotel. so they're coming to a neighborhood near you because they're not being contained on the border and this is impacting the entire united states, particularly in the southwest. maria: i mean, that's right.
7:19 am
when i was talking with some border sources this week, i asked one of them where do they go. i mean, now that the whole world knows that if you're 7 years old and you show up at the southern border, you're going to be let in and if you're a 7-year-old with your, quote, unquote, parents which is likely not, because had they rented kids, they're renting kids for 4 and 5 and $6,000 a head, you will be let in. but then what? they're quickening up the pace of processing these people and then they're putting them on a flight and sending p them to their city of their destination choice. so what happens then? are we just -- are they eventually becoming citizens? are they just living here illegally? how are we keeping a control or keeping an accurate reflection of who is in this country when you're just letting them in at 7 years old and they're going to wherever they want, if they say they have a sponsor in ohio or in arizona. >> you know, the awful truth
7:20 am
is, maria, we aren't keeping track of them. these folks will be let out anywhere they want to go in the country as you say and as border patrol intelligence will tell you, the cartel's influence everywhere in every community in the country. they'll be sent some other place. the cartels will be the ones that receive it and they're going to cut off these ankle bracelets that are supposed to be used to track them. we won't know where they're going. cartels will know where they are because cartels make money off them. they'll use you adults and unde- indentured servants. so it's just a -- the cartel's making a billion dollars a month off this. maria: unbelievable. congressman, real quick before you go, a group of seven republican lawmakers have pledged to he reject any donations from big tech companies including facebook, google, amazon, apple, twitter. you are part of this group.
7:21 am
you are saying you don't want any donations from these companies. why? >> well, what they're doing is they're controlling the narrative. they're preventing actually conservatives from having open dialogue. look, they kicked the former president off. they took project veritas off for showing a video they that demonstrated how biased cnn is. this is the kind of censorship you saw in authoritarian countries from media outlets that were in bed with those authoritarian governments. we don't want that and we want the to show that all of our colleagues should be saying, look, enough is enough. you need to be honest brokers. they're not being honest brokers and we need to call them out on that. maria: are you going to make a change? are you going to vote to take away section 230? >> i -- [ indiscernible ].
7:22 am
maria: congressman, we lost the last thing you were saying but we so appreciate you joining us. i think you said you support that. congressman andy biggs, please come back soon, sir. thank you. we'll be right back. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. i knew about the tremors.
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maria: welcome back. now this, manhattan district attorney cy vance announced the big apple will join baltimore, philadelphia and other cities in no longer prosecuting prostitution. dagen mcdowell, i guess prostitution is no longer illegal in all of these cities. what do you think the impact will be on new york? dagen: there won't be any impact on new york. new york has not been prosecuting these cases for some time. this just takes it a step further. before the cases would be
7:26 am
dismissed if the individual, the sex worker showed up in court. now it just moves one step away from that and they will just stop prosecuting these cases. i think the biggest problem here is focusing -- allowing police officers to do their jobs and try to he prevent the violent crime that has spiked because of the bail reform in new york, where it's the get out of jail, no bail even for violent offenses. just this -- in the last two years in new york city, murder's up 26% and shootings are up 74%. so that should be the focus. and also dealing with, despite the fact that mayor de blasio set fire to about a billion dollars that was supposed to be for mental health initiative, the thrive initiative run by his wife, mental illness, dual diagnosis, homeless individuals, people who are drug and alcohol addicted and suffering from mental illness, they are everywhere. and it is a run-away problem
7:27 am
with no end in sight. maria: yeah. i mean, what i have a problem with, with all that you said, is the fact that we're seeing double digit increases in crime, shootings, et cetera, like you just told us about, murders, this was all preventable, dagen. this was all about policy. this is the bail reform policy, this is the open of borders policy, this is defund the police policy. all of this could have been prevented. this story is about to blow. this is not getting the coverage that it is going to get in the coming months in my view. because people, american families are feeling the impact of these double digit increases in crime. dagen: well, and it's happening in -- these are left wing liberal cities and you see it with george gascone the district attorney owl in los angeles and other major cities where crime is not treated as crime. and criminals aren't criminals.
7:28 am
and victims and the atrocities are just dismissed. and at the same time, you have this narrative of just get rid of -- i mean what did congresswoman talib say, get rid of police forces and jails. maria: yeah. dagen: so that is -- maria: that's right. dagen: that's where the certainly the rhetoric is going. so -- and it's ananthema to talk about public safety. you could say police are here to protect us and somehow that's offensive. maria: when she travels, she has private security, her and aoc spend thousands of dollars on personal security. for the rest of us, defund the police. when we come back, holding beijing accountable, china set to be front and center at today's climate summit. it's ironic given the fact that china is the biggest polluter. what will the biden
7:29 am
administration say to beijing on their pollution. and benefits of working from home, you how productivity ramps up as you ditch the office, it's all making a buzz this morning. stay with us. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 22nd. a look at markets this half hour, where we are waiting on a handful of market moving events. we're seeing the dow industrials down 14, nasdaq down 21 and s&p 500 down 4 and-a-half. we're in the middle of the first quarter earnings season so we'll get earnings continuing to flow. we're waiting on initial jobless claims, those numbers out in about an hour. we'll see if that impacts the market. we have the european central bank meeting happening as well. yesterday markets bounced back, gains literally in the companies that are tied to an economic recovery led a rally following two days of declines. the dow industrials were up to 360 points yesterday, nasdaq up 163 and s&p 500 higher by 38 at
7:33 am
4:00 on wall street. european markets this morning are higher ahead of an important moment for the europe trail bank. we're waiting to hear the decision on policy changes. we're not expecting any policy change at the ecb but we'll wait to hear language from the ecb president, christine lagarde. she has a presence conferenceal 8:30 a.m. and we'll get news from the ecb in 15 minutes. the canadian central bank became the first central bank to signal its exit from emergency stimulus, the first bank to taper, scaling back bond purchases in canada. no impact in america so far. we're watching the ctral banks of the word. check asian markets overnight, japan was up better than 2%, recovering from two days of losses earlier in the week. meanwhile, this, attorney general merck garland announced an investigation into the minneapolis police department after derek chauvin's conviction. cheryl casone with those details right now.
7:34 am
cheryl: good morning again. so the justice department is launching a sweeping probe into whether the minneapolis police department has a pattern of using excessive force. the doj's already looking into whether derek chauvin and the other officers involved in george floyd's death last year violated floyd's civil rights. the police chief says well comes the investigation and will fully cooperate with any federal prosecutors. president biden announcing yesterday that 200 million americans have received the covid-19 vaccine. he is urging young people to get the shot and calling on every business to give paid time off for employees to get vaccinated. the add menstruation unveiling -- administration unveiling a tax credit to urge businesses to offer paid leave. used car prices are skyrocketing. the demand is up by more than 50% compared to the same time last year. all of this as the industry-wide
7:35 am
chip shortage hits at car availability nationwide. americans prefer to order their burritos online, chipotle's digital sales jumping nearly 134% last quarter. the company crediting its drive-through services and new menu you items for the growth along with another round of government stimulus checks giving customers extra money spending. chipotle in the premarket is 1% higher. they plan to open 200 new restaurants by the end of the year. bring on the guacamole, maria. those are your headlines. maria: cheryl, thank you so much. p president biden meanwhile is set to kick off the white house's virtual climate summit today. they're calling it a climate crisis. it will feature world leaders from over 40 countries including chinese president xi jinping and russian president vladimir putin. this comes amid heightened tensions with the communist party but we still haven't had any answers on coronavirus from china because they haven't been asked. last week u.s. climate envoy
7:36 am
john kerry and his chinese counterpart agreed to cooperate in addressing the climate crisis ahead of the summit. joining me now is the gate stone institute senior fellow and author of the great u.s. china tech war, gordon chang. it's really ironic to me that the biden administration calls this a crisis, the climate change is a crisis, but they will not call the border a crisis. nor will they call what's happening with china a crisis as well. as the communist party looks to overtake the united states as the number one super power in the world today. gordon. >> yes. happy 51st birthday, maria. this is really insane. there's a notion we have to have a climate agreement with china. first of all, china doesn't honor agreements as we well know. but also, china will clean its air but it will do so for its own reasons. the regime is deathly afraid of
7:37 am
its own people who are demanding clean air. we don't have to give china anything for this. and so this biden administration really has it all wrong when it comes to that. what they're going to do is they're going to severely harm the american economy for no reason at all. maria: yeah. you know, a couple years ago it was devin nunes who first told me that when we had a military base in jabooti, africa, china built a military base right down the block. now we've got news this morning, u.s. officials are confirming that china is expanding its first overseas military base, it's in africa. it's now capable of holding aircraft carriers. this comes as the wall street journal is reporting this morning about chinas' fishing fleet. it's now the world's largest basically what they're doing there is provoking tensions and turning more aggressive. the journal writes this morning. the fleet brings in millions of tons of seafood a year to feed
7:38 am
the country's booming middle class, foreign governments, fisherman and conservation groups of illegal fishing. they're pretty much bullying everyone wherever they are, whether the military base, the he seas and the south china sea and fishing and things like invading india. gordon. your reaction, what should the biden administration be doing given this major bully on the world stage, not to mention bullying on climate as well. they are the largest polluter. >> with china's maritime militia which is their fishing fleet, they are fishing in waters in our hemisphere in other countries exclusive economic zones which is illegal. what we really need to do to answer your question is to substantially increase our coast guard so that we can help other countries prevent these chinese fleets from coming in and also it's these chinese fishing trowlers that are in the
7:39 am
philippines trying to seize it from manila. this is called gray zone activity on the part of the chinese. we need to have gray zone activities of our own to show china that we are willing to prevent them from engaging in these dangerous and illegal activities. maria: yeah. but gordon, we're not doing any of that. you know that. we're not accusing china of anything and we're not holding them accountable. look, china is reportedly behind a series of cyber hacks involving u.s. government, private companies, u.s. infrastructure. are we doing anything about that? gordon, we were schooled in alaska over there telling us that we're systemic racist country, something that joe biden and kamala harris agreed with the other night. what should this administration be doing? joe biden has yet to bring up the coronavirus to xi jinping. i mean, just to repeat that. joe biden has yet to bring up the coronavirus to xi jinping.
7:40 am
what is the origins? >> yeah, the origin is in china of course. it's probably the wuhan institute of virology. there's 568,000 americans who have succumbed to the disease and china spread it beyond their borders. biden is trying to help them by rejoining the world health organization. on critical infrastructure, china turned off the lights in india's mumbai last october. what did biden do? in his first hours in office he repealed president trump's may 1st, 2020 executive order that prohibited grid operators and utilities in the u.s. from buying chinese equipment, equipment that probably is sabotaged. what biden is doing, it's worse than not doing anything at all, maria. what he's doing is he opened the door to china turning off america's lights. maria: it's unbelievable, gordon. i mean, why? is this administration compromised by the communists
7:41 am
because of money, because of money exchanging hands? i'm trying to understand why. i've seen your tweets this week, gordon and you're talking a lot about china's regime needing our money, they need our technology. so how come we're selling things? you say cut off the critical lifelines, prohibit things to china. we're not seeing that in terms of policy at all. xi jinping is one of the featured speakers today at the climate summit, as if they're going to keep promises on climate. >> yeah. i don't know what the answer is to your question about why. to me, it is completely inexplicable. president biden is failing in his number one duty which is to protect the united states. i'm ex aspirated. i don't have any answers for you as to why they would leave us open to chinese sabotage and why they would not challenge china on coronavirus.
7:42 am
to me, i don't know. maria: well, let me just say this as we end this, gordon, because every american family should be concerned by this because if you want your children and their children to grow up with the opportunities that you had growing up in the he freest country in the world, you better start paying attention to china because once the chinese empire is in control, what are some of the tactics we're going to see, gordon? what's the regular course of business in china, communist china in terms of surveillance, in terms of a social score, in terms of human rights abuses. >> yeah. china wants to impose a totalian system on the rest of the world. they brought this into vancouver. they're going to try to extend this to the united states. this is just inexplicable. they're taking us back to the dark ages, maria. we're just not defending ourselves.
7:43 am
we have a president who is not he defending the united states from our enemy, china. china calls us an enemy. biden calls them, oh, they're just a competitor. i'm getting an. maria: what do we do? we're going to have the olympics in beijing in 2022? i mean, they can arrest you and put you in jail if you said anything negative about the communist party while you're in beijing, just know that. >> they're going to scoop up the dna of americans who participate and americans who go there and tourists, this is horrific. this is the genocide olympics. sorry for getting ex aspirated but this is just failure on the part of our administration. maria: it is. and we've been spotlighting it and certainly reporting on china's growth for a lot of years now and our audience is very well versed on the subject. thanks to that and to you and others like you. gordon, thank you very much for being here this morning. gordon chang on the threat of
7:44 am
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call unitedhealthcare today. we'll walk you through your choices and find the right plan for you. catching a good opportunity is all about timing. so, enroll today, before the moment slips away. it's time to take advantage. maria: welcome back. trying his hand at politics now, last year lawyer mark mccloski made national headlines after he and his wife stood outside their missouri home holding guns as a black lives matter protest ended up on their front lawn. he is eyeing a potential u.s. senate run. joining me now is the man
7:48 am
himself, mark mccloski. great to have you today. thanks for being here. this is a welcome turn of events for a lot of people to see you running for this seat in the senate. tell us what your platform will be. >> maybe running for senate. i still have not officially announced yet. i'm still in the laura trump, herschel walker camp. so -- maria: okay. >> i mean, here it is. when i was campaigning for trump last fall doing seven rallies a day, all over the place, what i warned everybody about was that if we did not win this election, if we did not retake the house, if we did not keep the senate, if we did not keep the presidency, the democrats got elected, we would lose the second amendment, they would pack the courts, they would promote d.c. and puerto rican state hood, would continue to use mob rule to intimidate and try to enforce their position,
7:49 am
they would nationalize election laws by incorporating permanently the changes allegedly made because of covid and would attempt to nationalize the police and would end the filibuster to make all this stuff happen and i said this was the last chance to save america. but that didn't happen. we were campaigning on those days on america first. that america is gone. and i never expected that in the first 100 days of the biden presidency that all these strong anti-american maneuvers would happen with a stroke of a pen. without any legislative action. but of course, the legislature is out there busily undermining our rights. if hr1 passes there will never be another fair election in this country. if d.c. becomes a state, two more democrat senators, no more republican majority for the rest of our lives. we need to talk about the
7:50 am
erosion of our constitutional rights. well, it's no longer an erosion. they are sweeping away our rights every day it's something new, every day it's a new constitutional power grab backed up by the threat of the mob that if you don't do as we say, we're going to rape and pill ladies age andpursuant. maria: you're right. it's an attack our institutions, you have the lidge slay testify branch with pelosi pushing for court packing and then you've got the third, president obama boasted he would set national policy with a pen and his phone. it's exactly what joe biden has been doing. but it's amazing to me that you see people like the mlb and corporations attacking georgia over the voting law and not saying a peep about hr1. i mean, hr1 when you start
7:51 am
looking at hr1 it's incredible. it's so clear what it is, an effort to put democrats in power for forever from hr1 but no comments from the mlb or delta air lines for that matter. >> and you know, and i go further than that. when the nfl donates one quarter of a billion with a b dollars to black lives matter, to a communist organization, as i said last weekend, we just -- we don't go to football games, don't watch football games. 100 years ago touching back on your last guest, 100 years ago vladimir leni nsaid when it comes time to hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope. these big corporations, big tech, the swamp, mainstream media are all pushing the same poison, every human being in the country, every god fearing american citizen has a personal duty to stand up against them and say no, we will not tolerate
7:52 am
that, we will not buy your products, we will not -- maria: if you won, your platform will be fighting the radical agenda. mark, it's great to have you. we're going to keep watching this. thank you so much. mark mccloski joining us. we'll be right back. dignity. it demands a rapid covid test, because we all deserve an answer. it demands your heart stays connected to your doctor,
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7:56 am
offering this, segregating us. dagen: why are masks still needed, can someone explain that to me, you're sitting outside, next to someone who is also vaccinated. okay. these seats should be free. to encourage people to get vaccinated you should give the tickets away, how about that. i would love that. there's an elderly woman in my building who don't wear masks anymore. a couple of them have gotten in the elevator with me, no mask on, older women, fully vaccinated and they give me this, they give me the v sign. i'm like come on in. [laughter] maria: bob, what do you think? bob: well, look, maria, i'm all in favor of any activities or any events that start to reopen our quality of life and our prior standard of living. i think whether it's -- particularly as dagen said, outdoor sporting events, watching nascar over the
7:57 am
weekend, hopefully those fans in those seats can get filled, whether they're free or of paid for or not. i think it's about time for us to break out and start to enjoy the freedoms of our country. maria: yeah. absolutely. all right, we're going to take a break. when we come back, evaluating the border crisis and this radical agenda, arizona's attorney general is here to discuss how his state is combating the emergency and the biden administration's policies, it all starts right here next hour. "mornings with maria." y, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. maria: welcome back ghooursd morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april 22 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button east coast. . >> the biden priorities, combating climate change president biden hold a virtual summit with 40 world leaders, including chinese president xi jinping, as a featured speaker, this as a white house announces aggressive new pledge to cut carbon emphasizes in half in 10 years
8:01 am
will china change ways as number one polluter in the world markets little changed in middle of first-quarter earnings reporting season, dow industrials down 17, nasdaq down 27, s&p 500 lower by 4 1/2 we are awaiting initial jobless claims that report out to you in 30 minutes time, major averages bouncing after gains in cyclical stocks led market hire following two days of decline dow industrials up 316 the close yesterday, the nasdaq up 163, s&p 500 higher, by 38. at 4:00 on wall street european markets are hire this morning, as the european central bank announced its decision to keep interest rates unchanged, the subpoena00 up 8 and had a cac quarante up 41 dax up 28. christine lagarde the president of the he can ecb speaking 30 minutes' time we will see that she says canadian congressional bank became first to signal exit from emergency stimulus.
8:02 am
>> canada first to taper in, asia overnight mieshd story in japan up better than 2% on the session, others fractionally moving "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: now some top stories that we are watching this morning, president biden calling for u.s. greenhouse gas emissions cut in half by 2030, as part of today's virtually climate summit leaders from over 40 countries including russia and china also xhpd to unwind several trump-era policies, he said eased environmental rules, vice president kamala harris finally taking a trip to address the growing migrant crisis but not what you think she is not going to the border instead will visit central america so-called northern triangle regional in june. this comes after a virtual meeting with president of guatemala on monday, harris is yet to visit u.s. southern border where 172,000 migrants
8:03 am
tried to cross illegally in march alone, story in business this morning, credit suisse, looking to boost capital base following a major hit from the arkagos hedge fund clean ups will issue new shares after those losses wiped out a strong first quarter they lost 275 million dollars, in the quarter, it is hoping to raise closing to two billion dollars in fresh capital, it is, however preparing for another loss, guidance 655 million dollars loss coming in second quarter as a result of unwind credit suisse shares down off lows down 1/2%, climate summit featuring world leaders including xi jinping and vladimir putin on heels of joint statement from u.s. climate envoy john kerry chinese counterpart agreed to cooperate in addressing the climate crisis, joining me right now your asia group, ian
8:04 am
bremmer also all morning long dagen mcdowell, and bob nardelli great to see everybody this morning. thank you so much for being here ian, love getting your take, on what why going to hear today, thank you so much for being here look we know that china is the biggest polluter in the world, can we move the needle on gas emissions and your take was we preview climate summit today. >> well, of course, they do not accept that characterization, they certainly in by far most carbon into the world per capita, of course, a lot less in united states they happen to have 1.5 billion people historically, u.s. he -- admitted the most con technicalual debates what it means to have equity in this conversation, united states, certainly is putting a lot more of its money where its mouth is in terms of willingness to reduce carbon
8:05 am
emissions and also to spend lot on moving towards he greener infrastructure chinese government has beens investing in renewable technology, for decades, they are well ahead of the americans on things like being electric batteries, things like solar cells on things like wind power, also, are issue critically supply chain, rare earth metals minimum rallies that matter for post energy anybody one chinese want to portray themselves as the world leader on climate. and not allow the united states, to have that position, so they are not going to be seen as cooperating under a u.s.-led summit they will be seen as saying we're strong, we're doing a lot more and increasingly climate will be seen as area of great power competition between u.s. and china much like many other
8:06 am
topics you and i maria have discussed over the years. maria: yeah, for sure, there is a lot there. let's talk russia ian russia importants participation in this summit after a fiery address wednesday warning with adversaries not to cross a quote red line, you on russian security according to vladimir putin russian playoff he year or twoed nearly 1500 protests leader alexei navalny continues his hunger strike your take on russia right now. >> red line came after thank yous russians claimed, that there was an assassination attempt to against belarusan president that americans were involved in this absolutely no evidence of that meanwhile, the russian economy not doing so well average russian isn't as happy with putin as previous years. but when you control media control the judiciary when everything reports to you putin is 60% navalny polls in
8:07 am
19. so putin isn't very worried about this, a big speech yesterday barely discussed issues like ukraine and navalny talking more about pensions, and -- credits given for parents who have kids coming to school coming out of the contraction of their economy they had coronavirus like of course else u.s. russian relationship really bad true under trump true under biden i was a little bit surprised i thought the timing of biden calling putin saying hey let's have a summit meeting in third country looks like to ah too much of a climbdown to me did reflect some softness u.s. increased sanctions against russia in part because of navalny in part because of solar wind pact one thing i would note europeans dblt go along with americans on decisions of sanctions unlike europeans with u.s. on china where they
8:08 am
had more coordination. >> i think a really a good point europeans have not been enwith us own a number of things not on canceling huawei, as well so there is that. i want to get your take also on iran, ian, because the iran issue is -- just incredible as we look at this iran deal, that joe biden wants to get u.s. back into, one of the last speeches secretary pompeo delivered explained how iran gives safe haven to al-qaida leadership, they used to be under house arrest in iran but no more tehran is cooperating with al-qaida. will we hear more about this? then we've got this climate summit today, where putin xi jinping going to be there, this is you two weeks after remember biden was asked if vladimir putin a killer he said yes then putin answers biden says i wish him good healthy. that waschilling, killers here he participating this this
8:09 am
summit. >> putin has no if opposition to speak of domestically feels in a position of strength can say whatever he wants, you know. does that really -- make a statement that putin toonl do anything to united states that they couldn't historically the answer is not really, i think on iran, maria, the iranians not friends of americans true under obama true under trump true under biden whether we are in deal or out of it a lot of sanctions on iran a lot of easier we pivotal consider that antagonist not a big deal only involves nuclear program and some -- the uask has on iran doesn't involve anything else still hitting each other pretty hard after israeli strikes on natanz thank you nuclear fulfillment they intid
8:10 am
to increase uranium inti. closer to what you dmeed for nuclear weapon did not affect negotiations been u.s. and iran one bit still engaging again in trilateral meetings with europeans, moving towards that deal if i were in market today fox business here, i would be saying betting a lot by the beginning of next year, we will be back in the iranian deal you will see another million barrels a day of oil on the market that is big business takeaway. maria: okay. that is a good take i want to hear that, but i am also worried about what this is going to maintain for abraham accords to trump information left idea that we were beginning to see peace in the middle east will those countries -- change, or break the abraham accords a conversation for another day i hope you join me soon to go through it.
8:11 am
>> promise you -- >> i will take that promise i want that promise, good to see you this morning. thank you, sir. >> okay. >> ian bramer joining us, larry kudlow here reacting to latest economic data where are we in growth story in the u.s. then arizona attorney general mark brnovich here on decision to send ub national guard troops to southern border live to west virginia, looking at how minors are reacting to new green initiative, lots of unintended consequences you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you.
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?ooich welcome we'll taking a close look at biden climate summit all morning long president biden is set to call for u.s. greenhouse gas emissions cut in half by 2030 do away with several trump-era policies he says ease environment rules my next
8:15 am
guest wrote a letter to john kerry slamming the biden administration he pressure on banks to meet climate goals cut off capital for to fossil fuel businesses, joining me house veteran affairs committee member andy barr a pleasure to see you thanks very much for being here walk us through your letter to john kerry have you heard a response yet? >> well thanks for having me on the show maria no we have not heard a response yet but i think, the major u.s. banks wall street banks are learning a painful less owner that their full-throated embrace of environmental, social governance positions is not placating appeasing extreme far left in this country in fact it is oversighting the very political interference in businesses that they shouldn't want, this is -- the worst of politicization of access and allocation of capital, and going to threaten jobs going to threaten u.s.
8:16 am
competitiveness, and it and bottom line is going to o cede competitiveness to china. >> i want to ask you more about this, because, you are the ranking republican on oversight on financial services committee you are a member of both the china task force, and the foreign affairs committee. and you have real knowledge into what is happening in terms of the china behavior, as well as the business climate. what is going on in terms of these corporations coming out tacking things like georgia voting law meanwhile, under the under the comrem of the esumbrella tell rest of us don't invest in sip stocks don't apply oil, tobacco companies they are sin stocks fine opening offices in you
8:17 am
communist china human rights you abuses intellectual property theft bullying neighborhoods all around bad behavior on the global stage suffuse done a great job pointing out hypocrisy of corporate america big banks perfectly fine investing in china some cases u.s. asset managers stemmingly. >> we know human rights' violations genocide xi jinping forgivens against uighurs, forced sterilization ripping up of international treat in hong kong violation of the rights of the people of hong kong obviously, the cover-up the lies and deception related to the origins of the pandemic this is the human rights record, of the chinese communist party and, yet, many of these wokes, wall street firms are fine investing in china, but when it comes to u.s. companies, they are perfectly willing to choke off
8:18 am
financing, to legally operating businesses that provide americans affordable are rieshl energy give a competitive edge, china is the world's largest you you polluter they are the problem with climate on earth day if you really care about climate would hold chinese communist party accountable, their belt and road initiative, is responsible for the planning of 300 new coal-fired power plants across the globe out sided of mainland with china bangladesh philippines indonesia philippines the technology is not u.s. technology it is subcritical low efficiency coal-fired power so look, if this summit we need tribe focusing not on politicallies politicizing access to capital in united states we need to hold the chinese chinese accountable for polluteing this earth that is focus that is that is my
8:19 am
message to john kerry. maria: yeah, this is such an important point, but what are the odds we are going to hold them to account we haven't asked where coronavirus originated from congressman, give me a break schooled in alaska not a word about mms of people across the world that have died the half a million died in united states because of coronavirus because they covered it up allowed it to escape its borders, so, are you do you have any confidence they are going to hold them to account on climate? >> no, i don't, when our secretary of state is lectured by a top pli politburo official on uthes soil don't leave the room shows weakness this administration is showing towards chinese communist party what i am concerned about is the over eagerness that john kerry and joe biden are exhibit, to our adversary in beijing, it leads me to believe, that they are giving the chinese communists leverage over the united
8:20 am
states, looks like we are willing to bring xi jinping to this climate concerns and give up the store, and not hold them accountable, we are giving away leveraging in negotiations on trade, on human rights, on the -- the military operations in south china sea, they are increasingly belligerent activities related to taiwan very concerned, that this administration has its priorities totally wrong, focused on excellenting the "green new deal" through backdoor of financial regulation as opposed to bolstering u.s. he competitiveness, and standing up to the chinese communist party in beijing this is a real problem. . >> why? are they conning afflicted flicked they call "green new deal" infrastructure a massive spending package, a covid package, right they call they call the climate situation a climate crisis, but they won't call you the crisis at the border, that is a challenge, i
8:21 am
mean absolutely outrageous the fact that more media is not standing up calling this out is also shameful former secretary of state mike pompeo joined house republicans yesterday to unveil a new bill will codify into law trump on iran another outrageous issue iran the maximum pressure act would require any too deal with tehran ratified by senate congressman you are cosponsor of maximum pressure act what is biden administration doing want to go get us back into iran nuclear deal? >> well once again showing, weakness on the world stage, and inviting aggression from the world number one state sponsor terrorism iran maximum pressure campaign exactly what we need works under trump mvgs military spending mule ags in taiwan, many iran backed militias you destabilized region denied funding
8:22 am
iran reservation foreign currency dropped 95% because of trump administration maximum pressure need to return to that don't need to reenter a flawed iran nuclear deal. that is why i have proposed to make sure that the senate ratification treating as a treat wry should be required as a condition of rejoining any flawed agreements. maria: rejoining is also jeopardizing potentially our peace in the middle east, with those abraham accords andy barr good to see you we will keep spot lightlying all of this thank you so much. we'll be right back. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free.
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so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at maria: braving to go green the mining industry weighing potential impact of president biden green energy push grady trimble on the ground this morning in a mine in charleston west virginia.
8:26 am
grady good morning to you. >>. maria: good morning maria this is a thermal cold surface mine that fwournz create electricity yieltd mine workers of america that is a union representatives miners endorsed biden's green plan as long as guaranteed jobs for those displaced miners who are out of a job right now feel differently about that here, though this is ralph balanceard you own this mine directly employ 40 people you are concerned where things are headed under biden. >> exactly, we are very skeptical about the what the plan says the future of all our workers here and their families. if you look at the numbers, under president trump mining jobs ticked up first three years in office thin fell off as demand for energy fell off during the pandemic. want what do you think this would do, if this vast
8:27 am
infrastructure bill is actually passed? and also i know there is a lot of uncertainty in your mind because you don't know if it will be passed. >> that is correct there would be devastating no question about it, hopefully, our congressional delegations senator manchin, senator, our congressional people will put the facts where facts are see if true policy on this bill. >> senator manship senator manchin wants to keep them do you have faith his votes really important on this bill and all others. >> well, you know, i would like to see the facts how it works, i was not against that obviously, i think room for both coal, and solar and wind and nuclear and whole package i think that is what we have to have to making a safe energy-efficient country. >> we pressure the time maria, concerns here certainly
8:28 am
so we will see where things go, going forward. but certainly something to keep an eye on as this bill keeps chugging along. >> all right grady thanks very much grady trimble, this morning, in charleston we will take a break then economic data on the other side of it initial jobless claims right after this. i had saved up some money and then found the home of my dreams. but, my home of my dreams needed some work. sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan, and i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house, with this beautiful kitchen, and it's all thanks to sofi. ♪ and it's all thanks to sofi. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, ♪ but i'm relentless every day. and having more days is possible with verzenio, proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant.
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like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum! maria: welcome back. initial jobless claims hitting the tape to cheryl casone we go. cheryl: we have a new he pandemic low for in initial claims number maria, the initial claims last week coming in 547,000, that is better than expected from week prior just revised 586,000, as for continuing number that also came in better than expected the -- was -- excuse me continuing claims expectation was 3.667 came in 3.674 better news there not market reaction new
8:32 am
pandemic low -- millions collecting unemployment benefits looking for government programs expire, hopefully numbers continue to improve back to you. maria: not a major reaction at all cheryl from markets, dagen mcdowell, you see this new low 547,000 initial jobless claims that is good news. dagen: this is terrific news needs to keep dropping, and dropping and dropping. as more americans become vaccinated there is concern we are hitting a level in this country where the those who are reticent about taking vaccines will not step up that we kind of reach a period a lull period in terms of vaccinations. also, we need to have more direct reasonable messaging from the government, on the cdc, from this administration about what you can and can't do i am hearing personally stories about people who
8:33 am
perform or offer services at weddings that people are still worried that if everybody there is vaccinated somebody could catch coronavirus. it is just -- i -- wonder when fear takes over terrific news quite job market, quite frankly, in many easier. >> let's talk more about it joining me wreaks host of kudlow on fox business larry kudlow, it is great to have you this morning to get your reaction really where we are right now, do you see this new low initial jobless claims good news keeps coming from economy wondered if it deaths dampened by new policies how would you assess where we are today with record growth? >> right, first sign is we are in economic boom, this is no question about that, and my watch word if it ain't broke don't fix it i am worried the fix provided by biden administration is if it passes is throwing a weather blanket
8:34 am
oath on economy later this year or next year, but for now it is a boom, it is vaccination, it is going back to work. o tangential. >> on ledplicht we've got to get down to 300,000 or less, lots of unemploymentships is tallying higher contamination at this moment assistance for not working than for working. you know the more unemployment assistance the more anonymity you are going to get longer unemployment slins longer noi. is going to be some reports from business suggest it is i am saying down the road assistance programs end in september, i hope they are not extended because the economy is doing so well, let's nature take its force in free enterprise economy. >> interesting that you say that issues because you know larry right now so being companies are having a hard
8:35 am
time finding employees to hire. it is -- i guess problem to have part of the reason stimulus thrown at people making more to stay home don't want to go back to work one of its unintended consequences that all this stimulus -- >> that is right in intended. it is a road we traveled before, i think most people maria do want to work, okay? you know work is great. work is -- work is holy if you will people want to work in america but people are smart. and if being paid more to stay home, then -- they will stay home, i mean i think they want to come out but may stay home longer. a lot of small businesses are reporting that they can't find you know good workforce, i see it in diners particularly, small restaurants, small hospitality operations, so, i want to keep a positive view,
8:36 am
and do i think every part of this economy, retailing housing, are capital spending, all booming terrific story leave it alone my point. >> exactly, we also have to spotlight policy, because policy can help a situation or completely destroy a situation talk about this wild spending plan, that they are calling infrastructure. republicans senators discussing a current proposal to president biden last spending plan they want 600 to 800-billion-dollar deal that actually looks at infrastructure. and helps our roads and helps our bridges, rather than 439 home care for the elderly or 300 or 500 billion on rand d manufacturing and trading all of this stuff that is just you know, a boondoggle for democrats, to put money in areas they like to put in calling infrastructure larry reaction where this is going.
8:37 am
>> yeah, well i've been speaking out against the biden infrastructure plan for a lot of reasons you just mentioned. i think the republicans are smart. there should be around 650 billion it could go to 800 billion, i don't have any problem with fixing the lead pipes in schools i don't have any problem with -- increasing broadband fiber so fourth don't know it needs a hundred billion but whatever if you have a more manageable package you don't have to raise taxes on corporations large and small you don't have to phase out all international taxes, from you know going from 10 1/2% to 21% chiz crazy may be worse than rate hike in 28 -- my accompaniment is tax hikes will lower investment, will lower productivity, and will hour real wages. glen hopper had a good piece
8:38 am
in "the wall street journal," so, if you go to gop route you don't have to raise taxes you rely on toll roads, user fees on local bonding, on p-3 private/public partnerships that kind of thing, and you won't upset the economic applecart you won't throw wet you blanket over this fantastic boom i hope gop stands up and fights for it. maria: i mean there are so much going on right now larry, as you know, i mean, the -- the loudest voices in the room are the activists trying to create narratives against the republicans. right now on to georgia voting law, trying to muddy up georgia ahead of the senate race in 2022 so he raphael warnock keeps his set a florida senator rick scott wrote op-ed for fox business this week warning businesses not to virtual signal in the wake. mlb moving all tar game out of georgia, is to rick scott
8:39 am
writes this turns out that power does corrupt and you have buck corrupt american taxpayers will soon stop tolerating your lies attempts to denigrate them as home depot facing a boycott for not speaking out against georgia's voting law larry not a word on h.r.1. not a record from mlb on h.r.1 not a word on h.r.1 from delta all those other companies, that rolled over, by the loudest voices in the room the activists. >> major league baseball, pushing all-star game to denver, by the way, colorado has more restrictive voting laws than georgia, delta coca-cola you know they caught city atlanta probably 100 million dollars or more business sales a tragedy -- atlanta o you predominant
8:40 am
black owned they ought to stick to their knitting this fight hard top tax hikes on them stop regulatorily burned on them this is something they know a lot about, these are financial issues. you don't want to cripple companies through higher taxes and regulations, what that is going to mean if you do that? that means fewer jobs lower wages, all right. so it helps everybody it helps the owners shareholders the workforce, helps the stakeholders in the community who depend on some big companies, so i would say they should stay with knitting do what they do traditional business roundtable put out very good things for this go for tax issues go for regulatory issues maybe go for energy issues one of these you get involved in social policies you are going to be in trouble, because -- half your customers will like it
8:41 am
and half your customers will hate it. that is not good for business. >> especially when you are talking about something that you didn't read the bill because there is that, no way you would have said that georgia's voting law is restrictive had you actually read the bill there is that as well. let me bring bob are in a del intoi this lar, bob you were ceo chairman of home depot for a long time, home depot tried to stay out of it didn't want to get involved, and they got slammed by the activists anyway. >> -- fortunate to avoid -- on home depot i know -- leadership team have done a fabulous job in pandemic kept 400,000 associates employed they provided incentives accommodations, 2000 stores across the country is -- providing necessary product
8:42 am
during this very challenging time. of the the rdz word stakeholder has been around home depot a long, long time maria this is a corporation for a -- that put millions of dollars into habitat for humanity millions of dollars into playgrounds around fresh areas hired 35,000 veterans over the years. they are doing all kinds of work, they shined their brightest when communities are facing their darkest hours, through the national disasters. so it really would be you unfortunate to penalize 400,000 associates that are gang upon home depot for livelihoods if you talk about pushing corporate america, remember, these are corporate employees, that are working day in and day out. so if you are angry about a
8:43 am
ceo, or the board of directors a this is a trickle down to take care of customers in the communities in which they live and work so it would be very, very unfortunate maria, remember -- >> let me just -- let me -- yeah let me add to my friend bob are in a del i.t. workforce predominantly lives in the communities, so you are affecting stakeholders and businesses and restaurants and movie theatres what not that depend on local workforce. why penalize them? doesn't make sense but these campaigns should stay with tax and regulatory issues, that is what they are there for shouldn't get involved in social issues election issues you are right delt so forth none of those guys including jeff sonnenfeld read a georgia voting bill when published i go this boom if it ain't broke don't fix it, that is my advice to policymakers in
8:44 am
washington, maria, you keep your voice, nice and loud i like it that way we have to fight back. maria: a i think you are spot-on lar i know you've got a bigs exclusive today we are not going to miss it check out kudlow weekdays 4 pm earn today on fox business you will join larry at the close today on fox business we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, vice president kamala harris announcing she is making a
8:48 am
trip related to the border crisis but not where you think will not be a trip to the southern border instead will travel to central americaning northern triangle recently in june, this comes as arizona governor doug ducey deployed national guard to state border a drivering his state emergency so far no comment from the biden administration, joining me right now attorney general of arizona mark brnovich great to have you back with me this morning thanks so much for joining us what i would like to understand better how are you going to fight back and actually effect changing you are one of 1 or 14 ie. g's fighting this radical agenda tell us where this case moves ex-your lawsuit against the administration who hears cases and you actually believe you will effect change.
8:49 am
>> three lawsuits our office is working on one involves to deportations we actually judge federal judge order expedited discovery allowing us to did he' three witnesses get biden administration officials in court filed petition to supreme court vooeven we claim abouted information incentivizing people by government benefits third biden administration violating nepa, because they stopped building the call stopped remain in members policy all federal court, the reality is that we are hoping the judge rules our way, but, you know, i heard a long time ago not to predict what a federal judge is going to do i think important whether filing lawsuits, whether me sending letters, or our governor urged
8:50 am
him declare emergency deploy guard dog everything with tools in my toolbox to bring attention to ranchers farmers sheriffs people overwhelmed by this crisis part of the toolbox is court. >> you know i was talking with a rancher the other day he told me that his land has bohn totally hijacked this is private land that the ranchers says you smugglers go on say i am going to steal your he grandkids if you don't get the heck out of here, cordened off area use it for smuggle human trafficking a picture kevin mccarthy tweeted has so many people on this rancher's private land because they need that area to cross the border, so, tell me about people in arizona who are actually businesspeople, and how their rights have been completely trampled on. . >> maria i was down, border as well, i was i sat down with a
8:51 am
-- families that have been here generations since 1800s never seen it this bad fear forlize don't let kids grappledkids riding horses walking on and low because of you smugglers look across the border gaps if wall you can see scouts the cartels in the trees on mountainside, looking at everything, that we were doing on our side, the cartels making money we know fentanyl, way up this is a ka. >> 20 days since i invited kamala harris, to come to border important to talk to ranchers to families talk to the sheriffs, so they can see exactly what is going on, this is not a political issue, this is an issue of national security, and frankly security of our country. maria: radio well national
8:52 am
security, drugs mark brnovich thank you nor traveling to the widespread yesterday, my border source yesterday told me they found 69 pounds fentanyl up 5,000 percent 49 pounds of heroin up 4,000% this country has a drug problem and starts at that border, ag mark brnovich thank you so much we will keep spotlighting it.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
you like that. dagen: i moo like bartenders human i can mix a drink myself does he give you a buy back most important thing. about -- patronizing a bar or establishment. >> bob we all like technology this is taking jobs changing the bar experience. >> it truly is maria, technology, is -- accelerating at a rapid rate wherever we look i have to say, maria, i am glad he wasn't around when i was going through college bartending paid my tuition but i insure didn't make 100 some thousand dollars a year let me say that bartending. if you don't have a bar tender some of us don't have a friend to talk to i guess. >> yeah -- exactly, artificial
8:57 am
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at dagen: a big thank you to take and mcdowell, thank you for being here and have a great day. thanks for joining us. "varney and company" begins right now. stuart: good morning, everyone. we start the program with a tweet from a basketball player, a megastar, lebron james. we are doing this because the intimidation of the police and the whole legal system is extremely important and it is happening. it showed a picture of the police officer involved in the shooting of a teenage girl in ohio and the caption read you are next. he took it down but the damage has been done. it is intimidation.


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