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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 19, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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stuart: what is the median bank account balance in the united states? more half, more less? the answer is $5300 a bit more i was expecting, ashley. david asman in for neil today. thank you so much it is yours. david: welcome to cavuto "coast to coast." i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. a busy two hours ahead as the stocks start off the week in the red. vaccine eligibility expands coast to coast to everyone over the age of 16. will a pause in the j&j jab lead to a pause of people vaccinated overall? we're live from a new jersey vaccination site with the latest. as restaurants return to put business as usual, many are struggling to get staff to return as usual. we'll talk to one restaurant
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owner dealing with a labor shortage fallout. the biden administration forcing new policies on immigration. get this, it has nothing to do with the situation at the border. we'll tell you about that coming up. our top story, we're following states expanding vaccine eligibility today to all ages 16 and over. as dr. fauci predicts the return of j&j vaccine later this week but how many americans will get the jab? fox news's lydia hu with at a vaccination site in new jersey. reporter: you can see some of the folks behind me waiting this is the 15-minute waiting area after they got their shot. the count executive said they are having no problems filling available appointments in the county. there is no hesitancy locally here in new jersey, not to say there are not concerns about hesitancy growing in the region across the country.
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about an hour away from here is new york city. their local lawmakers have been saying for days there are thousands of appointments available going unused. in a recent poll by monmouth university conducted before the johnson & johnson pause, it showed 21% of people say they will likely never get the vaccine. listen to this. >> vaccine hesitancy is still an issue. i still know there are pockets of people who still have concerns have not yet been addressed there is it still work to do. but at some point we're going to have crossover where we have much more vaccine than we'll have people ready to receive it. reporter: now there is, here's a look at some of the states with the best rates of vaccination in the country. alaska actually topping that list. public health professionals say more targeted outreach is needed to address hesitancy. some states with poorer rates,
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areas like utah, alabama and georgia. that is important as we wait for more information and clarification about the johnson & johnson vaccine. as you indicated dr. fauci says it quill be back available later this week. i've talking to folks at the vaccination site, they of course are not getting the johnson & johnson vaccine. they are not concerned about it. as eligibility expands to people as young as 16 years old, i found folks taking advantage of that. one person 18 eligible today, she is excited and thrilled, relieved to get the vaccine. david? david: good stuff, lydia hu from new jersey. fox news is learning that the homeland security and other immigration agencies changing the language on immigration matters. president biden is using the terminassian crisis to refer to the situation at the southern border. blake burman is at the white house with more with the administration response to the
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u.s.-mexico border crisis. reporter: you're right. a white house official telling fox within the biden administration they will no longer use the word, alien, illegal alien, or a simulation when it comes to immigration matters, assimilation. at the senior most levels this is something they had been pushing for, for weeks. we also heard a change from president biden over the weekend as he for the first time talked about the quote, unquote, crisis at the border. as you know the white house, the administration stayed away from calling the situation at the border a crisis. instead describing it for many weeks as a challenge but here was the president over the weekend when talking about the ref -- refugee cap. >> the problem was that the refugee problem we're working on crisis on the border with young people. we couldn't -- [inaudible] now we'll increase the numbers. reporter: now the president
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faced backlash from progressives rather when his administration announced on friday they would keep the refugee cap at the same level as the prior administration. when you saw and heard there from the president, he reversed course over the weekend saying they will increase the number likely at some point next month. david, something we could hear from over here at the white house when press secretary jen psaki takes to the podium in 15 minutes. david: blake, correct me if i'm wrong, i remember it all happening on friday, in morning late morning they announced the 15,000 cap. you had the response from left-wing democrats, aoc, et cetera. then you had suggestions from the white house later that same day that they were flip-flopping on the issue. it all seemed to happen within the same day, no? reporter: fairly quick, you're exactly right, david. there are many questions from my colleagues here at the white house who were pressing for days or weeks from the administration what exactly was the president going to do with that level at 15,000 i believe.
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he kept it the same as the previous administration. then all of sudden you saw the outrage from certain corners within the democratic party. that is what the camera, what brought the president out before the cameras on saturday to say no, no. we're going to be increasing it shortly. which is why people, will probably hear some questions for the press secretary. david: you just wonder how all of this flip-flopping, et cetera, will affect the immigration flows themselves. i'm sure the coyotes are well aware what is going on. blake, thank you very much. the current crisis at the border one of many reasons the gop is hopeful for a win in the 2022 midterm elections. president trump was asked about this when talking with sean hannity during his first on-camera interview since leaving the white house. listen. >> wants to run for the house or the senate, should they take this, make america great agenda and fight for those things thaw fought for the four years you were president? >> if they want to win, yes. we've expanded the republican
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party. you've seen it. the texas border, we have the biggest hispanic vote since as governor said to me, he called me up, great governor, he said since reconstruction. you're talking about civil war, right? he said, since civil war. if you want to win and win big, you have to do that. you have to do it. david: let's get reaction from "washington examiner" chief political correspondent byron york. good to see you. we know the election in 2016 probably no element exceeded the dimensions of immigration as an issue that donald trump won that election on. so he thinks that it could cost democrats during the 2022 midterms. is he right? >> i think he does have a very good point but perhaps the bigger point what we've been just been talking about, you see the incredible power of immigration as an issue with
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both parties, with the bases of both parties. look at the about-face that president biden just had to do on the refugee issue. the idea of keeping, keeping that trump level of refugees which absolutely exploded inside the democratic party. they were going to have none of it. now i just returned about a week ago from a visit to the border in texas with a number of republican congressman. you are seeing lots and lots and lots of republican members of congress going down to the border, trying to draw attention to this terrible, terrible problem that is getting worse and democrats kind of trying to ignore it. i think president trump is right, that it will be a potent issue for republicans but it is clearly a big deal for democrats or joe biden would not have done an about-face so quickly. david: it looked bad. within the course of like 12 hours on friday he totally flip-flopped on that issue. >> yeah. david: again, what does that say
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to the immigrants, to the human traffickers that are acting along the border? i think this will do nothing but increase the flow of illegal immigration. >> you're absolutely right. this is a bizarre situation, he was talking, this issue over the weekend was refugees, the number of refugees the united states admits from people around the world. they are actually vetted and considered where they live. in other words, they're not already here when we give them refugee status. on the other hand at the border you have growing flow of people illegally crossing the border and when i was there i saw no efforts by the u.s. government to stop that flow. instead the biden administration is obsessed with feeding and housing and eventually accommodating somewhere in the united states all of those people who were illegally crossing the border?
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david: they're getting a lot of help from friends in the media, the biden administration, essentially cut out talking about immigration over the past weekend. i want to switch to the issue of law and order, that is another issue a lot of moderate democrats were worried about in the 2020 election because it cost democrats a large number of votes in the house. they lost more than they probably should have because of all the defund police issues that were resonating with voters across the country. now you have minneapolis that is bracing for unrest as we await the verdict in that chauvin trial. listen to democrat being congresswoman maxine waters urging protesters there to be more aggressive. listen to this. >> we've got to get more active and more confrontational. you have got to make sure that they know that we mean business. david: byron, how much of that clip do you think we'll hear going into the 2022 elections?
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>> a fair amount. this was a big deal in the house races in 2020. republicans, democrats felt they lost some seats. they thought they were going to pick up seats in the 2020 election. instead they lost about a dozen. barely stayed in control of the house. there were conference calls, angry conference calls after the election by democrats who almost lost their seats saying listen, i don't ever want to hear anybody say defund the police again. and now you're hearing it after some of these most recent incidents. so i think you're going to see republicans that maxine waters quote, other quotes that you're hearing from members of the squad, i think you're going to hear a lot of that from a republicans .
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>> diminishing dramatically risk of getting infected. what happens is that you might get inspecked and get absolutely no symptoms. none, know you're infected. inadvert antly go into situation with vulnerable people. if you don't have a mask you might inadvertent antly infect them. there is small risk but it is there. david: is dr. fauci becoming a political drag for the biden administration. >> i think so. the thing a lot of people heard what they heard dr. fauci saud, they're moving the goalposts. we had been told the vaccinations were the key to getting control of this
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coronavirus pandemic and now i think 209 million doses have been administered in the united states? really moving along pretty quickly, more than 3 million doses a day are being done. and yet you see some people, you mentioned this new rule in oregon. then dr. fauci talking about, oh, we might have to stay locked down and masked up for a long, long time. then you hear others like the head of the cdc saying, no, actually if you're vaccinated you cannot transmit, you cannot spread the virus. so they're hearing all sorts of different things from official figures but it looks like the government is moving the goalposts on them. david: constantly. constantly, constantly. americans are really getting ticked off. they have been ticked off for a while now more than ever now that the vaccines are out there. byron york, great to see you. thank you very much, byron. appreciate it. earnings season is in full swing. coca-cola is kicking things off
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with a start, whether rising costs are pressuring profits suggesting a buildup of inflation in the economy. we haven't even begun with the issue of taxes going up. let's get the read from our market watchers, danielle shea and gary kaltbaum. great to see you both. what are you looking for, gary. >> guidance. earnings are backward looking. matter of fact the it is backward looking. if you look at lumber, the price is skyrocketing up. anything you drop on your foot and it hurts is going up in price. gas prices 10 cents over one year period is $10 billion out of the economy. the big thing in earnings is reaction. actual price movement from earnings, if we see reactions like ppg industries that skyrocketed, good.
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ones that don't react so well, not so good. the vaccine trade is still working. growth stock area not so much. i think the market is still in good stead here. david: looking forward, gary is looking for forward guidance, danielle, but the problem we don't know so much what will happen in the future. we're getting a handle on the virus which is great. we don't know how much more spending there is going to be from the biden administration. more important to profits, we don't know how much they will be paying more in taxes, right? >> yes. that's true and higher tax rate is definitely a concern for me, especially with the high growth tech stocks. however, i would really point to the fact that i mean, this is supposed to be the strongest quarter since 2018 and we're doing that in the midst of a pandemic. we really just started the opening, reopening trade. so honestly for me looking at this quarter there is supposed to be between 25 and 20% growth.
12:16 pm
i think that is incredibly strong. i think that is a sign that the stock market is incredibly strong. it will continue to be even stronger as we reopen. primarily what i'm looking for here are the high growth industries. i want to see they're not just making expectations but beating them. yes, of course guidance is important but this week in particular and we have the airliners reporting. we want to see what the reopening trade is demonstrating through the airliners estimates that are coming out. david: all right. >> we're also going to have netflix come out. this is going to be a really key report. it will give us a hint of what the high growth stocks are doing as we look into microsoft, tesla, amazon next week. david: what happens with netflix when people come out of their lockdowns, come out of their houses? gary, i want to switch to bitcoin, what is happening with the currency issue, the cryptocurrency issue. over the weekend of course bitcoin had dramatic selloff. look what is happening today.
12:17 pm
it is down over 10% right now, forgive me. 10 1/2% it is down right now. i'm wondering, central banks are pushing back whether they will ever accept cryptos as currencies, as real currencies to be used in place of the currencies that the central banks control. they don't want to cede control. do you think they ever will? >> central banks are killing their own currencies, they don't want competition from something else. quite interesting to look at. i'm worried about all this coin stuff. all of this acceptance is coming after the 6, 7, 8 fold move over the last year and then a coinbase ipo comes out at a ridiculous valuation. i don't think anybody is thinking a price can go down. do you know if bitcoin dropped 50% it, would be up 350% from the last year? the problem if it drops that much you will see a lot of
12:18 pm
acceptance go bye-bye. there is no merchant accept product around whatever they got paid is down 20%. there is too much excitement on acceptance there is no way of valuing this. that is number one. seems to me a lot of people piling on top of each other hoping to get somebody to pay a higher price. david: danielle, very quickly, one thing that spooked markets, and investors was the notion china coming up with their own cryptocurrency, whether or not doing so, you know china will not do so in a manner that's anonymous, that will allow people to remain anonymous. they will get all the information they possibly can out of investors. does that spook you, the idea of china or another bad actor getting into this market? >> oh, just ever so slightly. i mean at the end of the day, i think bitcoin is the key here because bitcoin is the most important cryptocurrency in my mind. it has been around the longest there is only a certain amount
12:19 pm
of coins ever be made. hence why it continues to go so high. you have a lot of everyone really piling into it at this moment in time. the fact of the matter, companies and people are getting smart on cryptocurrency. they know the governments of the world are printing money all over the place. david: that's true. >> i think bitcoin is an inflationary trade and a way to beat inflation. if china comes up with coin, i think they're -- david: you're not worried. garrry is worried, danielle's is not about cryptos. we'll put that down in our markers. thank you very much. still ahead the white house announcing plans to raise the number of refugees allowed in the country next month. we'll get reaction from gila bend, arizona, chris riggs after a short break.
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now! >> he is absolutely committed to making sure that not only is america welcoming to refugees, not only do we get people on planes immediately changing those allocations rooted in xenophobia and racism, but also we raise the cap. he is committed to cap. he will follow through on that. david: national security adviser
12:24 pm
jake sullivan defending the president's decision over raising the refugee cap after president biden finally refers to the border situation as a crisis. let's bring in gila bend, arizona independent mayor chris riggs who says biden's border problems left him dealing with the consequences. mayor, thank you. great to see you again. i'm wondering what the human traffickers hear when they get these mixed messages coming from the biden administration? i suspect, they think there are so many mixed messages it is time to increase the immigrant flows, not decrease them. am i wrong about that? >> no, you're absolutely right. they are increasing it. we're seeing it here. we're seeing 50, 60 people a day walk through this area. david: so bottom line is, they are hearing mixed messages as weakness if not an opening for them to come in? >> absolutely.
12:25 pm
they're hearing mixed messages. the cartels are making billions. >> how is all this affecting your community? david: we're seeing influx. we're starting to see more crime in my community. you know, they have stopped the drops border patrol was doing here but we're still seeing foot traffic increasing substantially. than anything we have ever seen in the past. david: when you say they stopped the drops, what are you referring to there? >> when border patrol was actually dropping groups off in gila bend, we did get the senators to agree, along with some of our congress men that gila bend has no facilities to be able to help these people or even to deal with these people. so they finally agreed not to do anymore drops here in gila bend. david: this is representative democracy working for a change. a lot of people say they're not listening but you did, how did you do that? because a lot of other mayors
12:26 pm
along the border who like to have your success dealing with that issue? >> i think rattling the sabre a lot on national tv. david: so national, these interviews actually help you to get the message out? we're -- >> they do. david: welcome for mayors listening right now, if you want help we would be happy to provide you with some of that help. did you hear from the biden administration? you heard from your senators, your representatives, did you hear from the biden administration itself? >> no. i have not herd anything from the biden administration at this point. david: even though, go ahead. >> it is getting worse and worse here in arizona. we see them now housing people in places like the holiday inn, providing you know, three meals a day. we have combat vets that are living on the streets. if we can spend millions on housing migrants and feeding them, we sure need to step it up for our veterans. david: boy, i couldn't agree more.
12:27 pm
i could not agree more. as you probably heard in new york, they're offering illegal immigrants 15,000-dollar payments. that comes from the state but of course they have been empowered by the money they got from the federal government. i'm wondering what is happening with your budget? you're not new york. you don't get a lot of money coming in to fill your budget. despite the end of the dropoffs it still must be a pain for you? >> covid really hit us hard and it is still impacting us. we're still trying to play catchup at this point. so our budget is way down and we're still having to increase -- because we're still getting people show up for our food distributions that we do for our local citizens, and it is just more that we're having to hand out and reduce what we're able to give out our local community members. david: by the way, was there any spike or increase in covid cases as a result of these drop-offs?
12:28 pm
we're hearing as many as 10% of the immigrants coming in are infected with covid? >> i haven't seen it here yet but i know the mayor of yuma has seen it. david: look, we got to leave but i'm very happy things, at least the dropoffs have ceased. i know you're still hurting but it could be worse. thank goodness your representatives are listening to you and taking action. mayor, we wish you continued success. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, david. david: david: mayor riggs from gila bend, arizona. restaurants hoping for a comeback. but they need workers. a look at the nationwide labor shortage coming up. >> they want to say it with unemployment, stimulus and tax everyone is saying i make more at home, they make more on unemployment, they make more with these benefits. they're just not wanting to go to work.
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♪. [shouting] >> [bleep] david: country preparing for more potential unrest following the verdict in the derek chauvin trial as closing arguments begin today. fox news correspondent steve harrigan is in minneapolis with the very latest. reporter: david, we herd the closing arguments for the prosecution. they made the case this is not about the police department. this is not a charge or an attack against police officers. that policing is in fact a nobel profession. instead this is a trial and a prosecution of derek chauvin a man who did not follow police procedures. what we're looking at now is a description of the charges involved. the three different charges ranging from second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter, that those charges
12:34 pm
could have a penalty of 4 to 40 years. a wide range of potential punishment. as you said the potential for violence here is strong. we saw national guard members fired upon on sunday. two guard members slightly injured in a drive-by shooting. about 3,000 national guard here and all across the city, stores, businesses boarded up and schools shut down wednesday in anticipation of potential violence. david, back to you. david: how many businesses have been destroyed as a result of what has been happening? reporter: keep in mind what happened a year ago. there were $350 million worth of damage. a police station also pretty much burned to the ground. right now police stations are being fenced off. when you walk around the downtown area here, it really is a ghost land. nothing is open for business as usual. they are afraid of a repeat depending what that verdict
12:35 pm
could be, david. david: thank you, steve. businesses worried about violent protests to businesses worried about finding workers, new york governor cuomo said new york businesses can stay up until mid night. as restaurant industry continues to extend their hours but restaurant owners like my next guest is dealing with a shrinking staff. we have a partner at lagulu, a nice upper class restaurant in new york which has been hurt terribly by all the lockdowns. hassan, thanks so much for being here. first, i got to ask are you nervous about the fallout from the verdict in the the trial in minneapolis, how that might affect your business? >> i don't believe that will affect new york so far. of course we're nervous about it, but we cannot live in fear. david: no. >> thank you for having me in, by the way. david: my pleasure. >> so, no, i'm not afraid. i'm not nervous about that. i hope new york is very resilient and we'll move
12:36 pm
forward. david: how nervous are you about being able to get the personnel you need to reopen fully? >> it's a problem. we had a very rough year as everybody did. it was a crisis then and now between the unemployment insurance and the stimulus, it is very difficult to find reliable, qualified staff. i have lost some of my staff, good people, to the relocated or some are afraid to go out because of the pandemic. so it is very difficult to find people and my partners and i were filling in the gaps. but now, when we opened, full capacity, i wonder, the crisis just going to be increasing. you know the stimulus and unemployment insurance was great in the beginning, when we reopen they have to rethink this because it is very difficult to
12:37 pm
find qualified, reliable staff. david: specifically you're saying government handouts from all of these covid packages, these trillion dollar covid packages are hurting your ability to hire workers or bring them back? >> how do you expect someone if they're being paid $1400 a week, plus unemployment insurance to want to come back to work? it is very difficult. the yes, i believe, right now, you know, my staff, thank goodness, some of them have to work overtime. we're all working overtime to fill in the blanks but when we get to full capacity i wonder what is going to happen. it is not easy. david: hassan i was a restaurant worker for many years when i was in college and between jobs and so forth. i recognize, as first i was a busboy. then i was a bartender. then i was a waiter. all of those positions rely heavily on tips. yet, you have these minimum wage laws, these 15-dollar minimum wage laws coming in, may not affect you in new york as much
12:38 pm
as it affects the folks in the hinterland but the bottom line is, restaurant workers get paid mostly, or at least i did mostly in tips, a lot of restaurant workers. if you have that on top of a $15 minimum wage that is really a barrier to reopening as well, isn't it? >> i'm not sure that affects me very much, the minimum wage. the fact-finding people that are reliable and qualified is the problem. right now you have people apply. when time comes for them to show up to work, or to be interviewed, they don't show up or they work and then they quit. it is, the problem is bigger than just minimum wages. minimum wage never really affected us t affects us a little bit. you're right, the front of the house of the restaurant they do works in tips but between the stimulus and unemployment insurance, they don't have to
12:39 pm
come to work. david: did you take any of the ppp loans? >> yes, we did. david: how is that going now? we're in tax season. they gave us an extra month but that is not enough for a lot of people. do you have to deal with the tax issue on a ppp loans? what are the payback schedules and so forth? >> i'm not sure if we are at that moment yet. we are just very glad to have it. it has been very helpful throughout the year. now we got a second round this year, last year. it was without it i would say we would have been deeply in trouble. as you know there used to be 28,000 restaurants in new york that income encompasses all fast food and diners. 28,000 restaurants. there are a little over 8,000 left, 9,000 in operation. david: wow.
12:40 pm
>> so had it not been for the ppp loan i think we would be in a different place. david: hassan, you gave us an incredible figure though. i'm doing quick math but sounds like 2/3 or as much as 3/4 of all restaurants in new york are gone. are they gone for good? >> i'm not sure. some of them didn't have luxury of a sidewalk or struggling to begin with. so the fact that our restaurants, we have three restaurants in new york and the fact all of them survived we're grateful. we're lucky, we're grateful, we're blessed because we are in a better place than many others. but yes, 2/3 of the restaurants some will return when it is full capacity because it is not worth it for them to open with 50%. and others are not going to be able to make it. david: well, best of luck to you and your compatriots in the restaurant business. it is really tough times coming
12:41 pm
back particularly with all the be a stack cycles we mentioned. obstacles. hassan, we thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. david: a california city forcing businesses to pay higher pandemic wages has forced some owners right out of business. the details coming up. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you.
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david: getting children book to school is facing a new challenge in seattle. homeless encampments. officials have cleared one encampment near a middle school over the weaken, just in time for students to return to the classroom today. another encampment in town, still raising major red flags for parents and students. dan springer is in seattle with the details on this. such a tragedy, dan.
12:46 pm
reporter: david, behind me, is one of the two main entrances to this k-8 school. as you can see, there is a gate, it is padlocked, so kids can't come this way as they're used to doing. the reason is a very large home less encampments with a dozen tents on school property. district firms are preventing the tents removed. the mayor's office is treating this as a private property situation where they have no power to clear out the tents to make it safer for the kids unless they're asked to do it. two school board members said no way in. a facebook post recently we demand sweeps never be performed on school grounds, adjacent elsewhere in the city. parents and neighbors are shocked. >> i think it is really unconscionable that people who are charged with the safety of seattle school district children
12:47 pm
don't take this seriously. reporter: on friday a homeless encampment next to a different seattle school was cleared out. the tents were mainly on or around a ballfield so the city said it had jurisdiction. the encamment on the broad school, simply removing them from a district property won't be a permanent solution. the solution is lock a gate and have students enter, exit from the main doors for school. a candidate for mayor says they got it all wrong. >> this is the problem. our priorities are all misplaced. our properties should be our neighbors, and our children being safe and secure and each and every household in this city. but our elected officials tend to forget that. reporter: david, there are a handful of kids on the playground behind me there is a security representative is who is watching kids and standing by
12:48 pm
this gate. we heard from many, many parents who said they are keeping their kids home, even after a year of home learning with this pan pan because they are feeling that the kids are unsafe with the homeless encampment literally just feet away from where the kids are playing and this locked gate is here. again kids have to go around to the front of the school to enter. they're used to coming this way. now they can't. david: just like there is no leadership anymore, is there? reporter: yeah. i mean you have a school board that has taken over the school district basically. the district superintendent is on her way out. she was forced out. you have a mayor who is lame duck. she decided she didn't want to run for re-election. she has no power. you have an interim police chief. you have a vacuum of leadership. that is why things like this can happen. david: unbelievable. it is a beautiful city. i hope they get their act together. dan, thank you very much for your great reporting. we appreciate it. as president biden gets
12:49 pm
ready to sell his green agenda, that come later this, the appetite for oil isn't letting up much. jeff flock has details from indiana. hi jeff. reporter: the grass is green with the rain falling and the demand for gasoline and refineries humming along behind me. we'll tell but the future of big oil when we come back. ♪ mom and dad left costa rica, 1971. and in 1990, they opened lrazu. when the pandemic hit, pickup and delivery was still viable. that kept us afloat. keeping our diners informed on google was so important.
12:50 pm
the support from our customers, it honestly kept us going. i will always be grateful for that. ♪
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♪. david: welcome back. as the push for green energy gets underway this week at the white house the demand for oil showing no signs of letting up. there is the price at $63.32 a barrel. jeff flock is live at a refinery in whiting, indiana, with the very latest. jeff, you're braving the rain for this one. reporter: no problem. it's not snowing. that is a good thing. snow tomorrow in chicago fyi. aye yi yi. reporter: this is the biggest bp refinery in the world in whiting, indiana, started by john d. rockefeller in 1889. quite a history. we have record in terms of utilization of refiners right now. last week, 85% up to capacity.
12:54 pm
85% of capacity. that is the most the refiners have been putting out since before the pandemic. big news there. that is one of the reasons the price of oil is up. people are driving again. recovery from the pandemic. what is the future? will this perhaps the last time we see a big runup in both demand and oil prices? the consultancy, wood ma mckenzie look what happened with the green new deal and paris accords all work out. they say if so the price of brent crude which is now 60, $70 a barrel, pretty much the same as west texas intermediate, by 2030 could be down to 30 to $40 a barrel. and by 2050, could be as low as $10 a barrel for oil. you know oil companies they have claimed they're on the green bandwagon. in terms of being net zero, both shell and bp say they will be
12:55 pm
net zero by 2050. carbon price something endorsed by exxonmobil and chevron but a study recently found whether it comes to putting their money where that rhetoric is maybe not so much. percentage of their capital expenditures, the big oil companies on green energy, bp, just 2.3% from the years 2010 to 2018 and shell less. chevron and exxon negligible. i think the oil companies maybe want to have it both ways, david. you and i will be long dead before oil goes away, don't you think? david: not only that, but i also think we'll become more dependent on foreign sources of oil rather than domestic. and that means that they can fiddle with the price, we have to accept their fiddling because we won't have the choice we had over the past few years with our energy independence. reporter: in fact that study said, opec would have more, larger percentage of the market. david: we know how that works
12:56 pm
out. not a good thing at all. jeff flock, thank you for braving the rain for this. appreciate it. good to see you. president biden about to meet with bipartisan members of congress to push his american jobs plan but it is the second part of that plan that is raising some eyebrows and it is all about taxes. we'll give you the details coming after the break. ♪. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. . . . usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the second hour of cavuto "coast to coast" i am david asman in for neil cavuto, lot happening markets kicking off the week in the red the nasdaq taken a hit with tech stocks under pressure, how will silicon valley stocks climbed their way back up. plus adults in all 50 states are now eligible for the covered vaccine but how would the johnson & johnson hitch impact distribution. and we have wright brothers moment for you this time on the red planet we will bring you the latest images from nasa historic mars helicopter wait till you see that. our top story this hour president biden set to meet with bipartisan members of congress this hour to discuss the
1:01 pm
american jobs plan, the administration is feeling heat from republicans who said the promise for partisanship if bipartisanship in the 108 doesn't look promising all while the president is trying to win over progressives who have been quite skeptical of his decisions as well edward lawrence is on capitol hill with more. >> as you know the white house has been talking about bipartisanship and republicans on capitol hill have not seen that, right now for republicans are at the white house for that meeting that you talked about, other republicans are saying the lack of compromise is costing secretaries money and democrats feature votes. >> the agenda, everybody sees it, it is going to a newer benefit in legal practice, republican party because the left is pushing too far too fast. >> imparted the push or pull from the democrats can be seen in the refugee policy. hours after president joe biden cited executive order keeping
1:02 pm
account from the previous administration of the refugees coming into the u.s. the white house releasing saying it will be revealed on may 15. on the border crisis a poll shows that 29% of americans per approved to handle it and 55 disapprove and 15% have no opinion, ten lawmakers at the white house with the american jobs plan which does not add any money or plan to finish the border wall and republicans in the meeting senator mitt romney has been a target for democrats to swing his vote, they believe they can make the case for the american jobs planned to in and senator joe manchin has said he will not go along with tax hikes without a republican vote, the total cost of the plan 2.2 $5 trillion so today the far left of the democratic party introducing a green new deal to adding the 172 billion over ten years, again the push and pull
1:03 pm
is democrats that will have all the votes in the senate to the american rescue plan now they would like to add on to that plan. david: here's a politico story class warfare biden prepares tax hikes on high income americans, thank you very much as i said reports are circulating as president biden is looking at more tax hikes more than distant corporate tax hike to pay for the second part of the infrastructure plan we bring into great minds, gary b smith and adam lashinsky, good to see you guys together, we have not seen that in a while. what are the taxes that are most likely were talking beyond corporate tax increases. >> president biden has been signaling this since the campaign and after becoming president that he would raise taxes on wealthy americans. if memory serves he defines that of more than $400,000 a year i
1:04 pm
think country more of the hyperventilating reporting this is a president who is interested in compromise and will make compromise and obviously people earning significantly more than other americans is where he'll be looking to raise taxes if he's going to raise personal income taxes in addition to corporate income taxes. david: gary a couple of points we heard the rhetoric that the rich are paying their fair share we just want to point out, it's hard to find somebody for millionaires but we just want to point out a fair share that the top 1% of income earners in the united states pay 40% of all the income tax that comes in, that is more than the bottom 90% combine you can argue about fair share those of the statistics, my main question how will increasing these taxes even more than the earlier, how will that affect the economy. >> is going to cripple the economy, you cannot, adam
1:05 pm
mentioned and i don't think he's right the initial intent was over $400,000, there is not enough money even if you tax everyone at 100%, people earning over $400,000 to sustain the budget deficit so the government wants, what happens people think you give a dollar to the government and you get back somehow more than a dollar, we've seen time after time because the government in the case of infrastructure requires higher price union labor because the government is historically almost on every single project over budget and over time you give the government a dollar and you get back 80 cents, it does not make sense, were giving money to the government and were cutting down on the personal wealth and income of the population out there. david: let me just ask 40% of
1:06 pm
all of our income tax revenue comes from the top 1%. if you don't think that's enough how much more of 40% sure we get from the top 1%. what. >> that will be up to be a administration. the many things i love to disagree with gary on this, it's the most important one that this will cripple the economy, it won't cripple the economy, we are poised for a massive takeoff in the economy and that's going to include rich people and not the rich people, at the top 1% country bidding 40%, it can probably contribute a little bit more especially given the loopholes and tax breaks that the same people get left right and center as you already know. david: go ahead gary. >> don't you think it's
1:07 pm
inefficient for me to give a dollar which i freely spend on what i want to the government to somehow be this spend what they think is important, don't you think that is not free-market economics and works less well than what we have now. >> because of her time limitation i think there's a huge logical fallacy to what you're saying because there's certain massive things that only the government can do an operation warp speed huge credit to the last administration would deem an example of that. horribly inefficient and it will account for the rowing 20s economy. it's been so successful. david: that is small businesses that have been killed by the pandemic, you know that very well most of the jobs come from small businesses and i'm just wondering one of the things that biden has been talking about is
1:08 pm
raising the highest income, a lot of the small businesses take their profit as income it may look like there millionaires but they pour all of their profits back into their business, are they going to be hurt by this. >> the ones at the top obviously will be in this and this has to go into the equation i saw a study last week i can't remember if it was from the fed but small businesses have been affected less than they assume, less than we assume partly because of all the stimulus. david: i hope and pray that they come back but i talked to a lot of small businesses that have been killed over the past year and right as her getting back into business they're going to get hit with higher taxes, it just doesn't seem fair. >> exactly adams point, looking at the restaurant industry the small restaurant industry in new york city, they've done better
1:09 pm
than we thought, they're not totally devastated the only 98% devastated so we count that as a win. david: and is good to see both together again. president biden is backtracking on his initial decision for the historically low refugee camp in place, the administration is announcing the increase cap on may 15, we bring in media colonist fox news contributor joe concha, good to see you i was watching the sunday talk shows yesterday, my wife hates it she goes to another room but i feel forced to listen to these things i did not hear much about immigration yesterday, did you. >> i did not hear anything about it and this is not even a crisis but a catastrophe that were seen at the border. look at what happened in houston where they had to close the facility because it was becoming so dangerous. you hear of reports of sexual abuse of young girls at these facilities in the united states and you see the polling in terms of the way that the president is handling this.
1:10 pm
i think you just showed 55% disapproving. why talk about something like that if it's uncomfortable for the biden administration officials to answer for, again we have a vice president that was tasked with going down to the border and fixing this problem, she will not go to the border and she said she's going to go to mexico and honduras for diplomatic reasons but can't commit to a day because of covid restrictions which makes no sense because she's fully vaccinated and the cdc says it's okay to travel internationally. david: she continues to laugh off the questions, there's very few questions that will pose opportunities to ask her questions. how much longer can this continue, she was given the portfolio by the president in front of most of americans were watching that. i get the sense of what she is concerned about is her political future and she will be weighted down by the immigration issue. >> it will weigh her down if she
1:11 pm
doesn't solve the problem, she and debbie and the democrat nominee in 2024 this will be her signature failure by not addressing this problem and she was chosen as joe biden's running mate eight months ago and she's yet to do a press conference. i heard somebody make a ridiculous argument that vice presidents don't do press, i'm old enough to know when mike pence was out there on a daily basis taking dozens of questions as ahead of the coronavirus task force which is no easy task probably one of the hardest jobs any vice president has ever been handed. i think she's above scrutiny and accountability and above the threat and again, this border crisis is only getting worse and worse with nobody seemingly in charge of it at this time. david: thankfully joe concha is here because without joe, the press would be without accountability. but we did have abc coming out with a pretty good reporting trip down to the border a few weeks ago when she was hosting this week on that sunday show,
1:12 pm
terrific reporting she found out stuff that was pretty dramatic from the immigrants coming across that had it not been for what joe biden said they would not of made the trip. she was hosting the same show yesterday and did not say a word about immigration, do you think they leaned on her not to talk about it. >> i would only be speculating if that was the case but you have to wonder where the decisions are being made and what should be covered why should not be covered. what happens in media which seems lost without donald trump it was very easy to do a sunday morning talk show rundown because it was focused on trumping how horrible he was handling xyz from their perspective. we see now president trump's first 100 days, 93% negative coverage by major media outlets in our scene under the biden of administration 60% positive, is to not talk about things that are most problematic for particular administration and that's what's happening. david: one thing whether there was payback on the 60 minutes
1:13 pm
profile on governor desantis, i say profile a lot of people would say hit job it seems they have to pay a price for that and they get a lot of criticism from mainstream press sources, have they owned up to that that that was a hit job. >> no they went on the air and entering a week later reading reader e-mails praising them. they'd a couple of critical ones but it doesn't matter what the reader e-mails say if you 60 minutes you have to go forward and say we apologize, this obviously was done poorly and we admitted major things with this explanation around covid vaccine distribution and we got it wrong just as they did with dan rather in 2004 when he did the horrific national guard's story and george w. bush a couple of days before the election, it came down to one state ohio and rather was fired and they apologize but this appears to be a different 60 minutes in 2021.
1:14 pm
david: i meant that you keep people honest, thank you for being here. a new fallout for elite schools for race related curriculum how parents and teachers are pushing back. ♪
1:15 pm
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david: three elite private schools are facing backlash due to race related curriculum eric shawn is live in new york city with the very latest on this. >> do want to know how much it cost to send your child to the school in manhattan, $52990 tuition a year. one parent is causing an uproar over its lessons on racism. that parent is andrew gottman he wants his family's chemical company he's a former investment banker in manhattan, his 12-year-old daughter is in the sixth grade and he wrote a long letter to the whole school denouncing the sensitivity policies, he claims systemic racism is not existed in our country since the civil rights era of the 1960s, something others say ignores reality. he has a diversity equity and inclusion program that mandates antiracist training, but gottman wrote this if the administration
1:19 pm
was generally serious about diversity it would not insist in the indoctrination of the students and their families to a single mindset in the chinese cultural revolution. they have called his letter deeply offensive and harmful saying it constructive criticism and racism is systemic and as a school challenge racism. another private schools downtown grace church a math teacher accused the school of indoctrinating students with antiracism and ideology, he says he's been told to stay home but the school reportedly is having security concerns on that, back on the upper eastside the headmaster of an exclusive school delta he is resigning after 16 years. he was in the news after teachers demanded classes on race, identity, difference and social justice. as for mr. gottman, he is
1:20 pm
basically overwhelmed and did not expect the reaction that he got from his letter citing those lessons and requirements so he is not willing to have an interview this time but he is certainly caused a dustup with his questioning of the school policy. david: it's happening all over america, not just new york but the epicenter. good to see you, former house and urban development secretary ben carson speaking out in the washington post saying moving our focus from equality to equity will not defeat racism, america first policy institute jack brewer joining me now with his take on all of this. how do we get so far away from doctor king's vision of a colorblind america. >> the race with tension in the race of dividing our country is well beyond skin color, it's in
1:21 pm
society and you see organizations like black lives matter enriching themselves and you see politicians like the congressional black caucus they raise millions and millions of dollars by inciting the flames of division in our nation and it is really sad. these are top people stayed in power. if you look at our communities ucf math proficiency levels are so low and educational level so low. we have fibrillation and running rampant throughout the black culture. you would think this would cause leaders particular black leaders to stand up against it but it doesn't they continue to want to perpetuate the evilness so they can stay in power, raise money and keep folks voting for the democratic policies that i feel not just black america but every segment of american society. david: you say that they put money and power ahead of racial equity even though they continue to talk about it. >> clearly, think about it if
1:22 pm
you spend $25000 per kids per school year and you're sending kids to public schools and they can't read and write, i'm going to the public schools, i spent time there, i see it, no one can tell me. i see how the black kids are suffering and how the black parents are suffering, they cannot even choose where the government is spending the money on their children. they're forcing them to put them in schools where there indoctrinating these babies and making them believe they are victims. now you see people like maxine waters and all these folks in congress who stand up and support blm and they support the antichrist movements but in their own communities, in their own backyards you see what's happening to the african-americans there, they don't stand up for these people. just as we get in chicago 24 african-americans got shot, they don't say a word about that when these things happen. these are mass murderers, and he heard nothing out of the mouths of the congressional black caucus members because they cannot raise money for it, they
1:23 pm
cannot put money into their political parties so they don't say a word about it. david: you have been hearing things from maxine waters over the weekend and it's not the sort of things that you and i might agree on. let me play maxine waters in minnesota and she was talking to people involved in the unrest, some has filled into violent forms of unrest. let me pay her remarks and get your reaction. >> we have got to get more active, more confrontation, we've got to make sure. david: what does more confrontational mean. >> she is promoting our black folks to continue to act like thugs in the street, have no discipline, disobey police officers and be lawless, this is all in scripture in the bible,
1:24 pm
it's ridiculous to have an african-american leader, she should be the representation of a mother figure to african-americans. for her to go out there and tell the kids to keep being more confrontational when they're out there burning of businesses and you have violence running rampant through minneapolis, i went to school minneapolis that was a beautiful vibrant city there was so much opportunity for african-american people to come and work and now you do not want to go there looking at a war-torn area has plagued the city. maxine waters should be ashamed of herself and the democratic black caucus needs to wake up at america needs to take a stand against the violence tone of speech coming out of the left right now, it is ridiculous. david: meanwhile we do one of the people feeling helpless but there is great hope, hope and alternatives that have not been explored sufficiently, a lot of african-americans realize that charter schools and various policies that give parents an
1:25 pm
individual students more choice to do work and they provide a competitive environment in which these kids thrive in their organizations that allow the opportunities to exist but they defeated every time they come to a vote in congress by the congressional black caucus, they are highly opposed by the teachers union themselves because a lot of the schools are nonunion. how are things going to work out, won't sanity gained the upper hand and providing more choice for education for inner-city kids. >> as long as we can get the exact message out, the problem is the media right now is suppressing the message, so much positive feedback for african-americans that call me and say my nfl buddies, you are right about blm, people just don't know even folks that you think are aware of what's going on they don't really understand
1:26 pm
the ins and outs of what's going on in our society. african-american kids kids of all races we keep talking about blacks but all kids need opportunity and work cultures and discipline and if we don't have fathers in the house and we don't promote family unit and family structure internation we will never thrive that is the root cause of the issues that we see. david: that is hitting all races, particularly in inner cities but hitting all races and started of society the father those households which are really hurting. great stuff, thank you very much. i appreciate you coming in. >> oblast shoe. david: cities across the country bracing for protest following the murder trial of derek showing accused of killing george floyd. alex is in new york city with how the city is preparing for all of this. >> cities around the country are
1:27 pm
preparing for whatever the trial verdict will bring in new york city officers have been trained in their ready to mobilize should there be protest today or later this week in d.c. there is a full department activation, all members of the police force will work 12 hours without days off and this is awaiting the verdict of the derek shelving trial. there will be protest in california for officers hospitalized in sacramento after being sprayed, one police officer was her after people broke windows and set off fireworks. yesterday in minneapolis members of the minnesota national guard were the target of a drive-by shooting no guardsmen were shot but to did sustained minor injuries from the shattered glass this is businesses boarding up out of precaution. >> it hurts, everybody is out here trying to make a living for themselves and their families and this puts everybody so far
1:28 pm
back. >> the nypd has said it welcomes peaceful protest as long as they remain that, peaceful, the white house added it is working with local mayors and local law enforcement to make sure all of the protest will remain as well. david: alex hogan in new york, what they are calling a wright brothers moment new video coming in from nasa's historic mars helicopter, we will show that video right after this. ♪
1:29 pm
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david: welcome back to "coast to coast" as we go planet to planet nashville's mars helicopter called ingenuity is making history achieving the first tower controlled flight on another planet. the cool details on this.
1:33 pm
>> nasa is so excited because this isn't a whole new way to explore mars or any planet, it was 50 years ago 1971 that u.s. astronauts explored the moon in a rover now we flown a helicopter in another world. >> data, ingenuity has responded first flight over aircraft of another planet. >> this is confirmation, a picture from the helicopter ingenuity from its own shadow on the surface of mars the test flight lasting a minute and this is video taken by the sister robot before humans ever arrive.
1:34 pm
>> wright brothers experiment was a controlled flight for the first time on earth, this is controlled flight for the first time away from earth, i totally believe it is opening up a new dimension in the mars exploration. >> this happened atomically which talk to the helicopter and the only orbiter flew overhead and did nasa know the mission was successful the rivers gonna head to river delta wood agent
1:35 pm
life. david: will see if they catch any fish on that trip, meanwhile back on earth a closer look on the budget proposal including record spending for every quarter of government except for defense reaction from the heritage foundation vice president national security former policy jim carroll found no, are we shortchanging our military. >> absolutely we spent four years of the pastor administration resolving the military and that's really good but that job is not done this is like stopping in the middle of your inner biotic treatment or chemo there's a lot of rebuilding left to do plus military readiness. the problem with the budget it does not cover the cost of inflation and that's a problem with the military they cannot addressed to inflationary cost they have to do cost-of-living and fuel increases in cost increases for fuel, the military
1:36 pm
is going to have less buying power and this is a time where were modernizing buying new equipment so could not come at a worse time and it sends the wrong message to russia and china because they don't have to purchase the way that we do they have purchased power and their money goes a lot further and they don't pay their military as much of the military is going up and ours is going down it sends the wrong message to our enemies and allies. david: them wall street journal talked about the consequences and the blunt truth the u.s. is no longer certain to win a great power work, russia is surging forces near the ukraine and china military mill unterman rivers in the western pacific are at a new level of intensity. it goes on to say push comes to shove over taiwan with the chinese the u.s. would lose.
1:37 pm
>> we did a project every year the index a military strike and we actually measure this in the united states and somebody else does something behind our back, if we spend on this trajectory we will get to a point where we can't win one conflict this is not just the dod problem, the other apartment the homeland security got less money and they're actually going to get less money to do all of the stuff that they do from the coast guard to tsa at the airport this is an out of balance budget. david: the russians and chinese have seen the script with obama biden the administration we know what happened with ukraine they walked right into crimea and we shouted and that was that there still there. i'm just wondering if we will do anything of china went into
1:38 pm
taiwan. >> china doesn't want a war in russia doesn't want to work in iran doesn't want toward. david: china does want taiwan perhaps they're willing to risk a war to do it. >> a lot of people don't want wars end up in wars strategic terms like nuclear missile defense this is our safety news this is to prevent the really bad day, should we go to war for taiwan or not to take the safety net off the table it is a higher responsible liens exactly what obama did and it seemed like biden is taking a page out of the exact same place. david: is the same place, good to see you thank you for coming in. bitcoin prices way down is that because the government crackdown is coming, charlie gasparino has exclusive details right after the break.
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david: fox news alert president biden meeting with a bipartisan group of house members of congress people, he is talking about the infrastructure bill not only what it isn't it but how to pay for and notes from the meeting, we will get playback after it is over and should last a couple of minutes, biden said he's willing to compromise on infrastructure and we've heard the word compromise without much coming of it and we will keep you informed as we get more news on that. bitcoin down again after huge selloff last weekend, charlie gasparino is here with the latest on a regulatory crackdown on crypto, that is putting a little fear in some of the traders. >> i have a report on friday on cavuto and clayman show to push
1:44 pm
down the prices and i started going on social media and over the weekend there was a sharp selloff on the issue of whether and how the biden the administration is going to crackdown, here's what we know we should point out that you just mentioned infrastructure that is at the top of the list for the treasury department and for regulatory agencies on the economic side, infrastructure, taxes that is at the top, crypto is in their we understand the deputy treasury secretary under janet yellen under number two is going to be leading some sort of effort they have been trying to figure out what will be the government's approach the current government's approach to crypto as long as a handoff to trump years as brought cases but generally do not try to stem the tide of people using crypto currency as a means to buy stuff
1:45 pm
at a currency. what we do know out of the biden white house, they are studying everything is on the table, i don't think it'll be a direct bien but there's particularly looking her crypto is used to finance foreign illegal activities by foreigners. again speculation is growing ever crackdown if you're worried about the price being overheated between 50 and $60000 a bitcoin, regulation is one thing that will bring it down, we understand if there is rulemaking is probably going to come out of treasury or someplace else not the sec the way he will approach this is through enforcement actions against bad players using crypto, again there are links between the use of crypto currency and offshore illegal activity and from what i
1:46 pm
understand it is deputy treasury secretary that is leading the treasury part in the way i understand this is working treasury will examine this it's a task force that they are running they make a recommendation to gna yellen on how to proceed in the sec which is wall street's top cop which will guess what they say and figure out a formula likely to be more enforcement action as opposed to rulemaking, that is where we are right now we are in this whole thing the second inning, this is going to take a little while. david: there afraid the third inning in the innings leading up to the end of the game may take another big bite but it's more than 10% down today and thinks if i can use that word to your reporting on friday, good to see you, straight ahead all adults
1:47 pm
in the u.s. can get the covid vaccine but how long will the pods in the j&j vaccine last and how will that affect new infections, we have an update right after this. ♪
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>> what we say to anybody who has doubts about getting the vaccine, we leave it up to you, look at the data, the data speaks for itself we all want normalcy in america. the pie rate to that normalcy is vaccination. david: we all want normalcy in america, dr. fauci stressing the importance in order to get back to normal, this is a university poll revealing 27% of americans do not plan to get the coronavirus vaccine and 5% are not sure, all adults are eligible to receive the covid vaccine, this is doctor fauci says the j&j will likely be lifted by friday, doctor joining us now, doctor debbie great to see you, let's just talk about j&j for second. as i understand it was literally
1:52 pm
one in a million shot that were causing the problem, is that right. >> as far as we know those of the cases that have been reported, both pharmaceutical and over-the-counter that have greater risks than that the people use every day. david: i was actually told the former fda commissioner said that one in a thousand birth control can cause adverse reactions and women's similar to these adverse reactions a blood clotting if one in a thousand is okay to be sold why wouldn't one in a million be okay to be sold. >> i agree, this is the difference between public health and the way the cdc is matching and some times doctors prevent things, for me not just medication but procedures by
1:53 pm
perform procedures where we talk about complicated risks, the risks of performing, the main thing that we do we talk to people about the risks and benefits and their specific risks and benefits and present them with different alternatives people like to have some control and choice and in this case where there were risks the people who had the risks generally fell into specific age categories which were younger than some of the people at greater risk of having serious complications from covid, for certain people they are much more terrified of having covid then dying of covid than blood clots. i think in this case putting the j&j vaccine on pause is making the cdc draw criticism from both groups, people who are hesitant about the vaccine to begin with because that might solidify their hesitancy and also people who were terrified of covid who feel like they would like access
1:54 pm
to more vaccines. david: i would put another category and that is of people who feel justifiably that there has not been a great enough length of time to study the reaction to the long-term studies because a lot of these vaccines are new, not so with the j&j vaccine because that uses an old technology but the mrna vaccine, that is a whole new field and we haven't had a lot of time to investigate those. >> that is there, we haven't had a lot of time to assess covid itself because it's a relatively new virus, i kinda talk to them about transparency and covid we don't really know the long-term effects, i've seen patients who are having chest pain syndromes and other things and some relatively long-term effects that we are seeing there were
1:55 pm
just starting to see and i talked to them about the things that i see, so far i have not seen a lot of long-term side effects but i tell them it may be too soon to know and i try to profess them with everything that i have seen it i think i'm more concerned about around the world the side effects and their reaction, the fact that the cdc has put the vaccine on pause is having ripple effects around the world where people don't have access to pfizer or moderna so as a result we might see more vaccine hesitancy invariance pop up as well. david: it popped up after the astrazeneca problems and that cause pause and vaccinations as well. good to see you, thank you for coming. the u.s. national highway traffic safety administration probing attends lot this weekend reportedly left two people dead.
1:56 pm
the emergency responders four hours to put out the flames agency saying it believes no one was actually physically driving the vehicle, that might've been the problem. we'll be right back. ♪ create personalized investment strategies to help you get back to your future. - hello, michael youssef, here. edward jones. you know, when jesus stretched his arms on that cross, he is inviting whomsoever would come to him, confessing and repenting, to receive his embrace. only then will you experience his eternal peace.
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david: we have earnings season coming up. a couple of the end of the pandemic indicators this week. this week we have united airlines. we'll see what happens with airlines. it is down about 1% today. but when the pandemic fully ends
2:00 pm
we will see a pop in that stock no doubt. then netflix they did well during the lockdowns the question is what happens after the lockdowns are over? johnson & johnson, that's tomorrow. we will report johnson & johnson and netflix. the man that reports what is happening with stocks every day of the week is charles payne and here he is. hey, charles. charles: great meeting and great seeing you and fantastic stuff, particularly you and jack. moving stuff. thanks a lot my friend. good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne and this making money. you know all the major indices are pulling back. this is of course from record highs. investors break from flury of earnings. david talked about it. investors are becoming very nervous as 48% will hold on buying. what has this market and investors so concerned right now? i have some of the best in the business to help us with all of that. while the market is sideways the biggest names in crypto


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