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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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jackie: buddy, wish you the best. always a pleasure talking to you. >> jackie, thank you. jackie: that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: tonight the fallout, next steps in the george floyd case. three more officers about to go on trial. also tonight, america moving on but there is this. maxine waters taking a victory lap today after the judge on the case called her comments fomenting more unrest, quote abhorrent and potential grounds for a mistrial. house democrats blocked a censure of waters. court watchers warn, does the floyd verdict, it's a long shot, if it gets overturned because of waters' rhetoric america could ignite into more chaos. matthew whitaker, byron donalds,
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christian whiton, adam guillette, federalist chris bedford and texas border theresa may, don mclaughlin, jr. we have the push to get america back on track, open and prospering again. democrats claim that it is wrong-headed analysts say that america is systematically racist. we have details on this hot debate and what democrats are not talking about and what they are avoiding. also this debate, georgia democrat stacey abrams backtracking accused of trying to have it both ways in testimony in the senate over major league boycott, baseball boycott of georgia due to the new voter law. we have that fight. we have this, president biden, climate envoy john kerry, pushing to dramatically overall the entire u.s. economy in a new climate change move. why it could alter, dramatically
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derail john kerry undercut it, infrastructure plan and climate change deal-making. guess which country they're giving a free pass to? the world's worst polluter of all which will profit mightily off of biden's infrastructure bill. it is basically the green new deal one top democrat says. what they think about the climate change as a top national security threat. big national security threat, arizona the first state to declare a state of emergency over the escalating border crisis. a top border senator says the cartels are in full control of the border. and in a potentially new big embarassment, what polls show that the majority of americans say is president biden's epic failure at the border. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining
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us. you're watching the fox business network. we kick it off with former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. great to have you on sir. what do you think of maxine waters taking a victory lap after the democrats blocked a censure of waters, after telling proat the timers to get confrontational if there is not a guilty verdict? should we be okay with this. >> no we should not be okay with this. good evening, liz. we don't need grandstanding politicians stoking the mob, threatening our judicial system. i think this is one of the things really challenging in this time, that is, we have people like maxine waters and others on the left you know, that are essentially inciting violence. i remember when i was at the department of justice in 2018 when she called for confrontation against people in trump's cabinet t wasn't helpful then. it isn't helpful now. i think she needs to tone down
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the rhetoric. we need more statesmen and states women bringing america together and solving the intractable problems we face and not taking victory laps because their partisan and their party protects them from being held accountable. elizabeth: critics are saying a matter of accountability because hours after she foment ad crowd of protesters drive-by shooting injured two national guard troops. minnesota attorney general brought charges against the 28-year-old with a prior criminal record. we have the senate set to take on house police reform. we'll show viewer details of what is in that. the justice department opening up probe of the machine minneapolis police. your take on those issues. >> what the senate is considering could have been solved when tim scott proposed his bill which was defeated by
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partisan democrats who didn't want a victory to for bipartisanship. i will look at the bill, what tim scott, rand paul are saying on the bill. there is some good things. again, it is hard, each situation is unique. the police officer is in a dynamic situation where they have to employ necessary and appropriate tools and i think one size fits all federal standard from congress that really has, can't even remember the last time that they have been in the real world, you know i think that is dangerous for them to mandate things. i think the state and locals should be able to control what their police and tactics they employ. elizabeth: yeah. >> i also think that we have to be very careful, i think defund the police effort continues. it's a little more subtle maybe than it was over the summer but i think it is still alive and well. we need to be very careful how funds are allocated to the police. elizabeth: let's get viewers updated.
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derek chauvin held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day in the isolation wing of the only maximum security prison. they fear for his safety. this isn't over. reportedly plan as swift appeal. will take two months before he is sentenced. his fellow arresting officers will bo on trial later this year. we had dr. ben carson, dr. alveda king with us talking about this whole case saying the justice system works. saying there is not systemic racism. let's watch this. >> the important thing it shows that our just system does work. people don't have to take these things in their own hands. >> i fully agree we must have justice. however i'm very disturbed when the leaders of our country, maxine waters in particular and nancy pelosi encouraging her to call people to get in the streets, really riot. so how would a riot regardless what that verdict would have
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been, how would it heal the hearts of america, causing people to riot, to burn and to loot? elizabeth: let's show the viewer what democrats are avoiding and ignoring and refuse to talk about as they're trying to push this narrative on the country and on americans that america is systematically racist. first up, the very fact of the guilty verdict itself shows the system is not racist. polls show majority of americans say they agreed with the verdict. 70 million people voted for barack obama in 2012. 65 million people voted for barack obama in 2010. the u.s. population is 13% black. that means a lot of other people including white people voted for obama. biden, by the way is the architect much federal laws in the '80s, '90s, that basically jailed a lot of black people. we also should point out this, america is the number one choice for immigrants, black immigrants
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from africa. the top two median income earners in this country are people from india and taiwan. so how does, do you think that the u.s. is systematically racist from coast to coast? >> i don't, nor do i think law enforcement is and our system of justice does work. each case, you know, that folks point to, whether it's george floyd, eric garner, each incident we've seen transpire is a unique set of facts and there is never -- in the derek chauvin trial there was no evidence of racism or racist intent on behalf of mr. chauvin. this is obviously a tragedy and george floyd shouldn't have died but at least one officer has been convicted of murder. i think, our system of justice is the best in the world, liz, and i think we need to tell ourselves, remind ourselves that we have created a system that works. that the citizens are involved by being part of the jury, by electing prosecutors at the
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state and local level. so i think we can always move to a more perfect union but i think we're pretty darn good compared to the rest of the world. elizabeth: matthew whitaker thanks for joining us. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: look who is back with us, a terrific guest as matthew whitaker, florida congressman byron donalds. we love to see you and hear your insights. "the washington post" compiled five years of miss shootings. they do 10 million arrests annually. 5,000 people are shot by police fatally every year. the vast majority of, 70% or more were armed or dangerous. half of those who were shot are white people. there is argument if you look at the data, black people at a rate are shot more than white people that is doing math there. what do you think of this
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argument? >> obviously this argument has one goal in mind. the argument is basically allow politicians to make fundamental changes to the institutions of our government and of our society. that is the reason why these narratives get pushed. of the listen one story not talked about. we talk about obviously the derek chauvin trial, what happened with dante wright in brooklyn center. no discussion at all of white gentleman killed by a police officer who was white in modesto, california. that story never made state news in california, let alone national news. why? because it doesn't fit the narrative. the fbi data is very clear, definitely more white people in united states are killed by police than black people are killed by police. that doesn't support the narrative. the left and big media have one goal in mind, systemic change of in the united states of our
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institutions and weaponizing race in order to get their way. elizabeth: but we have president biden saying it, you know, pushing this narrative. kamala harris is pushing the narrative. we have barack obama pushing the narrative and maxine waters the problem is, if you point the facts out you're called a racist. how do you, how do you bring the truth and tell the truth and show the facts in this conversation then? >> i mean look if joe biden was so concerned about systemic racism he had 50 years in government. where was he? kamala harris was the state attorney of the state of california, where was she? she was in the united states. where was she? barack obama was president for eight years, state senate four, and state legislature of illinois where was he. maxine waters has been in congress 30 years. where has she been. all the people in government for decades, just now when the challenge turns 2018, 2019, 2020 they want to talk about systemic
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racism. i am not listening what they say. i look at my institutions with my own eyes. what you have today, more black police chiefs in america than any point in american history. more hispanic police officers than at any point in the american history. if the systems are systematically racist, go ahead prove it. that what you feel truly where have you been this entire time? you've been nowhere. what joe biden in 1974 he increased quote-unquote systemic racism with policing with the '94 crime bill. he has been on the wrong side of history. i don't listen to what he says. if it has been a big problem, why hasn't he did it why hasn't he done anything? the biggest reason he wants to push his agenda. that what happens right now. elizabeth: when you push the agenda, you make a lot of money off of it correct, in political donations? >> absolutely. look at one of the cofounders of black lives matter she has four houses. liz, i worked in the private
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sector for 17 years. i have one house. i don't have you are to. people making a ton of money in this apparatus. politicians raise a lot of money to get elected and doing it. this is raising real divisions in our country. are there forms of policing need to take place? yes. is there improved training need to take place? yes. are we saying policing is systematically racist, the answer is no. fbi data proves that out. what you have are leftist politicians who want to get their way. only solution is their agenda, not compromise with republicans. not looking at local law enforcement you guys in your community put forward best practices to fix this for yourselves. they just want their agenda passed. elizabeth: congressman byron donalds, we love you're a straight-shooter and you're telling the truth which is so needed in this national conversation. which is so needed. good to see you, sir, thank you
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very much. >> good to be here. elizabeth: sure. georgia congressman buddy carter on this debate, georgia democrat stacey abrams seen on camera backtracking trying to have it both waives in testimony before the senate over the major league boycott of georgia due to georgia's new vote law. we have details left. >> what i find extremely offensive the narrative from the left that black people are not smart enough, not educated enough, not desirous enough of education to do what every other culture and race does in this country, get an i.d. true racism is this, it is rejection of the democratic party or my proud race is called soft bigotry of low expectations. president biden said of the georgia law, this is jim crow on steroids. with all due respect, mr. president, you know better. it is disgusting and offensive to compare actual voter suppression of violence of that era we grew up in with a state
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over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show georgia republican congressman buddy carter. it is good to see you, congressman. okay, we had democrat stacey
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abrams. good to have you on. stacey abrams testified before senate judiciary. she tried to have it both ways. she admitted she supported boycotts of the georgia vote law but then she appeared to deny she supported that. what was reaction to your testimony? >> stacey abrams penned an op-ed for "usa today" two days before major league baseball pulled the all-star game out of city of atlanta. the first two words she used, boycotts work. words matter and actions have consequences. her accomplice, rafael warnock admitted he signed on to a email that spread misinformation and lies about georgia's integrity election act two weeks before baseball pulled out on this. they can't pull back on this. they were complicit, insisting major league baseball to pull
6:20 pm
the all-star game out of georgia. their words, their actions, had consequences. unfortunately those consequences ended up penalizing, harming, hard-working georgians and small misses to the tune of $100 million to our economy. who will it impact the most? hard-working georgians, small business, many minority small businesses, many people they were supposedly trying to help they are hurting. they should be held accountable for this. elizabeth: you talk to americans, folks out there, they say stop racism, cut it out, police brutality, stop that. they don't want voter suppression but when they read the law, they say wait a second, how is it jim crow? watch arkansas senator tom cotton call out stacey abrams' in the boycott campaign of georgia. watch this. >> on march 31st you wrote an op-ed in "usa today" about
6:21 pm
georgia's law and your op-ed were, boycotts work. two days later on april 2nd, major league baseball announced its boycott of georgia. according to the media reports in the days leading up to major league baseball's decision to pull the all-star game from georgia, you spoke to baseball executives, described the law as jim crow 2.0 and urged major league baseball to pull out. after the decision to withdraw the game from georgia you conveniently claimed you strongly urged them not to boycott after the hours was out of the barn and the damage was already done. miss abrams in sum you publicly attacked the georgia law as jim crow no fewer than 10 times. elizabeth: 10 times what do you say? >> no question about it. listen you can't go back on that. what has been done has been done. rafael warnock and stacy abrams. they are complicit what is
6:22 pm
happening here. now what are they doing, going after a great georgia company, home depot. i remember when i was mayor, we got home depot in our community. we were so excited to welcome a great georgia company into our community. home depot is a great georgia company that provided millions of jobs for people, livelihoods for people, a great corporate citizen. they want to attack them saying they are not doing what they should be doing about this election law. this is ridiculous. elizabeth: let's watch stacey abrams. let's listen to this. >> i would say that my conversations with major league baseball were very clear about the fact i did not think a boycott was necessary. i certainly regret the decision for mlb to remove the game from cobb county and economic effect it will have on georgians writ large. i support anyone who will try to stop this type of bad behave behavior, able an my news from voter suppression happening in georgia elsewhere in the
6:23 pm
country. one day of games is not worth losing our democracy. elizabeth: it is hard to square you know an op-ed she wrote that says boycotts work, then she claims, she tells mlb it is not necessary. she testify she dissupport, she does support voter i.d. laws, saying quote, 35 states states out there with voter eyed nation can law. she claims georgia's law is restrict tougher but how it is restrictive you have free voter i.d. cards from the state, use your last four digits of the social security number on the absentee ballot form, you can use your electricity bill. how is this restrictive? >> it is misinformation and lies no question about it. that is what stays aabrams and rafael warnock are engaged in. the election integrity law in georgia made voting easier, cheating harder, no question
6:24 pm
about it. they are complicit. we're not taking this lying down. we're fighting back. i introduced legislation, the community protection against sports act. what that does give local communities an avenue, a mechanism they can recoup financial losses as a result of major league baseball pulling out a game, based on lies and information. they have invested in this, infrastructure improvements, advertising. now they will lose hundred of millions of dollars. who will being penalized? hard-working georgians, small business, many minority small businesses. elizabeth: they are saying it is jim crow to have dropboxes cut back in the state of georgia. dropboxs for mail-in ballots didn't exist before 2020. they're saying it is jim crow to have to request a mail-in ballot 2 1/2 months prior versus six months prior they were automatically mailed in the 2020 election because of the pandemic.
6:25 pm
so i think the media, you saw mistakes made at cnbc, msnbc, cnn, reporting on this so off the wall and off the mark and not factual. they're taking what happened in 2020 during an election when it was about a pandemic, when a lot of the stuff is enshrined in the law when it didn't exist before. we'll stay on the story. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up, we've gotth story for you, former state department official christian whiton, and climate envoy john kerry pushing to dramatically overhaul the u.s. economy for climate change. guess which country they're giving a free pass to? the world's worst polluter. the story next. >> the far left of democratic party they're such green warrior sell lots. everything is fine as long as you have the green new deal.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome former state department official christian whiton. we're trying to straight this out. if you can help that would be great. john kerry, climate envoy, they're changing it, u.s. will slash greenhouse emissions double what they promised promie in the paris accord, cut by half in decade. china the world's worst polluter
6:30 pm
doesn't have to change anything, only aspirational goals by 2030? they say china, we like your green infrastructure. >> that's right, china is the biggest carbon emitter, what they have to do it is purely voluntary. this is the problem with paris and kyoto before it, some of the biggest growth in carbon emissions is overlooked. klein will get a lot of credit for using electric vehicle. when you use an electric vehicle in the united states you may be shifting from carbon intensive to less carbon intense ivie. in china you're driving a coal powered car. that doesn't board me. for people upset with the amount of climate emissions, but this deal china is being held to a much lower standard supposedly because it's a developing nation still than the united states and
6:31 pm
europe. elizabeth: so let's, we hear you. let's break this down. they want to ram the infrastructure deal through. china dominates green energy like solar panels. china will make a lot of money off it. they are basically saying you got to do this, america. they're saying the green new deal, infrastructure includes paid leave, corporate child care, the national science foundation. they will kill shale and natural gas boom. they will put a 33% all in tax rate, federal and state which is higher than china's? where is the common sense in this? we get it. we don't want to be, we don't want pollution. we want to clean up oceans. we want to do a lot of things but is this the way to go? >> right. this is, this is exactly the problem in that if, if your goal is actually environmental improvement in an economical way, this isn't, what this is really a backdoor way to control the u.s. economy by a
6:32 pm
combination of factors. the chinese would love to see higher energy costs here that will raise the costs not just of heating and air-conditioning and your costs at the pump. it razes the costs of everything. if you think you're already paying too much for a steak or nice piece of fish, food prices will go up, housing prices will go up. price of virtually everything goes up when energy rises. this is a way, talk about cutting emissions from their 2005 level by 50%, in just nine years, the deadline now is 2030, that will require immense government control of our energy industry. it will require huge price increase for the american people. and it puts all of you know, the bright bureaucrats in washington, d.c., in charge of our economy as opposed to individuals making decisions and also providing our energy with the capital they need to cite new, less carbon intensive energy sources. that all goes out the window. elizabeth: christian whiton, good to see you, thanks for
6:33 pm
joining us. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, elizabeth. elizabeth: up next, we have this story for you, accuracy in media president adam guillette. democrat michigan governor whitaker traveling to florida to visit her father, advising residents to stay home saying snowbirds going to florida you're bringing covid back home. she went to florida. critics say she is the latest example of rules for thee, not for me. we'll break down this story next. >> this is again a case where the hypocrisy. they're undermining their own credibility the entire time by engaging in these shenanigans. wealth is your first big investment.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now is accuracy in media president adam guillette. adam, there is a story out of michigan that democrat governor gretchen whitaker visited
6:38 pm
florida a month ago to visit her florida who is ill. that is understandable. but she is ordering everyone not to travel out-of-state to they will bring covid-19 home. her trip is okay because it is personal. other people fly out-of-state for personal reasons but they get in trouble. how do you square this? >> i would never begrudge anybody for traveling to visit a sick loved one but she would and did. she banned relatives from people seeing sick relatives dying from covid. banned people traveling one of their own homes in state to another home in state. if you lived lived in a area wih population density, worried about the pandemic, maybe wanted to ride it out at your lake home up state that was a criminal act under her. the hypocrisy is disgusting. we can disagree about taxes and disagree about social policy but this political class thinks
6:39 pm
we're subject to rules andth not, it is morally outrageous. elizabeth: top spokesman for the michigan republican party claims they tried to keep it secret, right. this is what is going on her top hhs official going on vacation going out-of-state, flying out-of-state, her top aide, chief operating officer for the state, flying out-of-state. we get it, people, people have personal reasons. her father's ill, that is understandable. maybe this is a good sign whitmer and her top aides are filing out of great and secretly agree shutdown rules don't work. >> it is so sickening, i will give her credit for this, at least it wasn't the french laundry. if we're going to rank horrible things done by democratic governors during the pandemic, better than going to a fine dining restaurant like gavin newsom. better than not only having nursing home deaths but covering them up like andrew cuomo did. rather than getting criticized by the media for it, they get
6:40 pm
adoration, praise from talk show hosts. andrew cuomo even got an epemmy. we have a billboard going to the office in front of the emmys, calling are got emmy to be revoked. the hypocrisy from the governors is disgusting. >> hbo's bill maher said florida's governor did better protecting senior citizens than andrew cuomo. 15,000 people died in nursing homes of covid-19 connected to cuomo's order. putting patients back in. that is still being investigated. listen to florida governor ron desantis says here. he says he wishes he did less what dr. fauci advised. >> i think it took me a few weeks, march, into april, to get enough data okay, we're not doing fauciism, we'll make sure our states are open. we'll get the kids back into school. we'll focus our protection on elderly people. >> you've taken all the crap for not locking down.
6:41 pm
you are saying in retrospect you would have locked down less? >> i think some of the restrictions we did were ineffective. elizabeth: what do you say? >> i think fauci is the guy at the party you're chatting with. you think he knows something initially, the more he says, the more he realizes he knows nothing. desantis was absolutely right. the whole focus should have been to isolate people who were at risk. let the rest of us go about our lives with reasonable restrictions. the old ben franklin line has never been more true that those who sacrifice liberty for security end up with neither. these states wrecked their economy. they got kids out of schools. they crushed education. they took a year of their lives. they had higher deaths per capita than florida. it is sickening. good on -- elizabeth: getting back to hbo bill maher, he is also saying democrats in the media have beenmy informing the american people. a "gallup poll," four out of 10 democrats say if you get covid
6:42 pm
half of them get hospitalized. no it is not. 1% to 5%. you have a quick 10 seconds adam, take it, go ahead. >> these people claim they follow the science. covid is religion, science is not in their favor. they can't handle it. elizabeth: adam guillette thanks for joining us. we want people to be careful. there are variants out there. covid-19 is a virus that can get you really sick, numerous cases it is deadly. be safe. we're staying on the different angles. good to see you, adam. "the federalist" chris bedford with more on the u.s. intelligence community are they fully on board with climate change as a top u.s. national security threat? we take it on. later in the show, texas border mayor don mclaughlin, jr. back with us, with arizona declaring a state of emergency over the escalating border crisis. he will tell us what he is seeing in had is neck of the woods. that is coming up.
6:43 pm
>> i've never seen such a terrible example of leadership. this is a national security crisis. this is a humanitarian crisis. i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening. so i kept it in.
6:44 pm
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♪. elizabeth: okay. let's talk national security with "the federalist" chris bedford. okay, let's break this down. the biden administration says climate change is the biggest national security threat. they're telling all federal agencies to gear their operations towards climate change but then you've got the nation's top spy chief according to "the washington times," the director of national intelligence, avril haines, we checked it, made no mention of climate change as a national security threat to congress in testimony last week, so how do you square this? >> well, thank goodness, looks like the biden administration already is beginning move back to their old favorite hysteria before covid. we're in a country where our
6:48 pm
cdc, our federal government, our administration are telling states to try to lock down again. we destroyed our economy over the past year. we tried to freeze a capitalist economy t does not work. this is all based on something more and more and more evidence is suggesting came from china, very, very close to a chinese weapons lab, and they are saying that global warming is the current threat, that is the big threat to our military? that's insane. that people like china are really our threat. the other threat, foreign countries in the middle east, the fact we might have an unending war for oil because these kind of -- this enacted policies that capped our gasoline, capped our natural gas. we're no longer doing that. we'll not be self-reliant. we'll be reliant on the world places like russia, saudi arabia, and that is the problem. elizabeth: the question is, the question is why is climate change an intelligence matter? according to reports we have not
6:49 pm
seen in the threat assessments, dni threat assessments doesn't really come up. global trends, 2040, that report, you don't see it. we're talking 17, the dni runs 17 intelligence age is. north korea, russia, china, iran, geopolitical problems you have a fight between jake sullivan and climate envoy john kerry, john kerry says climate change takes precedence over everything. is this the way it goes forward, chris, your final word? >> i would be surprise if this is the way it goes forward. the military knows there are actual threats. climate change slow moving theory that the entire world will be dead in five years, 10 years, 20 years is not among them. like you said, iran, china, those are the threats to america's security. that is what they have to keep their eye on. elizabeth: chris bedford, thanks for joining us, come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up, texas border
6:50 pm
mayor don mclaughlin, jr. back with us. arizona declaring a state of emergency over the escalating border crisis. is this going to set off a trend down there at the border? potentially a big new embarassment, what the polls show. majority of americans say yes president biden, you own this. don mclaughlin, the mayor will tell us what he is seeing now at the border. >> what the reason it is irritating is because it demonstrates they don't take this nearly as seriously as the whole rest of america. polls show, even democrats are dissatisfied with how the president is handling the border ♪. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches...
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6:55 pm
week you will see over 30 counties declare a local state of disaster of what is going on. it keeps getting worse and worse and before it was counties like us 50 miles from the border, now it is spreading to victoria, do wit and other counties farther out in their starting of the same problems that we are there starting to see more break-ins, traffic to their towns and so forth, it's getting worse and worse and worse. as i fed my hats off to the border patrol and the local law enforcement, they work like dogs, there is no in for them and no rest. we are not getting the support from this administration. liz: muscles into the governor of arizona. watch for. >> the u.s. border patrol is
6:56 pm
overwhelmed, local law enforcement and mayors are calling out for help citizens in the border communities are concerned for their safety and nonprofits left to pick up the pieces of broken federal policies are strained. liz: this needs to be said, congressman chip roy of texas said it, he is saying drug cartels literally run towns miles across-the-board from u.s. border towns, entire areas are run by drug cartels, and other words using the drug cartels and human traffickers control large sections of the border already, is that what you guys are experiencing in your hometown and what are you seeing now. >> he is exactly right congressman roy is exactly right the cartel controls all of the border we used to go across-the-board and have a meal but you cannot anymore cartels control everything, that is
6:57 pm
telling them that they have permission to go through the area across the border. the sad thing is when these people cross the border they still owe them for that money so they're gonna make them work somewhere in the united states are due them of the united states because there's double hold to that cartel and if they don't local after their families. liz: do you feel like the biden administration understands and comprehends that this is a humanitarian crisis because the cartels are moving in a big way and a fast way to basically run this as a business operation with what's happening south of the border to cross the border, do they get it. >> no they don't they have a surge of people what is that cartel bringing across when they have a surge of people crossing the border, 1 mile down the river once the cartel crosses, everybody with order patrol is
6:58 pm
concentrated in the one area. they said a week ago they want to give speeches and is his job to protect the macon citizens, mr. president we need your protection on the southern border. liz: tell us exactly what's going on in your town and in your area. >> what we see, thank god we've been able to get the texas department of public safety together and were on the edge of town but what happens they end up in our community and we spend most of the time trying to hunt them down and try to round them up. yesterday they had him on the mt they hunted for six and half hours he tried to break into a families house in their cars, this is happening more and more and more, it needs to stop and we keep telling the biden administration and they say we don't have a crisis here, my
6:59 pm
biggest fear my local law enforcement officers or border patrol agents are going to be shot or what my citizens in the border patrol is catching more and more of these people with weapons and firearms. liz: there catching illegal border crossings with weapons, that what you just said. >> yes, ma'am, not only the border crossers but every car that they catch they are finding loaded weapons. the. liz: your concern somebody is going to get killed. >> yes, ma'am, very soon, that is my biggest fear is good to be one of our citizens or law enforcement, even illegal immigrant should not happen, we ought to shut that border down and make them come the right way. liz: mr. mayor, don mclaughlin
7:00 pm
junior, thank you for coming on, it's good to see you, we will stay on this story, thank you for your insight and service to our country. that is don mclaughlin, i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow", i am larry kudlow, great pleasure to be here as always. we will do infrastructure, the past monday president biden in the white house with a bipartisan group of congressional folks, most of whom were former governors and mayors and on the senate side two republicans were there, mitt romney and john hoban, we were told the meeting was cordial the expectations for a bipartisan deal should remain low, why is this, i figured two big


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